JOTW 52-2006 25 December 2006 Part I

JOTW 52-2006
25 December

“Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count; everything
that counts cannot necessarily be counted.”
– Albert Einstein

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I never give out, rent, or sell my list, and neither does Topica.  In
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This is your basic table of contents (you must scroll down to see the
jobs with links):

***  One Paragraph Pitch
1.)  Communications/Web Specialist, Centerbeam, San Jose CA
2.)  Communications Intern, Prince William County Service Authority,
Woodbridge, Va
3.)  Communications Intern, Forum for the Future, London UK
4.)  Director of Public Engagement & Communication,  Rowlett, TX
5.)  International Communications Officer, ARIES, Academy for
Educational Development, Afghanistan
6.)  Consultant Radio producer, UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan,
Kabul, Afghanistan
7.)  Public Information Officer, P3, UN Assistance Mission in
Afghanistan, Kabul, Afghanistan
8.)  Communications Officer, Center for Clean Air Policy, Union Station,
Washington, DC
9.)  Documentation Specialist, Senior, Parametric Technology
Corporation, Needham, Mass.
10.)  V. P. – Olympics, @PR, Shanghai, Peoples Republic of China
11.)  Production Artist/Designer, Kelliher Samets Volk, Burlington, VT
12.)  Corporate Communications, General Dynamics, Fairfax, VA
13.)  Technical Writer/Editor, Integrated Justice Information Systems
Institute (IJIS Institute), Ashburn, VA
14.)  Assistant Communications Specialist (Media Relations and News),
LSU Agricultural Center Communications, Baton Rouge, LA
15.)  Marketing and Communications Director, SmithBucklin, Washington,
16.)  DELIVER Management Information System Manager, The Manoff Group,
Arlington, Virginia
17.)  Communications Director, Oregon Center for Public Policy,
Silverton, Oregon
18.)  Director/Senior Manager of Marketing Communications, Webroot
Software, Boulder, CO
19.)  Marketing Communications Manager, Appistry, St. Louis, MO
20.)  Senior Editor-Multifamily Executive, Hanley Wood, Washington, DC
21.)  Public Relations Manager, medical research non-profit, Washington,
22.)  Vice President of External Affairs, Orlando Regional Healthcare
System, Orlando, FL
23.)  MEDIA/PUBLIC RELATIONS, CTA (Technical Centre for Agricultural and
Rural Co-operation), Wageningen, The Netherlands
25.)  DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATIONS, The Guttmacher Institute, New York, NY
26.)  PR & Mktg Spec, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA
27.)  Marketing Communications Manager, consumer products industry,
Southeast (Offered by Torch Group)
28.)  Senior Manager, Media Relations- AARP Economic Security, , AARP,
Washington, DC
29.)  Media Relations, Senior Manager – AARP Services, Inc., AARP,
Washington, DC
30.)  Media Relations, Senior Manager – AARP Foundation/Organization, ,
AARP, Washington, DC
31.)  Media Relations, Manager – Economic Security, AARP, Washington, DC
32.)  Blogger/Digital Media Coordinator, AARP, Washington, DC
33.)  Public Relations Account Executive, Rawle Murdy Associates,
Charleston, SC
34.)  Senior Account Supervisor – Cohn & Wolfe PR, New York, NY
35.)  Director of Communications, Forum of Regional Associations of
Grantmakers, Washington, D.C.
36.)  Website Operations Analyst, Under Armour, Baltimore, MD
37.)  Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations, Mars Hill College,
Mars Hill, North Carolina
39.)  INSTRUCTOR, Defense Information School, MPRI Inc., Ft. Meade, MD
40.)  Development and Communications Associate, Immigration Equality,
New York, New York
41.)  Grant Writer, Institute for Jewish Spirituality, New York, New
42.)  PROGRAM SPECIALIST, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public
Health Center for Communication Programs, Baltimore, MD, United States
43.)  Assistant Director, Foundation Relations, External Affairs,
Hospital for Special Surgery, New York, New York
44.)  Trained Volunteer, RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network)
International (PSI), Bangalore, India
46.)  Communications Associate, James Irvine Foundation, San Francisco,
47.)  Public Information Officer, Kavli Foundation, Oxnard, California
48.)  Communications Coordinator, USA Rice Federation, Arlington, VA
49.)  Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations, University of
Connecticut Foundation, Storrs, Connecticut
50.)  Director of Development & Communication, Brooklyn Legal Services
Corporation, Brooklyn, New York
51.)  Senior Marketing/Communications Specialist, financial services,
Milwaukee, WI
52.)  Technical Writer, Coalescent Technologies, Orlando, FL
53.)  HR Manager, Imre Communications, Baltimore, MD
54.)  Manager of Business Development, Imre Communications, Baltimore,
55.)  Marketing Manager, Imre Communications, Baltimore, MD
56.)  Account Supervisor/Insurance, Imre Communications, Baltimore, MD
57.)  Copywriter, Imre Communications, Washington, DC
58.)  Account Supervisor/Associations, Marketing, Imre Communications,
Washington, DC
59.)  Associate Account Executive, Imre Communications, Washington, DC
60.)  Manager, Marketing & PR, Architecture Firm, Chicago, IL
61.)  Strategic Communications Consultant, The Wexford Group,
Alexandria, VA
62.)  Marketing Manager II, Sperry Marine Northrop Grumman Electronic
Systems, Charlottesville, VA
63.)  Traffic Manager, Moses Anshell, Phoenix, AZ
64.)  Marketing & Communications Specialist, City of Mesa, Mesa, AZ
65.)  IT Communications / Content Manager, AZ Department of Revenue,
Phoenix, AZ
66.)  Traffic Coordinator & Production Coordinator, Moses Anshell,
Phoenix, AZ
67.)  Communications Manager, HIBCC Phoenix, AZ
68.)  Communications Coordinator, HIBCC, Phoenix, AZ
69.)  Corporate Communications Coordinator, Technorati, San Francisco,
70.)  Guest Writers, Reed Business – Geo, Hydro International,
71.)  Writer, World Wildlife Fund, Washington, DC
72.)  Business Development Manager, Wiley Rein & Fielding LLP,
Washington, DC
73.)  Corporate Director of Media Relations, Virtua Health System,
Marlton, NJ
74.)  Sr Director or VP Media Operations, WebVisible, Irvine, CA
75.)  Business Communications Analysts / RFP Writer, ADP::VirtualEdge,
Newton, PA
76.)  Hod Carrier, IDAHO DEPT. OF LABOR, Ketchum, Idaho

