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JOTW 12-2007
19 March

“You can say any foolish thing to a dog, and the dog will give you a
look that says, 'My God, you're right! I never would've thought of that!'” 
–Dave Barry

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Ned Lundquist,

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In this issue (this is a list of the positions featured in this issue.  Scroll down for contact information):
***  One Paragraph Pitch

1.)  ASSOCIATE GRAPHIC DESIGNER, Alion Science and Technology, McLean, VA
3.)  TRAINING SPECIALIST,, Virtual: location can be Central US to East Coast
4.)  GRAPHIC DESIGNER,, Alexandria, VA
6.)  Marketing Officer, Art Asia Trust Limited, Southampton, Hampshire, UK
7.)  Communications Officer, Center for Clean Air Policy, Washington DC. 
8.)  Strategy Director/Co- Practice Manager, consulting company, Chicago, IL
9.)  External Relations Program Manager, Internet2, Washington, DC
10.)  Financial Editor, contract opportunity, Svenska Handelsbanken, Stockholm, Sweden
11.)  Strategic and Marketing & Communications Program Manager, ESFI (Electrical Safety Foundation International), Rosslyn, VA
13.)  Communications Program Manager / Public Affairs, Mayo Clinic/St. Luke's Hospital, Jacksonville, FL    
14.)  Communications Coach, ING Direct, Wilmington, DE
15.)  Communications and Marketing Manager, National Assembly on School-Based Health Care (NASBHC), Washington, DC
16.)  Director/Vice President, Public Relations, mid-size public relations firm, New York, New York
17.)  SVP, public relations firm, NY, NY
18.)  Director – Communications, Australian Business Volunteers, Canberra, ACT, Australia
19.)  MANAGER (Publications & Research), Office of Research & Economic
Development (ORED), Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA
20.)  Internships, W*USA 9, Gannett Company, Washington, DC
21.)  Magazine Editor, Medical News and Issues, Phoenix, AZ
22.)  Marketing Manager, AREMA – The American Railway Engineering & Maintenance of Way Association, Lanham, MD
23.)  Account Director – Media and Partnerships, Social Marketing Practice, Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, Washington, D.C.
24.)  Senior Communications Manager, publicly- traded natural resources corporation, Puget Sound region, Washington State
25.)  Senior Communications Specialist, Washington Gas Light Company, Washington, DC
26.)  Coordinator of the TransAtlantic Consumer Dialogue (TACD), Consumers International, London, UK
27.)  Senior Vice President, Public Affairs, Widmeyer Communications, Washington, DC
28.)  International Events Manager, Internet Society (ISOC), Reston, VA
29.)  Media Relations Manager, ING Direct, Wilmington, DE
30.)  NEWS PRODUCER, NewChannel8, Washington, DC
31.)  Publisher Relations Coordinator, EyeWonder, Atlanta, GA
32.)  Senior Communications Associate, IQ Solutions, Rockville,  MD
33.)  Communications Manager, Association for Convenience & Petroleum Retailing, Alexandria, VA
34.)  Technical Writer III (Full Time/ Unaccompanied), Ronald Reagan Ballistic Missile Defense Test Site (RTS), Kwajalein Range Services (KRS), Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands
35.)  Internships, CBS, New York and Washington, D.C.
36.)  Internships, The Reporters Committee, Arlington, VA
37.)  Executive Director, UM Communications Foundation, United Methodist Communications, Nashville, Tennessee
38.)  Interim Director for Communications, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services, Baltimore MD
39.)  Technical Writer, Stanley Associates, North Charleston, SC
40.)  External Relations Officer – Volunteer, Africa Humanitarian Action, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
41.)  Freelance Account Executive- Business to Business, Public Relations Agency, Chicago/Suburbs
42.)  Radio News Internship, KQED, San Francisco, CA
43.)  Coordinator/Manager Community Relations and Outreach, Rubin Museum of Art, NY, NY
44.)  Director Communications, Pfizer, New York, NY
45.)  Public Information Manger, UN Volunteers, Vientiane, Lao People's Democratic Republic
46.)  Media and Strategic Communications Manager, IntraHealth International, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
47.)  Senior Manager, Corporate Relations, ORBIS International, New York, New York
48.)  Chemical Information Specialist, Materia, Pasadena, CA
49.)  Communications Officer, Path, Brussels, Belgium
50.)  Hill Hound, 463 Communications, Washington, DC
51.)  Marketing Communications Manager, TARGUSinfo, Vienna, VA
52.)  Communications Interns (multiple positions), UN Office for Project Services, Copenhagen, Denmark
53.)  Communications Directors, The Wilderness Society, Washington, DC
54.)  Internal Communications, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, Phoenix, AZ
55.)  Sr. Marketing Coordinator, Small Giants, Phoenix, AZ
56.)  Communications Associate, Chase Home Equity, Phoenix, AZ
57.)  Marketing and Event Coordinator, Scottsdale Leadership, Scottsdale, AZ
58.)  Director, Grant Administration and Community Relations, Arizona Association of Community Health Centers, Phoenix, AZ
59.)  Marketing Manager II – Product Marketing Team, Network Solutions, Herndon, VA
60.)  Vice President, External Relations, McGaw YMCA, Evanston, Illinois
61.)  Communications Intern –Summer Help 2007, National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC), Alexandria, VA
62.)  Experienced Senior PR Account Manager, Predictive Communications, Johannesburg, South Africa
63.)  Human Rights Education Communications Officer (IMP/07/01), Amnesty, London, United Kingdom
64.)  Assistant Director, Corporate Relations, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana
65.)  Director of Marketing, Alexandria Convention & Visitors Association, Alexandria, VA
66.)  Chief Development Officer, Wildlands Conservancy, Emmaus, PA,
67.)  MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS ASSOCIATE, August Wilson Center for African American Culture (AWC), Pittsburgh, PA
68.)  Publicity/Promotion Assistant, Terry Hines & Associates, Philadelphia, PA
69.)  Communications Editor, Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP, Philadelphia, PA
70.)  Community Relations Advisor Delaware City, DE
71.)  Managing Copywriter-Email Marketing, QVC, West Chester, PA
72.)  PR Executive, Schubert Communications, Downingtown, PA
73.)  Director of Communications, Pennsylvania Department of Health, Harrisburg, PA
74.)  Director of Public Relations, The Anderson Group, Sinking Springs, PA
75.)  Marketing Manager, PIA/GATF, Sewickley, PA
76.)  Conference Coordinator, College and University Public Relations Association of Pennsylvania, (CUPRAP), Reading, PA
77.)  Outreach Manager, Young Driver Research, Philadelphia, PA
78.)  Senior Writer, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA
79.)  Marketing & Research Manager, Breslow Partners, Philadelphia, PA
80.)  Senior Communications Specialist/Issue Communications, Cascades Tissue Group-TN, Inc., Portland, Oregon
81.)  Augmentative Communication Specialist, Easter Seals Massachusetts, Worcester, MA
82.)  Media Relations Specialist, Hospital/Medical Center/ Seattle area
83.)  Senior Vice President, Atomic Public Relations, San Francisco, CA
84.)  Promotions Producer/Coordinator, KOVR/KMAX, West Sacramento, CA
85.)  Full-Time Permanent Technical Writer, webMethods, Fairfax, VA
86.)  Associate Director, Medical Communications, McNeil Pediatrics, Fort Washington, Pa
86.)  Public Affairs Specialist, Office of the Associate Administrator for Public Affairs, Office of the Director of Public Affairs, Federal Railroad (FRA), Washington, DC.
87.)  Director of Marketing and Communications, Health Net, Point Richmond, CA
88.)  Associate Director, Medical Communications, McNeil Pediatrics, Fort Washington, Pa
89.)  Group Web Content Editor, WEDDING TV LTD, Central London, UK
90.)  Videographer, Combat Support Associates, Kuwait
…and more!

***  One Paragraph Pitch:

Hello Ned,

I’m an avid JOTW reader and look forward to it every Monday – thank you for your dedication!  Here’s my “one paragraph pitch” – I’m hoping that a few of your 10,000 subscribers might be interested in my skills and background.

An enthusiastic collaborator who enjoys “never been done before” challenges is interested in exploring communications and program development opportunities with a private company or non-profit. Since 1990, I have been professionally involved in the communications field, and for the past two years, I have developed and implemented a technology-centered research and recruiting program at an Ivy League institution. In this role I am the central communications and recruiting liaison for technology corporations, and my direct contacts with senior-level funding agents resulted in a 32% increase in unrestricted grants in a span of twenty months.  In addition to developing and stewarding funds, I plan and execute technical symposia and career training workshops for students, faculty, and corporate sponsors. I am also the editor of a technology magazine developed to showcase the research and professional accomplishments of faculty, students, and alumni. Under my direction, this publication received an Excellence Award for Printing and Design by a regional chapter of the American Institute of Graphic Artists (AIGA).

I am very interested in relocating to the Pittsburgh, PA or metro-DC areas – although I would consider other locations for a great opportunity! or learn more at

Have a great day!
Laura Z.

Laura Zurowski

***  Our JOTW Sponsor for March:

Imre Communications.  Brand strategy & positioning.  Marketing.  Public relations.

It's all about the Aha!  That moment of inspiration and creativity that turns mere ideas into break-through strategy, bursts of brilliance into promotions that move needles.mountains.product.  Imre Communications is all about the Aha! moment and the people who have them.  For big brands in Home & Building, Insurance & Healthcare and Associations.  Brand strategy & positioning.  Marketing.  Public relations. 

Offices in Washington, DC and Baltimore.  To work here, review our
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information about our services, contact Denise Kitchel at  Or simply see what makes us go “Aha!” at

***  Aha!

Ned:  I notice that Imre Communications talks about achieving that “Aha!” moment.  So, what is an “Aha!” moment?  Is that when the apple fell on Sir Isaac Newton's head?  When Alexander Graham Bell remembered Watson's phone number?
Imre:  An Aha! moment is that second in time — standing in the shower or in the line at the grocery store, staring out at a warm sea or putting paint to canvas, while you’re in a brainstorming to market the next big thing or sitting quietly at your desk… that moment when everything becomes crystal clear. 
Ned:  I have lots of “Aha!” moments in the shower.  I used to have them when I mowed the lawn, but I have a teenager who actually likes to mow the lawn.  But those revelations are often accidental.  A chance encounter as it were.  Can you create an “Aha!” for someone who needs one?
Imre:  We asked our employees to share their big Aha!s.  See them at

Ned:  Now. JOTW readers,  tell us about yours.  What they are, where you get them, how you share them.  Maybe you'll want to ask yourself one of these four questions to help you think of and share your Aha! with us.

Q:   An Aha! moment is one of clarity and revelation.  How do YOU get to that Aha! moment — for yourself or your  organization/clients?

Q:   How do you know when you’ve achieved it?

Q:  How do you translate — and physically deliver — that Aha! to a client?

Q:   Tell us about an Aha! moment you’ve had recently.  Send us a picture, even.

We’ll share the best entries and select the four best by the end of March.  Winners will receive a $25 Home Depot gift card.  Then we’ll have a poll to let you, the JOTW readers select the best Aha! Moment of all and that winner will get something totally cool.

Thanks for participating.  And here’s wishing you a year chock-full of Aha! moments.

***  Boeing sold $4.5 billion worth of airplanes last Monday.

***  Archives:

Good evening, Sir.

I'm sorry to bother you, but I was just on the JOTW web site searching for the August 2006 archive.  I thought at one time you had folders that went back that far, but I can't seem to locate it anymore.  Thanks in advance for any direction you might send my way.  And even though I am gainfully employed, also thanks to you, I remain an avid reader of your newsletter and have recommended it to countless friends and colleagues!

Best regards,

(Since the website went active in January you can find 2007 back issues there.  All issues are archived at Topica.

***  So far in March 2007, has served 7,533 distinct hosts, for a total of 31,256 page views.

***  The little enchiladas:

So you need to measure.  Metrics are important.  The company or organization has lofty goals.  Increase market share.  Double sales.  Change people’s perceptions.  But you can’t measure your communications effort directly against sales or market share.  So what are some smaller goals you can set and achieve, that will have impact on the business goals in the long run?  Does your communications plan have to be measured directly against the whole enchilada?  Or can you establish little enchiladas?

***  See the 2007 Navy Leap Frogs Parachute Team schedule posted in the next issue of DEFCON-1, which will be published on Wednesday and then posted at

Of course, you can go there now and see the defense industry jobs posted, or you can sign up for the Defense Career Opportunities Newsletter by sending a blank e-mail to

***  Melodies:

Robert Holland, ABC continues with our discussions of song with great melodies:

What about Sinatra?  “Night and Day,” “I've Got You Under My Skin.” What about the Spinners? “One of a Kind Love Affair.”  And for power chords and melodies all in one song, just about anything by Boston.

(Speaking of Boston, did you hear that Brad Delp passed away?)

***  Musical Mark Sofman muses melodically:

Favorite Melodies – Whaaaat?  You have to ask why?


Misty  – because Errol Garner played it and Ella Fitzgerald sang it
Laura  – because Barney Kessel did a bang up job with it on guitar
Satin Doll – what's not to like about Duke Ellington and a large swinging band?

Goodbye Porkpie Hat – Charles Mingus, a fave jazz composer, wrote it as a tribute to the Prez, Lester Young.
Norwegian Wood  – from the 2nd stereo LP I ever owned
Blackbird – I like the guitar  accompaniment
Unaccompanied Cello Suite in G Major – Rostropovich, Ma, etc.  whoever you like on cello, this one is soul-stirring.
People Gonna Talk – James Hunter from my current most-played CD

These are my current, “this week,” off the toppamyhead, fave melodies..ask again next JOTW and I'll probably have a new and/or revised list


(Ned adds:  My father used to produce live network broadcasts of the big bands.)

***  This year’s Rock and Roll Hall of fame inductees are Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, R.E.M., The Ronettes, Patti Smith, and Van Halen, with inductions by Jay Z, Keith Richards, Eddie Vedder, Velvet Revolver and Zach de la Rocha.

***  From Dee Ellison:

Hey, Ned, hope you’re doing well. Missed you at IABC. I’ve been working for Greater DC Cares for just over a year, and it is, indeed, a great-er organization! We’re holding our annual days of marathon volunteer service in the DC area in May, and I’d like to share info about Servathon with the good JOTW folks. Hoping that they will volunteer! Thanks very much.

Greater DC Cares:  In Search of Volunteers!
Greater DC Cares’ Servathon 2007 will bring together thousands of individuals for two amazing days of volunteer service all around the Washington, DC region.

We invite you to join us!

You, your family, friends and colleagues – and fellow JOTW-ers! – can help by volunteering your services, skills, time and energy. The dates are Friday, May 4, 2007 (Sponsors’ Day of Service) and Saturday, May 5, 2007 (open to all, including sponsors). You can also put together a team. (JOTW-DC could come back to life!!!) This is a great opportunity to support your local community.

