JOTW and DEFCON -1 “Can't Wait” announcement on the 2008 SemperComm Award

JOTW and DEFCON -1 “Can't Wait” announcement on the 2008 SemperComm Award

Here's FLASH traffic from Alix Anne Hornig at the SemperComm Foundation:

Hi Ned,

Have a “can't wait” item I was hoping you might be able to send out this

week to both DEFCON and JOTW.

Hoping you can help us get the word out about the 2008 SemperComm Award

program as we'd love to receive several more entries before judging begins

in March. Thanks very much! **Anyone can submit a nomination and all

entries are due by Friday, February 29, 2008.

The SemperComm Award is given each year to nominated active-duty military

personnel who go above and beyond the call of duty to help motivate,

entertain and otherwise lift the spirits of their fellow service members.

The SemperComm Foundation works to boost morale of our men and women

deployed to remote locations around the world, but we recognize that there

are a significant number of overseas remote bases that we can not reach

right away. While we hope to eventually reach out to all isolated bases,

the SemperComm Award is designed to recognize and honor service members who

are making personal contributions to boost the morale of fellow men and


Service personnel from each military branch, including the Coast Guard,

combatant command and field commands can be nominated for this award.

SemperComm will choose up to three awardees to be honored at our annual

Gala, set for May 22, 2008. Winners will be determined based on three

criteria: actions taken to boost the morale of fellow service members, the

remoteness of the base where they are stationed, and their desire to go

above and beyond the call of duty.

Visit to learn more about our 2008 SemperComm

Gala and to access an entry form for this year’s SemperComm Award.

Alix Anne Hornig

Director of Development

SemperComm Foundation

703.923.7610 Office

703.447.0103 Mobile


2008 SemperComm Gala is set for May 22, 2008

Sponsorship Opportunities & Tickets Are Now Available!


For more information about the SemperComm Foundation please visit

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