Game Two, with Kali the Feline Fan and her dog Scout

Kali: Well, Scout, tomorrow is just a bad memory for the Rockies.

Scout: Time to give them a new bad memory.

Kali: Well they showed some heads up base running and scored a run in the first inning.

Scout: Did Crisp get hurt in the last play of the last game with Cleveland? That why he's not playing?

Kali: That's what they told him. But the real reason is Ellsbury is better.

Scout: I'm getting sick of that Taco Bell commercial.

Kali: Sox are on the board in the 4th. We're tied up.

Scout: Sounds kinky.

Kali: Doesn't sound as weird as the Boston Bullpen. What is that?

Scout: Sounds like the conga.

Kali: Fox has the Rockies pitching coach wired. We got to hear what he told Jimanez. “You're not in trouble. They're in trouble.”

Scout: Ellsbury stole second. We just got a free taco.

Kali: Jimanez likes to aim for the head.

Scout: But he misses and the ball ends behind the batter's head.

Kali: I gotta run to the ltter box. Save my place.

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