JOTW 28-2007


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JOTW 28-2007

9 July 2007

“We have to abandon the idea that schooling is something restricted to

youth. How can it be, in a world where half the things a man knows at 20

are no longer true at 40 — and half the things he knows at 40 hadn't

been discovered when he was 20?”

– Arthur C. Clarke

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In this thrilling issue:

*** One Paragraph Pitch

1.) COMMUNICATIONS MANAGER, Davis & Company, Glen Rock, NJ

2.) Legislative Program Specialist, Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management (OCRM), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), I.M. Systems Group, Silver Spring, MD

3.) Public Affairs Specialist Department, Division of Public Affairs, US

Marine Corps, Washington, DC

4.) Press Assistant, The ONE Campaign, Washington, DC

5.) Journalist, Manic Times, Sydney, NSW, Australia

6.) Executive Director, Student Press Law Center, Arlington, Va


8.) WEB CONTENT EDITOR, State University of New York at Geneseo, Geneseo, NY

9.) Director of CSB Media Relations, College of Saint Benedict, St. Joseph, Minn.

10.) Video Communications Manager, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ.

11.) University News Manager, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

12.) Community Relations Volunteers, City of Avondale, Avondale, LA

13.) Public Relations Manager, Greyhound Racing NSW, Sydney, NSW, Australia

14.) Senior e-Communications Specialist, Sodexho, GAITHERSBURG, Maryland

15.) Corporate Communications Specialist, Cooperative Finance Corp., Herndon, VA

16.) Communications Manager, GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy, Wilmington, NC

17.) Marketing and Communications Manager, AirPlus International, Inc. Washington D.C. Metro Area

18.) Marketing Coordinator/Associate, NEW ENTERPRISE ASSOCIATES, Chevy Chase, MD

19.) Web Communications Manager, Cargill, Minneapolis, MN

20.) Manager of New Media, Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta, GA

21.) Sr. Administrative Assistant, Communications, NRECA, Arlington, VA

22.) Technical Writer/Editor/Researcher, NRECA, Arlington, Virginia

23.) Manager, Marketing Communications, Great River Energy, Elk River,


24.) Public Relations Manager, Zune, Microsoft, Redmond, WA


26.) EVENT COORDINATOR, The Baton Rouge River Center, Baton Rouge, La.

27.) WRITER/MARKETING ASSOCIATE, Publications and Marketing Department, The Historic New Orleans Collection, New Orleans, La.

28.) Representative Marketing Communications, Northrop Grumman Ship Systems,

Pascagoula, MS

29.) Publications/Communications, Northrop Grumman Integrated Systems,

Melbourne, FL

30.) Marketing Manager – Government, BearingPoint, McLean, VA

31.) Technology Media Relations Specialist/Account Executive, Ketchum,

Atlanta GA

32.) Contract Web Producers,, Hackensack & West Paterson, N.J.


34.) Technical Writer, Ennovex Solutions, Chantilly, VA

35.) Technical Writer, Software Engineering, SPI, Sunnyvale, CA

36.) Associate Director of Development – Corporate Relations, Experience

Music Project (EMP), Seattle, WA

37.) Communications Coordinator, Breast Cancer Fund, San Francisco, California

38.) GENERAL ASSIGNMENT REPORTER, Eagle Herald, Marinette, WI

39.) Web Editor, RedR-IHE, London, UK

40.) Strategic Communications Team Lead, BRTRC, Fairfax, Virginia

41.) Public Awareness, CARE Österreich, Kiev, Ukraine

42.) Director of Development and Marketing Communication, Lucile Packard Foundation for Children's Health, Palo Alto, California

43.) Head of Communications and Resource Development, Interpeace, Geneva, Switzerland

44.) Senior Technical Writer (Member, Technical Staff), Juniper Networks,

Sunnyvale, CA

45.) Communications Coordinator, Council for Responsible Nutrition, Washington, D.C.

46.) Director, Partnership for Clear Health Communication, National Patient Safety Foundation, North Adams, MA

47.) Communications Assistant: Graphic Designer (Internship), Franciscans International, Geneva, Switzerland

48.) Director of Communications, Children's Rights, New York, New York

49.) Communications Coordinator, TechnoServe, Washington, DC

50.) Technical Writer, IntelliServ, Provo, Utah

51.) Manager, Public Relations, ARAG, Des Moines, IA

52.) Public Relations Specialist, CPU Tech, Pleasanton, CA

53.) Senior Product Line Manager, CPU Tech, Pleasanton, CA

54.) External Senior Editors, IPD Group, Washington, D.C

55.) PART TIME COMMUNITY & WEB RELATIONS ASSISTANT, Howard County Arts Council, Ellicott City, MD

56.) Internal Communications Manager, Sempra Energy, San Diego, California

57.) Senior Associate-Civil Services, McLean, VA

59.) Marketing Associate, Arlington, VA

60.) Writer/Editor, Advancement Project, Washington, DC

62.) Senior Editor, Drama and Reality, Sling Media Entertainment Group, New York, NY

63.) Marketing Writer/Editor, Pepper Hamilton LLP, Philadelphia, PA

64.) Nutrition Marketing Manager, Produce for Better Health Foundation, Wilmington, Delaware

65.) Acquisitions Editors, Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Sudbury, MA

66. President and General Manager, WVPT, Harrisonburg, VA

67.) Regional Sr. Communications Specialist, Harrah's Entertainment, Robinsonville, MS

68.) Technical Writer – 1 Year Contract, Whitby Operations, Patheon, Whitby, Ontario, CANADA

69.) Director, Corporate Communications, HealthPlus Of Michigan, Flint, Michigan

70.) Morning Edition Producer, Vermont Public Radio, Colchester, VT

71.) Corporate Marketing & Communications Specialist, American Science & Engineering, Billerica, Massachusetts

72.) Project Manager, Communications, Prudential Financial , DRESHER, PA

73.) Director of Marketing, Native American Public Telecommunications, Lincoln, NE

74.) Director Corporate Communications, RingCentral, Redwood Shores, CA

75.) PR Corporate Communication Specialist, bank, Abu Dhabi, UAE

76.) Marketing Manager, Wild Bird Centers of America, Glen Echo, MD

77.) Senior Web Copywriter, RingCentral, Redwood Shores, CA

78.) FDDC Communication Coordinator Job, Florida Developmental Disabilities Council, Tallahassee, Florida

79.) Senior Public Relations Specialist, MetLife, Long Island City, NY

80.) Public Relations Associate, Yaeger Public Relations, NY, NY

81.) Manager Corporate Communication, Aricent, Gurgaon, Haryana, India

82.) Communications Manager (IT Department), Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, Hong Kong

83.) Field Producer, WBTV, Charlotte, N.C.

84.) Student Intern, Corporate Communications, Regeneration Technologies, Alachua, FL

85.) MARKETING ASSISTANT, Corporate Marketing and Communications, COPIC Companies, Denver, CO

86.) Communications Specialist- Bethesda, Reznick Group, Bethesda, MD

87.) Communications Consultant, CASEL–the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL

88.) Manager, Walter P. Chrysler Museum, Detroit, MI

…and more than you expected!

*** One Paragraph Pitch:

GET A FREE WEEKEND! Want a FREE weekend at the beach? A FREE weekend to spend with family? How about a FREE weekend to putz in the yard? You can do anything you want with your FREE weekend when you stop taking work home on your days off. I can make that possible. Need brochure or Web copy? Company magazine or newsletter? Press releases and pitching? An entire plan? Over the past 30 years in communications, I’ve done it all. I specialize in healthcare and education work, but my clients are varied. I’m accredited and I’ve earned more than 250 awards. I can work for you regardless of where you are – remember – the earth is flat. Check out my samples at Gail Kent, ABC, The Buzz Factory, (757) 930-0032,

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Be Heard.

*** Transparency:

I was meeting Mimi Carter for lunch at the University Club on 16th St. I am seated in one of the comfortable chairs in the foyer. A man comes up to me and says “Are you waiting for someone for lunch?”

“Yes,” I replied.

“Are you concerned with transparency? Are you Bob?”

“No,” I answered. “And you are not Mimi.”

“I'm still concerned with transparency,” he said as he walked away.

*** From Shonali Burke, ABC:


“Behind the Scenes with JOTW—A World in Communication”

If you live and work in the greater Washington area, chances are you know of Ned Lundquist, ABC, the founder and creator of “Job of the Week” or “JOTW,” the free e-newsletter that he started in 2001, and that now has more than 10,000 subscribers around the world.

Incoming Vice Chair of the IABC Accreditation Council, Ned has successfully created a virtual global community—or “JOTW-ers”—of communications professionals, who do everything from sharing job leads, to dispensing free, if quirky, career advice (via “Pimp My Job”), to showing the world their collection of shoes (see Indeed, “Nedworking” has become a part of the communications vocabulary—and not just in Washington!

This summer, IABC/Washington is proud to give you a real-world glimpse into the virtual phenomenon that is JOTW, and that started in our own backyard. Ned will lead a panel of JOTW-ers including Mike Sorohan and Marty Welles, who will talk about how and why they are JOTW-ers, bringing “Nedworking” to your doorstep—a great way to spend a midsummer’s evening in the DC metro area.

Do you have a “Nedworking” experience, or JOTW success story, to share? Bring it on! Do you want to be the “Dream Team” to pimp your job? We’re here for you! Maybe you’re new in town, just want to meet Ned and (finally) see what “the Cap’n” looks like”—come on over! And there will be a special contest with prizes for anyone who catches Ned and Mike laughing at each other’s jokes.

Don’t miss this once-in-a-blue moon event where you will take your “Nedworking” to a new level, and leave with a greater sense of how being part of a larger communications community enriches your life as a professional communicator.

When: Thursday, July 12, 2007, 5:30 – 8:30 p.m.

Where: Tivoli Restaurant, Arlington, Va.

Cost: $40/$45/$55 for IABC members/guests/non-members respectively, in advance; rates go up after the early bird deadline and at the door. For more information and to register, please visit

*** From Mary D.

I don't know why Shonali is going to the Playboy mansion, but if her visit

is first prize for something, then second prize has to be two visits to the

Playboy mansion. (snark, snark)

Mary D.

P.S. Re: Sachin Shah's question, I think the Supreme Court just made price

fixing legal by 5 to 4 vote, didn't they?

*** Ned needs your help:

I need two things. One, I need someone to design a logo for my companion newsletter, DEFCON 1, which currently is posted at Hopefully, come 1 January 2008, DEFCON 1 can have a website of its own, with its own look and identity.

I also need someone to help me design a rotating gif banner ad for IABC accreditation. I have some thoughts about how it should look, and what different messages I need it to present. I would like to make this available to other accredited members who have websites, and for IABC chapters to post on their websites.

Contact me

*** Read DEFCON 1’s exclusive report: “Another Saturday Night in Baghdad” in Wednesday’s issue of DEFCON 1, the Defense Career Opportunity Newsletter. You can subscribe for free by sending a blank email to

*** This newsletter was transmitted to you sodium-free and with no trans fats.

*** Kim Plyer and Ned got together at New Orleans, and Kim had pictures of her last day in the Navy, when Commander Ned Lundquist, her CO, presented her with a briefcase to start her new life as a professional. Kim’s thoughts about the IABC Conference can be found at

*** Tragic story:

*** Waylaid:

Dude, you put out a very valuable resource for job seekers…you're a

veteran it's your nation's birthday. Cut yourself a bit of slack.

If anyone has heartburn over a two-day delay for such a useful, valuable,

free resource, tell 'em to build a bridge and get over it.

Happy 4th.


*** Coincidence? We think not:

This picture of Mike Sorohan at the New Orleans airport upon arriving for the IABC Conference looks remarkably similar to the Mike Sorohan who was leaving New Orleans several days later:

*** From Ed Kavanaugh:

Here's a little clarification of typical vacant job listing lingo…


We remain competitive by paying less than our competitors.


We have no time to train you and you'll have to introduce yourself to

your co-workers.


…who still live with their parents and won't mind our

internship-level salaries.


We don't pay enough to expect that you'll dress up; well, a couple of

the real daring guys wear ear rings.


We all listen to nutty motivational tapes.


You'll be six months behind schedule on your first day.


Some time each night and some time each weekend.


Anyone in the office can boss you around.


We have no quality control.


Unless you wasted those four years studying something useless like

philosophy or English.


We've filled the job; our call for resumes is just a legal formality.


You'll need it to replace three people who just left.


You're walking into a company in perpetual chaos.


You'll have the responsibilities of a manager, without the pay or respect.


Management communicates, you listen, figure out what they want, and then do it.

*** From Lorraine Fabiano


Please post this “Can’t Wait” job opening in New Jersey with the JOTW network.

Thank you,

Lorraine Fabiano

Director of Finance

Davis & Company

11 Harristown Rd.

Glen Rock, NJ 07452

1.) COMMUNICATIONS MANAGER, Davis & Company, Glen Rock, NJ


Davis & Company is a leading communication consulting firm that helps companies reach, engage and motivate employees. Our clients are Fortune 500-sized global corporations that hire us for our innovative approaches to internal communication challenges in the areas of: consulting and planning, change communication, helping leaders and managers communicate, dynamic print and electronic communication, assessment and measurement, and graphic design/visual communication.

Companies we work for span nearly every industry, including banking and financial services, consumer products, healthcare, insurance, industrial, and pharmaceuticals.


