JOTW Survey Prizes

JOTW 2007 Survey Prizes

*** Take the JOTW 2007 Survey and win a fabulous prize:

*** From Cecil Diggs:

FREE HORSEBACK RIDING LESSON! CD Hoof'n, of Upper Marlboro, Maryland, is happy to donate one FREE lesson to a winner of Ned's JOTW Survey drawing. No equipment necessary, as we have a saddle, a helmet and, of course, a horse, waiting for you! We teach lessons and lead trail rides year round, so come on out and join the fun!

Cecil Diggs

CD Hoof'n


*** From Karen Buehler:

Hi Ned,

On behalf of Vergent Consulting, I am pleased to offer one half-day professionally facilitated group meeting for the winner's organization. Some of the ways the winner's group could use this meeting are:

– decision making, resolve an issue, brainstorming, create a shared vision

– team building

– create “meetings that matter”

– planning session for an upcoming management retreat or large group event.

We will advise, design and facilitate your management, program team, work group or Board to work and connect as a team and get they results they want.

Working with Vergent Consulting ~ people work and connect as a team, on the verge of what's next. Our services include

– Meetings and Retreats

– Strategic, Communication and Action Planning

– Shared Vision, Mission and Values

– Communication Leadership

Congratulations on another successful JOTW year!

Karen Buehler, CPF*

President & Principal

Vergent Consulting ~ People Work and Connect as a Team, on the Verge of What's Next

(formerly K. L. Buehler Consulting)

(703) 329-2420 ~ “”

Alexandria, Virginia USA 22303

*Certified Professional Facilitator, International Association of Facilitators

*** From Gail Diggs:

Author Renee Wiggins is offering a FREE COPY of her book, STRESS DOWN AND LIFT UP, to a winner of the JOTW Survey drawing. This recently-released publication features a 30-day program designed to help busy women reduce stress and live a healthier, more fulfilling, more peaceful life. Ask Renee about the journal, notecards, mugs and other items she has emphasizing this same theme. All make great holiday gifts!

*** SGM Steve Valley:

I'll donate a 6-year Army enlistment in which I get to keep the $2,000 bonus

for signing the person up.

SGM Steve Valley

(That sounds fair.)

*** From freelance writer Rachelle Nones

Hi Ned:

I’ll donate a box of the Vintage Scribe retro note cards.

Here's my brief promo:

The Vintage Scribe's Gift Shoppe. Original gifts and novelty items for

people who live their lives off of the well-worn path. URL:

Contact: Editorial Freelance Writer Rachelle Nones at:

As an added incentive for your survey respondents, I'm going

to add a bonus Two Knights coaster to my original offer. The winner

will receive the Two Knights coaster along with a box of exclusive

Vintage Scribe note cards. URL:


*** From Joseph Ugalde at IABC:

Hi Ned,

Okay, I've rounded up some good stuff for the drawing. Here's what we can offer:

– One registration to IABC's Business Writing Conference – multiple dates/locations in 2008 (Value $825)

– One copy of “The Business of Truth: A Guide to Ethical Communication” – an IABC Research Foundation report (Value $380)

– Two (2) one-year IABC memberships [open to new or existing members] (Value up to $335)


*** From Mike Terrill:


The book “Maravich” was written by Marshall Terrill. It is the most definitive book on Pistol Pete and was praised by Bill Walton on ESPN as one of the best basketball books this year. Marshall Terrill is the author of 12 books, primarily people in the entertainment industry and sports. All of his books are listed on

As the proud Father of a young aspiring author, I am donating the book “Maravich” for your survey.

Mike Terrill

Mesa, Arizona

*** From Shannon Cherry:

Hi Ned,

I will be happy to offer a prize. The winner will receive a copy of The

Inside Scoop. Here's the write up:

Learn from the real decision makers – the journalists – what catches their

eye and makes them want to do a story on you or your clients with The Inside

Scoop (

Not just another how-to program. The Inside Scoop is unique because creator

Shannon Cherry surveyed more than 800 experienced print and broadcast

journalists so that you can understand what editors and producers want – and

how to provide it. It saves you time and gives you a better chance of seeing

media coverage.

