Scouting Report

Kali: This game is going a lot faster.

Scout: Both pitchers are throwing well.

Kali: Mike Lowell just singled Big Papi home. We have a 2-1 lead.

Scout: Big Papi looked like he hurts when he runs.

Kali: As much as he and Manny are the heart and soul of the lineup, I'd have to leave both Youk and Lowell in when they get to Colorado.

Sage: What up dawg?

Kali: Hey, Sage is in the house.

Sage: Scout, have you ever been to Fenway Park?

Scout: Me, no, not exactly. I've simulated the smell of the Fenway men's room, however.

Sage: I love the smell of Fenway in the morning. It’s the smell of…victory!

Scout: We're talking about the move to Colorado. Kali says we should bench Big papi because he's having a hard time lumbering around the bases. Youk and Lowll are hot. Leave 'em in, Kali says.

Sage: You can’t bench Papi. He’s the heart and soul of the Red Sox. At any given moment he can go yard. Umm, speaking of going “yard,” I’ll be right back. [scratching at door]

Kali: You can use my FreshStep, the official multi-cat April rain sceneted clumping cat litter of Major League Baseball.

Kali: I'm not sure I would have yanked Jimanez. He wasn't pitching that bad.

Sage: Master has to yank me every once in a while. Like when I just don’t want to leave that fire hydrant…

Kali: What's Tek doing? Meditating?

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