January 2, 2007 – Volunteer Job of the Week

January 2, 2007 – Volunteer Job of the Week

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HAPPY 2007!

We hope your holidays were filled with family friends and joy of the
season – and maybe a quiet bubble bath away from what can be a crazy
time of year.

While the “Holiday Helping Hands” section has been safely packed for
next year, we managed to find quite a few opportunities to kick off the
new year. However, it wasn't until we were putting everything together
that we noticed that there quite a few of the opportunities are
internships. So, please forward this to those who may need or want the
info – it's such a great way to get started and give back.

And, as always, happy volunteering! Let us know if you have any
resolutions for working more in a certain area – maybe we can help you
find an opportunity.

Take care,

Heather and RachelVJOTWnews@gmail.com
In this issue:

*** One Paragraph Pitch
*** Weekly Volunteer Opportunities
1.) Team Democracy Editorial, Program and Research Assistants
(Cambridge, Mass.)
2.) Speakers, Habitat for Humanity (Maryland)
3.) PR/Marketing Assistant, Third World Newsreel (New York City)
4.) Office Volunteers, Brain Tumor Society (Watertown, Mass.)
5.) Board Member, New Light Leadership Coalition (Baltimore)
6.) Marketing Executives, Taproot Foundation (Brooklyn, NY)
7.) Business Volunteers, Whats Up Magazine (Boston, Mass.)
8.) Photographer, Low Vision Lifestyle (Maryland)
9.) Volunteers and Interns, WVSA (DC)
10.) Graphic Artist, Indie Music Festival (DC)
11.) Editors/Graphic Designers/Cartoonists/Publishers, IMPACT Silver
Spring (Silver Spring, MD)
12.) PR & Marketing, Empower Today's Woman Radio (Atlanta)
13.) Brand Designer (Logo/Image) for Non-Profit (Children w Mental)
14.) Web Developer/Web Consultant, Greater Philadelphia Asian Social
Service Center (Philadelphia)
15.) Membership E-Marketing Intern, WXPN Public Radio (Philadelphia)
16.) Web Marketing Intern, WXPN Public Radio (Philadelphia)
17.) Interns, Free Press (DC)
18.) Web Development Intern, AOPA (DC)

19.) Marketing Director/Assistant Marketing Directors (New Jersey)
20.) Photo archive project, Charles River Watershed Association (Weston,

*** Weekly Fun Report

Welcome to 2007 .. let's get started!

*** One Paragraph Pitch:

After the devastating 2005 Gulf Coast hurricanes, hundreds of
organizations scrambled to help. At VolunteerMatch, we worked closely
with our disaster-services partners, creating communications strategies,
building web tools and launching a special Hurricane Rebuilding &
Recovery web page to channel hurricane-related volunteer interest.
Fast-forward sixteen months: Huge swaths of New Orleans remain in
shambles, and last month alone we had over 700 new hurricane-related
volunteer listings at VolunteerMatch as well as hundreds of thousands of
page views at our hurricane web page.
VolunteerMatch remains committed to the work of rebuilding the Gulf
Coast. This month, we teamed up with Habitat for Humanity's Operation
Home Delivery to help connect volunteers with the award-winning
nonprofit home builder. By next year, Habitat – already one of the most
vital providers of affordable housing – hopes to have built 1,000 new
homes in New Orleans. But tens of thousands more are needed.
To help, go to: http://www.volunteermatch.org/volunteers/resources/hurricane.jsp

