Teleseminar: “Developing Your Accreditation Portfolio”

*** Upcoming Teleseminar: “Developing Your Accreditation Portfolio”

15 February 2007
Presenters: Nick Durutta, ABC, and Gail Pickard, ABC, IABC Accreditation

Many IABC accreditation candidates report that one of the biggest
obstacles to becoming accredited is putting together their portfolio of
two work samples. If you'd like to earn your ABC sometime in the next
year, this teleseminar is a must.

A short overview of the steps involved in accreditation will be followed
by an in-depth review of what makes a good portfolio, with a focus on
writing a workplan that meets the portfolio-grading criteria. You'll
learn from two presenters who have not only been there, but who
regularly review and grade portfolios.

This teleseminar is designed for anyone who is an accreditation
candidate and is still working on their portfolio, as well as for any
IABC member considering accreditation – especially those who have won
awards (Gold Quill winners only need to submit one portfolio piece).
You'll come away with a blueprint for success, and hopefully with the
inspiration you need to get your ABC in 2007/2008.

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