JOTW 20-2007

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JOTW 20-2007
14 May

“Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art.”
-Leonardo da Vinci

Welcome to the free Job of the Week e-mail networking newsletter for professional communicators.  JOTW is a cooperative service that relies on the contributions of its members, like you.  We share job opportunities, news and information about the job market, as well as swapping stories about life's peculiarities.

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In this thrilling issue:
***  One Paragraph Pitch
1.)  Web Communications Manager for Stockholm Vatten AB/Stockholm International Water Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
2.) Writer/Editor, National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative, Herndon, VA
3.)  Technical Writer, Institute on Homelessness and Trauma, Newton Centre, Massachusetts
4.)  Government Affairs Manager, First 5 LA, Los Angeles, CA
5.)  Director of Grants Management, First 5 LA, Los Angeles, CA
6.)  Editorial Assistant, International Peace Academy, New York, New York
7.)  Communications Specialist-Advanced, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Dane County & Milwaukee County, Wisconsin
8.)  Issues Management Coordinator, British Columbia Transmission Corporation, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
9.)  Marketing Manager – UKTV Documentary and UKTV History, UKTV, London, UK
10.)  Public Relations Coordinator, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, Palo Alto, California
12.)  Marketing Communications and Advertising, Easterns Automotive Group, Reston, VA
13.)  Senior Graphic Designer, United Way of New York City, New York, New York
14.)  Editor – SCOPE (volunteer position), Australian Science Communicators,
location negotiable within Australia
15.)  Communications Coordinator, St. Amant, Winnipeg, MB, CANADA
16.)  Associate Web Editor, National Wildlife Federation, Reston, Virginia
17.)  Corporate Communications Manager, Sunrise Senior Living, McLean,
18.)  Field Marketing Manager, Sunrise Senior Living, McLean, VA.
19.)  Media Reporter, Nielsen Business Media, New York, NY
20.)  General Manager, Billboard Digital, Nielsen Business Media, NY, NY
21.)  Strategic Communications Mgr,  External Relations Division, Freddie Mac, MCLEAN, VA
23.)  PR Account Executive — High Tech , Lages & Associates, Orange County, CA
24.)  VP- Interactive Media Sales (Print and Broadcast ), Journal Sentinel, Inc. a division of Journal Communications, Milwaukee, WI
25.)  Media Relations Specialist, Research!America, Alexandria, VA
26.)  Writer-Manager, Conservation International, Arlington, Virginia
27.)  Communications Manager, Friends of Cancer Research, Arlington, Virginia
28.)  Communications Manager, Australian Marine
Conservation Society (AMCS), Manly, Brisbane, Queensland
29.)  Director, Corporate Relations, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Illinois
30.)  Sr. Communications Consultant- Brand Strategy, Communications, and PR, Kaiser Permanente, Oakland, CA
31.)  Communications Consultant, Kaiser Permanente, Oakland, CA
32.)  Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations, Purchase College, SUNY, Purchase, New York
33.)  Marketing & Communications Director, LaGuardia Community College, Long Island City, New York
34.)  Vice President, Communications, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, New York, NY
35.)  Marketing and Communications Manager, National Guild of Community Schools of the Arts, New York, New York
36.)  Marketing Copywriter & Editor, National Association of Home Builders, Washington, DC
37.)  Director of Foundation and Corporate Relations, St. Coletta of Greater Washington, Washington, D.C.
38.)  Director of Communications, Clark Construction Group, Bethesda, Maryland
39.)  Communications Director, AOL, Dulles, VA
40.)  Director, Communications (Govt. Communications Systems Division), Harris, Washington DC
41.)  Development/Communications Manager, Mercy Medical Center, Rockville Centre, Long Island
42.)  Sr. Copywriter/ACD Smith Brothers Advertising, Pittsburgh, PA
43.)  Public Relations-B2B Account Director, Public Relations Firm, New York, New York
44.)  Awards and Communications Officer, Rory Peck Trust, London, United Kingdom
45.)  Marketing Copywriter, FOLIOfn, Vienna, VA
46.)  Senior Web Designer, Halseon Marketing Communications, Tampa, FL
47.)  Communications Associate, William T. Grant Foundation, New York, New York
48.)  Resources and Communications Internship, Kurdish Human Rights Project, London, United Kingdom
49.)  Public Relations Account Executive, DBC Public Relations, Washington, DC
50.)  Communications Coordinator, International Cocoa Initiative, Geneva, Switzerland
51.)  Strategy Director, communications consulting agency, Chicago, IL
52.)  Designer/Marketing Communications Supervisor, manufacturer, Chicago area
53.)  Editor, Prominent Perth Publication, Perth Advertised by Asphar & Associates, Perth, WA, Australia
54.)  Stagiaire Recherche & Communication, African Care & Development Initiative, Geneva, Switzerland
56.)  Customer Relationship Marketing Manager Snapfish/HP, San Francisco, CA
57.)  Volunteer External Relations Coordinator, Timor Aid, Dili, Timor-Leste, Indonesia
58.)  Copy Editor, About, San Francisco, CA
59.)  Public Affairs Specialist, Military Sealift Command, Washington, D.C.
60.)  Publicist, Georgetown University Press, Washington, DC
61.)  Copywriter / Proofreader Shelton Group, Knoxville, TN
62.)  Communication Director, Kansas City Regional Association of REALTORS (KCRAR), Leawood, KS
63.)  Product/Brand Marketing Manager,, Charleston, SC
64.)  Knowledgebase Manager/Technical Writer, SunRocket, Sterling, Va
65.)  Director, Online Programs, Grassroots Enterprise, Washington, DC
66.)  Publications Manager, association, Washington, DC
67.)  Medicare Marketing Web Content Manager, Coventry Health Care, Columbia, MD
68.)  PRESS SECRETARY, Senator Evan Bayh, Washington, D.C
69.)  Communications Specialist, Asset Acceptance Capital Corp., Warren, Michigan
70.)  EDITORAL ASSISTANT, United States Coast Guard, Department Of Homeland Security, Yorktown, VA
71.)  Writer-Editor, Army Materiel Command, Headquarters, Ft. Belvoir, VA
72.)  Senior Account Executive, Media Relations, COLCOMGROUP, NY, NY
73.)  Associate Editor/Acquisitions Editor, Guggenheim Foundation, New York, New York
74.)  Public Relations Manager, Jewish Community Federation of Richmond, Richmond, VA.
75.)  Vice President for College Communications, FRANKLIN & MARSHALL COLLEGE, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
76.)  Director of Corporate Communications, Qualis Health, Seattle, WA
77.)  Bouncer, Abyss NightClub, Diesel Group, Sunnyvale, CA
78.)  ASSISTANT MAINTENANCE SUPERVISOR, Los Angeles Dodgers, Los Angeles, CA

…and more than you expected!   Okay, maybe not that, but more than you a entitled to.

***  One Paragraph Pitch:

Hello Ned,

I am Kimberly and I am untraditional. A recent graduate and product of the co-op program of Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. I am a perpetual tourist, a lover of the arts, I value hard work and personal relationships.  I bring my Bachelors in Communications, personality aplenty, and 2 years of professional experience, and come in search of positions in tourism marketing. Working with Manayunk Development Corporation, I maintained, worked as a media rep, lots of community relations and outreach, and my flagship event was the Manayunk Arts Festival.  I've worn many hats, and I'm looking for the one that fits.

Thanks Ned,


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Communicating with video is more than just boardroom presentations, it's now cell phones,  web sites, digital signage, and Blu-ray or HD DVD discs that theoretically hold over 200 gigabytes!

It's hard to say what's next and when.

Regardless of delivery mode or media, effective video communications require professional skills and lots of creativity.

We've been developing award-winning presentations and television spots since 1993.  Visit our web site and imagine how we can put our creative services to work for you.

There's no arm twisting to watch television!

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***  JOTW mailing list has been purged:

Many addresses on the JOTW email list have been “bouncing” repeatedly.  I have deleted those which have bounced more than five times.  You can resubscribe by sending a blank email to

P/S. – I did it again.  I deleted all of the bounces this time.  As with the last instance of doing this, I felt terrible.  But I’m over it now.

***  Jobs at Alion Science and Technology:

Here are technical and engineering jobs offered by my company, Alion Science and Technology.  You may know somebody who is seeking employment in the defense or government services sector who may be qualified and interested in these or other jobs with Alion (a great employee-owned company to work for):

***  From Adrianne George in Sweden:

What are good websites for articles on any of these topics: customer service, customer experience, customer loyalty, customer retention? Thanks!

Also, if you know any experts in these fields who would like to publish their articles on a marketing blog, please ask them to email me!


Adrianne George
Project Manager
PR & Communications

***  Image conscious communications:

Ned asks Hal McArthur, ABC, about getting the message across through video:

Ned:  What if you work for a small organization, or a non-profit?  Can you still afford to make a video product that has a lot of impact to your target audience?

Hal:  Usually producers have a minimum price to produce an effective presentation, simply because it doesn't make sense unless they can make some kind of profit.  Most of the time, a small organization or a non-profit can explain their objectives and a good producer should be able to recommend a program that will fit the budget.  A non-profit may even appeal to the producer's charitable side and become part of their public service offerings.

Ned:  I've heard a rule of thumb that a video costs about a thousand dollars a minute.  Is there any truth to that?

Hal:  That came out of the slide show industry about 20 years ago.  There are 30 minute programs that don't cost $30,000 and there are 30 second commercials that easily can cost that.  It all depends on the time it takes to produce the program.  Today, the rule of thumb for a turnkey, long-form video presentations is more like $2,000-$3,000 per finished minute.  But it still depends on what's involved.

Ned:  What's the best way to get a video message to an audience?

That's a loaded question.  I'm very partial to television.  But it's always been better to have a mix.  There are so many tools and vehicles available to communicators today, that it again becomes an issue of budget and time.

An effective communications plan will have:
– an understanding of the audience, their background and characteristics
– a clear set of objectives
– a strategy to reach the audience
– a implementation timetable and budget
– and always a means of measuring the effectiveness

***  Do communicators need their own “My Space?” 

I'm going to find out.  I am signing up for a new social media site for internal communicators and PR people at  If you choose to do the same, tell me what you think about it and we'll post some responses in JOTW.

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Sessions led by renowned communication practitioners are organized into seven tracks: change management, communication leadership, public
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For more information and to register online, visit

***  Ned and Laura had a great time in Florence.  This is the birthplace of the renaissance.  Botticelli.  Michelango.  Machiavelli.  Titian.  We saw them all, and more.  Peter Ustinov once said, “If Botticelli were alive today he'd be working for Vogue.”

Our hotel was just a couple of blocks from the Piazza del Duomo, at Piazza della Santa Maria Maggiore.  Breakfast each morning at the VivaHotel Laurus ( was on the rooftop terrace.  You could imagine the view without the TV antennas and the traffic sounds, especially when a horse drawn carriage would clip-clop down the cobblestones, to be much as it was a hundred years ago, or two, or more.  (Note:  Italy has not changed since we lived here in the BK era (Before Kids).  There are a few satellite dishes on the rooftops, but not as many as I expected.  And Italians, like everyone else, now have cell phones.  Every one of them.  Since Italians normally require both hands to talk, cell phones have had a profound impact on Italians and their ability to express themselves.)

The room was nice, but there was no curtain for the shower.  The shower had one of those hand-held things that supposedly would stay attached to the fixture on the wall, like a regular shower, but more often than not would not cooperate and fall down.  Water would go everywhere.  The towels were washed in vinegar.  But those were minor issues.

The chimney swifts were impressive aerialists.  I would watch them from our rooftop terrace in the morning.  The squadron leader would take the others through some breathtaking maneuver, but only the one in front was likely to catch the insect.

The dollar was at an all-time low against the Euro, so the timing could have been better.  But there were lots of Americans in Tuscany.  One couple sitting next to us at breakfast one morning was speaking in a language I could not understand, except the words “high definition,” which they both said repeatedly.

Laura noted how in the early morning the tourists were zipping around in high gear.  But at the end of the day they would drag themselves back to the hotels.

Some Americans were obviously bumming around Europe.  One young man with a guitar and a dog was walking ahead of us through the Piazza della Republica when he turned to Laura and I and stated: “I shall play (pause) here.”  And sat down with his dog.  “What is your dog’s name?” I asked.  “Pebbles.”

At just about every meal we would end up talking to somebody, like Oddvar, the journalist from Tromso, Norway.  He traveled to Oslo for a political conference, and figured since he was already do far south he would just take a quick hop to Florence for a little holiday to see the arts.  The flight from Tromso to Oslo took longer than the flight from Oslo to Florence.  Another couple we talked to was from Winnipeg, and another from Miami.  Even though the dollar was at an all-time low, Florence was full of tourists from across the pond. 

There were many Italians taking in the sights, too, especially on Sunday.  The squares were packed.  We happened to be in Florence during the Festival of Fitness (  People would run a kilometer on a treadmill for a chance to win a car.

Laura and I took in the following museums, and these do not begin to scratch the surface of what is in Florence and the significance of what Florence contributed to our tradition.  Okay, it did scratch the surface.:

* The Uffizi Gallery (  This was the corporate headquarters of the Medici family financial empire.  They had a decorator.  While today we go there to see the renaissance masters, during the renaissance people went there to see the Roman statues to try and capture the realism and beauty of the ancients, which is what inspired the renaissance.

* Galleria dell'Accademia  (  This is the current home of the real David.  The fake David stands in the Piazza della Signoria.  There is also another copy in the Vatican, a photograph of  which adorns the entrance of our home (a gift from Mike Patry who took the photograph back when we were stationed in Italy together).  

* The Pitti Palace and Monumental Apartments.  This is where the Medici’s lived.  I enjoyed the Plinio Nomelinni impresionsit paintings.  I had not been aware of Italian impressionists.

* Roman Amphitheatre and Archeological Museum at Fiesole

* Opificio delle Pietre Dure (Workshop of Semi-Precious Stones).  You marvel at marble.

One thing is for sure, it was good to be a Medici in those days, most of the time.

If you have never seen the Ponte Vecchio then you have a compelling reason to come here.  The crowded bridge is lined with jewelry shops, some with very nice stuff.  We bought some earrings for Laura’s mother who had come to Springfiled to mind the store while we were gone.

Laura and I took a city bus day trip up to Fiesole to see the Etruscan ruins and the Roman amphitheater.  We had a rustic lunch that included roe deer prosciutto and I had pasta with wild boar.

May 1 is “Labor Day,” and all the museums were closed, so we took an excursion to the Chianti district, toured a bodega, a very old hilltop “pieve” church (La pieve di San Leolino) and had a dinner in a quaint and quiet village.  I have notes about all of these places but can’t find them, and am not even sure of the names of these places.  There was a cat who was crawling around the wooden cross in front of the pieve.  One woman said, “How did it get up there.”  “It ascended,” I told her. If somebody asks I post a picture of the miraculous cat on the cross.

Fancy herbal soaps and scents made the herbalists of Florence famous.  Laura liked this place:

The Chianti district is famous for the red wine that bears its name.  The Red Rooster Consortium is a cooperative that markets the products of its members (

Returning from Florence on our Lufthansa flight to Munich, we were all loaded onto a bus that took us to our parked aircraft.  One passenger was wearing an earpiece phone and having a conversation loud enough for Laura and I to hear every word.  In fact, the whole bus could hear it.  He was an Italian in the fashion business and talking to someone in the U.S.  He was very unattractive, and as he was talking he was grimacing in disapproval, and would look at me as if to use me as a surrogate for the person he was talking to.  “You have no sense of fashion,” he would say.  “You can only put two colors together.” “We’re not interested in the North American market.  We’re interested in the Asian market.”  Finally, after berating the person he was talking to and totally resisting the attempt the other person was obviously making to engage in some kind of business, the man on the bus said, “Until you get some sense of fashion, shut up, and put on your shorts.  Have a nice day.”  He then muttered something to himself like “I can’t believe I have to deal with such cretins.”

Fortunately he was sitting in first class.

Several people on our flight from Munich to Washington smelled like they could have used a shower sometime in the preceding week.  Funny, Laura thought, how they would decline the free hot towel being offered periodically by the flight attendant.  Our A330 had a cup holder and a book holder on the seatback that was pretty convenient.

Upon arrival in Washington we boarded a people-mover to take us to customs.  Guess who Laura and I found ourselves standing next to, Mr. Fashion from Florence himself.  He’s back on the phone and complaining to somebody about how rude and noisy Americans are, that presumably based on the fact that somebody said that if we all moved in the bus a little more that the rest of the passengers could get on.  “I hate this place,” he says to the person on the phone, and for the rest of us forced to listen.  He was not moving for anybody.  He had the most enormous carry-on bag, so why should he move.  We all get to the terminal and proceed through passport control.  Laura and I line up for the U.S. citizens and Mr. Fashion races ahead to be first in the other queue.  I watch him, because I’m curious to see how he deals with this.  The Immigration agent tells him to stop talking on his phone, and to take it off.  The Italian gentleman looks put out.  He tries to remain calm, but he is obviously upset he is not being waved right through.  Laura and I pass through quickly with a very pleasant “Welcome Home.”  I turn to see Mr. Fashion still talking to the agent, with arms moving in an animated discussion.  We proceed to the baggage claim, and wait for the bags to start coming out.  I look back through the glass and see Mr. Fashion still at passport control.  The bags start coming out, I look again, and he’s still back there.  He finally gets through just as our first bag comes off the carousel.  As I pick up our last bag, I see he has been brought into a separate enclosure where they can conduct a detailed inspection of his carry-on suitcase.  There is some justice in this world.

***  Connie Eckard and Sheri Rosen named IABC Fellows

IABC has selected Connie Eckard, ABC, Ph.D., and Sheri Rosen, ABC, as
IABC Fellows. The IABC Fellow Award is the highest honor the association can bestow on an individual and acknowledges outstanding leadership, professional accomplishment and service to IABC and the profession. The awards will be presented on 24 June at the opening general session at the International Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana.

***  I enjoyed watching Street Sense and jockey Calvin Borel come from 19th to win the 103rd Kentucky Derby.  That was an incredible ride.  And Borel knew he had it won well before the finish line.  I also enjoyed watching the 9th inning of the Orioles-Red Sox game yesterday.  Josh Becket, with the best record in the majors, left the game because of a problem with his finger.  He would have recorded his first loss of the year.  I say would.  Imagine Baltimore pitcher Jeremy Guthrie going into the 9th with a 5-0 lead.  But the Fenway faithful were on their feet, and when Julio Lugo beat out a chopper and the ball got away, two runs scored and Boston walked off with a 6-5 win.  The fans remained standing, cheering, well after the end of the game.  Almost as important, the Yankees lost yesterday.  But the most important news in pinstripes will be the most watched game in the Florida League on Friday, when Roger Clemens is on the schedule to make his first Minor League appearance of the year for the Class A Tampa Yankees, pitching against the Fort Myers Miracle.  Yes, Fort Myers, I believe in miracles.

***  Survivors wanted:


I'm chairing the Relay For Life of Reston for the American Cancer Society for the second year in a row. The event, which takes place in Reston, VA, on May 19-20 this year ( typically raises $300,000 and includes nearly 1,000 people. It's a great cause, and as the news has shown, ACS is really making a difference in the fight against cancer through education and early detection! I'm looking for survivors who would like to be celebrated, volunteers who would like to help out, and of course, financial support For more information, you can email me at  Thanks, and good luck to anyone else involved in similar efforts!


***  Take a number:

Uma edited and transmitted JOTW for me in my absence, for which I am (and the rest of you should be) grateful.  Apparently the job was daunting, and Uma didn’t have the time to organize and number the listings.  And she received some negative feedback, which prompted her to send this follow-up:

OMG.  Where is the numbered list?  Relax.  Take a chill pill.  I
deviated from the norm.

Good news is Ned will be back next week.  He will cater to your whims. 

In the meantime, pour yourself another cup of coffee, sit back and read the newsletter at your leisure.

Have a good Monday, all.


(Some of you didn’t appreciate Uma’s response.)

