Mike's Fan Club

Lblast: Tell Mike I said “hello.” I just moved to Cleveland seven months ago.

Ned: Mike…your fan club is calling.

MIKE: Moved “to” Cleveland? That hasn’t happened since the Great Eastern European Migration of the early 20th century…

NED: Did you lose a bet?

MIKE: Ned, that’s rude…

Lblast: Yes…and get this I moved to Cleveland from….SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA!!!! Am I crazy?? You bet!

Lauren Baker: Ned-

I'll look forward to reading the baseball commentary as much as I look forward to the JOTW updates. While the Red Sox get their eulogy, here in Rockies country all of the great things about baseball roll on: the unexpected, the excitement, the joy, the hope.

Have a good trip!


Denver, CO

Ned: eulogy?

Mike: It’s a seven-game series, Ned. Plenty of time for me to wax eloquent.

Susan: I would like to post on www.nedsjotw.com in support of Mike Sorohan, I am

from Cleveland too and a big fan of the Cleveland Indians, but alas, I can

not get my comments accepted. I am not recognised. How can I find out my

user ID and password? Thanks.

Susan Schaul

Mike: Susan, pay no attention to Ned's rudeness; he's a “morning person” and

it's past his bedtime. Write to us with the eloquence that comes from

having suffered indignities aimed at Clevelanders all these years. It is

a shared bond that no Red Sox fan can understand.

Where in Cleveland are you? I grew up on East 97th St. and moved to

Macedonia when I was 9.



Noelle Shipley: Go. Red. Sox.

Ned: My. Sentiments exactly.

Ned: Mike, Sox are so far ahead they put in J.D. Drew!

Mike: I’ve been up since 4:30 a.m., which, I know for you, is lunchtime…

Ned: Mike, have you bought your 2007 New York Yankees World Series Champion ballcap yet.

Mike: Ned, the yankees are out of it. they can't win the series.

Ned: I knew that. I just like hearing it.

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