April 2, 2007 – Volunteer Job of the Week

April 2, 2007 – Volunteer Job of the Week

“I don't think necessity is the mother of invention – invention, in my
opinion, arises directly from idleness, possibly also from laziness. To
save oneself trouble.”
— Agatha Christie (1890 – 1976), An Autobiography, 1977

Welcome to another week of VJOTW!

When does a month equal a week? (Hint it's a trick question.) It's when
VJOTW starts coming out monthly. We really believe in volunteer
opportunities, but we don't seem to be hitting exactly what is needed or
desired. So, we're going to keep the name and try some new things and
see what we can do to get this running as your weekly volunteer
opportunities. We'd love to hear what you like; what you don't like;
what would be helpful and how we can encourage you to get active in your
community. It's such a wonderful experience (granted, we're likely

So, beginning today, you will receive your weekly Volunteer Job of the
Week newsletter on the first Tuesday of the month. This should allow us
plenty of opportunity to give you more volunteer jobs, more sarcasm
based on a monthly weekly report, and more opportunity to keep your
email box clean!

Please don't hesitate to let us know what you love about volunteering,
what you enjoy doing, what you'd like to see more of or simply what's
going on in your world. Have a wonderful month, and happy volunteering!

Take care,
Heather and RachelVJOTWnews@gmail.com

In this issue:

*** One Paragraph Pitch
***This week's opportunities
1.) Various Marketing & Communications Positions, World Association of
Non-Governmental Organizations (New York, NY)
2.) Board of Directors, YWCA North Orange County (Fullerton, CA)
3.) Leadership Trainer, Public Allies New York (New York, NY)
4.) Business Volunteers for the Arts, Arts & Business Council of New
York (New York, NY)
5.) Volunteer Media Assistant, International Rescue Committee Miami
(Doral, FL)
6.) Public Relations and Advocacy Assistant, International Rescue
Committee Miami (Doral, FL)
7.) Concert Manager, Youth Symphony – United Nations (Greenwich, CT)
8.) Marketing Executives, Taproot Foundation (Brooklyn, BY)
9.) Outreach and Marketing Assistant, Family Service Agency of San Mateo
(San Mateo, CA)
10.) PR Intern, Washington Improv Theater (Washington, DC)
11.) Communications/Media Specialist, Visions in Action (Northern
12.) Webmaster, Dog Rescue (Washington, DC)
*** Weekly Fun Report

Some upcoming opportunities in your area…

*** One Paragraph Pitch:

Want to work with young adults?

Do you have ideas, projects, workshops, art, dance, poetry, discussions,
films etc. you want to share with young minds? Now you can!

Volunteer at the South Bronx Job Corps!

Schedules are extremely flexible. You can work with the academic,
vocational or recreational department. If you are interested in college
credit, we may be able to work something out.

Let's help shape these young minds into independent and active citizens.

For more information please contact Alicia Hernandez at hernandez.alicia@jobcorps.org or by phone at 718-731-7702 ext 233

***This month's listings.

1.) Various Marketing & Communications Positions, World Association of
Non-Governmental Organizations (New York, NY)
The World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (WANGO), a
global organization whose mission is to increase public understanding of
the non-governmental community, and provide the mechanism and support
needed for NGOs to connect, partner, and multiply their contributions,
is seeking a marketing and advertising volunteer for an ocean
sustainability and climate change conference.

Responsibilities of the marketing and advertising volunteer include, but
are not limited to:

* Working with the Marketing & Communications Manager to implement the
conference marketing and communications strategy;
* Writing press releases and developing relationships with the media;
* Updating content of the conference website;
* Disseminating information about the conference to target groups;
* Liaise with partners and sponsors;
* Other related duties as they arise.

How to Apply:
* At least two years' experience in a similar position a plus;
* Press Officer, Journalist or PR Agency experience a plus;
* Excellent written and spoken communication skills.