***  One Paragraph Pitch:

Need a Windy City resource on a project or ongoing basis?
I'm a Chicago-based former reporter and award-winning PR agency manager
who has maintained a solo practice for more than 10 years.  I work with
organizations nationwide on assignments ranging from writing of all
types to media relations to research and those short-deadline “special
projects.”  I have experience in most industries, and am comfortable
with both B2B and B2C.
While my Chicago location gives me an edge here, I also work with news
outlets across the country.  For example, I recently secured positive
coverage for clients in American Banker, CFO Magazine, Chicago Tribune,
CNBC, Crain's Chicago Business, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Public Works
Magazine, and Today's Chicago Woman, to name just a few.
My rates are reasonable and flexible, and I've never missed a client
deadline, nor had a client challenge an invoice.
If you have an immediate or upcoming need, I'd love to discuss the
possibilities. (And I'll be happy to provide samples, references, and
additional background upon request.)
Please call 847-864-9540 or write
Cindy Martin

***  Exciting news about JOTW sponsorship:

The new website will debut on January 1, 2007.  Some of you have already
seen it.  We have sponsors for January and March.  The February
sponsorship is being “sold” on eBay.  Bidding for February will open on
Jan. 1 for 10 days.  Sponsorship for April is now available at the
introductory price.

***  Bulbous Bouffant:

I cannot explain this, so go to this site, scroll to the bottom,  and
click on “listen to the skit.”

***  Change:

How do I change my jotw email address?  Thanks!


(You send a blank e-mail from the old address to; then a blank e-mail from the new address to

***  How it works:

The Job of the Week is a cooperative service.  It relies on submissions
of its members.  If there are no listings from your area, ask yourself
how many listings you have sent in while being a part of the network. 
If you don't see listings from your city or region, please look for them
and send them in.  That's how “Nedworking” works.

***  JOTW FAQ explains it all:

Ned, I love the FAQs. They are absolutely hilarious.

PS. I haven't heard the “sky is blue for blue eyed people, brown for
brown eyed people” answer since I was 7, when my best friend Katie
explained that to me.

PPS. She was blue eyed.

Isabel Kaldenbach

(For those of you who have not read the JOTW FAQ:

***  Ad penetration:

“Advertising is the most fun you can have with your clothes on” was
written by Jerry Della Femina in”From those Wonderful Folks who Gave you
Pearl Harbor”  I believe it is the last line in the book.

Roger Bentley

***  From Ken Frager:

Like the site…but still love the list! Thanks for trying to improve on
something that really needs no improvement!
Ken Frager
Senior Associate Director
Marketing and Communications
Johns Hopkins Medicine

***  Fresh, Def:

Love the site. It's fresh, clean, easy to navigate and read. Well Done!

Ken Jensen

***  From Eliot Brenner:

Nicely done, sir. Great “who am I” picture.  Where in the world was that
taken? Somewhere in the Pacific I would guess.  Happy Holidays.


(That photo was taken on Ngulu.  I'll post another, and I suggest you
take a look.  It shows Chief Rinfl and the most prized possessions he
keeps under his tarp.  As soon as I figure out how to post that photo.)

***  From the Hart:

Nice site, except I think you'd had one too many gin & tonics before
they took that photo at right on the home page.
Merry Christmas,
Paul Hart

***  From Bernie Wagenblast:

Ned & Pat,
Thank you for sharing that holiday message.  It's so easy to forget all
the blessings we enjoy as we complain about “big problems” such as
getting stuck in traffic, having to wait on line in a restaurant or that
we're not enjoying perfect weather for some planned event.  Thanks for
reminding us how blessed we are.
Merry Christmas!
Bernie Wagenblast

(I would have agreed with you, except my son's iPod won't hold a charge
any more, and I took it back into BestBuy, and they said they no longer
handled iPod exchanges, and I would have to call Apple, so I left, and
went to the Navy Federal ATM, but I needed to check to see if PayPal had
made a few deposits in my account, and I couldn't do it online because I
forgot my pin, and they only sent it by mail, and it's sitting on the
kitchen table, so I left Tom in the car, and went inside to see a
teller, and waited a half hour, and then she couldn't print my balance
sheet, and had to get in another line to get my statement, and she said
there was a line for printouts.oh, wait, I forgot, these are not big
problems.never mind.)

***  Don't wait for me:

Cap'n Ned:

Way, way, WAY too long ago, you asked me to take a look at the website
and tell you what I thought.  I did and I liked it.  But I got busy on
some editing project and I didn't get back to you and tell you.  I
apologize.  I thought the site looked positive, upbeat, and, above all,
professional.  I thought that the site reflected you and that's what it
should do.  I'm delighted to see that you were not waiting for my input
before making a go of it.  The world is a better place because most
people don't sit around waiting for my blessing before they act.

My wife and daughters are already talking about New Orleans in June.  I
hope that I get to go, too.

Thanks for your support.  – 

***  From Suzan French:

You may have discussed this already and if so, I apologize for being
unenlightened…but, did you read about the guy who won an award for his
newsletter's business model because he invited people to pay at will?


Nice Ned! And you look great in your gallery.

Thanks for truly making a difference in many lives you probably will
never know you've reached with the simple idea of JOTW.


***  Season's Boldness:


Thanks for sharing Pat's blessing and having the boldness to do so.

Marry Christmas,
Jeff Trexel

***  Trane McCloud:


Thank God I'm on your list or I wouldn't have known of this fine Marine
Officer's death. As you know, I worked with Trane at the Media Center.
He was always professional, unassuming, but a great talent in many ways.
I remember his dry sense of humor and his willingness to help. He took
Marine principles seriously and always took the time to mentor his
Marines, despite the crazy high op tempo that Navy/Marine Corps News
operated on. He personally encouraged me to pursue the Master's Degree
at American University, which I did. I also remember him being a wizard
at Excel, and I remember the photo he kept on his desk of his wife on
their wedding day, holding his Marine cover out the window of the limo.
He was a true Marine in every sense of the word– I can think of no
higher compliment. Thanks for passing the word.