You and the other volunteers will participate in a hands-on project that you choose from our list. We’ll be working with nonprofit organizations that provide critical services that help individuals and make our region a great place to live.  

For the first half of the day you might landscape a Boys & Girls Club, paint a school, beautify the National Mall or build a playground. Afterwards, there’s a celebration party with FREE FOOD and FREE SAM ADAMS BEER! 

The registration fee of $20 per person helps cover our costs. It’s also a fundraiser, and there are great prizes for the folks who raise the most money: right now the top prize is $300! For more information, or to start a team, visit  

***  Robert passes athlete:

Yes, that was VCU, my alma mater, who beat Duke in the first round of
the NCAA tournament!!!!!
And that was B.A. Walker, one of my PR students in summer session last
year, who hit those 3-pointers. Well, not as many as he was hitting in
the regular season, but he still hit a few.
(Boy, am I glad I gave him a passing grade…)

***  HEPN:

If you have a hospitality or event planning job, send it to Sonja Johnson at  Sign up for the free Hospitality and Event Planning Newsletter by sending a blank email to

***  Here’s the JOTW question of the week:

“What was the most gratifying volunteer experience you ever had?”

Send me your answer (to  We’ll post some in JOTW, and some in VJOTW.

Meanwhile, if you have a volunteer opportunity to share, send it to Heather and Rachel at  Sign up for the free Volunteer Job of the Week at

1.)  ASSOCIATE GRAPHIC DESIGNER, Alion Science and Technology, McLean, VA

(Note:  If you wish to submit your resume for this position, please follow the instruction to apply online, but also send your resume to Ned at, and I will also upload it into the system as a “refer a friend” submission for you.)

***  From Tiffany Glass:

Hi Ned:
Would you post the attached jobs to JOTW?  I think all necessary info is attached.  Let me know.
Tiffany Glass
Fax: 703-740-4297                        


Full Time Job Summary: The Membership Services Representative is the first point of contact for members and the primary role is to knowledgeably and enthusiastically support and promote each of the products and services with both external and internal customers including Member Agencies, Colleagues and Preferred Suppliers.  Secondary role is to assist with CruiseCentre bookings and administrative tasks. Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Familiar with all aspects of preferred suppliers, including their products, marketing promotions, agreements, as well as supplier, AgentNet and Amadeus technology developments. Interface with the Technology Support staff regarding any web site bugs, changes and new enhancements. Qualifications: 4 year college degree or equivalent education and experience, Experience with WinCruise, Amadeus Cruise, AgentNet and supplier agent websites, Familiar with GDS, Amadeus preferred. For more information please send resume to:

3.)  TRAINING SPECIALIST,, Virtual: location can be Central US to East Coast

Full Time Job Summary: Under the direction of the Manager, deliver learning solutions using both virtual and classroom based environments.  Assist with design, administration, update manuals and implementation of internal and external training programs and curriculum for Such programs include but not limited to technical training and soft skill instructional sessions for agency members.  Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Responsible for the innovative, effective and timely course training utilizing various forms of training approaches – including traditional classroom and webinar training solutions. Maintains records on the progress and performance of those involved in the training programs. Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in Education, Human Resources, Organization Development or other related field of study and 3 years experience in a professional training capacity preferably in a service environment with various products to include technical training.  Travel experience a plus with experience in a teaching or training position.  Able and willing to travel 30-40%. This position can be virtual in the Northeast/North Central part of the country. For more information please send resume to:

4.)  GRAPHIC DESIGNER,, Alexandria, VA

Full Time Job Summary: This person will be responsible for working with all groups within the company to develop communication materials including emails, faxes, newsletters and marketing collateral. Additionally, they will assist with Conference materials (including promotional materials and Web site) as well as assist with projects on an as needed basis. Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Develop & design communication materials using Quark & Dreamweaver, Revise and prep files for print and Web production, Assist with photo research, Execution of collateral project work based on overall concept, plus additional design work as needed, Maintain deliverable schedules for completion of projects on time, Participate in creative brainstorming and the creative development processes. Qualifications: 2-4 years design experience, BA or BFA in Graphic Design or equivalent experience, some knowledge of direct mail, e-Marketing, Knowledge of typography, page layout, composition, and color theory, Successful candidate should be skilled in Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark, Studio MX (Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks), as well as knowledge of Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Etc.). Knowledge of InDesign is a plus, Working knowledge of file optimization for web graphics, Understanding of HTML, A portfolio of examples of work is required for consideration, online portfolio a big plus. For more information please send resume to:


Full Time Job Summary: Responsible for overall office activities including the reception area; mail, all purchasing requests and facilities. Also responsible for directing and coordinating office services and related activities for the maximum utilization of services and equipment. Arranges for internal office moves and provides arrangements for office meetings. Plans, budgets, and schedules facility modification including estimates on equipment; labor materials and other related costs. Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Analyzes and organizes office operations and procedures, Responsible for ensuring preventative maintenance of all facility equipment, including HVAC, office equipment, etc., Initiate planned maintenance programs for office equipment, Oversee parking program, Oversee company cell phone plan and phones, Oversee cleaning and maintenance of facility, Negotiates the purchase of office supplies, equipment and furniture in accordance with purchasing policies and budgetary restrictions, Timely and accurate distribution and dispatching of incoming, outgoing and departmental and external mail, Coordinates all conference call needs with vendor and staff, Weekly consolidation of invoice, create check request, and then process for approval, Coordinate messenger services as needed, Responsible for maintaining current and distribution of emergency evacuation plan, Responsible for copiers, packaging, and delivery of all conference materials, Responsible for attending conference and handling all convention services of conference. Qualifications: Minimum of High School diploma required, Must have thorough knowledge of office procedures, Strong organizational, analytical, administrative, communication and financial skills, Excellent oral and written skills, Must have strong interpersonal skills, Able to deal with confidential information, Strong computer skills including Microsoft Office Suite, Ability to think and react on your feet, Working knowledge of mail processes such as postage machine, Federal Express and UPS, Able to lift 30-50 pounds. For more information please send resume to:

***  From Patty Hilton-Johnson:

6.)  Marketing Officer, Art Asia Trust Limited, Southampton, Hampshire, UK
At least one year's experience or a relevant qualification in the field of marketing and communications preferably in a cultural setting, is required for this post.

Applicants need excellent communication skills, creativity, effective time-management, and a first-hand experience and understanding of South Asian Culture. A willingness to learn new skills and take on new challenges is essential to developing the full potential of the post.

Ability to speak one or more South Asian languages (e.g. Hindi, Urdu or Bengali) would be an advantage but is not essential.

The post is subject to a satisfactory standard level CRB disclosure.

For an application form contact Art Asia: 023 8022 6212 or, or see website:

Closing Date: Monday 26th March 2007
Interviews: Monday 16th April 2007
Salary: £17,000 per annum pro rata

Art Asia welcomes applications from disabled people. Art Asia is an equal opportunities employer.

***  From Sue Lomenzo:

Ed – Please post this job, thanks.

7.)  Communications Officer, Center for Clean Air Policy, Washington DC. 

The Center for Clean Air Policy is a non-profit environmental think-tank based in Washington DC.  Our mission is to significantly advance cost-effective and pragmatic air quality and climate change policy solutions through analysis, dialogue and education to reach a broad range of policymakers and stakeholders worldwide.  (
With a budget of $3 million and a staff of approximately twenty, The Center is a fast paced, dynamic organization managing multiple projects domestically and internationally.  We are seeking a Communications Officer to serve as the primary communications professional in the organization.
The Communications Officer will develop and implement a strategic communications plan that supports the accomplishments of CCAP’s programmatic and financial objectives.  This is a unique opportunity to build an effective communications function coordinating with the President, fundraising, and program staff.   The Communications Officer’s mission will be to increase the visibility and brand recognition of the organization, support program objectives through effective communications strategies, support fundraising efforts; and build an infrastructure of web, electronic, and print media tools to facilitate external and internal communications.
Major Duties and Responsibilities
1.       Understand CCAP mission, strategy, goals, current operating plan, and events calendar.
2.       Meet the day-to-day communications needs of the Program Teams.  Create and maintain project outreach materials and strategies and support business development and fundraising initiatives. 
3.       Manage the redesign and oversee day-to-day updating of the CCAP web site, including integration of new content and consistency with all programs and outreach strategies.
4.       Implement proactive media outreach including the development of press materials, media pitches, and media briefings/events.  
5.       Help develop and support appropriate events such as Capitol Hill briefings and roundtables. 
6.       Develop goals, objectives, and a detailed communications strategy that includes branding, messaging, web-based tools and outreach, media relations, targeted events, and close coordination with fundraising activities. 
7.       Manage communications consultants and vendors as necessary.
Selection Criteria and Requirements:
Excellent writing and public speaking skills.  Proven ability to develop and implement multi-faceted communications strategies.  Track record of successful media placement efforts.  Ability to manage projects independently and with teams, and attention to detail and deadlines.  Ability to multi-task in a very fast-paced and dynamic environment.  Minimum five years of experience in communications and/or public relations .  In-depth knowledge and passion for climate change issues and proven access to the media and policy-making community a significant plus, as are experience in non-profit advocacy, think-tank or similar environments.
Salary commensurate with experience.  CCAP pays 100% of medical, vision, life, disability and long-term care insurance premiums for its employees.  In addition, CCAP offers a generous and immediately vested 5% 403(b) contribution requiring no employee match.  Metro Pass benefits, flexible spending accounts and other benefits are also provided.
Please email your resume and cover letter with salary history and requirements to: (No telephone inquiries please.).  Please include “Communications Officer” in the email subject line.
Mr. Steven Kallan
Center for Clean Air Policy
Attn: Development Manager Position
750 First St., NE, Suite 940
Washington, DC 20002

***  From Christopher Banowski:

8.)  Strategy Director/Co- Practice Manager, consulting company, Chicago, IL

Ref # 0456.  Chicago based branding/visual/web/written communications consultant company, industry leader, seeks Strategy Director/Co- Practice Manager to work with Blue Chip clients. 
Client-facing role initiates, plans and leads strategic efforts for large, program-based clients. Work closely with Partner, guide project team to frame client's business challenge. Establish  communication strategy to lead to  effective solution. Very hands on.  Must be superb strategist/writer, able to interface with clients and work with cross functional teams from interactive groups, design, writing, account teams etc.  Regular contact with corporate executives. Must be leader with sense of vision, smarts to create and execute.  High energy level, strong work ethic and love of working with some of the brightest minds in the business. Highly collaborative environment. Teams involve 15-20 people.   Company has high expectations from its staff; need to hit the ground running from day one.
Background:  Strategy background from brand practices from major consulting companies, organizational change consulting,  PR agencies with focus on corporate reputation, crisis communications, internal communications, change management, etc.
• Understand  client's business situation in context of industry, economic environment and competitive landscape.
• Coordinate, contract for or lead industry and competitive analysis, organizational and cultural analysis, and audience analysis.
• Communicate and lead strategic conversations with clients at highest levels of organization.
• Coordinate, contract for or lead original research, both quantitative and qualitative, that supports development of communication strategy.
• Develop and write documents, diagrams and other conceptual systems used by project teams to define and drive strategy.
• Help project teams align creative direction with client's business needs/strategic objectives.
• Contribute to client proposals and actively identify new business opportunities within existing client relationships.
• Develop and implement measurement systems to assess the impact of client recommendations/work on client businesses.
Please forward your resume as a .doc, writing sample and cover letter including salary information, and state how you fit the specs.  Send materials to and call 312-863-5401 to follow up.  Resumes without cover letters, samples and salary information will not be accepted.
Lynn Hazan & Associates

9.)  External Relations Program Manager, Internet2, Washington, DC

The Internet2 External Relations area provides monitoring and analysis of Federal policy, programs, regulation, and funding affecting Internet2 and its Members, as well as ongoing education of policymakers as to the achievements and goals of Internet2 and its Members. The Program Manager position will support the Vice President for External Relations in his work with Internet2 staff, universities, corporate partners and the network community.

Representative Duties include:
This position is full–time or part-time for a minimum of 3 days per week, reports to the Vice President for External Relations, is based in the Internet2 Washington, DC office, and requires approximately 5% travel per year. This position can be part of a co-op or internship program at the post-graduate level at a local Washington, DC university. A successful candidate will be energetic, hands-on, resourceful, accountable and able to multi-task. 

Primary Duties:
Support the Vice President for External Relations in his efforts to:
Build a broad base of understanding and support for Internet2’s goals among congressional representatives, staff, and executive branch agencies
Monitor and analyze legislative and executive branch policies and proposals that concern the development and deployment of advanced networking
Identify emerging policy issues, informing the Internet2 staff and member community
Develop and maintain high-level relationships with key federal agencies including:
National Science Foundation
Department of Energy
National Institute of Health
Department of Commerce
Federal Communications Commission
Attend meetings, congressional hearings, and other events as assigned to keep the Vice President up-to-date on current issues and potential collaborations
Act as a back-up liaison for network-related programs and contracts within the executive branch and Congress
Respond to requests for information from congressional offices, committees, and other branches of government
Provide information to the Internet2 member community for their own immediate interactions with the Washington policy community
Identify opportunities for Internet2 and its members to participate in federal grants, contracts, or cooperative agreements

Bachelors degree applicable to this position, preferably political science and/or networking/engineering
Experience with the federal government or its agencies, either in an employment or internship role
Sound technical knowledge of the federal legislative process
Previous experience in higher education and/or state government
Demonstrated ability to:
Work independently and follow through on assignments, balancing priorities, and meeting many project deadlines
Create and present well organized and accurate documents
Make presentations in a public forum representing the Internet2 mission
Work well with internal and external distributed teams

Please send letter of application and resume in electronic format with Microsoft Word and/or Adobe PDF attachments) to or mail to:
ATTN:  07-065
1000 Oakbrook Drive, Suite 300
Ann Arbor, MI  48104
Internet2 is a 501.C.3 not-for-profit organization and an equal opportunity employer.

***  From Adrianne George:

10.)  Financial Editor, contract opportunity, Svenska Handelsbanken, Stockholm, Sweden

Five month contract, native English speaker with experience editing commercial texts in Microsoft Word. Svenska Handelsbanken is the most profitable bank in Sweden, and one of the largest in Scandinavia.

***  From Brett Brenner:

Sir, if you would please post a great opportunity that my foundation has for the right person, I would greatly appreciate it.  I was highly recommended by two people to your site/newsletter.

Many thanks,

Brett Brenner, President
Electrical Safety Foundation International
1300 N. 17th St., Suite 1752
Rosslyn, VA  22209

11.)  Strategic and Marketing & Communications Program Manager, ESFI (Electrical Safety Foundation International), Rosslyn, VA

ESFI (Electrical Safety Foundation International) is seeking candidates for the position of Program Manager. Position involves managing and implementing the ESFI Strategic and Marketing & Communications Plans to develop electrical safety awareness programs. Manager will staff working committees; develop networks to procure in-kind and co-branding opportunities; interact with media, industry professionals and organization representatives.