To apply, please email your resume to rachel@wango.org by April 6. (Note
that's this Friday!)
2.) Board of Directors, YWCA North Orange County (Fullerton, CA)
YWCA North Orange County Board commitment is for one year begining July
1, 2007 and ending June 30, 2008. Must be passionate about women's
issues and issues that impact families. Need individuals with skills in
the areas of :

1. Business/Legal/Human Resources;
2. Fund Development and Programs;
3. Communications/Marketing.

Contact Diane Masseth-Jones, M.S., at (714) 871-4488, ext. 200 or e-mail
at massethjones@ywcanoc.org

How to Apply:
Please send your resume to the attention of the YWCA North Orange
County, Nominating Committee, 215 E. Commonwealth Avenue, Suite E,
Fullerton, CA 92832

3.) Leadership Trainer, Public Allies New York (New York, NY)
Leadership Development Trainings
Public Allies New York conducts a training session for Allies every
Friday. The training sessions provide Allies with an overview of
non-profit management, media, finance and organizational development, as
well as instruct the Allies in skills that include public speaking,
networking, and workshop facilitation. In the past, training sessions
have been held in conjunction with individual volunteers and the
following organizations: Abyssinian Development Corporation, GLSEN, Open
Society Institute, Kriya Associates and The Fund for the City of New

Dynamic community leaders and careered trainer's needed for hard and
soft skill areas for our program participants. Leadership training
volunteers' training support services are tax deductible.

How to Apply:
For more information about volunteering for Public Allies New York's
weekly training sessions, please contact Alexandria Sumpter-Delves at alexandrias@publicallies.org. (212) 566-0710 ext. 6819 

4.) Business Volunteers for the Arts, Arts & Business Council of New
York (New York, NY)
We match business volunteers with arts organizations needing their
skills. Right now we are looking for marketing, PR, Financial, and IT
people. But even if you have other skills let us know. We get requests
from more than 250 arts groups throughout the year.

How to Apply:
email information with a resume to fsmyth@artsandbusiness-ny.org or
visit ouir web site

5.) Volunteer Media Assistant, International Rescue Committee Miami
(Doral, FL)
Provide assistance to the Resource Development Specialist in developing
contacts with Media and supporters of the IRC.

Essential Duties:

1. Assist Resource Development Specialist in the development of Media

2. Join with Resource Development Specialist to contact Media and obtain
press coverage, interviews or reports for IRC as needed.

3. Assist Resource Development Specialist in follow-up campaign with
Media and other contacts.

4. Maintain the Media database up to speed by regularly updating old
contact details.

5. Assist Resource Development Specialist in putting together press
materials and informational packages for the Media sector.

6. Maintain Media Library of Press, cutting photographs and radio

7. Learn as much as you can about IRC. While on duty, you are
representing IRC. It will also be helpful to learn as much as you can
about our refugee clients and their cultures.

8. Other office duties as assigned.

How to Apply:
Email resume and cover letter to carolinao@theirc.org

6.) Public Relations and Advocacy Assistant, International Rescue
Committee Miami (Doral, FL)
1. Assist the Resource Development team to produce, copy and mail
informational materials to potential donors, supporters and sponsors of
the IRC.

2. Assist the Resource Development team with campaigns of community
outreach, and special events.

3. Assist the resource development team in researching advocacy issues
at the local level.

4. Learn as much as you can about IRC. While on duty, you are
representing IRC. It will also be helpful to learn as much as you can
about our refugee clients and their cultures.

How to Apply:
Email resume and cover letter to carolinao@theirc.org

7.) Concert Manager, Youth Symphony – United Nations (Greenwich, CT)
Help grow and promote the Youth Symphony for United Nations, a Youth
Peace Through the Arts campaign in the areas of music, singing, dance
and theatre.

Administrators, faculty, and directors are needed to help promote and
expand the project. Good public relations and public speaking skills,
and an entrepenurial spirit needed.

Some positions will evolve to paid positions when the project is fully

Upcoming plans include performances at the UN, in NYC, CT and abroad. An
online presence will allow young people from around the world to
affiliate with YSUN.

For more information, visit our website at http://www.faf.org.

Call FAF for an interview. Ask for Artistic Director Yin-Chu Jou. 

8.) Marketing Executives, Taproot Foundation (Brooklyn, BY)
Area of Focus: Community Building and Renewal, Community Service and
Volunteering, Education and Academia, Environment and Ecology,
Foundations, Fundraising, and Philanthropy, The Taproot Foundation
engages Marketing, IT and HR professionals on pro bono projects to
provide local nonprofits with high-quality, professional services. We
make it easy for skilled professionals like you to donate your time
effectively while gaining valuable exposure to the nonprofit community
and your industry peers.

Taproot Foundation is currently seeking seasoned marketing professionals
to volunteer as Account Directors on our upcoming pro bono projects. The
Account Director is the most senior Service Grant volunteer and
typically oversees two to three Service Grants concurrently. The Account
Director ensures that the grantee client is ready to begin a project,
negotiates project issues such as scope or timelines that the project
manager cannot resolve, pre-sells deliverables, coaches the program
manager on possible internal political challenges, and ensures that the
client is both upholding their responsibilities and ultimately pleased
with the project. With the Taproot Foundation volunteer team, the
Account Director makes final staffing decisions, reviews deliverables
for quality and coaches the project managers.

