Here's a JOTW “Can't Wait” announcement

Here's a JOTW “Can't Wait” announcement

Senior Staff Pro Available Now to Direct Your Strategic Communications, Outreach, or Public Relations

A presently employed executive in strategic communications is available now for your team. This professional must retain confidentiality due to employment in the federal government/military sector.

This person has top-ten market experience in the mainstream media along with top-ten market experience in digital media–a rare combination of both old-school and new media hands-on experience, skills, and talents.

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o Experienced in communication management and professional writing from various perspectives: news, public affairs journalism, corporate public relations, social marketing and public policy communication, and sales/marketing/advertising

o Unique combination of experience in journalism, communications media management, sales, marketing, advertising, audio/video production, and digital online media

o From years of employment in the commercial news media (radio and cable television), grew to be someone who approaches media relations and the business of news reporting from an insider's perspective derived from hands-on field experience

o Work history within corporate, educational, federal government/military, and nonprofit sectors

Here is a quick snapshot of why this person can bring value to your team:

o Experienced in the development of strategic communication plans, implementation of communication programs, and measurement of results.

o Demonstrated people management success with direct reports.

o Major market corporate media experience.

o Expertise in the following marketing disciplines: media relations, events, digital media, publication production, and writing.

o Experienced in management of marketing/ production budget.

o Experienced managing vendors and freelancers.

o Experienced working with executives, senior management, board of directors as a management team member.

o Skilled in training and mentoring of adults in effective business communication.

o Experienced writing for a variety of print and electronic vehicles, including press materials, brochures, presentations, fact sheets, and the Internet.

o Excellent oral and written communication and presentation skills.

o Project management skills including use of software to communicate and manage deliverables.

o Proven ability to work functionally with people from other groups without reporting relationships.

o Ability and willingness to travel as needed.

o University degrees in communications and journalism.

Available within standard two weeks time frame. Able and willing to relocate as needed for a senior staff opportunity in a Top 20 Designated Market Area.

Contact this person now by email to discuss your hiring needs and opportunities:

Inquiries welcome from hiring managers, recruiters, and HR staff.

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