Monica Hallman, JOC (ret).

***  One paragraph Pitch:

What should a good “one paragraph pitch” contain?


(Something that is compelling about you, that might entice somebody to
contact you and strike up a conversation that then can result in an
exchange of a resume in return for a job description that might result
in some interviews that could lead to a job offer that might change your
life.  It all depends on how compelling you can be.)

***  If you want it, here it is, come and get it:

Hey Ed, with all the good you do for every one throughout the year I
hope you get everything you want from the holidays! Have a merry
Christmas and may the new year be good for you. Crystal

Crystal Rockwood

***  Where are the jobs:

Hi Ned:

I've just signed up, and been welcomed to the Job of the Week, on the
recommendation of my colleague.  I am interested in being added to your
Job mailing list.  Problem is. I don't know how to access the listings –
do you provide a link or contact email anywhere – in order to apply for
the jobs?


(I sure do.  The email contains all the information.  First the jobs are
listed in numerical order, then each appears below with url or contact
info.  Then I post to  I follow that with another
email to the list that states that the jobs for the week are now posted
at  I suspect that you are not scrolling down far


You are so right about not scrolling down far enough!! Now I see.  I
haven't been able to navigate the website yet . but will look there
again for the jobs.  Thank you!

Best regards,


***  IABC Heritage Region membership includes some of the brightest
minds in communication today, and we're looking for some great speakers
to share their knowledge with us on October 14-16, 2007. Take this
opportunity to share your unique experiences and information about your
area of expertise.  If you're interested, please send us a completed
Information and Presentation Proposal.  Additional information about
presenting at the conference is available in our Call for Speaker
Presentations fact sheet.

It's all available on our website, at

***  The JOTW Holiday Blessing:

God bless you too, Ned, and your family.
That was a wonderful blessing to read early this morning. It was strange
too, because I was thinking along the same lines (minus the military
references — not my background).
We received a letter from the Northwoods, where my wife's cousin lives
— with the Native Americans. She and her husband are ministers of some
sort, one with the woods, etc.  What struck me was the genuine nature of
her attitude, and one particular phrase, “(husband's name) and I are so
proud our children are all giving something back…”
It's so true — so am I. And so I am proud of my friend, Ned, who is
giving something back every single day of his life. It is a wonderful
thing you do Ned sir.
A joyous Christmas is my wish for you.
Doug Dickson
Dickson Communications

***  And though I did not know you, before, your holiday message  has
imbued your posts, now, with a handsome heart and a deeply humane face.
Thank you for all your labors and effort in our multiple behalfs.

marion d s dreyfus

***  Shalom:


I can't adequately express what a blessing this blessing was. Thank you.

Jan Buchholz
Real Estate Reporter
Denver Business Journal

***  From Pat Valdata:

Thank you, Ned. This blessing is especially poignant for me because my
niece's husband, who is in the Naval Reserves, is being deployed to
Afghanistan for a year starting in January. Their baby was just a year
old in October. This is a bittersweet holiday for the whole family.

I wish you a very happy Christmas, and much success with the JOTW web
site in 2007.


Pat Valdata
Cloudstreet Communications
Elkton, MD

(Well we don't have a special reserve blessing.  They get the “total
force” blessing.)

They deserve the full blessing, that's for sure. So what might a Naval
officer do in landlocked Afghanistan?


(The Navy is providng a lot of “boots on the ground” to help relieve
some of the load on the Army and Marines.  We call them “Individual
Augmentees,” since they deploy individually instead of with their unit
and fill a specific role, such as communications officer in an Army
unit, or trainer/advisor to Afghani forces.  There are Navy IAs serving
in Pakistan and Iraq, too.)

***  From Tom Choman:

Ned –

Thank you for sharing a wonderful Christmas blessing. By sharing this
and the work you do through the newsletter, you are lifting our spirits
everyday — communicating to all of us out there that there are
opportunities to seek even if we are fortunate enough to hold a
position. That alone is uplifting — to know that perhaps a better
position (something we really want to do) is awaiting us. All we need to
do is apply.
God bless you and Captain Tracy and both of your families.

***  Always thankful for the next opportunity:

Ned —
And, a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family! 
I so appreciate what you do.  May God Bless you!
Roy Brunett

Formely with Columbia Univ. Biosphere 2 Center, and formerly with
Newsweek Magazine, FOX News, CBS News and 60 MINUTES, and other PR
places too numerous to mention. 
Now, actively seeking my next “career” spot (at this point any good gig,
given my ripe old age of 53 — no one wants us ole….) Oh, an
instructor at NYU for an intro. to PR & Communications undergrad.

***  All inclusive:


Thanks to you and Pat Tracy. His “blessing” was a real blessing to me. I
appreciate your willingness to share this beautiful expression of faith
in God, and I commend you for offering an inclusive prayer that can be
prayed by people of all faiths.

Bob Bryant

***  God watches over us:

Mr. Lundquist:

I have subscribed to your listing for while now. I've enjoyed your
messages of hope and faith that things will improve.  I am a public
relations executive who went without work or under employed for about
2-years.  I lost all of my home, material possessions and my marriage,
but not my person.  Things were not good, but in the grand scheme of
things there was always someone who would gladly change places with me.
Although I've never landed a position as listed on your site I am
appreciative of your offering of hope. 
Today I am the Vice President of Communications & Marketing for a
non-profit.  I am very pleased to have the honor to work again but I
will always appreciate the work that you do and the hope that you
provide all of us.  To that end if there is anyone out there who needs a
good word please have them write to me.  I've been there.
Happy holidays to you and everyone!
Reggie Sanders

***  Every Monday Morning:

Dear Ned,

Thank you and Capt. Tracy for the blessing and these thoughts.

Thank you for providing JOTW every Monday morning.

Merry Christmas,
Ashburn, Virginia

***  Don't stop praying after the holiday:

Thanks, Ed! And blessings in abundance for you, your family and those
like me who still have no jobs.

