December 19, 2006 – Volunteer Job of the Week

December 19, 2006 – Volunteer Job of the Week

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can
change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
Margaret Mead (1901 – 1978)

Good morning, hope you're week is starting off on the right foot.

This time next week, you'll probably be knee deep in wrapping paper and
boxes. With Christmas just a week away and Hanukkah winding down, it's
time to start thinking about 2007 – and wondering why each year goes
faster and faster.

The interesting thing is that even the postings are dwindling for
holiday help and back to focusing on general volunteers, which gives us
the chance to look at 'regular' monthly/weekly volunteer opportunities.

If you have a new years resolution for the upcoming year, we'd love to
hear about it, and share your thoughts in our first newsletter of the
year. Since we decided not to publish around the holidays, we'll take a
break next week, but kick start 2007 with a new issue on Jan. 2. So, if
you have a resolution or even some ideas on working volunteering into
your schedule, let us know.

Happy Holidays! Stay safe and we'll see you in 2007.

Heather and
In this issue:

*** One Paragraph Pitch
*** Weekly Volunteer Opportunities
1.) Marketing, PR, Fund Raising, Comm., Unread Mothers Ecuador (Quito,
Pinchincha, Ecuador)
2.) Marketing Executives, Taproot Foundation (Brooklyn, NY)
3.) Board Member, RideAble (Eugene, OR)
4.) Board Member, New Light Leadership Coalition (Baltimore, MD)
5.) Outreach Coordinator, WebServesUs (New York, NY)
6.) P/T Intern, New York Legal Assistance Group  (New York, NY)
7.) Washington Heights Outreach Coordinator, The Washington Heights
CORNER Project  (New York, NY)
8.) Public Relations Specialists, 4 the World (Gardena, CA)
9.) Marketing Specialist, The GreenHeart Foundation (Luang Prabang,
10.)    Digital Communications, Youth Venture (Santa Monica, CA)
11.)    P.R., marketing, Gallery (Atlanta)
12.)    Event Planner, McDonald Ranch, (Santa Rosa, CA)
13.)    Public Relations Volunteers, Children's Hospital (North Oakland,
14.)    Special Events, American Cancer Society (Los Angeles, CA)
*** Holiday Helping Hands
1.) Christmas Tree Recycling Project, The Grant Park Conservancy,
2.) Light the Hanukkah Candles, Sunrise Assisted Living, (DC)
3.) Volunteers Needed to Wrap Gifts for the Homeless, Montgomery County
Coalition for the Homeless (Silver Spring, MD)
4.) Board Member, New Light Leadership Coalition (Baltimore, MD)
5.) Volunteers to Gift Wrap Toys for Homeless Families, Change Lives
(Santa Monica, CA)
*** Weekly Fun Report

Let's get this party started  .

*** One Paragraph Pitch:

What's Up Magazine is a non-profit arts and social awareness magazine
produced mostly by volunteers and distributed by vendors – many of whom
are low-income or homeless – on the street. We need help with
advertising, donor relations, grants, distribution, our vendor program,
marketing, PR, you name it! Very flexible as to how and how much you'd
like to be involved.

Contact or attend a weekly volunteer meeting,
Wednesdays, 6:30pm, 23 Dartmouth St. in Boston's South End. We look
forward to meeting you!
*** Today's volunteer line up .
1.) Marketing, PR, Fund Raising, Comm., Unread Mothers Ecuador (Quito,
Pinchincha, Ecuador)

We work to get the poorest children in the barrios around Quito
We are an all-volunteer self-sustaining organization that depends on
recruiting language students and volunteers in the international section
of Quito. We also do Spanish lessons and pub quizzes — all in support
of our projects for the children.

We need someone who knows about marketing, communications, PR – with
lots of drive.

Please fill in your volunteer preferences relative to this volunteer
opportunity. Go to our application and follow the simple application

2.) Marketing Executives, Taproot Foundation (Brooklyn, NY)

The Taproot Foundation engages Marketing, IT and HR professionals on pro
bono projects to provide local nonprofits with high-quality,
professional services. We make it easy for skilled professionals like
you to donate your time effectively while gaining valuable exposure to
the nonprofit community and your industry peers.