Qualified candidates must have a Bachelor’s degree, along with 3-5 years of communications experience in an appropriate field.  Solid program management and communication & writing skills are required. Applicants experience with media relations and publications are highly desirable. Experience with trade associations and foundations desirable. The successful candidate will be a team player, a self-manager, creative, have an outgoing personality with excellent written and oral communication skills, and be able to adapt to the needs of the foundation. 
The incumbent will report to the President.
Conveniently located near the Rosslyn metro, ESFI offers a competitive salary, an excellent benefits package and travel potential.
Interested candidates should send a resume with salary requirements to or fax to (703) 841-3396.
Equal Opportunity Affirmative Action Employer



We are currently seeking a Senior Strategic Communications Consultant to develop, manage and implement strategic communications plans for high profile issues and clients, provide day-to-day on-site communications support for clients at Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps installations.
Manage the development and execution of media relations campaigns, including interaction with public relations agencies, national and local media, and franchises. Research legislative issues and write information papers. Provide media counsel to military and civilian clients. Assist with the strategic development and management of WGI's corporate communications. Develop and maintain communications materials, including press releases, fact sheets and pamphlets, and website content.
Experience and Education:

-Exceptional project management and leadership skills.

-Demonstrated ability to work successfully in fast-paced, high-pressure environments.

-Demonstrated ability to show sense of urgency, remain confidential.

-Strong communication and interpersonal skills.

-Efficient computer knowledge with Word Processing, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, database applications, and graphics applications such as Adobe PhotoShop.

-Bachelor’s degree in related discipline

-Current or ability to obtain a Top Secret Level security clearance.

-5-15 years related experience required.

-Military PAO experience, former military or reservist status preferred.
Reference Code: OAG-111501-06

13.)  Communications Program Manager / Public Affairs, Mayo Clinic/St. Luke's Hospital, Jacksonville, FL
14.)  Communications Coach, ING Direct, Wilmington, DE

***  From Lindsay Keller:

Lindsay Keller
Metropolitan Group
I'm in our Washington DC office:
202 380 3116 direct
202 380 3123 phone
202 380 3127 fax
1800 K St NW Suite 200
Washington DC 20006

15.)  Communications and Marketing Manager, National Assembly on School-Based Health Care (NASBHC), Washington, DC

The communications and marketing manager is responsible for:
1. Conducting the organization's communications/outreach efforts to
four critical audiences including members and volunteer activists,
national policy makers, funders and donors, and the media
2. Executing communication programs to advance NASBHC's position as
preeminent advocacy organization for school-based health care
3. Working with all staff, particularly in the areas of program and
development, to ensure the consistency and quality of NASBHC's message
and brand

Essential Duties
– Develop and implement a strategic communications plan to grow
visibility and recognition of NASBHC
– Integrate communications into programmatic and development activities
– Work with Public Affairs staff to create and execute advocacy
campaigns designed to help achieve the organization's policy goals
– Assist in development of marketing and promotion of strategies and
materials for NASBHC national convention and other events
– Generate ideas for and write press releases, op-eds and other
written communications that advance federal policy goals
– Pitch story ideas to secure op-eds, editorials
– Oversee writing, editing and production of existing and new
communications vehicles for the e-newsletter, print and broadcast
media and internal audiences
– Oversee and develop content for, NASBHC's website
– Assist in reviewing new and updated sections of website to ensure
accuracy, effectiveness of presentation and clarity of message
– Facilitate the development of eAdvocacy tools to serve as a primary
outlet for internet advocacy efforts
– In coordination with development staff, develop communications
materials to prospective members and donors

– Seven or more years of experience in policy-related
communications/public relations
– Bachelor's degree with a record of continuing education through
personal and professional development opportunities
– Good strategic thinker
– Exceptional researching, writing, and editing skills
– Strong ability to write for a variety of audiences, both online and offline
– Strong ability to proactively set goals, identify intermediate
objectives, recognize the resources necessary to achieve those goals
and objectives, and a willingness to find those resources
– Familiarity with and experience in pitching media outlets and
websites dealing with news, politics, policy and legislation
– Exceptional verbal skills and experience talking to reporters in the
capacity of a spokesperson
– Attention to detail and obsession with accuracy a must
– A strong desire to build public support and political power for
protecting children and adolescent access to health care

Interested applicants should send resume, cover letter and salary
requirements to

NASBHC is a not-for-profit national membership and advocacy
organization dedicated to advancing children's access to health and
mental health care through school-based health programs. For more
information, visit

***  From Barry Piatoff:

16.)  Director/Vice President, Public Relations, mid-size public relations firm, New York, New York

Our client is a successful, established, midsize (about 60 people) public relations firm in midtown Manhattan.  They have some of the most well-known and prestigious consumer accounts of any pr agency.   They’re over 20 years old, have very low turnover and their partners have advanced through their the ranks of the agency.  They are now looking to add a Director/Vice President due to growth of the agency to lead one of their top spirits accounts that they have had for a long time. 

You should be the #1 person on a large consumer brand account, have about 8-10 years experience at a public relations agency, have worked on big consumer brands, understanding of marketing communications as it relates to promoting brands, excellent client counsel skills, can work well with partners, be very strategic, have excellent leadership skills, have ability to lead a team and have strong media relations skills.  Any spirits experience is a plus.  Salary commensurate with experience.  Good work/life balance and company has a very good reputation.
Local candidates only.
To be considered for this position, e-mail your resume and cover letter as a Word Document attachment
No calls please

17.)  SVP, public relations firm, NY, NY

Our client is a well-established, multi-practice, international public relations firm.  Though they have offices all over the world, their midtown Manhattan office is small.  Management has decided to change that and wants to have a major presence in New York.  Their goal is for you to build the consumer and lifestyles practice.

Looking for someone who has a great network and is well-connected.  New business is an important part of this job and you should be able to bring in a book of business or be able  to get it quickly.  You’ll be the face of the New York office, a mentor to the staff and a strong strategist for the clients.   Have ability to bring in good managers and keep building the business.  Need personality and drive to take over a small office.  There are some great brands in place that you’ll partner with the Executive Vice President on, then bring in some of your own.  Salary $175K-$200K with bonus potential and new business commissions. 

Local candidates only.
To be considered for this position, and other opportunities in the future, e-mail your resume and cover letter as a Word Document attachment to:
Barry Piatoff, Vice President, Peter Bell & Associates,
Please include your current base salary. It's important information for us to have for this job search and others we may consider you for.
Peter Bell & Associates, LLC is a search firm specializing in public relations, communications and investor relations recruiting. We encourage anyone in these fields to e-mail us their resume. Be assured it is confidential and we will not send your resume anywhere without your permission.
No calls please.

18.)  Director – Communications, Australian Business Volunteers, Canberra, ACT, Australia

Are you an innovative and passionate marketing professional looking for a new challenge? ABV has an exciting opportunity in the International Development field for you to lead our marketing and communications activities.

Australian Business Volunteers (ABV) is an International Development agency that sends volunteers to aid in the development of countries in the Asia/Pacific region. Skilled Australian Volunteers share their experience and expertise to assist businesses and local organisations to grow, thrive and reduce poverty. ABV's stakeholders include for-profit and not-for-profit organisations in the Asia/Pacific region; AusAID and other bilateral and multilateral donors; and our dedicated group of experienced and skilled volunteers.

The capabilities for this position include:
* proven ability to develop and implement marketing and communications strategies
* proven ability to write and produce publications for a specified audience
* ability to build and leverage networks and partnerships
* ability to develop appropriate marketing and media responses to critical events
* excellent written and verbal skills
* excellent facilitation and presentation skills
* awareness of and/or experience in the international development sector, preferably in the Asia/Pacific region
* awareness of the needs and interests of volunteers and an ability to work with them
Salary: $55,000-$70,000pa (commensurate with experience)
An application pack, including a job description and the full selection criteria is available by calling Jenni Cole on 02-6285-1686 or emailing
Applications close at 5pm on Monday 26 March, 2007.

***  From Robin Mayhall, APR:

Howdy Ned – here is an interesting job opening here in Baton Rouge. I
apologize for the cruddy formatting — I cleaned it up as best I could.

Robin M.

19.)  MANAGER (Publications & Research), Office of Research & Economic
Development (ORED), Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA

Required Qualifications:  Bachelor's degree in Journalism, Public
Relations, Mass Communications, English, Creative Writing, Graphic
Design or related field from a four year accredited university or
college; excellent writing and editing skills; excellent computer skills related to web design and database management; two years experience in publications production.

Additional Qualifications Desired:  Master's degree in Higher Education or Mass Communication; knowledge of federal and state funding agencies (related to universities); ability to translate
technical/science/academic writing for the general public.

Responsibilities:  coordinates all activities involving media and
publications including: creating and disseminating a quarterly
newsletter, an annual report, a triennial image publication focused on
research activities, and special topics publications throughout the year focused on joint research publications with private and public
organizations, faculty areas of specialization, and research topics;
updates and maintains the ORED website; utilizes the newest web
technology and software to optimize efficient and effective use of ORED website by faculty, staff, and students; leads and coordinates public relations efforts with the Office of Public Affairs focused on research including: developing and creating a research magazine, working with media relations research editor to draft press releases, preparing text for publications, and scheduling and coordinating photo shoots; writes and designs posters and announcements advertising ORED seminars, workshops, programs, and events; maintains VIP contacts database and mailing lists; acquires external resources to ensure success of ORED media and publications activities; creates and maintains data bases related to faculty support programs; assists with forecasting and monitoring of the external funding trends of the University; assists with development of new faculty support programs; monitors and tracks national funding trends, policy changes and federal budgetary allocations related to federal funding agencies; maintains course management site (currently Blackboard) including access and security issues; creates and implements a marketing plan for ORED and units reporting to this office in relation to the National Flagship Agenda; represents ORED at meetings, conferences and workshops; other duties as assigned.

An offer of employment is contingent on a satisfactory pre-employment
background check.

Submit letter of application and resume (including e-mail address) to:

Manager Search Committee
Office of Research & Economic Development
130 David Boyd Hall
Louisiana State University
Ref:  #025228
Baton Rouge, LA 70803

20.)  Internships, W*USA 9, Gannett Company, Washington, DC

Assignment Desk: Interns will assist assignment editors and reporters in story research, gaining experience in broadcast news gathering, assignment desk operation and field production.
Sports Unit: Interns will help coordinate video footage of sports highlights, as well as gain knowledge and experience in interviewing, field, live studio and post-production techniques, participating in field shoots at sports locations such as Redskin Park, the MCI Center and Camden Yards, etc. Please, sports fanatics ONLY!
Weather Unit: This department requires a personal interview. Interns will learn: weather graphics (WSI WeatherPro), Doppler Radar and SLM (street level mapping), newsroom computer (Avstar), to read and analyze raw computer guidance and write forecast from this data, how to produce and stack a show for on air use, to sort and post Difax maps and Alphanumeric data. Requirements: currently studying and/or majoring in Atmospheric Sciences (grad or under grad). Must be flexible with hours

21.)  Magazine Editor, Medical News and Issues, Phoenix, AZ

***  From Mike Pina:

22.)  Marketing Manager , AREMA – The American Railway Engineering & Maintenance of Way Association, Lanham, MD

5,000 member 10 staff professional engineering association seeks Marketing Manager to support all association activities.  Responsibilities include:
marketing of conferences, seminars, publications and membership; promotion and management of exposition, including solicitation of exhibitors; solicitation of advertising and sponsorship; and other marketing activities in support of Association's mission.

Manager must be high energy and capable of exercising initiative and
multi-tasking in a small office environment with limited administrative support.

Requirements include Bachelors degree and 2-4 years experience in
marketing (preferable in an association environment); excellent verbal and written English communication skills; excellent computer (PC) skills to include MS Office and, iMIS (or comparable database system);  PageMaker or MS Publisher familiarity would be an asset; and, ability to travel on a limited basis.

AREMA is a non-smoking environment. Salary range $40 – $45K DOE with
excellent benefits.  Salary history, cover letter and resume  NO telephone calls.  Principals Only.

***  From Devra Dutton:

Hi Ned!  I've got a really great opportunity at Ogilvy PR for mid-level social marketers with media and partnership backgrounds who are interested in working on a nationwide pandemic flu preparedness effort.  Could you please share with your readers?  Our full list of open positions can also be found at


Devra Dutton

23.)  Account Director – Media and Partnerships, Social Marketing Practice, Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, Washington, D.C.

What's the opportunity for you?
Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide is seeking an Account Director to provide a wide range of support, including media relations and partnership development and execution, on behalf of clients and colleagues of the Social Marketing Practice in the Washington, D.C. office.  Projects will include a nationwide pandemic flu preparedness effort.  The successful candidate will:
*   Develop strategic media outreach plans.
*   Develop strategic partnership plans, implement partnership tactics, develop partnership materials.
*   Develop and maintain strong relationships with members of the health and medical media.
*   Pitch consumer and trade press; provide regular progress updates to clients.
*   Draft press releases, news advisories, and materials for press kits. Translate technical language into lay terms as appropriate.
*   Plan and execute community and media related events.
*   Work closely with account teams to ensure media outreach and partnership strategies are integrated with other account activities.
*   Oversee activities of junior staff.

Who are we looking for?
Required Qualifications
*   6-9 years of experience as a media relations/public relations practitioner.
*   Proven track record dealing with health and medical, public health education, or scientific issues on the client, agency, or media side.
*   Working knowledge of key media outlets in relevant fields, for example, relationships with print and broadcast journalists from major media who report on health, medical, and science.
*   Experience in identifying and implementing a wide variety of campaign strategies and tactics.
*   Strong people management and mentoring skills.
*   Proven ability to work within a team environment.
*   Able to manage multiple simultaneous assignments, work with tight project timelines and manage processes, as necessary.
*   BS/BA degree

Preferred Qualifications 
*   Experience that reflects knowledge of communication methods and theories in health and social marketing an asset.
*   Experience working on government accounts.
*   Background in marketing and media relations for government agencies desired.
*   Advanced degree is a plus.

Here's who to contact:
For consideration, qualified candidates should send a cover letter including salary requirements and a resume to  Please refer to Job # Account Director-SOC in the subject line of your email.

About us:
Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide (Ogilvy PR) is a leading global marketing communications firm, with offices in more than 60 cities around the world.  In its 25th year, Ogilvy PR provides strategic public relations counsel to a variety of clients across its consumer marketing, corporate, healthcare, technology, public affairs, social marketing and entertainment practices.  The agency also offers biotechnology and government affairs expertise through its subsidiaries Feinstein Kean Healthcare and The Federalist Group, respectively. Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide is part of the WPP Group, one of the world's largest communications services organizations (NASDAQ: WPPGY, For more information, visit our Web site at EEO/AA/M/F/D/V.

