Hard Drive Crash!

Your JOTW newsletter for today was all but ready to send out when my

hard drive failed. Good news is that it is being replaced under

warranty. Bad news is I didn't have a super recent backup.

I will attempt to get the data recovered on the hard drive. But I've

never done that before. Dell recommends Data Saver.

In the meantime, if you sent jobs for posting this week, please send

again. I'll reconstruct and send out a newsletter (although it won't be

as complete) later this week.

If you need me to send out a “Can't Wait” posting I can do so for a

nominal fee.

Don't forget to sign up for my new travel/outdoors/adventure newsletter

called “Your Very Next Step,” by sending a blank email to


I had started asembling “Your Very Next Step,” and it was very

interesting reading, but that was lost, too, so please resend all the

emails you nice people sent to me for that newsletter, too. I had

planned to transmit that newsletter – the premier edition – to the

charter subscribers on Thursday. That may be delayed.

Lastly, 706 of you have taken the JOTW Survey:


Last year I had 1,036 people take the survey. If you have not yet done

so, please take this survey today! You can win some totally cool

prizes. To the 706 of you who have alreadty done so, “Thank You!”


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