*** Today's volunteer line up .
1.) Team Democracy Editorial, Program and Research Assistants
(Cambridge, Mass.)
Author and social innovator Frances Moore Lappé, author of Democracy's
Edge and Diet for a Small Planet, seeks committed, engaged interns for
winter 2007 and beyond, hours negotiable. Depending on skills and
interests, position(s) may involve but are not limited to:
– Administrative and communications assistance (database management,
correspondence, publicity)
– Research assistance (fact checking, research for articles)
– general website maintenance
– Aid in the research and development of our Stories from the Edge
– Assistance with academic and partner outreach campaigns
We have, at the moment, particular interest in finding skilled editors,
researchers, fact-checkers, and proofreaders to help with the
preparation and production of the Small Planet Media's upcoming
publication Getting a Grip: Clarity, Creativity, and Courage in a World
Gone Mad by Frances Moore Lappé.
Hours are flexible; some telecommuting possible. May lead to greater
involvement in the Institute's work.
The ideal candidate has excellent verbal and written communication and
research skills and the ability to interact professionally with a
diverse range of people. S/he is also motivated, highly organized and
detail oriented, a self-starter who can work well with little
supervision and also follow through with directives, experienced in HTML
and Web management, able to work from home, and passionate about social
democratic movements and the mission of the Small Planet Institute.
Facility with Microsoft Word and Excel preferred.
We ask for a minimum commitment of 3 months to start.
Send resumé and cover letter including background, skills, interest, and
availability to Jess Wilson at
2.) Speakers, Habitat for Humanity (Maryland)
Habitat for Humanity of Montgomery County, MD is looking for people to
join a new Speakers Bureau. Volunteers are needed to help educate the
community about our mission to provide safe, decent and affordable
housing in Montgomery County. Speakers will present information and
answer questions about Habitat at various community events. Time
commitment is flexible depending upon availability. (Average is one to
two events per month.) Training and presentation materials provided.
Call Jessica Reid, Volunteer Coordinator at 301-990-0014 x18, email jessica.reid@habitat-mc.org or visit http://www.habitat-mc.org.
3.) PR/Marketing Assistant, Third World Newsreel (New York City)
Public Relations and Marketing Assistant Duties include drafting press
releases, online postings, publicity outreach, and marketing planning.
Ideal candidate would be interested in working with one of the oldest
alternative Media Arts non-profits in the US.
Please send resume and cover letter to
herman@twn.org or fax to
4.) Office Volunteers, Brain Tumor Society (Watertown, Mass.)
The Brain Tumor Society has a variety of administrative and
event-related needs in our office. Although our needs change by season,
we often need assistance with gift acknowledgements, reception duties,
informational literature distribution, and a variety of event-related
tasks, big and small.
Our office is just outside of Watertown Square, is accessible by several
MBTA bus routes, and offers parking spaces.
To find out more about current needs, contact Abbey Haber at
800.770.8287 ext 24 or
5.) Board Member, New Light Leadership Coalition (Baltimore)
NLLC is currently recruiting motivated individuals to join our
leadership team! We are looking for young people from across the country
who want to be a part of taking the organization to the next level.
Joining the NLLC Board of Directors is an invaluable experience that
will aid in your personal and professional development.
Benefits of Board Membership
-Gain valuable hands-on leadership and organizing experience
-Networking opportunities with youth and community leaders
-Help NLLC grow by aiding in organizational development efforts
-Advanced organizational leadership and board membership training
We also have expectations of those who join our Board. While the
majority of our Board must be between the ages of 16 and 25, adults over
the age of 25 may still apply for board membership. We are particularly
interested in adults with fundraising, financial management, and legal
-Able to attend Board Meetings in person or via conference call (In
January, March, May, July, September, and November)
-Able to attend annual Board Retreat (January 2007)
-Responsible, committed, enthusiastic, and creative
Board Chair
The Chair is an officer position and shall oversee all committees,
direct the vision and scope of the organization, and convene regularly
scheduled Board meetings. The Board Chair also is the chair of the
Executive Committee. Term: January 1, 2007 – December 31, 2008.
Vice Chair
The Vice Chair is an officer position that assists the Board Chair and
acts on behalf of the Board Chair in his or her absence. The Vice Chair
is also a member of the Executive Committee. Term: January 1, 2006 –
December 31, 2007. (This is a newly vacant position)
Finance Officer
The Finance Officer is responsible for making quarterly financial status
reports to the Board, assisting in the preparation of the organizational
budget, and making financial information available to Board members and
the public. The Finance Committee is responsible for developing and
reviewing fiscal procedures, overseeing the preparation of the annual
budget, and presenting a quarterly and annual financial report to the
Board. The Finance Officer is also a member of the Executive Committee.
Term: January 1, 2007 – December 31, 2008.
The secretary is responsible for keeping records of Board actions,
including taking minutes at all Board meetings, sending out meeting
announcements, distributing copies of minutes and meeting agendas to
each Board member, and assuring that membership and corporate records
are maintained. The Secretary shall ensure that the attendance of
directors at Board meetings is monitored and that quarterly reports are
submitted to the Executive Committee regarding attendance. The Secretary
is also a member of the Executive Committee. Term: January 1, 2006 –
December 31, 2007. (This is a newly vacant position)
Fundraising Chair
The Fundraising Chair will spearhead activities to raise money for the
organization and chair the Fundraising Committee. The Fundraising
Committee is responsible for planning activities for the purposes of
raising money for organizational activities including sponsorship for
the annual conference. This includes fundraising events, grant seeking,
and proposal writing. Term: January 1, 2007 – December 31, 2007:
Eligible for re-election.
Conference Chair
The Conference Chair is the chair of the Conference Committee and is
responsible for the planning and execution of the annual conference. The
annual conference is held the weekend before Thanksgiving (US) every
year. Term: January 1, 2007 – December 31, 2007: Eligible for
General Board Members (up to 5)
General Board Members assist with the planning and overall direction of
the organization. They are also required to actively participate in at
least one committee. Term: January 1, 2007 – December 31, 2007: Eligible
for re-election.
All members of the Board are responsible for the following:
-Maintain the integrity of the Coalition's mission
-Support the effective implementation of organizational initiatives
-Serve as ambassadors for the Coalition
-Leverage the organization?s diverse resource base to promote fiscally
sound strategies
-Hire and evaluate the performance of the President
-Complete a self-evaluation on an annual basis.
For more information call (410) 494-1588 or email
Application Process
Potential candidates will be considered after submitting the following
by December 31, 2006:
-Board Candidate Application (Available for download at: http://www.nllc.org/Files/Executive/Board/BoardCandidateApplication.doc)

