Scout and Kali watch the World Series

Scout: Kali, Youk has scored another run.

Kali: I know a three-run lead can be vaporized pretty quick.

Scout: Beckett has already struck out five guys.

Kali: Francis already has over 50 pitches – 57 to be exact – and he just got out of the third inning.

Scout: What's that dad's eating?

Kali: Ice cream

Scout: I know that, but what kind?

Kali: A flavor no one else likes. That way nobody sneaks down in the middle of the night to eat it all.

Scout: So, what flavor is it?

Kali: Spumoni.

Scout: Wow, I didn't think Manny was going to make that catch! I almost had a heart attack!

Kali: That's good news.

Scout: What?

Kali: I didn't know you had one. A heart.

Scout: Julio Lugo laid down a perfect bunt.

Kali: Two out. He'll be going for sure.

Scout: Maybe not. Ellsbury grounded out. Sox have left five men on.

Kali: Hey, it's Sage.

Sage: I see the team with the red sox that drove Master to drinking is ahead. Master says if you ask him some questions he'll respond in the morning as if we had a real conversation and he'll even make sure you have some punch lines.

Ned: Sage, are you and Mike watching tonight?

Sage: Yes but Master does not have his computer, only a Blackberry on low battery. I ate a battery once.

Ned: Hey, what are you guys doing?

Kali: Licking your bowl.

Ned: That's my spumoni.

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