Our firm seeks a smart, up-and-coming, high-energy individual to join our growing team. Reporting to our EVP of Client Service, and supporting two senior directors, you’ll work on the front lines of client assignments, handling such responsibilities as:

• Writing intranet content, e-newsletter articles, print publications, presentations and talking points, and reports

• Assisting with online surveys, focus groups and other communication measurement

• Supporting creation of communication plans

• Managing and administering ongoing client projects, including coordinating visuals/design with our graphics team

• Participating in creative brainstorming and problem-solving


• Able to write clearly, concisely and in a compelling way

• Strong verbal skills

• Proficiency in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint

• Attention to detail

• Great organizational and project management skills

• Strong team player, able to work in a highly collaborative environment

• Has basic understanding of internal communication channels and best practices

• Avid learner

• Demonstrates commitment to quality work

• Optional skills that would be a plus: Graphic design and web design/programming


• Bachelor’s degree in business, public relations, communications, Liberal Arts (or something completely different like film studies, drama, anthropology)

• Five to seven years experience with a corporation, consulting firm, agency, non-profit or other organization

Visit our website:

Please submit resume, cover letter and writing samples to:

*** From Ida Buffone:

Dear Ned,

Our organization has a job opening for a Legislative Affairs Specialist. The job description is below and ready to post. Thank you very much and please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any additional information.


Ida Buffone

Recruitment Specialist

(301) 943-6824

2.) Legislative Program Specialist, Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management (OCRM), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), I.M. Systems Group, Silver Spring, MD

I.M. Systems Group, Inc. (IMSG) is looking to hire a Legislative Program Specialist to work at the Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management (OCRM), which is part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The position will be located at the OCRM headquarters in Silver Spring, MD.

Within the OCRM HQ, this position serves as a general program specialist, supporting the policy and program needs of OCRM, coordinating, facilitating, and tracking activities, legislation, and policy. The Legislative Affairs Specialist serves as the OCRM point-of-contact and knowledge expert for specific policy issues and actions, and supports the OCRM Deputy Director, Chief of Staff, and Senior Policy Advisor. The incumbent will be tasked with implementing actions to accomplish general and legislative outreach strategy objectives. This position will focus on planning, coordinating, and implementing OCRM’s legislative outreach activities. In addition, the Legislative Affairs Specialist will work with the OCRM Communications Specialist to increase OCRM’s visibility by coordinating outreach activities with other NOAA outreach efforts. As needs arise and policy and requirements evolve, the Legislative Affairs Specialist will be responsible for implementing both short and long term special projects.

The Legislative Affairs Specialist utilizes independent judgment and analytical skills in interpreting and reviewing policy, legislation, information requests; identifying impacts of proposed policy and legislative changes; implementing and tracking activities; prioritizing needs; resolving or recommending solutions for critical problems; and developing new approaches for OCRM. In addition, the position may include strategic planning and document review. Specific areas of responsibility might include involvement with the OCRM Visioning for the Future of Coastal Zone Management activities, and assisting the OCRM Communications Specialist.

This position requires extensive contacts with OCRM division managers, technical, and administrative staff; NOAA and NOS policy, outreach, public affairs, and budget staff; NOAA offices and programs; other federal, state, and local agencies; and other stakeholders.


Working with OCRM Communications Specialist, headquarters, and program staff, the Program Specialist will perform the following duties:

• Establish and coordinate a proactive hill briefing plan that builds awareness of OCRM core capabilities and key OCRM programs

• Draft congressional briefing materials as needed including brochures, one-page summaries, posters, presentations, and testimony

• Draft responses to congressional inquiries related to OCRM programs and requests for input on draft legislation

• Track, monitor, and coordinate analysis of pertinent legislation.

• Establish and maintain a system for organizing and querying OCRM congressional materials

• Assist the OCRM Communications Specialist and Communications team to ensure OCRM’s message is included in NOAA-led activities



• Bachelor’s degree with a minimum of three years experience in environmental policy or legislative affairs

• Excellent written and oral communications skills

• Strong organization skills and attention to detail

• Self motivated energetic strategic thinker

• Ability to work well individually and cooperatively with a range of individuals

• Ability to work on several projects simultaneously and to shift priorities as needed

• Technical proficiency with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word


• Masters Degree in environmental policy

• Experience working for a government agency in a marine science related field

To Apply:

Please send your resume in word format to with the following subject heading: NOA07022 – Legislative Affairs Specialist. Salary for this position is in the low $60,000’s and is commensurate with experience.

IMSG is an equal opportunity employer.

3.) Public Affairs Specialist Department, Division of Public Affairs, US

Marine Corps, Washington, DC

Job Announcement Number: EA7-1035-03-K4663975-DE

SALARY RANGE: 93,822.00 – 150,646.00 USD per year

Closes Tuesday, July 10, 2007

SERIES & GRADE: YA-1035-03

4.) Press Assistant, The ONE Campaign, Washington, DC

The ONE Campaign is seeking a Press Assistant to enhance and support the

communications department in their efforts to communicate with ONE

members, stakeholders, America's leaders, the general public and other

parties. This role assists in executing an aggressive earned media plan

to expand, build and publicize the growing movement of Americans in the

fight against global poverty. This role is focused on organizing press

coverage, keeping accurate and up-to-date databases of media contacts,

writing press materials and highlighting opportunities to improve or

expand our efforts. Excellent written communication skills are



Collecting and organizing press clips

Identifying newsworthy stories and opportunities for earned media

Writing press releases

Writing supplemental materials

Setting up press conferences

Responding to initial media inquiries

Other tasks as required by the Communications Director or Press



The successful candidate will be able to demonstrate:

Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Strong organizational skills

Ability to excel in a team environment

Strong computer skills

Exceptional online research skills

Experience in communications in an advocacy/campaign environment

Demonstrated ability to produce results in a fast paced environment and

on tight deadlines

Ability to manage and prioritize multiple tasks

Bachelor's Degree


Previous experience working with the press

Previous experience working on a political campaign

This position is based in Washington, DC. For more details or to apply,

please contact ONE at To apply, please send resume, cover

letter highlighting your qualifications for the position and two writing


5.) Journalist, Manic Times, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Fearless journalist with 3+ years experience required to join the most exciting media company in Australia's history. Write for web and print.

For more information and to apply contact

*** Beth King sent this from Mark Goodman


We will continue to take applications until the position has been filled. Encourage people to apply as soon as possible if they want to be considered.


6.) Executive Director, Student Press Law Center, Arlington, Va

Executive director sought Lead the defense of the student press Direct the

only organization devoted to defending the free-press rights of student

journalists. The Student Press Law Center, in Arlington, Va., has a small

(five-person) staff and an annual budget of about $500,0000. The SPLC helps

all students by ensuring that they receive accurate news about their schools

and themselves. It also guarantees the future of good journalism by teaching

young journalists about the First Amendment. We educate and advise students,

teachers and administrators at college and secondary schools. We're looking

for a mission-oriented chief executive for this 33-year-old public-interest

nonprofit group. The successful candidate will be a skilled communicator

with strong leadership skills, a collaborative work style and an ability to

leverage resources and reach out to journalism and education groups as well

as others. A law degree and legal experience are highly desirable because of

the complicated legal environment, but the right professional with a strong

layperson's grasp of the law also could be ideal. The ability to inspire,

work with volunteers and effectively direct the work of a small staff is

essential. We're proud of our record, but the successful candidate will able

to think innovatively and broadly to develop new legal and educational

approaches for an organization with a growing constituent base. A complete

job description is included below. If you are interested in applying, send

resume and cover letter by June 30, 2007, to The

Student Press Law Center is committed to equal opportunity in employment

regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability,

veteran status, sexual orientation, marital status or familial status.

Experience Required: 5-7 Years

Application Instructions: If you are interested in applying, send resume and cover letter to

*** From Kris Gallagher, ABC:

Ned –

This ought to fill up your next issue!

Kris Gallagher


The University of Missouri-Rolla seeks a qualified individual with two

to three years of publication production and graphic design experience.

Candidates must demonstrate strength in visual design and typography and

an understanding of marketing and branding. Experience with digital SLR

photography is desirable. Minimum qualifications include a bachelor's

degree in graphic design or an equivalent combination of education and

experience from which comparable knowledge and abilities can be


Expertise in current design and layout software (QuarkXpress, InDesign,

Photoshop and Illustrator) are required. Candidates must demonstrate

attention to detail and have the ability to organize and manage multiple

projects, work independently and meet deadlines. Strong writing, editing

and communication skills, and knowledge of pre-press and printing

operations are preferred.

Applicants should submit samples of design work, which may include

photography, along with a resume, cover letter and an application for

employment to Human Resource Services.

For application forms, go online to the website below or contact Human

Resource Services by phone or email.

UMR is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. Women,

minorities, and persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

Contact: Human Resource Services

Phone: 573-341-424



8.) WEB CONTENT EDITOR, State University of New York at Geneseo, Geneseo, NY

The State University of New York at Geneseo is recruiting to fill the

new position of Web Content Editor (WCE) in the office of communications

and publications. The WCE will develop and manage a strategic web

editorial web program with primary focus on information content and

visual design to enhance institutional branding and advance college


The ideal candidate will possess superior writing and editing skills and

a keen eye for compelling visual design. Preference will be given to

those who have a demonstrated knowledge of web standards, design and

usability in a higher education setting; proven web communication

project management experience; and a passion to leverage technology to

drive creativity, improve efficiency and achieve measurable results.

For more details and application guidelines, please visit


We are reviewing applications until the position is filled.



Tony Hoppa, APR

Asst. Vice President for Communications

The State University of New York at Geneseo Roemer House

1 College Circle

Geneseo, NY 14454

4585/245.5516 (O)

4585/245.5526 (F)

4585/245.2527 (M)

9.) Director of CSB Media Relations, College of Saint Benedict, St. Joseph, Minn.

The College of Saint Benedict (CSB) department of Communications and

Marketing Services invites applications for the position of Director of

CSB Media Relations. The main functions of this position will be to

provide strategic leadership and communication planning for CSB media

relations, including development and execution of an annual media

relations plan in support of the mission and strategic goals of the

college; manage CSB's day-to-day news and media relations functions

within the media relations area of Communication and Marketing Services

(CMS), including workflow and management of all projects related to CSB

news and media relations; serve as supervisor to the Assistant Director

of Media Relations (in partnership with the Director of SJU Media

Relations) and the CSB Athletic Media Relations Director and work in

partnership with the Director of SJU Media Relations, ensuring

consistent and coordinated messaging on joint media relations issues and


Bachelor's degree required, preferably in journalism, communications or

English. Excellent writing, editing and proofing skills, including

knowledge of AP style guidelines; ten years experience working in a

public relations and/or journalistic environment highly desirable;

established, demonstrated media contacts in Minnesota; regional and

national media; experience and understanding in the important role

technology plays in effective media relations; including but not limited

to: RSS feeds, Podcasts, database management, and/or gathering and

distributing digital audio and video content; high level of experience

in crisis communications. The incumbent is expected to be

self-motivated, strategic thinker with the ability to develop and follow

through on concepts and ideas and posses excellent organizational skills

with an eye for detail.

Qualified applicants should submit a letter of interest, resume and

three names of professional references and salary requirements to:

College of Saint Benedict

Human Resources – Position # 200758

37 South College Ave

St. Joseph, MN 56374

10.) Video Communications Manager, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ.

The position of Video Communications Manager reports to the Director of

The Office of University Communications at The University of Arizona is

looking for a video communications manager to develop multimedia content

for placement on University websites and electronic publications, and for

distribution to news organizations. Media Relations in the Office of University Communications at The

University of Arizona. The incumbent is responsible for managing video

communications activities, including the production of video news for posting on the website, the UA homepage, and other appropriate UA websites,

plus posting on appropriate video-driven public websites. The incumbent also

is responsible for training University Communications staff in the basics

of producing video for online posting, and disseminating newsworthy

materials to radio and television stations.

Outstanding UA benefits include health, dental, and life insurance; paid

vacation, sick leave and holidays; UA/ASU/NAU tuition reduction for

employee and qualified family members; access to campus cultural and recreational

activities; state retirement, and more.

Duties and Responsibilities

* Manage the production of news and promotional videos whose primary use

will be in online venues. Conceive and write scripts, and direct the

production of digital video.

* Develop newsworthy material about the University for dissemination to

radio and television outlets.

* Develop working relationships with campus units to identify, research

and publicize University news in the digital video medium.

* When possible, assist other University units in their endeavors to

produce quality digital video products for placement on University websites and

appropriate 3rd-party websites.

* Manage video communications administrative functions, including video

duplication and maintenance of the University Communications video


* Provide leadership on technical issues, policies and strategic and

tactical plans for video communications.

* Keep abreast of latest developments in the digital media.

* Perform any other job-related duties as assigned by the Director of

Media Relations.

Additional Minimum Qualifications

Bachelor's degree AND three years work experience OR any equivalent

combination of experience, training and/or education.

* Strong working knowledge of both video equipment and computer editing

technology necessary to produce polished digital video content.

* Ability to work effectively under and meet critical timelines.

* Experience working in a team environment.

Preferred Qualifications

* Bachelor's degree in a field related to digital media, journalism or


* Ability to take initiative and work independently.

* Excellent interpersonal skills.

* Proficiency in Spanish is plus, but not required.

For more information and to apply, visit:

11.) University News Manager, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ.

The Office of University Communications at The University of Arizona is

looking for a university news manager to develop news content for our

website and for distribution to news organizations and the general

public. The position of University News Manager reports to the Director of Media

Relations in the Office of University Communications at The University

of Arizona. The incumbent is responsible for writing about and publicizing

University educational programs, research and events to the news media,

campus community and general public.