***  From Annie Kraft:

24.)  Senior Communications Manager, publicly- traded natural resources corporation, Puget Sound region, Washington State

Staff/Resources: The Manager supervises outside consultants and is one of three team members in the communications department.

Compensation Program: Excellent compensation program with attractive upper mid-level salary and annual bonus potential above 45%. Relocation program is available.

The Senior Communications Manager is a newly created position reporting to the Director of Communications with media responsibilities at both state and corporate levels.

Regarding communications issues, counsel and plans: the new hire will be the primary resource, often acting as the media spokesperson and strategic advisor to leadership in key states. The Manager will provide counsel to help formulate the company’s position on issues and develop plans to support business objectives. S/he will oversee the work of outside communications consultants with local/regional expertise who will also provide planning and “hands on” assistance to execute plans.

The Manager will support the Director and act as her “back-up” regarding both corporate initiatives and media responsibilities in states where the Director is the primary contact. In addition, the Manager will often coordinate with the Government Affairs and Investor Relations groups to ensure consistency of strategy and messaging.

Approximately 15-years of a mix of corporate, agency and journalism experience is most desirable. In-depth media relations and crisis communications experience is essential. Demonstrated abilities to act independently, take on leadership roles and win the trust of senior management are required.
For additional information or to submit a resume in confidence, contact: Ms. Judith Cushman, Retained Search Consultant,; HYPERLINK http://www.jc-a.com; 425 392 8660; Bellevue, WA 98008
Our client supports diversity in the workplace and encourages and will consider all qualified candidates who apply.

***  From Jan Davis Farrar, APR:

Ed, your job listing is where I send people who are looking for employment – and now I'd like to ask you to help me find the right PR/Communications professional for my job opening.

JOTW has become my job search/recruitment tool of choice.

So where do I send my Washington Gas Light coffee cup?

Thank you for your assistance.  


Jan Davis Farrar, APR
External Communications Manager
Washington Gas

25.)  Senior Communications Specialist, Washington Gas Light Company, Washington, DC

Washington Gas Light Co., the principal subsidiary of WGL Holdings, Inc., is located Washington, DC, with views of the Capitol, National Gallery of Art and National Museum of the American Indian from its windows.  A regulated utility company, it delivers environmentally-benign, safe, reliable natural gas to more than 1 million customers in the area.  
More than 1,500 employees work at the corporate office in the city, at its operations center in nearby Springfield, Va., and at smaller satellite facilities.  The company is lauded for its sound corporate responsibility, its financial reliability to investors, and generous pay and benefits to employees.  

The ideal candidate will have:

– A minimum 5 years of experience in public relations/communications

– A degree in communications, journalism, marketing or related field; previous experience in corporate communication, utilities, military, and/or agency a plus

– Experience in building relations with the media, story pitching, news release preparation, media monitoring, and media evaluation; experience with DC business press a plus.  We use VOCUS as our principle media monitoring tool.

– Spokesperson experience, responding to media queries in writing, over the phone, in person, and on camera

– Ability to support 24/7 media and crisis communication responsibilities

– Excellent written communications skills, capable of writing collaterals for a variety of audiences; new media writing experience desired; ability to meet deadlines essential

– Excellent oral communications skills with sound think-on-your-feet capabilities and unflappability under the pressure of crisis situations and deadlines

– Excellent attention to detail, with proven organizational and project/program management skills, including the ability to develop and implement communication plans and plans of actions and milestones

– Public relations outreach, such as support to community-wide events, a plus

– A collaborative work style, strong work ethic, maturity, and flexibility to help you fit right in to our corporate relations team

The senior communications specialist will be supervised by the External Communications Manager and will be one of four employees responsible for media relations, crisis response, communications messaging and plan development, and strategic and tactical communication.

Salary is commensurate with experience, education and potential.

Please e-mail your resume, cover letter expressing of your qualifications, two writing samples, and salary requirements to:

Jan Davis, APR
Washington Gas Light Company

***  From Art Brodsky:

26.)  Coordinator of the TransAtlantic Consumer Dialogue (TACD), Consumers International, London, UK

Consumers International seeks a coordinator for the TransAtlantic Consumer Dialogue, a forum of 65 major consumer organizations in the EU and US. TACD provides input to the EU and US governments through meetings and other means, and conducts educational activities such as conferences and workshops.

This is an exciting opportunity to be part of a young and dynamic team working together with consumer leaders and senior government officials to influence public policies on both sides of the Atlantic.

Main purpose of job:

• To coordinate the work of TACD and carry out the essential functions of the secretariat: This includes implementation and co-ordination of its activities, fundraising and reporting

Key responsibilities:

• Plan and coordinate TACD’s Annual Meetings, held alternately in Brussels and Washington, D.C., involving members and government officials as participants.  Work with TACD members to prepare and distribute resolutions and background materials, establish agenda, ensure participation of senior government officials.  Oversee all logistics including hotels, meals, reimbursements for participants.
• Plan and coordinate one TACD Leaders Meeting annually for the Steering Committee and government participants, including planning agenda, distributing background materials, and ensuring official participation.  Oversee logistics.
• Plan and coordinate one to four conferences and workshops annually on topics of interest to TACD.  Work with TACD members to invite participants, prepare and distribute background materials, plan the agenda, invite speakers.
• Work with the CI development team to produce high quality proposals for funding of TACD, and regular reports to donors for ongoing funding.
• Manage project budgets and expenditures, including contracts.
• Oversee maintenance of an external communications database, TACD website, and email list-serves and distribution lists.
• Ensure effective communication and information flows with TACD membership, Steering Committee and Chairs, and with relevant EC and US government officials
• Coordinate TACD’s policy development, and ensure that all publications and policy positions are produced to a high standard
• Commission research and conference reports, draft briefings and speeches

An experienced project manager with a track record of coordinating international networks as well as experience in advocacy work. A person with excellent analytical and communication skills and a strong commitment to the objectives of the consumer movement. Holds a relevant academic degree and at least two years’ experience in project management and implementation, including research and budget management.  Relevant experience in international ‘not for profit’ organisations or intergovernmental organisations is a plus. The successful applicant should demonstrate a proven ability to quickly grasp new policy areas and be able to demonstrate excellent interpersonal, negotiation and diplomacy skills including ability to work with people from a variety of cultures.

Essential Skills and Experience:
• At least three years’ experience of managing major projects including preparing proposals, and reporting
• College or university degree in relevant subject field
• Outstanding writing, reporting, and editing skills in English.
• Flexible, creative, energetic and highly organised.
• Excellent inter-personal skills, including experience working with people from different cultures, countries, backgrounds and skills, including senior officials and executives.
• Proven ability to manage and deliver a varied and demanding workload to a high standard and on own initiative.

• Awareness of consumer policy issues
• French language skills
• Experience working with the EU and / or US Government
Duration: Fixed term contract to October 31st 2008 with possibility for extension
Salary: 25300 £ pro annum
Please email your application to Dolores Demercado at before the 30th of March 2007.

***  From Laura Hamra:

Widmeyer Communications is looking for a SVP, Public Affairs.  Can you please post this job posting to your JOTW listserv next week?



27.)  Senior Vice President, Public Affairs, Widmeyer Communications, Washington, DC

Widmeyer Communications seeks an experienced, high energy professional to lead its public affairs practice. The ideal candidate must have at least 15 years of experience as a client and team leader in an agency or comparable environment.   Successful candidates will bring a strong background in media, public policy & advocacy as well as client and staff management.  The Senior Vice President will provide leadership in the areas of client strategy and program development, crisis communications and new business development, and directly supervises 4-7 professional staff.       
Competitive salary commensurate with experience, plus a full benefits package.  

Widmeyer Communications is a leading independent public affairs & public relations firm with offices in Washington and New York. 

Please e-mail resumes to:
Widmeyer Communications
Attn: Human
Job Reference – PA
Please visit our website at

***  From Mark Thalhimer:

Hello, Ned:

We are looking for an Events Manager with International experience.
Appreciate your including this in your weekly jobs letter.
Your service is a great resource.


– Mark 

28.)  International Events Manager, Internet Society (ISOC), Reston, VA

The Internet Society (ISOC), an international, not-for-profit, professional Internet membership organization founded in 1992 to provide leadership in Internet-related standards, education, and policy, seeks a highly-qualified International Events Manager.

ISOC, an organization associated with the development of the Internet, has members, meetings and seminars all over the world. The growth of our programs is driving our significant need for a professional events manager
— particularly with international experience.

–   Bachelors degree with seven years events management and meeting
planning experience.
–   Experience planning and executing events at locations both within
and outside of North America.
–   Ability to prepare and manage budgets, arrange and direct all
logistics, draft specifications and prepare RFPs, negotiate facility
contracts, manage vendors, manage all aspects of international participation
(visas, travel, etc.) and arrange other activities as required.
–   Experience writing meeting agendas, speaker biographies and press
–   Ability and willingness to travel and work flexible hours.
–   Excellent people skills and strong organization and project
management skills.
–   Experience evaluating events and programs from participant feedback.
–   Proficient with MS Office suite of applications.
–   Must be a detail-oriented self-starter who is able to work
independently and interact with all members of the greater Internet
–   Excellent English oral and written communication skills.
–   Ability to speak one (or more) languages other than English is
highly desirable.

This position is located in Reston, Virginia and reports to the Director of Communications and Public Relations. Please send resume, references and cover letter to:

Applications will be evaluated beginning immediately and thereafter until the post has been filled. The list of applicants will not be posted publicly, and will be reviewed in confidence by members of the evaluation committee.

Internet Society
1775 Wiehle Ave., Suite 102
Reston, VA, USA
The Internet Society is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

***  From Elena Turner:

29.)  Media Relations Manager, ING Direct , Wilmington, DE
Why join the ING Direct Team       
We're on a mission to lead Americans back to saving and are looking for people who share that passion to join our team. Our successful Orange Savings Account and Orange Mortgage have set the bar for how to simplify financial products to provide a better deal for consumers. If you are an energetic individual interested in helping build a different kind of bank, we look forward to hearing from you. To learn more about the world's largest direct bank, visit       

Department Marketing Statement     
The Corporate Relations Department strategically plans and coordinates
all corporate communications and messaging, both internal and external.
Corporate Relations' earned media accomplishments reinforce the brand
with our current customers and provide a third party endorsement that
assists in acquiring new customers.

The Corporate Relations Department is responsible for creating the
strategy and facilitating all public relations, government relations,
corporate sponsorships, community events, internal and external
communications, and the Kids Foundation.       
The Media Relations Manager will support the Head of Corporate Relations by creating and managing national and major regional media exposure that advances, differentiates and positions ING DIRECT as the leading direct consumer bank in the industry. In addition, the Media Relations Manager will develop, implement and evaluate proactive and targeted media placement strategies; develop key themes, messages and press materials that will resonate with and engage media contacts; create, implement and collaborate on strategies to repurpose content to achieve media placements; and conduct media pitches that will result in major placements and executive interviews.

Key Responsibilities:
* Development of PR strategy documents such as PR Plans, Timelines, etc.

* Developing and maintaining strong relationships with key media
* Creation and distribution of all media advisories, press releases, and talking points
* Generate favorable product reviews and coverage in consumer and trade media outlets and online blogs
* Facilitating media interviews for Executives and senior leaders
* Work cohesively with the Marketing Department for messaging and
product positioning
* Manage content for Intranet postings and content for internal ING
newsletters/Web sites
* Assist in overall planning and staffing of media events.
* Identify and manage public speaking opportunities for ING DIRECT
* Plan and facilitate press tours as needed for product portfolio
* B.A. required. Higher education degree in Communications, Public
Relations or Marketing Related is preferred.

* 10-15 years Public Affairs/Communications/Public Relations experience required
* Have strong, current relationships with national media
representatives, specifically for consumer and financial media
* Strong written and verbal communication skills
* Exceptionally detail-oriented
* Ability to effectively manage multiple projects simultaneously
* Ability to manage staff effectively
* Ability to work independently and in a fast-paced and changing

Candidate Profile/Characteristics
The ideal candidate will have the following:
* Media savvy and aggressive with the ability to develop and maintain
reporter relationships
* A strategic “out of the box” thinker who will develop innovative ideas and execute flawlessly
* Superior written and verbal communications skills
* Exceptional interpersonal skills, a consummate team-player
* A self-starter who is also flexible and able to multi-task

Technical, Language and other Specialized Skills:
* Knowledge of Excel, Word, Internet and basic computer functions
* Must be a flexible team player and have the ability to multi-task
* Positive attitude, detail-oriented, highly motivated and organized
* Full time position
* Anticipated start date: ASAP   

30.)  NEWS PRODUCER, NewChannel8, Washington, DC

NewChannel8 is seeking a TV producer to prepare lineup and rundown for assigned newscasts. Responsible for news writing, story ideas and coordination with other departments. Provide studio control room supervision.

QUALIFICATIONS: Two years of TV newscast producer experience necessary. Prefer college degree in journalism or equivalent. Send resume and tape c/o Alex Likowski, News Director NewsChannel 8. EOE
Hiring Manager: Alex Likowski
Send resume to Human Resources Department,
1100 Wilson Blvd. Arlington, VA 22209

31.)  Publisher Relations Coordinator, EyeWonder, Atlanta, GA

***  From Ellen Robinson:

Can you please post in the next Job of the Week?  Thanks!

32.)  Senior Communications Associate, IQ Solutions, Rockville,  MD

POSITION DESCRIPTION:  IQ Solutions is seeking a communications professional to provide support to several projects within its Social Marketing and Communications Division. The individual will be responsible for supporting a diverse portfolio of social marketing and communications projects for government and non-profit groups on topics that range from substance abuse to diabetes prevention to healthy aging to heart health. The individual will be responsible for supporting and/or managing the creation of a wide variety of health communication products, including market research, media outreach, media materials, consumer and provider education products, and campaigns and programs for multicultural audiences.
QUALIFICATIONS: This position requires a BS/BA degree in communications, marketing, public health or an applicable field of study, or the equivalent education and/or experience, plus 5-8 years of relevant experience. Masters degree preferred. Strong written and verbal communications skills are needed. Individuals must be able: to work well both independently and with others in a collaborative team environment; to think creatively; and to exercise good business judgment, flexibility, and responsiveness to changing requirements and conditions. Strong client management skills leading to high client satisfaction required. Ability to manage multiple tasks concurrently, set priorities, meet deadlines, pay attention to details, and handle a variety of responsibilities efficiently and effectively a must. Software application skills in MS Word and MS Excel preferred. Experience in Web communications and proficiency in Spanish are a plus. 

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  IQ Solutions offers excellent benefits and competitive salaries commensurate with experience. Please send resume with cover letter referencing the Senior Communications Associate postition to: IQ Solutions, Inc., Employee Services, 11300 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD  20852 or fax to (240) 221-4204.  EOE. For additional information, visit our website at

***  From Jeff Lenard:

I just signed up for JOTW. Also have an opening I'd like to share:

33.)  Communications Manager, Association for Convenience & Petroleum Retailing, Alexandria, VA

Responsible for managing media relations activities, including writing
and distributing press releases, media interviews with both trade and
national media, developing fact sheets and speeches for members, and
managing the messaging to the general media and for NACS, the
association that represents the $495 billion convenience and petroleum
retailing industry.

