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Here's another JOTW Can't Wait posting, this one from Chrisi Rogers,

Hey there – I'm having a terrible time filling a Sr. Technical Trainer
position.  We are a not-for-profit organization in Herndon, VA (metro DC
area) and pay well have fantastic benefits and yet still can't find a
person for this position.  I've attached the job description – and our
Web site link .

Help if you can .

Our employment link for the position:

Feel free to ask me any questions – I really would like to find a good,
talented trainer that likes to travel!

Thank you – for any effort at all,

Chrisi Rogers, SPHR
Manager, Employee Resources
Phone:  703-467-1435

Senior Technical Trainer-IP, Education and Training Department, NRTC,
Herndon, VA

Reports directly to Director of Education and Training.  Contact with
members, vendors, affiliates, contractors, and internal staff members.

The Senior Technical Trainer-IP develops and delivers introductory and
advanced courses on new emerging technologies and products, including
but not limited to the Internet, networking standards, DIRECTV
installation, DSL, Voice over IP, IPTV, and wireless and satellite
technologies. This position will provide training to members in order to
provide a thorough understanding of the technical application,
implementation and benefits of specific technologies.

.   Develop, write and create training material which can be sold for a
fee for new products and services.
.   Train internal and external staff on how to troubleshoot technical
problems and use internal applications.
.   Conduct technical training courses for members on new technology and
.   Assist with internal launch projects to ensure new products can be
supported by internal staff.
.   Train member's staff in the assembly, support and launch of high-speed
Internet products and services.
.   Develop training tools, such as manuals, quizzes, tests, and Web-based
tutorials to enhance learning and increase interaction.
.   Assess customer needs and revise course materials as needed.
.   Other related duties as required.
.   Bachelor's degree or equivalent and three (3) years of experience in
technical training and/or one-on-one training in a technical environment
with proficient understanding of TCP/IP and using internet applications.
.   Five (5) years technical troubleshooting experience with consumer
electronics, Internet or telecommunications services or products.
.   Five (5) years experience creating and delivering technical (Internet,
consumer electronics, or telecommunications services and products)
training programs in a classroom or one-on-one environment.
.   Knowledge of e-learning programs or learning management systems (i.e.,
Captivate, RoboHelp, Blackboard, etc.) preferred.

.   Excellent understanding of the Internet and how to troubleshoot basic
Internet problems.
.   Proficient with hardware tools and an ability to assemble and
reassemble telecommunications equipment (i.e., satellite dishes,
cabling, etc.)
.   Skilled in writing and developing technical training material.
.   Technical certifications a plus.
.   Excellent organizational, problem-solving and decision-making skills.
.   Excellent written and verbal communication as well as excellent
presentation skills, with the ability to interact with all levels of the
.   Ability and willingness to use tools to install equipment in all
weather conditions (may include roofs of buildings).
.   Ability to interact in a positive manner with internal and external
.   Ability to use general office equipment such as, calculator, fax
machine, telephone.
.   Ability to sit and/or stand for long periods of time.
.   Ability to travel 50%.
.   Ability to lift /move 50 lbs.


Chrisi Rogers, SPHR
Manager, Employee Resources
Phone:  703-467-1435

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