Outstanding UA benefits include health, dental, and life insurance; paid

vacation, sick leave and holidays; UA/ASU/NAU tuition reduction for


and qualified family members; access to campus cultural and recreational

activities; retirement, and more.

Duties and Responsibilities

*Composes news releases and stories for the University's news Web site

( and publications, and for distribution to news


worldwide. Stories must effectively communicate the University's unique

characteristics and programs, national standings and attributes.

*At the direction of the Director of Media Relations, the University


Manager is responsible for developing working relationships with campus

units to identify, research and publicize University news.

*Provides editing services to the Office of University Communications.

*Develops multimedia news content for University's news website and for

distribution to news organizations.

*Occasionally provides media relations consultation to University units


requested, and serves as a direct liaison with segments of the news


*Coordinates with other campus units involved in statewide, national and

international media relations efforts.

*Performs any other duties as assigned by the Director of Media


Minimum Qualifications

*Bachelor's degree in a field related to journalism, public relations,

communications or a related field.

*Reporting experience at a news organization or in communications at an

organization of significant size, complexity or media interest.

*Demonstrated excellent news writing/general writing and editing skills,

and a demonstrated confidence in public speaking.

Preferred Qualifications

*Established relationships with members of the news media.

*Ability to take initiative and work independently.

*Ability to work effectively under and meet critical timelines.

*Experience working in a team environment.

*Excellent interpersonal skills.

*Proficiency in Spanish is plus, but not required.

For more information and to apply, visit

12.) Community Relations Volunteers, City of Avondale, Avondale, LA

The City of Avondale’s Community Relations Department is seeking individuals for Community Relations Volunteers. Our volunteers will provide customer service assistance in the reception/lobby areas of the Avondale Civic Center. Duties include greeting visitors, managing sign-in sheets, handing out visitor badges, directing and/or escorting customers to various locations throughout the facility, accepting delivery packages, and answering or transferring phone calls as needed. Volunteers will also assist reception staff and perform other related duties as assigned. There are no benefits associated with this position and it is a non-paid assignment.


Work requires knowledge necessary to understand basic operational, technical, or office processes. Level of knowledge equivalent to four years of high school or equivalency. Work requires the ability to read incoming and outgoing mail packages, computer correspondence, memos, instructions, etc. Must possess a valid Arizona Driver’s License at time of hire.

Special Requirements

Complete job descriptions and application are available on our website at (623) 478-3240. E-mail

An on-line application at must be complete in order to be considered for this position. Open until filled.

If you have any questions, please contact the Human Resources Department (623) 478-3240.

Continuously Open Position or until a sufficient number of applications have been received.

13.) Public Relations Manager, Greyhound Racing NSW, Sydney, NSW, Australia

This is an exciting opportunity for a dynamic self-starter to lead the public relations, communications and event strategies of the NSW greyhound racing industry.

You will be responsible for:

* Developing and implementing a proactive media strategy

* Managing GRNSW's publications and communications programs

* Managing and developing NSW greyhound racing's interface with the wider community

This will be done using your proven ability to produce high quality publications and public relations materials and your demonstrated research and high level issues management skills.

An excellent communicator with superior writing and relationship building skills, you are someone who is results driven and possesses high levels of energy and creative flair. This role has a strong public relations focus however you will also have the capability and passion to take ownership of marketing, events and promotional activities from a strategic and tactical perspective.

To be successful in this diverse role you should have at least three years experience in a similar role and are ideally degree qualified in a relevant discipline.

Knowledge and experience of the racing industry is desirable but is not essential.

Find out more by obtaining a detailed job specification from

All enquiries should be directed to Darren Simpson, General Manager, Operations at or 02-9764-6255. Applications close Friday 13th July 2007.

*** From Angelo Ioffreda :

Hi Ned –

Here’s another one. I will see you next week at the IABC meeting.

Have a good Fourth! Until then,


Angelo S. Ioffreda

vp, internal communications, sodexho

t: 1.301.987.4332 / f: 1.301.987.4438


14.) Senior e-Communications Specialist, Sodexho, GAITHERSBURG, Maryland

The Senior e-Communications Specialist will serve as the company’s primary Webmaster. The Senior e-Communications Specialist is responsible for overseeing all aspects of Sodexho’s corporate intranet/internet sites including content, design, and technical management. The Senior e-Communications Specialist works with all other departments and business lines to write, edit, and update Web site content, and works with the Senior Manager, Communications, to develop and implement online marketing campaigns including Search Engine Optimization, and to benchmark best practices with other companies.

The position requires a wide range of technical, interpersonal, creative, and leadership skills, and the ability to both work independently and as a member of a team.

The Senior e-Communications Specialist is a member of the Internal Communications team within Corporate Communications and works under the day-to-day direction of the Senior Manager, e-Communications. The e-Communications Specialist works closely with IT to manage technical capabilities and system upgrades, and to troubleshoot problems, and is on-call for crisis communication postings, Web site enhancements, and page creation for both the intranet and Internet.

For more information and to apply, please visit our website,

and reference position requisition number 263821 or click on the link below:

15.) Corporate Communications Specialist, Cooperative Finance Corp., Herndon, VA

*** From Susan Clizbe:

Hi Ned –

Happy 4th! I haven't had much time lately to play in the JOTW sandbox but hope this makes up for it. This looks like a great job, (as long as you aren't opposed to nuclear power, of course) and I still think Wilmington is a great place to live. It is, however, the most expensive cost of living in North Carolina now, and even exceeds Atlanta – so don't back down on your price! Fair warning: there are about 250 likely applicants right here in River City.

16.) Communications Manager, GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy, Wilmington, NC

Job #: 602937

Job Description:


# Own, develop, and execute a wide variety of communication initiatives that support the strategic and operating goals of GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy.

# Oversee communication with customers, sales teams, employees, local communities and other key audiences as defined by the business. Projects include employee communications, customer communications activities, business press relations, branding, product collateral, executive presentations, advertising & promotions, web content, Volunteerism and events.

# Act as primary contact and spokesperson for the business in all media activities.

# Manage, lead, and develop a team of communication specialists.

# Identify, select, and coordinate outsourced resources as needed to assist in execution of the above deliverables.

# Establish and manage Communication budget for the business.


# Bachelors degree in Communications, PR, English, Journalism, or other liberal arts degree.

# 5+ years of experience in Corporate Communications, Public Relations/Agency, or Marketing Communications.


# Bachelor's degree in Communications, Public Relations, English, or Marketing is preferred.

# Proven ability to develop and implement communications campaigns.

# Ability to conceptualize, structure, write, and pitch compelling stories for wide range of audiences.

# Broad knowledge of print, video and web-production technologies.

# Ability to manage multiple projects while maintaining a high quality of work.

# Proven change management skills.

# Excellent business acumen.

# Strong oral and written communication skills.

# Strong interpersonal and leadership skills.

# Ability to effectively interact at all levels of the organization from senior level executives to all other employment segments.


# The Communication Manager is responsible for developing and maintaining a strategic relationship with business leadership. This person must identify business needs, integrate multiple communication strategies, and work with the broader Communication team to execute those strategies, both internally and externally. This role is critical in contributing to the overall strategy of the GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy business.

# Salary for this role is negotiable. GE is an equal opportunity employer, offering a great work environment, challenging career opportunities, professional training and competitive compensation.

The United States has regulations that govern the hiring of current or former U.S. Government employees. If you currently work for (or have in the past) the U.S. Government (in any capacity), you may have certain responsibilities under these regulations and certain restrictions may apply to your potential employment with GE. Therefore, if you are contacted by GE regarding a position of employment, and you have worked for the U.S. Government at any time, please immediately inform the GE representative of this fact.

17.) Marketing and Communications Manager, AirPlus International, Inc. Washington D.C. Metro Area

*** From Robin Bectel:

18.) Marketing Coordinator/Associate, NEW ENTERPRISE ASSOCIATES, Chevy Chase, MD

The Marketing Coordinator will report to the Marketing Partner and will provide support to the firm’s marketing department and will be located in the firm’s Chevy Chase, MD office. This person will be responsible for coordinating activities related to planning, developing and implementing the firm’s marketing initiatives and supporting Limited Partner (investor) relations activities. As front-end person in the department, the Marketing Coordinator must provide excellent customer service to anyone requesting assistance from the department.


– Needs to work well under pressure, be creative, have strong problem-solving skills and acute attention to detail

– Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written

– Able to manage highly sensitive & confidential information with complete discretion

– Team player capable of working in a congenial manner with all NEA employees


Corporate External Marketing

– Work with Marketing Manager and Partner to maintain firm branding and messaging throughout all external communications

– Maintain NEA public website: current content, messaging and look and feel. Work with IT and outside vendor to redesign as necessary

– Work with portfolio companies to ensure proper representation via public website and Limited partner reporting

– Work with entrepreneurs/portfolio companies to evaluate needs and update content for private venture intelligence portal

– Design and maintain current brochure and data sheet information and organize printing & distribution

– Develop and maintain current corporate and industry sector presentations

– Work with Marketing Manager, Partner and Investing Staff group leads to develop and execute sector marketing plans and initiatives

– Develop and produce recurring e-newsletter and maintain mailing list

– Update/maintain corporate profiles for various outside organizations (NVCA, MAVA and others)

– Work with India and China group leads to ensure NEA branding and messaging is consistent in-country. Assist in-country staff and vendors with marketing collateral and presentations

Public Relations

– Assist & back-up Marketing Manager with press releases

– Assist & back-up Marketing Manager in organizing responses to press inquiries

– Work with Marketing Manager and Partner to generate media interest in NEA stories and news

– Track and audit press coverage

– Manage news placement on public website

– Maintain industry conference calendar and publish as appropriate to the website

Meeting & Event Planning

– Assist Marketing Manager with the coordination of all aspects of meetings and special events

Internal Marketing Responsibilities

– Maintain a database inventory of all marketing materials available

– Develop and maintain marketing related internal communications for the firm Intranet

– Assist with designing and delivering marketing/messaging for new employee orientation

Limited Partner (Investor) Relations

– Assist Marketing Manager in coordinating Limited Partner Marketing Meetings for Chevy Chase Office

– Maintain database of prospective limited partners and produce reports as required


– General support/projects for the Marketing Partner as required

– Occasional travel required

– Other duties as assigned


– Four year college degree in marketing or business

– At least two years experience in marketing/communication capacity, more experience is a plus

– Excellent organizational, interpersonal relations, written and oral communications skills required

– Advanced computer skills using Microsoft Office Suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, Internet savvy, HTML.

– Venture capital industry knowledge is a plus

– Excellent political/diplomatic skills; skilled at developing and maintaining personal, social, and business relationships representing NEA in professional manner


Suzanne H. King


New Enterprise Associates

Phone: 703-464-9294

Assistant: Kim Shepherd 703-464-9285

11951 Freedom Drive, Suite 1240

Reston, VA 20190

19.) Web Communications Manager, Cargill, Minneapolis, MN

20.) Manager of New Media, Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta, GA

The Atlanta Falcons is the premier franchise in the National Football League and has a strong commitment to excellence and winning. We are dedicated to our mission to: 1) Put a winning team on the field, 2) Deliver a great game day experience, and 3) Win off the field, in the community. Our talented staff consists of some extremely innovative, respected, and brilliant people who share a passion for success and giving back to the community.

Work Location: Flowery Branch – Falcons Team Headquarters

Overview: The Manager of New Media will be responsible for overseeing and managing the editorial content and daily website programming for the website. This individual will hold regular programming meetings with new media resources (including writing and video services resources) to develop and refresh content that builds readership and maximizes revenue opportunities on the site.


• Managing new media resources to develop day-to-day website programming.

• Writing and publishing Falcons and NFL-related feature stories and articles.

• Publishing press releases, breaking news and transcripts as they occur.

• Attending all Falcons’ press conferences and other major media events, coordinating with video services coordinator to ensure live video streaming on site.

• Overseeing and participating in the new FalconsLIFE social networking community and assisting in moderation.

• Writing an ongoing blog that will be featured on the new website.

• Developing new features and sections, increasing salable website inventory according to annual goals.

• Interfacing with other departments to maintain sections and provide regular site updates.

• Meticulously maintaining the semantic tagging structure of the new website.

• Creating monthly analytics reports on website traffic and user behavior using new Omniture software platform.

• Managing game day resources to deliver the most cutting-edge, compelling and comprehensive game day coverage in professional sports.

• Providing coverage of all major annual events, including the NFL Combine, NFL Draft, Mini Camps and Training Camp.

• Managing some new media department budget line items, as determined by Director of New Media.

• Frequently working with Manager of Marketing to gauge what content is resonating with fans, and honing where necessary.

Required Skills:

• Organization and time management

• Attention to Detail

• Execution and Follow through

• Leadership/Strategic use of resources

• Short and long range planning

• Excellent interpersonal skills

• Financial Budget Management

• Creativity

• Proactive, strategic thinking

• Ownership and initiative

• Strong proficiency in HTML

• Exposure to other web technologies, including Javascript, Flash and AJAX

• Exposure to social networking communities and Web 2.0 concepts

• Experience with blogging, in a sports context preferred

Reports To: Director of New Media

Travel: To all Falcons road games, to seminars such as SXSW in Austin and the Annual NFL Business Summit, and to the NFL Combine in Indianapolis

Employee Status: Full Time – eligible for attractive Falcons benefits package

Note: This position was originally posted on the Atlanta Falcons employment site.

To ensure that your application is considered for this position, please click here ( to apply for this job on the Atlanta Falcons employment site. If you are applying onto another license, and you do not yet have an account there, you must scroll down on the login page and press “create a new application.”

