Blind faith and loyalty

Kali: Sox pulled out a close one:

Scout: I need a nap after that game.

Kali: Dad is walking around the house, stopping and bowing, and muttering “Okijima!”

Sage: I think that means “time to regegotiate my contract.”

Kali: Why are they saying this may have be Schilling's last game at Fenway?

Sage: Master says that's because Schilling is a “drama queen.”

Scout: Do you forsee any logistical problems with Taco bell giving everyone in America a free taco?

Sage: Giving everyone a free taco is not a logistical problem. Giving everyone a free chihuaha–now THAT'S a logistical problem…

Kali: Why did Clint Hurdle remove Ubaldo imenez so early? He was pitching pretty well.

Sage: Kali, I'm not going to second-guess a manager who led his team to a 20-1 end of the season record, including seven straight playoff wins. That would be like me questioning Master for switching from Pedigree to Alpo. Blind faith and loyalty is what makes me so cute.

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