***  All Inclusive Blessing:

What a wonderful JOTW Holiday Blessing! Thank you. (I'm sure “Sailors”
includes the Coast Guard, right?) Celia Hoke

(Pat says:  “Airmen” also includes our flying brethren of the USCG
(along with those from the Army, Navy, USAF & USMC).  🙂  Merry

***  From Connie Eckard, Colonel, USAFR, (Ret.), ABC:

Amen to you, my 06/ABC friend (Pat, too).  Blessings of the season for
the days gone by and the days to come.  -Connie

***  Amen:

Thank you for this prayer.  We are sponsoring 10
soldiers  from Walter Reed at the Capital Yacht Club
holiday dinner  where the club is hosting a large
group.  I would like to share this prayer with them.


***  Great things in 2007:

Dear Mr. Lundquist …

    I appreciate this beautiful, all-encompassing prayer from your best
friend/best man, Pastor Tracy (or is it Chaplain???).

    I believe great things, huge things are in store for all of us in
2007.  We've just gotta keep our hands on the plow, trust in the supreme
Goodness of our Creator, and run this race.

    Thank you for all you've been doing and what you've provided to all
of us.

    May God richly bless you and your family in the coming New Year.  As
we sing in my church:  “The Best Is Yet To Come!!”


Denise L. Mc Iver

***  Feliz Navidad y próspero Año Nuevo:

Thanks, and as we say here in San Antonio, feliz Navidad y próspero Año
Nuevo. You've certainly given to help a lot of people and I pray God
will bless you in return: “Give and it shall be given to you, pressed
down, shaken together and running over.”
Paul Hart

***  Read, Write, Returning:

Now Ned, you don't give those of us who are civilian day sailors enough
credit. To prove it, I'm sending you a picture of my baby, Horseplay, a
30 foot, 1974 Grampian cruiser we keep moored at Great Lakes Naval
Training Center outside of Chicago. Red, right, returning is one of the
first things you learn when sailing.
Debra Bethard-Caplick, MS, APR

***  Okay, it's time to look at the abundant opportunities:

***  From Kirsten Burke:

Hello Edward,

I wanted to get this information in your hands – I have an open position
and have attached the job description.  If you can please post the email
for response as: that would be fabulous.  Please let
me know if you have any questions.  (I know this isn't as brief as some
that you feature – if you need to edit it down, or need me to do so –
please let me know).


1.)  Communications/Web Specialist, Centerbeam, San Jose CA

Job Description:
We are looking for a special individual – one who has proven experience
as an individual performer in the areas of writing and corporate
communications. We are a lean and mean team that will rely on your
experience and talent researching, writing and editing a broad range of
material. You have an innate curiosity and desire to learn. You also
have strong references as a team player and can be counted on to step in
and make a difference.
Your main areas of focus will be creating content for a number of
audiences. We are a team that has our fingers in many aspects of the
business, and need customer-facing content, employee-facing content,
sales and lead generation focused content … you get the drift! Your
assignments will be varied, and at any given time might include drafting
a press release, updating a user guide, creating customer service
notifications, and coming up with the next outbound sales letter to
prospects. You will also be responsible for our web site, both keeping
the content fresh and relevant, as well as helping oversee any larger
scale changes. As an IT service organization, we are very focused on
process – and would rely on your organizational skills both to help
drive process development and documentation both for your direct team,
and to contribute and help other teams where they might need it.
.   Researching, writing and editing internal and external communications
to any number of different audiences: employees, clients, prospects,
.   Proven experience and aptitude creating content for everything from
user guides to web communications to sales outreach campaigns to
newsletters to data sheets
.   Ability to capture the “voice” and relevance for each audience and
communicate to them in a way that matters
.   Maintain the Web site and internal corporate intranet (largely content
management vs. app development)
.   Process development and documentation
Minimum Requirements:
.   You have 5 years of relevant experience in corporate communications,
marketing communications, etc.
.   You have a degree in journalism, communications or a relevant field
.   You have worked in fast-paced environments before, and are comfortable
working on a number of projects at the same time and have a track record
of meeting deadlines consistently
.   You have developed process and/or documentation
.   You have a mastery of Microsoft Office products, and also a strong
familiarity with applications including: Illustrator, Photoshop,
Sharepoint, HTML and Visio
.   You have worked with a content management system before, comfortable
using varied applications and are a quick learner.
.   Familiarity with WebSideStory content management a plus but not
.   If you are not familiar with Lean Six Sigma, you are interested in
learning about it and would like to add this skill set to your resume
.   You are excited to be a part of a great team, and look forward to
contributing both as an individual, and as part of that larger team.
If this description fits your experience and expertise, let's talk!
Characteristics of a successful candidate:
While you report to corporate communications, our “clients” are varied –
as such, you need to be able to:
.   Develop solid relationships
.   Ask the right questions
.   Execute effectively
.   Be highly organized
.   Grasp ideas, concepts and information quickly and have an ability to
get to the essence of what needs to be communicated – and do so in a
simple fashion.

***  From Keenan Howell:

Hi Ned,

Would you be so kind as to post the following vacancy notice for me?


Keenan Howell
Communications Director
Prince William County Service Authority
(703) 335-8937 tel
(703) 335-7905 fax
(571) 221-3209
2.)  Communications Intern, Prince William County Service Authority,
Woodbridge, Va

Will assist with a variety of outreach projects, including:  creating
monthly employee newsletter, preparations of press releases, website
news content and production of regular media reports tracking
television, radio and print sources.  Will also perform Community
outreach initiatives, planning and execution of special events. 

Seeking a Bachelor's or Master's degree candidate or recent graduate in
the communications field or related area. Attention to detail with the
ability to communicate clearly verbally and in writing is a must. 
Knowledge of desktop publishing software, news copy writing style,
proofreading and layout techniques are a plus. 
Position #07-13.  Must have valid driver's license, and pass a
preemployment drug screen. Go to for more information. 
Submit PWC Service Authority application, resume and cover letter by
5:00 p.m., January 5, 2007 to:

Human Resources
Prince William County Service Authority
P.O. Box 2266, 4 County Complex Court
Woodbridge, Va 22195-2266

***  From Kate Lee:

3.)  Communications Intern, Forum For the Future, London UK

The Communications Programme at Forum for the Future – the UK's leading
sustainable development charity – is looking for a motivated individual
to volunteer with the team.