***  From DB:

I have been receiving the JOTW for several years. And when you have gone on vacation, I have continued receiving it in good form, until Uma. Last week, she sent out something like 6 jobs at noon. And this week, she sent out a very hard to read listing. And apparently people complained to her about the format, and her response, which I copy below, is nothing short of appalling. I would suggest that whoever volunteers for the position agree to do the job as you do it, or not volunteer at all.

***  From ESB:

Dear Ned,
I am sure you are bombarded with e-mail, but I have to add my .02 cents. I have been a JOTW subscriber for several years, and have seen it grow to the top-notch, informative and very vital resource it is today. The changes you have made over the years, such as numbering and this year's website, have only made it better. They have also made it much easier to use, which is a godsend!
Considering it is still a free newsletter, there's very little room to complain about anything — you provide something that those of us looking for jobs need, at no charge, no less.
With that in mind, I'd simply like to suggest that the next time you go on vacation you ensure the person who is taking over the duties has the ample time to get the job done. I am sure Uma is extremely competent, and you've said yourself that the newsletter takes an extraordinary amount of time and effort. But right now my brain hurts from trying to get through the thing!
I can deal without the numbered jobs. I can even deal without the simple list at the beginning. However, a few hard returns and perhaps a job delineation line of some sort would be extremely useful. Right now it's one big jumble, and while I am sure she meant no ill will when she told all us of subscribers to relax and “take a chill pill,” as communicators our entire existence centers around communicating as clearly as possible, in the easiest way possible, and as quickly as possible. 
The last two newsletters, and the corresponding messages, not only make it hard for job seekers and employers alike, they fly in the face of the respect JOTW has earned for its clarity and consistency.
I'd like to thank Uma for helping out in your absence, but I'm also happy to have you back!

***  From P.K.:

Hello Uma – I was a bit put off by the missing numbers as well – it's a great, at-a-glance way to see what's in the newsletter.  But I figured it was no big deal and thought it might be positive because it forced me to actually peruse the whole thing, which was good!  So, I wasn't going to say anything, until I saw that response you sent to the entire list of over 10,000 people!

Your condescending attitude and instruction to “take a chill pill” is really uncalled for and rude…

This is a list for PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATORS, a group to which you
presumably belong.  Are you seriously communicating this way to THIS
audience?  Ned is not “catering” to anyone's “whim.”  “OMG” is not
professional; nor is it a word.  Just look at the folks who send in
submissions – top employers and executives throughout the country, who have come to depend on this excellent resource. And perhaps rethink your response to valid concerns about the new format that you unilaterally selected.  And then hope that you don't find yourself in a position to have to interview with anyone on this list for a job!

***  From P.L.:

Hope you had a good trip.
Might I suggest you look for another person to compile and issue the JOTW the next time you're away?

Not only was it nearly impossible to read today, but Uma's response to my question was less than professional. I don't know who she is, but it is inappropriate to respond in the manner that she did–regardless of the circumstances.

***  From PG:

I hope you're not paying this smart ass. 
Number one, it's impossible to tell where one job ends and another begins.
Number two, I don't need someone who doesn't know me sending me an email telling me to chill.  I wasn't even going to complain until he got cute.
By the way, my 16-year-old daughter sends messages that say OMG.
How's this for an abbreviation:  WTF?

***  From SS:

Without the formatting it was too hard to read and took too long.  Had to bag it.  That's a buzz kill.


***  A suggestion for Uma to “get into Ned’s email.”

Good morning.  I'm glad Ned can count on you so he can enjoy his vacation and those of us looking for jobs and needing to hire can keep up the momentum.  I am sure it must be overwhelming taking over Ned's job list and figuring out his system or the best for you.
Something I noticed and am concerned about:  The jobs from last week and this seem very minimal compared to usual.  I'll bet that's because folks who use his list to post jobs don't necessarily read it and don't know about your email.  I wonder if it's possible to get into Ned's email if you think I may be right.  If not, it's possible by the time Ned gets back those jobs will be filled or they will have received enough applications from posting on other sites.
No need to reply.  I'm sure you'll make sure it's covered.  Or, maybe next time Ned can try other options if I'm right.


(Followed by this…)

I'm not one of the folks who sent you an email about this not being presented, as Ned does, as a numbered list — it sounds like you have really been slammed.  I can't imagine how much work it must be, especially first crack, to assemble all these postings and then list them, including the title, company, and location from the email.  And, it must be a lot to fit in when one works full-time.  Even with Ned doing this for years, it must take quite a bit of time.
Maybe an alternative to make it fast for you or for someone else next time Ned is away would have been to number each job and then boldface the company, title, and location.  It took me a while to get through the list to find many locations.  Those who alerted you likely weren't looking for you to “cater” to their “whims,” as you said Ned will, but trying to get through this important listserv quickly, and used to a format Ned developed, I believe, for that reason.
Meanwhile, good luck and enjoy your week.


***  Ned comments:  Since I started doing JOTW, I run across all kinds of jobs in the course of a week.  I post those listings in the newsletter.  That’s one reason why the regular JOTW may seem larger, with more jobs, than the two issues produced in my absence.  If any feels there are not enough jobs shared in JOTW, I ask them this question (knowing that JOTW is a cooperative network):  What jobs have you submitted recently?  The negative feedback I received was almost universally from people I don’t think I’ve received any contributions from, ever.

*** The price:

Dear Ned,

The impatience and intolerance that one may divine from messaging here during the last couple of weeks would seem shocking were it not so manifest in so many other areas of our culture — behavior on the nation's motorways comes to mind.  Then there's the world of ideas, so elegantly discussed by J.S. Mill just a few short years ago (has it been even a century yet?) and so inelegantly manifest in so many other Internet lists and newsgroups today.  Or perhaps….no, let's leave it there.

Honestly, Ned, despite your apology, it must be the high price for the subscription.

Best regards to you and Uma.

David Coia
Arlington, VA

***  Nastygrams:


People must learn to relax and enjoy life. I agree with you 100%. There was absolutely no reason to send nastygrams to Uma.

Go Red Sox!!
SGM Steve Valley

(They can't do that to our pledges.  Only we can do that to our pledges.)

Neidemeyer, DEAD!!! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?
SGM Steve Valley

(Put Neidermeyer on it.  He's a sneaky little sh*t just like you, right?)

(The time has come for someone to put his foot down.  And that foot is me.)

Double secret probation should fix our problems.
SGM Steve Valley

(Redo those buttons!  Dress that belt buckle!  Straighten that cap!  And goddamn it, tuck up those pyjamas!  Attention! Eyes front!  What's that on your chest, mister?)

***  From Dr. Diane Tobin Johnson:

Hi.  I am one of the lurkers, someone who never posts a job. I teach
public relations at Truman State University and am always looking for
internships for my students. We have a student chapter of IABC,
affiliated with a terrific Kansas City IABC chapter. Their education
chair, Jennifer Bice, has been absolutely wonderful with my students
this past year. Your readers and posters may wish to know that I often
use the actual job postings on JOTW to demonstrate what kinds of jobs
students might aspire to hold as they mature in their careers. I'm sorry that your readers were impatient with the last editions of JOTW. You offer a very valuable service. It's not just about the information you provide, but the spirit in which you provide it. Live long and prosper…

Diane Tobin Johnson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Communication
Truman State University

***  From Kim Perz:

Uma did a great job with JOTW
it had a lighter, hippie-like, free-spirited flair loved it you can have more guest editors that was fun.

***  I feel a song coming on…


Like it says in the song by inexplicably-still-unknown songwriter Greg
Marsh, “… More proof — people are jerks!” You rock, and Uma did us
all a good service in your absence. Some folks just aren't happy unless they're bitching about something. And to think that I almost married one of them!

Greg Marsh

PS – FYI, if you're looking for trouble this Saturday, the Marsh Brothers Band is playing at the Olney Tavern, 18101 Town Center Drive in Olney, Md. (same shopping center as the movie theater, but at the other end, near the intersection of 108 and Spartan). Your first round's on me if you can make it. We're not planning to play “People Are Jerks,” but if you show up, we'll change our plans.

***  Masterful:

Today's message to the network was perfectly worded – proving once and for  all that you are the master communicator in our midst.


***  From D.B.:

I am not sure what the complaints were specifically, but in my book, brevity is a big plus.
My complaint would be that the newsletter is getting too long.  I would actually like brevity to be stressed and/or I suggest that you send out less postings more often — 2 or even 3 times a week.  Somehow I find it easier to take 5-8 minutes 2 or 3 times a week versus 15 minutes once a week.
Thanks for the newsletter in general.
(I used to do that.  It took extra time which I just don’t have.  Sorry.)

***  Mike’s dates are off by about four years:


I, for one, as one of the original 300-400 subscribers in 1996, greatly appreciate all that you do, Ned, and all that those who likewise volunteer to help write and edit this do as a service to the profession.  While I cannot say I have always been an active reader or contributor, I can say that I have benefited from finding opportunities to which to apply and from hiring someone who found my listed position on JOTW.

It cannot be said enough….all this for less than the cost of one cup of coffee a year.  What this newsletter does most, all the job listings aside, is to nurture the spirit of community within the communications profession.  What the complaining does most — and perhaps only — is work to alienate individuals, eventually tearing that community apart.  Folks when you get something so valuable for free, why in God's name (or anyone else's name) can't you accept it graciously for what it gives you warts and all.

Thanks Ned.  And thanks for the great, unselfish job Uma.

Michael Clendenin

(What warts?  And the first issue of JOTW came out in 2001.)

***  Pass the pills:

Hi Ned,
Food for thought: If a changed format was the worst thing that happened to the critics that day then they still had a pretty good day. I agree with Uma, they should have taken a “chill pill” aka relaxed because the format change was not that critical nor did it warrant raised tempers.
Keep up the good work. I appreciate all that you (and your stand-ins) do to assist job-seekers.
Best regards,

***  The best:
Dear Ed,
I am sorry that you received such comments while you were away.  This is, indeed, a wonderful newsletter–the best I have seen in my more than 25 years in communications.  I think that your comments were succinct and quite appropriate.
Hope that you and Laura enjoyed Florence.  My husband David and I went to Rome, Florence and Venice on our honeymoon and I really liked Florence.  So pretty, so much to see, and the food!
Regards and have a great weekend,

***  From Darlene K. Frank:

Ned…I have been an avid reader for several years.  You do a marvelous job with the JOTW.  I thought Uma did a fine job pinch hitting (better than the Orioles, I might add)!  Yes, it may have taken me a few extra minutes to scroll down without numbers, but I always scroll down and read the newsletter in its entirety anyway!  What has become of us?  We've become such an entitlement society…even when percs are free!
Darlene K. Frank

***  Thanks!

I, for one, appreciated it. Those who complained have too much time on their hands, and maybe should have volunteered to do it themselves…Thanks, Uma.


***  From Mary Humphreys:

Thank you for publishing the Job of the Week. It is an awesome, interesting read. Your hard work is very much appreciated.
Have a great week and don't let the boo birds get to you.
Mary Humphreys

***  From Vickie:

I'll admit that it was a little hard to read, but I
totally agree that people have no right to complain.
This IS a free service, and I, for one, am thankful to
receive it in whatever format I can.  Keep up the good
job Ned and Uma!

***  From CS:

I loved Uma's response for folks to chill out and I like the way you handled the matter too.  Is there really a need to show how stupid some of these people are by posting their comments? The JOTW ain't a blog and in my opinion, they don't deserve your attention.

***  Creatures of habit:

I'm among the silent ones, Ned, but count me among the very
appreciative!  Uma did okay, but the best thing she did was help all of us appreciate you even more. We're all creatures of habit and, as with anything in life, it all depends on what we're used to. Thanx for all you do.
Tony Tortorici

***  Silent majority:


Your efforts (and Uma's) are gratefully accepted. I think the “scaled back” version that we received this past week highlights the effort you put into the newsletter.

I am one of those “silent recipients” that benefited from a two-year
contract thanks to JOTW.

I often refer employers and colleagues to your newsletter, so I hope I have helped to build the network in some small way.

Many thanks,

Sheila Taylor ABC

***  From Rob Hallam:

Ned, well said.  I had many of the same thoughts as I read the thread yesterday.   You provide such a wonderful service, free.  Thanks for your continued commitment to this, even in the face of the ungracious and ungrateful.


***  From Suzan with a “z”:

Complaints? Gosh! Please add this to your list of “Uma comments”:

Dear Uma,

Over the years, I have periodically submitted jobs, communicated off-list with other subscribers, met and heard Ned speak when he appeared locally. I have asked questions and answered those of other subscribers, offered up MY most haunting song and come to Ned's defense when lurkers volunteered nothing more than criticism. And I consider myself one of the least active of the “active subscribers”.

Thank you for stepping in to edit the newsletter while Ned was away. How many of the other 10k+ subscribers offered to do so? I know I didn't. I also took no offense to anything you did or said in Ned's absence. Unless the intent has changed since I first signed up years ago, this newsletter is a community–a place where a group of cyber buddies (who just happen to all be communicators) can–for a few moments a day–forget about grammar and spell check, political correctness and consistent verb tense. Oh, and by the way,
there is a list of job openings too.

So, Uma…on behalf of us all (even those who momentarily forgot their manners and the fact that they paid nothing therefore are owed nothing), thank you again for your efforts.


***  Undimmed memories:

Dear Mr. Lundquist:
Welcome home!

I was terribly sad to read these reactions to Uma's efforts.
Alas, I'm one of your “silent” readers. Although I've made a successful career as a writer in TV, adv and corporate, I do not have a college degree, so I do not meet the requirements for most of the staff jobs your excellent newsletter presents.  I do pass the newsletter on to colleagues, however.

Please forgive me for being remiss in thanking you for your hard work.  It is greatly appreciated by many who are not even subscribers!
I will search the JOTW website for Uma's email and send her a thank you, as well.

I hope “reality” does not dim your memories of Florence.  I hear it is a magical place.

God bless – and thank you for sharing so much of yourself.

Wendy Wilson

*** From the coyote:

gotta go along with Uma – hay for my horses, ale for my men and chill pills all around for all ye whining, pusilanimous carpers who befoul the air with their bestial braying — you're lucky to have the list at all, and for free? Oh give it a rest!

(I can't believe you really know how to spell pusilanimous.)

I'm a journalist, an editor, a damn fine writer, and I spell for a living!! LOL

(I can see that.)

Now, if I can just find another terrific job doing it, for something I give a hoot about – LOL

***  From BG:

Ned –
You are far too patient and understanding of the idiotic, insensitive and self-absorbed people on this network.  Uma's attempt to step in and take over so you can enjoy some well-deserved time off should not be criticized.  Her comment of “take chill pill” was not offensive in any way, and was perhaps a very controlled response to the comments she had to endure.  Again, you have been far too understanding and patient over the years with some of the people in this network, particularly as it has grown.  Granted, this is a “free” service and one in which the sense of community is what makes it so unique and special.  But that does not mean anyone (you, Uma) should accommodate, let alone tolerate those individuals who clearly are only concerned about their own personal needs and interests.  Please know your efforts, as well as Uma's, are very much appreciated.
***  Shop around for a better deal:

I'm very sorry to hear about the jerks who gave you and/or Uma a hard time. Let those who are dissatisfied take their money elsewhere… oh, that's right, it's free!

All the best,
Debbie Feldman Jones
***  Kudos:

I just wanted to apologize on behalf of anyone who made nasty comments while you were away.  I really appreciate getting the newsletter each week and as someone who used to do a weekly e-newsletter — I can imagine the amount of work it takes to pull it together each week.
As one of your fans who silently enjoys (and is informed by) your newsletter each week — kudos and THANK YOU!
I hope you had a wonderful vacation and can only hope that your inbox didn't make the memories of a great trip fade away too fast 🙂
Ann Botsford-Fortin
P.S.  Please pass on thanks to Uma as well, she did a fine job!
***  No umbrage:

Dear Ned:

I am among the normally silent ones, but I'm piping up now to offer you encouragement and give you my thanks for all the work  you put into this well-organized, informative, up-to-date, thoroughly useful, amusing and clever newsletter. And my thanks to Uma also, for picking up the ball while you were gone. Please tell her not to take umbrage at the cantankerous ones among us.


***  Ship shape and Bristol fashion, as they say down there in the Bosun’s locker:

Amen. You do an amazing job, and, as one of those often silent ones, I want you to know that while the appreciation isn't sent often, it definitely is felt often! As for Uma, a big THANKS should go to you for taking on a “foreign” assignment and keeping the ship afloat!
***  Irreproachably responsible:

Dear Mr. Lundquist,
Perhaps those who complained to/about Uma Thangaraj would have enjoyed adding the sizable responsibility of getting JOTW out in your absence to their daily list of things to do. (Anything that appears as often as JOTW requires daily minding.) I, for one, thought it irreproachably responsible of you to find someone to keep JOTW going while you were away for all of two weeks and irreproachably responsible and brave, both, of Ms. Thangaraj to take it on. Please give her my thanks. I hope that will go some way toward persuading her (and you) that not everyone who follows JOTW is an ill-tempered dolt.
Mary Cadette

***  From DM:

Thanks to you and Uma and everyone for your work in helping others find their dream employment.

***  Kentucky, Birthplace of the Renaissance:


I would have saved my vitriol for the guy who went to Italy, not the
poor person left to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together.
Unless I have the wrong Florence, and you were actually visiting
Florence, Kentucky…

Rob Palmer

***  Dear Ned, Uma, and JOTW Community

I'm incredulous that people had the audacity to complain. This service is a significant amount of work. That Uma offered to help and get the newsletter out in a simplified way should be appreciated by us all.

Sincerely Yours,

Steve Spector

(She actually thought about cutting it way back, to about a page and a half.)

***  Pill was perfect:

Ned & Uma:
I've never commented nor posted any thing on JOTW, but have immensely enjoyed my subscription to this list for over 4 years and am always amazed how you pull it together each week on your own time.
I will only comment now to tell you this was very well said and well deserved. I loved Uma's “chill pill” comment and in reading it was absolutely baffled to think anyone would find it appropriate to complain about a volunteer stepping in to help with a free volunteer-run collaborative service they chose to sign up for their own benefit.
I'm confident many of us subscribers would agree that we would not want to work for, nor hire, those that gave any thing less than support to Uma as you so deserve to enjoy a “JOTW-free” vacation with your wife. I'm glad you are publishing the comments!
Teryl O'Keefe Taglieri

***  She took all my witty things, too:

Hi Ned,
I think Uma did a great job. And I loved her witty take on things. Whoever complained doesn't deserve this remarkable list. They should be grateful. It's pathetic that they complained, or worse, were rude.
So, kudos to Uma!  And kudos to you and your wife for taking a much-deserved break.
all my best, Allison Silberberg
***  Weighing in:

Ned — this is the first time I have been compelled to weigh in on an online discussion.
Three cheers (or more) for Uma who stepped up to the plate to put out JOTW.  For all of those individuals who criticized her, I say let them give it a shot and see if they can do any better.  And if they can, then you can go on more vacations!!
I have been a subscriber for two or so years, submitted one job (I hope you got the autographed bike hat), recommended this to many and applied for a few openings myself.  I am so grateful for your willingness to provide this service. 
Keep up the good work.  I meant that for Uma too.
Laura Perry

***  From Lee Thomas:

Ned ~ So sad to hear that there were folks who complained when Uma so graciously took on this huge task. in order to give you and your lovely bride a much-needed break.  I second the chill pill sentiment.
And, because I'm sure as often as people may say it, it's not nearly enough to balance the magnitude of the benefit you've offered to thousands, THANK YOU, NED! (and Uma and Shonali and all other past substitutes). ~ C'Lee

***  O*N*L*Y  JOTW:


Oh, for God's sake!  You mean people actually griped?  There are days I fear for the future of our world (lots of them, in fact) and when I hear this sort of carping I want to scream:  “Idiots!  Do you realize
that Ned Lundquist's JOTW is the ONLY — can you spell O*N*L*Y? —  
national service of its kind.  And it's FREE!  And it WORKS!  And 
it's a LABOR of LOVE!  Grow up!  No wonder you can't get a job with 
attitudes like that!