Specific responsibilities include:
*   Developing media campaigns and messages for critical industry
*   Writing and distributing press releases on association products
and positions on issues
*   Contributing regular articles to the monthly magazine
*   Overseeing dissemination of the association's daily news feed to
*   Developing and managing information campaigns to media
*   Identifying and tracking success measures in media efforts
*   Writing speeches, when appropriate
*   Contributing to new media projects, including video and the Web

Requirements: Minimum of 3-5 years experience. Experience on the Hill or as a journalist a plus.

Interested applicants should send a resume detailing qualifications to
Jeff Lenard at NACS, 1600 Duke St., Alexandria, VA 22314; fax
703/836-4564; e-mail

Jeff Lenard
Vice President, Communications
The Association for Convenience & Petroleum Retailing
1600 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone (703) 518-4272, Fax (703),

34.)  Technical Writer III (Full Time/ Unaccompanied), Ronald Reagan Ballistic Missile Defense Test Site (RTS), Kwajalein Range Services (KRS), Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands

The Technical Writer III provides technical writing and editorial support for the O&M and I&M knowledge products used to operate and maintain the Ronald Reagan Ballistic Missile Defense Test Site (RTS), including the use of eRooms/KARDS to collect, monitor and manipulate RTS Sensor and system information through the collection, review, approval, and final distribution process.

Primary Responsibilities and Duties:

Provide technical writing and editorial support for RTS sensor and systems engineers with the tasks required to create, approve, and monitor progress for the development and maintenance of O&M and I&M knowledge products.
Responsible for maintaining appropriate schedules to monitor the progress of the data collection, review, approval and dissemination process as it applies to RTS knowledge products.
Provide technical writing and editorial support for various documents produced in compliance with the CDRLs associated with the KRS contract with USAKA/RTS.
Responsible for the creation and maintenance of departmental work instructions that apply to the knowledge product production process.
Requirements: BS/BA in related field. Minimum 5-7 years experience. Proficient with MS Excel and Word
– Familiarity with electronic document management concepts
– Strong analytical skills with the ability to manage multiple issues at one time
– Ability to work in a fast paced environment with minimal direct supervision
– Works well with all levels of the organization
– Excellent presentation and writing skills.

Applicant selected will be subject to a government security investigation/criminal background check and must meet eligibility requirements for access to classified information as required for the position offered.

You and authorized dependents, if any, traveling to Kwajalein are required to have a valid passport in your possession prior to departure.
*If you are interested in this posting, send resume to KRS Recruiter at

35.)  Internships, CBS, New York and Washington, D.C.

36.)  Internships, The Reporters Committee, Arlington, VA

Interns at the Reporters Committee follow media reports of significant press issues, do relevant research whenever necessary, report and write on major media law issues for our bi-weekly newsletter and quarterly magazine and help answer our national media hotline. This environment provides an excellent opportunity to hone reporting skills and expand journalistic knowledge.

We also hope that after their experience at the Reporters Committee, our interns become First Amendment and freedom of information advocates. To further this goal, internships include weekly seminars by prominent media and legal experts on press freedom issues, Congressional hearings, U.S. Court of Appeals and Supreme Court arguments and media conferences relevant to the Committee's work.

Perhaps most importantly, interns substantially contribute to the work of the Reporters Committee: helping reporters overcome legal hurdles in gathering and covering the news. This service plays a vital role in preserving the First Amendment and freedom of information rights of journalists all over the country.

There are three internship sessions each year: Summer (June through August), Fall semester (September to mid-December) and Spring semester (January through May). Interns may receive college credit, and full-time interns receive a $1,000 stipend. In the past, several Reporters Committee interns have been enrolled in Washington study programs sponsored by their colleges or universities and have received academic credit for their work here. Applicants should submit a resume, cover letter, and writing samples (clips and/or a short research paper). A strong background in journalism is preferred.

Applications are best sent by January 31 for the Summer term; March 31 for Fall; and October 31 for Spring, but are accepted anytime on a rolling basis until all positions are filled.

The Reporters Committee is located in Arlington, Virginia, next to the Rosslyn Metro station, just across the Potomac River from Georgetown, and is an easy commute from most places within the metropolitan DC area. For this and many other reasons, we feel that Reporters Committee internships offer journalism students both a literal and intellectual view of the nation's capital.

Applicants should submit a resume, cover letter, and writing samples (clips and/or a short research paper) to:

Loren Cochran
Internship Coordinator
The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press
1101 Wilson Blvd., Suite 1100
Arlington, VA 22209

37.)  Executive Director, UM Communications Foundation, United Methodist Communications, Nashville, Tennessee

***  From Katie Maunz:

We just discovered your email service.  Can you post this position for us.  Please let me know if you need anything else from us.  Thank you,
Katie Maunz
Human Resources
Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services

38.)  Interim Director for Communications, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services, Baltimore MD

Reporting Relationship
Vice President for Mission Advancement

Position Objective
To communicate the mission and work of LIRS to diverse constituencies in order to build support for LIRS mission and service and advocacy goals. To interpret, advance and leverage LIRS’s service and advocacy priorities and build and strengthen LIRS relationships with the media, Lutheran and other partners, potential and existing donors, and other key LIRS constituencies.

Qualifications include…
Commitment to Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service’s core mission and values and an ability to model those values in relationship with colleagues and partners; commitment to refugees and immigrants
Excellent written and oral communication skills; familiarity with electronic technologies; ability to synthesize and summarize highly complex concepts, ideas, programs and advocacy positions
Strong project management, client relations and follow-through skills; experience in training preferred
Knowledge of refugee and immigration issues and demonstrated ability to creatively promote and enhance service and advocacy priorities
Ability and willingness to work as a member of a team and support service and advocacy staff in carrying out priorities
Ability to set and meet deadlines in an environment of rapidly changing priorities; ability and willingness to accommodate tight deadlines, communications emergencies, and the needs of the media and partners
Supervisory experience preferred
Masters degree in communications or other relevant degree or equivalent experience. 
5 years experience in communications, media relations, or public relations field
Experience working with refugees, immigrants or limited English speakers
Proficiency in Microsoft office applications

Responsibilities include…
1.      Maintain clear and consistent communication with the Vice President for Mission Advancement; ensure that program activities fall within the parameters established by the Vice President; keep the Vice President informed of major developments and trends in the industry, and ensure the Vice President’s support for major project activities and fundraising.
2.        In close consultation with other LIRS departments, implement communications strategies that promote LIRS goals and priorities, to include:
•         Media: Develop and implement Lutheran and secular media tactics to promote LIRS priorities to diverse constituencies; promote expertise of LIRS and LIRS partners with media; develop and maintain strong relationships with media; prepare LIRS staff and partners for interactions with media; ensure timely press releases
•         Service products: Promote and market LIRS manuals, videos, and other materials; centralize distribution and track demand and usage of LIRS materials to inform development strategy
•         Public education: Develop education and communications tools such as brochures, fact sheets, message points, web content, power point presentations, etc., to support public education and grassroots advocacy strategies
•         Advocacy: through press releases, email alerts, web postings, and other tools, ensure that LIRS service and advocacy partners are informed about LIRS advocacy positions and engaged in carrying out advocacy strategies; communicate with media LIRS’s advocacy positions and priorities.
3.       Support LIRS staff and partners in developing strategic communications goals and messages; provide communications training, tools, and expertise to staff and partners
4.       Collect and manage information about LIRS’s primary partners and their clients, including documentation and stories that illustrate the human face of LIRS mission and goals
5.       Supervise staff to provide graphic design support for LIRS materials, design and maintain website, and edit, format, and oversee production of publications
6.       Participate in LIRS staff activities, including working groups, planning teams, and task forces, in order to further the mission of LIRS
7.       Perform other job-related duties as assigned

Supervisory Relationships
Publications Specialist
Project Associate

Send cover letter, including salary requirements, résumé and writing samples to…

Human Resources Department
700 Light Street
Baltimore MD 21230
Fax: 410/230-2844
No telephone inquiries, please.

Salary and Terms
This full-time position, based at LIRS’s headquarters in Baltimore, is exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act. The salary is negotiable and commensurate with experience. An excellent benefit package is offered. This is a special three-month assign¬ment that may be extended as a temporary, part-time position when the regular employee returns from leave.

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service is a registered 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and an equal opportunity employer that does not discriminate on the basis of religion, gender, age, disability, national origin, race, veteran status or any other status protected by federal or Maryland law. The employees of the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service shall carry out the duties to which they are assigned in faithfulness to the mission of the agency.

39.)  Technical Writer, Stanley Associates, North Charleston, SC

***  From Sterling Eason:

Ned- Years ago I was on your list per a referral from my aunt, Deborah Anderson.  I believe you two knew each other from previous work or IABC.  Now I am in executive search, formerly a brand/marcomm executive, and often think about the wonderful viral nature of your newsletter.  I am submitting a job to you for the first time.  Below is a fantastic opportunity for someone 10 years out of school with an MBA and very strong writing skills.  Folks can respond to me via the email listed below.  Is this description too long for your newsletter?  Happy to edit if needed.  Best and keep up the great work—I ‘ll bet you never thought your newsletter would grow to be so big!  Best, Sterling Eason

Senior Strategic Communications Consultant, Leading US Financial Services Company, San Francisco, CA

Job Requirements
 1. Extensive background in writing speeches for senior executives with an emphasis on financial services.
2. Experience in the financial services arena either as consultant or within an organization.
3. Ability to work closely with senior executives on highly sensitive/critical initiatives.
4. 8-10 years of experience working with corporations.
5. Bachelors degree. *Secondary degree such as MBA preferred.
6. Adept in using PowerPoint and other presentation software.
7. Job is 75% communications/ 25% administrative.

This role will be working very closely with senior executives for a leading financial services institution. Responsibilities include strategizing, writing and editing internal and external speeches for senior executives. Person would also set agendas and be an integral part of all high-level strategic meetings with follow-through items to be implemented on. This job not only entails speech writing and other communication-oriented needs but also applying strategic thought and initiative based on understanding the goals for the company. This job is a hybrid of both strategic planning and communications with great potential for growth within a very established and successful organization.

Please no responses from individuals with no prior experience in speech writing–we will not be able to consider you without this experience.
Writing skills are critical, however, this is not a pure ''speech writing'' job–it requires strategic thought and initiative.

MBA's with several years at a leading consulting firm working closely with financial services looking to break into upper level at top company would be great for this.
About Our Company
One of the most respected financial service companies in the United States. Consistently falls within one of the top 25 US companies, overall.
Special Instructions
Please send emails only at this stage. Prefer resume, previous compensation history as well as 3 writing samples.
Sterling Eason (
1270 Ave. of the Americas, Suite 1908
Attn: Sterling Eason
New York, NY USA

(I was just talking about Deborah today, telling someone in the navy how she joined Hughes just as it was being acquired.  She said “I jumped on the Titanic AFTER it hit the ice berg.”  – Ned)

40.)  External Relations Officer – Volunteer, Africa Humanitarian Action, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

***  From Christopher Banowski:

41.)  Freelance Account Executive- Business to Business, Public Relations Agency, Chicago/Suburbs

Growing boutique Public Relations agency seeks freelance B2B Public
Relations Account Executive to provide back up PR support for
president. Candidate can work from home after two week orientation in
corporate suburban office or on site.
20 hrs/wk between 9-5. Temporary assignment can grow into more
hours/wk or full time position.

3-8 years of public relations agency experience. Business to business
a must.  Must have impeccable writing and pitching skills on national
accounts. National media contacts a plus. Candidate must be
self-directed and able to work autonomously.

Support president on three key accounts, where client is agency of
record and eight project based accounts. 60% media pitching, 40%
writing. Write and pitch national and local media, high-end writing
and article placement. Capture new awareness opportunities.
 Define and broadcast targeted messaging. Support crisis plans.
Candidate can work from home, suburban office or downtown office.
Other duties include: case studies and trade show support.

Please forward your resume as a .doc with cover letter, hourly rate,
writing samples (including strategic plans, press releases, etc.) and
salary information and state how you fit the specs.  Send to Lynn
Hazan, Lynn Hazan & Assoc, and call 312-863-5401 to
follow up.  Resumes without cover letters, samples and salary
information will not be accepted. Client is eager to hire.
Immediate hire.  Ref # 0457.
Lynn Hazan & Associates

42.)  Radio News Internship, KQED, San Francisco, CA

Internship Summary:
KQED Radio News covers the latest in Northern California news. The morning news reports air in brief segments during NPR's “Morning Edition” and the afternoon news updates air in 2-minute segments during NPR's “All Things Considered.” Radio News interns will train alongside staff reporters and editors, focusing on research, writing, reporting and sound gathering. KQED Radio News accepts up to five Practical Training interns per term. The Spring term is from January through April, the Summer term is from May through August, and the Fall term is from September through December. Interns must be willing to commit to two 8-hour periods a week (no weekends) for four months. 

Training:  Practical experience will be combined with seminars and workshops on a variety of topics including –
-Basic reporting and writing.
-Field recording and studio editing.
-Effective use of sound in radio.
-Story production.
-Source development for covering minority communities.

Internship Qualifications:  Interns must be able to write clear, accurate news copy. Prior experience or skill in writing for print or broadcast is strongly desired.
– Preference will be given to interns who are interested in public radio careers.
– People of color, women, and persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply.
– Fluency in languages other than English is considered a plus.

Application Procedure:  Applications may be submitted for the Summer or Fall term internships. Please indicate which term and which radio internship program that interests you.
Please send detailed cover letter, resume and news writing samples. If you have no current news writing samples, you may send an original print story and your re-write of the story as an example of your writing ability.

Summer 2007 term application deadline is April 1, 2007; and Fall 2007 term application deadline is August 1, 2007.
For applicants to multiple Public Radio Practical Training Internships – Instead of submitting multiple cover letters and resumes, we prefer for you to submit ONE joint package for all the internships you're interested in. The package should include ONE resume, the required materials for each internship, and ONE cover letter describing and comparing your interest in the different opportunities. Please label CLEARLY your supplemental materials for Radio News in this application packet.
Please send application materials to:
KQED, Inc.
Attn: Radio Internship Program
2601 Mariposa St.
San Francisco, CA 94110

43.)  Coordinator/Manager Community Relations and Outreach, Rubin Museum of Art, NY, NY

***  From Jonathan Beer:


I oversee the recruiting efforts for various groups here at Pfizer Inc. An industry contact made me aware of Jobs of the Week – and I’d like to post a Director Communications position.

Thank you!
Jonathan Beer
Strategic Staffing Group
Pfizer Inc.