A successful Account Director volunteer has managed team leaders, feels
comfortable negotiating executive or board-level relationships, and has
experience directly related to one of our grant areas (i.e. marketing,
database/IT, or human resources.) Account Directors typically have held
at least director, vice president, or partner level roles in their
professional careers.

How to Apply:
To learn more, please visit us at http://www.taprootfoundation.org/volunteering.

APPLY TODAY to be eligible to attend an upcoming volunteer orientation

9.) Outreach and Marketing Assistant, Family Service Agency of San Mateo
(San Mateo, CA)
Gain experience with non-profit outreach and marketing techniques.
Assist with Internet and community-based research to find new, creative
ways to inform the San Mateo County community about Visitation and
Counseling Department services. Help create and distribute marketing
materials and assist Family Service staff members at community and
career fairs. Volunteers may work daytime, evening and/or weekend hours.
Basic computer skills required; any public relations experience or
Spanish language skills are helpful, but not required!

How to Apply:
For more information regarding this volunteer opportunity with the
Counseling and Visitation programs at the Family Service Agency, or to
request volunteer hours, contact Maisoon Sahouria, Program Manager of
the Family Visitation Center at (650) 403-4300 x4543, msahouria_fssm@yahoo.com
10.) PR Intern, Washington Improv Theater (Washington, DC)

WASHINGTON IMPROV THEATER (WIT) is a non-profit theater company
dedicated to performing and teaching unscripted theater. It consists of
three troupes of players, a house team and a film production group. Its
training program teaches more than 100 students per quarter.

Washington Improv Theater makes its home at the Mead Theatre Lab at
Flashpoint in downtown DC. We have a yearly audience attendance of more
than 8,000.

This intern would report directly to the Managing Director. This
internship is for anyone looking to gain actual hands-on experience
creating and executing a marketing strategy for a growing, cutting-edge,
theater company – as opposed to the usual filing and fetching of coffee
found at other internships.


GOALS: Help to grow show attendance. Increase WIT visibility in press.
. Assist planning and implementing marketing and PR strategy to attract
audience, grow class enrollment and heighten WIT's public image
. Assist production and distribution of professional quality marketing
materials for all WIT programming
. Assist overseeing WIT's public presence, including website and
electronic newsletters
. Assist gathering and analyzing data on audience and student body
composition/outreach effectiveness
. Help to place WIT in public eye in positive light
. Create and head an effort to engage and sustain interest in WIT's
programs among college students in the Washington Metropolitan Area.

Other potential projects:
. Contact our students and supporters working in the media to increase
free press on the radio, on local television, and in newspapers.
. Increase WIT's presence online – MySpace, Friendster, and Facebook.
. Upload our shows, films, and videos to YouTube, Google Video, and
. Submit WITFilms to comedy and film festivals across the Country, and
to local cable companies for airing on public access stations.
. Coordinate student, staff, player, board, and fan volunteer days to
get local news coverage.
. Develop closer ties with neighborhood bars and restaurants.
. Develop product tie-ins, such as with Red Bull.
. Conduct comprehensive concierge education program to gain tourist
. Brainstorm viral and guerilla marketing campaigns. The new and more
revolutionary, the better.

WIT's mission is to unleash the creative power of improv in DC:
We engage audiences with performances that exhilarate and inspire.
We ignite the spirit of play in Washington with a revolutionary training
We create a home for improv, connected to the life of the city.
The revolution will be improvised.

For more information, please contact:

Topher Bellavia
Managing Director
Washington Improv Theater
916 G St., NW
Washington, DC 20001
(202) 315-1314 topher@washingtonimprovtheater.com


11.) Communications/Media Specialist, Visions in Action (Northern

Visions in Action (VIA) is an international NGO based in Washington D.C.
which works in relief and development in Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa,
Liberia and Mexico. Over 600 volunteers have been placed in the areas of
education, human rights, communications, public health, HIV/AIDS,
micro-enterprise, social work and community development. VIA has worked
in Uganda continuously since 1991.