Taproot Foundation is currently seeking seasoned marketing professionals
to volunteer as Account Directors on our upcoming pro bono projects. The
Account Director is the most senior Service Grant volunteer and
typically oversees two to three Service Grants concurrently. The Account
Director ensures that the grantee client is ready to begin a project,
negotiates project issues such as scope or timelines that the project
manager cannot resolve, pre-sells deliverables, coaches the program
manager on possible internal political challenges, and ensures that the
client is both upholding their responsibilities and ultimately pleased
with the project. With the Taproot Foundation volunteer team, the
Account Director makes final staffing decisions, reviews deliverables
for quality and coaches the project managers.

A successful Account Director volunteer has managed team leaders, feels
comfortable negotiating executive or board-level relationships, and has
experience directly related to one of our grant areas (i.e. marketing,
database/IT, or human resources.) Account Directors typically have held
at least director, vice president, or partner level roles in their
professional careers.

To learn more, please visit us at

3.) Board Member, RideAble (Eugene, OR)

In Feb 2006 we are having at least two Board Members stepping down that
we need to find replacements for.

The Board of Directors manages the business and affairs of RideAble.
Each director is elected to serve for a term of two (2) years or until a
successor has been elected and qualified. The directors shall assume
their duties immediately following the annual meeting or special meeting
at which elections are held. A director may resign at any time by giving
written notice and the resignation shall become effective at the time
stated in such notice.

Annual meetings are held in February of each calendar year.

Special meetings are held monthly.

How to Apply:
Please email us and we will send you a board member application.

Must become familiar with RideAble, possibly volunteering time during

4.) Board Member, New Light Leadership Coalition (Baltimore, MD)

NLLC is currently recruiting motivated individuals to join our
leadership team! We are looking for young people from across the country
who want to be a part of taking the organization to the next level.
Joining the NLLC Board of Directors is an invaluable experience that
will aid in your personal and professional development.

Benefits of Board Membership
-Gain valuable hands-on leadership and organizing experience
-Networking opportunities with youth and community leaders
-Help NLLC grow by aiding in organizational development efforts
-Advanced organizational leadership and board membership training

We also have expectations of those who join our Board. While the
majority of our Board must be between the ages of 16 and 25, adults over
the age of 25 may still apply for board membership. We are particularly
interested in adults with fundraising, financial management, and legal

-Able to attend Board Meetings in person or via conference call (In
January, March, May, July, September, and November)
-Able to attend annual Board Retreat (January 2007)
-Responsible, committed, enthusiastic, and creative

Board Position Descriptions

Board Chair
The Chair is an officer position and shall oversee all committees,
direct the vision and scope of the organization, and convene regularly
scheduled Board meetings. The Board Chair also is the chair of the
Executive Committee. Term: January 1, 2007 – December 31, 2008.

Vice Chair
The Vice Chair is an officer position that assists the Board Chair and
acts on behalf of the Board Chair in his or her absence. The Vice Chair
is also a member of the Executive Committee. Term: January 1, 2006 –
December 31, 2007. (This is a newly vacant position)

Finance Officer
The Finance Officer is responsible for making quarterly financial status
reports to the Board, assisting in the preparation of the organizational
budget, and making financial information available to Board members and
the public. The Finance Committee is responsible for developing and
reviewing fiscal procedures, overseeing the preparation of the annual
budget, and presenting a quarterly and annual financial report to the
Board. The Finance Officer is also a member of the Executive Committee.
Term: January 1, 2007 – December 31, 2008.

