ALCS continued

Mike: What do the Red Sox need to do to win, besides shorten the right field fence by 100 feet?

Ned: Are you referring to the foul pole. Do you have statistics of which park has the most homers? I'll bet it's not Fenway.

The Red Sox have always stuck with a formula of long-ball hitters. This year they have solid pitching, both with their starters and their bullpen. And I've always said that they needed some really fast baserunners to make opposing pitchers nervous. They have that this year.

I think this series will be decided by “small ball,” not homers.

Mike: How many Red Sox does it take to change a light bulb?

Ned: Is this one of those “lights out” jokes?

Mike: I don't know, I haven't come up with a punch line yet.

Ned: How come the NCAA hasn't banned the Indians from post season tournament play because their insensitive name and demeaning logo?

Mike: The NCAA wanted to ban them, but after Cleveland stood up to them (I think the exact words were “So Sioux us”), the NCAA had reservations…

Ned: Beckett had 194 strikeouts and 40 walks in 200 innings, posting a 3.27 innings. Sabathia had 209 strikeouts and 37 walks in 241 innings this year, pitching his way to a 3.21 era. So, statistically he's the better pitcher. Why did Beckett have a better record (20-7 versus 19-7 for Sabathia).

Mike: Simple: the Red Sox obviously paid the umpires.

Ned: What does an umpire go for these days?

Mike: Chicken wings, aka fowl tips.

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