We are flexible about arrangements, but the intern would ideally work 3
days a week over a period of 3 months, from the end of January. The
internship is unpaid, but travel and lunch expenses will be covered.

Tasks will include:

– Drafting press releases
– Writing copy for the Forum for the Future website.
– Encouraging more traffic to the Forum for the Future website
– Assisting with the launch of our Future Leaders survey
– Administration.

This is a great opportunity to gain experience of working in a busy
communications team at the heart of a leading charity. That's why the
person we have in mind will have:

– An interest and knowledge in sustainable development
– A high level of literacy and an ability to write clearly.
– An ability to carry out research without 'micro management'
– A willingness to pitch in with a variety of tasks within a small

In return you will:

– Develop your understanding of sustainability
– Learn more about the communications function of a busy NGO
– Develop skills in website management, copy writing, event
organisations, publication management and working with the media

– Develop a network of contacts within the NGO field.

Closing date: 5:00pm 5th January
Interviews: 10th January
Start date: W/C 22nd January

Send applications – which should include a CV, letter and samples of
previous writing- to or Imogen
Martineau, 19-23 Ironmonger Row, London EC1V 3QN

***  From Elena Turner:

4.)  Director of Public Engagement & Communication,  Rowlett, TX

(Rowlett population 54,000) New high profile position in a progressive
community located in a beautiful lakeside setting. Incumbent will be
responsible for the development, implementation and coordination of the
City's comprehensive public information and communication programs,
including print, special events, web and video/cable. The minimum
requirements for the position are as follows: Bachelor's degree in Mass
Communications, Marketing, Journalism, Public Administration or related
area. A Master's degree is preferred. Possess a minimum of five (5)
Years of progressively responsible experience in print publications,
public relations, communications, advertising and marketing in a public
or Private organization of which at least three years in a supervisory
capacity of staff and/or contract employees.  Please send resumes to: 
Janet Goad, 4004, Main St., Rowlett, TX 75088.

5.)  International Communications Officer, ARIES, Academy for
Educational Development, Afghanistan

6.)  Consultant Radio producer, UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan,
Kabul, Afghanistan
URL Address  –

7.)  Public Information Officer, P3, UN Assistance Mission in
Afghanistan, Kabul, Afghanistan
URL Address  –

***  From Troy Reinhalter:
for the climate change listserv:

8.)  Communications Officer, Center for Clean Air Policy, Union Station,
Washington, DC

The Center for Clean Air Policy is a non-profit environmental think-tank
based in Washington, DC.  Our mission is to significantly advance
cost-effective and pragmatic air quality and climate change policy
solutions through analysis, dialogue and education to reach a broad
range of policymakers and stakeholders worldwide.  (

With a budget of $3 million and a staff of approximately twenty, The
Center is a fast paced, dynamic organization managing multiple projects
domestically and internationally.  We are seeking a Communications
Officer to serve as the primary Communications professional in the

The Communications Officer will develop and implement a strategic
communications plan that supports the accomplishments of CCAP's
programmatic and financial objectives.  This is a unique opportunity to
build an effective communications function coordinating with the
President, fundraising, and program staff.   The Communications
Officer's mission will be to increase the visibility and brand
recognition of the organization, support program objectives through
effective communications strategies, support fundraising efforts; and
build an infrastructure of web, electronic, and print media tools to
facilitate external and internal communications.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

1.      Meet the day-to-day communications needs of the Program Teams. 
Create and maintain project outreach materials and strategies and
support business development and fundraising initiatives.
2.      Understand CCAP mission, strategy, goals, current operating
plan, and event calendar.
3.      Develop goals, objectives, and a detailed communications
strategy that includes branding, messaging, web-based tools and
outreach, media relations, targeted events, and close coordination with
fundraising activities.
4.      Manage the redesign and oversee day-to-day updating of the CCAP
web site, including integration of new content and consistency with all
programs and outreach strategies.
5.      Implement proactive media outreach including the development of
press materials, media pitches, and media briefings/events. 
6.      Help develop and support appropriate events such as Capitol Hill
briefings and roundtables.
7.      Manage communications consultants and vendors as necessary.

Selection Criteria and Requirements:

Excellent writing and public speaking skills. Proven ability to develop
and implement multi-faceted communications strategies.  Track record of
successful media placement efforts.  Ability to manage projects
independently and with teams, and attention to detail and deadlines. 
Ability to multi-task in a very fast-paced and dynamic environment. 
Minimum five years of experience in communications and/or public
relations .  In-depth knowledge and passion for climate change issues
and proven access to the media and policy-making community a significant
plus, as well as experience in non-profit advocacy, think-tank or
similar environments.

Salary commensurate with experience.  CCAP pays 100% of medical, vision,
life, disability and long-term care insurance premiums for its
employees.  In addition, CCAP offers a generous and immediately vested
5% 403(b) contribution requiring no employee match.  Metro Pass
benefits, flexible spending accounts and other benefits are also

Please email your resume and cover letter with salary history and
requirements to: (No telephone inquiries please.).  Please include
“Communications Officer” in the email subject line.
Steven Kallan, EVP
Attn:  Communications Officer
Center for Clean Air Policy

9.)  Documentation Specialist, Senior, Parametric Technology
Corporation, Needham, Mass.

***  From RFK:


Here's one I saw. Your new Web site looks great. Good luck.


10.)  V. P. – Olympics, @PR, Shanghai, Peoples Republic of China
We are a leading local public relations company headquartered in
Shanghai with branch offices in Beijing and Guangzhou.  For more
information, please refer to our website  Due
to our rapidly growing business, we are seeking a high-caliber candidate
for the post of VP-Olympics in our Shanghai office:

Job Responsibilities

Develop and maintain relationships with current and new clients, media;
Communicate with clients' global Olympic teams;
Develop strategic proposals relating to Olympic Games according to
clients' needs and ultimately implement them;
Implement press conference, campaign, road show and exhibition;
Control P & L of projects;
Develop new businesses;
Conduct training both internally and externally.
Required Experience:

Olympic PR experience is a must;
Experience in sports brand is an advantage;
Minimum 10 years experience in public relations, marketing or
advertising field, of which, not less than 5 years with international
public relations agency;
Outgoing, independent, self-motivated with good interpersonal skills;
Strong leadership and team management;
Excellent communication skills in both written and spoken English; 
Mandarin speaking is an advantage;
Experience in PR China is an advantage.