The secretary is responsible for keeping records of Board actions,
including taking minutes at all Board meetings, sending out meeting
announcements, distributing copies of minutes and meeting agendas to
each Board member, and assuring that membership and corporate records
are maintained. The Secretary shall ensure that the attendance of
directors at Board meetings is monitored and that quarterly reports are
submitted to the Executive Committee regarding attendance. The Secretary
is also a member of the Executive Committee. Term: January 1, 2006 –
December 31, 2007. (This is a newly vacant position)

Fundraising Chair
The Fundraising Chair will spearhead activities to raise money for the
organization and chair the Fundraising Committee. The Fundraising
Committee is responsible for planning activities for the purposes of
raising money for organizational activities including sponsorship for
the annual conference. This includes fundraising events, grant seeking,
and proposal writing. Term: January 1, 2007 – December 31, 2007:
Eligible for re-election.

Conference Chair
The Conference Chair is the chair of the Conference Committee and is
responsible for the planning and execution of the annual conference. The
annual conference is held the weekend before Thanksgiving (US) every
year. Term: January 1, 2007 – December 31, 2007: Eligible for

General Board Members (up to 5)
General Board Members assist with the planning and overall direction of
the organization. They are also required to actively participate in at
least one committee. Term: January 1, 2007 – December 31, 2007: Eligible
for re-election.

All members of the Board are responsible for the following:
-Maintain the integrity of the Coalition's mission
-Support the effective implementation of organizational initiatives
-Serve as ambassadors for the Coalition
-Leverage the organization?s diverse resource base to promote fiscally
sound strategies
-Hire and evaluate the performance of the President
-Complete a self-evaluation on an annual basis.

For more information call (410) 494-1588 or email

How to Apply:
Application Process
Potential candidates will be considered after submitting the following
by December 31, 2006:
-Board Candidate Application (Available for download at:

-References (2 – 3)

Applications will be reviewed by the Executive Committee. If you qualify
for an interview, you will have an opportunity to introduce yourself to
the current Board members.

5.) Outreach Coordinator, WebServesUs (New York, NY)

This is a part-time staff internship.

The Outreach Coordinator will be the point-person for all contact
between the nonprofit and small business members, the TechAgents and the
WebServesUs staff. This individual will coordinate outreach to potential
members and TechAgents via email and written communication. The
monitoring of the reports from the web-driven database and assembling
profiles of members is an additional aspect of the assignment.

Areas/Skills desired:
. Must be excellent writer, copy editor in English (keywords: Writing,
Journalism, Reporting, Marketing, Advertising)
. Good verbal communication skills in English
. Microsoft Office (word-processing, spreadsheets)
. Microsoft Access (spreadsheets, data management)
. General Computer knowledge: Intermediate level (Mac & PC)
. Good interpersonal skills

Compensation: Unpaid internship (volunteer). Travel allowance.
May qualify for course credit via internship.

Location: SOHO (Subway: 6 or N/R)

6.) P/T Intern, New York Legal Assistance Group  (New York, NY)

P/T Intern Position Description: NYLAG seeks volunteers to work in our
law office. This position would require 8-16 hours per week. The
positions are unpaid.


The intern will work in NYLAG's newest legal project: Total Life
Choices. The project seeks to inform individuals about the importance of
completing health care proxies and living wills (legal documents which
allow people to make their health care choices known in advance of an
incapacitating illness or injury) and also promotes the electronic
storage of such advance directives in an online registry.

This work entails:
. aiding with creation of informational and collateral/promotional
materials for those interested in marketing,
. establishing relationships with community partners, including senior
centers, academic institutions, hospitals and other community
. preparing and delivering informational presentations at designated
. providing direct services to clients,
. reviewing and processing advance directives, and more.

NYLAG is a not-for-profit, full service civil legal services agency that
provides quality, free legal help to low-income New Yorkers.


. Good interpersonal and organizational skills, self-starter, and highly
. An interest in medical and legal issues
. Ability to work collaboratively and independently
. Public speaking experience a plus
. Languages: Spanish/Russian/Chinese a plus

Please email cover letter and resume to Heather A. Joseph, Volunteer
Coordinator, at or fax Attn: Heather A. Joseph

How to Apply:
To be considered, send a cover letter and resume to Heather A. Joseph, or by mail to the New York Legal Assistance Group,
450 West 33rd Street, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10001

7.) Washington Heights Outreach Coordinator, The Washington Heights
CORNER Project  (New York, NY)

The Washington Heights CORNER Project is looking for an individual who
is interested in promoting harm reduction and needle exchange in the
neighborhood of Washington Heights.