-References (2 – 3)
Applications will be reviewed by the Executive Committee. If you qualify
for an interview, you will have an opportunity to introduce yourself to
the current Board members.
6.) Marketing Executives, Taproot Foundation (Brooklyn, NY)
The Taproot Foundation engages Marketing, IT and HR professionals on pro
bono projects to provide local nonprofits with high-quality,
professional services. We make it easy for skilled professionals like
you to donate your time effectively while gaining valuable exposure to
the nonprofit community and your industry peers.
Taproot Foundation is currently seeking seasoned marketing professionals
to volunteer as Account Directors on our upcoming pro bono projects. The
Account Director is the most senior Service Grant volunteer and
typically oversees two to three Service Grants concurrently. The Account
Director ensures that the grantee client is ready to begin a project,
negotiates project issues such as scope or timelines that the project
manager cannot resolve, pre-sells deliverables, coaches the program
manager on possible internal political challenges, and ensures that the
client is both upholding their responsibilities and ultimately pleased
with the project. With the Taproot Foundation volunteer team, the
Account Director makes final staffing decisions, reviews deliverables
for quality and coaches the project managers.
A successful Account Director volunteer has managed team leaders, feels
comfortable negotiating executive or board-level relationships, and has
experience directly related to one of our grant areas (i.e. marketing,
database/IT, or human resources.) Account Directors typically have held
at least director, vice president, or partner level roles in their
professional careers.
To learn more, please visit us at http://www.taprootfoundation.org/volunteering.
7.) Business Volunteers, Whats Up Magazine (Boston, Mass.)
Whats Up Magazine is a non-profit arts and social awareness magazine
produced mostly by volunteers and distributed by vendors – many of whom
are low-income or homeless – on the street. We need help with
advertising, donor relations, grants, distribution, our vendor program,
marketing, PR, you name it! Very flexible as to how and how much you'd
like to be involved.
mail@whatsupmagazine.org or attend a weekly volunteer meeting,
Wednesdays, 6:30pm, 23 Dartmouth St. in Boston's South End. We look
forward to meeting you!
8.) Photographer, Low Vision Lifestyle (Maryland)
We are looking for photographers who can volunteer and build their
portfolio. We have an upcoming event (fundraiser) which we will have a
fashion show and some performers and a special guest and we are in need
of a photographer for this event.
Please call and leave a message at 641-985-5999 ext. 20775 or email me
for details.
Visit us at
9.) Volunteers and Interns, WVSA (DC)
WVSA arts connection (formerly Washington Very Special Arts) is a unique
and dynamic nonprofit organization serving Washington DC area children
and young people with special needs, special talents, and special skills
for over 25 years. Employing the arts as an innovative method of
education, WVSA provides the tools for success in school, in adulthood,
and in life.
WVSA and SAIL are seeking interns and volunteers to work in various
departments including the ARTiculate Gallery, ARTiculate studios, and
our public charter school.
WVSA ARTiculate Gallery is one of Washington DC's only youth art
galleries. ARTiculate Gallery opens four to eight original shows each
year. These events primarily showcase the remarkable artwork of the
artist apprentices in the ARTiculate Employment Training Program studios
adjacent to the gallery. ARTiculate Gallery also occasionally features
other youth or community artists. All artists receive commissions on
items sold.
Please visit
www.wvsarts.org for more information on our programs. I can
be reached at jverrier @ wvsarts.org, or 202-296-9100 ext 244. I hope to
hear from you!
10.) Graphic Artist, Indie Music Festival (DC)
Do you create extravagant logos? Are you the world's best graphic
designer with a unique style? The DC Independent Music Festival (a
non-profit organization) needs your help this holiday season. We are
looking for a graphic designer to create a logo for the DC Independent
Music Festival as a donation. Be apart of history, as this is the first
ever Music Festival (March 1-March 11, 2007) held in the Washington DC
Metropolitan area on the campus of UDC. Although pay is not involve, we
will give you 25 tickets to the Music Festival along with your name on
our website as a supporter. Send three sample materials to Carol Bidault dcindiefilmfest@aol.com
The 1st Annual Washington, DC Independent Music Festival runs in tandem
with the Washington, DC Independent Film Festival (
www.dciff.org) to
provide nightly entertainment. With an emphasis on up-and-coming and
local artists, the Music Festival presents diverse performances that
suit the many genres of films represented. The DCIMF is proud to have
local DJ's spin at the VIP receptions every evening. In addition, each
night will feature a band that we believe exemplify the innovative, edgy
style that has come to characterize the DC music scene. Come listen to
jazz, blues, soul, and much more at the afterglow receptions that follow
each day's screenings.
11.) Editors/Graphic Designers/Cartoonists/Publishers, IMPACT Silver
Spring (Silver Spring, MD)
IMPACT Silver Spring is a non-profit organization in Silver Spring, MD
which focuses on supporting collaborative community work crossing lines
of race, class, and culture. The organization's mission is to create the
capacity needed to build and sustain Silver Spring as a thriving,
multicultural community.

