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Defense Career Opportunities Newsletter – DEFCON 1 Newsletter for 28 November 2007

DCO is a companion newsletter to my Job of the Week newsletter that serves the nearly 10,000-members of the JOTW network.

Hospitality and Event Planning Network (HEPN) for 26 November 2007

Welcome to the Hospitality and Event Planning Network, a career and
relationship building newsletter network for all who work in the
hospitality and event planning industries, published by Sonja Johnson.
The objective of this network is to build relationships and help each
other with career issues and other professional and personal challenges.

JOTW 48-2007

How does it work? If you find out about a job opportunity in communications, send it to me (, and I'll share it with the JOTW network. It's that simple. And we share dozens of opportunities each week. So far, JOTW has shared more than 20,000 job opportunities.

Coming soon!

Coming Soon…JOTW Classified Ads. $50 for up to 50 words. $100 for up to 100 words. Watch for details. You'll be able to read the ads at

Your Very Next Step Newsletter – November 2007

A journey starts with a single step.

Defense Career Opportunities Newsletter – DEFCON 1 Newsletter for 21 November 2007

I had a hard drive crash on Sunday night. Rescue workers haven’t found any survivors but they are still looking. The DEFCON 1 newsletter is among the missing. This version, which is shorter than usual, was put together in a pinch last night.

Here's a JOTW “Can't Wait” opportunity from Erni Bridges with The Magazine Group

Some jobs just “Can't Wait”

Hospitality and Event Planning Network (HEPN) for 19 November 2007

42 opportunities!

Hard Drive Crash!

Your JOTW Newsletter for 19 November will be delayed.

Help Ned launch “Your Very Next Step” Newsletter

Experience the planet!