We are looking for a past or present resident who is knowledgeable of
the Washington Heights community in aspects including but not limited
to; politics, health, drug use, drug culture, homelessness, grassroots
politics and organizing, church life and culture, as well as the
historical culture and politics of the residential base.

This is an excellent opportunity to be integral to the success of an
emerging progressive organization dedicated to improving drug user
health and the health of others engaged in high-risk practices.

Please see to learn more about WHCP.

Please send inquiries to: Jamie Favaro –

8.) Public Relations Specialists, 4 the World (Gardena, CA)

Public Relations Specialists: Experienced public relations professionals
to develop and manage the implementation of 4 the World P.R. campaign.
The position involves researching the best venues for marketing the
organization, as well as writing and submitting custom press releases
for each of the markets. Candidates must have strong P.R. experience,
with excellent writing and communication skills.

Minimum Commitment: 5-10 hours per week for a period of at least 6

How to Apply:
Traci Smith
Volunteer Coordinator
310-561-8433 ph
310-561-8462 fax

9.) Marketing Specialist, The GreenHeart Foundation (Luang Prabang,

GreenHeart currently requires a Marketing Specialist to promote tours to
our eco-friendly resort, Chan-a-Mar, and promote authentic hand-woven
Lao textiles from our exclusive GreenHeart Art Gallery.

Job Duties:
· Devise and implement strategy to increase our web visibility.
· Develop and distribute brochures and leaflets.
· Answer all e-mail and telephone inquiries from interested customers,
book tours, and keep records.
· Devise and implement a strategy for developing relationships with
textile sellers in western countries.

Preferred Experience:
· Prior experience in marketing, advertising, and/or sales especially
on-line marketing and web-based promotions.
· Experience designing and maintaining web pages.
· Experience designing promotional brochures using MicroSoft Office
software – e.g. MS Word, MS Publisher.
· Preference for experience in the travel business, particularly
SouthEast Asia.
· Strong written and verbal English. Willingness to learn Lao.

· You will be based in Luang Prabang, UN World Heritage Site and The
Jewel of SouthEast Asia.
· Periodic travel to the GreenHeart eco-resort in Nong Khiaw (3 hours
from Luang Prabang) may be required.
· Accommodation and one daily meal will be provided.
· Individuals will be financially responsible for travel to and from
their home to Luang Prabang, including initial two-month tourist visa.
· GreenHeart will facilitate a long-term visa at the individual's
financial expense.
· Depending on the success of the marketing campaign, a small commission
may be provided.
· Individuals with their own laptop computers will be greatly welcome!
· Couples are encouraged to apply.

Start Date: Immediate
Minimum Commitment: Twelve Months

How to Apply:
Application requirements:

1. Please e-mail a letter of application and a CV in either MicroSoft
Word or unicode text format.
2. Ensure the subject line is: Volunteer Marketing Specialist
3. Please indicate your earliest start date.
4. Ensure us that you have sufficient funds for the travel costs to
Luang Prabang and enough funds to comfortably subsidise any personal
expenses above lodgings and one daily meal.

Emails to

10.) Digital Communications, Youth Venture (Santa Monica, CA)

Be part of an exciting, groundbreaking project to make a difference in
teens' lives across the country and globe! Play a critical role in
facilitating and revising a national website (part of a global website)!
This is an Americorps VISTA position.

Member will work with a team (both in-person-in Santa Monica, CA-and
virtually) and primarily facilitate online discussions between youth
members. If you love spending hours on or, this
is the right opportunity for you!

Specific Duties and Skills:

1. Online Discussion Facilitation- Insure the needs of online youth
members are met, primarily through moderating online bulletin boards,
forums, blog posts, etc. Also, answer questions from the online youth
members. Work closely with the Director of Global Online Strategy and
Bilingual Spanish Digital Communications VISTA.
2. Online Marketing-Work closely with the VISTA Digital Marketing
Associate to assist promoting the website.
3. Website Planning-Be part of a team that decides what elements of the
website should be modified.
4. Independent and Team Work-Member must be comfortable working
independently and with a small team locally and nationally. Member must
be a self-starter and well organized.
5. Internet Experience-Member must be proficient using the Internet. No
technical expertise required; however, ideally Member would have some
experience building and/or maintaining websites.