I'm sorry this happened to Uma — I, for one, read her remarks with a
big smile on my face and I hope you'll convey that message.

Yours is a wonderful service.  I can't really imagine the work it 
takes to do it, but I have an awfully good idea that I couldn't 
sustain the effort in the way you have.  On in ANY way approaching 
the quality and dedication that's in every single issue!!

Damn people, anyway.


Michael Scott
DINFOS Guy and Marilyn Canna's friend
Indianapolis, IN

***  From the JOTW Web Guru:


Welcome back!  I was very surprised at the negative reaction some people had to the work done by Uma.  It certainly is true that most people just do not understand how much work it takes to create and maintain websites.  Uma deserves a round of applause for her efforts in your absence to maintain the JOTW email and website!


***  Tough to read, but tough not to love:

Yes, sure, it was a bit tough to read through the jobs without the numbering system. BUT PLEASE, I totally agree with your message — it was right on about people feeling entitled to your free service. RIDICULOUS that people complained…maybe you should just take them off your list! Ha, that'd show 'em…
Tell poor Uma I'm sorry she got so many complaints. It's sickening that professional colleagues (?!) would behave that way.
Jennifer K. Smith

(I resist such impulses.)

***  Giving to the profession:

Dear Ned:

I'm sorry to hear that people complained about this week's newsletter, but not surprised. While I'm silent on this group, I've been active and a moderator for another job support group for more than three years, all volunteer work that takes a lot of time. I try to keep focused on the people who appreciate the services and not let the petty ones get me down. Keep up the good work!

(What kind of job support group?)

Actually it's two, the St. Patrick's Scottsdale Employment Support Ministry

and the Scottsdale Job Network.  and

The first one spawned the second one.  Both are for professional level
individuals in the metro Phoenix area. The first group was formed in 2002 after the tech downturn left so many of us un and underemployed in this area without a lot of support.

For PR people the local IABC website is the best resource for local PR job postings and Ken Jensen does a nice job of forwarding those listings to you.  I'm an IABC member and really value the group here but am able to relocate and find the JOTW invaluable for national/international postings.

***  From TK:

I am so saddened that people actually complained.  Your newsletter is a generous service to so many people, and I know that it is a huge undertaking of time and energy.  Thank you Uma for picking up the ball and doing such a great job.  Ed has big shoes to fill and you did a great job.  Many thanks! 
Now you deserve a vacation!

***  Enlarged heart:

Dear Ned:

I was shocked and disillusioned to read that there were folks who read JOTW who actually complained to you about JOTW during your absence (or have ever complained about any aspect of JOTW).  Good grief — it's a free service!  And a tremendous one.  Hardly an issue goes by that I don't think to myself that whoever this Ned Lundquist is, he's fantastic to provide such a service to all of us communications and PR professionals.  I personally think JOTW
is the single most helpful tool a communicator has in terms of finding or filling a position.  PLUS, it's fun, it's entertaining, you give it wit and charm……..

Here's to you, to JOTW, and to Uma, for having a big enough heart to at least try to fill in for you in your absence.

I hope you and your wife had a marvelous trip.


Donna Foley

*** The unseemliness of it all:


I'd like to complain about you complaining. I think that it's unseemly for a purveyor of free information to give an opinion on another's sense of entitlement to it. I especially don't like it when folk who wish to unsubscribe after they landed a job as a result of JOTW are asked to stay with the network and submit opportunities so that others may benefit. For cryin' out loud, they have jobs! They can't be expected to contribute to the profession because they are busy!

I think you do a great job with JOTW but this just crosses the line. BTW, where was the weekly pirate report while you were gone?  I like to read that while I drink my coffee in the morning. Please try to include that in next week's edition or I'll have to ask you to unsubscribe me.

Firm bound in brotherhood,

***  Last Walz:

Hi, Ned.
I didn't want to further inundate your inbox with more Uma-related messages, but I had to let you know that I think Uma did a fine job.  Your free JOTW consistently provides more valuable content than any of the paid job-related services my friends have used, and Uma was a peach to volunteer (emphasis on volunteer) to keep it rolling while you were on vacation.
Thanks for taking the time to keep us entertained and informed.
Best regards,
***  The final word:

Well, that was exciting, wasn't it?

Ned, thank you for all that you do.  I realize that this is a labor of love for you but it is extremely laborious (and lovely when you do it); I had absolutely no idea.  I know that this is one of many volunteer efforts that you are involved in and it makes me respect you even more.

I signed on to help you out.  I took on more than I had time for but did not realize it until you were leaving on that jetplane. 

After a particularly intense weekend on the homefront, I was falling asleep on the keyboard Sunday night and had to make a decision on whether to send out the newsletter or to fuggadaboutit.  I decided that the jobs that were in high demand and if the formatting was going to hold me up, then that would be the piece I could compromise. 

I know that I was truly appalled by and responding to the attitude of entitlement among some of your readers. 

This is a free newsletter that exists because you do.  It exists because of your altruistic nature (something I will not even pretend to possess) and I was shocked by the way your readership takes you for granted.

The hate mail I received in response to my caustic remark blew me away.  Was my remark in poor taste?  Nah, no more than the remarks of the subscribers who were wringing their hands in agony because of the missing numbers.

In response to the gentleman who compared my choice of vocabulary to his 16-year old's, I would like to say that I have an 18-year old who believes the world owes her everything.  For free.  The attitude of some of the readers is not far from that.

I am a smartass.  I suspect that's why you asked me to help out.

I want to thank all those who wrote in support of my remark.  I have not been an active member of JOTW in a long time and from what I recall, this was a community that believed that humor and levity were antidotes to life.  It was reassuring to know that some of you still believe that.

Ned, if you feel it appropriate to garnish my wages, I understand.  Like, totally.



(Uma, more than 1,000 people checked out the website last Tuesday.  That’s some kind of record.)

I was there 999 times.  Does that count?


***  JOTW’s safety tip of the week:

When somebody says you have a bee up your butt, this may be why:

***  Whoops, I did it again:

Once again I clicked on the wrong thing, and this time I deleted all email addresses that had recently bounced.

I’m sorry.

***  Ned says “Blades of Glory” is a pretty funny movie.

***  From Dr. Diane Cherry:

Good morning and welcome home . . .
If it is appropriate, will you place this “call” in the next issue of JOTW?
If possible, thanks in advance!
Enjoy your day!
D. L. Cherry, Ph.
I'm a German Fulbright scholar in the graduate journalism program at
American University, and I'm currently looking for interesting
interviewees for my final thesis on political journalists in the
United States and Germany.

After graduating here at AU in May I go back home and finish my
study in Munich, meaning I have to write a final thesis (ca. 150
pg.). The thesis is a comparison between the self-perception of
American and German political journalists. Therefore I have to
interview eight to ten U.S. journalists before I go home. So far,
all my interviewees have been white men and women, but of course I
want to interview a diverse group of journalists. Therefore I’m now
trying to reach out to journalists via the various professional

Basically, it would be a conversation about the journalist's career,
his/her job and his/her view on some ethical issues. An interview
would take somewhere between 45 min and 60 min and would have to be
in person. The way I will work with the interviews is that I record
them (audio) and then transliterate the conversations before I
analyze them. In this process the interviewee will be made

Unfortunately, I'm poor and cannot reimburse my interview partners
with more than some coffee. But the journalists so far all enjoyed
the conversation. I realize a ca. one hour long interview is a lot
of time I'm asking for, but at least I'm very flexible regarding
timing and location.

I know that you are not a political journalist, but maybe you can
think of a non-white political journalist at a newspaper in
Washington who might be willing to get interviewed? I already
interviewed one reporter of USA Today and have one more interview at
the paper scheduled; therefore it would be perfect if you know
someone at another paper? This mail is probably a little bit
strange, but I'm just trying to get interesting interviewees who
reflect the diversity in U.S.newsrooms.

If you'd like to know more about my thesis I'm of course more than
happy to answer your questions.

It would be great to hear back from you.

Thanks and have a great day,


Max Ringsgwandl
Tel. 202-415-3043
German Fulbright Scholar

M.A. Journalism and  Public Affairs Candidate
American University
Washington, D.C.

***  Why Can’t the “Can’t Wait” postings wait until the Monday newsletter comes out?


Hey, just wanted to drop you a note to say I really appreciate the
service you provide with the job listings.  I've been a subscriber for
a number of years now, and have always enjoyed your mix of job
listings and community focus.

Just curious, though–what constitutes a “can't wait” job listing?  I
haven't been able to figure out what makes the ones you have sent
merit special placement–no offense intended to the employers. It
seems that we receive more and more e-mails from JOTW these days–the
actual JOTW, then the separate e-mail saying the JOTW has been posted
online (can't this be combined?) and sometimes an additional two
e-mails on top of that each week.

Don't mean to be a pain, and again, completely understand that this
newsletter is of your own style and choosing.  But in this day of
inboxes being flooded I wonder if I'm the only one who would
appreciate going back to the once a week (per the name of the
newsletter), and the occasional special notice on top of that.
Honestly–I do pay more attention when I only hear from you once a
week, versus several times a week.

My two cents, for what it's worth. Thanks,


(I appreciate your two cents.  That's why I am sure you can appreciate my $200.
That's the deal.  I put out a free service for job posters, but if they have a job that just can't wait until the once-a-week newsletter, I can be persuaded to put out a special notice.  It says this in each “Can't Wait” posting, and the “Can't Wait” info is on the website.
If I can put out one or two “Can't Wait” postings a month, that can help me make a mortgage payment or two.  If the demand goes up, the price will go up.

***   Another great “Can’t Wait” posting for the JOTW network

Ed…how can one post a “can't wait e-mail”?  Great idea.


(The same way you post a regular job for free in the newsletter, except you agree to pay $200.  I need job title, company/organization, location, along with a brief description and instructions on how to follow-up, who to contact, etc.)

***  Wait!  There’s more on the “Can’t Wait” postings:

Dear Ned,

I've had no problems or complaints with this network service and as my own organization has jobs to offer, I will certainly consider posting with you.

I joined the service because you have put together a nice list of network jobs to review once a week.  I realize you do this only to contribute valuably to a professional communications network.  I think we all appreciate your efforts to do this each week and I certainly look forward to reviewing updates with the usual frequency.

However, the frequency of these “can't wait” postings, which are distributed sometimes several times a week, I feel are somewhat excessive.  I understand that sometimes there is a genuine need to email the group if there is something truly exceptional and time-sensitive that cannot wait, but I feel that emailing us with alerts more than once a week is slightly invasive- lately I feel like I'm on a spam list.

I do thank you for your efforts, but ask gently if you can please consider the frequency of distributing emails.  If the volume and frequency continues to increase, my choice would be to leave the network.  I hope this feedback is taken in the spirit of a constructive suggestion.

Many thanks for your consideration,


(Ned responds:  It is, and I thank you for your feedback.
When I decided to allow for some revenue to be derived from the time and effort I had invested into building and supporting the JOTW network, I looked at several different methods of revenue generation.
I could charge for subscribers.  I could charge for jobs to be posted.  I could charge advertisers.  And I could have sponsors.
Let's look at these individually.
I was averse to charging subscribers.  I felt I would lose the heart of the network I had built, and would be left with a much smaller “critical mass.”  But, when I conducted the JOTW survey a year ago, 30% of the respondents said they would pay $25 or more a year for JOTW.  15% said they would pay $50 or more.  I thought long and hard about that.  I even considered having a two-tier membership, where everyone could subscribe, but the premium paying customers got something more, something better.  I even built the website to be able to accommodate that, and established a PayPal system for handing the different levels of membership.
Lots of people charge to post jobs.  I talked to one person in the Washington area who paid something like $850 to run a help wanted ad in the Washington Post, and another $650 to run a listing on the PRSA website.  I ran his listing for free.  But how much do I charge?  And if I charged for every ad, how many people just wouldn't bother to share a job with me, and would that mean that someone in the network would miss out.  I wanted to have a unique listing of jobs, but in the quality and quantity of the jobs I share, so I was very reluctant to charge  for listings and perhaps freeze out some of the very content I was trying to offer.
Maybe I could have advertisers.  I looked at Google ads.  I figured that lots of people in the network would shell out $100 to have a small ad that pitched their copy editing services, or graphic design business, or freelance writing, or whatever.
In all of the above I would have a big job just keeping track of the business, and the money.  I just don't have time to send invoices and keep track of $100 classified ads or managing nearly 10,000 subscribers.
But what if I could charge one company or person to be the exclusive sponsor for an entire month?  Now I have an inventory of 12, and that seemed doable.
So I decided to forego the revenue that people had already told me they would be willing to pay to keep things simple for everyone.
But I was intrigued by the possibility that while the newsletter came out once aw week, someone would be willing to pay a premium to get a job posted sooner, and by itself instead of among all the others.  I arbitrarily selected a cost of $200.  I expected that I would get maybe one or two a month.  If I received on “Can't Wait” posting a month, that would mean $2,400 in revenue for the year.  If  the idea took off I could adjust the rate.  But it didn't really catch on.  I've had a few.  This past two weeks, however, I've had several, and further interest in more.  So, maybe it is time to raise the rate from $200 to $300. 
A couple of you have mentioned that you prefer to receive one email on Monday instead of the “Can't Wait” postings.  In other words, you are saying “can't the 'Can't Wait' postings wait?”  The answer is, if you didn't get three “Can't Wait” postings in your inbox last week, then that would be three less emails you would have to contend with.  That would also mean that three job opportunities from anxious employers would wait until the next week to be made known.  And it would mean that I would not receive $600.
So, Sarah, if you know me and the approach I have taken to working for this network since January 2001, you know I'm not greedy.  JOTW is my avocation, not my job (contrary to what some subscribers think, I have a fulltime job with a kickass title).  But I'd like to pick up the $600 that's sitting on the table if you don't mind.)
Sarah responds:

I appreciate the quick and very thorough response.

Please remove me from your distribution list.


(The instructions on how to remove yourself are at the very end of the newsletter.  But I have to ask why you want to be removed.  I thought I gave a fair and reasonable explanation.

Will do Ned- thanks for the instructions.

Your answer is fine, but as I indicated, I don't want to receive more than a weekly newsletter that sounds like it could develop into several emails a week or even a few a day- this is simply my preference. I don't mind paying for a membership to an association with a network board, as long as I can check it at my convenience or with mailings no more than once a week.

I hope this makes sense and I mean it with nothing more than practicality.


(With Topica you can receive JOTW in the digest version, and only receive emails once a week.  That sounds like the user-preference you should select.  You get one email a week, and I retain a valuable member of our network.)

***  How to:

I have been a subscriber for three years now! Great, great newsletter!

I have a job posting I would like to post please. How is this done? What are the requirements? It is a knowledgebase manager/technical writing position. Is this appropriate?

Thank you in advance for your answers.


(Sure.  Send me the job title, company or organization, and location, along with a brief description and information on how to respond or who to contact.  It's free, and will come out in Monday's newsletter, unless you want to push it out by itself before Monday.  Then it costs $200.)

***  How to:

Hello Ned,

Having never done this before – what do I need to do to submit a listing for myself in your newsletter? I am trying to leave my current post  (and create a job for someone else) and move on to something more satisfying. Looking for advice from you which would be most appreciate.

(The One Paragraph Pitch is whatever you want to say about yourself.  It always stands alone at the beginning of each newsletter.  But there's a wait, so be patient.  Then, if there is a valid job opportunity for your replacement, send the job title, organization or company, and location, along with information on who to contact or how to follow up, and an optional brief description, to me.)

***  From Adrianne George:

I stole one (of many) ideas from you today.

I sent out a “Can't Wait” newsletter to my email group because I have a great listing for a native English speaker.  In fact, here is it for JOTW:

1.)  Web Communications Manager for Stockholm Vatten AB/Stockholm International Water Institute, Stockholm, Sweden

English fluency (preferably as a mother tongue) 3-5 years of experience in web design and development, or a combination of education and experience, strong web writing skills, solid understanding and creative implementation of advanced design principles, expertise in developing, maintaining, and updating material, experience in developing and maintaining restricted access web material, good knowledge of Dreamweaver, good knowledge of Adobe Photoshop or other photo layout programmes.

Take care,
***  From Chrisi Rogers:

2.) Writer/Editor, National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative, Herndon, VA

Reports to the Director, Communications. Interacts with internal and external customers.
The Writer/Editor is responsible for ensuring that communications projects, as assigned, meet stated goals and deadlines.
• Assess client’s communications needs in context of corporate goals.
• Determine appropriate communications vehicle.
• Manage all phases of each communications project assigned including (as needed) client-relations, research, interviewing, writing, re-writing, editing, fact-checking, formatting, desktop publishing, producing, coordinating with graphics and other departments, proofreading, distributing, and archiving.
• Assist in planning of Communications Department goals and objectives.
• Other duties and special projects as may be assigned.
• Bachelors’ degree in English or journalism, or equivalent, and two (2) years’ experience (aggregate) from among the following fields: writing/editing on deadline for a periodical or Web site; technical writing; training/education; speechwriting/marketing/public relations.
• Excellent editorial skills including grammar, spelling, punctuation, organization, and presentation of information.
• Excellent project-management skills including client relations, time management, coordination with other staff/vendors, and resource usage.
• Excellent writing skills including creativity, the ability to adapt the “voice” of a communication to suit the goals for the project, and readability.
• Ability to communicate effectively with all levels of the organization and edit effectively work – as assigned – from staff with differing levels of writing skill.
• Ability to use and operate a computer, monitor, printer, fax machine, copier, scanner and general office equipment.
• Ability to sit for long periods of time.
• Ability to handle defined periods of extreme stress.
• Ability to understand verbal/written instructions.
• Ability to lift a minimum of 20 lbs.
• Ability to travel (15%).
• Good problem solving and decision making skills.
• Ability to interact in a positive manner with internal and external contacts.
• Knowledge of and ability to use various software programs such as MS Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, Dreamweaver, and Explorer.

Contact:  Chrisi Rogers, 703-467-1435

3.)  Technical Writer, Institute on Homelessness and Trauma, Newton Centre, Massachusetts

***  From Maggie Martinez:

Hi Ned, thanks for your help.

I’ve got two fulltime positions:

Director of Grants Management / reports to the Executive Director

Government Affairs Manager / reports to the Director of Public Affairs

Please see attached for the details!

Maggie Martinez
Director of Human Resources
First 5 LA
ph: 213.482.7529

4.)  Government Affairs Manager, First 5 LA, Los Angeles, CA

First 5 LA is a unique child-advocacy organization created by California voters to invest tobacco tax revenues in programs for improving the lives of children in Los Angeles County, from prenatal through age 5. First 5 LA champions health, education and safety causes concerning young children and families.

Summary Under the direction of the Director of Public Affairs, the Government Affairs Manager designs, implements and manages an aggressive outreach strategy targeted to the corporate sector and policymakers. Develops internal and external communications programs that support First 5 LA's commitment to improve the health and well-being of children and families in Los Angeles County.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

Provides information, documentation and makes recommendations on all operational initiatives in the area of new and proposed legislation and regulations that impact First 5 LA, and First 5 LA's strategic goals.

Establishes and maintains lines of communication with legislative staff on a local, state and federal level, legislative analysts, consultants, public interest groups and other policymaker staff about First 5 LA's initiatives. Makes policy recommendations to First 5 LA.

Analyzes proposed legislation to develop effective strategies in promoting First 5 LA, and its strategic goals.

Collaborates with the Director of Public Affairs to provide First 5 LA's management team with research, reports, legislative updates, and recommendations on all proposed regulations and legislation that impact the organization.

Along with the Director of Public Affairs, represents the organization at statewide or regional meetings, including but not limited to, budget sessions and legislative policy/fiscal committee hearings, and participates in advisory committees.

Collaborates with the Director of Public affairs, researches, writes and facilities the development of the organization's policy positions, particularly in regards to proposed regulations and legislation.

Consults with First 5 LA directors and staff to review and make recommendations on proposed regulations and legislation dealing with existing programs or newly enacted laws.

Assists the Director of Public Affairs with the creation, implementation and management of the department's budget.

Provides management support by tracking and reporting on department projects.

