Play ball

Mike: I just got back from Fenway. I got you a game program. And a YOOOOOOOUK

bumper sticker.

Ned: When C.C. Sabathia is ahead of the batter 0-2, then throws four straight

balls, two of them in the dirt IN FRONT of the plate, and the pitching

coach comes out to the mound, what do they talk about?

Mike: PITCHING COACH: “What's up, C.C.?”

SABATHIA: “Hey coach, I didn't know you were at the game.”

PITCHING COACH: “Yeah, I'm over there in the dugout.”

SABATHIA: “Cool! Great seats, huh?”

PITCHING COACH: “Yeah, I had a great view of the dirt you're killing

with your pitches. You need some Viagra or something?”

SABATHIA: “You're not 'miked,' are you?”

BTW, I'm about eight blocks from the stadium at the Hilton Back Bay.

When I look out my window, I can see into Fenway. It's like being there,

only eight blocks away.

Ned: Go down on Landsdown Street. It will be like Bourbon Street on Mardi


Mike: I was there earlier tonight. That's where I got your program. And it was

a zoo.

Is Beckett trying to kill the Indians? Do you think he can throw a curve

ball without hitting someone?

Ned: What did Big Papi say to Terry Francona after Sabathia hit him on the

left nipple?

Mike: He said, “Phil Mickelson wishes he had my man-boobs.”

Ned: What is Wedge saying to Sabathia now, in the more intimate surroundings

of the dugout?

Mike: Sorry…I was watching the Levitra commercial.

WEDGE: “C.C., 8 runs in 5 innings isn't that bad. That's how much the

Orioles give up in one inning.”

What's with the Green Red Sox attire? I've seen hats and jackets that

are green that say “Red Sox.” Is that for colorblind fans? Are only

Irish Red Sox fans allowed to wear them?

Ned: I thought Sorohan was an Irish name…

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