Youth Venture enables young people in the USA and round the world to
take a more active role in shaping their own development process and
take initiative in their own communities. The mission is to change
fundamentally the role of young people in society, such that society
values youth as powerful agents for social change. To this end, Youth
Venture helps young people start new youth-led organizations that
achieve a lasting benefit for their schools and communities in
Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, India, Mexico, South Africa, Spain,
Thailand, and the USA.

If this is the challenge for which you have been searching, please
contact Adam Aberman, Youth Venture's Director of Global Online
Strategy, at or 310-633-9593.

11.) P.R., marketing, Gallery (Atlanta)

Looking for P.R., marketing help for new art gallery in Castleberry Hill
Looking to for someone with a passion for art, must have a computer with
internet connection, personal email, personal vehicle, be available on
nights of art shows, creative thinker. We welcome college student, those
with background in, P. R., promotions, marketing, grant writing, event

If you are interested, contact and leave me a message

Michael Jones
404 543 6587

12.) Event Planner, McDonald Ranch, (Santa Rosa, CA)

McDonald Ranch is a 501c3 non profit organization that teaches life
skills to youth through their on going service work helping animals in
need. We have a sanctuary on 55 acres in Rincon Valley/Santa Rosa.
Please visit our website:

We have a lot of events throughout the year which brings in much needed
funds to help support our youth camp/animal sanctuary. We could really
use the skills of an event planner to make sure things run as smooth as

Do you enjoy planning and organizing parties and events? Do you have any
experience with fund raising? If you do, please consider volunteering
some of your time with McDonald Ranch to help us.

We also need volunteers to help with all the other aspects of these
events. On weekends we take animals to malls and other areas so the
public can see and pet them. Your whole family can volunteer to help us
with these little petting zoos.

Any help you can give us is much appreciated by the kids that attend our
summer camps and participate in our after school programs and also by
all the rescued animals that live on McDonald Ranch.

Contact us for specific details.

Reply To:

13.) Public Relations Volunteers, Children's Hospital (North Oakland,

The Public Relations Volunteers will help the Media Relations Specialist
complete the following tasks under the supervision of the Director of
Media & Community Relations:
?  Press Releases
?  Media Alerts
?  Q&A Documents
?  Bios
?  Facts Sheets
?  Backgrounds

Volunteers will work with the Media Relations Specialist to coordinate
all media events to ensure that all press interviews are conducted with
approved hospital spokespeople. Our objectives are to:

?  Thoroughly understand the goal and purpose of media requests before
granting interviews
?  Prepare strategic answers in anticipation of unfavorable questions
?  Pitch story ideas for future news coverage
?  Intervene if interviews become tense and/or off target
?  Confirm with media organizations that they have correct information
released by the hospital.
Press Events
Interns will participate in the development of all press events. To
ensure our success the Media Relations intern will be responsible for:
?  Developing press materials for the approval of the Director
?  Identifying doctors, nurses, families and patients for media
?  Obtaining consent forms signed and filed <LI.< li>Confirming all
logistical requirements

Volunteers must be, in good general and mental health, have no criminal
record, and able to make a long-term commitment including a weekly,
scheduled shift. Prospective volunteers complete an application form and
health clearance, pass a background check, and attend a New Volunteer
session. Volunteers also have an individual interview to determine a
service schedule, and in many cases attend additional training classes.
It is preferred that the ideal Volunteer will be available to assist the
Media Relations Department at least three days a week between the hours
of 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and willing to dedicate at least 10 hours per
week during a Monday – Friday schedule.

Resumes are currently being accepted and will remain open until
positions are filled.
Please e-mail resumes to
Fax resumes to 510-601-3907
Fill out a Volunteer application on line at
In Subject Line or Fax Cover include MEDIA RELATIONS VOLUNTEER.

