November 14, 2006 – Volunteer Job of the Week

November 14, 2006 – Volunteer Job of the Week
14 November 2006

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”
 Mahatma Gandhi


Can you believe it's only a week (and a little bit more) away from
Thanksgiving? It seems hardly possible that the year has gone by so
fast. We just finished putting together this week's VJOTW newsletter and
discovered there's much more out there for the holidays – imagine that.
At any rate, we tried to keep the focus on PR/Comm/Marketing/Special
Events etc. this week, but after Thanksgiving, we'll add a special
section that has all sorts of opportunities focused on the holidays. We
get the feeling you might like something like that.

Along the holiday line as well, we've decided to take breaks during the
week of a holiday; this way we'll give you one less email to clean up
when you return.  So, we won't publish next week; then we'll be back on
the 28th — with that special holiday section. In December we'll take
off on the 26th and return Jan. 2 ready to kick off the new year.

Thanks for your input so far, and don't forget, if you have any ideas,
thoughts, concerns please share – we're new at this and still growing.

Heather and
In this issue:

*** One Paragraph Pitch
1.) Board Member, Learning Disabilities Association of Minnesota
2.) Photography Project Assistant, NYChildren (Brooklyn, NY)
3.) Board Position, Solutions of North Texas (Denton, TX)
4.) Young Patrons Committee, The Schott Foundation for Public Education
(New York)
5.) Events Coordinator/Board Member, Chris Guzman Foundation (Orange
County, Calif.)
6.) Special Event Project Supporter/Web Designer, Red Cross (Metro DC)
7.) Publicity Officer, ADANA (Germany)
8.) House and Box Office Management, Nicu's Spoon of New York (New York)
*** Weekly Fun Report

Let's get started:

*** One Paragraph Pitch:

The hallmark of the Volunteers for Change program is providing flexible
weekend and evening volunteer opportunities for active, dedicated adults
who have a desire to serve. The program offers such diverse projects as
packing emergency food kits for families in crisis, tutoring adults in
alternative learning programs, spending some quiet hours socializing
with seniors and planting trees to prevent erosion.

A mandatory one-time, one-hour orientation for new members of the
Volunteers for Change (VFC) program, which offers evening and weekend
volunteer opportunities for busy working adults.
Upcoming orientations will be held:

Sunday, December 3 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Wednesday, December 6 from 6:30 pm. to 7:30 p.m.

**All orientations are held at the offices of Volunteer Fairfax, in
central Fairfax. To RSVP, please visit our website at

*** And now on with the show .

1.) Board Member, Learning Disabilities Association of Minnesota
Develop strategic plans. Establish and monitor board policy. Financially
support LDA and assist fundraising. Promote LDA within your personal and
professional network and community. Attend board meetings and
participate in board committee work. Provide advice and counsel in your
area of expertise. “Commitment to LDA's role and mission. Willingness
and ability to commit the time, energy, and resources required to help
achieve LDA mission and goals. Have contacts with other corporation and
agency contacts to further LDA's public and financial well-being.
Bi-monthly board meetings. Committee work. Renewable three-year terms,
maximum of two consecutive terms..
Thank you in advance for your interest in supporting LDA of Minnesota
and its programs. If you would like to learn more about volunteer
opportunities, please contact Reg Nelson, Director of Marketing & Donor
Relations, at 952/922-8374 or

2.) Photography Project Assistant, NYChildren (Brooklyn, NY)

NYChildren is a positive and fun project that involves photographing one
child from every country on earth. The twist is that every child needs
to currently live in New York City. Note: Photographs at speak best for the project so check out the
slide show at the site — you will be entertained.
General assistance is wanted. Specifically, we need help locating the
remaining 62 of 194 child subjects for the project. Plus helping with
general communications with families that are already a part of

Our office is located at the International Center for Tolerance
Education in DUMBO, Brooklyn.

Please contact us via email:

3.) Board Position, Solutions of North Texas (Denton, TX)

Solutions of North Texas is a non-profit 501(3)(c) organization in
Denton, TX offering transitional housing for the recovering

Must be able to devote 5-10 hours per week
Must have email access.
Higher education or relative work experience

Solutions of North Texas is looking for individuals with experience
and/or training in one or more of the following areas:
§   Research and statistical data
§   Fundraising
§   Administrative support
§   CPA/Accounting
§   Grant Writing
§   Corporate sponsorship
§   Current or previous board member for non-profit
§   12-step recovery experience/training
§   Job training consultant
§   Legal consultant
§   Teacher/educator
§   Marketing
§   Landscape and building maintenance

Interested candidates should email or
call 214-325-1148 for an application.