44.)  Director Communications, Pfizer, New York, NY

The Director, Communications will work closely with senior leaders in Europe and will be responsible for a variety of critical communications for the European Leadership Team. Specifically, the director will be responsible for overseeing development of communications strategies and platforms for the President of Europe Pharmaceutical Operations and his senior staff, in close coordination with Human Resources.
Develop and support an integrated communication strategy for key business issues and identifying appropriate technology /communication based solutions.

Writing speeches for internal events, such as product launches, field force and headquarter meetings, orientation programs, special events, and external events, such as conferences, dinners, and award acceptances, developing slides/graphics for speeches/communications, preparing text for internal and external publications, managing and composing internal and external correspondence , developing executive briefings on key internal and external issues in collaboration with other teams within WPO.

The successful candidate will be a well organized, creative, independent, highly motivated individual with exceptional written, oral, and strategic communication skills; the ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously, respond to tight timelines, and work well under pressure, the capacity to interact with all levels of the organization

Contact: Please send inquires to

45.)  Public Information Manger, UN Volunteers, Vientiane, Lao People's Democratic Republic

46.)  Media and Strategic Communications Manager, IntraHealth International, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

47.)  Senior Manager, Corporate Relations, ORBIS International, New York, New York

48.)  Chemical Information Specialist, Materia, Pasadena, CA

49.)  Communications Officer, Path, Brussels, Belgium

***  From Amber Allman:

We are looking to add to our DC office…
Amber Allman
Director, Technology Policy Communications
463 Communications
Washington, DC  |  San Francisco, CA
202.463.0013 office  |  202.701.7497  |
50.)  Hill Hound, 463 Communications, Washington, DC

463 Communications is a small strategic communications firm focusing on technology, policy and the public sector. We are the anti-agency. We currently have 7 staff in our DC office and one partner based in the San Francisco area.  We are a work-hard/play-hard group and the right culture fit is a must. You've got to have a good sense of humor! Currently, we are looking for a “Hill Hound” to join our team.  This person will work closely with clients on technology policy as well as public sector and some vertical work. This candidate should have 5-7 years experience strong writing skills, strong knowledge of policy and legislation, great contacts with national media, as well as local, government, political, business and technology press. The successful candidate should be able to develop and execute media campaigns, and manage day-to-day account activity. Additional responsibilities include strategy & planning and messaging & positioning.

Check out our website to get an idea of our clients and leadership. If this opportunity sounds interesting, please send resume to — we'd love to meet you!

51.)  Marketing Communications Manager, TARGUSinfo, Vienna, VA

52.)  Communications Interns (multiple positions), UN Office for Project Services, Copenhagen, Denmark

***  From Mike Pina:

53.)  Communications Directors, The Wilderness Society, Washington, DC

The Wilderness Society, a national conservation organization, seeks a
Director, Advocacy Communications and a Communications Director to craft and execute strategic national-level communications programs. TWS works to protect the public lands, particularly the wildest places on the public lands. The ideal candidates have experience in advocacy communications and are proven strategic thinkers. S/he has the ability to lead initiatives; is successful at media relations; and has strong problem-solving and negotiation skills. These positions are in Washington, DC; full position descriptions can be found at

TWS is an EOE; diversity is a core value.

How to Apply
Please submit resume, cover letter, and writing samples to: Kelly White, Director, Human Resources; The Wilderness Society, 1615 M Street, NW, Washington, DC 20036; fax #202-454-2546; email No phone calls please.

***  From Ken Jensen:

54.)  Internal Communications, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, Phoenix, AZ

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, as one of the state's largest local and non-profit health insurers, strives to provide our customers and employees with resources to help them improve their health status.
For over 60 years we've been providing health insurance to Arizonans.
Job Summary:
This position is responsible for planning, writing and editing communications for internal audiences using a full-range of tools, including print and electronic vehicles. In addition, the individual
supports the company's overall public relations and communications functions by serving as a consultant to other company departments, recommending and implementing strategies and tactics to meet their
goals, keeping in mind the company's brand identity, mission, vision and values. The individual will also participate in a variety of special projects and corporate initiatives.
Specific Duties & Responsibilities
-Write, edit and maintain content for employee intranet.
-Create and execute communications plans to achieve department
and company goals, including meeting with key stakeholders in the
organization to obtain necessary approvals.
-Write and edit a wide range of materials to support internal
-Assist in the development, production and delivery of department publications, including newsletters, brochures, fliers, posters, calendars, scripts and other marketing support materials; write and
produce materials as required.
-Acquire a working knowledge of BCBSAZ product offerings, as well
as local and national health-related trends and news.
-Assist with other duties not detailed here to further enhance the success of the company's public relations and communications efforts.
-Comply with BCBSAZ Computer Responsibility Agreement. Employees with Internet access are required to comply with the Internet Policies Agreement.
-Apply appropriate security and privacy measures to all tasks.
-Participate as a team member in the BCBSAZ Quality program.
Education & Experience
*Bachelor's degree in journalism, communications or related field. Must have at least three years of professional public relations and/or communications experience, with a strong emphasis on writing and editing, preferably for both electronic and print communications.
Internal communications experience is preferred.
Knowledge and Abilities
-Superior writing and editing skills, including knowledge of Associated Press style.
-Experience writing for an employee intranet.
-Knowledge of strategic communications planning process, including demonstrated success in writing and implementing plans.
-Strong organizational skills with attention to detail and quality.
-Excellent professional and interpersonal skills, including the ability to interface with senior management, external vendors and employees.
-Strong project management and time-management skills.
-Ability to work independently in a fast-paced environment, while coordinating multiple projects within the assigned deadlines.
-Knowledge of basic computer programs, including word processing, communication design and the Internet.
We offer an attractive benefits package plus a dynamic and growth-oriented work environment. To join our Phoenix office, please send your resume to:
BCBSAZ, Human Resources, P.O. Box 13466, Phoenix, AZ 85002-3466.
Resumes may be submitted electronically
When attaching a resume in Word, please use
the following format: last name.first name.resume.doc. (example:
FAX (602) 864-5685.
Job Hotline (602)864-4339.

We support a drug-free work environment through pre-employment drug
testing. Equal Opportunity Employer.
No Agency calls please.

55.)  Sr. Marketing Coordinator, Small Giants, Phoenix, AZ

Small Giants, LLC is a full-service marketing and business development firm, serving real estate-related companies. Through a strong network of business development and marketing professionals, Small Giants offers the highest quality service in candidate recruitment and placement. As a company, we specialize in marketing, business development, business strategies, marketing and in-house training. Our offices are located in Phoenix, Ariz.

Small Giants is representing a full service architectural firm seeking a Sr. Marketing Coordinator to coordinate and prepare proposals. The ideal candidate will have excellent writing, editing and proofreading skills. Candidate will have the ability to handle multiple proposals at one time. This position reports to the Director of Marketing.

The firm provides architectural, engineering and planning services throughout the state of Arizona, with offices in Phoenix and throughout the United States. The company offers excellent benefits and a competitive salary.

Summary of responsibilities:
Coordination and preparation of proposals, letters of interest and qualification process

Assist in developing proposal strategies

Develop proposal outlines and monitor proposal schedule

Collect, input and manage project database

Solicit and maintain letters of reference and other activities required in the pursuit of project work

This position is an excellent opportunity for a marketing coordinator to take their career to the next level.

The successful candidate will have experience writing proposals; enjoy a team environment yet be able to work independently as a self-starter; as well as have proven writing, editing and proofreading skills; be able to work under tight deadlines; and demonstrate excellent organizational and multi-tasking skills.

Experience in Photoshop, InDesign and MS Office software including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint is required.

Degree & Experience:
Bachelor’s degree in English or Communications preferred. Five years of proposal writing experience in the A/E/C (or related) industry. Successful candidate will respond to deadlines, multi-task and possess strong oral and written skills.

To CONFIDENTIALLY inquire about this position (Reference Job #6225) or send your resume, please contact:

Small Giants, LLC

56.)  Communications Associate, Chase Home Equity, Phoenix, AZ

Chase Home Equity Background & Communications Need:
Chase is one of the largest home equity lenders in the industry, originating more than 45,000 loan and line-of-credit products monthly through four sales channels (Branch, Direct to Consumer, Mortgage LO and B2B). The Home Equity division is represented by 4,500 sales, fulfillment and support employees, most of whom are located in eight locations (Phoenix, Ariz., Milwaukee, Wis., Indianapolis, Ind., Cleveland, Ohio, Columbus, Ohio, Fort Washington, Pa., Rochester, NY, and Jacksonville, Fla.). Home Equity B2B business in particular is the largest in the industry, and is represented by more than 10,000 Brokers and Correspondent Clients in 48 states. As such, there is a need to regularly communicate tactical product, process and policy updates, as well as ongoing strategic, initiative and organizational changes, to both internal and external audiences.

Communications Associate Reporting Relationship:
The Communications Associate reports directly to, and supports, the Senior Communications Associate, who has responsibility for creating, coordinating and managing all Home Equity internal/external communications.

Communications Associate Primary Role:
Create, coordinate and distribute B2B Home Equity customer communications to internal and external audiences
Support subject matter experts within sales, operations, risk, credit administration, project management, marketing and other groups in developing and deliver tactical messages related to product, policy, procedural and system updates
Manage all B2B communication vehicles, including internal and external e-mail boxes and a web-based distribution portal.
Make decisions on B2B communications, counsel sales and site mangers on communications issues, and become a knowledgeable business partner, in order to better support the business

Communications Associate Secondary Role (serve as a back up to the Senior Associate):
Create, coordinate, distribute and manage large-scale internal communications
Assist in planning virtual town hall and in-person / offsite events
Routinely communicate executive, manager and employee messages (to include ghost writing for 16 Leadership Team members, creating ad hoc newsletters, e-mails and intranet bulletins)
Manage and improve existing distribution vehicles and feedback mechanisms (i.e., e-mail, intranet)
Provide communications counsel to senior leaders, managers and subject matter experts on applicable projects
Liaise with Media Relations, Corporate Communications and other Line of Business Communicators on ad hoc projects

Minimum Qualifications
B.A. English, Communications, Journalism or related degree preferred
5 years+ experience in Corporate / Customer / Employee Communications
Demonstrated experience developing and implementing organizational / business communication strategies
Superior writing and editing skills
Highly organized, with an acute attention to detail
Knowledge of AP style
Excellent customer service, project coordination and collaboration skills (easily accepts constructive criticism)
Strong ability to perform under deadline pressure, while juggling multiple projects
Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and FrontPage)
Proficient in Lotus Notes

Desired Qualifications
Knowledge of Mortgage / Home Equity Lending / Retail Banking
Experience working with, and counseling, senior executives on communications issues
Knowledge / prior work experience creating customer-facing / tactical communications
Willingness to learn how a complex, detail-oriented business functions
Ability to take the initiative with little (or no) direction, and finding solutions to complex issues
Experience working on / leading cross-functional teams

Contact Information:
Debbie Nach

57.)  Marketing and Event Coordinator, Scottsdale Leadership, Scottsdale, AZ

The Marketing and Event Coordinator is a key member of Scottsdale Leaderships staff with responsibility for overseeing public relations, marketing, and program/event management.
Responsibilities: Write and distribute press releases, eCommunique newsletter, and annual report. Oversee design and development of marketing pieces and Website. Organize events and program logistics to include facility usage, food and beverage, signage, agendas, entertainment, audio/video and supplies. Draft polices and procedures as related to marketing and event planning. Most work is done in conjunction with a volunteer committee. This position reports to the executive director.
Requirements: bachelor’s degree in related field and 2 years experience in marketing and event planning. Editing capabilities for both content and grammar, experience with HTML code and Website maintenance. Knowledge of Microsoft Office to include Access, Word, Excel, Outlook and Power Point. Graphic design experience a plus. Applicants must be professional in appearance and demeanor, self-motivated and interested in working with volunteers. Must have access to a vehicle to attend meetings, a valid Arizona driver’s license and possess the state minimum liability insurance.
To apply, send cover letter and resume by March 21 to
Salary $26,000 – $32,000; compensation for health insurance, mileage and expenses.

58.)  Director, Grant Administration and Community Relations, Arizona Association of Community Health Centers, Phoenix, AZ

AACHC is currently looking for a grant writer with a talent for community development. This position, reporting to the Chief Operating Officer, represents AACHC to a variety of community resources to increase awareness and promote support for comprehensive, sustained community programs designed and targeted to meet the primary health care needs of under-served Arizona populations. Researches and identifies grant opportunities, prepares grant applications, and reviews grants for contract compliance.

Qualifications for this position includes: bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Public Health or closely related field with knowledge of health care project management or equivalent combination of education and experience. Master’s degree preferred. Have at least 3 to 5 years previous experience in public health or health care setting; preferably involving state and federal health care programs. Two years of grant writing and research experience preferred.

Benefits include employee health paid, vacation, holidays, sick, personal, 403B, Dental, vision, Life, STD. Great professional atmosphere.

Send resume and cover letter to:
or Nadine Cummins, 320 W. McDowell Rd Suite 320, Phoenix, AZ 85004.

***  From Linda Dickerhoof:

59.)  Marketing Manager II – Product Marketing Team, Network Solutions, Herndon, VA

The Marketing Manager II will take a customer-centric view building and coordinating marketing plans for several Network Solutions products with a focus on product packaging, positioning and bundling solution sets to meet customer needs.   Initial product emphasis will be on our Security products (SSL certificates, secure e-mail) as well as Domain names (including .mobi and ccTLDs) and related services.

Responsibilities include:
Responsible for product positioning, marketing, bundling/packaging of existing and new products.
Define product’s unique value proposition and messaging strategy
Establish product merchandising for online and offline channels
Perform competitive analysis on the positioning of products
Merchandising recommendations including content used on corporate web site
Develop market segment strategy resulting in increased market penetration, profitability and customer satisfaction.
Analyzing new positioning and brand implications. (assess market, analyze data)
Conduct ongoing research and market analysis to assess status of developed strategies and make periodic adjustments to messaging, pricing and packaging.
Work with channels to develop segment specific promotions and campaigns
Customer segmentation and management
Manage customer/product lifecycle touchpoints to increase upsell revenue and minimize churn
Exercise independent judgment in developing methods, techniques, and evaluation criteria for obtaining results
Monitor effectiveness of programs and enhance as appropriate.

Bachelors degree in Business Administration, Marketing or equivalent
MBA or progress toward an MBA preferred.

Work Experience:
• 8-10 years business experience with an emphasis on marketing strategy & implementation
• Experience in managing/dealing with Internet or technology related products is a must
• Strategic analysis and development know-how (including financial analysis and justification of initiatives).
• Experience in product/solution packaging and pricing
• Project planning and management skills are desired.
• Ability to put the customer needs first
• Experience leading cross-functional teams while handling multiple projects simultaneously is required.
• Excellent organization, project management and oral/written communications and presentation skills with the ability to work independently or in a team setting; adjust to constantly changing priorities.
• Strong relationship building skills and the ability to influence marketing directions, strategies, and resource allocations across multiple programs and divisions.

