JOTW 14-2008


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JOTW 14-2008

7 April 2008

“Never accept a drink from a urologist.”

– Erma Bombeck

Welcome to the award-winning free Job of the Week e-mail networking newsletter for

professional communicators, dedicated to the positive unanticipated consequences of networking.

JOTW is a cooperative service that relies on the contributions of its members, like you. We share job opportunities, news and information about the job market, as well as swapping stories about life's peculiarities. And I learn more and more each day how peculiar life is, and how unbelievably interesting are the inhabitants of this world.

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In this issue:

*** One Paragraph Pitch

1.) Director of Marketing & Communications, SFJAZZ, San Francisco, California 2.) PR Account Executive, Financial/Professional Services Practice, The Castle Group, Boston, Mass.

3.) Group Account Director-Public Relations, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

4.) Director of Communications, Friends of the Global Fight Against AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, Washington D.C.

5.) VP of Government Affairs and External Relations, Salem Law Group, Washington, DC/Tampa, Florida

6.) Web Marketing Manager, Helicos BioSciences, Cambridge, MA

7.) Senior Director, Investor Relations, BioPharmaceutical, Pacific Northwest

8.) Marketing Professional, Silver Spring, MD

9.) Writer/Editor, Marketing & fundraising communications / Online communications The Wilderness Society, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

10.) Account Executive, Consumer Marketing Practice, Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, Washington, D.C.

11.) SR. TECHNICAL EDITOR, RasGas Company, Abu Dhabi, UAE

12.) Assistant, Media Relations, Branding and Marketing (MRBM) Team,

G5, The Global Fund, Geneva, Switzerland

13.) Development and Communications Intern, The National Assembly on School-Based Health Care (NASBHC), Washington, DC

14.) Communications Officer, National Childcare Accreditation Council, Sydney, NSW, Australia

15.) AAA Media Relations Representative/Spokesperson, AAA Northern California, Nevada and Utah, San Francisco, CA

16.) Writer/Communications Advisor, Ernst & Young, McLean, VA

17.) Director, Public Relations, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island, Providence, RI

18.) Communications Content Associate, UN Office for Project Services, Copenhagen, Denmark

19.) Editor, alfresco magazine, Lifestyle Publishing Ltd, Auckland, NZ

20.) Associate Editor, Proceedings/Naval History, United States Naval Institute, Annapolis, MD

21.) Director of Advancement and Public Relations, Abu Dhabi University (ADU), Abu Dhabi, EAU

22.) Co-ordinator Marketing & Promotion, Royal New Zealand Plunket Society, Canterbury, NZ

23.) Communication Consultant, CTG Global, Baghdad, Iraq

24.) Internship: Environmental Sustainability Writer/Researcher for A Green

Footprint LLC, Fairfax Station, VA

25.) National Information and Communications Officer, UN Development Programme, RC Office, Kenya (Nairobi, with frequent travel to Somalia

26.) Communications Coordinator, The Reilly Group, Washington, DC.

27.) Assistant Vice President of Editorial and Creative Services, University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH

28.) Media Relations Manager, SUNY Geneseo, Geneseo, NY

29.) News & Current Affairs Specialist, Media for Development Initiative (MDI), Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

30.) Manager of Online Communications and Marketing, Ms. Foundation for Women, New York, New York

31.) Online News Editor, Michigan Messenger, Center for Independent Media (CIM), Lansing, MI

32.) Marketing Communications Manager, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Washington, DC

33.) Public Relations Executive- Corporate Communications, Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, India

34.) Proofreader/publications support analyst, ISO, Jersey City, NJ

35.) Director, Communications, U.S. Green Building Council, New York Chapter,

New York, NY

36.) Director of Communications, U.S. Meat Export Federation, Denver, CO

37.) 4th Annual HBCU eFair-Marketing Coordinator, Disney, Bristol, CT

38.) Junior Publicist, Orange County Choppers, Newburgh, NY

39.) Assistant Manager – Corporate Communications, Global Trade Finance Limited, Mumbai, India

40.) Director, Public Relations, Walker Marchant Group, Washington, D.C.

41.) Part-time PR Administrative Assistant, Hilton International, Dubai, UAE

42.) Internal Communications Leader, CropLife International, Washington, DC

43.) Asst Manager/ Manager, Corporate Communication, Reliance Health, Mumbai, India

44.) Communications Editor, REHAU Incorporated, Leesburg, VA

45.) Reporter / Editor – 4 Positions (English Television) / Reporter-rédacteur (Télévision anglaise), CBC, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

46.) Marketing Communications Manager – Nature Education, Nature Publishing Group, NY, NY

47.) Marketing Communication Manager, Hach Company, Loveland, Colorado

48.) President and Chief Executive Officer (full-time position), Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

49.) Web Designer/Content Manager, Trilithic, Indianapolis, IN

50.) Corporate Communications Manager, SmithBucklin Corporation, Chicago, Illinois

51.) Senior Electronic Communications Specialist, The Clorox Company, Oakland, California

51.) Technical Writer, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

52.) Online Editorial Manager, Online Transformation Project team, The British Council, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

53.) VP, Communications & Marketing, American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE), Chicago, IL

54.) Associate Director / Director, Communications, Groton, CT

55.) Operation Migration 2008 Intern Position, Patuxent Wildlife

Research Center in Laurel, MD

56.) Holistic Designer/Animators, Orijin New Media, Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa

…and more! All with a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee! Scroll down and see them all!

*** One Paragraph Pitch:

Hi Ned,

I would like to have a One Paragraph Pitch posted.

I have 20+ years of experience in corporate communications, marketing communications and marketing. My most recent positions have been in corporate communications management in financial services (Wells Fargo) and telecommunications (Qwest Communications). I am not tied to a particular industry, just looking to stay in corporate communications. I would like to stay in the Phoenix area. My specialties are employee communications, change communications, executive communications and publications. I would appreciate any leads or job ideas. I also have an MBA in International Business.

Thank you!

Laura Barron

(602) 667-5420

(Want to promote yourself? Send your pitch today to Ned at

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*** I remember Dick Summer, and most of the DJs in this article:

*** I want to receive JOTW:

Hello Sir,

I was recently forwarded your email newsletter, “Job of the Week” and love it! Is it possible to be put on your list-serve so I can receive them regularly? Thank you!!



(Send a blank email to

*** Yo Yo Ninja has coming

*** Pet FAQs:

Hi Ned,

I'm a JOTW subscriber and really appreciate receiving this.

Just curious — what are your cats' names? Saw reference to your dog in FAQ but nothing on the feline critters.

Victoria J. Baker

(Pua, the lab, is no longer with us. We now have a dog named Scout, also known as Scooterbug, or Scootie. As for the cats, Thomasina is no longer with us, but her sister Cappucina is. We have a kitten named Kali (short for Kaleidoscope, also known as “Destroyer of Worlds”).)

*** From Joy Mars:

Did your newsletter get hacked into?

*** His prayers are answered, sort of:

I'm PRAYING this is not an April Fool's bit.

Cal Haines

*** Ned is inappropriate:

Ed, Is this for real? I'm no prude (far from it) and I thought after a few years with JOTW I was used to your humor — but advertising a nude cleaning service for politicians? Great PR to put female PR professionals in this context…NOT!!! I protest. Bad taste, man.

Terri Kaufman

*** From jverrando:

Well done!!

(you had me there at first 😉

*** From Alice Ducq:

Dear Sir:

I take extreme exception to your so called JOTW 13 Add 1 OPP “contributor.” This individual is a fraud, and you are to be severely chastised for contributing to the spread of Client Number Nine's false claims and invented credentials. He has exactly zero-point-zero-zero experience with yard work, unless you call chucking empty Schlitz cans toward the compost pile “yard work.” Nor can he be credited with a “good personality.” He's a creep; the family dog won't let him feed her. Our clergyman no longer accepts his calls.

To be completely fair, one statement can be substantiated by credible parties with whom he still may claim a close familial tie: he does, in fact, need to get out of the house. The court order I currently hold in my hand states as much.

Shame on you, Mr. Lundquist. I await your apology.

It is with disappointment, and an aggrieved heart, that I sign myself,

“The soon-to-be-former Mrs. Client Number Nine”

P.S. Please advise ETA for the next installment of KISS. Thank you in advance for your consideration and your prompt compliance.

*** From Elena Turner:

Ed – I've cried all my mascara off! Too funny.


*** From Mike Nachshen:

Ned — I know you are going to get plenty of angry emails from people who “take offense” to your humor or are unhappy with you “junking up their inbox”. This is not one of them. I don't know how you do it, but like last year's April fool's newsletter, this is hillarious. Thanks for putting a smile on my face — and for all you do.



*** From Anne Strong:

Hey Ned!

Wow! I've been trying to get my foot in the door at the Center for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders for years! Are you quite sure the email address is correct? I got 46 “undeliverable” messages, but I'm going to try again…

-Anne Strong

P.S. This email is hysterical! Thanks for sending.

*** From Shari Spiewak:

Took me until Job #3 to figure it out…

*** From Dennis Butt:

Very nice Job with this edition!

For once I read every one of the listings instead of just the places I am

willing to move!

Happy April Fools!

Dennis Butt

*** From Buddha:


Excellent job, sorry I couldn't help this year.

Now I've got to clean the spew off my monitor.


*** From Ken Jensen:

Just another masterful March 32nd edition. Well done!