VIA is currently implementing a new three-year project in Northern
Uganda with the goal of decreasing HIV/AIDS rates among war-affected
youth. Services include the opening of four Voluntary Counseling &
Testing (VCT) Centers in two districts, Gulu and Kitgum, designed to
counsel and test 26,000 youth per year for HIV, provide medical
referrals, and conduct peer support groups. VIA will build the staff
capacity of three local NGOs to operate these centers, conduct a
widespread information and education campaign on HIV testing and
prevention to reach 300,000 youth in towns and IDP camps, and conduct
workshops on abstinence, anti-discrimination, and HIV+ care and support.
Building on its successful volunteer model, VIA will train local Ugandan
youth as peer HIV counselors to implement counseling and testing
services at stationary and mobile VCT clinics, including visits to the
IDP camps.

VIA seeks skilled international volunteers to serve this project for a
period of 6 or 12 months. Four international volunteers will serve each
year, two in Gulu and two in Kitgum, with expertise in each of the
following areas: nursing, HIV/AIDS counseling, communications/media, and
health administration. Volunteers should expect to develop specific job
responsibilities with project staff according to their area of

Responsibilities ¡V Communications/Media Specialist
“X Coordinate with NGO partners and schools to conduct a large IEC
(Information, Education & Communication) campaign to encourage youth to
access HIV counseling testing, and to avoid risky sexual behavior.
“X Work with the IEC Manager to coordinate the ¡§Know Your Status¡¨
Campaign including the design and distribution of HIV awareness
stickers, posters & brochures in towns and IDP camps, and radio
“X Conduct outreach campaign to out of school youth to encourage HIV
testing and behavior change
“X Design and publish a bi-annual newsletter with outreach and awareness
messages targeting youth.
“X Produce other media including brochures, banners, posters and
“X Train local staff in the use of communications software (Publisher,
Powerpoint, audio & video editing software) and digital photography
“X Photograph workshops, counseling, and other program activities, and
publish photos and program stories on the website

“X At least one year of experience in communications and media,
preferably on a community based or public health focused social
marketing campaign.
“X Knowledge of modern communications technology, software, and graphic
“X Knowledge of public health information, education, and communications
methodology in an African development context.
“X Experience supervising and/or training others preferred.
“X University degree required, preferably in communications.
“X Should bring a digital still and/or video camera, and a digital audio
recorder to the field
“X Fluent in English; excellent communication skills required.
“X Willingness to work in a difficult and insecure environment.

This is a supported volunteer position for a limited term of 6 to 12
months, beginning May or June 2007. VIA will provide volunteers with
shared housing, basic health coverage, and a modest monthly stipend,
arrange for a work permit and transportation to the work site.
Volunteers are responsible for the cost of their airfare, entry visa,
and pre-departure health costs. Please see the Visions in Action website
for further details: www.visionsinaction.org

To Apply: Send cover letter and CV to: VolunteerUg@visionsinaction.org
with Communications/Media Specialist in the subject line. Short listed
candidates will be asked to complete a Visions in Action application
including references.

12.) Webmaster, Dog Rescue (Washington, DC)

A local non profit dog rescue is in need of a new webmaster. The
webmaster will be in charge of updating the website at least once a
week, Mondays are the best times for updates. The site has already been
designed and just needs some weekly updates. Most updates will consist
of removing dogs who have been adopted and adding the new dogs. Dog
updates consist of pictures and biographies. We will need a little more
work at first, making sure all links are working and all pages are up.

Please view our website at www.petsltdrescue.org.

If you can assist with the website, please contact me at danielle@petsltdrescue.org.

*** Weekly (Monthly) Fun Report:

Well, we're not sure this is really 'charity' related – but it's
'volunteering' and it's just for fun .. so seemed appropriate for here J

Roller Derby Mascots

The Cherry Blossom Bombshells, DCRG's own samurai warriors, are looking
for a mascot!
We need you to help rile up our fans when we bout. Here's how–you'll
dress up in samurai gear and lead chants, cheer on our skaters and give
the other teams hell. Do you have it in you? Your way to impress us is
easy–please submit either a photo and bio or a YouTube video of
yourself showing off your samurai style to cherryblossombombshells@gmail.com. We're looking for originality, spirit
and of course a rockin' costume. You'll need to commit to attending our
bouts on:

April 21, 2007 Bout 1
June 30, 2007 Bout 3
July 21, 2007 Bout 4
August 25, 2007 Bout 5
October 20, 2007 Championship

Please submit your entry to us by April 14th. We will announce the
winners on April 16th. The way of the samurai is found in derby. And the
way of the mascot is found in Youtube. Wattah! 
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