Develops and implements recommended procedures and programs (including the review of work for quality, accuracy, compliance with applicable standards, policies and regulations).

Conducts public policy research and analysis related to First 5 LA's issues and programs, and advises staff on public relations aspects of such policies.

Supervisory Responsibilities
Directly supervises one non-supervisory employee. Carries out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with the organization's policies and applicable laws. Responsibilities include interviewing, hiring, and training employees; planning, assigning, and directing work; appraising performance; rewarding and disciplining employees; addressing complaints and resolving problems.

Qualifications To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Education and/or Experience
Bachelor's degree (B. A.) from four-year college or university; and six to eight years related experience. An equivalent combination of training and experience may be substituted for the education requirement (two years of experience for every one year of post-secondary education). A degree in political science, economics or journalism is highly desirable.

Language Skills
Ability to read, analyze, and interpret general business periodicals, professional journals, technical procedures, or governmental regulations. Ability to write reports, business correspondence, and procedure manuals. Ability to effectively present information and respond to questions from groups of managers, clients, customers, and the general public.

Mathematical Skills
Ability to add, subtract, multiply, and divide in all units of measure, using whole numbers, common fractions, and decimals. Ability to compute rate, ratio, and percent and to draw and interpret bar graphs.

Reasoning Ability
Ability to solve practical problems and deal with a variety of concrete variables in situations where only limited standardization exists. Ability to interpret a variety of instructions furnished in written, oral, diagram, or schedule form.

Computer Skills
To perform this job successfully, an individual should have knowledge of MS Outlook Contact Management systems; MS Access Database software; Internet Explorer Internet software; MS Excel Spreadsheet software and MS Word Word Processing software.

Other Qualifications
Must be able to travel locally within Los Angeles County up to 20% of the time, and statewide up to 5% of the time.

Understanding of general trends and policies related to children and families, i.e., childcare issues, access to healthcare, parent education, family literacy, programs related to child abuse, early childhood development and education.

Understanding of the ethnic, cultural, geographic and socio-economic issues of the populations represented in Los Angeles County.

Physical Demands The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

While performing the duties of this Job, the employee is regularly required to sit; use hands to finger, handle, or feel and talk or hear. The employee is frequently required to walk and reach with hands and arms. The employee is occasionally required to stand. The employee must regularly lift and /or move up to 10 pounds, frequently lift and/or move up to 25 pounds.

Work Environment The work environment characteristics described here are representative of those an employee encounters while performing the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.
The noise level in the work environment is usually quiet.
$70,000.00 – $85,000.00/Yearly
Contact Maggie Martinez ( )

5.)  Director of Grants Management, First 5 LA, Los Angeles, CA

Provides leadership and oversight over initiative implementation in accordance with First 5 LA's strategic plan. Includes oversight of department operations, the implementation and coordination of initiatives and grants and contract management, and the provision of technical assistance and support to grantees and contractors.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

Directs the implementation of initiatives carried out by First 5 LA in accordance with the organization's strategic plan.

Oversees the Grants Management department, which includes the coordination of initiative and projects and general oversight of the department's activities.

Develops and implements policies and procedures related to initiative implementation, including grants and contract management, the assessment of program/project performance and related technical assistance.

Develops and implements an organizational framework that identifies and addresses the organizational capacity building needs of grantees and contractors, to include:
– individual and group strategies for strengthening capacity.
– sustainability issues related to initiative implementation

Facilitates the negotiation of yearly contract/agreement renewals and recommends contracts/agreements for approval.

Facilitates the monitoring of compliance and the provision of support for grantee/contractor project implementation.

Facilitates the monitoring of program-level evaluation plans and the provision of technical assistance as necessary.

Facilitates the development and periodic review of grantee/contractor project document formats (i.e., scope of work); progress and evaluation reporting systems, formats, and monitoring instruments.

In collaboration with the department of Research & Evaluation, facilities the defining of program-level data and data collection processes, and collects and disseminates performance data.

Facilitates participation in interdepartmental initiatives/projects to inform the planning and evaluation process.

Facilitates the dissemination of information through interdepartmental workgroups by providing implementation information and/or findings.

Participates in the development and implementation of the organization's strategic plan, initiative sand strategies.

Supports First 5 communication efforts for First 5 LA sponsored public education and outreach campaigns.

Collaborates with other local service agencies, governmental institutions, foundations, schools and businesses to identify additional support for grantees and strategic partners.

Represents the organization and participates in meetings and conferences as appropriate.

Supervisory Responsibilities
Directly supervises 18 employees in the Grants Management Department in accordance with the organization's policies and applicable laws. Responsibilities include interviewing, hiring, and training employees; planning, assigning, and directing work; appraising performance; rewarding and disciplining employees; addressing complaints and resolving issues.

Education and/or Experience
Master’s Degree from an accredited institution; a minimum of 15 years related senior management experience ; or equivalent combination of education and experience.

Language Skills
Ability to read, analyze, and interpret the most complex documents. Ability to respond effectively to the most sensitive inquiries or complaints. Ability to write speeches and articles using original or innovative techniques or style. Ability to make effective and persuasive speeches and presentations on controversial or complex topics to top management, public groups, and/or boards of directors.

Mathematical Skills
Ability to calculate figures and amounts such as discounts, interest, commissions, proportions, percentages, area, circumference, and volume. Ability to apply concepts of basic algebra and geometry.

Reasoning Ability
Ability to define problems, collect data, establish facts, and draw valid conclusions. Ability to interpret an extensive variety of technical instructions in mathematical or diagram form and deal with several abstract and concrete variables.

Computer Skills
To perform this job successfully, an individual should have knowledge of Contact Management systems; Database software; Internet software; Spreadsheet software and Word Processing software.

Certificates, Licenses, Registrations
Valid California Driver's License and valid automobile liability insurance.

Other Qualifications
Must be able to travel locally up to 15% of the time.

Other Skills & Qualifications
Demonstrated competency in management principles and best practices as it relates internally to grants management, program planning and implementation, evaluation, and technical assistance.

Understanding of community service implementation processes and issues.

Understanding of programs, systems and financing (i.e., WIC) that impact children and families in Los Angeles County and the programs that support them.

Competency in budget preparation and fiscal management on a program level.

Competency in contract development, administration and monitoring.

Demonstrated knowledge of technical assistance, capacity building, quality assurance and community development techniques and principles.

Understanding of public policies and trends related to children and families in Los Angeles County and the State of California.

Understanding of the community dynamics and socio-economic and political issues in LA County.

Physical Demands
The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

While performing the duties of this position, the employee is regularly required to stand; walk; sit; use hands to finger, handle, or feel; reach with hands and arms and talk or hear. The employee must regularly lift and /or move up to 10 pounds, frequently lift and/or move up to 25 pounds.

Work Environment
The work environment characteristics described here are representative of those an employee encounters while performing the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

The noise level in the work environment is usually quiet.
Pay: $100,000.00 – $130,000.00/Yearly
Contact:  Maggie Martinez ( )

6.)  Editorial Assistant, International Peace Academy, New York, New York

***  From Beth King, APR, who got it from Laurel F. Steffes:

7.)  Communications Specialist-Advanced, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Dane County & Milwaukee County, Wisconsin

The Department of Natural Resources is seeking creative communications staff. The current vacancy serves as the Southeast Region Public Affairs Manager in Milwaukee. Future vacancies are anticipated in the Madison Office. Starting pay is between $23.454 and $27.785 per hour, depending on experience and qualifications, plus excellent benefits. This position is in Pay Schedule/Pay Range 07-03. This position is in the Fiscal and Staff Services bargaining unit. A 6-month probationary period is required.

Job Duties
Implement the Department of Natural Resources' communications plans on a regional/statewide level and direct the assigned communications program. Advise program managers, supervisors and staff on internal and public communications and effective education, outreach and involvement methods. Counsel managers and staff on identifying, researching, analyzing and addressing public affairs aspects of programs. Serve as the liaison with mass media, legislators, state and federal agencies, conservation and environmental groups, and department communications and education staff. Direct crisis information response activities.

Special Notes
A background check may be conducted prior to selection.

Job Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
The most successful candidate will have knowledge of journalistic practices, standards and writing/editing techniques for news, features, and voice. Knowledge of public affairs/public relations communications practices, strategies and tools for relating to the state's print and electronic media and the Internet; message mapping and persuasive writing and adult education principles. Knowledge of communication planning including message development, identifying audiences, choosing the best tools, implementation, setting performance measures and evaluation.

How to Apply
If you wish to apply for this position, you will be required to complete an on-line exam. Your responses are considered an examination and will be used to determine eligibility for this vacancy. Applying is a 6 step process. To apply go to the State of Wisconsin's employment website ( [exit DNR]) and follow instructions.

Step 1: Click “Log In to Apply” at the top of the job announcement and log into your account. When you have logged in, find and view job announcement (0701463).
Step 2: Click “Apply Now” at the top of the job announcement.
Step 3: Review your Job Application and make any necessary updates and click “Continue”.
Step 4: Complete the Job Preferences screen and click “Continue”.
Step 5: A resume is required to apply for this position, follow the prompts to create a resume or to upload an existing resume and click “Continue”.
Step 6: You will be taken to the first page of the exam. Follow the exam instructions and click “save and continue” at the bottom of every page. When you have answered all of the questions, click “Finalize Exam” to submit your application for this job.

If you do not have a Wisc.Jobs account, Click “Log In” at the top of the webpage; Click the “Create New Account” button and follow the steps to create a new account; and then Click “Apply Now” at the top of screen and complete steps 3-6 from above.
The deadline to apply is Wednesday, May 16, 2007. If you have questions or problems accessing the exam, please contact Jill Voeltz at (608) 267-7565. Application materials will be evaluated and those most qualified will be invited to participate in the next step of the selection process.

Additional Information
For job-specific questions, contact:


PR 07-03

Individuals using a Telecommuncation Device for the Deaf (TTY) should call: (608) 267-6897.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources provides equal opportunity in its employment, programs, and services and functions under an Affirmative Action Plan. If you have any questions please write to Equal Opportunity Office, Department of Interior, Washington, D.C. 20240.

8.)  Issues Management Coordinator, British Columbia Transmission Corporation, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Preference given to those applicants who have earned the Accredited Business Communicator designation.

A “small and exciting company with a huge mandate”, British Columbia Transmission (BCTC) is BC's electrical transmission company. An independent crown corporation, we plan, operate and manage BC's high-voltage electric grid ensuring fair and open access to the grid and creating value and new opportunities for our customers and stakeholders by providing safe, reliable and cost-effective transmission services.

BCTC seeks an Issues Management Coordinator to complement the Public Affairs department. Along with a strong understanding of issues management, achieved through education and considerable experience, inherent in a public sector organization, you have demonstrable writing and strategic communications abilities.

Reporting to the Government Relations Manager, the Issues Management Coordinator identifies, plans and manages high profile and politically sensitive issues, often involving strategic, confidential and labour relations matters. The position develops appropriate response strategies and manages the implementation of tactical plans for communication to provincial and local governments, interest groups, and public audiences through a blend of communications activities, public affairs initiatives, and media relations. The Coordinator provides leadership to project teams and counsels senior managers regarding these sensitive matters and recommended mitigation measures. The position also acts in an advocacy role with government, and other key stakeholders. The coordinator will also participate in the preparation of materials including briefing notes, background documents, key messages, and speeches and presentations.

The chosen candidate will have considerable knowledge of:

– The business, political and regulatory environment within which BCTC operates, and the issues such as this corporation faces

– The philosophies, processes and practices of issues management, government relations, public affairs, media relations, and communications planning and implementation

The selected applicant will demonstrate an ability to:
– Develop plans and strategies to manage sensitive issues and provide advice and counsel pertaining to government relations and issues management in a deadline oriented, high profile and demanding environment
– Liaise effectively with local governments, stakeholder groups, the media and public

To be successful in this role, the incumbent will have:
– Excellent interpersonal, presentation and communications skills
– Well developed planning, organization, project management, leadership and facilitation skills
– Well developed analytical and problem solving skills

A University degree in communications, journalism or other relevant discipline, combined with considerable experience assessing high profile and politically sensitive issues and developing and implementing issues management strategies and tactics, preferably for a large public sector organization, is required.

To learn more about bctc and other opportunities, please go to

Interested applicants are asked to apply online via on or before May 14, 2007. Thank you for your interest, but only candidates under consideration will be contacted.

We value a diversified workforce and encourage all qualified candidates to apply.

9.)  Marketing Manager – UKTV Documentary and UKTV History, UKTV, London, UK

10.)  Public Relations Coordinator, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, Palo Alto, California

***  From Betsy Garside:

Hi Ned,
Welcome back from vacation! Will you please post the following:


The Wilderness Society, a national non-profit membership organization devoted to preserving wilderness and wildlife, seeks a creative and skilled communications specialist to join its high-profile communications team. This person will manage media, Web and other communications projects in support of TWS’s campaigns to protect wilderness land and wildlife. A bachelor’s degree and one to three years’ experience in political or advocacy communications or public relations is required, along with excellent writing and verbal skills and a proven track record of successful media relations. Knowledge of legislative process/public affairs background is a plus. The ability to juggle competing priorities and produce error-free work under tight deadlines is critical. A strong interest in and commitment to conservation, the ability to work as an effective team member, and a sense of humor are important.
The position is fast-paced and challenging, and offers a wealth of opportunity to increase and diversify skills and experience, exercise leadership, and apply creativity. Please find full position description and info on how to apply at
Betsy Garside
VP, Communications & Membership
The Wilderness Society
1615 M Street, NW, Washington, DC  20036

12.)  Marketing Communications and Advertising, Easterns Automotive Group, Reston, VA

13.)  Senior Graphic Designer, United Way of New York City, New York, New York

14.)  Editor – SCOPE (volunteer position), Australian Science Communicators, location negotiable within Australia
Ever wondered how to put together an electronic newsletter? Or perhaps
you already know and have been waiting for an opportunity to put your
talents to good use? Here's your chance.

SCOPE is the monthly online newsletter of the Australian Science
Communicators (ASC), a network of over 400 people working in science and technology communication across Australia and overseas. The current editor of SCOPE, Sarah Belfield, will be moving overseas at the end of the year, so ASC are looking for a new editor to take the reins starting with the July or August 2007 issue. This timing means Sarah will still be around to help ensure the new editor has a smooth transition into the role.

Compiling and editing SCOPE each month involves:

* inviting submissions from ASC branches and office holders around the
middle of the month
* sourcing details of any events and websites that might interest ASC
* listing recent news items or summarising topical stories that affect
the world of science communication
* incorporating anything else that helps ASC members stay abreast of
science communication issues
* lightly editing submissions for consistency of style
* marking up the month's material into basic HTML using a template
* sending out scope to members early in the month (or in the last days
of the preceding month)

One of the benefits of this role is getting to know the tireless folk
involved in Australia's science communication scene. Another benefit is gaining some insight into how editors and publishers generally operate.

For more information about ASC go to our website:

If you have any technical questions about what the role entails, send an email to Sarah

Send your expression of interest to ASC president Jenni Metcalfe BY THE END OF MAY 15, 2007.

15.)  Communications Coordinator, St. Amant, Winnipeg, MB, CANADA

16.)  Associate Web Editor, National Wildlife Federation, Reston, Virginia

***  From Jamison Gosselin:

Hi Ned,

I have two positions for posting in next week's JOTW.
Also, what is your mailing address?  Thanks for all
that you do to get the word out.

Jamison Gosselin
Director, Corporate Communications
Sunrise Senior Living

Posting One

17.)  Corporate Communications Manager, Sunrise Senior Living, McLean,

With two decades of successful service, Sunrise Senior
Living (NYSE:SRZ) is known industry-wide as a premier
provider of senior care in the US. We are also one of
the fastest-growing companies in the country and have
been chosen as one of the top 50 “Great Places to
Work” by the Washingtonian.

We are currently seeking a Corporate Communications
Manager for our International Headquarters in McLean,

The main focus of the position will be to assist with
the development and implementation of a variety of
communication programs focused on team members,
customers, the media and general public. This is not a
supervisory position.

Primary Responsibilities include:
# Developing communications strategies and tactics
related to high priority projects at the fast growing
# Drafting announcements, talking points,
presentations, speeches and press releases
# Working with the media including pitching stories,
managing inquiries and building relationships
# Coordinating issue and crisis communications with
other communications managers

Requirements include:
# A minimum of 4-8 years of experience in public
relations/communication field; specifically in a
corporate, PR agency or government environment
# Excellent oral and written communication skills
# Ability to manage multiple projects and a positive
attitude and willingness to do what it takes to
complete projects
# The person should be familiar with AP-style writing
guidelines and have a firm grasp about strategies and
tactics related to both mass and interpersonal
# The person should also have a solid understanding of
media relations and crisis communications.

This position offers competitive compensation and
excellent benefits. Our corporate office includes a
free gym, free parking, a daycare center and a deli.

Apply online on the Careers page of our website,, search for keyword

18.)  Field Marketing Manager, Sunrise Senior Living, McLean,

We are currently seeking a Field Marketing Manager at
our International Headquarters in McLean, VA.

This position supports aggressive company growth goals
and provides strategic day to day marketing support to
the field. Excellent organizational, project
management and vendor relationship skills are a must.

This position also contributes to marketing plan
development; media planning and buying; advertising
creative development; yellow page planning and
placement; direct mail campaign development; budget
management; marketing effectiveness analysis; ensuring
legal compliance; and other special projects as

Requirements include: BA/BS; 3 to 5 years of relevant
marketing experience; strong communication and
organizational skills; project management experience;
ability to think and act proactively in an extremely
fast paced, frequently changing, team-oriented
environment. Candidate should have the ability to work
individually as well as with a team; be able to give
and take direction; and have a good working knowledge
of Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Candidate will need to share marketing samples and
results. It is required that this person be able to
think strategically in a project management

This position offers competitive compensation and
excellent benefits. Our corporate office includes a
free gym, free parking, a daycare center and a deli.

Apply online on the Careers page of our website,, search for keyword

19.)  Media Reporter, Nielsen Business Media, New York, NY

20.)  General Manager, Billboard Digital, Nielsen Business Media, NY, NY

***  From Kristina A. Baumler:


No communications job posting achieves success without its 5 minutes of fame in JOTW. Please help by sharing this great opportunity to work at a truly wonderful company that really values its employee communications team!

21.)  Strategic Communications Mgr (#173842), External Relations Division, Freddie Mac, MCLEAN, VA

Job Description:
Provide strategic communications counsel, expert advice, and tactical support to assigned division(s), senior executives, department heads and senior managers. Develop integrated communications strategies and plans and oversee execution of all communications for assigned division. Participate on “critical response team” of officers and directors to address highly sensitive, urgent issues. Develop and implement strategic communications. Manage select projects for the Office of the Chairman and other special assignments, as requested. Work with division and department heads in client business areas to align communications strategies and messages with corporate strategies and messages. Identify opportunities to incorporate “voice” of senior management into business-focused communications. Make recommendations regarding the hiring and retention of staff and assign, motivate, evaluate, train and counsel assigned staff. Familiarity with affordable housing products and services and HUD affordable housing goals. Job requires a Master's degree in Journalism, English, Marketing, Business Administration or related discipline or an equivalent combination of education and experience from which comparable knowledge and skills may be acquired; eight years of experience in Fortune 100 companies managing various facets of internal and external communications issues; and experience creating coalitions among cross-divisional areas to achieve common goals.

Freddie Mac will consider applicants who require H-1B sponsorship, but only if the applicant has at least three years of H status remaining out of the original six years of permissible H status. In order to be considered for permanent residence sponsorship, the individual must be employed with the company for 12 months and meet or exceed annual performance objectives established by their management team. This is a minimum requirement for sponsorship. The decision whether to sponsor an individual for nonimmigrant or immigrant status rests exclusively with Freddie Mac.

Job Duties:
We are looking for an energetic candidate who can excel in performing the following duties:
Provide employee communications counsel and tactical support to varying levels of staff, including senior management.
Develop and implement employee communication programs and messages to staff on behalf of division leadership.
Work with communications, HR and other contacts for the IT department/Office of the CIO to create and execute employee communications plans and tactics that are aligned with divisional and corporate goals, initiatives, messages and objectives.
Proactively identify opportunities to implement various communication strategies and tactics to support the division’s strategic goals and direction.
Collaborate with members of the employee communications team who are supporting other divisions.

