Ned Continues to Pester Mike with Questions.

Sunday June 24, 2:28 p.m.

NED: Mike, have you been asked to talk to Sen. George Mitchell about human growth hormones?

MIKE: No. But I am unapologetic in my belief that steroids have made me a better blogger. I’ve hit a couple out of the park.

NED: What about the other guy from WHAM!—the other senator from Maine?

MIKE: You mean Sen. Andrew Ridgeway? No, I haven’t talked to him. No one has talked to him in years. I do love the name of that one senator from Maine, though. Olympia Snowe. Terrific name.

NED: Were there any other IABC members on your flight to New Orleans?

MIKE: What a compelling question…but to my knowledge, no. When I got to the airport the line was so long for people checking luggage that I think some of them are still there.

NED: Are you relieved that Eddie Murphy is the father of Scary Spice’s baby and not you?

MIKE: Yes, considering that it’s been years since I’ve spoken to her.

NED: What did you say to her then? Did you just tell her what she wants, what she really really wants?

MIKE: I told her what wants, what she really really wants.

NED: Will PacMan Jones have a good season this year?

MIKE: Yes…in a Paris Hilton kind of way.

NED: At the airport I heard that the moving walkway was ending. What are your thoughts?

MIKE: Ned, my first reaction was that I was pleased that at least something at the airport was moving.

NED: Theoretical question: Why would someone at the IABC Conference—and I’m not naming names—walk into a meeting room where a session just ended and surreptitiously fill out an evaluation form in which that person rated everything “poor” and in the comment section write, “Worst session EVER!” Why would someone do that?

MIKE: Umm…comedic value?

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