Ken Jensen

*** From Phil Cogan, APR:


You've outdone yourself, again with your April 1st edition. And it works.

I applied for the position with God, and he answered my prayers.!!!


*** Hey baby:

Thanks so much for brightening my day with an April Fool's version of your wonderful weekly newsletter. As an April Fool's Baby (yes, I know what a burden this has been throughout my 49 years) I am a collector of such ephemera. Yours is a classic.


Linda Ware Dylla

*** From Cynthia Edwards:

Always a great chuckle, thanks!

But does God REALLY have an office in Washington, DC? I wouldn't have

believed it.


Cynthia Edwards


*** From Janet Mills Knudsen:

The April 1 edition is always a treat — and it's usually my first reminder

of what this day is all about. Thanks!

*** Match made in Bethesda:

Hey Ned — if that One Paragraph Pitch person is a guy — I'm looking for a

house husband. I'll let him hire the people too.

I love today; wish it could be every day!

Susan Laine

Laine Communications

Bethesda, MD

*** From Mark Sofman:

Eggzellent work, Most Supreme Master Lundquist! My office colleagues have been wondering why I've been acting peculiar today: the near-stifled guffaws, the teary eyes….

BTW, should any applicants have questions about the job, I'm the incumbent in listing #3.

I'd apply for #4, but there's no way, short of a hour or more of tonsorial heavy lifting with a Gillette Fusion Phenom, I could pass for a client. Could you pass these on to


follicle deprivation syndrome



denudate dome disorder

denuded pate

Last, I think I saw an item on Comcast's community access channels for Montgomery County that the Council on Trying to Decide What to Do with All These Old People (COTTDWTDWATOP) moved to a new office location at Leisure World in Silver Spring, known locally as “Seizure World”

With high regards, I remain


Mark Sofman

*** From BER:

This was hysterical. Thanks for the laugh. When looking for work, it's important to keep one's sense of humor! This certainly helped. Have a super day.

*** From Sheila Buff:


What happens when you take your Rogaine and your Viagra at the same time?

Your hair stands on end for four hours.

As always, great April 1 job.

all best

Sheila Buff

*** From Kim A. Hanson, ABC:


Your March 32nd newsletter is an annual event I look forward to each year,

kicking off my favorite month: April. Thank you for the breath of fresh

(spring) air. You rock.


Kim A. Hanson, ABC

*** From Margaret Perry Daniel:

This is an April Fools joke; correct?

If so, it's good!

Margaret Perry Daniel

(If not?)

*** From Steve Valley:


So many opportunities and so little time to explore all of them!!

SGM Steve Valley

*** Change the world through spring cleaning…

Want to make a difference to fellow communicators halfway around the world? Take a moment to do a little spring cleaning and donate some of your communications resources (books, manuals, CDs, DVDs) for the first media and communication resource center in Ethiopia.

The resource center, sponsored by the Population Media Center (PMC), is open to any professional communicator in Ethiopia and serves the general business community in Addis Ababa. The goal of the Population Media Center is to improve the health and well-being of people around the world through the use of entertainment-education strategies. To learn more, visit

Donations are accepted by PMC’s Vermont office at the following address:

Population Media Center

145 Pine Haven Shores Road, Suite 2011

P. O. Box 547

Shelburne, Vermont 05482

Take a few minutes to share your knowledge with fellow communicators around the world!

*** Looking to make that next step in your communications career? is a job website dedicated to you the communicator with a focus on internal communications, across the world. Your next move is just a click away.

*** Communication books and resource materials for Ethiopia:

I asked Dr. Negussie Teffera about the materials needed for the PMC Media Resource Center being assembled in Addis Ababa.

Ned: What types of books or materials do you need?

Negussie: We need all kinds of communication and media related books including

journalism (broadcast and print media, cinema), theatre art, drama,

speech, communication research journals, public relations, media and

communication training manuals, etc.

Ned: Who would be able to take advantage of these resources?

Negussie: Ethiopian journalists, media practitioners, communication researchers,

writers and theatre art experts, public relation officers, media

trainers, etc.

Ned: Are there many communication professionals in Addis Ababa?

Negussie: Yes, there are many media and communication practitioners and


Ned: Is English a commonly spoken language among business professionals?

Negussie: Yes, English is a commonly spoken language. English is the language of

instruction starting from high school. It is also accepted language for

official duties in government and private agencies. Most trainings and

workshops are held in English language. All most all books in our

library are in English. There are no communication and media related

books and manuals in the Ethiopian official language Amharic.

Ned: And would books and manuals in English be useful for your resource


Negussie: It is books in English that we use for all our trainings and higher education.

I asked Bill Ryerson, PMC’s president, about their work in Ethiopia:

Hi Ned,

PMC-Ethiopia is our largest country office in both space and number of staff. We have 15 staff there, plus contract part-time writers and actors. We occupy all of one floor of a small office building. The suite has a conference room and our resource center as well. You'll see in the attached a description of the projects being conducted by PMC-Ethiopia, as well as descriptions of our work in other countries. Basically, we are producing a radio serial drama, a radio talk show, two magazine programs for use in the Ethiopian regions of Afar and Somalia, and various print materials.

In most offices, our staff numbers range from one to four or five. In addition to our headquarters in Shelburne, Vermont, PMC currently has offices in Brazil, Mexico, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Rwanda, Saint Lucia, and Senegal for projects under way or being developed. We have projects without PMC offices operating in Vietnam and Jamaica. The organization also has a West Coast office in the United States focused on helping the entertainment industry to incorporate themes related to population and reproductive health. PMC has new projects in development in Botswana, China, Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Eastern Caribbean, Egypt, Guatemala, Honduras, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, the Western Pacific, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. PMC has continuation projects in development in Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire, Mali and the Philippines.

*** KISSS (Kommunicators in Search of a Special Someone):

Any and all of you singles can submit a personal ad in JOTW for free. Send your KISSS submission to I’ll only run one at a time. There is no waiting list.

*** Heritage Region Webinars:

IABC Heritage Region's webinars offer great opportunities for you to deepen your knowledge and sharpen your skills. On April 17, Shel Holtz will explore the state of the Web today and the impact on communicators and their companies. He will focus on social media, multimedia, and the communicator's role when more content is being created by the audience. To register, visit

*** IABC/Washington’s April meeting:

Speaking Green: How the Environmental Movement is Shaping Communications Discourse

It’s not just “the next big thing” – it’s a movement grounded in science. Join IABC/Washington's April meeting as Imre Communications presents “Speaking Green: How the environmental movement is shaping communications discourse.”

Last year, Imre Communications launched a green business division designed to help organizations establish and leverage environmental positioning and increase awareness of environmentally conscious products, practices and services. In addition, Imre adopted a green office philosophy, and just recently moved to a greener location that better reflects the firm's commitment to green building — from the carpet to the countertops — each designed to bec more eco-friendly.

Dave Imre, APR, the firm’s president & chief executive officer, will be joined by two of his clients:

Jennifer Wislocki, second vice president of corporate communications for The Travelers Companies, Inc. and Phil Simon, APR, managing director, communications and marketing, AIA National Component of the American Institute of Architects. Together, they will discuss the challenges and opportunities of “going green” in the vast communications process.

You should leave the IABC event with the knowledge of:

What defines “green” and why it is critical to incorporate its use in communications plans

Five guiding principles to incorporate in a green marketing strategy

Strategies and tactics behind award-winning, green campaigns that achieved significant results

Interested? RSVP now!

IABC/Washington gratefully acknowledges Booz Allen Hamilton, and Pursuant, Inc., for their support.

JOIN & GO – Take a $50 trial membership in IABC/Washington and enjoy chapter benefits including member prices for this event.

Thursday, April 10, 2008 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Tivoli Restaurant

1700 N. Moore Street

Metro-Rosslyn (Blue/Orange lines)

Arlington, VA 22209

RSVP Thursday, April 10, 2008

Please respond by visiting:,P1,D2D530D6-9082-43F1-9912-6C794A990B38

1.) Director of Marketing & Communications, SFJAZZ, San Francisco, California

*** From Mark O'Toole:

Hi Ned:

Could you place this in the next issue?


Mark O'Toole

Senior Vice President

The Castle Group, Inc.

18 Tremont Street

Boston, MA 02108

F: 617/227-0034

2.) PR Account Executive, Financial/Professional Services Practice, The Castle Group, Boston, Mass.

The Castle Group has a great opportunity for experienced PR professionals to manage clients in our financial and professional services practice area. We are looking for Account Executives (3+ years experience).

We work with name brands and start-ups, and deliver exceptional PR programs to tell their industries and their customers about their products and services.

Named one of the Boston Business Journal's 2005 and 2006 Best Places to Work, we enjoy a superb reputation among clients and employees.

Please tell us how you meet these criteria:

-Overall PR experience

-Media relations skills

-Financial, healthcare, B2B communications/marketing background

-Creative approach to driving results

-Client-service focus

-Love of the media (or media “junkie”)

-Strong writer with the ability to craft compelling stories


-Self-motivated and -directed

We require stellar writing and communications skills, “hands on” abilities as well as the skill set to manage and mentor staff, a sense of humor and a team approach. In return, you get a career path, competitive salary and benefits, and a creative and stimulating professional environment.

There is no relocation reimbursement for this position, so local candidates are encouraged to apply.