The Inside Scoop ( includes:

* The Inside Scoop: Master the Media audio program, as well as the written


* The Inside Scoop Worksheets to help create the news releases the media


* The Inside Scoop: 800 Journalist Share the Real Secrets to Obtaining

Publicity, the 90-page ebook that shares the intimate details about what

journalists want

* The Inside Scoop: Learn From the Media exclusive audios and transcripts

* Plus SEVEN incredible bonuses.

Shannon Cherry

Creator of The Inside Scoop

*** From Cecilie Bulcha:

Hi Ned,

Davis & Company would like to donate a prize the JOTW survey. Our prize is three signed copies of Your Attention, Please, a book co-authored by our CEO, Alison Davis. It is a great book for communicators who need a new approach for successfully reaching distracted, information-overloaded audiences.

The description is attached. If you need a graphics of the book, I can immediately send to you.

Thanks, Cecilie

Cecilie Bulcha

Davis & Company


*** From John Pine:

Hey, Ned

We met in Richmond a few years back, and I've been a subscriber to JOTW for a few years now.

ULiveandLearn CEO Denise Easton wishes to donate three months of access for one individual to TJ Walker's Presentation Training course, a $297 value. Full details are available at this URL:

Let us know what you think.

Best regards,


John C. Pine

Exec. VP & COO

*** From Ilena Di Toro:

Dear Mr. Lundquist,

I have a web site where I sell movie posters, so I am willing to donate a one sheet movie poster as a prize. (One sheets are 27 x 40 inches and are the standard movie poster size in the U.S.) Here is my promotional paragraph:

Who Wants A Movie Poster?

Fill out the 2007 Job of the Week Survey and you could get one.

A lucky person will win a One Sheet (27 x 40 inches) movie poster courtesy of Just Movie Posters.Com. Established in 2000, Just Movie Posters.Com is the brainchild of Ilena Di Toro of Philadelphia. She got her start selling her brother's childhood treasures (with his permission, of course) on Internet auction sites. They sold well and she decided to try selling movie posters. Theatrical posters, video/DVD release posters, plus mini posters and movie poster postcards are available for your buying pleasure, if you don’t happen to be that lucky person. So, to see the web site in action, go to

*** From James Prendergast:

Ned, my wife has a chocolate business….chocolatier was named top in the country at the TV FoodNetwork awards this year….she'd love to contribute a gift or two….she'd even be the official chocolate sponsor of the survey.

We are happy to contribute a 1.) 24 piece box of handmade bon bons to one winner and 2.) fresh peppermint marshamallows and hot chocolate to a second winner. We'll ship anywhere in the lower 48.

The Chocolate Box in Winnetka Illinois is an artisanal chocolate shop featuring the finest fresh chocolate creations from America's top nouvelle chocolatiers including our very own Mary Bodach. Our gift baskets and packages are great client holiday gifts and fabulous employee recognition. Buy more than 10 gift baskets and we'll discount shipping 20%. Find us as , 847-881-2844 , and .

*** From Danny Flamberg:

I will donate a $50 gift certificatew to

Let me know where to send it.


*** From Elizabeth Jones:

Hi Ned — I can donate a Fathead. A Fathead is a life-sized, vinyl wall graphic of a popular sports star in an action pose or a Hollywood entertainment character. (And just added a military line.)

Fatheads exist for players and teams in the NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA; also come as college football helmets; NASCAR cars; as well WWE and X-treme sports stars. Hollywood characters include Star Wars, Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Simpsons, Family Guy. We recently launched a new line of military Fatheads to include each service's seal as well as military aircraft and hardware.

To give you an idea of their size, Fathead players are approximately 6 feet high by 3 feet wide, NFL and college football helmets are 4 feet by 4 feet, and race cars are 3 feet high by 7.5 feet wide.

The winner can choose whichever Fathead they'd like. They can learn more, and see the selection available, by visiting

Value is around $100, depending on which one they choose.