Note: When you apply for this job online, you will be required to answer the following questions:

1. How does this position fit into your short and long term career goals?

2. Describe your new media experience and it can benefit the Falcons.

3. Yes/No: Do you have experience managing the editorial content and daily website programming for an internet site? Please describe.

4. Specifically describe how you have been able to team with others on your new media staff to produce the freshest content possible for your site.

21.) Sr. Administrative Assistant, Communications, NRECA, Arlington, VA

22.) Technical Writer/Editor/Researcher, NRECA, Arlington, Virginia

23.) Manager, Marketing Communications, Great River Energy, Elk River,


24.) Public Relations Manager, Zune, Microsoft, Redmond, WA

Want to contribute to the growth and success of Zune? Zune is

Microsoft's newest portable entertainment offering which enables people

to discover and experience music, video and photos in innovative ways.

We are seeking an experienced PR expert and media maven – someone who

knows what's going on in Hollywood and 'gets' lifestyle, entertainment,

fashion and music. This person will report to the Senior Public

Relations Manager and will be responsible for leading consumer and

lifestyle public relations programs for Zune. As an integral member of

this fast-paced communications team, you will contribute your expertise

to the development and execution of the overall Zune PR plan.

In this role you will be responsible for developing, driving and

managing PR plans related to Zune's lifestyle & entertainment programs.

These plans will be developed in conjunction with Zune's lifestyle and

entertainment industry marketing teams and will be aimed at generating

media coverage and helping to increase brand awareness. You will manage

seasonal consumer media campaigns, oversee influencer seeding and

product placement programs and work on entertainment and lifestyle

events. You will work with multiple external agencies and partner with

the Senior PR Manager to ensure your plans support overall

communications efforts. Cross collaboration skills are a requirement,

and your ability to develop and write plans, press releases and

messaging documents is essential. Your knowledge of and existing

relationships with key lifestyle, consumer and entertainment reporters

will be valuable and your ability to forge new relationships will be

crucial to your success.


The ideal candidate has between six and eight years professional PR

experience, you have a natural passion for and a deep understanding of

the goings-on in Hollywood and you are highly-motivated, creative

thinker. Experience managing agencies, budgets and multiple projects is

essential. A college degree is required, ideally in the fields of

marketing, public relations or communications and experience in event

marketing is a plus.


*** From Robin Mayhall, APR:

Hiya Ned!

Happy Independence Day to you and yours!

I hope you and your family are doing something fun today.

Below are three job opps in the Baton Rouge area. Thanks for posting them whenever you are back in business with JOTW.

Take care!



A leader in the gulf coast financial industry has exciting opportunities in our Baton Rouge office for a regional community relations specialist.


Serves as the primary corporate contact for regional and market-specific community relations endeavors, including but not limited to event management support, civic and philanthropic sponsorships, and corporate participation in key community activities and organizations; manages all facets of corporate and divisional charitable contributions according to established protocol, company guidelines, and in accordance with Finance Division and Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) requirements.


Qualified candidates will have 4+ years experience in community relations, strong interpersonal and computer skills.

Hancock Bank offers competitive wages and benefits as well as opportunities for professional growth. For a complete job description or to apply visit


Hancock Bank is a drug-free workplace.

For more information, please contact…

Brigette Burhoe

Staff Recruiter for Hancock Bank of Louisiana

Phone: (225) 248-7352

Fax: (225) 248-7356

26.) EVENT COORDINATOR, The Baton Rouge River Center, Baton Rouge, La.

The Baton Rouge River Center is currently seeking an Event Coordinator. This is a full-time entry-level position fit for dedicated individuals who have experience in event planning. This individual should be prepared to put in long hours, which include nights, weekends and holidays. You will gain experience with four different types of facilities as well as a wide range of events. This is a salaried position with a full benefits package.

Fax or mail resumes to: Human Resources


275 South River Road

Baton Rouge, LA 70802

No phone calls please!

27.) WRITER/MARKETING ASSOCIATE, Publications and Marketing Department, The Historic New Orleans Collection, New Orleans, La.

The Historic New Orleans Collection seeks a writer/marketing associate to join its Publications and Marketing Department. This position reports to the marketing manager and assists in the development of materials and communications plans designed to increase the regional and national exposure of the institution.


The candidate's duties will include, but are not limited to, the following:

* Producing and distributing press releases as well as printed and electronic materials marketing exhibitions, books, public programs, events, and noteworthy acquisitions.

* Answering media queries and maintaining strong relationships with local and regional media.

* Maintaining up-to-date media lists.

* Developing and updating website content.

* Assisting in development and promotion of events.


Applicants should have a bachelor's degree; experience in the fields of public relations and/or marketing; excellent writing skills; the ability to write for a range of audiences and in a range of styles; precise editorial skills; the ability to manage multiple projects on deadline.


While the following skills are not required, special consideration will be given to candidates who demonstrate familiarity with the Chicago Manual of Style; design software and HTML; print production; and media markets and contacts in New Orleans and Gulf Coast region.

The Historic New Orleans Collection offers a competitive salary and excellent benefits. Applicants should submit a cover letter, writing sample, résumé, and references to Teresa Devlin at or 533 Royal Street, New Orleans, LA 70130. For more details, call (504) 598-7170. Deadline: July 13, 2007.

28.) Representative Marketing Communications, Northrop Grumman Ship Systems,

Pascagoula, MS

29.) Publications/Communications, Northrop Grumman Integrated Systems,

Melbourne, FL


*** From Chris Parente


Happy Fourth! Here is the BearingPoint listing.


Chris Parente

Christopher G. Parente

Managing Director

Strategic Communications Group

(301) 408-4500

30.) Marketing Manager – Government, BearingPoint, McLean, VA

The BearingPoint Marketing team is currently searching for a Manager to support the Civilian segment within the Public Services business unit. Title commensurate with experience

Location: McLean, VA (mandatory)

Relocation: TBD

Performance Profile:

Serve as the marketing lead for the Civilian Segment, whose clients include US Federal Civilian agencies. Work with the Civilian leadership team to define the overall marketing strategy and align the marketing activities with the business objectives. Execute a wide range of campaigns including conferences, small events, direct mail, email and telesales; create and maintain intranet and internet sites; develop collateral; and develop/disseminate internal communications. Manage and oversee contributions of various internal functional groups such as Events Management, Graphics, Solutions and Alliance marketing, Public Relations and Internet Marketing as appropriate as well as outside groups such as alliance organizations, associations, and media partners. Ensure campaign results are tracked (leads, opportunities) and that goals for pipeline, bookings, budget control are met or exceeded. Coordinate with the Defense Marketing lead on cross-Federal campaigns and initiatives.

Basic Qualifications:

* Bachelor's degree required

* 5-6+ years experience in marketing/communications (or other similar area)

* 2+ years supervisory experience mentoring and developing staff

Preferred Qualifications:

* Familiarity with government (particularly Federal) a plus

* Strong project management abilities

* Strong written and verbal communication skills

* Excellent interpersonal, organizational, and negotiation skills required

* Attention to detail and ability to manage multiple projects and deadlines


Some travel required (0-3 days/quarter)

Contact: Bruce Buswell, Recruiting,

31.) Technology Media Relations Specialist/Account Executive, Ketchum,

Atlanta GA

*** From Doug Clancy:

If you know someone who would be interested, could you please pass to that person? Thanks.

Doug Clancy

Assistant Managing Editor

The Record

32.) Contract Web Producers,, Hackensack & West Paterson, N.J., the Web site for The (Bergen County, N.J.) Record and the Herald News of West Paterson, seeks two contract Web producers to support the full-time staff as we launch new sites.

You'll publish articles, write headlines, choose photos, create photo galleries and add audio, video and interactive elements.

The rate is $25 per hour. The jobs begin July 23 and end eight to 10 weeks later.

Requirements: Ability to multi-task in a fast-paced environment, meeting daily and interim deadlines. Proficiency in HTML, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, FTP and Microsoft Office. Good oral and written communication skills, including diplomacy and an outgoing nature.

Some journalism experience is a plus. Additional technical skills such as CSS, XML, DHTML, Flash, Freehand and Illustrator are a plus.

Your technical and your writing and editing skills will be tested.

Days/hours: The week is 37.5 hours; schedules and shifts vary. You must be willing to work weekends and early and late shifts.

Send resume and links to work samples to: Jodi Leese Glusco, Deputy Director, Digital News Group, North Jersey Media Group, at

*** From Phousavanh Sengsavanh:

Could you please post this on your next job listing? Thanks!


The Reynolds Journalism Institute’s Director of Communications will develop and implement a strategic communications plan, oversee Institute Web sites, publish and produce the work products of the Institute, plan and conduct meetings, seminars, and events, and supervise a staff of five.

The Institute was launched in 2004 with an initial grant of $31 million from the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation. It will open its world headquarters in September 2008 during the celebration of the Centennial of the Missouri School of Journalism. This 49,000 square-foot facility on the University of Missouri-Columbia campus will have state-of-the-art resources to test and demonstrate new technologies, experiment with convergence news production and delivery systems, and conduct real-time and virtual seminars and conferences.

The Institute is journalism’s advanced studies center, developing and testing ways to improve journalism through the application of technology and improved processes. In partnership with media organizations and non-profits, it delivers technological and strategic innovations in journalism and advertising.

The Missouri School of Journalism, founded in 1908, was the nation’s first. The University of Missouri-Columbia is the flagship campus of the University of Missouri system. Columbia, a community of approximately 100,000, consistently ranks as one of the best small cities in the United States because of its clean environment, high standard of health care, excellent cultural offerings, and low cost of living.

The successful candidate will:

Establish and implement marketing plans, programs and strategies to support RJI objectives and goals in the areas of image, name and brand recognition. Collaborate with key internal and external partners in developing plans, programs and strategies. Continually evaluate activities, adjusting as needed to achieve objectives and goals.

Develop and execute strategies for addressing issues of interest to the public, including media relations, marketing and public relations, to present a positive image of the Reynolds Journalism Institute. Oversee the preparation of news releases and media advisories. Approve media releases produced by the communications team, and their supporting materials, before they are distributed. Arrange news conferences and media interviews for RJI personnel. Monitor media coverage of RJI. Gather information and opinions on agenda topics, research and write articles which will be effective in addressing the issues.

Provide technical leadership and personnel management for Communications staff. Develop, delegate and ensure timely completion of assignments. Develop and maintain relevant performance standards. Provide timely feedback and effective coaching to achieve maximum individual and group performance. Set schedules and allocate resources within the Communications department of RJI in accordance with organizational priorities and needs.

Serve as a public spokesperson for RJI and in responding to inquiries from the news media and in cultivating and maintaining effective relationships with media organizations through timely and proactive communication of accurate information. The Director will make speeches and participate in other public programs.

Plan content and function for RJI website. Advise a web development team and key individuals on issues such as website design, navigation, presentation, image, functionality, content, security, and customer communication to implement features and promotions. Incorporate an awareness of news strategies and evolving trends to achieve wider public use of the site.

Oversee the arrangement and publicity of special RJI events such as receptions, consortiums, lectures, etc. Approve all special publicity relating to exhibits at professional and academic conventions and conferences.

Applicants should submit a job application at A resume, cover letter, and a list of at least three references may be sent to:

Pam Johnson

Executive Director

Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute

211 Walter Williams Hall

Columbia, Missouri 65211

Or via email to (preferred)

The University of Missouri-Columbia is committed to cultural diversity and it is expected that successful candidate(s) will share in this commitment. MU is an equal opportunity/ADA institution and encourages applications from women and minority candidates.

34.) Technical Writer, Ennovex Solutions, Chantilly, VA

35.) Technical Writer, Software Engineering, SPI, Sunnyvale, CA

36.) Associate Director of Development – Corporate Relations, Experience

Music Project (EMP), Seattle, WA

37.) Communications Coordinator, Breast Cancer Fund, San Francisco, California

38.) GENERAL ASSIGNMENT REPORTER, Eagle Herald, Marinette, WI

General Assignment Reporter needed for EagleHerald. Position includes

government and enterprise stories as well as some additional coverage.

Successful candidate must be persistent, motivated and productive.

Assertive, enthusiastic entry-level candidates

encouraged to apply. Journalism/communications degree or writing

experience required.

Company offers medical/dental benefits, 401(k) plan, profit-sharing.

Position available immediately.

For consideration, fax letter of interest and resume to (715)735-0229 or

send information to Terri Lescelius, editor,

EagleHerald, 1809 Dunlap Ave., Marinette, WI 54143-0077.


No phone calls please.

39.) Web Editor, RedR-IHE, London, UK

Deadline: Today

40.) Strategic Communications Team Lead, BRTRC, Fairfax, Virginia

BRTRC, a government contractor specializing in the Department of

Defense, is seeking a Strategic Communications Team Lead. This position requires proven experience developing integrated communication strategies, coordinating

cross functional teams, and delivering excellent customer service. The

successful candidate must be able to work closely and effectively with

clients, vendors, and team members to coordinate strategic

communications initiatives.

The successful candidate must have the following skills and


> Bachelor's degree in a related field (Marketing, Communications,

English, or equivalent). Master's Degree a plus

> 5-8 years experience in a communications or marketing field.

> Excellent organizational and communication skills – both written and


> Must be able to think strategically and translate client needs into

executable plans.

> Must be able to write clearly and concisely and also be able to

capture complex ideas for use in communications plans, magazine articles

and marketing collateral materials.

> Must be proficient in all MS Office products including Word,

PowerPoint, and Excel.

> Be an enthusiastic team player and have the ability to prioritize

multiple tasks and deadlines.

