World Series Game One

Kali: Hey Scooter Bug, where's Sage?

Scout: I don't think Sage is going to show up tonight.

Kali: Are going to finish that dog food?

Scout: Help yourself. I just had a snack from your litter box so I'm good.

Kali: Hey, look, Yaz is throwing out the first pitch.

Scout: Dad will appreciate that, seeing as the 67 Sox were his heros.

Kali: Although the hat he's wearing tonight is his 1975 Sox hat…

Scout: And he's also wearing his 2004 World Series Championship shirt.

Kali: You know what would really get this game off to a great start?

Scout: Josh bBckett striking out the side to open the game?

Kali: Yes, and then Dustin Purrrdoia can lead off the bottom of the first with a homer. I like Dustin Purrdrioa.

(Ned: Let the record show that Scout and Kali got their wish.)

Scout: The “World Series” patch on the Rockies' shirts looks like a “Hello, My Name Is…” sticker.

Kali: Beckett has struck out four in a row.

Scout: It's raining at Fenway.

Kali: Think they'll call the game on account of rain?

Scout: This is the World Series.

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