The Castle Group is proud to be one of the Boston area's most respected communications firms. We’re public relations and events/incentives experts—with separate divisions dedicated to each craft—but beyond that, we’re communications strategists. Now in our 11th year, our pros have deep contacts in consumer/hospitality, healthcare/life sciences, financial/professional services, education and technology. A certified women-owned business, twice named one of Boston's Best Places to Work, and winner of numerous industry and business awards, our dedication to 100 percent client success drives our spirit and our results. At Castle, we’re loyal to our clients, responsible to our profession and ever-mindful of the big picture strategy.

Send resumes/salary requirements (required) to:

Human Resources

The Castle Group, Inc.

38 Third Avenue

Charlestown, MA 02129

*** From Barry Piatoff:


Please post the following job in your next issue.

Thank you.

Barry Piatoff, SVP, Peter Bell & Associates, LLC

3.) Group Account Director-Public Relations, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Our client is an independent, integrated communications agency that has been around since the 1950s, and in total has 300 people. They have about a dozen people working exclusively in public relations.

There is a need for a Group Account Director to come in and manage the current public relations accounts and be a resource when the company’s other clients need public relations counsel.

Your role would be to provide coaching, guidance and leadership to the team, while maintaining high level relationships with all Public Relations clients. You will play a leadership role in integrating Public Relations into the total marketing mix.

In addition to being a strong leader and managing a team, you are expected to be “hands-on” and interact with the media and do some writing, as needed. The accounts have a consumer focus but you must be knowledgeable in the latest technology trends (i.e. blogging, social media, e-commerce, etc.). You will be the public relations lead on new business. Overnight travel is about 15%-20%. Reports to a Director who has been with the company for 25 years.

The culture is an open-environment, collaborative, team-based, high-performance, fast-paced where people are encouraged to take on responsibility. You’ll work hard but there is a strong belief in a healthy work/life balance.

Looking for someone with 10+ years experience. Must have worked at a Public Relations agency, have a background in consumer public relations, be an exceptional writer with outstanding client relations skills.

This position is located in Pittsburgh. A generous relocation package is offered to the city that always makes the top rankings of “best places to live in the United States.”

Salary $125K-$150K and a comprehensive benefits package.

To be considered for this position, and other opportunities in the future, e-mail your resume and cover letter as a Word Document attachment to:

Barry Piatoff, SVP, Peter Bell & Associates, LLC

Please include your current base salary. It’s important information for us to have for this job search and others we may consider you for.

Peter Bell & Associates, LLC is a search firm specializing in public relations, communications and investor relations recruiting. We encourage anyone in these fields to e-mail us their resume. Be assured it is confidential and we will not send your resume anywhere without your permission.

No calls please.

*** From

Hi Ned,

If you could kindly post the following job description on your job of the week, it would be much appreciated.

Thank you,


Jenny Kay

Friends of the Global Fight Against AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

P: 202.789.0801

F: 202.789.0802

4.) Director of Communications, Friends of the Global Fight Against AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, Washington D.C.

Friends of the Global Fight Against AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, an advocacy organization that works to educate, engage and mobilize American decision-makers in support of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria and ending the worldwide burden of the 3 diseases seeks an experienced Director of Communications for its Washington D.C. office. The Communications Director will oversee organization’s communications budget and staff as well as day-to-day activities of the department. Duties include:

• Developing and overseeing implementation of a comprehensive communications strategy for the organization that includes:

o Core messages

o Media/press and stakeholder outreach

o Brand/positioning strategy

o Web presence

o Event and publication planning and outreach

• Liaising closely with the organization’s Policy Department to identify and implement media opportunities for the organization in light of key legislative milestones.

• Collaborating closely with the Global Fund’s communications team as well as partnering organizations to advocate for and proactively raising awareness about the Fund’s successes in U.S. media.

• Supporting the development efforts of the organization, including fundraising efforts, speaker’s bureau and positioning the organization with potential donors.

Candidates must have at least 8 years experience, with at least 4 years of policy-oriented communications and media relations experience with a proven track record of media placement. Candidate must be a highly strategic thinker, have experience formulating and implementing communication strategies and have strong oral, written and interpersonal communications skills. He/She must be highly organized and detail-oriented and be able to manage multiple tasks under very tight deadlines. Hill or Administration experience preferred as is an understanding in global health policy issues.

Send resume, cover letter, a writing sample (a communications plan is preferred), media reference and salary requirements to:

Equal Opportunity Employer.

5.) VP of Government Affairs and External Relations, Salem Law Group, Washington, DC/Tampa, Florida

*** From Jenn Marcotte:

Hi Ned,

Please post in JOTW. Pasted below and attached as a Word document.


6.) Web Marketing Manager, Helicos BioSciences, Cambridge, MA

Chaloner Associates is partnering with Helicos BioSciences on a search for a Web Marketing Manager. Helicos is a life science company focused on innovative genetic analysis technologies for the research, drug discovery, and diagnostic markets. Their proprietary “True Single Molecule Sequencing”, tSMSTM, technology enables scientists to perform experiments and ask questions never before possible. For more information, please visit

The Web Marketing Manager reports to the Director of Corporate Communications and is accountable for driving and developing web strategies to support commercial business and brand strategy initiatives. The manager is responsible for leading architectural planning, development and site maintenance to ensure sites act as a robust engine reflecting corporate, marketing and sales content objectives.


• Drive development, maintenance and optimization of the corporate site, community sites and e-marketing efforts.

• Lead the planning process for architectural site design and evolution; managing labor and budget resources.

• Implement plans to ensure sites are solid, engaging, and easy to navigate.

• Develop a network structure allowing sites to interact and be consistent.

• Drive initiatives to recruit, retain and build users on the Community site.

• Partner with Product Management and MarCom to execute marketing updates.

• Implement SEO strategies that ensure strong search engine rankings.

• Produce videos, animated tutorials and educational vehicles.

• Monitor site traffic/trends; compile, analyze and report site activity/metrics.

• Provide technical support for new infrastructure/application implementation.

• Manage server maintenance and restore/recovery planning.

• Lead initiatives to evolve/improve web systems and procedures.

• Build relationships with internal clients, external customers and vendors to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget.

• Track competitive sites for new technical and creative initiatives.


• 5+ years experience in web site development, planning and management with 3+ years in a project management role and 2+ years managing people and cross-functional teams.

• Proven success building and implementing a multifaceted web architecture/infrastructure plan.

• Strong interpersonal skill-set, including facilitation and negotiation.

• Mature teamwork and interaction skills to interface effectively with internal partners, outside agencies and the media.

• Excellent organizational skills, attention to detail and follow-through with ability to juggle multiple projects and deliverables.

• Strong initiative and problem-solving ability in driving projects to completion.

• Familiar with software applications, platforms and deployment techniques for maximum navigational efficiency, analytics and metrics.

• Knowledge of Open Source systems and experience building online communities centered around Open Source initiatives.

• Working knowledge of various website platforms and architecture; proficiency in Microsoft.NET platform and related technologies (SQL Server, AJAX.NET, Content Server).

• Conceptual knowledge of Internet technologies such as FTP, HTTP, SSL, etc. and familiar with Content Management Systems and Blogs.

• B.A. or B.S. degree, emphasis in web infrastructures, computer software highly desirable

Qualified and interested candidates should send resumes to Alan Quarello ( or Scott White (

*** From Annie Shaffer:

Judy Cushman’s latest position she is filling is below. She would like to list it in Job of the Week when possible.

Thank you.

Annie Shaffer

Judith Cushman & Associates

7.) Senior Director, Investor Relations, BioPharmaceutical, Pacific Northwest

Company: CLIENT#C15346

Status: Interviews continuing. Resumes accepted for consideration

Company: BioPharmaceutical, both Nasdaq and MTAX traded (Italy).

Reporting to: Executive Vice President, Corporate Communications with direct access to the President and CEO

Resources: In Europe, an Investor Relations Representative is the day to day contact with guidance from the communications staff. Consulting services have been retained at headquarters.

About the Position

The Senior Director, Investor Relations is a newly redefined position reflecting the majority ownership of shares in Italy and the need to meet disclosure requirements and communicate with shareholders in the US, primarily Italy and Europe. The Senior Director reports to the EVP, Corporate Communications and has direct access to the leadership team including the President and CEO. Investor Relations messaging is fully integrated into the communications strategy for the company.

The Senior Director will be a thoughtful contributor and advisor to the leadership of the organization and will be fully versed in meeting disclosure requirements. S/he will be the IR expert about the complexities of financial reporting in the US in collaboration with finance and legal counsel representatives.

S/he will function in a collaborative and collegial manner with Finance, Clinical/Regulatory, Legal and the office of the President. The Senior Director will lead the development of strategy, operating plans, budgets and the tactical execution of the Investor Relations Program. S/he will be the individual who manages the company reputation with shareholders, and is the primary point of contact in the US for institutional and retail investors and analysts. The Senior Director will be a resource and available to assist the IR representative and the retained outside counsel in Europe responsible for those contacts.

Educational Background, Skills and Experience

The ideal candidate will be an expert in IR practices with Life Science experience helpful but optional. S/he will have an undergraduate degree preferably in business or English with an advanced degree in finance preferred. S/he will have a minimum of 15 years of work experience with a minimum of 8 in Investor Relations. S/he will be an excellent thinker, strategist and writer.

The finalist should have the attitude and knowledge of an astute business executive, and should identify with company objectives first and develop IR plans in support of organizational/business goals. Since resources are limited, the Senior Director will be expected to implement programs and produce excellent work. S/he will demonstrate those strengths through a career path that indicates a steady increase in responsibility. S/he will also provide samples demonstrating programmatic thinking as well as examples of quality financial documents.