> Ability to multitask and perform under tight deadlines.

> Ability to obtain a security clearance. Active Secret clearance a


> Experience working with the military, specifically the Army, is a


BRTRC offers a competitive salary, exceptional benefits, and a

professional working environment.

If you would like to become part of our team, please review our

available positions and select 'Apply For This Job'. You will then be

asked to complete our on-line resume submission process. You may also

email your resume, cover letter, and salary requirements to Interactive and Graphic Design positions also

require a portfolio.

To be considered for this opportunity, please send cover letter, resume,

portfolio samples, and salary requirements to


41.) Public Awareness, CARE Österreich, Kiev, Ukraine

42.) Director of Development and Marketing Communication, Lucile Packard Foundation for Children's Health, Palo Alto, California

43.) Head of Communications and Resource Development, Interpeace, Geneva, Switzerland

44.) Senior Technical Writer (Member, Technical Staff), Juniper Networks,

Sunnyvale, CA

*** From

Hi Ned,

First, I’m a big fan of your site! I’d like to post the following position to your website. I’ve both copied and pasted this into the email, as well as attached, for your ease. Please feel free to contact me at 202-204-7970 or at, if you need any clarification. Thank you.

Season Solorio

Director, Public Relations

Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN)

1828 L St, N.W., Suite 900

Washington, D.C. 20036

202-204-7970 (direct line)

45.) Communications Coordinator, Council for Responsible Nutrition, Washington, D.C.

Job Summary: The Council for Responsible Nutrition, based in Washington, D.C., has an immediate opening for a communications coordinator. This entry level position reports to the vice president, communications. We are looking for a smart, self-starter with good administrative and organizational skills; attention to detail and a can-do, flexible attitude; strong communication abilities, both verbal and written. This is a great hands-on opportunity for a person looking to learn. It's a friendly, metro-accessible work environment, offering excellent benefits.

Job Responsibilities: Working closely with the vice president, communications and the association’s two department directors, the communications coordinator will work on department projects, including media relations efforts, press releases and other publicity materials, newsletters, website, annual conference and other projects. Specifically, the communications coordinator will manage and maintain press lists/contacts; log press calls and media clips; draft/write press releases, memos and other materials; organize conference calls; and provide general administrative support including coordinate mailings (press releases, member communiqués, etc.), proofread, maintain files, prepare meeting minutes, etc.

Additional Requirements: College degree; computer skills; good phone manner; professional demeanor; hard worker; ability to work quickly, juggle projects and meet deadlines. Some travel required. Please note no relocation assistance is available.


How to Apply:

Please email cover letter and resume to: To be considered, the subject line must state “Communications Coordinator/JOTW.” No follow-up emails or follow-up phone calls please. Unfortunately, we will only be able to respond to those selected for an interview.

46.) Director, Partnership for Clear Health Communication, National Patient Safety Foundation, North Adams, MA

47.) Communications Assistant: Graphic Designer (Internship), Franciscans International, Geneva, Switzerland

48.) Director of Communications, Children's Rights, New York, New York

*** From Jeannine Clemons:

Hi Ned,

Please post the Communications Coordinator position again.


Jeannine Clemons

Human Resources Coordinator

49.) Communications Coordinator, TechnoServe (a nonprofit organization that builds businesses in developing countries), Washington, DC

Job description and application guidelines can be found at:

50.) Technical Writer, IntelliServ, Provo, Utah

51.) Manager, Public Relations, ARAG, Des Moines, IA


Develop, implement and measure communication, media relations and public

relations plans to introduce, maintain and enhance ARAG's corporate

reputation to media, prospects, customers, attorneys and employees.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Manage and execute media plans – 50%

Develop, implement, manage and measure ARAG's public relations plans;

direct project management.

Prepare and manage an annual Public Relations budget to effectively meet

the company's priorities.

Cultivate working relationships with national and local media.

Develop and write content and pitch story opportunities to generate

placements and editorial pieces in both local and national press.

Serve as primary public relations contact for ARAG

Manage internal corporate information dissemination – 25%

Develop and distribute on-going and consistent information about the

company to national and international ARAG associates through

newsletters, company meetings and other forms of communication.

Specifically includes acting as U.S point person for international

communications such as the MAG.

Manage external corporate communications – 15%

Develop and distribute on-going and consistent information about the

company to non-media external sources including member/prospect

communications, presentations and award submissions.

Serve as consultant and participate in developing communication plans

during “crisis” situations – 5%

Participate and leverage leadership experience in corporate initiatives

such as strategic planning, acquisitions and product development

initiatives – 5%

Qualifications (including experience and education)

Knowledge –

Specific knowledge of public relations is required.

Specific knowledge of corporate communications planning and tactical

execution required.

Working knowledge of marketing strategies, including branding is


Working knowledge of insurance products and/or employee benefits is


Working knowledge of business/strategic planning is preferred.

Skills –

Exceptional and diverse writing skills.

Exceptional verbal and presentation skills.

Highly organized and detail oriented.

Self-starter, able to manage multiple tasks with short deadlines with

minimal supervision.

Strong computer skills including Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Ability to interface with all levels of management and possess superior

interpersonal skills.

Strong abilities and skills in project management.

Possesses a strong customer orientation.

Education –

Four-year college degree in journalism, marketing or communications from

an accredited college or university.

Experience –

5+ years experience in the field of advertising, public relations or


Some travel required. Must be available (“on call”) for critical media

and crisis communication needs. Reasonable accommodations may be made to

enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Internal purposes: this position is a salary grade 5.

Applications will be accepted through August 15th.

Submit Your Resume

If you are interested in possible employment opportunities at ARAG, we

encourage you to submit your resume via e-mail:


400 Locust Street, Suite 480

Des Moines, IA 50309

52.) Public Relations Specialist, CPU Tech, Pleasanton, CA


The Public Relations Specialist will play a key role in the

communications and public relations activities including special events,

media relations, trade shows and program implementation.

Role and Responsibilities:

Primary interface with media

Develop & manage relationships with key media contacts to ensure CPU

Tech message is widely distributed

Own the press release process – develop message, consult with internal

stakeholders and obtain organizational approvals

Manage & coordinate all trade show activity

Assist with the development of collateral marketing material

Required Knowledge, Skills and ABILITIES:

5 + years or more of professional public relations experience with

emphasis in high technology, specifically semiconductors, design

automation and test & measurement tools.

BA in Communications, Public Relations, Journalism, English, Marketing

or related field.

Demonstrated ability to lead public relations projects and secure media


Demonstrated ability to develop a full range of written materials,

including press releases, special event material, trade show collateral

and speeches

Proven ability to complete projects on-time and within budget

Excellent writing skills are essential

Requires excellent organizational, oral communication, and interpersonal


High energy, self motivated individual

Prior agency experience is required.

Desired knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

The candidates should be extensive experience with the following:

Bacon's Media Resource

Burrelles Luce, Factiva, or Lexis-Nexis (monitoring services/databases)

Technorati (blog search)

Microsoft Suite: Word, Excel, PP, Outlook

Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop

Familiar with the concept of: RSS Feeds, podcasts, blogs and vlogs

53.) Senior Product Line Manager, CPU Tech, Pleasanton, CA


The Senior Product Line Manager will develop requirements and manage the

full product lifecycle activities for our test & measurement product

line. He/she will gather and analyze market and customer requirements,

generate the product requirements and define product strategy. He/she

will also focus on the area of product value proposition, messaging,

competitive positioning and product go-to-market plans. This individual

will develop the marketing content for both internal field & external

partner and customer audiences.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Build business portfolio & product roadmap for our test & measurement

product line.

Translate product capabilities into clear customer features and

benefits, effectively positioning products and promoting product


Develop messaging, training and sales tools to effectively position the

product and sell against the competition

Must develop & deliver product presentations

Determine & justify trade-offs and opportunity costs

Develop and document product requirements to drive the engineering

development of the product.

Provide support to the sales team for RFQs, RFIs, quotes, etc.

Actively participate in industry forums and other venues where CPU Tech

presence is important to winning future business and partnerships

Will collaborate with product groups to develop marketing content and

drive product go-to-market activities

20% to 30% travel to customer sites is required

Required Knowledge, Skills and ABILITIES:

Minimum of 10 + years hands-on experience in product management

Highly self-motivated and able to constantly adapt to dynamic work


Understanding of the hardware and software technical details of

real-time embedded systems in commercial applications is a requirement

Technical understanding of large scale electronic systems functional


Proven capability to work in a team environment

Experience effectively interfacing with engineers

(hardware/software/system) & other cross functional groups

Excellent communication skills & interpersonal skills

Public Speaking experience is essential


54.) External Senior Editors, IPD Group, Washington, D.C

Senior level experts wanted for part-time editorial consulting work. We are specifically looking for people with experience in various fields of politics, business, economy, science, sports, or arts & entertainment. The ideal senior editor will be an expert in his/her field with the ability to shape and direct a news website covering his/her topic and successfully promote it among the public. Being able to rely on our team of experienced staff editors for most of the daily editorial work, this is an exciting, time-undemanding position for analysts, consultants, writers, and other experienced professionals.

The IPD Group, Inc. is always on the lookout for highly motivated and talented individuals with deep passion for online media and technological innovation.

The company has been growing very rapidly over the last years. To keep up with our success we need great people. People that are passionate as we are, eager to learn and would enjoy spending their time working on great projects.

We are seeking employees, contractors and partners who can work either in our European research and production facilities or remotely. To apply for open positions, please send your resume to with the position title in the subject line. Please apply with references.

IPD Group, Inc.

1025 Connecticut Ave., NW

Suite 1000

Washington, D.C. 20036

Tel/Fax: 202 318 8905

*** From Debbie Feldman Jones:

Hi Ned, The pay is terrible (typical for jobs in the arts) but maybe someone in the Balt/Washington area would find it a good fit…

55.) PART TIME COMMUNITY & WEB RELATIONS ASSISTANT, Howard County Arts Council, Ellicott City, MD

Deadline: August 1

The Howard County Arts Council, a multi-purpose, non-profit arts agency, seeks a self-directed, outgoing individual for an entry to mid-level position in a small, fast-paced office environment. The successful candidate will report to the Executive Director and will primarily be responsible for website maintenance, e-invite production, newsletter production, press releases, press and email database management, web-related submissions, committee administration, and general help/information desk duties, such as answering phones and fielding inquiries; clerical support for the Executive Director; and other duties as assigned. The ideal candidate must have a B.A., preferably in the arts, communications or a technology-related field, and one year work experience in a non-profit organization, equivalent demonstrated work experience or industry certifications may be taken into consideration; possess general knowledge of web-based technologies and design related applications such as HTML, PHP, Windows environments, Internet browser compatibility, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Publisher, etc. Must be able to use a personal computer, type 55 WPM, and have a working knowledge of Microsoft Office or similar applications. Must have own transportation; be able to operate an automobile, computers and related office equipment; lift up to 50 pounds to assist with set-up; remain seated for long periods of time; and bend, stoop, reach, and climb without difficulty. Proven commitment to non-profit work and the arts is preferred. This is a part-time, non-exempt position; 20 hours per week M-F; occasional evening/week-end hours are required. Salary $10 – $15 per hour depending on level of web, media or marketing experience. Position open until filled, priority will be given to applications received by August 1. no calls EOE . Send cover letter with resume, writing sample, salary requirements and 3 references to: Coleen West, Howard County Arts Council, 8510 High Ridge Road, Ellicott City, MD 21043; Fax:410.313.2790; email:

56.) Internal Communications Manager, Sempra Energy, San Diego, California

Preference given to those applicants who have earned the Accredited

Business Communicator designation.

*** From Jae Lee:

Hi Ned,

I've got a career opportunity that I'd like to share with the JOTW audience. Would you please run these in the next edition of the newsletter?

Profiles is a unique staffing firm specializing in marketing, creative, and interactive. For over nine years, we have served the needs of our Clients and Talent by matching the best candidates with the best companies in the Mid-Atlantic region. Please visit our website,

For more information, please visit

Many thanks!


Jae Lee


57.) Senior Associate-Civil Services, McLean, VA

Our client, a world-leader in the commercial & government consulting sector, seeks a Senior Associate. In this role, you will lead the engagements for clients, specifically Federal Civil Services. Contribute to development and execution of strategic business plans and drive expansion of the company’s presence in this space. Partner with internal experts to bring the right resources to bear in meeting the needs of clients in this sector.