Planned Duration of Employment: Full Time

Travel Required: 10% of the time (approximate)

11.)  Production Artist/Designer, Kelliher Samets Volk, Burlington, VT

***  From Jennifer Ann Wallace:

12.)  Corporate Communications, General Dynamics, Fairfax, VA

This position is located at GDIT Headquarters in Fairfax, VA. GDIT is
the $3.5 billion, 17,000-person information technology services business
unit of General Dynamics.

GENERAL SUMMARY: Strong writing and editing skills; supports external
marketing activities and marketing campaigns; insures messages,
materials and activity meet corporate standards and policies; provides
marketing support services for corporate level and division level
marketing, requirements; performs additional duties as assigned.

1. Supports marketing communications projects and marketing campaigns.
2. Performs writing and editing of related materials. Supports GDIT
business unit and division level business development and marketing
communications requirements, including: campaign support, briefing
support, advertising, brochures, white papers and reports, newsletters,
website content, video/multimedia, and or other promotional activity.
3. Supports multidimensional cooperatively funded campaigns with program
specific subcontractors, i.e., GWACs and ID/IQ programs.
4. Within the context of GDIT marketing campaigns, assists with the
development of message platforms and external communications materials
and provides external support services for corporate, division, and
business unit marketing requirements.
5. Maintains current knowledge of company services, products, partners,
and organization.
6. Maintains current knowledge of major industry, competitor and
customer events, issues, and activities.
10. Works cooperatively with other GDIT communications and marketing
staff and participates in special projects as required by department

1. Typically requires five or more years of directly related marketing
or communications corporate and/or agency experience in the federal IT
2. Bachelor's Degree in Marketing, Communications, Journalism, English,
or related major required.

1. Strong writing and editing skills, attention to detail, and applied
knowledge of AP style are required.
2. Strong verbal skills, highly effective interpersonal communications
skills and a creative mindset are required.
3. Experience with a federal IT focused public relations or ad agency or
corporate federal IT focused marketing communications/public relations
environment is required. Experience assisting with the implementation of
successful integrated marketing communications campaigns for federal IT
products or services desired.
4. Knowledge of and experience with GWAC, ID/IQ and or GSA schedule
marketing is desired.
5. Proficiency in the use of MS word, spreadsheet, and or other related
software applications.

General Dynamics Information Technology is an Equal
Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer (M/F/D/V).

Jennifer Ann Wallace
Director, Marketing Communications
General Dynamics Information Technology
3211 Jermantown Road
Fairfax, VA 22030
(703) 246-0246 direct
(703) 246-0382 fax
(703) 598-2686

13.)  Technical Writer/Editor, Integrated Justice Information Systems
Institute (IJIS Institute), Ashburn, VA

***  From Beth King, APR, who got it from Erica Stout:

Here's a lead that just got sent to us for inclusion on our job bank. I
thought you could use it too. Thanks, much!


Beth King, APR
Communications Manager
Society of Professional Journalists
Indianapolis, IN
Web site:

14.)  Assistant Communications Specialist (Media Relations and News),
LSU Agricultural Center Communications, Baton Rouge, LA

WORK LOCATION: The office will be based in one of the LSU AgCenter's
three north Louisiana regions.
MAJOR RESPONSIBILITIES: To increase the availability of AgCenter
information to its clientele through mass media organizations throughout
North Louisiana. Develop and maintain relationships with media that
encourage use of AgCenter faculty and AgCenter faculty-developed
materials. Write news stories, take photos and assist with media
contacts for community/parish/research station programs, field days,
livestock shows and other
events. Conduct faculty in-service training in communications, as
needed. Assist Baton Rouge-based AgCenter Communications faculty with
coverage of events and programs. The position requires travel in north
Louisiana up to 75 percent of time. A personal automobile and
appropriate insurance coverage is required (travel allowance provided).
QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS: A bachelor's degree in journalism, mass
communications or equivalent discipline from an accredited college or
university or a master's degree with either degree in journalism, mass
communications, or equivalent discipline from an accredited college.
Candidates currently enrolled in a college or university with
verification that a qualifying degree will be granted before December
31, 2006, will be considered eligible. Additionally, three or more years
of news writing, media relations or similar media/communications
experience is required. The successful candidate will be an excellent
writer and is expected to work as an effective team member, consultant
and manager of multiple projects with the ability to deliver assignments
on deadline. The
position requires communication skills appropriate for working with
scientists and specialists in all disciplines of agriculture, family and
consumer sciences and 4-H youth development combined with the ability to
transform technical information so intended audience can understand.
SALARY AND BENEFITS: Salary will be commensurate with qualifications and
experience. The LSU AgCenter has an attractive benefits package with a
wide variety of benefit options. Benefits offered include retirement,
multiple medical insurance options, supplemental insurances (dental,
life, long-term disability, accident, vision, long-term care, etc.), Tax
Saver Flexible Benefits Plan (saves tax dollars on some child care and
medical expenses), university holidays (14 per year, typically includes
a week off at Christmas), generous annual (vacation) and sick leave
benefits, Employee Assistance Program, and possible educational leave
and tuition exemption for coursework at campuses of the LSU System.
Specific benefits depend on job category, percent effort and length of
DATE AVAILABLE: Upon completion of the selection process
APPLICATION DEADLINE: January 15, 2007 or until a suitable candidate is
identified. All materials listed below must be submitted by this date to
qualify for consideration.
APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Applicants are required to submit the following:
1. A resume that includes work experience, academic training,
significant accomplishments, awards and recognitions.
2. Transcripts of all college and university course work.
3. The names, addresses and telephone numbers of three individuals who
have agreed to serve as references.
4. Three letters of recommendation.
5. Representative samples of published writing.
Submit application materials to: Frankie Gould, Director
LSU Agricultural Center Public Relations and Communications
P. O. Box 25100, Baton Rouge, LA 70894-5100

15.)  Marketing and Communications Director, SmithBucklin, Washington,

***  From Lucy Crawford:

16.)  DELIVER Management Information System Manager, The Manoff Group,
Arlington, Virginia

DELIVER, a worldwide project managed by John Snow, Inc., and funded by
the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), is seeking a
full-time MIS Manager to assist the Communications Team. The MIS Manager
will serve under the supervision of the Communications Strategist. The
MIS Manager will be employed by The Manoff Group, Inc., a DELIVER prime
subcontractor, but will be physically located at the DELIVER offices in
Arlington, Virginia.


