Ned Spots a Midge

NED: I just saw a midge.

MIKE: It was a moth.

NED: No, it was a midge. Mike Timlin comes in to pitch and the next thing I see are bugs flying around his head.

MIKE: Did it have white, powdery wings held close to its body?

NED: I don't know. I don't have HD TV here.

MIKE: It's a moth. The Indians have no control over moths. Moths cannot be trained.

NED: Midges can be trained?

MIKE: At first, yes. But they have short attention spans, so it's basically a one-shot deal.

NED: So how did the Indians train the midges in that game agains the Yankees?

MIKE: They taught the midges to fly toward anything that smelled like burning money.

NED: Why couldn't the Yankees get rid of the midges?

MIKE: The Indians told the midges to approach the Yankees like a curve ball. Everyone knows that Yankees can't hit curve balls.

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