Do or die !

Two days ago: Mike: Any thoughts on tonight’s game? I’m far too humble to be overconfident.

Your friend,


Ned: Like hell you are.

I am in Spokane right now.

My only thought…will there be a morning after?

Mike: Manny Ramirez doesn’t seem to think so.

Ned: I'm back in DC tomorrow night, and Sox will be back in Fenway, so we can reengage.


Mike: The Red Sox looked pretty good last night. In another year or two I think they could be a playoff contender.


Mike: Testing…1-2-3…Red Sox suck…testing…

Ned: Yes, Mike. I hear you.

Mike: Bottom of the first, no outs, bases loaded. Ramirez at the plate. We’ve got the Red Sox exactly where we want them. They’ve fallen into our trap.

Ned: Carmona is not holding back tonight. 36 picthes…most 96 or 97 MPH.

Mike: It’s all about quantity, not quality. Like the new Sausage Burrito Breakfast at Hardee’s.

Mike: I thought Drew looked just a little hesitant as the grand slam went over the fence…

Ned: Think he should have done a little dance? I think this will be good for Drew's confidence. Too bad he can't leverage the grand slam for contract negotiations.

Mike: It didn’t do much for my confidence.

Ned: Mike, we have a question from Judy in Annapolis: What's the “Bucky Dent” story?? Did he ever play for Boston?

Ned: Judy, Dent is infamous in New England for hitting a home run home run for the Yankees in a tie-breaker game against the Boston Red Sox at the end of the 1978 season.

Mike: Is Schilling bleeding yet? Just asking…

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