4.) Young Patrons Committee, The Schott Foundation for Public Education
(New York)

The Schott Foundation for Public Education is fighting for every child
to receive an excellent and well-resourced preK-12 public school
education, especially children that school systems have historically
failed, such as poor children and children of color.
Help the Schott Foundation for Public Education achieve equity in public
education in NY. Consider joining the Schott Young Patrons Committee!

The Schott Foundation for Public Education is seeking volunteers ages
25-40 who have a desire to see all of NY's children receive a quality
public education and a willingness to bring resources to achieve that
vision, and invites them to consider joining the newly formed Young
Patrons Committee.

The Young Patrons help Schott promote its mission and goals, raise
funds, and introduce new friends to the Foundation through a variety of
point-of-entry events including one-on-one meetings, group breakfasts,
cocktail parties, forums, and other events determined by the committee.
Specifically, they are responsible for identifying and introducing
Schott to new young donors, helping Schott cultivate its relationships
with existing donors, and finding ways for young people to become more
involved in Schott's work.

The committee meets at least once a quarter to discuss what's new at
Schott, plan upcoming events, and reevaluate fundraising strategy. If
other sub-committees form, they may hold additional meetings as needed.

Schott asks that the members of the Young Patrons Committee make a
commitment of at least one year, try to attend all committee meetings
and the majority of Young Patrons events, take a lead role on one
project or event annually, and make an annual gift.

Please contact for more information.

5.) Events Coordinator/Board Member, Chris Guzman Foundation (Orange
County, Calif.)

The Chris Guzman Foundation (, founded a year ago,
by a young man who aspires to make a difference in the world. In 2007
the Foundation will launch its first ever Volunteer Training and
Development Program, whose goal is to recruit 100 motivated volunteers
by the end of the year.

We are currently seeking 3 candidates, preferably an intern or someone
with similar interest, who will potentially assist in the initiation of
this campaign. They will be working with our professional event
coordinator and board members to make one special event happen. Please
submit resume or call 949.374.8954.

6.) Special Event Project Supporter/Web Designer, Red Cross (Metro DC)

Special Event Supporter — Plan special educational events and trips for
Tracing Center volunteers.

Web Designer — Assists staff in various departments with website
content and design. Must be skilled in flash animation, java, and HTML
writing codes.

Hours: Weekdays, evenings and/or weekends with a 4 hour minimum per week

Location: Red Cross Chapter Headquarters and some work from home
Age: 17 years of age or older

Reply to or by calling Pam at 410-624-2023.

7.) Publicity Officer, ADANA (Germany)

Officer needed to publicise the dogs ADANA has available for adoption in
Germany.  To apply send CV to 

8.) House and Box Office Management, Nicu's Spoon of New York (New York)

Volunteer needed to be trained in house and box management for three
shows in 2007 in mid-town Manhattan (spring, summer and fall) – will
also participate in press nights and fun activities. Each show requires
about a 3 week commitment in evenings wed-sun (roughly 7-10 p.m.).

How to Apply:
Please contact via email
Founded in early 2001, we at Nicu's Spoon are dedicated to producing
socially reflective theatrical works that present new ideas, challenge
stereotypes, and touch the heart in an unexpected way. We celebrate the
collaborative spirit in developing productions that are pertinent for
today's global, diverse and rapidly changing world. New York City is
full of people of different ethnicities and abilities; on the move and
unheard. We give voice to those who are very much a part of our world,
but whose stories often go untold. We are committed to involve the
spectrum of diverse and multi-abled voices in our play selection, our
programs and internships, in our artistic, production and volunteer
staffs, and in our audience.

*** Weekly Fun Report:
19th Annual Help the Homeless Walkathon

Saturday, November 18, 2006, Rain or Shine
Between 4th and 7th Streets, N.W., on the National Mall, Washington,
7 a.m. Preregistration Check-in and Event Day Registration begin

8:30 a.m. Pre-Walkathon activities begin

9 a.m. Walkathon begins
Event Day Registration will be held on the front lawn of the Department
of Agriculture, at Jefferson Drive, between 12th and 14th Streets, N.W.

Event Day Registration fee: $30 for adults, $15 for youth (age 25 and
METRO OPENS AT 6 a.m.: Take Metro to the Smithsonian Station
(Orange/Blue lines)

For more information see the website at:

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