A key objective of this position is to provide business and market leadership in the area of strategic communications to Federal Civil Service clients. Interfacing with clients, your specific duties will include:

• Apply deep strategic communications knowledge and well-developed consulting, business management, and leadership skills in the execution of a multi-faceted communications program area encompassing both internal and external audiences

• Provide thought leadership and creative insights to clients on complex strategic communications initiatives

• Serve as both project manager of strategic communications consulting engagements and hands-on design and delivery of consulting initiatives

• Lead communications and change teams in supporting clients’ business strategies, such as: public affairs, policy support, agency integration and cross agency coordination, business transformation, strategy alignment and/ or other initiatives

• Serve as expert strategic communications coach and industry expert to change initiative teams, using expertise to develop the case for a structured communication process, standards, tools and templates for the client. Bring industry best practices and knowledge of current trends and developments in the field of strategic communications to our clients

• Use research-based, proven strategic communications model and frameworks to develop and implement communications for organizational change

• Coach executives on organizational change, strategic communications, employee engagement and other related areas

• Discern and demonstrate sensitivity to client’s functional agenda, perspectives, and agency operations

• Build client managers’ and senior client executives’ trust and reliance on strategic communications expertise

• Manage assignments within budget and manage costs associated with client engagements in support of the financial objectives of the firm

• Manage complete capture of client engagement knowledge and ensure intellectual capital is developed and available

• Lead, manage, or support marketing and business development efforts to impact current client engagements and in support of new opportunities


• Significant experience advising Army leaders in the public sector

• Extensive functional background in strategic communications and consulting. Specific skills desired include communications strategy development, planning, and implementation; change management strategy development and implementation; and stakeholder relationship management and engagement

• Demonstrated ability to conceptualize and develop innovative communications and change management strategy documents

• Ability to design, perform, and oversee complex analytical tasks across an agency’s change platform to create successful outcomes

• Ability to work with Federal Civil Service agency executives and across the organization to facilitate the application of various approaches, frameworks, and methodologies

• Proven ability to advise senior executives on appropriate communications strategies, tactics, and actions

• Outstanding oral and written communication skills

• Ability to identify, apply, and capture strategic communications best practices

• Proven project management skills including scoping, planning, metrics definition, engagement execution, financial management, and reporting

• Superior time management, organizational and delegation skills

• Strong skills in building and maintaining effective client relationships

• Strong business development background including developing market opportunities, preparing capture strategies, and leading proposal teams

• BA / BS degree required. Masters degree in a related field preferred.

• 10+ years demonstrated government and federal civil services experience in either a consulting or industry capacity


Compensation: N/A

For immediate consideration, please contact Meghan Lee at Profiles at 202.363.4100, or by email at

You may also visit our website at

Profiles is a unique staffing firm specializing in marketing, creative, and interactive. For over nine years, we have served the needs of our Clients and Talent by matching the best candidates with the best companies in the Mid-Atlantic region.

58.) Marketing Manager, consulting, Arlington, VA

Provide marketing, public relations, leadership, and support for the Washington D.C. consulting office to achieve target market brand awareness and market penetration goals through the development and execution of strategic marketing plans.


Field Marketing Manager Responsibilities:

• Partner with the Managing Consultant to determine strategic marketing goals, objectives, messages, and target lists.

• Take the lead in developing and implementing a measurable, integrated marketing plan that aligns with national direction.

• Develop strategies and tactics designed to help engage fellow associates in opportunities to build stronger client relationships and foster new business development activities within the target market. This includes:

• Developing and maintaining active media relations, speakers’ bureau and association relations programs.

• Identifying opportunities to participate in key conferences and managing related activities (e.g., speaker proposals, speech writing, presentation development, speaker coaching, booth arrangements, and ad placements).

• Negotiating contracts and managing vendor relationships.

•Managing events and seminars, and implementing follow-up activities.

• Overseeing the marketing database, as well as direct mail and email initiatives.

• Creating internal awareness of key initiatives.

• Coordinating local market research projects.

• Tracking, analyzing, and reporting results to determine ROI and marketing effectiveness, and formulating and implementing action plans.

• Prepare gap analyses for local initiatives, analyze results and make recommendations to leadership team based on findings.

• Ensure that local initiatives are managed according to brand standards and key messages.

• Develop and manage marketing and group entertainment budgets.

• Provide work direction to the Marketing Coordinator. Confer with the Managing Consultant and Corporate Marketing Director on staff-related issues.

• Serve as a marketing and public relations consultant and resource to other associates as needs arise.

• Participate in and/or lead projects, as requested, with a divisional, regional or national scope.


• Bachelor’s degree in related field

• Work experience and a solid understanding of the federal government environment is required (civilian and military preferred)

• Ability to lead projects and relationships across geographies, work in a fast paced team environment, take independent initiative, and serve in a consultative capacity.

• Strong interpersonal skills and strong sense of customer service.

• Strong writing, editing, time management and organization skills.

• Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously.

• Ability to prioritize work and ask for clarification when necessary, use good judgment, pay attention to detail, demonstrate a strong sense of urgency, and carry projects through to completion in a timely manner.

• Working knowledge of MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint and databases.

• Able to travel as needed.


Compensation/Salary/Base Pay:

$80,000 year

Contact Information:

Please send resume to along with Job ID #9855


59.) Marketing Associate, Arlington, VA

Our client's Corporate Marketing group is seeking a skilled marketing communications professional who excels in written communication and project management. The Marketing Associate will help develop a variety of marketing and communication materials and help manage marketing projects that support the various consulting practices.


• Work with lead marketing liaison to help execute marketing plans, manage specific projects and develop related materials

• Help write and edit marketing materials such as articles, web content, survey reports, brochures, and news releases

• Communicate and coordinate with consultants and marketing team members on key projects

• Project management duties could include:

o Helping manage production and distribution of marketing materials (print and online)

o Developing and maintaining timelines and action plans

o Communicating progress to project team and other internal audiences as needed/appropriate

o Assisting in the implementation of marketing strategy/tactics

o Coordinating with teams including consultants, editors and designers to complete project within schedule


• Bachelor’s degree in a related field

• Minimum of three years experience writing and editing marketing communication materials

• Excellent written and oral communication skills

• Project management experience

• Demonstrated initiative, follow-through and problem-solving ability

• Ability to work in a fast-paced, high-volume and often ambiguous/fast-changing environment

• Ability to work independently but within a team-based, collaborative environment

• Consulting firm experience a plus



Contact Information: along with job ID #9905

*** From Sabrina Williams:

Ned, would you include the below job description in your next edition? Thanks

60.) Writer/Editor, Advancement Project, Washington, DC

Advancement Project, a national racial justice organization, seeks a writer/editor to join our communications team in the Washington D.C. office. We are seeking an experienced writer/editor to produce a broad spectrum of written materials. A background in journalism and racial policy is preferred, and candidates must be able to quickly develop sprightly, well-written copy. The writer/editor will support the Communications Department with the development of content for publications and other written communiqués.

Knowledge of how to develop and package information appropriately for different formats is essential for this position. Enthusiasm for selling ideas to community partners, the media and other audiences through writing is a must. Candidates should also be able to prioritize effectively, work well under deadline pressure, and edit/rewrite documents quickly.

All candidates will be required to take a writing and proofreading test.

Role and Responsibilities:

• Edit and proofread all research reports;

• Develop web content;

• Conceptualize, write and develop copy for broad audience consumption;

• Provide editorial support;

• Identify needed organizational content and spearhead efforts to fill them;

• Development of professional, accurate & timely content for internal and external publication;

• Outstanding writing, editing, and grammar skills, with a commitment to accuracy; tone, and consistency in language that supports Advancement Project’s brand;

• Strong interviewing skills and the ability to elicit key information is essential;

• Provide input into keeping organizational editorial style guide up-to-date;

• Manage and coordinate content review process with multiple stakeholders for all project work;

• Prepare materials designed to raise awareness of continuing impact of race on society;

• Write newsletter content;

• Interview community activists and write about their struggles; and

• Develop white papers about structural racism.


• Bachelors degree required, journalism, English or other communication related degree preferred;

• Experience with Microsoft Office and Internet;

• Strong editing, proofreading, and writing skills;

• Ability to work independently and as a team player;

Ability to work in a fast-paced environment;

• A minimum of three years' news reporting/writing experience, preferably covering racial justice issues;

• Proven ability to identify timely, compelling topics for wide ranging audiences;

• Skill at meeting tight deadlines and juggling multiple tasks;

• Solid understanding of the fundamentals and ethics of writing;

• Demonstrated ability at developing and maintaining community contacts;

• Strong understanding of AP style and basic grammar and punctuation;

• Willingness to travel several times a year;

• Ability to work well in a highly collaborative, creative, fast-paced environment;

• Strong research, organizational, and communication skill;

• Attention to detail;

• Prefer an ability to frame national issues under the lens of race;

• Ability to work well under pressure;

• Adaptability and flexibility; and

• Fluency in Spanish is desirable.

We offer a very competitive salary and benefits package. Advancement Project is an equal opportunity employer and actively works to ensure fair and equal treatment of its employees and constituents regardless of differences based on culture, socioeconomic status, race, marital or family situation, gender, age, ethnicity, religious beliefs, physical ability, or sexual orientation.

This position is located in Washington, DC.

Submit resume, cover letter, two styles of writing samples and three references to:

Sabrina Williams

Communications Director

Advancement Project

1730 M Street, NW, #910

Washington DC, 20036


Fax: 202/728-9558


*** From Chris Ourand:

61.) Marketing Manager, Siteworx, Reston, VA

The Marketing Manager will have at least six years relevant experience and assist in the development and implementation of Siteworx’s marketing plan, facilitate and oversee Public Relations, Advertising and Tradeshow programs, provide proposal writing and lead generation management support as well as perform a variety of other duties related to the marketing and sales function within the company. The ideal candidate is highly-motivated, eager to learn and detail-oriented with a passion for marketing and the ability to execute under minimal supervision. If you like creating your own position- this is for you!

Job Responsibilities:

• Assist in the execution of annual marketing plan

• Assist Vice President of Marketing & Sales in all aspects of daily execution of tasks

• Provide day-to-day oversight and execution of PR and marketing programs in line with the corporate marketing plan working closely with the Vice President of Marketing & Sales

• Provide proposal writing support

• Coordinate with outside firms to provide appropriate and timely content to support PR efforts

• Follow internal processes to coordinate logistics of approvals for marketing & PR content

• Responsible for updating Web site with current approved news releases

• Research and analyze market data and present information in a meaningful, organized way

• Plan events, staff accommodations, and logistics of getting presentation materials to shows and conferences

• Coordinate and write monthly employee newsletter

• Support internal communications as needed

• Ship, handle, package outbound marketing and sales materials

• Assist in managing, tracking and administering a budget, including purchase order generation and tracking

• Track, analyze and create sales and marketing reports

• Ability to travel occasionally as needed to perform position responsibilities.

• Additional tasks as assigned


• Must have B to B Professional Services experience.

• BA/BS in Business Administration, Marketing or Communications

• Track record of utilizing best practices in business to business marketing communications.

• Excellent organizational and time management skills and ability to meet tight deadlines.

• Excellent oral, written, and interpersonal skills.

• Demonstrated computer skills and high proficiency in Microsoft Office software, especially MSWord and Excel.

• Creative problem-solving abilities and the ability to understand and work with new concepts quickly.

• Ability to work resourcefully, both individually and within a team

• Establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees, business representatives, vendors, and customers.

• Ability to show initiative, be proactive and creative.

• A “let's get the job done, no matter how big or small” attitude

Desired Experience:

Previous experience with technology and/or software companies a plus.

Siteworx is a Web design and integration company that achieves award-winning results for clients including National Geographic, AOL, The College Board, and PBS. Siteworx helps companies communicate powerfully by creating a satisfying user experience through attractive design, streamlined information architecture, and easy-to-manage technology that integrates with online and offline business applications.

Siteworx offers competitive salary and benefits including health, dental and life insurance; 401k plan with employer contribution; vacation, holiday and sick leave; education reimbursement plan, and free use of a Gym 24/7 in our building. Siteworx is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Contact: Send resumes to

62.) Senior Editor, Drama and Reality, Sling Media Entertainment Group, New York, NY

Sling Media is a digital lifestyle products company, focused on creating empowering entertainment experiences for consumers. Sling Media’s award winning Slingbox turns any Internet-connected PC, Mac, or mobile device into your home television allowing you to watch your TV virtually anywhere in the world. The Sling Entertainment Group is a division of Sling Media and will deliver new applications and services enabled by the Slingbox’s marriage of familiar TV programming and richly interactive web-connected devices.

The Senior Editor, Drama and Reality will oversee daily programming of a comedy “channel” on our upcoming Web portal. Duties will include commenting on an inventory of video clips through daily blog posts, aggregating clips into charts and playlists, and creating features to engage participation of site users and television fans. The candidate will maintain deep contacts within the television industry and will be expected to participate in industry events and make media appearances to promote Sling’s Drama and Reality Channels.


At least five years experience writing and editing for consumer publication(s) and websites with emphasis on television

Ability to write lean, clean, entertaining copy under tight deadlines

Deep passion for and knowledge of television

Demonstrable headline writing, image selection and content packaging skills

Familiarity with the current landscape of Web publishing (blogs, CMS, RSS, commenting tools, web video) a plus

Ability to conceive, assign, and line-edit features

Contact: (please reference requisition #145)

*** From Jocelyn Canfield, ABC:

This is a search for a client of mine:

63.) Marketing Writer/Editor, Pepper Hamilton LLP, Philadelphia, PA

Pepper Hamilton LLP, a leading law firm based in Philadelphia, is seeking a Marketing Writer/Editor.

The Marketing Writer/Editor assists the firm's Marketing Department with the development of a wide variety of firm publications, marketing collateral materials and other writing and editing projects. Job requirements include a minimum of:

• A bachelor’s degree, preferably in English, journalism, communications or similar field of study

• Three years of professional writing/editing experience

• Excellent command of grammar and ability to edit jargon-laden “legalese” into crisp, clear prose that is understandable to a non-lawyer audience

• Solid proofreading skills and ability to pay attention to detail.