Successful candidates will possess the following skills:
Strong understanding of and interest in employee/internal communications.
Ability to adopt a “can-do” attitude, working well with teams and independently and adapting to a dynamic environment.
Comfort with developing relationships across a variety of departments and with staff of varying levels, including senior management.
Self-starter, highly organized project manager, able to balance multiple projects while maintaining attention to detail and a focus on delivery.
Strong working knowledge and experience in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. Excel a plus.
Significant ability to effectively communicate using a variety of channels, including face-to-face, on-line and print, to all levels in the organization.

Preferred, but not required, skills include:
Understanding of organizational development and change management disciplines.
Familiarity with corporate operations IT and Six Sigma concepts.
Persuasive and confident presentation skills.
Familiarity with the primary and secondary mortgage markets.

Resumes should be submitted online via

Kristina A. Baumler
Strategic Communications Manager
Employee Communications
Freddie Mac


23.)  PR Account Executive — High Tech , Lages & Associates, Orange County, CA

24.)  VP- Interactive Media Sales (Print and Broadcast ), Journal Sentinel, Inc. a division of Journal Communications, Milwaukee, WI

***  From Marilyn J. Perry:

Hi Ned,

I’m a faithful reader of JOTW (although I’m subscribed at my personal e-mail and this is a work related request), and I want to ask that you add this listing to your next edition:

25.)  Media Relations Specialist, Research!America, Alexandria, VA

You can provide this link ( and/or here is the full text of the placement:
Research!America is the nation’s largest not-for-profit advocacy and public education alliance working to make research to improve health a higher national priority. Our 500+ member organizations represent 125 million Americans. Reporting to the VP/Communications, this full-time, exempt position helps raise awareness of medical and health research issues and of Research!America with policy makers, current and potential members/partners, research professionals, business leaders and others committed to advancing medical and health research.
• Work with communications team and external PR firm to develop and implement media strategies.
• Build and maintain relationships with key national, trade and local media, working with communications team and PR firm. Proactively contact media, direct media queries to appropriate spokesperson, help prepare spokespersons and monitor interviews. Maintain core media list.
• Write and edit news releases, statements, letters to the editor, op-eds, position papers and media-focused Web content.
• Pursue and help coordinate executive speaking engagements; contact host organizations to identify opportunities for visibility, materials distribution, etc.; identify potential speaking venues and pitch speaking opportunities for senior staff.
• Write and edit selected articles for monthly newsletter.
• Provide communications support for Research!America events; write panel discussion summaries for media/policy audiences; assist with materials development and on-site support as needed.
• Manage media results tracking in consultation with colleagues and PR firm.
• Review and edit copy produced by other internal groups for message consistency.
• Perform other duties as assigned.
Ideal candidates possess:
• Bachelor’s degree in journalism, communications or related field.
• 4 to 5 years’ relevant experience in policy/advocacy or health/science communications.
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
• Successful media relations track record; familiarity with media database software.
• Ability to anticipate, initiate and manage rapid communications outreach to appropriate constituents.
• Experience working with senior-level experts and partner organizations; ability to interact with medical and policy opinion-leaders.
• Desire and ability to work in a fast-paced, multi-task team environment.
Starting salary: commensurate with experience; competitive benefits.
Send cover letter, résumé and no more than three writing samples to:
Heather Jameson (, VP/Communications, Research!America, 1101 King Street, Suite 520, Alexandria, VA 22314; fax: 703-739-2372.
Research!America is an equal opportunity employer.
Thanks! And while we don’t have any R!A coffee mugs, we did just have pens made with our logo, and one is in the mail to you.  ~Mari…

Marilyn J. Perry
Communications Specialist
1101 King Street, Suite 520
Alexandria, VA 22314
(703) 739-2577, ext.

Nominations for Research!America's 2008 Advocacy Awards are due May 31. Submit your nominations today and plan to join us on March 18, 2008, in Washington, DC, to honor those chosen as top advocates for research.

26.)  Writer-Manager, Conservation International, Arlington, Virginia
27.)  Communications Manager, Friends of Cancer Research, Arlington, Virginia

28.)  Communications Manager, Australian Marine
Conservation Society (AMCS), Manly, Brisbane, Queensland

AMCS is the voice for Australia's coasts and oceans. We work with local communities to protect ocean wildlife and their habitats. We are an independent, not-for-profit organisation that has been operating for over 40 years. Our conservation work is funded through the generous support of Australians who want to give something back.

We are seeking the services of a highly motivated and organised
individual with good communication/media skills and an interest in the
environment. The successful applicant will join our small and innovative team at our national office.

The purpose of the position is to secure media opportunities to support our marine conservation campaigns, promote our products and initiatives and raise our organizational profile at a local and national scale.

If you want the opportunity to work towards protecting our oceans, on
progressive initiatives such as our popular Sustainable Seafood Guide,
and working with inspiring Australians – such as our Patron Tim Winton – then this is the job for you.

* Acting as media liaison and providing strategic media and
communications guidance.
* Identifying promotional opportunities for AMCS and engaging with
potential supporters.
* Managing AMCS's website:
* Developing, implementing and evaluating an overall strategic
communications plan to meet our organisational objectives and to obtain maximum positive coverage for our activities and campaigns.
Part-time (16-23 hours per week – hours/days negotiable)
Salary: $48,000 + pro rata (plus 9% super)
* Degree in communications or journalism preferred.
* Experience in media and communications.
* Demonstrated ability to manage all areas of public relations and
marketing, including developing and implementing communications
strategies, project management, budget management and issues management.
* Outstanding communication skills, including strong analytical and
creative skills, and ability to think strategically using sound
* Knowledge and understanding of Australian media in all its forms
including print, broadcast and e-media.
* Demonstrated ability to be innovative and flexible, work under
pressure and understand the dynamics of teamwork.
* Computer literate – standard office applications including word
processing and internet communications.
* A strong commitment to conservation.

CONTACT: Kate Davey, Director: 07-3393-5811 (PO Box 5136, Manly
Queensland 4179; fax: 07-3393-5833 ; email: ). Website:
Closing date for applications: 21 May, 2007.

29.)  Director, Corporate Relations, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Illinois

***  From Jennifer Dunlea

30.)  Sr. Communications Consultant- Brand Strategy, Communications, and PR, Kaiser Permanente, Oakland, CA

The Senior Communications Consultant is responsible for providing complex communications consultation, communications planning, implementation and recommended solutions for multiple Kaiser Permanente programs and projects (targeting both internal and external audiences) to meet organizational brand and reputation goals. Specifically, this Senior Communications Consultant position is an opportunity to play a lead role in culture and organizational change and reputation management by (1) providing overall coordination, integration, and client relationship management for the communications activities supporting the HR Shared Services Organization/HRIS initiatives; (2) providing communications consulting, planning and implementation support to one or more practice leaders in the HR SSO; (3) providing strategic and tactical input on key communications/stakeholder engagement initiatives; and (4) contributing to overall HR communications!  planning and execution as needed to effectively support this client group.

Responsibilities include developing and implementing communications plans and tactics to fulfill the strategic and operational goals and objectives of the overall communications program developed by the communications practice leader for his/her clients in order to support the client's objectives and deliver, promote and protect the organization's brand and reputation. Provide communications consulting to internal clients on internal and external communications. Consulting activity will vary from verbal communications or advice on communications issues to providing customized communications materials. Strategize with client, writes creative briefs, research and analyze information, write articles, prepare presentations (PowerPoint presentations, speeches and talking points), plan logistics, and manage overall coordination. Play a leadership role by ensuring that communications activities across the HR SSO practices (1) remain true to the governing strategic communications pl! an an for HR communications, (2) are integrated and well coordinated, and (3) are of the highest possible quality. Ensure content is consistent with the Kaiser Permanente brand in terms of tone, manner, and messaging. Manage and complete multiple assignments in short time frames and coordinate diverse projects and activities into a cohesive and strategic program. Acquire the input and resources of other communications staff in the organization to fulfill the objectives of communication plans and projects on behalf of communications practice leader's clients.
Implement measures to determine effectiveness of communications programs and create plans to improve results. May supervise or mentor other communications staff for the purpose of implementing specific communications projects, events, or programs within a given timeframe; strengthening the client relationship; or ensuring high quality. The Senior Communications Consultant consults with the Communications Practice Leader for HR on an as-needed basis. Must proactively serve clients and build credible high performance communications programs and deliverables on a consistent basis. Incumbent collaborates with the HR Communications Team and Client group daily. The National Communications Team on a weekly basis. The Communications Leadership Team and the National Leadership Team direct reports and leaders weekly to monthly.

Requirements for this position include a Bachelor's degree in Journalism, English or Business Administration or related field or related experience required. Master's degree preferred. At least 10 years of experience in corporate communications environment to include 2 years of supervisory experience of entry-level communications staff required. Recent experience in planning and implementing complex internal communications plans and projects for a large, complex organization, with track record of increasing responsibility. Proven experience with corporate reputation management, internal brand reinforcement, and stakeholder engagement.
Excellent writing and editing skills for Web and traditional media. Demonstrated excellence in working effectively with senior leaders and managers in large organizations and influencing their approach to communications while nurturing the relationship. Demonstrated excellence in working collaboratively in a team setting. Familiarity with organizational technology/information systems. Track record in technology-based communication methods, especially leading Web site development projects. Comfort with principles of good Web content, organization, and user experience. Incumbent must have experience with project management and consulting skills. Excellent customer focus and writing and editing skills. Strategic thinking and planning. Organizational change, employee engagement, reputation management experience. Research and measurement knowledge and experience Performance and results focus and political and corporate cultural sensitivity. Must be familiar with Microsoft suite o! ! f applications, especially Power Point. Must be proficient in using electronic mail systems and familiar with researching and accessing information from the Internet. The Senior Communications Consultant will play a major role in planning, implementing, and managing communications projects and programs to achieve the client's objectives and positively affect the Kaiser Permanente brand and reputation. Incumbent will team up with the HR Communications Team, HR leader's teams, National Communications Team, and Corporate Communications Team. Provides overall coordination, integration, and client relationship management for the communications activities supporting the HR Shared Services Organization/HRIS initiatives.
May act as back-up to Practice Leader for HR Communications. May direct the work of the Communications Consultants episodically when several communications professionals must be brought together to execute a specific program. Although the Communications Consultant does not have direct budgetary responsibilities, expenses related to the design and production of communications materials are affected by the Communications Consultant's selection of tactics and materials.
Contact Jennifer Dunlea (
Lead Recruiter
Kaiser Permanente
Health Plan Marketing, Sales, Service & Administration
(510) 271- 5976 office
(510) 529- 9230 cell

31.)  Communications Consultant, Kaiser Permanente, Oakland, CA

As part of the largest health care organization in the world, we have a tremendous investment in hiring and developing the best technical talent in the industry. So, as we continue to migrate toward a national IT that will better serve our millions of members, the scope of IT programs, including support function initiatives, l continue to grow. And so will the number and range of IT opportunities we have to offer.

You will develop and drive communication strategies in support of IT and functional area business goals. As a key member of the Communications team, you will act as coach, counselor and execution tool for communications initiatives as you partner with HR and Finance leadership. Key projects range from website content development and executive presentations to identifying key communications issues, developing strategies, key messages and appropriate vehicles to support them.

Qualified candidates will have a Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience in Communications, Public Relations, Journalism or a related field, along with 5 years of internal communications experience in a corporate, agency or health care setting. Experience in both the Information Technology arena and a large, complex corporate environment is preferred. Excellent strategic planning, verbal communication, writing and editing skills are required. Must have the ability to work well with multiple clients, manage multiple projects and handle sensitive information with the strictest confidence. Experience with Organizational Development and Readiness is preferred. Candidate must be proficient in PowerPoint.
This position consistently supports compliance and the Principles of Responsibility (Kaiser Permanente's Code of Conduct) by maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of information, protecting the assets of the organization, acting with ethics and integrity, reporting noncompliance, and adhering to applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations, accreditation and licensure requirements (if applicable), and Kaiser Permanente's policies and procedures.
Kaiser Permanente is proud to be an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. 

Contact Jennifer Dunlea (
Lead Recruiter
Kaiser Permanente
Health Plan Marketing, Sales, Service & Administration
(510) 271- 5976 office
(510) 529- 9230 cell

32.)  Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations, Purchase College, SUNY, Purchase, New York

33.)  Marketing & Communications Director, LaGuardia Community College, Long Island City, New York

***  From Germonique Jones:

34.)  Vice President, Communications, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, New York, NY
Chaloner Associates is partnering with Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA), based in New York City, on a search for a Vice President of Communications. Planned Parenthood is the nation's leading sexual and reproductive health care advocate and provider.  With more than 860 health centers nationwide, nearly five million women, men, and teens turn to them each year for the essential services they provide regardless of income, marital status, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, national origin, or residence. Planned Parenthood offers high-quality health care, including birth control and family planning, gynecological care, STI/STD testing and treatment, pregnancy testing, and abortion services. They advocate for expanded access to these services, drawing on a base of four million activists and supporters and work with allies worldwide to ensure that all women and men have the right and the means to meet their sexual and reproductive health care needs. For more information on PPFA, please visit
Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) seeks a dynamic and effective leader to manage a communications division for a federation of 116 affiliates, operating 860 health centers that provide reproductive health and education services to nearly 5 million women, teens and families each year with a combined budget of over $900 million.  The national office has 250 employees based primarily in New York City and Washington, D.C. and an operating budget of approximately $70 million.
As a member of the senior management at Planned Parenthood Federation of America, the Vice President of Communications is responsible for developing and executing a proactive national communications and media strategy that advances the organization's mission and brand. The Vice President is expected to enhance Planned Parenthood's visibility, image and influence as well as expand and diversify revenue sources through effective product marketing, new product development and market development strategies. The division consists of individuals working in media, research, branding, social marketing, and creative services who work collaboratively to provide strategic direction, technical assistance and training to Planned Parenthood Federation of America affiliates across the country.
The Vice President of Communications serves on the senior management team for PPFA and works with colleagues on all major initiatives of the federation.  This position reports to the President of PPFA.
 The Vice President of Communications is responsible for developing and executing proactive communications and media strategies that advances the organization's mission and brand. This management position leads a team of individuals in media, research, branding, social marketing, and creative services that provide strategic direction, technical assistance and training to Planned Parenthood Federation of America affiliates across the country. The Vice President is expected to enhance Planned Parenthood's visibility, image and influence as well as expand and diversify revenue sources through effective product marketing, new product development and market development strategies.
•       Creates and implements unified, proactive, federation-wide communications, media, advertising and social marketing strategies to promote Planned Parenthood's advocacy and service mission to diverse communities and audiences.
•       Supports the Chief Executive in all media and speaking opportunities to ensure optimal media placement of the Chief Executive and other organizational spokespersons in ways that increase organizational visibility/impact.
•       Provides leadership to Planned Parenthood affiliates in implementing national media, social marketing and public education campaigns to ensure unified messages are presented to the public on issues of reproductive and sexual health and rights.
•       Collaborates with and provides services to other Planned Parenthood divisions.  Collaboration with the Development division is critical to generate financial support for the organization; collaboration with the Online Services division is crucial in developing a unified and effective web presence for Planned Parenthood.
•       Develops a wide range of revenue-generating products and corresponding marketing plans to increase revenue and enhance services to PPFA's customers.
•       Manages the Communications Division's budget of $7.2 million; allocates resources; assures materials developed and disseminated are current, relevant, user-friendly and accessible; and assures all tasks and functions for division are of the highest quality, completed in a timely manner and come in within budget.
•       Administers all Communications Division human resource functions including hiring, evaluation, supervision and training to maximize achievement of programs, agency goals, and staff development.  Provides leadership, direction, and supervision to staff and ensures availability of necessary tools and resources to accomplish assigned tasks.
•       Promotes an organizational culture that embraces diversity as a core value guiding strategic planning, program implementation and evaluation, staffing and internal and external relationships.
•       Completes special projects as assigned and required.
•      Bachelor's degree, plus additional related college courses or professional training.
•      More than ten years of directly related, progressively responsible work experience is required, including project management, supervisory and management experience.  Product and services marketing experience is also required.
•      Ability to manage a diverse work force: ability to create and maintain effective partnerships with volunteer boards of directors and donors; presentation skills; high degree of computer and Internet literacy; basic understanding of audio/video technology; excellent oral and written communication skills; product services marketing skills; basic understanding of market research.  Tolerance of and sensitivity to diversity.
Respect for diversity is integral to the mission and core values of PPFA and they are committed to creating a diverse workplace.  By working to increase diversity and cultural competence throughout Planned Parenthood, clients will receive the best care, employees and volunteers will have the best work environments, and they will decrease health disparities while ensuring reproductive health care for everyone.
Interested and qualified candidates should send resumes to Amy Lafond ( or Ted Chaloner (

35.)  Marketing and Communications Manager, National Guild of Community Schools of the Arts, New York, New York

***  From Drew Williams:

Edward, can you please post the following position:

36.)  Marketing Copywriter & Editor, National Association of Home Builders, Washington, DC

NAHB is seeking a Marketing Copywriter and Editor.  You'll develop copy themes and write compelling copy for marketing collateral including direct mail, advertisements, emails, and exhibitor and sponsorship prospectuses for NAHB's education conferences, designations and other related products.   You'll also edit a quarterly education e-newsletter and write articles for a weekly e-newsletter and other publications as needed. You will have an ability to develop themes and overall copy direction, have superior writing and editing skills and strong verbal communication. This position requires an individual who can multi-task in a fast-paced team environment while being attentive to delivering accurate and quality materials. You must have three to five years of work-related experience in copywriting and a bachelors degree in communications, English or related field or equivalent combination of training and experience. An understanding of the home building industry
and education-related products is a plus. Familiarity with MS Office,
Adobe Acrobat and HTML preferred.  Writing samples required. We offer
excellent benefits. Submit salary requirements with resume


Drew Williams
Director, Education Marketing
National Association of Home Builders
p: 202-266-8196 or 800-368-5242 x8196
f:  202-266-8193

37.)  Director of Foundation and Corporate Relations, St. Coletta of Greater Washington, Washington, D.C.

***  From Carol:

38.)  Director of Communications, Clark Construction Group, Bethesda, Maryland

Founded in 1906, Clark Construction Group, LLC is today one of the nation’s most experienced and respected providers of construction services with over $2 billion in annual revenue and many projects throughout the U.S.  From small interior renovations to some of the most visible architectural landmarks in the country, the foundation of all construction work is solid relationships with public and private clients who have the confidence to rely on the Company’s experience, financial strength, and in-house expertise to make their vision a reality.

The Director of Communications reports to the SVP Chief Administrative Officer and manages a Communications Manager, working within a 20 person Department.  S/he will be responsible for the development, implementation, and coordination of corporate communications, public relations, and media relations strategies and tactics in a manner consistent with Company policies and procedures.  Specific responsibilities include:

• Research, write and edit externally and internally targeted communications including employee news letters, community communications, field news and press releases.

• Develop a high-level knowledge base across Clark Construction Group by building appropriate relationships, staying current on Divisional activities, successes, and challenges, and participating in various meetings and events.

• Partner with Clark Construction Services Divisions on all matters relating to corporate communications including crisis communications, community involvement/initiatives, and reputation management

• Monitor and facilitate content updates and enhance design for external website and intranet. 

• Consistently develop and implement strategies through the active and creative use of ads, press releases, branding, and graphics to position Clark Construction Group as an industry leader and to enhance the Company’s image in the Washington DC community.

• Develop and execute executive communications, media monitoring and measurement, and advertising.

The ideal candidate will have 5+ years of corporate communications, public relations and/or media relations experience gained within a large, complex, geographically dispersed, sophisticated company.  Exceptional writing, speaking, and organizational skills are required.   This person must be capable of working creatively, independently, and with a high sense of urgency.

