A special “Can't Wait” announcement for the JOTW network

A special “Can't Wait” announcement for the JOTW network:

Professional Communications Services Available Now

If you are now seeking a full-time senior-level professional to lead your communications efforts, you should send email now to procomm2007@gmail.com and your search can be brought to a positive conclusion.

A Quick Look:

Presently employed full-time in communications the Washington, DC market, but must remain confidential due to contractual obligations. Desire a senior-level communications position that better matches my skills and experience than my current position. Ready and capable to relocate within the United States.

Send email to procomm2007@gmail.com

Dual professional background includes traditional strategic communication management of issues, messages, projects, corporate change, creative staff, and crisis communication to achieve pinpointed plans for diverse audiences, venues, spokespersons, channels, and media. Plus, I have been using the Internet successfully to communicate with target audiences from within the Washington, DC market for over a decade now.

Added Value:

**Washington, DC nonprofit association communications and public relations experience.

**Major market corporate communications and public relations experience.

**Experienced in training, teaching, mentoring adults and writing course lesson plans and curriculums.

**Strong interpersonal communication skills and people management experience.

**Graduate degrees in communications plus professional journalism and media experience.

Send email to procomm2007@gmail.com

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