Interested candidates should send a resume and at least three writing clips to:

Bernadette Kornsey

Human Resources Recruiter

Pepper Hamilton LLP

3000 Two Logan Square

Eighteenth and Arch Streets

Philadelphia, PA 19103-2799

Tel: 215.981.4479

Fax: 215.981.4750

*** From Barbara T. Boyce, M.S., R.D.:

64.) Nutrition Marketing Manager, Produce for Better Health Foundation, Wilmington, Delaware

Produce for Better Health Foundation, a non-profit education foundation and former co-founder of the national 5 A Day program, is looking for a Nutrition Marketing Manager responsible for reviewing food product labels to determine if they meet Program nutrition criteria and for reviewing food company marketing materials for accurate fruit and vegetable nutrition messaging. This position shares the responsibility for developing fruit & vegetable content for organization’s consumer web site ( In addition, this position is responsible for managing the organization’s recipe library and the management of outside consultants, such as chefs and recipe developers, as needed. This position requires a registered dietitian with 5 or more years of experience within the field, a bachelor’s degree in nutrition/dietetics, strong written and verbal communication skills and organizational skills, and the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously. Preference will be given to a dietitian knowledgeable about FDA food labeling and health claim regulations. This position is full-time and requires the person to commute to the Foundation’s corporate office in Wilmington, Delaware. Please send resume and cover letter with salary requirements to: or fax to: 302-235-5555. No phone calls please.

65.) Acquisitions Editors, Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Sudbury, MA

66. President and General Manager, WVPT, Harrisonburg, VA

The Shenandoah Valley Educational Television Corporation, licensee of WVPT in Harrisonburg, Virginia, seeks applications for the post of President and General Manager. Harrisonburg is home to James Madison University and Eastern Mennonite University and is located 120 miles southwest of Washington, D.C. The post reports to a 20-member board, representing the interests of area communities, cultural and educational institutions, business, and the general public. The President & General Manager is responsible for planning, leading, directing and evaluating overall management of administrative, programmatic, educational, fund development, technical, and external relations activities of a comprehensive public television organization, and for effective liaison with community, state and national stakeholders. WVPT serves 140,000 households in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley and beyond with a 40-member staff, excellent production facilities, a $3.5 million annual budget from federal, state, and local sources, and individual members. The ideal candidate should have: a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant academic discipline, with an advanced degree desirable; at least ten years of successful and relevant senior management experience in business, education or public telecommunications having accountability to a public and/or educational/cultural institution board of directors; demonstrated experience with, and understanding of, public broadcasting; exceptional oral, written, analytical, administrative, financial planning, fund raising, entrepreneurial and interpersonal skills; demonstrated experience in working successfully with educational institutions and state government; the ability to define, communicate and implement an organizational vision; an understanding and appreciation of new technologies; a commitment to Equal Employment Opportunity; and the intellectual and physical vigor and administrative versatility required for successful and dynamic leadership of a comprehensive telecommunications organization. The review of applications will begin on July 16, 2007. Applications must include: 1) a narrative letter describing how training and experience relate directly to the outlined job responsibilities and qualifications, 2) a detailed professional resume, and, 3) the names, addresses and phone numbers of no less than five professional references who can attest directly to the applicant’s suitability for this leadership post. Attractive and competitive salary and fringe benefits, commensurate with qualifications and experience. EOE/AA. Applications should be directed to: Richard Parker, Interim General Manager, WVPT, 298 Port Republic Road, Harrisonburg, VA 22801.

67.) Regional Sr. Communications Specialist, Harrah's Entertainment, Robinsonville, MS

68.) Technical Writer – 1 Year Contract, Whitby Operations, Patheon, Whitby, Ontario, CANADA

69.) Director, Corporate Communications, HealthPlus Of Michigan, Flint, Michigan

70.) Morning Edition Producer, Vermont Public Radio, Colchester, VT

Vermont Public Radio has an excellent opportunity for a full-time Morning Edition Producer. The M.E. Producer works with VPR’s on-air host to develop and present timely and creative news programming. The producer has a keen understanding of news and can develop and produce a compelling morning program. The producer prepares scripts, schedules interviews, reports news and maintains the overall accuracy of the broadcast and works easily with broadcast technology. Candidates should thrive on a steady stream of interesting story ideas and be able to respond to breaking news. Applicants should have strong abilities in audio, research, interviewing and working on deadline. Knowledge of Vermont and the Northeast is a plus. Candidates should have a bachelor’s degree, a background in broadcast journalism, and at least three years of experience. To apply, please send letter of application, resume, CD, references, and a VPR Job Application to: Careers at VPR, Vermont Public Radio, 365 Troy Avenue, Colchester, VT 05446, or to careers See the full job description and download job application from VPR is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

71.) Corporate Marketing & Communications Specialist, American Science & Engineering, Billerica, Massachusetts

*** From Bill Seiberlich:

72.) Project Manager, Communications, Prudential Financial , DRESHER, PA

Prudential Financial companies serve individual and institutional customers worldwide and include The Prudential Insurance Company of America, one of the largest life insurance companies in the United States. These companies offer a variety of products and services, including life insurance, mutual funds, annuities, pension and retirement-related services and administration, asset management, banking and trust services, real estate brokerage franchises, relocation services and, through a joint venture, retail securities brokerage services. For more information, visit

The Annuities Communications team develops and executes high-impact communication strategies to connect internal associates to the business and promote a shared vision in support of organizational objectives. We are looking for an energetic, creative and motivated individual to join this dynamic team. The successful candidate will be experienced and skilled in three distinct areas:

•First, the candidate should be a proficient business writer and editor. These skills are needed to provide content for internal intranet and senior management messaging as well as various ad hoc communication projects.

•In conjunction with that, Annuities Communications seeks to position itself as a valuable resource to our internal business partners. The successful candidate should possess formidable relationship management and project management skills along with an open mind to infuse new ideas into current processes and procedures.

•The candidate should also be comfortable with technology, especially working with and learning new systems.

Key responsibilities:

1. Develops both internal and external communications for Prudential Annuities

2. Develops content for and oversees management of Prudential Annuities internal intranet site

3. Oversees management of internal employee meetings, senior management town hall meetings, management forums and other face-to-face events

4. Provides direct strategic communication planning and support to internal business partners

5. Proactively identifies areas where communications gaps exist and provides planning and creative solutions to remedy

•5+ years experience in communications role or similar capacity—preferably in the annuities or financial services industry with emphasis on internal messaging.

•Excellent copywriting and editing skills and the ability to craft high-impact communications. Candidates will be required to submit writing samples. •Strong verbal communications skills. Must be able to effectively interact with and present information to employees of all levels, including senior management.

•Must have excellent project management skills and the ability to drive projects to completion in a fast-paced, deadline-oriented environment.

•Strong interpersonal skills are required to build collaborative relationships and manage internal business partners as a key account relationship. Must be open to change, a self-starter, comfortable with ambiguity and a strategic thinker.

•Strong PowerPoint skills as well as Microsoft office. Experience with Lotus Notes preferred. This position can be located in the Newark, NJ, Shelton, CT or Dresher, PA office. Travel between the locations is expected.

Prudential is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer and is committed to diversity in its workforce.

Any applicant selected for this position will be required to submit to an extensive background screening and a credit check. Failure to comply will eliminate an applicant from consideration for this position. Any negative information obtained as a result of the background screening may result in the disqualification of the applicant from this and any other position in Prudential, including their current position if they are an internal applicant.

73.) Director of Marketing, Native American Public Telecommunications, Lincoln, NE

Native American Public Telecommunications (NAPT) supports the creation, promotion and distribution of Native media through the Internet and public radio and television. Develop, implement and evaluate marketing plans and strategies for NAPT products and services. Plan and manage marketing budgets and campaigns. Oversee the design and publication of all promotional materials. Develop and implement market analysis strategies. Bachelor’s degree in marketing, advertising, communications, business or related field plus 2 years’ marketing or related experience in industry or business required; equivalent education/experience considered. Internet marketing, marketing campaign management and excellent writing skills necessary. Prefer knowledge of Native American cultures. Review of resumes will begin July 9, 2007. Apply at: UNL is committed to EEO/AA and ADA/504. If you require an accommodation, please call 402-472-9333, ext. 214.

74.) Director Corporate Communications, RingCentral, Redwood Shores, CA

75.) PR Corporate Communication Specialist, bank, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Our client, a G.C.C. leading bank, is looking to recruit a PR Corporate Communication Specialist for its regional office.

Based in Abu Dhabi, and reporting to the Director of Corporate Communication, you will be responsible for planning and managing the day to day PR activities of the bank. You will also be responsible for leading a small team within the department and develop and embrace training and change. You will need to oversee the coordination of numerous relevant events and exhibitions and ensure that the image of the bank is always upheld. You will also need to manage the agencies and ensure that that the representation of work always has a positive affect on the image and brand and build the brand equity. Finally you must champion business development and build internal and external relationship continually in every aspect of your role.

As the successful candidate, you will possess 5 – 10 years experience of relevant experience. You must be able to demonstrate knowledge of local financial markets and related industries. You must be a self starter with a creative flair, coupled with excellent business acumen. You must also have a related degree. Please only apply if you can speak, read and write Arabic and English fluently.

About Company

iQ selection ( is a management executive recruitment company, which provides focused recruitment services to clients and candidates throughout the Gulf region. We employ a tailored process to ensure that our clients are making the right recruitment decisions for their organisations, and that candidates are given access to the best career opportunities in their field of expertise.

As a winner of the coveted Dubai Quality Appreciation Program, iQ selection consistently demonstrates a commitment to outstanding service delivery and strong professional and ethical values. We strive to build lasting confidential, professional relationships with candidates and clients; our reliability and commitment to both means that they come back to us time and time again.


iQ selection was created by Richard Ingram in 1997 to further broaden the services provided by the Ingram Consultancy’s executive search offering(now known as WoodHamill Ingram). As a contingent-based operation, iQ selection only charges its clients on successful completion yet we borrow much of our methodology from the executive search business model – a refreshing change from local cv services. Our tailored expertise across 8 sectors makes our group the largest recruitment platform in the Middle East.

Imprint plc

In July 2006, Imprint Plc acquired the Ingram Consultancy. This has instantly provided a global reach to our operation. The good news for our candidates is that we can offer them opportunities in 9 different countries worldwide by leveraging relationships across the group. The even better news for our clients is that we can retain local focus and expertise yet add the ultimate ingredient – a global database for optimum candidate generation.


iQ selection has consistently embraced the government’s commitment to promoting sustainable career paths for UAE Nationals. In 2006, 20% of iQ selection’s placements were UAE Nationals, predominantly into prestigious graduate programs with public and private sector organisations.

76.) Marketing Manager, Wild Bird Centers of America, Glen Echo, MD

77.) Senior Web Copywriter, RingCentral, Redwood Shores, CA

*** From Duke Smith:


Here's job opp that's in Tallahassee. My brother in Pensacola sent it

Charles D. Smith

Strategic Communications Analyst

Office of the Chief of Army Public Affairs

Media Analysis Team, Media Relations Division

78.) FDDC Communication Coordinator Job, Florida Developmental Disabilities Council, Tallahassee, Florida

The Florida Developmental Disabilities Council is seeking applicants for

a Communication Coordinator position with the Council.


The primary responsibility of this position is the planning, development

and coordination of the Council's communication, marketing and public

relations activities. The Communication Coordinator position reports to

the Executive Director. This position is responsible for the development

and implementation of strategic communications that will promote the

programs, policies, events, and mission of the Florida Developmental

Disabilities Council. The Council's web-site is managed and maintained

by the Communication Coordinator. Further, this position staffs the

Council's Communication Committee.

Professional experience is desired in public relations, the media,

editing and writing, web-site design and disability or related services.

A Bachelor's Degree, preferably in Marketing, Public Relations or

Journalism, from an accredited university or college and four years of

experience in marketing, public relations or journalism is required. A

Master's Degree may substitute from one year of the required experience.

The Council offers an excellent benefits package and salary is based on


Please submit your resume and a writing sample by Friday, July 20, 2007


Debra Dowds, Executive Director

Florida Developmental Disabilities Council

124 Marriott Drive, Suite 203,

Tallahassee, Florida, 32301


Materials may be received via post mail or fax and must be submitted no

later than 5:00 PM on Friday, July 20, 2007. Please continue to refer to

this web-site for updates on the status of the hiring process for

filling this position.

79.) Senior Public Relations Specialist, MetLife, Long Island City, NY

80.) Public Relations Associate, Yaeger Public Relations, NY, NY

81.) Manager Corporate Communication, Aricent, Gurgaon, Haryana, India

Support corporate in building a sound brand for Aricent with the internal audiences at the center. This will involve:

1. Strategising on the kind of activities / initiatives that the center requires. Decide upon the most effective mode of communication for each initiative.

2. Ensuring that the organisations values/way of life/culture form the basis of every activity that is planned and that the mission/vision are regularly communicated to the employees.

3. Effectively performing the role of Brand Custodian for all internal constituents at the center. Ensuring strict adherence to corporate guidelines.

4. Creating a roster of key vendors for items such as certificates, giveaways, which are utilized for internal audiences.

5. Preparation of all editorial material for internal audiences.

6. Developing communications collaterals on a need-basis. 7. Obtaining feedback from employees on the various internal programmes. Monitoring these and responding to them in a sustained manner. Making the appropriate recommendations to senior management on implementation.

8. Conceptualise/create and execute an annual calendar of activities for internal audiences with the focus on enhancing employee engagement. Plan, organize and coordinate these activities with all user groups.

9. Monitoring existing activities and identifying innovative means to enhance these.

10. Continuously identify creative and innovative opportunities to enhance the engagement levels of the employees.

Skills Required

Qualifications: MBA/Post-Graduate in Advertising & PR/Communications Experience: 7-9 years in Internal Commns set-up/Corporate Communications dept. in an MNC.

Qualification: Qualifications: MBA/Post-Graduate in Advertising & PR/Communications

Experience: Experience: 7-9 years in Internal Communications set-up/Corporate Communications dept. in an MNC.