Prior experience shaping an IR function and demonstrating an ability to work both at the strategic and tactical levels would be very desirable. Managing a small team and outside resources would be an advantage.

For potential candidates, an in-depth 7-page job description is available. Contact: Judy Cushman, Judith Cushman & Associates, Retained Search, Bellevue, WA 98008; 425 392 8660,

*** From Stephanie Walter:

8.) Marketing Professional, Silver Spring, MD

I am interested in networking with Marketing and Public Relations Professionals!! I am an Executive Recruiter with Parker and Associates a recruitment firm that specializes in Professionals. I am currently recruiting for a Marketing Professional to help build and maintain relationships for a company located in Silver Spring, MD that has subcontractors. I place candidates on a permanent basis. If this is not the right time for you please keep my information for the future and pass it along to a friend!

Please email me at for more information or call at 410-569-3922!


Stephanie Walter

Executive Recruiter

Parker & Associates, Inc.


Toll Free (877) 569-3922


9.) Writer/Editor, Marketing & fundraising communications / Online communications The Wilderness Society, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

This is your chance to join a passionate team committed to protecting

Australia's wilderness and wildlife and tackling dangerous climate


The Wilderness Society has two opportunities for talented Writer/Editors

to join its communications team.

While there will be a fair deal of overlap between both Writer/Editor

roles, one will primarily focus on Marketing & Fundraising

Communications and the other will primarily focus on Online


Both positions are full-time, based at our Fitzroy office in Melbourne

and to start as soon as possible.

Position descriptions and details on how to apply are available at or by emailing

Closing date: COB Monday 14 April 2008.

*** From Carla Lochiatto, who got it from Danielle Mackey:

Found this opportunity below and thought I'd share with your readers:

10.) Account Executive, Consumer Marketing Practice, Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, Washington, D.C.

Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide is seeking an account executive level

PR professional to join the Washington, D.C. Consumer Marketing

Practice. This is an excellent opportunity to join a team of

professionals and service a diverse range of accounts from trade

associations to a large Fortune 100 client. Your passion for public

relations and your interest in lifestyle and consumer brands will serve

you well in this close-knit, fun and creative team!

At Ogilvy PR, our consumer marketing expertise covers home and lifestyle

products and services, from flowers to clothing and furnishings to

travel. We believe that effective consumer marketing means surrounding

the consumer in ways that will influence their decisions and bond them

to our clients' brands. It means understanding how they live their lives

and where the receptive touch points are for our messages. It means

becoming a welcome part of consumers' lives.


* Provide media relations support, including building media lists,

making pitch calls, and writing media materials

* Coordinate media events

* Develop a variety of communications materials including client

memos, news releases, case histories, brochure copy and reports

* Act as a liaison between client, outside suppliers and other

project members

* Ensure project deliverables are properly tracked, monitored and


* Contribute to new business development efforts

Required Qualifications:

* 2-3 years of public relations experience, which may partially

include relevant PR/Communications internships; at least one year of

post college graduation experience is required.

* Superior writing skills including practical experience writing a

variety of communications materials

* Outstanding client service skills obtained through direct client


* Demonstrated ability to execute media relations activities

including building media lists, pitching, and preparing media materials

* Experience with event planning including on-site coordination

* Excellent organizational and project management skills to manage

multiple priorities and keep projects on track

* Proven ability to work within a team environment

* Ability to work with tight project timelines


How to Apply:

Please visit the careers section of our website at to apply online.

While we welcome applications from out of state candidates, we are

unable to provide reimbursement for relocation or travel expenses for

this position.

About us:

Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide (Ogilvy PR) is a leading global

marketing communications firm, with offices in more than 60 cities

around the world. In its 26th year, Ogilvy PR provides strategic public

relations counsel to a variety of clients across its consumer marketing,

corporate, healthcare, technology, public affairs, social marketing and

entertainment practices. The agency also offers biotechnology and

government affairs expertise through its subsidiaries Feinstein Kean

Healthcare and Ogilvy Government Relations, respectively. Ogilvy Public

Relations Worldwide is part of the WPP Group, one of the world's largest

communications services organizations (NASDAQ: WPPGY, For

more information, visit our Web site at


11.) SR. TECHNICAL EDITOR, RasGas Company, Abu Dhabi, UAE

12.) Assistant, Media Relations, Branding and Marketing (MRBM) Team,

G5, The Global Fund, Geneva, Switzerland

*** From Divya Mohan:

13.) Development and Communications Intern, The National Assembly on School-Based Health Care (NASBHC), Washington, DC

Summer 2008

Reports to: Development Director and Communications Manager,

Core Responsibility: To provide support in advancing the goals of current projects.

Compensation: NASBHC will provide travel and hotel for the school-based health center national convention in Los Angeles, CA , from June 23-28. The intern will also receive invaluable experience and references.

1. National Convention Support:

• Provide administrative support prior to, during, and immediately following the national convention

• Assist with ensuring that all sponsors and exhibitors receive their promised benefits for the convention

2. Development Research

• Research and complete application process to register as a charity in each state

3. Media Management

• Create electronic and hard copy press books

• Analyze press trends

4. NASBHC Tools and Research

• Research latest field materials and update NASBHC fact sheets

• Create information tree/guide for the NASBHC web site

5. Administrative Support

• Provide administrative support to program and development staff as needed.


• Strong organizational skills

• Self-motivated

• Strong written and oral communication skills

• Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously while maintaining attention to detail

• Ability to work effectively in a team environment

• Familiarity with Microsoft Office programs

• Basic understanding of communications , marketing, and resource development

Please contact Divya Mohan, to apply TODAY!

14.) Communications Officer, National Childcare Accreditation Council, Sydney, NSW, Australia

NCAC is seeking applications from experienced communications

professionals for a full-time position as Communications Officer. The

position is based in Sydney.

The successful applicant will be responsible for research, report

writing, and liaison with media and government.

NCAC offers a competitive salary, employee benefits and a supportive

work environment. If you would like to be considered for this position


* Complete an NCAC Application Form;

* Address each of the Selection Criteria; and

* Attach a resume with the details of 3 referees.

For further information, including the Selection Criteria and the NCAC

Employment Application Guide, please visit the 'Careers at NCAC' link on

the NCAC website or contact Human Resources on


Applications to:

The Human Resources Manager

National Childcare Accreditation Council Inc.

Level 3, 418a Elizabeth Street


Or by email to:

Child Protection Legislation requires the preferred applicants to be

subject to Employment Screening.

Applications should be forwarded by 11 April 2008.

*** From Mike Pina:

15.) AAA Media Relations Representative/Spokesperson, AAA Northern California, Nevada and Utah, San Francisco, CA

AAA Northern California, Nevada and Utah seeks a well-spoken, confident

media relations representative to serve as its corporate spokesperson. This

position is based out of the company's Bay Area headquarters. The AAA

spokesperson is responsible for generating positive PR for the company's

major business lines including travel, membership, insurance, and automotive

services. They are also responsible for responding to media inquiries on a

variety of transportation, safety, insurance and gasoline pricing issues on

a daily basis. Qualified candidates must have at least three years news

reporting experience, preferably broadcast. Equivalent corporate PR

experience will be considered. Candidates must have excellent news writing

and verbal skills, solid media contacts, and the ability to perform under

deadline pressure. The ideal candidate must demonstrate an ability to work

well in a supportive team environment.

Please go to to see a complete job description.

AAA Northern California, Nevada and Utah offers a generous benefits package

including 401(k) and paid time off. Pay commensurate with experience.

16.) Writer/Communications Advisor, Ernst & Young, McLean, VA

*** From McGue:


Could you post to Ned's job of the week? Many thanks!


Denise McGue

17.) Director, Public Relations, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island, Providence, RI

Responsible for helping to develop and communicate key messages to the media, as one way of strengthening BCBSRI’s brand value with external stakeholders. This will involve developing an annual public relations plan, which includes identifying and executing earned media (proactive) opportunities, which involves working collaboratively with members of the Communications Services team and internal clients/subject matter experts. The incumbent is also responsible for facilitating and responding to all media inquiries (reactive) regarding corporate initiatives and public affairs issues. As a result, the incumbent will serve as corporate spokesperson for all (proactive and reactive) media relations activities.

Key Responsibilities:

• Working with the Chief Communications Officer and Assistant Vice President/Communications Services, help identify, develop, and prioritize earned media opportunities, strategies, objectives, and key messages. Develop programs and activities and coordinate campaigns that successfully implement earned media tactics and initiatives. Draft news releases and other informational pieces to support objectives.

• Ensure that key messages are communicated to the media in a clear, consistent and effective manner so as to strengthen BCBSRI’s brand value.

• Develop and maintain productive, collaborative relationships with internal (e.g., Sales, Government Relations, Finance, and Legal Services) and external resources (e,g, vendors, consultants, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association). Ensure that a level of trust and respect is established with key constituencies and the company viewed as a source of accurate and expert information on healthcare, including health insurance and health and wellness issues.

• Build and maintain constructive working relationships with the media by being honest, accessible, and responsive to all media inquiries, which will help ensure that the organization’s viewpoint is understood and considered valuable and credible.

• Develop and monitor efficacy measures for public relations programs and activities, assuring they meet the organization’s strategic communications objectives. Develop and produce status reports and recommendations. Measure qualitative and quantitative results of public relations programs and activities and refine as needed for continued improvement.