14.) Special Events, American Cancer Society (Los Angeles, CA)

Cause Related Event Experience-Excellent opportunity!
Volunteer for American Cancer Society's Mission

Mission Delivery Volunteer Needed for Relay For Life – June 2007
2 locations!!! Burbank and Santa Clarita Valley

**This is more than just a volunteer opportunity. Be a part of saving
lives and educating others on cancer prevention and healthy lifestyle
choices. This is a great opportunity for gaining non-profit AND event

Relay For Life is the American Cancer Society's signature fundraising
event, which takes place in over 4,300 communities across the US! Relay
is a unique 24-hour event to INCREASE CANCER AWARENESS in your community
while raising much-needed funds for the American Cancer Society's
Research, Education, Advocacy and free Patient Services. Participants
camp out enjoying music, entertainment and food while building team
spirit to help in the fight against cancer.

MISSION DELIVERY is a way of “getting the word out” on what American
Cancer Society provides for your community. Its about educating our
neighbors and building awareness on cancer prevention, research,
advocacy and the services we provide to cancer patients, survivors and
their families. Mission Delivery volunteers for Relay are a great
support to our organization in delivering our mission into communities
across the country.

Position Description for Mission Delivery Chair:
Plan and implement activities that highlight American Cancer Society's
Mission at Relay For Life, promote the Society's information services,
advocacy, patient support programs and research programs in the Burbank
community and recruit volunteers for year-round Mission Delivery

. Attend the Relay For Life Mission Delivery chairperson's training
(held locally – approx 1-1 1/2 hours).

. Recruit and lead a Mission Delivery subcommittee, which recruits
volunteers for year-round Mission Delivery programs, promotes the
Society's information services, advocacy and research programs, and
plans and implements activities to highlight priority Mission Delivery

. Attend all team captain and committee meetings and present updates as
well as Mission Delivery, advocacy, survivorship, and volunteerism
messages. Meetings held monthly, an hour in length.

. Coordinate education and awareness activities at Relay.

. Work with survivorship committee in survivor recruitment.

. Ensure all logistics (designated area for MD Supplies, chairs and
tables secured) are handled (communicating needs to logistics chair)

. Coordinate activities with the entertainment chair.

. Plan event activities that are designed to recruit potential American
Cancer Society volunteers during Relay, with specific roles for cancer
survivors, educational initiatives, and grassroots legislative

. At the conclusion of Relay, report on all education/awareness and
volunteer recruitment activities that were implemented and results.

. Plan for follow-up with newly recruited volunteers after the event,
and coordinate with their staff partner, to integrate new volunteers
into the ongoing community mission delivery program.

. Identify, recruit and orient the volunteer Mission Delivery chair for
next year's Relay event.

If interested in more information, or in chairing the Mission Delivery
committee, please contact:

Vanessa DiPerri
Community Mobilization Manager
661-298-0886 or
*** Holiday Helping Hands

1.) Christmas Tree Recycling Project, The Grant Park Conservancy,

The Grant Park Conservancy, in conjunction with the statewide “Bring One
for the Chipper” program, will offer Christmas Tree Recycling on
Saturday January 6 (only), 2007 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Volunteers are
invited to help with traffic control, off-loaing trees, tree placement
and more. The Conservancy is in its 4th year of utilizing whole trees
for erosion control projects in the park. More info – Calendar Section

2.) Light the Hanukkah Candles, Sunrise Assisted Living, (DC)

Looking for a few volunteers to help light the candles this week. We
light them every night at 5 pm at Sunrise Assisted Living at 5111
Connecticut Ave. If interested, call (202) 966-8020. Ask for Alyssa

3.) Volunteers Needed to Wrap Gifts for the Homeless, Montgomery County
Coalition for the Homeless (Silver Spring, MD)

Help spread joy this holiday season! The Montgomery County Coalition for
the Homeless needs volunteers to donate wrapping paper, bows and gift
name tags and/or help wrap gifts for our clients. We will be wrapping
gifts from 10 am – 5pm for two days next week, and volunteers are
welcome to stay as long or as little as they wish. For more information
and to schedule when to help out, please contact Jenny at

4.) Volunteers for Christmas Day Dinner in North Beach, St. Vincent De
Paul Society (North Beach, San Francisco, CA)

Volunteers Wanted for a Christmas Day Dinner in North Beach


Families come from Chinatown (TRANSLATORS NEEDED!) and in addition to
the homeless, we serve many older clients who simply have no where to go
for the holidays….