Elizabeth Jones

VP, Communications (representing a family of companies including Quicken Loans, Fathead, Cleveland Cavaliers, etc.)

(and USNR)

(Are these posters? I can't tell what it is?)

No, they aren't posters. Not really stickers either, since they are huge. They really are their own category.

They are life-size, high rez images printed on high grade vinyl, and die-cut in the shape of the image. They have a low-tack adhesive so they adhere to the wall, but you can peel them off and stick them anywhere else….no damage to the wall or the graphic itself. They retail for $ 70 -100.

*** From Greg Marsh:


I can offer the Marsh Brothers Band's latest CD, which captures

our sizzling performance opening for the Fabulous Thunderbirds last

month. All modesty aside, it kicks ass! Actually, I should probably send

you one anyway.

Greg Marsh

*** From Marty Welles:


I'll donate a new Georgetown University Hoya baseball cap.


*** From Janet Long:

Hi Ned,

Integrity Search, a national firm specializing in communication leadership

search, will offer a one-hour phone session to critique resume and discuss

job search strategy.

Hope this helps.



Janet R. Long


Integrity Search, Inc.

17 Veterans Square, 2nd Floor

Media, PA 19063


*** From Marty Hauser:

I will donate The Space Report 2006;Guide to the Global Space industry.

Value is $35

Marty Hauser

Vice President, Washington Operations,

Research & Analysis

The Space Foundation


*** From Chuck Hansen:


I'll donate a book I wrote for a prize! Here's the info:

Build Your Castles in the Air: Thoreau's Inspiring Advice for Success in Business (and Life) in the 21st Century – by Chuck Hansen — (Business and Economics) More than 150 years after Thoreau penned his masterpiece, Walden is stunningly relevant to modern life, especially business life. In Build Your Castles in the Air, Chuck organizes selected quotes from Walden by spheres of business life. The quotes are complemented by quotes from some of history's greatest thinkers, as well as thoughtful, often humorous reflections from Chuck's experiences in politics, business, and a nine-month journey through the Caribbean and across the North Atlantic on a sailboat. Chuck also offers a motivational speaking program built around the themes of Build Your Castles in the Air. Copies of Chuck's book Build Your Castles in the Air can be bundled into this presentation. Foreword by Nigel Morris, co-founder and former COO of Capital One, and advance praise from, among others, Dr. Wayne Dyer (New York Times #1 best selling author and a self-development leader): “I love Thoreau and I especially love this inspirational treatment of his work.”

Let me know if this fits the bill. Thanks!

Chuck Hansen


*** From Steve Slater at Booz Allen Hamilton:

A mug:

This item is no doubt already a collectors piece since it is no longer in production, or in stock; and you won't find it on ebay! It's a bronze mug with a rubber handle. Your drinks will stay hotter or colder longer in this mug than in any other. It's almost magic. But what's more, it's emblazoned with the logo of one of the most revered global consulting strategy and technology consulting companies: Booz Allen Hamilton.

A T-shirt:

This is not an ordinary T-shirt, it's shrink wrapped and can fit inside your pocket until you unravel it. But what's more, once you open it up it reveals the emblazoned logo of one of the most revered global consulting strategy and technology consulting companies: Booz Allen Hamilton.

*** From Beth King, APR:

A magic mug and mouse pad.

*** From Daniel Flamberg:

I will donate a $50 gift certificate to

Let me know where to send it.


*** From Victoria Baker:


I handle PR and am on the board of The Claude Moore Colonial Farm of Turkey Run, a living history museum and National Park in McLean ( The museum depicts everyday life on a tenant tobacco farm in pre-Revolutionary era Virginia. Membership could be of interest to those with young or school age children. Thanks to Farm Director Anna Eberly, the Claude Moore Colonial Farm at Turkey Run will present a membership prize for the survey.



Victoria Baker

Vice President

Financial Relations Board

Washington, DC

Mr. Lundquist, Vicki Baker has requested that I forward the following

information to you.