Currently, IMPACT Silver Spring is in the process of publishing its
first Community Empowerment “Collective Action Toolkit”, which will
serve the purpose of aiding leaders in undertaking community development
projects in Silver Spring. As the six chapter toolkit approaches its
final stages of completion, IMPACT is looking for volunteers in the
following areas to assist in the process:
– Editors
– Graphic designers
– Cartoonists
– Publishers
We strongly encourage volunteers who are looking to gain practical
experience and exposure in any of these areas to apply. This is a great
way to build your portfolio as IMPACT is willing to give proper
acknowledgement for contributions made to the final publication of the
Collective Action Toolkit.
People interested in this position, having any questions, should contact
the IMPACT Silver Spring office at (301) 495-3336 or email: seble@impactsilverspring.org
We thank you in advance for your willingness to contribute to building
communities through effective leadership!
12.) PR & Marketing, Empower Today's Woman Radio (Atlanta)
We are look for a Professional Public Relations and or Marketing Company
or Person who can assist Empower Today's Woman Radio.
Our Mission is to Empower Women who are looking to start their own
businesses or change the direction their life is headed. Our goal is to
arm them with the resources, tools, and information needed to be
successful in making their dreams a reality. Empowerment Radio For
Todays Woman ~ Todays Woman~Real Issues ~ Real Solutions
WATB1420 AM The New FM In Talk Radio Saturdays@3:00PM Eastern
Please contact us@
www.empowertodayswomanradio.com info@empowertodayswomanradio.com
13.) Brand Designer (Logo/Image) for Non-Profit (Children w Mental)
I am successfully working on a non-profit web resource to benefit
children with mental disabilities, their families and to educate the
public. This is a VERY ambitious project that will help millions across
the nation. I am in the process of recruiting a talented BRAND DESIGNER
to create our logo and help create a brand that will be consistent
throughout the site. I've researched countless logo databases and have a
general idea of what will work, but I need someone with a creative and
precise mind to design something for this target market. This project
will be supported by its volunteers, and I will make sure those that
make the biggest sacrifices will be acknowledged on a large scale.
This project will provide the opportunity for a talented brand creator
or team to show off their abilities on a national scale on an extremely
honorable project. Please send me an email (
if you would consider this opportunity completely on a pro bono basis.
I can assure you that you will feel extremely compelled to be involved
with this project to help so many children. Please send me an email and
we can take it from there. Thank you!!
Keep in mind: This site will be used mainly by young adults with mental
disabilities and parents of the younger children with disabilities. So,
this should not look too child-like. While children will be the
benefactor they are not the target audience for the use of this site.
14.) Web Developer/Web Consultant, Greater Philadelphia Asian Social
Service Center (Philadelphia)
Are you interested in getting practicum outside of the classroom?
Are you interested in experiencing the ins-and-outs of a non-profit
Do you have time to spare and want to do work that will go towards a
good cause?
If you answered “yes” to any of these questions then you are the perfect
candidate for us! We are looking for a web developer/web consultant who
can volunteer their time and services to our organization. Students are
also welcome!
GPASS is a non-profit, 501-C-3 organization that serves various sections
of North Philadelphia. The communities we serve are mostly elderly and
youth, prominently poor, and those with mental health and drug and
alcohol problems.
Our organization's services include a state license that allows us to
provide Drug and Alcohol Outpatient Counseling, Drug and Alcohol
Prevention Education, Relapse Prevention, and DUI (Driving Under the
Influence) services.
GPASS has contracts with LIHEAP, Crisis, Utility Emergency Service Fund
(UESF), Weatherization, and Water Conservation. GPASS also has contracts
with Philabundance-Food Bank and Share to provide monthly food supplies
to an elderly and indigent population. Other basic social services we
currently provide are: INS counseling (for Citizenship Preparation,
Legal Consultation, and advocacy), Home Budgeting Tutoring, and Case
management in the area of Health and Medication – PACE Program
(Prescription Assistance).
Contact: Mrs. Kim, Assistant Director
Greater Philadelphia Asian Social Service Center (GPASS)
4943 North 5th St.
Philadelphia, PA 19120
(215) 456-1662
15.) Membership E-Marketing Intern, WXPN Public Radio (Philadelphia)
WXPN has one of the best e-membership programs in public radio. We are
looking for creative and motivated interns to help us expand this
ever-growing facet of the member experience at WXPN. Interns will assist
the Director of Individual Giving and Fundraising Operations Manager in
developing copy for our weekly e-newsletter, creating the e-newsletter
using our online tools, and maintaining the e-newsletter database.
Interns will also provide general support to Member Services, as needed.