Send resumes to

60.)  Vice President, External Relations, McGaw YMCA, Evanston, Illinois

***  From Kristen Bourke:

Hi Ned –

Can you add this to Monday’s issue. Thank you!

Kristen Bourke

Asst. Director of Communications, Publications, and Technology
National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC)
1631 Prince Street
Alexandria, VA 22314-2818
Fax:  703.836.8015
Web Site: 

61.)  Communications Intern –Summer Help 2007, National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC), Alexandria, VA

The Communications Intern will work directly with the Director and Assistant Director of Communications to support and promote the association’s communications programs, particularly the national conference and national college fairs. Our office is located across the street from the King Street Metro in Alexandria, VA.
Duties will include:
 Writing and editing text for the national conference and other programs
 Working with the Assistant Director to monitor the accuracy and flow of conference material into the final electronic file
 Assisting with administration of student essay contest
 Assisting the Newsletter Editor with posting the monthly newsletter online—reading over text, inserting links, etc.
 Researching other association publications, Web sites, etc. on the education landscape/marketplace
 Other duties as assigned

Qualifications:   Excellent communications and computer skills are essential.  Experience with Adobe Indesign a plus. Study toward a bachelor’s degree in a related field preferred (Communications, Journalism, Marketing, Public Relations, English, etc). The right candidate must have excellent proofreading skills and be well-organized and attentive to detail. In addition, the position requires someone who is able to juggle multiple demands and deadlines. Interns are treated as members of the staff and are expected to perform a wide variety of tasks in addition to those mentioned above.  Fluency in Spanish a plus.

To apply, send the following items to Kristen Bourke ( or fax: 703-836-8015):

 Resume (be sure to include current, permanent and summer phone numbers and addresses
 Contact information for two references
 A writing sample
 A cover letter stating your availability (days/hours a week; starting and ending dates and your hourly rate)
For more information about the association, please visit:

62.)  Experienced Senior PR Account Manager, Predictive Communications, Johannesburg, South Africa

63.)  Human Rights Education Communications Officer (IMP/07/01), Amnesty, London,
United Kingdom

64.)  Assistant Director, Corporate Relations, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana

***  From Sonja Johnson:

Hi Ned!

Here's another job for JOTW.


65.)  Director of Marketing, Alexandria Convention & Visitors Association, Alexandria, VA

Responsibilities:   Responsible for conceptualization, development and implementation of all research-based leisure marketing strategies. Manage marketing and advertising consultants. Develop and implement annual marketing business plan with specific goals and objectives.
Qualifications:     Must have at least five years experience with tourism related organization or company; expertise in heritage tourism marketing; experienced in managing projects.
Compensation:   Compensation will be based on experience and qualifications.
Contact:    Jo Anne Mitchell
Alexandria Convention & Visitors Association
421 King Street
Suite 300
Alexandria, VA 22314
7038384200 x 202 (phone)
7038384683 (fax)

***  From Suzan French:

66.)  Chief Development Officer, Wildlands Conservancy, Emmaus, PA,

67.)  MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS ASSOCIATE, August Wilson Center for African American Culture (AWC), Pittsburgh, PA

August Wilson Center for African American Culture (AWC) presents, interprets and preserves the art, culture, and history of African Americans in Western Pennsylvania and of people of African descent throughout the world. The Center realizes it mission with an engaging schedule of visual and performing arts programs as well as educational and public programs. It is currently conducting a capital campaign to build a state-of-the-art facility that will include performance halls, exhibition galleries, an education center, a music cafe, and a gift store. The new Center is expected to open in fall 2008.

The AWC is seeking a full-time Marketing & Communications Associate to support its marketing, public relations and audience development efforts. The position reports to the Director of Marketing & Communications (DOMC).

Primary Responsibilities:
Working with the DOMC, the Marketing & Communications Associate will
facilitate and implement the AWC's communications and marketing plans.

Duties May Include:

  a.. Writing press releases and administering press releases and media advisories
  b.. Follow-up calls with reporters regarding press releases and
  c.. Writing ad copy for AWC presentations
  d.. Writing and providing current information for Upkeep of AWC website
  e.. Updating and maintaining AWC press list (local, regional, national, international)
  f.. Developing and maintaining relationships with area business and hotel concierges.
  g.. Communicating with convention and meeting planners about AWC events.
  h.. Working with local media for advertising and promotions.
  i.. Helping to develop strategies for Group Sales.
  j.. Writing and sending AWC E-Blasts.
  k.. Posting AWC events on various websites.
  l.. Supervising Interns
  m.. Proof-reading.
  n.. Presenting and speaking publicly
  o.. Overseeing distribution of marketing material in community
  p.. Preparation of reports for Board and volunteers
  q.. Additional duties to be assigned on an as-needed basis.

Qualifications and requirements:

  a.. Bachelor's degree in marketing, communications, public relations or related field required.
  b.. A minimum of two years experience in marketing, public relations, promotions, or comparable experience.
  c.. Self-motivated person who has initiative and independence, combined with  the ability to work well as part of a team and receive instruction.
  d.. Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  e.. Superior organizational capabilities, accuracy, and attention to detail,  schedules and deadlines.
  f.. Skill with managing several projects simultaneously.
  g.. Ability to maintain confidentiality.
  h.. Outstanding interpersonal skills and ability to work and communicate with  a wide range of people including co-workers, the public, media, sales representatives, volunteers and others.
  i.. Experience with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint required.
  j.. An energetic and constructive attitude.
  k.. Current PA Drivers License.

The Marketing Associate will be expected to work primarily during regular business hours. However, flexibility to work at AWC events, occasional weekend and evening hours is required.

To Apply:
Send cover letter and resume to: Carmen Ellington
Executive Assistant to the President and CEO
August Wilson Center for African American Culture
Regional Enterprise Tower
425 Sixth Avenue, Suite 1750
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Or email:
No phone calls, please.

***  From Bill Seiberlich:

68.)  Publicity/Promotion Assistant, Terry Hines & Associates, Philadelphia, PA

Terry Hines & Associates (THA), Philadelphia, PA, is seeking a
Publicity/Promotion Assistant.

Description: Publicity assistant will work directly with director of
publicity/promotion and staff publicists on film marketing in the
Philadelphia/South Jersey/Pittsburgh/Harrisburg/Delaware areas for major motion picture studio clients. Assistant must possess high communication skills and be able to complete tasks as demanded by the projects assigned to them. Duties include: assisting on press and promotional movie screenings, recruiting for core demographic audience for screenings of motion picture releases, creating retail and event promotions, assisting at movie-related events.

Terry Hines & Associates in Philadelphia handles the following movie
studios for publicity and promotions: Warner Bros. Pictures, DreamWorks Pictures, DreamWorks Animation, Paramount Pictures, New Line Cinema, Newmarket Films, and Lionsgate.

Requirements: Must be a college graduate. Excellent communication
skills. Excellent interpersonal skills. Multi-task and deadline
oriented. General office duties. Must love movies.

Terry Hines & Associates (THA) is a Film Publicity Agency and
Advertising firm. EOE.

For More Info on THA:

Contact: Please e-mail ONLY in attachment format to Jesse Cute,
Director of Publicity and Promotion: . NO PHONE

69.)  Communications Editor, Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP, Philadelphia, PA

70.)  Community Relations Advisor Delaware City, DE

71.)  Managing Copywriter-Email Marketing, QVC, West Chester, PA and Search by Job ID # 1637

72.)  PR Executive, Schubert Communications, Downingtown, PA

PR Opportunity at Fast-Growing BtoB Agency!

Are you ready for a challenging career at the tri-state's most dynamic
BtoB marketing communications agency? Schubert Communications, Inc.
(Downingtown, PA) needs a skilled public relations professional to join its growing team of talented PR executives. We welcome enthusiasm, hard work, and proven PR writing, strategic planning, account management, and media relations skills.

Our ideal candidate will have the following qualities:
– 1-3 years of PR experience, preferably in an agency setting
– Great writing skills — including AP style.
– A passion for media relations — pitching and producing publicity
– Strategic, creative ideas.
– Ability to provide clients with effective PR services.
– Exceptional organizational skills to manage day-to-day programs and
– The ability to manage publicity surrounding trade shows and other
– The drive to support and manage product, sales and marketing and PR
initiatives/events, including product/service launches.
– The ability to multi-task in a fast-paced, deadline-oriented
– Experience in BtoB, high-tech, and biotech PR

Make a positive career move now! Check us out at .

Contact: Please e-mail cover letters and resumes to Chris Henneghan

73.)  Director of Communications, Pennsylvania Department of Health, Harrisburg, PA

Pennsylvania Department of Health, Harrisburg, PA, is seeking a
Director of Communications.

Description: Performs professional public relations work directing the
communications, media relations, public information and education, and
external community relations functions for the Department of Health.
Prepares and directs the preparation of news releases, radio,
television, and film scripts and other material. Delivers speeches and
otherwise represents the department at the request of the Secretary.
Plans, organizes, directs and coordinates a departmental program of
public information and education, covering all phases of the
department's operations.

Minimum Experience and Training: Six years of professional experience
in the field of public relations, including three years in a responsible administrative or supervisory capacity; and a bachelor's degree with major course work in public relations, communications, political or social science, or closely related fields; OR any combination of experience and training which provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Contact: : Teresa Girard, Executive Assistant to the Secretary of
Health, 8th Floor West, Health and Welfare Building, Harrisburg, PA

74.)  Director of Public Relations, The Anderson Group, Sinking Springs, PA

Dynamic brand marketing & communications firm seeks Director of Public
Relations to join our executive management team. You are able to
initiate and execute strategic brand solutions, develop new business and grow existing accounts. You have strong organizational, follow-up and presentation skills. You have a working knowledge of the advertising/PR business with 10+ years agency experience. You can manage staff, deadlines and budgets. You can make decision and profits.

Contact: Send confidential letter, resume and salary requirements to
The Anderson Group, 879 Fritztown Road, Sinking Spring, PA 19608.

75.)  Marketing Manager, PIA/GATF, Sewickley, PA

PIA/GATF is seeking a full-time marketing manager with 3-4 years
experience in marketing functions – association experience a plus. Must have experience with marketing planning, development of promotional materials, results evaluation, and experience working in situations where sales/results are an important measure of their marketing campaign. Must possess strong budgetary, computer and communication skills. Prior experience in selling and coordinating sponsorships a plus.

Requirements: 7-10 years marketing experience 3 years managerial
experience Strong budgetary, computer, and communication skills

Contact: Please send all resumes along with salary requirements or mail to 200 Deer Run Road, Sewickley,
PA, 15143 – Attn: HR

76.)  Conference Coordinator, College and University Public Relations Association of Pennsylvania, (CUPRAP), Reading, PA

The College and University Public Relations Association of Pennsylvania (CUPRAP), seeks a detail-oriented, part-time conference
planner/coordinator to handle all planning, arrangements, logistics and implementation of the organization's annual three-day Spring
Professional Development Conference. The coordinator will report to the Board through the president and the board's conference committee chair.

The position becomes available as of March 12, 2007 and runs on an
annual cycle from the day following the end of one conference through
the end of the next. The 2008 Conference is scheduled for March 5
through 7, 2008 at the Hotel Hershey, in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Responsibilities include:
– Working with the CUPRAP Board and others, as appropriate, to develop, finalize and publicize the sessions for the annual conference, including
contacting and recruiting appropriate speakers/panelists for the entire program, the negotiation of honoraria and expenses for the speakers.
– Recruiting appropriate vendors and sponsors for the annual conference to help defray the expenses of the event.
– Acting as liaison for CUPRAP with the Hotel Hershey and working with
the Hotel's representatives to secure the best value for CUPRAP.
– Attending the conference to oversee and troubleshoot logistics
– Attending CUPRAP Board meetings throughout the year and staying in
touch with the Board via e-mail and telephone between meetings to keep
the organization's leadership updated as to the progress of conference

The fee for the coordinator's services is negotiable, based on
qualifications and experience. It is paid in two equal installments, the first 50 percent in mid-September and the second 50 percent upon
completion of the conference.

Contact: To apply, please send via e-mail attachment your resume, along with a letter of application stating your qualifications and experience, to Barbara Marshall, CUPRAP president, at by April 15, 2007. Please put the words “Conference Coordinator Application” in the header of your message.

77.)  Outreach Manager, Young Driver Research, Philadelphia, PA

Help to create and implement communications strategies for the Young
Driver's project. Work with the investigators, outreach staff, key
stakeholders and funders to refine the message, produce materials and
programs. Facilitate and manage outreach activities with external
funder's marketing and PR staff. Seek and accept opportunities to
present project at appropriate forums, including educational “train the trainer” settings. Identify and engage key stakeholders in the Driver's Education and other education communities to build support for the project and to enhance dissemination project findings. Consult on feasibility and acceptability of teen driving curriculum and other interventions targeted for teens, families and educators.
– BA required (with 5-7 years relevant experience) MA preferred (with
3-5 years relevant experience).
– Educational degrees in communications, marketing, education or
related fields preferred.
– Experience in developing and/or marketing curriculum, social
marketing campaigns or other strategies to promote healthy behaviors to a broad based segment of teens, their parents and communities.
– Experience with Driver's Education curriculum a plus.

Hope Lives Here. EOE.

Contact: Apply online –, referencing requisition
number 07-10642.

78.)  Senior Writer, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA

This position would assist with writing, editing and proofreading
marketing materials, and internal and external publications created by
the Public Relations, Communications and Marketing Department (PR), as
well as reviewing materials created outside the department requiring PR review.
– Bachelor's Degree.
– At least three years writing and editing experience in a
deadline-driven environment
– Excellent writing skills
– Thorough knowledge of AP Style
– Ability to work accurately and pay strict attention to detail
– Ability to work well within team structure and to interact
successfully with staff at varying levels of the institution
– Adaptability to handle varied projects, always maintaining an
intellectual and professional approach

Hope Lives Here. EOE.

Contact: Apply online –, referencing requisition
number 07-10627.

79.)  Marketing & Research Manager, Breslow Partners, Philadelphia, PA

Breslow Partners is seeking an account manager for real estate,
restaurant, publishing, retail, and other clients. Candidates must have a proven track record for placement as well as superior writing skills.
Responsibilities include development and execution of strategies through close partnerships with clients; cultivating relationships with media and the public through writing news releases and by-line articles; and completing regular meeting and progress reports. You must be well organized and able to handle many projects at once. Benefits and salary are commensurate with experience.

Contact: Submit resumes to .

