Game Seven

Ned: Eric Wedge looks like a homeless person.

Mike: It’s a rally beard.

Ned: How come baseball is the only sport where everyone spits constantly.

Mike: That’s not true. I’ve seen a lot of spitting going on during synchronized swimming, too.

Ned: How come the Sox have grounded into so many double plays?

Mike: Because it’s easier than homering into double plays.

Ned: Why do some players have their trousers pulled up so you can see their socks and other players have their trousers pulled down so you can't see their socks?

Mike: The ones who wear their socks up have mom issues.

Ned: How do you stop a guy from stealing?

Mike: Peer pressure. Legislation. And if those don’t work, waterboarding.

Ned: Are the Indians waiting for Westbrook's steroids to kick in.

Mike: I know I am…

Ned: I suppose you're going to tell me that Lofton was safe?

Mike: He was safe.

Mike: Will be back in a little bit.

Ned: Wash your hands.

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