Successful candidates will have excellent writing and proofreading
skills and strong attention to detail. Data entry experience, experience
with HTML and other web-related computer programming skills a plus.
Familiarity with database theory is also a plus. Must be available for
work Tuesday, Wednesday and/or Thursday (e-newsletters go out on
Thursdays). This position is 10-20 hours/week.
To fill out an application, please go to: http://www.xpn.org/internship.php
16.) Web Marketing Intern, WXPN Public Radio (Philadelphia)
WXPN is on the leading edge of online music content, with three 24/7
music streams, archived downloadable content, podcasts, blogs, RSS feeds
and more. We're looking for a motivated, web-savvy intern to support our
expanding online marketing initiatives. Interns will assist the Director
of Marketing and Marketing Manager in mining compatible online media
outlets, creating and disseminating compelling copy messages, and
reporting results.
Candidate must possess an expansive knowledge of the Internet and
multimedia Web technology. Strong writing, communication and computer
skills are required. This internet should also demonstrate ability to
work independently and collaboratively with other departments. Obsession
for music is a must! This position is 15-20 hours/week.
To fill out an application, please go to http://www.xpn.org/internship.php
17.) Interns, Free Press (DC)
Free Press seeks interns for the spring 2007 semester in Washington,
We are a national, nonprofit non-partisan organization working to reform
the media and involve the public in media policymaking. Free Press is
working to build a broad social movement for media reform by linking
proactive research and policy proposals with grassroots education and
mobilization efforts across the country.

Candidates must possess an understanding of the multi-faceted nature of
the work of media reform, including lobbying, grassroots outreach,
advertising, special event management, and website creation/hosting.
Excellent organizational, management and communications skills are a
must. Some knowledge of federal legislative and regulatory processes is
helpful but not required. A working knowledge of media issues is highly
preferred. Excellent writing and public speaking skills, as well as
facility with word processing, spreadsheet, and internet software are

Undergraduate Intern Program in Media Research, Education, and Advocacy
Undergraduate interns work in a variety of capacities. We provide a wide
array of tasks so interns will end the semester with a good sense of the
daily operations of a non-profit organization and the work required for
successful public interest advocacy.