82.) Communications Manager (IT Department), Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, Hong Kong

IT Training, Quality, Planning and Finance Development (TMS)

HSBC Technology Services Asia-Pacific (HTSA) is going through a period of extensive cultural change. The traditional 'top-down' approach to internal communication is gradually being replaced with a more interactive and constructive approach based on open and honest dialogue with staff, which will result in a more aligned and engaged organisation. We now seek a confident, personable individual to lead these changes. This is a challenging role that will provide you with exposure to work with senior executives both locally and overseas.

Key Responsibilities

Develop communication strategies to meet Group and Local IT strategic objectives and long-term interests

Consult with local IT Management and other internal specialists to deliver and enhance key management messages, ensuring the engagement of staff at all levels and the effective two-way flow of information throughout the IT organisation

Position and enhance the IT intranet in terms of content, accessibility, effectiveness and timeliness of key events and messages

Manage and direct diversified activities within HTSA through liaison with senior management teams in line with the desired behavior and communication strategies

Provide a focal point for all Group communications activity, ensuring that key Group initiatives are tailored for local consumption and message

Stage team-building events involving the top management team and the extended management team, and coordinate HTSA's participation in global events

Develop subordinates for the global IT organisation


A university degree in Communications or a related discipline

At least 10 years of working experience, including at least three years in corporate communications, media, journalism, marketing or public relations

Broad understanding of effective IT strategies and policies and different local IT environments in Hong Kong and the Asia-Pacific region

Excellent communication and persuasion skills and a keen interest in communication

Proactive and outgoing personality with the ability to work independently and under pressure

Excellent command of written and spoken English

Able to exercise good judgment in giving effective and sound advice as well as support to senior management teams

Application Method

Job Reference: HTSA/TMS/07150/Web

Please send your CV with the job reference to:


83.) Field Producer, WBTV, Charlotte, N.C.

This position will assist our main anchors with production of their regular franchise stories. We’re looking for someone who can shoot, interview, gather facts and write. Good news judgment, creativity and the ability to work with talent under tight deadlines are very important attributes.

Return to:

LeLynn Baynard

WBTV, Inc.

One Julian Price Place

Charlotte, N.C. 28208


84.) Student Intern, Corporate Communications, Regeneration Technologies, Alachua, FL

85.) MARKETING ASSISTANT, Corporate Marketing and Communications, COPIC Companies, Denver, CO

BASIC PURPOSE OF THIS JOB: Creates graphic material to be used in promoting the organizations products, programs, and services. Assists with the development, production and updating of collateral, display materials, brochures, newsletters, promotional material, direct mail campaigns, power point presentations, and other marketing items. Proofreads and edits materials for grammar, punctuation, spelling and read-ability. Assists with website content and maintenance. Conducts research related to customer retention and recruitment. Conducts research related to COPIC Medical Foundation. Responsible for the maintenance of department archives and ancillary mailing list. Performs other duties to support marketing and communication activities as assigned.



Aptitudes & Temperaments Required: Employee is steady, reliable and able to work with a diverse group of people. He/she has a patient and helpful demeanor and must be able to work in a team environment. He/she is willing asks questions and seeks direction. He/she promotes a positive organizational image to the internal and external community. He/She is highly detail oriented and has the ability to be very flexible and exercise good judgment. High quality of work without supervision.

Skills & Education Required: Bachelors Degree in marketing desired and 1-2 years experience in marketing preferred. Strong verbal and written communication skills. Well organized with the ability to prioritize multiple tasks and pay close attention to detail. Intermediate computer skills with experience in graphic design software. Proficiency with MS Word & Excel, Adobe Creative Suite and Dreamweaver desired. Familiarity with web authoring software.

Physical Characteristics Required: Individual must have a clear speaking voice, good hearing and vision. He/She must be able to bend, stoop, carry and lift up to 40 lbs. Ability to sit or stand for long periods of time. Ability to use a mouse and see computer monitor. Maintain a professional appearance.

Environmental & Working Conditions: Typical business office environment with direct supervision. Normal working hours of the Company are 8:30 to 5:00. Extra hours may be required, including some early mornings and weekends. Some out of town, overnight travel.


OBJECTIVE: Development/preparation/distribution of marketing material for programs/projects.

Percent of time: 30%

Assist with development, production and updating of collateral, display materials, brochures, newsletters, promotional material, direct mail campaigns, power point presentations and other marketing items.

Carry out mailing of invitations, flyers, etc.

Assist with copying and assembling of various program materials including name plates/tags.

Track RSVPs and send confirmations.

Programs and projects: (includes but is not limited to): Risky Practices, Practice Essentials, Hospital Risk Management Forum, Lawsuit Stress Sessions, Mock Trials, Board dinners, and focus groups.

Design marketing and educational material for products and services offered by COPIC.

Develop and update charts and presentation/packet material. Includes but is not limited to: Tort packet information; distributions; premium trends; etc.

Responsible for inventory tracking and fulfilling requests for promotional items. Makes recommendations for new products. Coordinates purchases of promotional items.


OBJECTIVE: Distribution of communication material. Maintenance of ancillary data base and dept. archives.

Percent of time: 25%

Coordinate the distribution of Company publications internally and externally.

Maintain accuracy of ancillary data base.

Run CODAT reports and prepare Excel file for printer/mail house and/or produce labels/mailing.

Assist with mailings.

Route and file external publications; maintain accuracy of routing slips.

Distribute advertising to external sources.

Track external publications to ensure that correct ads are being placed and that quality of ad is maintained.

Track and maintain department archives.

Proper tracking and maintenance of all mailings.

Maintain archives of communication material developed including newsletters, collateral, etc.


OBJECTIVE: Administrative and marketing support for COPIC Medical Foundation

Percent of time: 15%

Assist with design/development of communication material.

Maintain accuracy of information located on web site.

Conduct research and prepare recommendations regarding potential grant recipients.

Mail and track application packets as requested.

Maintain accuracy of grant log.

Review incoming grant request packets for completeness.

Request additional information if appropriate.

Prepare binders for committee meetings.

Prepare and mail various correspondences: approval, denial, and request for additional information letters.

Request and track all evaluations


OBJECTIVE: Web site maintenance and enhancements

Percent of time: 15%

Manage content of internal and external website to communicate with both employees and customers.

Manage content calendar, conducts regular quality control audits ensuring content is accurate and up-to-date.

Performs web site updates in content management system.


OBJECTIVE: Special projects/General department support

Percent of time: 15%

Assist with legislative activity.

Handle and track requests for information.

Distribute incoming department mail.

Order supplies for departmental personnel.

Perform data entry and/or compilation of feedback from annual surveys, evaluations, etc.

Other duties as assigned

To apply for a listed position, email your cover letter and resume to LaNee Reynolds at

86.) Communications Specialist- Bethesda, Reznick Group, Bethesda, MD

87.) Communications Consultant, CASEL–the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL

Position Description

The Communications Consultant is responsible for coordinating, insuring the development of, and marketing all CASEL publications and supporting public relations and development efforts, including the creation of P.R. and development materials. Initially this position may be part-time and will be a consultative (not staff) role, but the goal is to fill this as a full-time staff position within a year.


CASEL–the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning–is a research, practice, and policy 501(c)(3) based in Chicago, with research operations at the University of Illinois at Chicago. CASEL’s mission is to make social and emotional learning (SEL) an essential part of pre-K–12 education. SEL is a process through which children and adults develop fundamental emotional and social skills to handle themselves, their relationships, and their tasks, effectively and ethically. CASEL accomplishes its mission through advancing the science of SEL, providing professional development, technical assistance, and policy supports to educators, and communicating and collaborating with people and institutions that care about children’s healthy development and school success.

Reporting Relationships

The Communication Consultant reports to the Executive Director and supervises the work of the Communications Coordinators and other writing and web design consultants with whom CASEL may contract for services.

Educational Requirements

Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Human Services Field and/or Journalism, with minimum of five years experience in communications or journalism and organizational fundraising.


Demonstrated capacity to:

effectively develop, publish, and market an organization’s communications products in a competitive environment

plan and implement effective communications development strategies for an organization

effectively supervise staff at multiple levels of an organization

work effectively within tight timeframes and work on multiple tasks simultaneously

work effectively within formal organizational structures, and to manage budgets successfully

communicate clearly and passionately about the goals and needs of CASEL and to engender enthusiasm for CASEL’s mission in others

work effectively in a team-oriented work environment and with collaborative partners outside the organization


Knowledge of social and emotional learning, education and school reform issues, and other content areas relevant to CASEL’s mission

Ability to embody and model CASEL’s core beliefs.

Major Communications Responsibilities and Key Tasks

Responsible for insuring the development of communications products to support delivery of the CASEL message to broad audiences,

Responsible for providing editorial support and direction to project-produced documents (scholarly papers, reports, and professional development and technical assistance products)

Plan and implement PR strategies to promote awareness of CASEL and SEL message in general media and with targeted audiences

Develop and implement marketing and distribution plan for all products

Develop archive/data base of CASEL writings on key topics for easy retrieval for use in proposals and other documents and products

Write materials as needed for communications kits and website

Develop communications work plan and budget

Contract with designers, printers, etc., to produce communications tools

Responsible for developing on-line courses using CASEL products

Plan, implement and market conferences

Represent CASEL on committees and task forces related to public awareness of SEL

Carry out additional Communications tasks as assigned by supervisor

Major Development Responsibilities and Key Tasks

Support CASEL’s President in identifying, preparing for, meeting, and following up with promising funders

Write grants and create development support materials

Provide assistance, as needed, in writing program narratives for grant reports

Explore and propose diverse strategies to generate income

Carry out additional Development tasks as assigned by supervisor

Salary Range: Starting in $50s as a salaried position, $70k as a consultant.

Email Resume to: Cynthia Coleman, Director of Operations, CASEL (

*** From Mark Sofman:

88.) Manager, Walter P. Chrysler Museum, Detroit, MI

Primary Purpose

Responsible for the daily business operations of the Walter P. Chrysler Museum and manage heritage content of other communications programs as required. Duties include responsibility for the planning and execution of exhibitions, programs, special events and meetings scheduled on- and off-site. Supervise the hire, training, scheduling, and activities of on-roll, contract, and volunteer staff. Engage consultants in exhibits, conservation, marketing and other professional specialties as needed. Oversee coordination with internal support staffs to ensure maintenance of high standards relative to the operation of the museum, maintenance of the exhibitions and exhibited vehicles, facility maintenance and housekeeping, security, and general services. Liaison with Museum Advisory Board and other communications and marketing employees to meet business and public/employee objectives for the Museum. Serve as a public spokesman for the company related to corporate history and as both an int

ernal and media resource for historical information about the history of the company and its products. Write, edit or advise on historical material for company and external use in communications materials and online or print media. Liaison with enthusiast groups dedicated to Chrysler and heritage products.

Essential Functions

* Manage the Walter P. Chrysler Museum and its exhibitions, activities, and programs. Ensure proper maintenance, care, and preservation of the artifacts and exhibitions

* Participate in managing heritage-related programs and heritage content in offsite corporate communications activities and events

* Advise and edit historical content of published and online material (i.e.

* Lead planning process for developing exhibitions, educational programs and other programmatic activities. Manage the execution of the plans generated marshaling support from internal sources as well as engaging specialized services as appropriate.

* Manage utilization of the Museum for special events and meetings

* Hire, train, schedule and supervise employees; includes coordination of maintenance, security, and general services employees with their respective functional managers

* Supervise volunteer coordinator, oversee training, scheduling and recognition of volunteers

* Responsible for budget and earned revenue activities to assure cost-efficient operation

* Monitor and measure quality of service and customer satisfaction


* Bachelor's degree with major in History, Museum Studies or equivalent. Advanced degree in History, Museum Studies, or Business preferred.

* 8 years related experience and at least 2 years prior experience in museum management.

* Proficiency in PC and network applications

* Interest and experience in automotive historical collections

Preferred Qualification

* Experience with interactive museum education programs and technology

To apply, go to:

*** Interested in speaking at an IABC event in 2008? Go to the Call for Presentations ( to find out how you can submit a proposal. The submission deadline is 31 July 2007.

*** Weekly Piracy Report:

21.6.2007: 2302 LT: Posn 04:15N – 05:35E, Pennington, Nigeria.

A tanker undergoing cargo operations at a SBM was attacked by armed pirates. The pirates boarded the standby tug at the stern of the vessel and contacted the ship via VHF demanding to be let on board or they would sink the ship. The crew mustered, cargo operations were stopped and the vessel disconnected from the SBM. The tug was cast off and the ship proceeded at full speed to sea. All attempts to contact the authorities and the Nigerian navy were futile.

25.06.2007: 1820 LT: Posn 01:51.5S – 105:02.8E Dep Tanjung Ular Port, Palembang, Indonesia.

Around eleven pirates, armed with long knives and shotguns boarded a tanker underway. On sighting the pirates, crew ran inside the accommodation and closed all doors. On taking the head count master realised one oiler was being held hostage. Master contacted the shore authorities. The pirates opened fire but there were no injuries to crew. The pirates escaped in a small speedboat. Coast guard arrived to investigate. No stores missing.

23.06.2007: 2145 LT: Pulau Lima, Kota Tinggi, Malaysia.

Six robbers armed with long knives and pistols boarded a product tanker while she was alongside. One of the crew was hit on the head with the machete. Another crewmember stood up to the robbers. In the struggle, he fell overboard but managed to swim to the shore and contacted the police with assistance from the local fishermen. The robbers spent around 30 minutes ransacking and robbing the crews’ personal effects, before escaping. The injured crews were sent to the hospital.

*** Hat of the week: Washington Nationals

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