Primary responsibilities of this position may include, but are not
limited to the following-

New MIS/Website Development:
.   Leads the effort to conceptualize, develop, and maintain the new
DELIVER management information system/website.
.   Gathers input from program staff to determine the order of priority
for the new functionality and content of the MIS/website.
.   Coordinates an MIS development committee that will contribute to and
help guide the effort to build the new MIS/website.
.   Completes a detailed strategic plan for the MIS/website and creates
wireframes, specifications, and test plans for all aspects of the
.   Works with the technical team lead (Development Manager) and
programmers to provide guidance and feedback on new portlets and
interfaces as they are built to ensure that they fulfill the strategic
plan/vision for the system.
.   Manages the testing phase for the new system and suggest revisions
based on testing and user feedback.
.   Oversees the work of the website content editor(s) and possibly other
web staff in their efforts to develop content for the MIS/website.
.   Creates standards and a process for gathering, analyzing, editing, and
posting content on a daily basis from all areas of the project.
.   Creates a plan for roll out and promotion of the MIS/website to
internal and external users.  
.   Trains all levels of project staff in the use of the system and in
posting to the site.
.   Promotes the system to USAID staff and other partners and
collaborating agencies.

Ongoing MIS/Website Maintenance and Promotion:
.   Identifies technical problems with the system and works with the
Software Development Group (SDG) to resolve them.
.   Identifies possible enhancements to the system and works with the SDG
to develop them.
.   Works with senior management to maintain critical internal documents
on the site.
.   Oversees the efforts of the website content editor(s) to gather and
post website content daily.
.   Works with DELIVER staff to review and enhance topical content and
.   Reviews and maintains site for 508 accessibility, usability, and
connectivity issues.
.   Oversees efforts to submit site to search engines and market site
through the Internet, listservs, newsletters, e-bulletins, and
.   Tracks site usage statistics through Webtrends and provides quarterly
reports to the Communications Strategist.
.   Assigns web-related tasks to Communications Team members.
.   Creates job aids and other materials that explain and promote the
MIS/website as needed.
.   Performs other relevant tasks, as needed.

In addition to the above responsibilities specific to this position, all
DELIVER staff are encouraged to serve on other activity team(s) of
technical interest.

QUALIFICATIONS: Applicants for this position should possess the
following minimum qualifications:

.   Masters degree in communications, international relations, public
health or related field or Bachelor's degree and ten years relevant
.   Experience designing website architecture.
.   Experience gathering and editing website content from a variety of
.   Experience coordinating the creation of a large management information
system and website that must serve users in the United States and in
developing countries.
.   Experience with and understanding of dynamic content management
systems that pull data from a large range of sources and display that
data in a variety of configurations for different users.
.   Experience working with program staff and field staff to develop
MIS/website functionality and content.
.   Experience managing an Intranet.
.   Excellent written and verbal English skills required.
.   Some experience in the creation, marketing, and dissemination of
publications and other communications products.
.   Mid-level computer literacy in Microsoft Word a must; proficiency in
Dreamweaver, HTML, PageMaker, Adobe Acrobat, and Photoshop preferred;
familiarity with Oracle Portals, Microsoft Access Database, PowerPoint,
Excel, or other spreadsheet or graphics software helpful.
.   Ability and desire to work in a team setting.
.   Ability to work independently and manage various projects in a team
.   Knowledge of 508 Compliance and accessibility requirements highly
.   Proficiency with French and Spanish helpful, but not required.
.   Experience with USAID and/or other donor agencies highly desirable.

This full-time position is based in Arlington, Virginia. Salary will be
commensurate with experience and salary history. The Manoff Group, Inc.,
offers excellent benefits. 


Please submit cover letter and resume to The Manoff Group, Inc., 2001 S
Street NW #400, Washington DC,, or by fax to
202-745-1961, Attn. DELIVER Recruitment.  Principals only. No phone
calls please.

Closing date for submission of resumes: January 10, 2007.

The Manoff Group, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer

17.)  Communications Director, Oregon Center for Public Policy,
Silverton, Oregon

***  From Irene Monley, ABC, CLU, SPHR:

Ned, I came across the following job openings on

Irene Monley, ABC, CLU, SPHR
Communications for business results
Ph/Fax:  302-658-3925
18.)  Director/Senior Manager of Marketing Communications, Webroot
Software, Boulder, CO

Webroot Software is the leading provider of best of breed anti-spyware
software and other technologies for enterprise and consumers. Since the
company's inception, Webroot has consistently developed and delivered
the most innovative and powerful anti-spyware technology on the market.
Our Spy Sweeper products have been awarded some of the industry's
highest honors, including:
Spy SweeperT is a 6-time winner of the PC Magazine Editors' Choice Award
and recently won a 2006 PC World World Class Award
Spy SweeperT Enterprise was named Best Anti-Spyware and Best Overall
Anti-Malware Solution by SC Magazine, voted the Winner of Excellence in
Anti-Spyware for the Info Security Products Guide, and has received
Editors' Choice awards from IT Week, Business Computing Magazine,
Windows IT Pro and Communications World Magazine
Our success in the marketplace demands the expansion of our operations
both globally and domestically to respond to our customers and to
continue our strong pattern of growth.
Webroot Software, Inc. is seeking a leader for the marketing
communications group who will propel Webroot's market position to the
next level.