• Identify, prioritize and properly allocate resources (outsourcing vs. in-house services).


Minimum Education and Experience:

• Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, English, Political Science, Marketing or related field.

• Minimum 7+ years experience in a corporate or agency public relations or journalism position.

• Demonstrated high competency in the execution of multiple projects under pressure, including managing outside resources (e.g., PR firm) across multiple projects to meet goals.

Preferred Education, Additional Qualifications and Experience:

• Advanced degree in communications.

• An understanding of the integration of functions within BCBSRI as well as the position of the company within the state, regional and regulatory environment.

BCBSRI values diversity and is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer m/f/d/v.

Apply on-line at

18.) Communications Content Associate, UN Office for Project Services, Copenhagen, Denmark

Closing Date – 16 Apr 2008

19.) Editor, alfresco magazine, Lifestyle Publishing Ltd, Auckland, NZ

alfresco magazine has recently seen major design and frequency changes –

it is now a bi-monthly – and is poised to expand its well-proven

editorial content and to widen its home and garden coverage.

This is a key position with a long-established magazine publishing

company and would suit an experienced journalist or deputy editor

itching to take a step up. Good knowledge, formal training in, or

experience of, the working of outdoor residential areas would be a


The position is hands-on and the editor would be party to major

decisions affecting the magazine's success. The most important being

setting the theme and reach of the editorial, but also including

development of alfresco's website, exploring ancillary publications,

attendance at relevant shows, the development and use of reader research

and various promotional activities.

He or she would be working with a small but experienced and passionate

team either from our offices or from home.

This is a full time position that can be either contract or staff and a

remuneration package commensurate with experience will be negotiated

with the successful applicant.

Send CV with covering letter to David Hall, Lifestyle Publishing Ltd,

Box 14 109, Panmure, Auckland; or email

*** From Judy Heise:

20.) Associate Editor, Proceedings/Naval History, United States Naval Institute, Annapolis, MD

SUMMARY: The associate editor performs editing duties for Proceedings and Naval History, working with authors to produce the best possible articles.


For Proceedings, responsible for assigned columns and two to three articles

per month.

For Naval History, responsible for assigned columns and one article each issue.

Edits manuscripts for accuracy, clarity, presentation, and length. Checks

grammar, style, spelling, and punctuation. Pulls out and develops sidebars, if appropriate.

Requests and selects illustrations for articles. Verifies or corrects statements and data,

including quoted sources. Works with authors to identify

and incorporate needed changes and codes manuscript for InDesign.

Works with the design director to develop article layouts. Writes subheads,

captions, titles, author’s biographical information, selects pull quotes, and

other such copy as needed. Checks galleys, incorporating changes by

author and staff. Proofs master copies, finals, and blue lines.

Attends scheduled photo/cartoon meetings, making recommendations for

illustration of assigned articles. Assists the Photo Editor in the acquisition

of illustrations.

Helps to identify authors to cover current issues for Proceedings and

encourages same to write for publication.

May attend Naval Institute seminars and conferences/conventions of other

Sea Service organizations to represent the magazines, promote

membership, and gather information. Keeps abreast of professional

developments through ancillary publications routed to the staff and professional contacts.

QUALIFICATIONS: Must have excellent knowledge of English grammar and

style and be familiar with the basic structure of magazine articles. Should be

familiar with the editorial process for magazines. Proficiency in Word, InDesign,

and Internet research and e-mail required. Ideal candidate is a self-starter

and must enjoy working as part of a small team. Must be able to edit under

pressure and turn copy around on tight deadlines.

EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE: Bachelor’s degree in English, journalism, or

related field. Three to five years experience editing for magazines, journals,

newsletters, newspapers, or similar publications. Prior military experience

desirable. Strong interest in current events, Sea Services, U.S. military,

and national security affairs needed. Interest in naval history also preferred.

LANGUAGE SKILLS: No special requirements.

MATHEMATICAL SKILLS: No special requirements.

REASONING ABILITY: The associate editor must be able to assimilate

new information about sometimes esoteric subjects and make important

editing decisions.


PHYSICAL DEMANDS: No special requirements

WORK ENVIRONMENT: Friendly and professional.

Please send cover letter and resume to:

Ruth Ann Raup, Manager, Human Resources

U.S. Naval Institute

291 Wood Road, Annapolis, MD 21402

Fax: 410.295.1091 / Online at

21.) Director of Advancement and Public Relations, Abu Dhabi University (ADU), Abu Dhabi, EAU

The Advancement & Public Relations Office advances ADU's mission through a coordinated campus-wide communications, advocacy and development effort to build enduring relationships that promote advocacy and financial support for ADU.The Director reports directly to the Chancellor and is responsible for directing and executing an integrated external relations program including communications, community engagement, and public affairs program with an ambitious fund-raising agenda. In addition, the Director is responsible for planning and managing annual giving; principal gifts; endowments, prospect activities, stewardship, gift administration; and special projects. The Director is responsible for developing and maintaining positive and effective working relationships with key volunteers involved in development, endowment management, advocacy and community relations activities on behalf of the campus. The Director advises the Chancellor on external affairs strategy and a wide range of issues. The successful candidate will have a track record of accomplishment and strategic leadership; a strong background in development strategy; the ability to build and draw upon significant relationships with external constituents; exemplary interpersonal and communication abilities; the highest level of integrity; outstanding management and administrative skills; high energy, and a passion for the promotion and attainment of ADU's external affairs goals. The Director will demonstrate initiative, drive, creativity, a collaborative working style and superior organizational and writing skills. Superior fluency in both Arabic and English is mandatory for this role.

Directions to Apply:

Review of applications will begin immediately and continue until the position is filled. The electronic submission of materials is preferred and a cover letter, résumé and list of five references should be forwarded to:

22.) Co-ordinator Marketing & Promotion, Royal New Zealand Plunket Society, Canterbury, NZ

PRIMARY PURPOSE: To ensure the plunket service and the activities of the

area society are marketed and promoted within the Canterbury area.


1. Provide administrative support to Area society as required.

2. Ordering and packing of New Mothers Bags.

3. The marketing of Plunket services to stakeholders and the health


4. Assist with the organisation of events and health promotions.

5. Creation and distribution on six monthly newsletter.

6. Report to Volunteer Services Leader on monthly basis.

7. Liaising with New Zealand Councillor and assisting to run monthly

meetings including taking and distributing minutes


A Community Support Co-ordinator will have the following competencies or

the capacity and commitment to develop these:

* Own phone line

* Internet access

* Computer skills, particularly in excel and access (training given if


* Have knowledge about the range of services offered by Plunket and the

opportunities available within Plunket.

* Have a commitment to Plunket, its Direction and Purpose Statements and

its objectives.

* Be pro-active

* Be well-organised and able to work in a logical orderly manner.

* Possess good communication and listening skills.

* Be a team player.

* Have integrity, be honest and trustworthy and maintain


* Be culturally sensitive and have a commitment to the Treaty of


For a full job description and application form please contact: Rachel

Wright, Volunteer Services Leader, Royal New Zealand Plunket Society, PO

Box 13-403, Christchurch, phone: 03-366-7940.

23.) Communication Consultant, CTG Global, Baghdad, Iraq

Closing Date – 15 Apr 2008

*** From Elizabeth Striano:

Hi Ned. Can you please post this on the Ned's JOTW next week? Thank you!

24.) Internship: Environmental Sustainability Writer/Researcher for A Green

Footprint LLC, Fairfax Station, VA

Strategic sustainability consulting firm is looking for a

writer/researcher intern to help with ongoing projects including an

upcoming book on going green for business. The right candidate needs

to be a creative problem-solver, quick-learner, and self-starter.

Position requires great communication, writing, and editing skills;

excellent researching skills, including online; and knowledge

of environmental sustainability issues. This internship is a

telecommuting position with flexible hours, although we do require

someone in DC Metro area, occasional in-person meetings, and access to

a computer, land-line phone, and transportation.

Candidates should be seeking a degree in Environmental Science,

Sustainability, Journalism, Communications, or a related field

with relevant background and knowledge. Please submit a cover letter,

resume, and two writing samples to estriano@agreenfootprint.

Qualified candidates will contacted for an interview.

Elizabeth Striano

A Green Footprint LLC

25.) National Information and Communications Officer, UN Development Programme, RC Office, Kenya (Nairobi, with frequent travel to Somalia (possible re-location when

security permits)

Closing Date – 15 Apr 2008

*** From Jacci M. Duncan:

Hello Ned,

Below and attached is a new position for:

Communications Coordinator for The Reilly Group, Washington, DC.

Thanks very much.


Jacci M. Duncan

Meridian Services

Transition Services for Associations

Tel. 703.534.3775

Cell 202.487.8976

26.) Communications Coordinator, The Reilly Group, Washington, DC.

Small health communications consulting firm specializing in wellness and

women's health seeks part-time person to assist with PR projects, key

operations and information management. Rewarding work and flexible hours.

The individual will work on health projects, interface with clients, help

write and edit health information materi8als, and schedule meetings with

national health leaders and VIPs. The person will manage data and office

administration duties. The communications coordinator will attend meetings

in Washington, DC. The individual will be a team player who takes pride in

a job well done.