This award winning Company’s values, commitment to professional development, and internal promotion track record create a unique culture for highly motivated and talented individuals.  During its long history, the company has enjoyed steady, continued growth, led by a stable and long-tenured management team.  This high visibility position is offered a very attractive compensation package that includes base salary, bonus and superb benefits.  The office is located one block from Bethesda Metro.

Interested and qualified candidates should submit their resumes in confidence to:

***  From Chris Wright:

Please see attached job description for opening at AOL in Dulles, VA.
Any applicants can apply directly to me, Chris Wright, at

39.)  Communications Director, AOL, Dulles, VA

This position, based in Dulles, VA, is responsible for managing media relations, publicity campaigns and external communications for new AOL products and Web services, and emerging technologies.

Responsibilities include developing and managing media plans and publicity campaigns for new product launches and related developments, and executing the strategies to generate awareness in the consumer, trade and business press, and among industry influencers such as analysts and bloggers. This includes: working with product teams and business owners to position products and create optimal launch opportunities; pitching products, trend stories and business accomplishments to target media outlets; using relevant trade events and conferences to increase visibility, and identifying appropriate speaking opportunities to define the company's leadership.
Is responsible for writing press releases, talking points, Q & As, briefing decks, and distributed media materials; managing messages; and coordinating such product launch program activities as briefing tours and presentations, press events, satellite media tours, radio media tours, and video news releases. Will also act as a company spokesperson on behalf of specific products, and manage media training for product and executive spokespersons.  Able to work closely with internal teams on integrated marketing communication and programming plans (editorial, marketing, network promotions, etc.)

Qualifications: BA/BS degree, preferably with an emphasis in communications or journalism and a minimum of 8-10 years of public relations and marketing communications experience, ideally focused on the Internet/Web and consumer technology field and familiar with the media who covers that area, working in-house/corporate or with a PR agency. 
Desired experience:  Proficient with computers and the Internet – particularly email and Instant Messaging and adept in Microsoft Office applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

This position requires strong organizational and interpersonal skills, excellent written and spoken communication skills – including articulating messages to technology, business and consumer media audiences alike. Also requires the ability to manage campaign budgets. Must enjoy managing projects within a team environment for a growing, exciting market segment. Must be able to solve problems that have little or no precedent to guide the search for creative solutions, and originate new concepts and innovative approaches without guidance from others.
Any applicants can apply directly to me, Chris Wright, at

40.)  Director, Communications (Govt. Communications Systems Division), Harris, Washington DC

***  From Kris Gallagher, ABC:

41.)  Development/Communications Manager, Mercy Medical Center, Rockville Centre, Long Island

Mercy Medical Center in Rockville Centre, Long Island has an opportunity
for a self-starter with experience in fundraising event-management,
marketing, and public relations.

Responsibilities include planning and implementation of development
activities, staff supervision and administration of department budget.

This individual also will assist in development and implementation of
advertising, marketing communications and media relations programs and

Responsibilities also include developing and updating internal and
external publications, fund-raising event journals, informational
guides, handbooks and web content.

A minimum 3-5 years not-for-profit related experience is required,
preferably in healthcare. Excellent interpersonal and communications
skills, both written and verbal, are essential. Must be able to work
independently as well as part of a team.

Experience with Raiser's Edge and/or Lawson financial reporting systems
a plus. Proficiency in MS Office is required.

Salary: Competetive, commensurate with experience, generous benefits

Mercy Medical Center is a 387-bed, not-for-profit hospital serving the
healthcare needs of Nassau County and its surrounding area. Best known
for services in maternal health, oncology, physical medicine and
rehabilitation, orthopedics, and behavioral health, Mercy provides
24-hour emergency and trauma care, is a state-designated Stroke Center, site of a Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, a Bariatric Center of Excellence designated by the American Society of Bariatric Surgery, three-time recipient of the Orthopedic Care Excellence Award from HealthGrades, and the regional home of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

Mercy has a medical staff of nearly 800 physicians, nearly 1,500
employees and one of Long Island's newest acute-care hospital
facilities, the $41 million, 160-bed North Pavilion housing
state-of-the-art technology and the latest features in hospital design
to promote patient safety and comfort.

Mercy Medical Center is a member of Catholic Health Services of Long

Visit Mercy on line at

42.)  Sr. Copywriter/ACD Smith Brothers Advertising, Pittsburgh, PA

***  From Barry Piatoff:

I hope Laura and you had a very good trip in Italy.
Below is a posting for the next JOTW.
Barry Piatoff

43.)  Public Relations-B2B Account Director, Public Relations Firm, New York, New York

Our client is a well-established, midsize public relations firm that specializes in business-to-business public relations.  Most people in pr have heard of them but they’re one of the best kept secrets as far as their culture and work style.  Due to growth, they are looking to add an Account Director to their midtown Manhattan offices.  They have  a very young but seasoned leadership and a self-proclaimed “Cool CEO.”  They want people to feel good about their environment, their salary and the way they make a living.  Be in a place with no politics, no bureaucracy and no back-stabbing!  It’s a totally different mindset than most of the large pr agencies. 

Looking for someone about 4-6 years experience, out of another public relations firm, who is an over-achiever and has a background in b2b public relations.  Understanding of financial communications is a plus.  Strong media relations skills with the trade press and must be a good writer. You’ll work on different accounts and manage a couple of people. 

Salary commensurate with experience plus opportunity to earn new business commissions.  Good benefits and very nice offices. 
Local candidates only.
To be considered for this position, e-mail your resume and cover letter as a Word Document attachment to:

Barry Piatoff, SVP, Peter Bell & Associates, LLC

No calls please.

Please include your current base salary.  It’s important information for us to have for this job search and others we may consider you for.

Peter Bell & Associates, LLC is a search firm specializing in public relations, communications and investor relations recruiting.  We encourage anyone in these fields to e-mail us their resume.  Be assured it is confidential and we will not send your resume anywhere without your permission.

44.)  Awards and Communications Officer, Rory Peck Trust, London, United Kingdom

***  From Joy M. D'Amore:

45.)  Marketing Copywriter, FOLIOfn, Vienna, VA

FOLIOfn is seeking an exceptional marketing copywriter to write content primarily for our online brokerage's website.  FOLIOfn has a unique story to tell and offers a disruptive technology that allows investors to create and manage their wealth with simple, systemic strategies that work.

Essentially, we offer a “create your own mutual fund” type of product that is extremely flexible, customizable, cost-effective, and also permits investors to purchase fractional shares.  It is truly the next generation of investing.   Additionally, our products and services are ideally suited to capitalize on social networking and other Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 technologies that put power in the hands of individuals, in our case, individual investors.

In this role, you will do the following:

.Write marketing content and effective customer-support communications in a variety of formats including web page content, email, letters, brochures, and print materials.  Primarily, however, your copy will be web page content.

.Develop and implement messaging strategy to meet customer needs and
business objectives.

.Define appropriate formats for business objectives.

.Define, understand, and enforce the right tone and voice for specific
communications, channels, and customer groups.

.Use qualitative and quantitative data and consumer trends to refine and improve our communications.

.Champion best-practices for marketing messaging and copywriting

To be successful in this role, you will:

.Be a copywriting superstar with a strong grasp of customer-centric web best practices.

.Have significant experience as a consumer, retail, or Internet marketing copywriter.

.Have deep knowledge and understanding of online financial services,
specifically online investing.

.Have excellent communication skills, the ability to develop concise,
compelling written communications, superior attention to detail and an
energetic, cooperative, positive attitude are keys to success.

.Be highly organized, comfortable in a fast-paced, deadline-driven
environment, and a skilled multi-tasker.

.Be able to work closely with multiple business units including design, legal, compliance, customer service, and product management and be able to resolve problems proactively and collaboratively.

Interested candidates should provide a solid portfolio demonstrating a
successful copywriting track record.

FOLIOfn, Inc. is a financial services and technology company that delivers leading-edge brokerage and investment solutions to financial services firms, investment advisors, and individual investors.  FOLIOfn offers its services on both a full-service basis and a technology-licensed basis.  Through its wholly-owned, registered clearing broker-dealer subsidiary, FOLIOfn Investments, Inc., the company offers an integrated brokerage and technology platform featuring its patented, state-of-the-art FOLIO trading capability,
as well as execution, clearance and settlement services.  FOLIOfn's
wholly-owned proxy advisory and voting service, Proxy Governance, Inc.
provides company-specific proxy voting recommendations designed to support the growth of shareholder value, as well as voting services.  Please send your cover letter, resume, and writing samples to

Joy M. D'Amore
VP HR & Talent Acquisition
FOLIOfn, Inc.
8000 Towers Crescent Drive
15th Floor
Vienna, VA
T: 703.245.4804; F:
FOLIOfn What's Next

46.)  Senior Web Designer, Halseon Marketing Communications, Tampa, FL

47.)  Communications Associate, William T. Grant Foundation, New York, New York

48.)  Resources and Communications Internship, Kurdish Human Rights Project, London, United Kingdom

***  From Jessica Kenderian:

Hi Ned,

Welcome back!  Can you please include the following job opening in next week’s newsletter?


49.)  Public Relations Account Executive, DBC Public Relations, Washington, DC

A hip Georgetown public relations firm seeks a public relations account executive to manage clients, media relations and event marketing.  Ideal candidates will have at least 3-5 years of solid consumer PR experience and proven results in media relations.  Superior client relations and event management experience also required, along with strong leadership, interpersonal, verbal, written and presentation communication skills.  DBC Public Relations is a business-minded but creative public relations firm offering marketing support and media relations to a variety of consumer brands.  DBC offers competitive salary and benefits — relocation assistance is considered.  Only candidates that provide a resume and cover letter will be reviewed. Please e-mail and put “AE” in subject line.  No phone calls please.

50.)  Communications Coordinator, International Cocoa Initiative, Geneva, Switzerland

***  From Mary E. LaLuna:

Please post the following job:
Thank you,
Mary E. LaLuna
Lynn Hazan & Assoc.

51.)  Strategy Director, communications consulting agency, Chicago, IL

#0476.  Chicago based integrated communications consulting agency, industry leader, seeks Strategy Director.  Top-level thinker who can contribute big ideas to major brands. Must be leader with sense of vision, and the smarts to create and execute.  Need hybrid background of exceptional writing and strategic account lead.  Very hands on and high energy.  Company has high expectations from its staff; need to hit the ground running and contribute from day one.  Great environment for quick thinker looking to work with other sharp minds.

7-10 years’ brand strategy experience, preferably with integrated marcom agency.  Need flexible thinkers able to adapt to new ideas and processes.

Very strong written and oral communications a must.  Must be polished and articulate when presenting to CEOs, as well as when putting thoughts on paper.  Need a candidate who can light up a room and think on his/her feet.  Must be comfortable and effective in front of clients.  Good writing, including strong memos and presentations (not bullet points), a must in order to communicate the big ideas.

Need strong account management skills.  Solid understanding of client viewpoint and ability to build relationships.  Understand how to use research to design strategy.  Understand brand integration.

Develop integrated communications, positioning, and contribute to big ideas and brand strategy for blue chip clients.  Define big idea and think through touchpoints.
Emphasis on positioning of brands and operationalizing positioning across package design, advertising, retail design, corporate communications and web.  Reposition brands and strategize brand extensions, line extensions, etc.  Clients include B2B, B2C, financial services, retail, furniture, heavy equipment, etc.

Run competitive analysis and original research to support proposals.  Write documents that clearly delineate strategy for use by project teams, as well as proposals, reports for clients, and other communications. Help project teams align creative direction with client’s business needs/strategic objectives. Develop and implement measurement systems to assess the impact of recommendations/work on client businesses.

Lead conversations with clients at highest level of organizations.  Identify and develop new business opportunities within existing relationships.

Please forward your resume as a .doc, writing sample and cover letter including salary information, and state how you fit the specs.  Send materials to and call 312-863-5401 to follow up.  Resumes without cover letters, samples and salary information will not be accepted

52.)  Designer/Marketing Communications Supervisor, manufacturer, Chicago area

#0474.  Electrical products division of $20 billion Fortune 500 manufacturer seeks Designer/Marketing Communications Supervisor with strong design skills to create and manage all divisional promotional activities. InDesign, or Photoshop skills needed.  $60 million division, located in near Chicago suburb, has an open and diverse culture.  Position in 15 person marketing department reports to Director of Marcom.  Friendly environment with good benefits.

Bachelor’s degree in marketing preferred.  3-5+ years’ experience in marcom/design; electronic industry experience a plus.  Software skills required:  InDesign or Photoshop, and Microsoft Office suite.  Other graphics software a plus.  Excellent oral and written communications necessary.  Need strong project management and attention to detail, flexibility, ability to work with minimal supervision, and good follow-through.  Must be able to manage multiple projects with shifting priorities.  Need strong proofreaders.

Develop and distribute collateral.  Support trade shows and website.  Manage marketing databases, including mailing list and lead management databases. Manage distribution marketing and product launches, including development of training, and launch kits.

• With product managers, sales department, and vendors, design and produce yearly 250 page catalog, smaller catalogs, price lists, spec sheets, press releases, weekly newsletters, labels and other promotional literature.  25%
• Develop and maintain documentation for website, including catalog or database maintenance.  Update with current marketing materials.  20%
• Develop supporting materials for product introductions, including launch kits and sales tools.  All facets of marketing including price, product specification, and promotion apply.  15%
• Manage and interface with outside agencies and vendors.  10%
• Create and manage advertising budget, meeting financial and scheduling goals.  5%
• Develop and schedule all trade show details, media and other promotional activities.  Manage all aspects of national sales meeting, including site selection, agenda development, media and all related materials.  25% (seasonal)

Please forward your resume as a .doc and creative samples with cover letter including salary information, and state how you fit the specs.  Send materials to and call 312-863-5401 to follow up.  Resumes without cover letters and salary information will not be accepted.

53.)  Editor, Prominent Perth Publication, Perth Advertised by Asphar &
Associates, Perth, WA, Australia

This long standing publisher is looking for a new Editor to work within a tight knit creative team on a number of publications. This is an excellent opportunity for the right person to oversee and have a hand in creating some excellent magazines.

This position will require you to attend industry events and build good relationships with suppliers and advertisers.

You must:

* Be personable, have the ability to direct and work creatively within
our team.
* Be willing to liase with all major stakeholders
* Have an interest in Style and Creativity
* Be organised and a self starter
* Have writing experience and credentials

This position is fairly autonomous and requires you to have solid
direction and values.

If this sounds like your opportunity of a lifetime please contact Kym
Flannery to arrange your confidential interview.

To apply online visit or for a confidential
discussion please contact Kym Flannery on 08-9481-3799, quoting Ref No.

54.)  Stagiaire Recherche & Communication, African Care & Development Initiative, Geneva, Switzerland
Closing Date – 15 May 2007

***  From Dana Rosengard, Ph.D:



The news director provides editorial support for the College's 30 minute daily newscast and supervises daily operation of broadcast newsroom.  He or she must adhere to highest standards of broadcast journalism, maintain daily newsroom operating procedures, provide leadership of student news staff, train and mentor student news staff, work collaboratively with journalism and broadcasting faculty and staff, direct the production of public affairs programming, teach one course in broadcast journalism each semester, including summer, work with other OU media to create integrated multi-media content, monitor and evaluate news equipment quality.

This is a full-time, year-round position.

A bachelor's degree in Journalism/Mass Communication or the equivalent and three years' experience in television news.  Must be articulate and possess excellent visual and written communication skills.  Necessary skills include reporting, story development, story editing, production and digital editing.  Must be familiar with the general responsibilities and scope of a television news director's position. 

A master's degree and previous teaching or direct supervision experience preferred.  Also preferred is experience working in a converged, multi-media newsroom.

TO APPLY GO TO JOBS.OU.EDU… click on search listings… look under “College of Journalism” in the Department drop-down menu… and the position is listed as: Media Specialist II.

56.)  Customer Relationship Marketing Manager Snapfish/HP, San Francisco, CA

57.)  Volunteer External Relations Coordinator, Timor Aid, Dili, Timor-Leste, Indonesia

58.)  Copy Editor, About, San Francisco, CA operates one of the premier business sites on the Web, providing practical advice and resources to help small and mid-sized businesses succeed. We are seeking a copy editor with a strong background in business publishing.

Key Responsibilities

Copy edit content for spelling, punctuation, grammar, clarity, and consistency with style guide
Take ownership of editorial projects and weekly updates
Juggle multiple projects and schedules
Generate and/or edit weekly and daily editorial newsletters
Ensure content is search engine optimized
Monitor Web metrics to assess performance of editorial content

At least four years of copy-editing experience, preferably at a content Web site
Proven knowledge of business topics
Familiarity with AP Stylebook, Chicago Manual of Style, and other standard references
Basic understanding of Web user interface and design issues
Comfortable with technology
Excellent project management skills
Experience working across diverse teams and departments
Attention to detail
Ability to set priorities and manage time effectively
Knowledge of SEO best practices
Experience using content management systems
Understanding of Web metrics
If you do not have these skills, please do not apply. Candidates will be given a copy-editing and a writing test.

Please send a resume, cover letter, examples of writing/editing, and salary requirements.

About is a leading online resource for small and mid-size businesses. The Company operates one of the Web's premier business sites, providing practical information and services for business professionals and growing businesses. The site includes how-to articles, business forms, contracts and agreements, expert advice, blogs, business news, directory listings, product comparisons, business guides and more. In addition to its flagship Web site, the Company's content can be accessed by its content syndication program, RSS feeds and e-mail newsletters. The AllBusiness management team has been involved in more than $4 billion of recent successful Internet company exits.

Send cover letters, hourly rate, and a resume via email to:
In the subject line, please write: “Copy Editor”

***  From Tim Boulay:


I'm readvertising a posting that I sent to you back in February. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, I'm required to only look at veterans and current and former federal government employees. As I e-mailed you before, I'm in the market for a GS-9/11 junior public affairs specialist, but this time the candidates will be pulled from a general announcement, DON1035, which can be found at

The specific duties, not listed in the general announcement, are below:

59.)  Public Affairs Specialist, Military Sealift Command, Washington, D.C.

Duties include developing internal and external information products concerning the mission, programs and accomplishments of the Military Sealift Command (MSC) for release through print, electronic and broadcast media. The incumbent will write articles and press releases; respond to media queries; serve as media escort when necessary; monitor news coverage of matters impacting MSC activities; edit material submitted by others; and assist in planning and executing ship-related special events and observances. The incumbent may be required to travel within the continental United States or oversea in response to crises related to MSC's wartime and humanitarian missions. The incumbent will work with the command's subject matter experts to ensure that material developed is factually and technically accurate.
The Military Sealift Command provides ocean transportation of equipment, fuel, supplies and ammunition to sustain U.S. armed forces around the world. This position is located in the Office of Public Affairs, Military Sealift Command (MSC), Washington, D.C. The Public Affairs Office is responsible for planning and executing multi-faceted communication programs that reach both the MSC workforce and external audiences worldwide.
Anyone interested should apply to the general announcement and highlight their writing, editing and media relations skills.

Timothy Michael Boulay
Director, Public Affairs
Military Sealift Command (N00P)
914 Charles Morris Court, SE
Washington, DC 20398

 ***  From JAH:

60.)  Publicist, Georgetown University Press, Washington, DC

Georgetown University Press is looking for a publicist to join our team!

Please see the description below for more information on the position
and how to apply.