.   Lead worldwide public relations strategy and deliverables. Develop
measurable goals for PR and execute to these goals. Work with local
agencies to increase Webroot share of voice with local magazines and
readers. Work closely with product reviewers to ensure Webroot
participation and drive positive relationships and results.
.   Manage corporate branding efforts across our online, retail and
enterprise businesses. Work closely with marketing peers and sales to
drive brand message across all collateral, website and other
.   Lead a team of web and creative design professionals to manage the
look and feel of the corporate websites worldwide to convey consistent
brand and product messaging.
.   Lead the corporate messaging and technical writing team to help
develop email, direct mail, and other ongoing documentation to assist
the marketing and sales teams.
.   Work closely with executives and other key company spokespeople to
help stake our leadership position. Provide media training to new
spokespeople as required.
.   Coordinate Webroot's interface with influential industry analysts.
Skills and Experience
.   10-12 years of marketing communications experience in the technology
.   Media Agency experience a plus
.   Experience with consumer and enterprise media
.   Ability to work in a fast paced results oriented environment
.   Proven ability to lead and manage teams
Privately held and backed by some of the industry's leading top tier
venture capital firms, including Technology Crossover Ventures, Accel
Partners and Mayfield, Webroot is continuing to build and capitalize
upon proven successes and leadership in the security market. Our
employees are our most valuable resource and we provide them with the
benefits, compensation and stock they deserve. Candidates should be
self-directed and able to balance a team approach with personal
If you would like an opportunity to work with this widely recognized
worldwide leader in security technology, send your resume to for consideration.
Principals only- no third parties, please. Webroot Software, Inc. is an
Equal Opportunity Employer.
19.)  Marketing Communications Manager, Appistry, St. Louis, MO

Position Overview: Are you an experienced marketing professional with a
passion for identifying and communicating to your target customers? Can
you deliver top-notch results without the benefit of a million-dollar
marketing budget. Our ideal candidate will have broad experience across
outbound marketing functions (e.g., marcom, events, lead generation, web
marketing, PR), the entrepreneurial drive to create and deliver new
programs from scratch, and a whatever-it-takes attitude towards getting
things done. This position reports to Appistry's vice president of
Responsibilities: The Marketing Communications Manager will be
responsible for each of the following:
.   Develop and manage lead generation activities such as seminars, and
direct marketing efforts
.   Work with all tiers of the sales organization to drive revenue
generating marketing programs
.   Responsible for the development of marketing programs and sales tools
to enable the field organization
.   Design and develop insightful, creative and effective strategies and
tactics to ensure that marketing objectives are achieved
.   Lead the company's internet marketing efforts, including the
development and maintenance of the company's website
.   Manage the creation of collateral, demonstrations & sales tools
.   Execute tradeshows and other events
.   Support channel marketing program
.   3+ years of relevant marketing communications experience with
experience in direct marketing, lead generation and/or field marketing
.   Proven ability to achieve goals in the fast-paced, high growth and
high pressure environment
.   Excellent verbal and written communications skills.
.   Self-starter with strong leadership and management skills.
.   Experience selecting and managing marketing, design and Web vendors
.   Experience managing customer and prospect databases (
experience preferred)
.   Excellent budget and project management skills
.   Relentless driver of deliverables
.   Experience and desire to work in dynamic, high-energy startup software
Location: St. Louis, MO
Travel Requirements: Less than 25%
Job posting: To contact
Appistry, email:
20.)  Senior Editor-Multifamily Executive, Hanley Wood, Washington, DC

21.)  Public Relations Manager, medical research non-profit, Washington,

National medical research non-profit seeks a creative writer with strong
marketing and media relations experience. Candidate will assist in
developing and managing PR campaigns, and will have experience in issues
management and crisis communications. Candidate will have at least 5
years experience planning and executing strategic communications plans,
and the ability to successfully pitch story ideas to the media.
Bachelor's degree required. Journalism background preferred. 
Science/Medical experience a plus.  Skilled PR writer, strategic thinker
and interpersonal skills are a must. Downtown Metro location. Send two
writing samples with resume, cover letter and salary expectations to:

***  From Keith Malone, who got it from Matthew Coleman

22.)  Vice President of External Affairs, Orlando Regional Healthcare
System, Orlando, FL


I am working on a search that, given your background in the healthcare
industry, I thought might interest you.  Orlando Regional Healthcare
System is seeking their top communications position, the Vice President
of External Affairs.  This position will develop and implement strategic
communications plans to foster relationships between ORHS and the media,
community and local government.  The incumbent will regularly counsel
the CEO and other senior management on communications strategies
surrounding various topics faced by the organization while acting as a

12 years of progressively responsible experience in a healthcare
A bachelor's degree in journalism, communications, or some related
Experience in media, community, and government relations.

Feel free to share this information with those in your personal network
who might take interest in this opportunity if it is not the right one
for you.  Please contact me for any additional information, a complete
job spec, or to address any questions or concerns.

Happy holidays,

Matt Coleman
Heyman Associates
11 Penn Plaza, Suite 1105
New York, NY 10001
Tel: (212) 784-2710
Fax: (212)

23.)  MEDIA/PUBLIC RELATIONS, CTA (Technical Centre for Agricultural and
Rural Co-operation), Wageningen, The Netherlands

The incumbent will provide technical support to on-going departmental
projects, including the Rural Radio Resource Packs, video activities and
the promotion of CTA publications. A degree in mass communication and/or
Public Relations related activities is preferred.

***  From John Hall:


Seeking senior PR practitioner to develop, direct and execute public
relations strategy on legislative and regulatory issues. Acts as
on-the-record spokesperson on high-visibility and/or priority issues.
Works closely with CEO and executive staff to develop and communicate
ABA messages on government relations issues to the media. Manages public
relations team. Reports to ABA PR Director.
College degree and approximately 8-10 years experience in related field
(public relations, communications, government relations or banking) to
include 5 years public relations experience. Strong understanding of
banking industry issues and the legislative and regulatory processes.
Excellent oral and written communications skills required. Strategic and
creative thinker with excellent customer service/client services skills.
Proven experience placing stories in media.
Please send inquiries to ABA human resources at
Thanks for posting!
John Hall
Public Relations
American Bankers Association
World-Class Solutions, Leadership & Advocacy
Since 1875
Phone: (202) 663-5473
Fax: (202)

25.)  DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATIONS, The Guttmacher Institute, New York, NY

The successful candidate will lead all aspects of the Institute's
communications programme, which includes a major media relations effort,
the summary and translation of key research findings and the
dissemination of a large array of special reports. S/he must have a
successful track record of articulating and implementing strategic
communications efforts for a research and/or advocacy organisation.

(This ends Part 1)

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