ALCS tonight

Ned: Both teams have had plenty of rest before the series gets underway tonight. What impact will that have?

Mike: The Indians. They slept better after beating the Yankees. How exciting can it be to beat the Angels?

Ned: You think the Angels were pushovers?

Mike: You've hear of Angels in the Outfield? These were the Angels in the Ozone.

Ned: Was Mike Sciocia worried about getting fired if he didn't win?

Mike: He was more worried about remembering how to spell his name.

Ned: Should Cleveland fire their manager now and hire Joe Torre to get them through the ALCS?

Mike: No. I want the Indians to win.

Ned: Are you worried that Bobby Kielty has replaced J.D. Drew in tonighgt's lineup?

Mike: I'd be more worried if Hawk Harrelson replaced J.D. Drew.

Mike: When the Hawk was traded to Cleveland in 1968, he predicted Cleveland would win the pennant by 1972.

Ned: How come I get all the straight lines?

Mike: Fair enough.

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