Georgetown University Press seeks an outgoing, creative, detail-oriented Publicist to promote 40-45 titles a year, and oversee and coordinate the Press's exhibit schedule. Must be able to juggle many tasks and responsibilities, and meet deadlines swiftly. Publicity responsibilities include securing media coverage through maintenance and mailing of review copies, writing press releases, communicating with authors, and making regular publicity calls. Exhibit responsibilities include ordering space and furnishings, preparing and shipping materials, setting up book displays. Frequent travel required. Bachelor's degree required. Publishing/book experience preferred. Proficiency in MS Word, Excel, Filemaker Pro or similar database program. To apply, submit cover
letter and resume by 5/22/07 to Gina Lindquist, Marketing and Sales
Director, Georgetown University Press, 3240 Prospect Street, NW,
Washington, DC 20007 or

Gina Armento Lindquist
Marketing & Sales Director
Georgetown University Press
3240 Prospect Street, NW
Washington, DC 20007
fax 202-687-6340

61.)  Copywriter / Proofreader Shelton Group, Knoxville, TN

***  From Thea Hocker:

Here's an opportunity in Kansas:
62.)  Communication Director, Kansas City Regional Association of REALTORS (KCRAR), Leawood, KS

The Kansas City Regional Association of REALTORS (KCRAR) is seeking a Communication Director for our 10,000 member association.  The Communication Director will be responsible for all member communications. The salary is in the 40's with great benefits, including paid health and dental insurance, generous paid time off, retirement plan, beautiful new offices, and a wonderful, progressive Board. There will be some relocation benefits for this position.
Perry Crume
Chief Operating Officer
Kansas City Regional Association of REALTORS
***  From Jon Chandler:

I work with Joy Capps (Powell) and she suggested I send this job posting to you to post on your site JOTW.  Please let me know if you have any questions.
Jon Chandler
Corporate Recruiter, Inc
843-849-7476 ext. 6424
843-849-9485 (fax)

63.)  Product/Brand Marketing Manager,, Charleston, SC

Benefitfocus is seeking a Product/Brand Marketing Manager to develop and execute marketing strategies and tactics that support and maximize Benefitfocus’ sales, branding, and product development efforts. The Product/Brand Marketing Manager works with sales, product management, and creative services teams to develop marketing strategies, tactics and supporting materials that support product development and sales activities and effectively position Benefitfocus as the leading provider of software and services for the software technology and Healthcare IT industry. This position reports to the Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing.
Provide recommendations regarding marketing strategies and tactics, considering present and future corporate market requirements and market position.
Plan actionable marketing strategies and tactics that support and enhance corporate message.
Successfully manage projects from conceptualization to completion, while effectively working with other teams.
Work closely with product management, development, sales, creative services and other marketing team members and resource groups to ensure timely development and execution of all marketing campaigns.
Develop and plan lead generation activities.  
Perform market research and industry and competitor analysis using primary and secondary research data and interpreting the results to form recommendations for company strategy.
Perform marketing strategy ROI analysis.
Evaluate, develop, and implement new product launch activities including go-to-market strategies
Provide input for strategic planning as it relates to new markets, products and services.
• 5-7 years software marketing experience. Experience in the software technology Healthcare industry a plus
• Bachelors Degree in Marketing required, Masters degree in Marketing or a related field, a plus
• Experience and understanding of multiple marketing functions, including direct response, campaign management, channel management, tactical sales collaterals, creative optimization and market research
• Outstanding oral and written communication skills
• Outstanding organizational skills
• Computer proficiency in a Windows-based environment – Word, Excel, PowerPoint

***  From Claudette Bradish:

64.)  Knowledgebase Manager/Technical Writer, SunRocket, Sterling, Va

This is an exciting opportunity with a fast growing VoIP company!!


The Knowledgebase Manager will work within the Customer Service department reporting to the Senior Director of Call Center Support Services. This department is responsible for writing and managing content and maintaining content and knowledge tools for all customer support activities, including order processing, technical troubleshooting, billing and account support policies and procedures used by SunRocket call centers and internal staff.
Candidate must be willing to work in a fast-paced environment, perform work at all levels of experience and contribute other skills and value to the
team as necessary.


This position will be responsible for ensuring timely and accurate
communications and content to the Call Centers.

.Content Management Tools. Complete modification of content into Customer Service Knowledgebase. The successful candidate will work with other writers, subject matter specialists, technologists and production personnel to package content into logical and intuitive electronic libraries or other tools, while also managing the systems and structure needed to support regular content updates.

.Writing/Editorial. Collaborate with and assist other team members in
development of Knowledgebase Content. The knowledgebase manager will create and contribute to the published product by writing content, authoring articles, documenting headlines, portal navigational tips, help guidance, and more. They may also be required to approve articles and content.

.Communications Management/Processes. The successful candidate will define and manage a methodology for effectively tracking and disseminating large amounts of information to all Customer Service personnel. Quality/accuracy of the communications and uability/retention for end-users is critical and will be the basis for assessment of success.

.Client/Customer Service. The Communications Manager should be comfortable interacting with clients and other end-users. This may include handling direct end-user inquiries for assistance with a tool, and also may include large-scale deployment and training initiatives within SunRocket and the call centers.


Bachelor's degree
2-5 YEARS Experience as a technical writer with experience in documenting technology systems.
Documentation experience.
Excellent organization skills and work prioritization experience.
Demonstrated excellent writing and language skills (syntax, grammatical consistency and proofreading).
Proficiency creating documentation with MS Office Suite and Visio.
Excellent communication skills – effective facilitator, interviewer,
listener, organizer, writer with the ability to manage multiple priorities and interact with all levels within the organization.

This is a permanent position and we are looking for a candidate that is looking for a long term opportunity with a fantastic, growing company!! No “temporary gigs” type of applicants please!!!

Contact: C. Bradish 703-486-2361 or

***  From Kelle Young:


I've got a job to post from our company here in
Washington DC.

Kelle Young

65.)  Director, Online Programs, Grassroots Enterprise, Washington, DC
Got a big brain?  Not afraid to use the left side of it AND the right side?   Can you quote more than 3 lines from “Office Space?”  Do you express fondness for your friends through biting sarcasm? Do you often start sentences with, “okay, this idea might be
completely crazy, but.”?   
You might just be our kind of person.
At Grassroots Enterprise (GRE), our team has helped build and lead some of the most successful grassroots movements in American history.   Our focus is on blending sophisticated technologies and highly creative communications strategies to build such
movements for causes, products and companies.  We work with some of the largest Fortune 500 companies and most influential advocacy organizations on the planet.
 We have offices in Washington, DC, San Francisco, and Toronto.  If this sounds like your kind of place, we want to talk to you.

Before you apply for this position, you should know some things about Grassroots Enterprise:
–          We are the best at what we do and we expect the best from our employees.
–          We are insistent at all times at pushing the envelope and breaking new ground when it comes to technology, communications, and building movements.
–          We are extremely committed to our work, and passionate about what we do.
–          We are a uniquely family-friendly company and understand that balance and flexibility leads to exceptional performance.
–          In our spare time, we like to launch revolutions. If there's a cause that needs to be hampioned, we don't talk about it, we do it. At any given moment, nearly every employee is engaged in some kind of side cause about which they feel passionate.
–          We are an extremely tolerant company, but that goes both ways. We are bipartisan, and we respect and represent views from both the right and the left.
–          We do not require TPS reports or flair.
–          We like each other. A lot. We're nice to each other (even if expressed through biting sarcasm), we care about each other, and we actually have a lot of fun together. And we want to keep it that way.

 If you've read this far, and are still interested, you may really, really be our kind of person.

We are looking for an experienced online communications professional for our Washington, DC office with strong project management and technical experience, to provide consulting services to our full range of clients.  The programs you will work on may range from public affairs to consumer marketing, but all will have the common thread of using creative communications and cutting edge technology to win hearts and minds (and sometimes, wallets) and build movements. 

Ideal candidates must have a firm ability to design and deploy effective campaign strategies in an online environment and manage all aspects of client engagement, including profit and loss responsibility and consistent revenue growth.

–          Extreme intellectual creativity and curiosity (i.e., you're really, really smart AND you love using that brainpower)
–          7+ years of program, team and client leadership involving total account ownership including project management, issue resolution, internal communications, expectation management, profit and loss responsibility, team management and general
delivery of profitable, successful, reference worthy client engagement
–          Grassroots, viral and conversational marketing experience
–          Expert at Internet-based communications programs
–          Experience managing and growing six-figure client projects
–          Excellent presentation skills
–          Outstanding writing and client management skills
–          Advanced expertise in Internet technologies and their application
–          Experience marketing consumer products is a strong plus

 To apply, please send your cover letter and resume to, And please include answers to the following questions:.

–          What's the second coolest thing you've ever done?
–          Write a haiku about online technology.
–          What's your slogan (or soundtrack)?

–          What would you do with an extra 6 hours a day?
–          What question should we ask you in an interview?

Please indicate the position you are applying for in the subject line of your email. No phone calls.

***  From Merideth Menken:

66.)  Publications Manager, association, Washington, DC

Are you an up and coming communications professional with great skills and some experience with several different communications channels? A growing successful mid sized health professions association in DC seeks a flexible, organized, and creative individual with exposure to media relations, writing, editing, and project management for the new position of Manager of Publications, External Communications Focus.

If you are looking to take your career to the next level with wide array of responsibilities and daily activities, this position may be for you. You’ll work as part of a customer service oriented, collegial publications team to effectively convey Association messages to audiences outside the organization by:

• Overseeing assigned print and electronic publications through content development, editing, production, and distribution.
• Writing press releases, pitching stories, and cultivating media contacts.
• Representing the Association’s brand identity and communications standards to a wide variety of internal clients.

This position requires a baccalaureate degree in a related field and 2-4 years experience in a related position. Hands-on experience managing publications projects and excellent writing, editing and proofreading skills are also required. Proficiency in Microsoft Office is necessary. Familiarity with QuarkXPress; Adobe InDesign, Acrobat, Illustrator, or PageMaker; Photoshop; or FreeHand is expected. 

Applicants who meet and can demonstrate all of these qualifications may submit a cover letter and resume with salary requirements to, Subject line: Publications Manager. The Association offers competitive compensation, excellent benefits and a Metro-accessible location in downtown DC.

***  From Jennifer Manson:

Dear Ned-

Our Medicare Marketing Department would like to post a job opening on your site. Below is the job information and website (contact info) for interested parties to apply. Please let me know if this is possible and if so, how long they would post for?
Thank you,
Human Resources
Coventry Health Care, Inc.

67.)  Medicare Marketing Web Content Manager, Coventry Health Care, Columbia, MD

It’s a great time to put the strength of COVENTRY HEALTH CARE behind your career! National health insurance company seeks experienced Internet content manager for its quickly growing Medicare Marketing department based in Columbia, MD.
Primarily responsible for day to day management of pre and post sale interactive web content, work plans for new products, development of intranet and internet content, and coordination with local health plans nationwide. Primary liaison between all internal departments and outside vendors to ensure quality and accuracy in web content. Identification of training requirements and training support as needed for non-technical staff. Coordination with IT staff and design vendors on site structure, security and usability testing. Produce reports on web analytics and propose improvement actions. Provide support and leadership to site users and department authors
Requires Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Communications, Computer Graphics or related field; significant experience (usually 3+ years) of internet/intranet WEB development in a corporate environment; knowledge of content management systems and internet/intranet marketing practices, including search optimization; at least 3+ experience workflow planning and implementation; proven ability to manage multiple web projects concurrently; strong communication and negotiation skills; experience in marketing content and applications; previous health care experience strongly preferred.
CHC offers an excellent compensation and benefits package including medical, dental, vision, and a business casual dress code. Please submit your resume & salary requirements to our online Career Center at, search requisition # 30726.

*** From beth King, APR, in Indianapolis:

68.)  PRESS SECRETARY, Senator Evan Bayh, Washington, D.C
Senator Evan Bayh seeks an experienced media relations professional to serve as Press Secretary in an active Senate press office in Washington, D.C. Ideal candidate will have established relationships with print and broadcast media, strong writing and editing skills, solid news judgment, and significant on-the-record experience. This position will have primary responsibility for handling the Senator’s state media portfolio, in addition to assisting with national media outreach and online communications projects. Strong preference will be given to candidates with Indiana ties. Send résumé, cover letter and three writing samples to No calls please.
Jennifer A. Wagner
Communications Director
Indiana Democratic Party
One North Capitol, Suite 200
Indianapolis, IN 46204
PH 317-231-7125
FX 317-231-7129

***  From Bob Doetsch:

69.)  Communications Specialist, Asset Acceptance Capital Corp., Warren, Michigan

Asset Acceptance Capital Corp., a NASDAQ listed company and industry leader in debt acquisition and management, is seeking a Communications Specialist at its corporate headquarters in Warren.  Responsibilities include writing and coordinating company communications including newsletters, Intranet and Web content, promotional communications, presentations.  This position is also responsible for photographing company events and associates for use in communications, supporting projects and special events, and some desktop design work.

Successful candidate will have a Bachelor’s Degree in journalism, public relations or related field or equivalent work experience, and minimum three years experience in communications/public relations field.  Corporate or agency experience required.

We offer competitive compensation and a generous benefit package. To learn more about the position, our growing company and to confidentially apply online, please visit

70.)  EDITORAL ASSISTANT, United States Coast Guard, Department Of Homeland Security, Yorktown, VA

Job Announcement Number: 07-TRAEWB-SENG-D1
SERIES & GRADE: GS-1087-05/05
SALARY RANGE: 28,862.00 – 33,532.00 USD per year
Closes Thursday, May 17, 2007

71.)  Writer-Editor, Army Materiel Command, Headquarters, Ft. Belvoir, VA

Job Announcement Number:
SERIES & GRADE: GS-1082-9/9
Closes Monday, May 14, 2007

***  From Bridget Serchak:

72.)  Senior Account Executive, Media Relations, COLCOMGROUP, NY, NY

Boutique marketing and communications firm based in New York City seeks experienced media relations/communications professional to work with the firm's clients to develop media outreach strategy; develop and maintain media lists; plan and execute media tours and interviews; develop media pitch topics, pitch letters, press releases, advisories and message points; coach spokespersons; track media hits and develop client reports. The Senior Account Executive will serve as integral member of the communications team, reporting to firm's leadership.  The successful candidate must be comfortable in a small firm environment and able to handle multiple responsibilities.  Significant client contact involved.

Principal responsibilities include: Sourcing media pitch topics; writing pitch letters, press releases, media advisories, spokesperson biographies, FAQs and other media support materials; briefing spokespersons; coordinating interviews and media tours; developing speaking points; tracking media coverage; developing media coverage reports for clients; assisting in the development of media and communications strategic plans for clients; and developing and maintaining media lists.

Qualifications: Bachelor's degree with three to five years of experience in communications, journalism or media/public relations.  Marketing experience a plus.  Financial services, accounting, technology and legal industry knowledge and association experience desired.  Proficiency and experience in developing and implementing communications programs emphasizing media outreach. Excellent written and oral communications skills.  Demonstrated commitment to utilizing e-communications and technology tools such as online media directories. Proven track record of generating results and ability to collaborate effectively within a small team environment.  Able to work effectively in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment and ability to handle multiple projects and clients simultaneously.

If you know of a possible candidate, please ask them to send a cover letter, resume, salary requirements and four recent writing samples to me, Brad Monterio, Senior Vice President and principal, at No telephone calls please.  Thank you.

Brad J. Monterio
Senior Vice President, Partner
1775 Broadway, Suite 530
New York, NY 10019
Tel:    646 536 5104
Cell:   917 593 4130
Skype In: 646 358 4366 NEW
eFax: 646 349 1947
A Colgren Communications Group Company
business, marketing and communications strategists

73.)  Associate Editor/Acquisitions Editor, Guggenheim Foundation, New York, New York

***  From Ray Kozakewicz:

Here’s one that just has been listed locally- a new position.
Ray Kozakewicz
74.)  Public Relations Manager, Jewish Community Federation of Richmond, Richmond, VA.
Organization Overview
Since 1935, The Jewish Community Federation of Richmond has served the Richmond  community and its Jewish institutions that include six congregations representing multiple streams of Judaism, Chabad of the Virginias, social agencies such as Jewish Family Services, Weinstein Jewish Community Center, Beth Sholom Lifecare Community, a Jewish Day School and two Jewish pre-schools, and local chapters of national organizations such as Hadassah, Jewish War Veterans and BBYO.  Our 73 year-old Federation is the community convener and its central address.  In 2007, $4.2 million was raised — $3.3 million for its Annual Campaign for meeting ongoing needs and $950,000 for its Israel Emergency Campaign for meeting special and extraordinary needs in Israel. 
Richmond, the sixth oldest Jewish community in the United States, is home to approximately 13,000 Jews in a growing metropolitan area. Richmond is also the home of major corporations such as Philip Morris USA, LandAmerica, Capitol One, Wachovia Securities, Circuit City, MeadWestvaco, CarMax, Virginia Commonwealth University, VCU Health Systems and a branch of the Federal Reserve Bank.
New Position
The Federation seeks a qualified person for a newly established position of Public Relations Manager.  Communication efforts to attract new markets are critical for broadening the base of donor support for the work of Federation and its constituent and beneficiary agencies.  Growth opportunities for the Federation in the Greater Richmond area have been identified.  Marketing to target areas to help acquire contact information will enable Federation to build its constituent list and begin to transform the individuals identified into active contributors to our Annual and Special Campaigns.  This position will report directly to the Federation Executive Director.
Job Responsibilities
Centralizing all Federation communications to ensure consistent messaging and quality; coordination of Reflector, the Federation’s twice-monthly newspaper; donor acknowledgement and recognition letters; marketing and outreach to perimeter communities in Glen Allen, Hanover, and Southside; all internet based e-newsletters; management of Web site; and, gathering accurate donor lists to ensure broadening the base of donors to the Federation's annual and special campaigns plus select donor cultivation of new constituents. 
Candidate must possess strong interpersonal skills, a self-starter and be exceptionally well organized and attentive to detail.  A knowledge of the Federation mission, vision and the United Jewish Communities system is helpful. A strong background in communications and marketing is required and 2-3 years of previous employment history would be helpful.
Please Send cover letter and resume to No phone calls, please.
***  From Bill Seiberlich:

75.)  Vice President for College Communications, FRANKLIN & MARSHALL COLLEGE, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

On June 6, 1787, amidst a crowd of distinguished faculty, founders, and trustees, the institution that would one day become Franklin & Marshall College was born. With a contribution of 200 English pounds from Benjamin Franklin, the institution was officially dedicated with the belief that it would become a major intellectual force in American
higher education.

Today, Franklin & Marshall College is the 17th oldest college in the nation. The College is a residential college dedicated to excellence in undergraduate liberal education. Its aims are to inspire in young people of high promise and diverse backgrounds a genuine and enduring love for learning, to teach them to read, write, and think critically, to instill in them the capacity for both independent and collaborative action, and to educate them to explore and understand the natural, social, and cultural worlds in which they live. The College seeks to foster in its students qualities of intellect, creativity, and character, so that they may live fulfilling lives and contribute meaningfully to their occupations, their communities, and their world.

Franklin & Marshall College ranks among the nation's finest liberal arts institutions. The College has an endowment of $384 million, enrolls 2,000 undergraduate students from 41 states and 46 foreign countries, and offers 40 academic majors and programs. There are 177 full-time faculty members. After a concerted effort for a number of years, the College has achieved a student-to-faculty ratio of 10:1 with an average class size of 19. Also, faculty teach 100 percent of classes, and all current tenured and tenure-track faculty members hold a Ph.D. or equivalent terminal degree.

The faculty at Franklin & Marshall College are as dedicated to the quest for new knowledge as they are to educating future generations of citizens, scholars, and professionals. This means that members of the faculty are active scholars, artists, and scientists, who are engaged in original research and creative works, which often involve students as collaborators. Every year, they produce numerous scholarly publications and artistic exhibitions. In the past five years, the College's faculty have published 50 books, hundreds of journal articles—many of which are co-authored with Franklin & Marshall students—as well as hundreds of reviews, poems, plays, and music compositions. Faculty members have also presented original works of art in many national and international venues.

Many of the artists and scientists of the faculty must travel to far corners of the world, or require expensive laboratory equipment. These costs are often met through prestigious awards and grants from national and international agencies. Over the past five years, the College's faculty have received over $6 million through 78 research grants from such agencies as the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the American Chemical Society, Research Corporation, and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, among other sources. Faculty have received prestigious fellowships from the Fulbright Foundation, the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation, and the Templeton Foundation, among others.