80.)  Senior Communications Specialist/Issue Communications, Cascades Tissue Group-TN, Inc., Portland, Oregon–ffyzbypd.html

81.)  Augmentative Communication Specialist, Easter Seals Massachusetts, Worcester, MA

***  From Debra Bethard-Caplick, APR, who got it from Pat Holtermann (

82.)  Media Relations Specialist, Hospital/Medical Center/ Seattle area

We are seeking an experienced Media Relations Specialist for a nationally recognized Private Non-Profit Hospital & Regional Medical Center in the Seattle Metro Area. 

This position will implement and evaluate a variety of communications efforts, with a particular emphasis on media relations, in support of the Hospital’s mission, strategic initiatives, clinical and program expertise and organizational goals.

Job Functions:
•          Implement media relations strategies and tactics to secure national media coverage of the hospital; its focus programs and top doctors
•          Coordinate development of television specials and Collaborates with marketing communications managers and staff to foster smooth/ effective working relationships
•          Pitch stories to national media to generate publicity about focus programs, nationally and regionally excellent programs, research, advocacy issues, continuous quality improvement and top doctors
•          Manage regional and national media requests.
•          Assist in planning and execution of tactics to promote focus programs with media.
•          Media train doctors, spokesperson and other staff as needed
•          Communicate media relations policies and procedures to hospital leadership, internal departments and staff.
•          Provide communication consultation to hospital leadership, internal departments, and staff.
•          Participate in departmental planning including goals, objectives, timelines, and budget preparation; monitor and report expenditure allowances.
•          Manage the content generation, escort media, be an advocate for patients and coordinate with departments to generate 2-3 programs (30-60 min.) each year.
•          Work closely with media partners to determine content that represents the hospital’s strategic plan, goals and focus programs in the best possible light.
•          Select content for TV specials, develop talking points and facilitate props and b-roll filming as necessary.
•          Listens to the family’s perspective and honor their culture and respects the diversity of all individuals.
•          Protects the patient and family privacy, confidentiality and space. Keeps information confidential

•Uses a collaborative, blame-free approach, working across shifts, departments and care providers.

•          Bachelor’s degree in communications, marketing or public relations with  at least 3 years experience in the planning, implementation, and evaluation public relations and media relations, OR Master’s degree plus 1 year experience.
•          Demonstrated experience pitching and obtaining coverage of issues, products or services with national media
•          Master’s degree in communications, or marketing
•          Experience in the health care industry.
•          Demonstrated experience pitching and obtaining coverage of issues, products and services with healthcare trade journals.
•          Experience developing content for and understanding process to develop 30 minute and 1-hour television news specials.

This organization truly believes in accountability, respect and teamwork – not only with patients and their families, but also with each other. If you share these principles, we encourage you to join this rapidly growing healthcare system.  This is a rare opportunity to work in a collaborative relationship with energetic and visionary leadership; exceptional potential for future professional growth; and a community that provides a great quality of life.

We invite you to bring your career to an environment where talent is rewarded and new ideas are encouraged.  You will find a true commitment to meeting the needs of patients and their families and a shared passion for exceptional care throughout the organization. 

The hospital is nestled in a beautiful Seattle neighborhood, and is consistently ranked one of the best hospitals by U.S. News & World Report.  You can experience the cosmopolitan life of Seattle while being afforded an array of exciting outdoor activities just miles from the city.  Contrary to popular belief – Seattle offers extremely temperate weather with the most beautiful summers in the country and very mild winters.

Diversity in the workplace is valued and applicants of varied ethnic and cultural backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

The successful candidate will be offered excellent pay and benefits, retirement plans, opportunities for career advancement, paid training days, and so much more.

Given your position, possibly you know individuals who are appropriate for and interested in this exciting opportunity with an exceptional organization.  If you do know individuals we should contact or would like additional information yourself please call –

Pat Holtermann – Holtermann & Associates – 888-778-0098
Or Send resume to

83.)  Senior Vice President, Atomic Public Relations, San Francisco, CA

84.)  Promotions Producer/Coordinator, KOVR/KMAX, West Sacramento, CA

CBS 13/CW 31 CBS 13 and UPN 31, the CBS-owned duopoly in the beautiful river-side city of Sacramento is searching for an aggressive, creative thinking Promotions Producer/Coordinator.

Send resume to:
Promotions Producer/Coordinator
Attn: Drew Fowler
2713 KOVR Drive
West Sacramento, CA 95605

85.)  Full-Time Permanent Technical Writer, webMethods, Fairfax, VA

Position Summary:
webMethods, a leading provider of business integration software for Global 2000 and government organizations, is continuing to expand our team. We are currently seeking a Technical Writer to join our Documentation Team.
Essential Job Functions:
Researches and determines documentation needs for features in a release, then contributes to the project documentation plan.
Produces documentation that:
meets users’ needs for information
is accurate and complete
is well organized
is grammatically correct
complies with the department's style and quality standards
adheres to currently accepted principles of good design, organization, and usability
meets the requested deadline
Prepares reasonable schedules and estimates for his or her portion of a documentation project.
Collaborates with peers on the Engineering and Quality Assurance teams.
Identifies new ways in which webMethods can deliver effective documentation to its customers.
Minimum Position Requirements:
Minimum of 3-5 years of experience writing task-oriented, conceptual, and reference technical documentation.
Experience working on at least one major online help project from start to finish (preferred).
Understanding of any or all of the following computing concepts: Web services, XML, object-oriented computer programming, client/server architecture, and/or database systems.
Experience with desktop publishing or online help development tools required; FrameMaker, WebWorks Publisher, and HTML preferred.
Bachelor’s degree in Technical Writing, English, Journalism, or another writing-related or Information Systems/Computing-related subject.
webMethods, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and a drug-free workplace.
To apply:
Send or e-mail resume and cover letter to:
Patricia Harris, Recruiter
webMethods, Inc.
3877 Fairfax Ridge Road
Fairfax, VA 22030

***  From Anne Mayberry:

Here's an announcement for JOTW–FRA is a good place to work!

86.)  Public Affairs Specialist, Office of the Associate Administrator for Public Affairs, Office of the Director of Public Affairs, Federal Railroad (FRA), Washington, DC.

Vacancy Ann.#:  FRA.PA-2007-0001
Pay Plan:  GS-1035-12/13
Coses April 4, 2007
Salary:  From 66,767.00 to 103,220.00 USD per year

***  From Laura Perry:

Hi Ned — Hopefully one of your west coast readers would be interested in this job as Dierctor of Marketing and Communications, Managed Health Network (MHN) in Point Richmond (Bay Area) California.


87.)  Director of Marketing and Communications, Health Net, Point Richmond , CA
Health Net, Inc. (NYSE: HNT) is among the nation’s largest publicly traded managed health care companies. Health Net’s mission is to help people be healthy, secure and comfortable. The company’s POS, HMO, insured PPO, behavioral health and government contracts subsidiaries provide health benefits to more than 7 million individuals. For more information on Health Net, Inc., please visit the company’s Web site at


The Director of Marketing reports to the Vice President of Marketing & Communications and is responsible for providing daily oversight to an internal creative services team that serves as a shared resource to MHN, Health Net's behavioral health company. The team produces internal and external corporate communications, marketing communications to drive leads and brand awareness. The candidate is responsible is for planning and directing all marketing and sales support functions, employee communications and maintaining the corporate website.


In conjunction with internal Communications staff, manage the creation and production of presale Marketing materials for MHN products (Commercial, Government Programs) including but not limited to: Enrollment Materials; Corporate Capabilities; Brochures; Direct Mail; Newsletters; Advertisements; Corporate Presentations; and MHN's corporate Website.
Manage the development of all Marketing Materials.
Manage the creation, production, collation and distribution of all presale enrollment materials, insuring timely delivery.
Maintain or enhance a cost effective fulfillment system and process to meet specific marketing requirements.
Develop and maintain reporting systems to track efficiency of fulfillment processes.
Manage the development of MHN’s Broker communication Programs including but not limited to: Broker Kits; Newsletters; Brochures; Mailings; and Website.
Insure effective communication, education and awareness of MHN's products and services.
Marketing/Advertising Program Management Responsibilities
Manage the development and implementation of print, radio, outdoor, and direct mail activities aimed at brokers, employers and members.
Manage and oversee MHN's Guerrilla Marketing Initiatives.
Manage all trade show activity associated with the MHN's marketing efforts.
Supervise Website activities
Manage and oversee all activities related to MHN's ability to conduct business via the Web and the MHN website.
Recruit, hire, train and manage those engaged in sales and marketing support responsibilities.
Ensure accurate presence in industry publications, as appropriate.



College degree required in marketing, communications or a related field
Master's degree preferred


Minimum five years managerial and direct supervisory experience required.
 Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

High level of interpersonal, oral and written skills essential.
Familiarity working with Ad Agencies, writers, designers, fulfillment projects, marketing communications and Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access).
OR Any combination of academic education, professional training or work experience, which demonstrates the ability to perform the duties of the position.

Health Net, Inc. supports a drug-free work environment and requires pre-employment background and drug screening.
Health Net and its subsidiaries are an Equal opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer M/F/V/D.

88.)  Associate Director, Medical Communications, McNeil Pediatrics, Fort Washington, Pa

89.)  Group Web Content Editor, WEDDING TV LTD, Central London, UK

90.)  Videographer, Combat Support Associates, Kuwait

We are a joint venture company that was formed to compete for, and won the Combat Support Service Contract in Kuwait. Our requirements are to provide the highest level of support services to the U.S. Army troops and Coalition forces located throughout Kuwait. Employees of CSA enjoy a wide array of benefits that incorporate both U.S. and Kuwaiti customs and practices. CSA’s compensation and benefits structure is competitive in the global marketplace.  You are eligible to participate in these benefits on your 1st day of employment in Kuwait.

Position Title Videographer
Job Description Purpose: Under the guidance of the Media Capture Supervisor responsible for prepping, scanning, quality checking, and back prepping documents that are being formatted into a digital format.

Supervisory Role: None.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Coordinates and/or assist with special public relations projects through effective marketing and communication tools.
2. Prepares video materials for education and instruction used to support the MWR mission.
3. Prepares files for output to DVD receives and manipulates files electronically and maintains operating system on production machine.
4. Performs other related duties as assigned.

Essential Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

1. Education:
a. Requires graduation from an accredited college or university with an Associates degree in Computer Technology, Art, Photography or a related field such as marketing, advertisement and/or communication or related subject matter.
b. Work experience may be substituted for educational requirements. One (1) year of college is equivalent to two (2) years of experience, etc.
c. Adobe Premier (Final Cut/Avid) preferred.

2. Experience:
a. Requires at least two (2) years direct experience in the field of videography, photography, graphics arts or digital imaging technology, including designing layout, content, and technical solutions.
b. Requires some media layout and design experience.
c. Prefer someone with media related work experience or experience in corporate communications.

3. Specialized knowledge:
a. Demonstrates proficiency in the operation of microcomputers, software applications and peripherals directly associated with video editing.
b. Must have experience in the configuration, management and networking of file formats related to the production field.
c. Must have general knowledge of Digital Video Formats plug-ins, utility programs such as file compression, Pal to NTSC, PC to Mac, and Mac to PC conversion processes.
d. Must have well developed understanding of various software packages including Desktop Publishing, Flash, Front Page, Premier, and HTML, Final Cut Avid or similar applications.
e. Must be familiar with DVD design and duplication.
f. Requires some photography knowledge, including camera operation, lighting, and photo composition.

4. Skills:
a. Must have advanced understanding of MS Office, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
b. Must be able to work effectively with all levels of employees.
c. Requires strong interpersonal skills.
d. Must have advanced knowledge of English grammar, spelling and punctuation and intermediate math.
e. Requires a collaborative work style, fostering cooperation and teamwork.
f. Must be able to exercise discretion and good judgment.
g. Must have high-level organizational and planning skills.
h. Must be able to anticipate internal client needs.
i. Must have excellent communications skills, both oral and written.

Work Environment and Physical Demands:
1. Office and outdoors working environments. Outdoors temperatures range between 50 – 130 degrees Fahrenheit (winter – summer). Occasional severe dust storms during late spring, summer and fall months.
2. Standard Work Week: 48-hours. Scheduled days off and overtime as mission dictates. May also be required to work an uncommon tour of duty including nights weekends and holidays
3. Must be able to lift 25lbs continuously, 50lbs intermittently.
4. Must maintain a professional appearance/attitude consistent with local customs and company policy.
5. Required to observe safety, security, and health requirements for office environment.

This position description indicates the general nature and level of work expected of the incumbent. It is not designed to cover or contain a comprehensive listing of activities, duties or responsibilities required of the incumbent. Incumbent may be asked to perform other duties as required.

***  Mark Sofman offers our JOTW alternative selection for the week, when you just have to get away from the retrace and do something completely different:


Friendly outdoor people needed to guide whitewater rafting trips on the Lehigh River. Mostly weekends. Experience helpful but not necessary. Contact Marc S. Brown, Guide Manager.
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***  From Kirsten Paragona:

On Thursday, April 12, 2007 from 7:30 a.m. to noon, Yankee IABC will host A Half-Day of Creativity with Ann Wylie at The Wellesley College Club, 106 Central Street, Wellesley, MA  02181.  Award-winning business communicator Ann Wylie will combine two of her most popular seminars for the Yankee Chapter:  Make Your Copy More Creative and Open the Creativity Tool Box. You’ll learn how to grab your readers’ attention and leave a lasting impression by borrowing techniques from fiction writers to make your non-fiction business copy more compelling. You’ll also receive tips on how to break creative block, harness your muse and come up with original approaches for the same old story.
Visit to find the link to register.

***  Safety Tip of the Week:

***  Weekly Piracy Report:

09.03.2007  0355 LT at Luanda Inner Anchorage, Angola.
Two robbers boarded a general cargo ship forward. They tied up duty AB and snatched his walkie-talkie and tried to open the hawse pipe cover plate nuts. Duty AB managed to untie himself and informed the Duty Officer on bridge. Duty Officer  raised alarm and sounded ship's whistle. Robbers jumped overboard and escaped with ship's property.
08.03.2007 0345 LT in position 21:39.95N – 088:01.05E, Sagar Anchorage, India.
One robber boarded a chemical tanker at poop deck. 2/O noticed the robber and raised alarm and crew mustered. Robber jumped overboard and escaped with ship's stores in a small wooden boat. Port control informed.  

***  Ball cap of the week:  Boston Red Sox (I used to wear this one on watch, until it almost got washed overboard when we took green water over the bridge wing while transiting between Guam and the Philippines and I found it wedged into the firefighting monitor.)

***  Coffee Mug of the Day:  National Association of Fleet Tug Sailors

***  Polo-Shirt of the day:  Armstrong (Thanks to Margaret Graham)

***  Today's musical accompaniment:  Rocco Deluca & The Burden

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    The Thomson Scientific is a global leader in providing essential electronic workflow solutions to business and professional customers. Thomson provides value-added information, software tools and applications.
    The Manager, PR & Communications is responsible for developing, managing and executing all aspects of the business’s public relations activities, programs and communications. The position reports to the Director of Public Relations and Communications.

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