Candidates must have at least 3-5 years experience working in public

relations, project management and/or office administration, or have held a

corollary position. Requires experience in writing and editing, strong

administrative and organizational abilities and experience with Internet


The individual must have a home office set-up, including a computer with

Microsoft Office Suite and preferably a fax machine and copier. Competitive

salary. Benefits not offered. For immediate consideration, send resume and

cover letter to

*** From Kris Gallagher, ABC:

27.) Assistant Vice President of Editorial and Creative Services, University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH

This position has primary strategic responsibility and accountability

for the University's print and electronic marketing communications

efforts, as well as the management and integration of Photo Services and

Video Services. The AVP leads a creative staff of 20 editors, designers,

the UNH Web Master, photographers and videographers in the strategic

planning and development of all major print, electronic and visual

communications. Bachelor's degree in communications or marketing, or

comparable professional experience, advanced degree preferred, with 15

or more years of experience in higher education communications or

marketing communications and strategic branding experience. Extensive

experience in editorial, design, production, Web design and strategy,

new media, photo and video, budget and strong supervisory experience

required. How to Apply: A full position announcement and instructions on

how to submit an application can be found on-line at Cover letter and resume may be electronically

attached with application. Computer access/assistance is available at

the Human Resources Office, 2 Leavitt Lane, Durham, NH 03824 or call

603-862-0501 (TTY Users 603-862-3227). UNH is an AA/EEO Employer. UNH

is committed to excellence through the diversity of its faculty and

staff and encourages women and minorities to apply.

28.) Media Relations Manager, SUNY Geneseo, Geneseo, NY

Salary Range Commensurate with experience mid to high $50's

SUNY Geneseo invites applications for a Media Relations Manager in the department of

Communications and Publications. The MRM will develop and manage a

strategic media relations program to raise awareness of Geneseo in

national, regional and local media and advance the reputation of the

College. The MRM will report to the assistant vice president for

communications and work closely with campus colleagues.

The ideal candidate will possess strong news judgment and superior

writing, editing, interviewing and interpersonal communication skills.

Preference will be given to those who have a demonstrated knowledge of

media relations in a higher education setting; a proven track record in

identifying and placing stories in print, electronic and Web media; a

thorough understanding of news cycles and operations; a strong work

ethic and drive to meet stated goals; a commitment to teamwork and

customer service; and a passion to cultivate and strengthen

relationships across a diverse base of constituents.

Bachelor's degree in journalism, public relations, communications, or

related field is required, or the equivalent with at least 5 years

experience in public or media relations. Master's degree preferred.

The chosen candidate will be an enthusiastic, detail-oriented team

player with demonstrated creativity, outstanding relationship-building

skills, and the proven ability to set priorities and achieve goals while

managing multiple tasks as part of a larger team.

Application review begins April 14, 2008 and position is open until

filled. To apply, submit an on-line professional application, cover

letter, resume, and contact information for at least three references at A portfolio of writing samples will be

requested as part of the interview process. All applicants are subject

to drug and criminal background checks.

SUNY Geneseo is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer

committed to recruiting, supporting, and fostering a diverse community.

29.) News & Current Affairs Specialist, Media for Development Initiative (MDI), Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

The Media for Development Initiative (MDI) for Papua New Guinea, funded

by AusAID, was developed to support an open and democratic media that

gives voice to PNG citizens, provides nationwide access to information

and culture, and delivers development content for the benefit of the

people. The NBC/ABC Partnership is intended to build the capacity of the

National Broadcasting Corporation of PNG (NBC), the national public

service broadcaster, to provide information and a national voice for the

people of PNG via Radio services.

MDI Phase 2 began in July 2006 and is due to conclude in June 2008 when

the project will enter an Interim phase. The interim phase will conclude

in June 2009.

The ABC is looking for a News specialist (Radio) to advise and assist

NBC management and staff to strengthen the quality and relevance of

radio news and information programming. This position is based in Port

Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

Selection Criteria:

1. Tertiary qualification/s in a media/communications field or other

relevant discipline.

2. Experience at a senior level in news and current affairs journalism,

preferably in national broadcasting.

3. High level facilitation, communication and capacity development

skills (including formal/informal training, mentoring and professional


4. Experience in a management and change management projects highly


5. Experience and or working knowledge of PNG/Pacific media highly


6. Excellent leadership, communication, negotiation and resource

management skills.

$58,604-$90,583 + super; 12 month vacancy ABC (Australian Broadcasting


For further information and a detailed job description contact Tanya

Scott on 03-9524-2747 or email

Applicants must address Selection Criteria. For information on how to

apply visit

The ABC is an equal opportunity employer. The ABC invites Indigenous

Australians to apply for this position.

Applications quoting reference number IOI812003 should be sent to

Recruitment, ABC GPO Box 9994, Sydney NSW 2001 or email by COB 11 April 2008.

30.) Manager of Online Communications and Marketing, Ms. Foundation for Women, New York, New York

*** From Shirley Milton, CEBS, SPHR:

Dear Mr. Lindquist,

A colleague recommended your e-newsletter as an excellent source to recruit journalism types. I would like to request you include the attached position announcement in your next edition. The position is with The Center for Independent Media and will be located in or near Lansing Michigan.

If you will include the announcement, it will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Shirley Milton, CEBS, SPHR

Manager, HR Outsourcing


Embracing Your Vision

1899 L Street NW

Suite 900

Washington, DC 20036

202.955.6526 direct

Note new fax number: (877) 451-1829

31.) Online News Editor, Michigan Messenger, Center for Independent Media (CIM), Lansing, MI

Position Summary: The Center for Independent Media (CIM) seeks a high-energy individual to set the editorial direction of Michigan Messenger, an online news site devoted to politics and public life in Michigan. The site is part of growing network of state news sites sponsored by the non-profit and non-partisan Center for Independent Media. The CIM sites, which generate original daily news articles on politics and public policy and adhere to the Society for Professional Journalists (SPJ) code of ethics, have received eight SPJ awards for excellence in the past two years. The Online News Editor will play the leading role in creating and executing a Michigan news agenda that adheres to the highest standards of journalism while breaking stories of statewide importance. You will develop news, investigative, features and video stories with a team of full- and part-time reporters. You will work closely with the site's managing editor. You will combine the best of traditional journalism with the new paradigms of the Internet with the goal of fostering public debate and understanding of the key issues in the public life of the state. The ideal candidate will possess a BA/BS and a minimum of five years’ experience reporting or editing Michigan news; the ability to conceive, edit and write short and long news stories; an understanding of policy, legislation and the workings of state government; a feel for the state’s political culture; and familiarity with blogging. Technical proficiency and familiarity with recent developments in online news is a plus. About the Organization: The Center for Independent Media is a 501c3 organization that seeks to forge a new model for 21st century journalism through mentoring and supporting journalists and bloggers. The Center’s programs emphasize the importance of citizen-driven journalism as a critical founding principle of our nation, the positive role of democratically-elected government in securing the common good and social welfare, and the continuing benefits of our founding culture of egalitarian government by the people, for the people. For more about the Center for Independent Media, please visit Qualified applicants, please send cover letter including salary requirements, resume and writing sample to We offer a competitive salary and benefits package.

32.) Marketing Communications Manager, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Washington, DC

33.) Public Relations Executive- Corporate Communications, Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, India


Build relations with media – in and out of Hyderabad

Work with the various departments to source news making opportunities

Maximise the coverage for the ISB

Event Management of all media related events

Create database of profiles of publications and relevant media persons

Generate Subscriptions/ Advertisements for the ISBinsight from industry bodies, companies, clients of PR agencies

Update and maintain the Media section on the ISB website

Research other B Schools websites and develop the ISB website media section

Research websites on management education

Research internet , blogs on B Schools

Maintain ISB Archives:News Coverage, Audio/Video CD’s, Photographs

Critical analysis of press coverage of the ISB and other B Schools

Send daily news updates to all

Compile and archiving the press coverage

Send quarterly updates on media coverage to the Board members

Draft Press Releases and responses to questionnaires from the media

Source PR Agencies in metros as well as small towns

Eligibility Criteria

Any Graduate or Post Graduate, with Excellent Communication Skills (verbal & written). Prior work experience of at least 2 years is required for this position.

Please email your application to

34.) Proofreader/publications support analyst, ISO, Jersey City, NJ

ISO seeks a publications support analyst to proofread copy and perform quality control on printed and electronically published reports. You’ll also update reports and perform related duties as assigned. Overtime work may be required. You must love proofreading to succeed in this job.

To qualify, you’ll need a college degree with an English major or equivalent experience. You’ll also need at least three years of experience involving proofreading. You should know how to use web browsers and Microsoft Word. You must also be detail-oriented and have strong organizational skills. We will give preference to a person with skills in copy preparation and experience in a production environment.


545 Washington Boulevard

Jersey City, NJ 07310-1686

*** From Jenn Marcotte:

Hi Ned,

Please post with JOTW.



35.) Director, Communications, U.S. Green Building Council, New York Chapter,

New York, NY

Chaloner Associates has partnered with the U.S. Green Building Council, New York Chapter (USGBC New York), a nonprofit organization working to advance sustainable building in the New York City area, on their search for a Director of Communications. This is an excellent opportunity for a highly motivated and enthusiastic individual who is interested in growing the green building movement and wants to have an impact on the future of New York City. USGBC New York is in the process of a significant expansion and this senior position presents a unique opportunity with a marquee environmental organization. For more information, visit

This Director of Communications will be responsible for devising, implementing, and managing USGBC New York’s internal and external communications and fundraising efforts. This person will play a central role in the development and marketing of USGBC New York’s Virtual Green Resource Center. In the future, USGBC New York plans to hire a development director and transition the Director of Communications position into a full-time communications role.