Graduate Intern Program in Media Policy
Free Press offers a graduate level internship in Media Policy.
The Graduate Level Internship Program requires a strong background in
and understanding of communications systems, media studies, and public
policy. Interns should expect to work independently on specific projects
as directed by senior staff. These projects will require interns to
research, analyze, and write reports on specific media policy problems
and develop model legislation, communications strategies, and a
blueprint for coalition building.

Application Process
Interested applicants should submit the following:

1. A completed Internship Application Form
(available at www.freepress.net/content/opportunities)
2. An up-to-date resume
3. An unofficial transcript
4. 3 references

Send To: Free Press 100 Main St, P.O. Box 28 Northampton, MA 01061 – Fax
(413) 585-8904
18.) Web Development Intern, AOPA, (DC)
American Orthotic & Prosthetic Association (AOPA), headquartered in Old
Town Alexandria, seeks an intern (sophomore or above) for assorted
short-term Web site development projects for www.AOPAnet.org.

Evidence of Skills
Please provide a current transcript (an unofficial copy is acceptable);
a list of Web-development skills of which you have a working knowledge;
and examples of projects you have worked on, accompanied by a
description of your specific role in each.

Internship Period
10 hours per week for 8 weeks. Specific days and hours are negotiable,
but must fall within supervisor's hours (Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5

A stipend of $800 will be provided upon satisfactory completion of
project(s). In addition, AOPA will provide substantiation and an
evaluation of your work to help you obtain credits. Unpaid internships
are also available.

Work Environment
AOPA has a 27-person staff, offers a friendly, energetic work
environment, and is located one block from King Street Metro. Dress is
business casual.

Send cover letter, resume and transcript to:
Internships at AOPA
330 John Carlyle Street, Suite 200
Alexandria, VA 22314
Fax: 571/431-0899
E-mail: positions@aopanet.org
19.) Marketing Director/Assistant Marketing Directors (New Jersey)
Interviewing individuals for Marketing Director, Assistant Marketing
Director and Second Assistant Marketing Director positions for
off-Broadway theater. Responsibilities include developing targeted
campaigns, identifying promotional and advertising partners across the
country and in local target markets, assisting in execution of marketing
plans, and department support functions.

Gain hands-on experience in a quickly expanding off-Broadway theater
complex. Excellent opportunity for students of theater and or business.
Flexible hours. Great opportunity to build resume, skills, professional
background and for professional growth. Unpaid internship. Minimum 15
hours a week required.

Email your cover letter and resume to arayche@attglobal.net
20.) Photo archive project, Charles River Watershed Association (Weston,
CRWA has many old and not-so-old photos and slides of the Charles River
which need to be sorted, labeled, and scanned. Work could include
looking through a variety of pictures and slides, organizing materials,
researching time periods and locations depicted in photos, contacting
archives and museums, and transferring hard copy photos to electronic
images. Contact Rebecca Scibek if you are interested in assisting with
this project and are available during office hours.
Charles River Watershed Association
190 Park Road
Weston, MA  02493
Telephone (781) 788-0007
Fax: (781) 788-0057

*** Weekly Fun Report:
“Everybody can be great… because anybody can serve. You don't have to
have a college degree to serve. You don't have to make your subject and
verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul
generated by love.” -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

With that said, On January 15th we will commemorate Dr. Martin Luther
King Jr. We will honor Dr. King by performing a beautification project
inside of Cardozo High School in NW DC.

City Year is looking not just for volunteers, but dream carriers to come
and participate in this very transformational day. Projects will include
painting inspirational murals and revitalizing the library in Cardozo,
to give the school the same sense of pride that Dr. King gave to
everyone he encountered.

Directions to Cardozo: Take the metro rail to the U Street/ African –
America Civil War Memorial/ Cardozo station (Green Line). Exit at the
13th street exit. Walk 2-3 blocks up 13th street and make a right on
Clifton Street. The address is 1300 Clifton St NW Washington, DC 20009.

Breakfast and Lunch will be provided. Wear clothes that can get messy

Dream On!

Any questions please e-mail jlawrence07@cityyear.org or call

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