COMMUNITIES … and we do our best to make sure our Volunteers have a
truly “happy holiday experience” as well …

The meal is served Monday, December 25th at 2 PM in the downstairs
gymnasium/cafeteria of Sts. Peter and Paul Church located at 660 Filbert
Street (opposite Washington Square Park, the same location as “Francis
Cooks for North Beach”).


(1) Volunteer the day of the Dinner (10 am- 8 pm, in two hour shifts) or
the day before (4 pm – 6 pm for pre-cooking and pre-decorating) at the

For Volunteering, Please Contact:

“Marc Bruno” or Leave a message for him at (415) 421-0809 (Sts. Peter
and Paul's Church); or,

(2) Purchase toys, gloves, scarves or warm winter coats, and bring them
the Friday or Saturday before Christmas (Friday, December 22nd and
Saturday, December 23rd);

(3) Purchase a Safeway or Trader Joe's “Gift Card” so that we can buy
food up to the donated amount of the card; or,

(4) Leave a check for the dinner at the Church or with “Kristie” at
North Beach Citizens (720 Columbus Avenue), a homeless drop-in center
with which we work, marked “Christmas Dinner Donation.” These donations
are tax deductible.

Last year, over 400 people were served on Christmas Day, and we
anticipate serving at least as many this year.

As always, many thanks for your consideration and for your help in the
past. On behalf of the St. Vincent de Paul Society, we wish you all a
very joyous Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year.


4.) Volunteers for Christmas Day visits to Seniors, Little Brothers –
Friends of the Elderly (San Francisco, CA)

Last year, our volunteers visited over 550 elderly San Franciscans who
would otherwise be alone on Christmas day. Little Brothers – Friends of
the Elderly (LBFE) invites you to become a part of this tradition. Both
volunteers and seniors describe it as an extremely rewarding experience!

LBFE provides a meal, flower, and drink for volunteers to bring to their
elder match. Volunteers and elders share stories, laughter, and
companionship. Visits last approx. one hour.

If you would like to get involved, please contact Emily or Eric, Holiday
Program Assistants, by replying to this post or by calling (415)
771-7957 x102.

Our Motto, “Flowers before bread,” means that the pleasures which make
life worth living are as important to the human spirit as bread is to
the body.

5.) Volunteers to Gift Wrap Toys for Homeless Families, Change Lives
(Santa Monica, CA)

Chrysalis is looking for volunteers to help us to wrap toys for our
upcoming Holiday Parties! We need help on December 15th, 18th, and 19th
between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m in our Santa Monica Office (1853 Lincoln Blvd
between Olympic and Pico). You can come for an hour, a whole day, or all
3 days!

Chrysalis is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping economically
disadvantaged and homeless individuals become self-sufficient through
employment opportunities. Please visit our website at or email for more

*** Weekly Fun Report:
Volunteer Mascot (Fred Cross)

Supports the PR department as mascot, appearing at public events and
presenting a positive image of the Red Cross with the general public
especially children
-Willingness to support Red Cross Mission
-Interact with the public at wide range of internal and external events,
such as health fairs, sporting events, fundraisers, youth programs.

-High school degree or equivalent
-Ability to communicate effectively
-Current driver's license
-Own transportation required
-Criminal and child background check must be completed and volunteer
cleared before allowed to perform as character
-Should be between a height of 5'2″ and 6'2″ (for costume)Comfortable
working in confined space for long periods of time

How to Apply:
If interested, please contact Sharon Jefferson at 215-299-4068 or e-mail

Alternatively, you could visit our website at: and fill up an online application.

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