Communications Responsibilities Include:

– Develop and implement public outreach and media relations strategies to advance USGBC New York's education agenda and enhance its visibility, image and influence

– Manage the content and messaging of USGBC New York’s web site, weekly newsletter, brochures and other such publications

– Manage media relations, including creating advisories and releases, writing and placing letters to the editor and op-ed pieces, coordinating interviews, maintaining clips, and managing press events

– Work with the Director of Programs and other senior staff on the development and marketing of a Virtual Green Building Resource Center

– Ensure that all communications produced by USGBC New York are professional, engaging, well written and appropriate for the target audience

– Supervise USGBC New York’s part-time graphic designer and e-blast manager

– Supervise other staff and manage consultants and vendors as necessary

Development Responsibilities Include:

– Conceptualize and implement USGBC New York’s development strategy, including fundraising from foundations, corporations and private donors

– Develop and implement strategic marketing and communication initiatives for prospects

– Develop foundation proposals in collaboration with appropriate staff

– Be able to represent and articulate the work of the organization to prospective donors

– Manage a Development & Membership Assistant


– At least 10 years of experience in Communications or Marketing required

– Experience in fundraising/business development preferred

– Understanding of New York’s political landscape and high-level environmental issues

– Ability to manage multiple projects, including those that may involve consultants

– Excellent written and interpersonal communication skills

– Strong organizational and computer skills (MS Office)

– Attention to detail and ability to multi-task

– Creativity, energy, confidence, integrity, initiative, and independence

Qualified candidates should contact Kassie Wilner (

*** From Jim Herlihy:


Following is a link to a job description for a Director of Communications position with the U.S. Meat Export Federation. My contact information is listed at the bottom of the description.

36.) Director of Communications, U.S. Meat Export Federation, Denver, CO

Thanks for the great newsletter,

Jim Herlihy

VP Information Services

U.S. Meat Export Federation

1050 17th St., Suite 2200

Denver, CO 80265

(303) 226-7312

*** From Sonja Johnson:

37.) 4th Annual HBCU eFair-Marketing Coordinator, Disney, Bristol, CT

*** From Michele Paolella:

Ned, please post this in the next JOTW. Thank you. Have a great weekend.


38.) Junior Publicist, Orange County Choppers, Newburgh, NY

Orange County Choppers, the motorcycle shop featured on the popular tv show, American Chopper, seeks a JUNIOR PUBLICIST with 2-3 years experience in PR and events.

Must be creative with excellent writing and organizational skills. Working knowledge of a variety of media essential. Position will handle a wide range of duties including writing and editing press and promotional materials, and talking points, pitching media, fielding media calls both domestic and international, monitoring press coverage, booking events and public appearances, creating website content.

Also must assist with assorted administrative duties and be able to handle multiple projects simultaneously. 2-3 years prior experience in publicity/events a must, plus a Bachelor's degree in Communications/Journalism/related field would be preferred.

Please submit resume and salary requirements to

OCC is located just off the NY State Thruway in Newburgh and is within a reasonable commute from Northern NJ, Rockland and Westchester Counties as well as NYC.

39.) Assistant Manager – Corporate Communications, Global Trade Finance Limited, Mumbai, India

We have a requirement of Assistant Manager – Corporate Communications Suitable qualification in the mass communication and PR field is a must with at least 2 – 4 years experience in the field.

The candidate will be expected to:

Responsible for internal and external communication

Providing inputs to the ad agency for creatives and liaising with them for release of ads

Providing inputs to the PR agency with the overall objective of improving both quality and quantity of exposure

Responsible for updating the website on a regular basis

Responsible for designing and printing the Annual Report

Event management and any other responsibility that may fall within the purview

Possessing excellent communication and presentation skills is a must.

*** From Almina Khorakiwala:

Hi Ned,

Would you mind posting this?

Almina Khorakiwala

40.) Director, Public Relations, Walker Marchant Group, Washington, D.C.

The Walker Marchant Group, a fast growing Washington, D.C. public relations firm seeks a seasoned public relations professional for the position of Director. With our focus on corporate communications, we have been able to build an impressive client list and are searching for a team member who will help execute our mission and move toward our vision of:

Superior Communications Partners:

Strategic, Smart, Rapid and Targeted

The Director is responsible for developing high level strategic public relations plans and client programs; execute from those plans, and generate measurable results. He/she will have solid media relations experience, excellent writing and verbal skills, as well as be a team player who is deadline oriented and able to operate in a fast paced environment.

The Director develops and manages accounts independently. He/she provides strategic counsel on accounts and is responsible for maintaining and growing existing accounts. The Director provides proactive leadership to accounts, staff and clients. He/she should have 5 – 8 years of public relations experience with a minimum of 3 years agency experience.

Candidates interested in applying should send a cover letter and resume to Please put DIRECTOR in the subject line. No phone calls please.

The Walker Marchant Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

41.) Part-time PR Administrative Assistant, Hilton International, Dubai, UAE

A. Job description:

Establish an efficient administrative function to support the Area Director on a part time basis.

Provide functional PR/ Communications support.

Handle incoming telephone calls promptly and courteously.

Submit weekly and monthly itineraries, and time sheets.

Prepare the necessary correspondence/ reports/ documents required for meetings.

Provide administrative assistance for any media or owner events and training sessions.

Co-ordinate flight bookings, accommodation and transfers.

Filing of all papers, update online filing system when necessary to ensure easy reference.

Research market data information for releases/ Q&A briefings.

Field media enquiries, and where simple information is required such as company profile and images, send to the journalist.

Distribute news releases to internal audiences as appropriate

B. Experience:

Must have 2 – 3 years experience as a PA or Secretary to the Director/ VP.

Must have PR , communications or marketing experience.

C. Skills:

Must have well-developed computer literacy skills including Excel, Powerpoint, Adobe Photoshop/ Acrobat, and Corel Paintshop.

Ability to multi-task and prioritise.

Excellent attention to detail.

Must have excellent typing skills

Demonstrates clear and effective written and verbal communication skills for the purpose of exchanging information with relevant staff and external customers.

The recruiter is interested in your answers to the following question(s). Please place your answers in the email you send when applying for the job.

Question 1:

Have you ever worked with a PR / Advertising agency before?

Question 2:

Have you worked on Adobe Photoshop/ Coreldraw?

Question 3:

Are you on your spouse's visa?

Contact: Anima Puthukudi

42.) Internal Communications Leader, CropLife International, Washington, DC

43.) Asst Manager/ Manager, Corporate Communication, Reliance Health, Mumbai, India

Reliance Health has some aggressive plans in the Healthcare space spanning hospitals, medical insurance, TPA and medical Cities.

Corporate communication would be an important role for the company as its business touches lives and it will be important to give out the correct communication to its target audiences.

The candidate would be required to interact with media and create a positive image and visibility for the company across all channels of media – print, electronic, web and wires.

Skill sets required

Candidate should have god communication skills and a pleasing personality

Candidate should have/be able to build good media network with sound credibility.

Experience of handling PR in healthcare space desirable. Stint with reputed PR agency or in publication as journalist will be an advantage.

Should be able to research, draft releases, plan conferences and follow-up with the media.

Should be able to interact with the senior management to understand issues, plan and execute a communication strategy.

Should be able a self starter and able to work independently. Should be able to lead a PR agency to achieve desired goals.

Should be able to plan and execute product launches, events and conferences. Exposure to crisis management, even as part of a larger team, will be an advantage

Should be able to create communication reports and interact with people at all levels.

Should be willing to travel

please mail your CV's at

Reliance Health Ventures,

Reliance Centre,

19, Walchand Hirachand Marg,

Ballard Estate,

Mumbai 400038


44.) Communications Editor, REHAU Incorporated, Leesburg, VA

45.) Reporter / Editor – 4 Positions (English Television) / Reporter-rédacteur (Télévision anglaise), CBC, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Are you interested in an exciting and challenging role with Canada’s public broadcaster that fits your lifestyle?

Share our passion. Live our values. As Canada’s national public broadcaster and one of its largest cultural institutions with over 10,000 employees, CBC/Radio Canada brings diverse regional and cultural perspectives into the daily lives of Canadians in English, French, and eight aboriginal languages.

Our Calgary TV News Room is looking for four (4) dynamic reporter/editors who will perform reporting and editorial assignments related to the gathering, writing and presentation of program material for radio, television or other media. Work is governed by CBC journalistic and programming policies and standards. Advice and guidance are regularly available but there is latitude for initiative and independent judgment. Close co-operation with the news and current affairs units is essential.


The successful candidate will possess the following experience and skills:

– Demonstrated ability to research and gather information from a variety of sources.

– Demonstrated ability to provide live on-air reports, de-briefs, script-clips, interviews and analysis of complex events.

– Demonstrated excellence in writing for television.

– Demonstrated proficiency in a variety of presentation forms from concise news items to longer form television journalism and ability to prepare and write scripts, headlines and items for documentaries and current affairs programs.

– Ability to report for Television is essential.

– At least 3 years experience in journalism

– A strong news sense with an awareness of contemporary political, economic, cultural and social issues in Alberta.

– Strong technical and production skills, and an aptitude for computer editing and mixing.

– University or college degree in journalism or a related discipline or equivalent experience in media.