Description of the Farm:

The Claude Moore Colonial Farm at Turkey Run in McLean, VA is a living

history museum that portrays American family life on a pre-Revolutionary war

era working farm. The Claude Moore Colonial Farm uses interactive

educational programs to further understanding of agriculture and everyday

life in 18th century Virginia. The Farm is the only privately operated park

in the National Park system, and is managed by the non-profit organization,

Friends of the Claude Moore Colonial Farm, Inc. Year 2008 will mark the 35th

anniversary of the Farm's founding and the 27th anniversary of the Friends

of the Farm. For more information please visit

Our prize for your survey is:

Annual Membership in The Claude Moore Colonial Farm – benefits include free

admission to the Farm and its 10 special events, 10% discount on purchases

in the gift shop, free passes to our 18th Century Market Fairs held in May,

July and October, NewsLetter subscription, discounts on workshops and

internship and apprentice opportunities for children 10 – 17. Value of

donation is $35.

Please have winner contact me at with their mailing address

so we can forward membership materials.

We are delighted to share the Farm with your members and best of luck with

your survey.

Anna Eberly,

Managing Director

*** From Marion DS Dreyfus:

Just the thing for holiday time, for that last-minute get-together you

forgot to go to the printer for, or an unexpected special celebration with

special people.

Marion DS Dreyfus

155 West 68th St

NYC 10023

NB: Paper/stationery is the responsibility of the recipient. Special inks,

ditto. All addresses or calligraphable materials must be clearly typed on

cards or clear unlined paper. Full postage must be provided for the finished

product, or the recipient must arrange for a pick-up from my package room.

*** From Feorge Farrar:


Jan Davis and I would like to offer two bottles of “Weasel Hill Farm Hard Cider” as a prize in your survey contest. It's hand-crafted, artisan cider made from Rappahannock County, Virginia, apples in the traditional style.


*** From Jolie Brandon-Lecnar:

Annese Public Relations will donate a MP3 pen.

When Every Word Counts.

Annese Public Relations, Inc. is a full-service public relations agency

that serves its clients well simply because we give them more than they

expect. The goal of Annese Public Relations is clear – help clients

reach their full potential through breakthrough communications programs,

solid counsel and superior service.

*** Here’s a Survey Prize from Cheryl R. McCadney:

Vaughn Christian Furnishings & Interiors Presents…' Tea Time & Textures'.

'Tea Time & Textures' is a fun and creative interior design consultation that brings together people who like to decorate. The 90-minute parties are informative and interactive with a focus on textures, accessories, and furnishings used to decorate home interiors. Party guests learn how to turn old into new and the best ways to make their rooms flow smoothly. Karen P. Hicks, design pro and owner of Vaughn Christian Furnishings & Interiors, hosts 'Tea Time & Textures'. In addition to running the unique shop, Karen teaches Interior Design classes at Southern Maryland Community College.

Contact info for Karen Hicks and Vaughn Christian Furnishings & Interiors:

South Potomac Commerce Center

11398 Livingston Road

Fort Washington , MD 20744


Fri: 12pm-7pm, Sat: 12pm-5pm, Sun: 12pm-5pm

Additional Hours By Appointment

A prize winner who lives outside of the DC area or Baltimore area will receive the Interior Design consultation. Karen Hicks has local clients and clients outside of the area.

In addition to running her unique shop, Karen Hicks is an Interior Design instructor at Southern MD Community College. The practical decorating “how to's” that she teaches can be done in face-to-face consultations or via phone and web consultations.

*** From Carla Lochiatto:


A friend of mine wrote a book, and I still have a few copies. I'd love to give you one as a prize, but not sure how it would go over in this group. It's called “Recovering Sorority Girl's Guide to a Year's Worth of Perfect Parties.” You can see it on Amazon here:

If you'd like that as one of the prizes, let me know. It's a great snarky fun and useful read. Not on my work bookshelf, but definitely on my shelf at home! I want to help out and thought this might be unique…


*** The JOTW survey is being conducted by Mike Klein, JOTW Research Guru and all-around internal comms and political campaign junkie. Mike is now based in Delft in the Netherlands and publishes the guerrilla internal comms blog, CommsOffensive325,

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