Franklin & Marshall College also awards more than $600,000 annually through internally-funded research grants to faculty and students, to support both collaborative research between faculty and students and independent research conducted by faculty and students.  Each year, the College's Summer Scholars Program supports approximately 55 students working with faculty over a 10-week period during the summer.  The Hackman, Eyler, Bonchek, Coutros, Leser and Nissley endowments support the Summer Scholars Program.  Other sources of College funding for students include departmental and College travel awards.  Faculty are also supported with funds from the College's Committee on Grants, the Academic Innovation and Enrichment Fund, start-up funds, and Faculty Research/Professional Development funds.  Franklin & Marshall's dedication to research is evidenced in its institutional and monetary encouragement and support of it, and in its active acquisition of funding through competitive endeavors.

The College has 51 buildings, totaling 1.35 million square feet on 170 acres.  The newly created College House system, the fundamental residential component of Franklin & Marshall, brings faculty and students and academic and residential life together.  Sixteen buildings house academic departments of the College. 

Recent additions to the Franklin & Marshall College campus include the creation of an Arts Quad. Hensel Hall was renovated to house The Ann and Richard Barshinger Center for Musical Arts. This phase also included the creation of the Phillips Museum of Art, which expanded the Rothman and Dana galleries into a larger set of galleries and museum spaces within the Steinman College Center. The Roschel Performing Arts Center was completed in the Spring of 2003 and is located on Spalding Plaza adjacent to the College Center. In addition to a new theater, the former Fackenthal pool area was renovated to include a dance studio and rehearsal and performance support spaces.

The Writers House at Franklin & Marshall College, dedicated in October 2004, is a home to writers and writing activities of all sorts. The house hosts readings by professional and student writers, seminars, master classes, dinners, and salon-style reading groups.  All Writers House programs are produced collaboratively by a community of student, faculty, and staff volunteers. The staff members of Prolog, Plume, and The College Dispatch, Franklin & Marshall College's three student-run literary journals, all utilize the Writers House.  Equal parts performance space and gathering place, the Writers House is a center of creativity, collaboration, and community in the writing arts.

The Barshinger Life Sciences and Philosophy building, scheduled to open this summer, is a 104,000 square feet facility housing the departments of Biology, Philosophy, and Psychology, and the interdisciplinary programs in the Biological Foundations of Behavior (Neuroscience and Animal Behavior) and the Scientific and Philosophical Studies of Mind. The building embodies the theme of interdisciplinarity so important to scholarship in the 21st century. Its facilities range from a Humanities Common to a primate facility, and include a greenhouse as well as biology and psychology research and teaching laboratories.

Construction is well underway on a $35,000,000 privately funded residential and retail complex, College Row, which will provide apartment-style housing for juniors and seniors, as well as a 50,000 square feet retail shopping environment for the campus and surrounding community. 

The College has acquired a large manufacturing facility adjacent to the campus and plans to demolish the structures and eventually develop a new athletics complex on this site.  Work has already begun on this project.

Franklin & Marshall College places a high priority on integrating the educational and athletic experience. Intercollegiate participation is encouraged by offering students a wide variety of varsity athletic opportunities. The College is a member of the Centennial Conference (CC), Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC), and Division III of
the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

More than a third of students are on varsity athletics teams, and nearly 85% participate in organized athletics programs (intercollegiate, club, and intramurals). Men's intercollegiate competition is in 13 sports: baseball, basketball, cross country, football, golf, lacrosse, soccer, squash, swimming, tennis, indoor track and field, outdoor track and field, and wrestling. Women's intercollegiate competition is in 14 sports: basketball, crew, cross country, field hockey, golf, lacrosse, soccer, softball, squash, swimming, tennis, indoor track and field, outdoor track and field, and volleyball. Franklin & Marshall College competes in NCAA Division III for all varsity sports except wrestling, which is Division I, and men's and women's squash, which are non-divisional.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Originally settled in 1718, Lancaster, Pennsylvania has become a dynamic urban community, which offers the benefits of quality education, arts, culture, restaurants, shopping, and entrepreneurship. The region is experiencing new business start-ups, particularly among technologically based and service-related companies. The College's convenient location provides enormous opportunity for College outreach, and cooperative and post-graduate employment opportunities. 

In addition to finding many of the conveniences offered by a vital and diverse urban center, the region also offers hometown simplicity.  Lancaster County attracts an estimated seven million people to its lush, rolling farmland, charming historic districts, and historical landmarks each year. In fact, 23 acres of the Franklin & Marshall College campus recently were named a National Historic District. The campus is now designated as an arboretum.

In Downtown Lancaster, one discovers a pleasing mix of old and new: colonial- and Victorian-era neighborhoods resting comfortably next to exciting new development projects.  There are currently over $400,000,000 of active real estate development and neighborhood revitalization projects in Lancaster city.  A blossoming arts and
cultural scene is developing around art galleries featuring award-winning artists, exciting theatrical productions at the historic Fulton Opera House, musical performances at the Pennsylvania Academy of Music, and unique boutiques and restaurants to satisfy every taste.

Aspirations of Franklin & Marshall College
Since 2002, Franklin & Marshall College has experienced a tremendous amount of growth under the leadership of President John Fry. Academic excellence and a vibrant intellectual and social environment need a strong physical foundation to flourish. As such, programs are being created, land is being acquired and developed, and buildings are rising up from the ground at an unprecedented pace. This philosophy extends beyond the campus as well.  President Fry has helped to reinvigorate the surrounding neighborhoods, contributing to a renaissance in Lancaster city that includes a flourishing arts district, a popular baseball stadium, and a new “arts hotel.” As noted above, the privately funded residential and retail complex, College Row, will serve as apartment-style housing for juniors and seniors and provide an exciting retail shopping experience for the community. As a result of this growth, the College's admission numbers have also gotten stronger. The College is now experiencing higher SAT scores, increased applications (24% increase this year), and greater selectivity in the percentage of students admitted.

In early 2003, Franklin & Marshall College began the process of preparing a new strategic plan in order to more effectively fulfill its mission and the aspiration that it achieve its true potential and take its place among the finest of residential liberal arts colleges in the United States. The final plan was completed in early 2004, and it focuses on the achievement of the following goals:

*   Enhance the quality and intensity of the liberal arts experience
*   Strengthen the campus community
*   Deepen and enrich the College's ties to the City of Lancaster
*   Enhance the nation's recognition of and appreciation for the College's talents and contributions
*   Grow the College's financial and physical resources so that it can fulfill its mission and achieve its aspiration

Position Summary
Reporting to the President, the Vice President is a member of the College's senior leadership team, and oversees the College's branding and marketing, internal and external communications, and community, media, and public relations functions to enhance the College's reputation as a premiere, national liberal arts college.  The Vice President provides expert consultation and staff support to several Trustee committees, and strong leadership and management for the Office of College Communications. The Vice President must have the ability to think and act strategically; provide strong leadership for College Communications objectives and staff; gain support for key initiatives among diverse constituents; and effectively manage and improve processes and influence outcomes in support of College objectives.

The Vice President has specific responsibility for:

*   Leading the College's efforts to plan, execute, and evaluate marketing strategies, communications programs, and media relations to create a strong brand identity for Franklin & Marshall College that enhances the institution's reputation as a premiere, national liberal arts college; 

*   Providing strong leadership, direction, and coaching and development for the College Communications staff; 
*   Leading the conversion of institutional priorities and messages into a strategic communication plan, which will support a comprehensive capital campaign;
*   Designing and putting into place a communications plan for media relations;
*   Evaluating short and long-term staffing needs;
*   Providing expert advice and consultation to the President pertaining to marketing, communications, and public relations matters;
*   Preparing speeches, press releases, and presentation materials for the President as needed;
*   Preparing information and reports for the Board of Trustees, and providing consultation to and support for Trustee committees;
*   Serving as the chief public relations officer and media relations officer for the College, proactively supplying appropriate information to the media and responding to inquiries;
*   Overseeing all College publications, assuring publications provide a consistent message aligned with College objectives;
*   Providing oversight of the College web site;
*   Effectively utilizing and managing the department budget; evaluating short and long-term budget needs;
*   Writing/editing pieces for College publications as necessary;
*   Participating on committees and task forces as appropriate; and
*   Staying abreast of industry trends and relevant issues in higher education and among peer institutions.

The Vice President must also work closely with the Office of the President, the Office of the Provost, the Offices of Admission, Alumni Programs, College Advancement, and Athletics & Recreation, as well as with faculty, students, and the Board of Trustees, to initiate and accomplish the following:

*   Create, implement, and evaluate an integrated campus-wide marketing and communications plan;
*   Develop and disseminate consistent institutional messages and graphic identity as part of a branding campaign aligned with the College's strategic plan;
*   Establish innovative marketing and communications campaigns that promote and sustain alumni engagement, fundraising, and enrollment initiatives;
*   Develop innovative strategies for the use of the Internet, and;
*   Recommend and employ appropriate market research to inform and evaluate marketing and communication decisions.

Education and Experience Requirements

The ideal candidate should possess:

*   A Bachelor's degree in a related field; a Master's degree in marketing, business administration, communications, or a related field is highly desirable;
*   Minimum of ten years of progressively responsible experience in marketing, advertising, external relations, or public relations with proven skills in market research, analysis, and implementation;
*   Demonstrated experience developing a strategic communications plan and marketing materials consistent with the goals of the College's capital campaign;
*   Ability to build a strategic communications plan for web and media relations;
*   Strong writing, editing, and public speaking skills;
*   Demonstrated aptitude using persuasive language and motivational style;
*   Familiarity with the important issues affecting higher education and an understanding of the role of national liberal arts colleges in the context of higher education;
*   Experience managing media relations and strong news judgment;
*   Strong supervisory skills / prior successful experience leading and motivating staff;
*   Ability to work collaboratively within a diverse community with multiple constituencies, in order to build cooperation and consensus;
*   Experience developing and monitoring budgets;
*   Strong problem solving and decision making skills, and;
*   The ability to initiate and implement actions in support of College objectives.

A special emphasis will be placed on the candidate's experience working in a highly collaborative, senior management team environment that is focused on the successful execution of the College's strategic plan.

COMPENSATION:  Compensation will be open and commensurate with experience and qualifications.

STARTING DATE: On or about July 1, 2007

DEADLINE DATE:  Nominations and expressions of interest will be accepted until a select list of candidates is put forward for final consideration by the search committee. All inquiries, nominations and applications will be held in strictest confidence, and should be submitted to:

Shelly Weiss Storbeck
Managing Partner
Storbeck/Pimentel & Associates, LLC
Lesley Boyd
Academic Search Consultant
Storbeck/Pimentel & Associates, LLC

1400 North Providence Road, Suite 6000
Media, PA  19063
Phone: 610-356-5608; Facsimile: 610-356-5541
Email: or

For additional information about Franklin & Marshall College consult the College's Web site:

Franklin & Marshall College is committed to having an inclusive campus community, and as an Equal Opportunity Employer, does not discriminate in its hiring or employment practices on the basis of gender, race or ethnicity, color, national origin, religion, age, disability, family or marital status, or sexual orientation.

76.)  Director of Corporate Communications, Qualis Health, Seattle, WA*&sort_by=cdl&job_ID=1267

***  JOTW Weekly Alternative Selection:

77.)  Bouncer, Abyss NightClub, Diesel Group, Sunnyvale, CA

***  JOTW’s other alternative selection of the week, submitted by Judy:

78.)  ASSISTANT MAINTENANCE SUPERVISOR, Los Angeles Dodgers, Los Angeles, CA

Seasonal Part time
Essential Duties and Responsibilities: include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

Assist Maintenance Supervisor in operations of Maintenance Department. Supervision of Maintenance staff in preparation and maintenance of building for baseball and special events. Train staff in the safe and proper use of all equipment, tools, chemicals and their applications. Schedule individual task responsibilities for all staff and supervise these activities. Assist in facilitating all game day and non-game day events. Manage inventory and warehouse. Organizes and maintains and maintains paper supplies. Handles all purchase orders. Prepares departmental supply orders. Provide support to the Dodgers' staff. Oversee suite and club detail and clean-up operation. Oversee recycling program. Checks in deliveries and restocks according to department policy. Other assignments and projects as directed by the Facility Manager/Maintenance Supervisor

Requirements/Qualifications: The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, education and/or ability required. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

• Ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously in an organized fashion. Willingness to work the hours necessary to meet goals, including nights and weekends. Must have strong teamwork etiquette. Ability to interact and work with staff at all levels. Excellent interpersonal and customer service skills. Detail oriented, must be able to maintain a high degree of confidentiality. • Must communicate effectively in English and Spanish both written and oral. Must be able to read instructions and to provide careful attention to detail. Ability to write comprehensive, detailed and accurate reports. • Previous supervisory experience in janitorial or stadium maintenance. Experience as lead Maintenance Assistant preferred. • Experience in a sports venue setting preferred. • High school diploma or general education degree (GED); or one to three years related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience. • Basic computer skills a must. • Must be in good health. Able to walk up and down aisles, stairwells, etc.

All offers of employment are contingent upon satisfactory background screening.

Qualified candidates may submit a resume and cover letter online or fax to Human Resources (323) 224 1595.

Closing Date: 2007-05-18

***  Weekly Piracy Report:

03.05.2007: 0300 UTC: Posn 03:59N – 007:17E, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.
Armed pirates in four boats attacked a FPSO and tried to board it via the anchor chain. There were eight security personnel on the FPSO. The pirates were successful in their attempt. Five persons from the FPSO kidnapped. .
03.05.2007: 0700 LT: 12 miles Off Mogadishu, Somalia.
A group of Somali pirates armed with guns boarded a general cargo ship underway. They hijacked the ship and took it to Hobiyo anchorage. Negotiations with the pirates are going on.
03.05.2007: 0315 LT: Posn 01:11.7S – 116:46.8E, Balikpapan Port, Indonesia.
Robbers boarded a bulk carrier while berthed. The vessel was in her final stages of cargo operations and all crew and officers busy. The robbers stole ship's stores and escaped unnoticed.  
30.04.2007: 2345 UTC: Posn 06:40S – 039:44E, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
A black hull boat with five pirates attempted to board a general cargo ship drifting 27 miles ENE of the port.  Alarm raised and crew mustered.  Pirates aborted attempt and moved in SW direction towards another vessel drifting 7.5 nm away. All vessels in the area warned via VHF radio.
18.04.2007: 1100 LT: Chebilang Bay, Satun Province, Thailand.
About six pirates in a small boat attacked a fishing boat and hijacked it. All eight crew were taken hostage and landed at Le – La Island.  Pirates stole ship's equipment, properties and abandoned the boat at Yanud Port, Tha – Phae District, Satun Province.  Police located the fishing boat and returned it to the owners in Malaysia. No one was injured
14.04.2007: 0700 LT: Posn 17:25N – 059:56E, Arabian Sea.
While underway, a general cargo ship received a call on VHF Ch 16, from a fishing boat, that they had no fresh water. The ship threw some mineral water bottles into the sea to be picked up by the fishing boat in order to prevent any close contact with the fishing boat and to prevent any boarding.
12.04.2007: 0600 UTC: Posn 15:13N – 052:57E, Gulf of Aden.
A fast boat, doing about 20 knots and steering various courses, approached a RO RO ship underway several times and at one stage came on a collision course with the ship. Later, it proceeded in a southerly direction and disappeared. The boat was light coloured, about six meters in length and had 2 – 3 men in it.
***  2007 Queensland Premier's Literary Awards – open for nominations,

The Queensland Premier's Literary Awards were inaugurated in 1999 and
have grown to become a leading literary awards program within Australia, with $225,000 in prize money over 14 categories.

The awards offer Australian established and aspiring authors the
opportunity to gain recognition in the literary community as well as
providing financial assistance to support the development of high
quality writing.

In 2007 entries are sought in the following categories:

* Fiction Book Award $25,000
* Emerging Queensland Author – Manuscript Award $20,000
* Unpublished Indigenous Writer -The David Unaipon Award $15,000
* Non-Fiction Book Award $15,000
* History Book Award $15,000
* Children's Book – The Dymocks Literacy Foundation Award $15,000
* Young Adult Book Award $15,000
* Science Writer – Department of State Development Award $15,000
* Poetry Collection – Arts Queensland Judith Wright Calanthe Award
* Australian Short Story Collection – Arts Queensland Steele Rudd Award $15 000
* Literary or Media Work Advancing Public Debate – The Harry Williams
Award $15,000
* Film Script – Pacific Film & Television Commission Award $15,000
* Television Script – QUT Creative Industries Award $15,000
* Drama Script (Stage) Award $15,000

Queensland Premier's Literary Awards enquiries:

Phone: 07-3405-5215
Fax: 07-3224-4065
Postal Address: PO Box 15185 CITY EAST QLD 4002

Nominations close 5pm Friday 25 May 2007.

***  SAN FRANCISCO, CA – 24 April 2007 – The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) has partnered with the Shanghai Public Relations Association (SPRA) to bring IABC’s accreditation program to China. Leaders of both associations signed an agreement today in which IABC will conduct a formal accreditation completion program with members of SPRA that will enable them to complete the IABC accreditation program. This is the first step of a multi-year process that will confer IABC accreditation on qualified SPRA members and train volunteers to administer the program for other local communicators in China.

The IABC accreditation program is a peer-reviewed process that measures the strategic abilities and technical skills of public relations and communication professionals. It enables candidates to measure their approach against a global standard and consists of three steps: application, portfolio, and written and oral examinations. Candidates must successfully complete each stage of the process before moving to the next. Candidates who successfully complete all three stages of the process earn the Accredited Business Communicator (ABC) designation.

As part of the agreement, a select group of highly qualified SPRA members who are interested in earning the ABC will be mentored by ABCs from around the world. They will attend rigorous training sessions to develop their portfolios for review and prepare for the examinations. Once their portfolios are accepted, they will be eligible to complete the four-hour written and half-hour oral examinations.
Professor Mao Jingquan, president of SPRA, said, “We are very glad to partner with IABC on the introduction of professional accreditation. I am confident that this will become a key driver for the growth of China’s public relations industry. On behalf of SPRA, I would like to thank Omnicom Group Inc., a leading global marketing and corporate communications company, for their sponsorship of this program and Kenneth Chu, partner and CEO, Greater China, Ketchum, for his able assistance in making this agreement possible.”

“As our organization expands globally, we see accreditation as an integral part of IABC’s brand and our commitment to the education of our members and the development of the profession,” said Julie Freeman, ABC, APR, president of IABC. “We are delighted to be the first communication association to bring a global standard of accreditation to communication professionals in China. We look forward to working closely with SPRA on this multi-year program and would like to acknowledge Serge Dumont and Kenneth Chu’s ongoing support on this project.”

According to Eric Bergman, ABC, APR, MC, chair of the IABC accreditation council, “The ABC is the only internationally consistent designation in public relations and organizational communication. As we have done in other parts of the world, once we have a critical mass of ABCs in Shanghai, we will support translation of the exam into Mandarin and encourage revisions to the basic exam that add situations appropriate for the local culture.”
Serge Dumont, senior vice president and president Asia Pacific of Omnicom Group Inc., added, “Omnicom attaches a great emphasis to professional training and education. We are extremely pleased to support the SPRA and IABC in introducing this rigorous global standard of accreditation for the first time in China. This valuable initiative will undoubtedly greatly benefit and improve the standards of the fast growing communications industry in China.”
For more information on IABC accreditation, visit

About SPRA
Established in 1986, the Shanghai Public Relations Association (SPRA) was the first PR association founded in China. SPRA has more than 200 member companies ranging from state-owned, joint-venture, collective to private and individual members. Directors of the SPRA committee are enterprise heads, academic elite, government officials and media leaders. For more information, visit

About IABC
The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) enables a global network of communicators working in diverse industries and disciplines to identify, share and apply the world’s most effective communication practices. Established in 1970, IABC serves 14,500 members in 70 countries, 100 chapters and 10,000 organizations. For more information, visit

About Omnicom
Omnicom Group Inc. (NYSE: OMC) ( ) is a leading global advertising, marketing and corporate communications company. Omnicom's branded networks and numerous specialty firms provide advertising, strategic media planning and buying, interactive, direct and promotional marketing, public relations and other specialty communications services to over 5,000 clients in more than 100 countries.

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