– A valid driver's license is essential.

We recognize the importance of a diverse workforce and we therefore encourage applications from Aboriginal Peoples, women, members of a visible minority and persons with a disability.

If you are seeking an environment that fosters creativity and innovation, this is the place for you.

We thank all applicants for their interest; however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Job ID – CAL00145

46.) Marketing Communications Manager – Nature Education, Nature Publishing Group, NY, NY

47.) Marketing Communication Manager, Hach Company, Loveland, Colorado

48.) President and Chief Executive Officer (full-time position), Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC/Radio-Canada) is Canada’s national public broadcaster, established by the Broadcasting Act. As a member of the Canadian Heritage Portfolio, the CBC/Radio-Canada is responsible for providing national radio, television and new media services to all regions of the country. Its programming is predominantly Canadian in content and character. Through its activities, it is the only cultural institution and the only broadcaster that brings diverse international, national, regional and cultural perspectives to all Canadians in English, French and eight Aboriginal languages in the North, in nine languages on its international short-wave radio service, RCI, and in eight languages on its web-based radio service, RCI viva, a new service for recent and aspiring immigrants to Canada. The CBC/Radio-Canada is accountable for its activities to Parliament through the Minister of Canadian Heritage and Status of Women.

As Chief Executive Officer of the CBC/Radio-Canada, the President is responsible for the overall direction and management of the corporation and is accountable to the board of directors for the efficient operation of the corporation in accordance with the priorities established by the board.

Location: Headquarters located in Ottawa

The successful candidate must have a degree from a recognized university in a relevant field of study or an acceptable combination of equivalent education, job-related training and/or experience. He or she should have demonstrated extensive executive level management experience involving the development and implementation of strategic initiatives, ideally acquired within a large, diversified private or public sector organization. He or she should have experience in risk management practices and the integration of these practices into the evaluation and management of business risks. Experience in strategic management, organizational change and those management techniques, which promote good governance and improve organizational performance is required. Experience in the broadcasting industry or other cultural industries would be an asset.

The selected candidate must be financially literate and must have knowledge of good management principles and practices. Knowledge of the CBC/Radio-Canada’s mandate, the related federal legislation, and the governance structure within which CBC/Radio-Canada falls, especially as it relates to responding to Board requirements, regulatory bodies (CRTC, CIRB, etc.) and government policies is required. He or she must possess an understanding of Canada’s economic, cultural and social fabric, the role of CBC/Radio-Canada as the national public broadcaster, the English- and French-speaking cultures and sensitivities, and the financial challenges it faces. He or she must have an excellent understanding of global, societal, and economic trends, stakeholder concerns, and how these relate and impact on the CBC/Radio-Canada. Knowledge of the media environment and the emerging trends in broadcasting, as well as the challenges linked to increasing competition and technological changes within the industry would be an asset.

The suitable candidate must be able to lead and manage the institution in carrying out its mandate in accordance with the Broadcasting Act and the parameters established by the Board. He or she must be able to provide the corporate vision, realize its strategic direction and define its long-range priorities and strategies. The selected candidate must be able to position the organization to ensure that it meets the rapidly evolving broadcasting environment and the changing needs of audiences. He or she must be able to build alliances with the Board of Directors, CBC/Radio-Canada partners, government organizations, and stakeholders to establish effective relationships and networks to support creative and innovative programming. The ability to motivate the CBC/Radio-Canada employees and mobilize their energies and talents towards shared goals is required. He or she must have excellent communication skills, both orally and in writing, and be able to act as the CBC/Radio-Canada’s media spokesperson on sensitive issues, appear before Parliamentary Committees and represent the CBC/Radio-Canada with a wide range of stakeholders.

The selected candidate must be a strategic and innovative leader with sound judgment and integrity, and must adhere to high ethical standards and have superior interpersonal skills.

Proficiency in both official languages is essential.

To be eligible, the successful candidate must be a Canadian citizen who is ordinarily resident in Canada. Furthermore, no person may be appointed or continue as President if, directly or indirectly, as owner, shareholder, director, officer, partner or otherwise, the person:

(a) is engaged in the operation of a broadcasting undertaking;

(b) has any pecuniary or proprietary interest in a broadcasting undertaking; or

(c) is principally engaged in the production or distribution of program material that is primarily intended for use by a broadcasting undertaking.

CBC/Radio-Canada headquarters are located in Ottawa. The President and CEO will be called to travel to several locations across Canada and more particularly to Toronto and Montreal on a regular basis, where the Corporation also has offices. The President and CEO has the option of residing in Ottawa, Toronto or Montreal.

The government is committed to ensuring that its appointments are representative of Canada's regions and official languages, as well as of women, Aboriginal peoples, disabled persons and visible minorities.

The selected candidate will be subject to the Conflict of Interest Act. Public office holders appointed on a full-time basis must submit to the Office of the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner, within 60 days of appointment, a Confidential Report in which they disclose all of their assets, liabilities and outside activities. For more information please visit the Office of the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner's web site at

This notice has been placed in the Canada Gazette to assist the Governor in Council in identifying qualified candidates for this position. It is not, however, intended to be the sole means of recruitment. .

Interested candidates have until August 13, 2007 to forward their curriculum vitae, in strict confidence, to Egon Zehnder International Inc., as follows: via email to or via courier or mail in Toronto to BCE Place, 181 Bay Street, Suite 3920, Toronto, Ontario M5J 2T3; in Montreal to 1 Place Ville Marie, Suite 3310, Montreal, Quebec, H3B 3N2; or in Calgary to Petro-Canada West Tower, 150 – 6th Avenue S.W., Suite 3000, Calgary, Alberta, T2P 3Y7. We thank all who apply and advise that only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.

Bilingual notices of vacancies will be produced in an alternative format (audio cassette, diskette, braille, large print, etc.) upon request. For further information, please contact Canadian Government Publishing, Public Works and Government Services Canada, Ottawa, Canada K1A 0S5, (613) 941-5995 or 1-800-635-7943.

49.) Web Designer/Content Manager, Trilithic, Indianapolis, IN

50.) Corporate Communications Manager, SmithBucklin Corporation, Chicago, Illinois

51.) Senior Electronic Communications Specialist, The Clorox Company, Oakland, California

51.) Technical Writer, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

52.) Online Editorial Manager, Online Transformation Project team, The British Council, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

53.) VP, Communications & Marketing, American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE), Chicago, IL

54.) Associate Director / Director, Communications, Groton, CT

*** JOTW Weekly Alternative Selection, when you really need a change of pace:

You don’t see this one every day:

Operation Migration is looking for a local Maryland person (no housing

provided) to be an intern to help with raising crane chicks at Patuxent

Wildlife Research Center in Laurel, Md.

This person will need to be physically fit, be able to work without a lot of

supervision, be able to handle a lot of crouching / kneeling down to feed

crane chicks and be able to deal with heat (sometimes extreme heat in the

crane costume) and also be able to refrain from talking loudly.

Weekly stipend of $125.00

Please feel free to pass this message on to anyone you feel would be

interested and capable of this position.

See job announcement below from their website:

55.) Operation Migration 2008 Intern Position, Patuxent Wildlife

Research Center in Laurel, MD

Operation Migration seeks interns to assist with its work on the Whooping

Crane reintroduction project. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age.

Mature adults and those with bird handling experience or a background in

animal husbandry, biology, etc will be given preference.

Intern is needed to work with OM's crew solely at the Patuxent Wildlife

Research Center in Laurel, MD from mid April through mid July (12 – 14

weeks). The Intern 'A' position is paid a weekly stipend of $125 for a

five-day work week.

duties at Patuxent, MD include:

– hands-on care and rearing of Whooping Crane chicks;

– exercising, early training and assistance imprinting chicks on ultralight


– maintenance, cleaning training yards, chick pens, carpets, and mopping


– mowing grass

– assisting with detailed record keeping;

– contributing content for website field journal.

what are we looking for?

1. A mature, enthusiastic, self-starter willing/able to work very long

hours, and perform hard physical labor.

2. Stamina to wear full costume in extreme heat and discipline to adhere to

no talking protocol.

3. Someone possessing the ability to both take direction and work without


4. Compatibility with diverse personalities; able to live and work in close

quarters under adverse conditions.

5. Patience, tolerance, and a sense of humor are necessary.

valued assets:

1. A mechanical aptitude.

2. Motorhome/trailer towing experience.

3. Education /outreach/writing skills or experience.

Applicants should send a cover letter and resume via email to

Applications will be accepted until position is filled

56.) Holistic Designer/Animators, Orijin New Media, Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa


A leading creative, design, production, animation, promo and events company. We design and produce imagery and content, for broadcast, for agencies, for web, essentially all media platforms!

We've won some of the most coveted awards in Broadcast Design, Promotion and Advertising. Most importantly, we love what we do and we love the people who do it with us.


An enthusiastic designer/ animator. You are excited by design. You chase new technology because you improve as your tools do. You know how to work to brief and deadlines, while retaining your integrity and vision. You know that artists suffer for their art and therefore have seen all hours of the day and night come and go as you craft your beautiful images. You are a visual warrior of the dark, striving to release your awe-inspiring vision using the cold reality of technology. You design and animate equally well and are always trying to add to your bag of tricks.


We are a company that believes in mutual respect. We believe that you need to sleep in order to be good at what you do and therefore will give you time off should you need to burn the midnight oil to meet deadline. Our work environment is warm and friendly, with all your tech needs taken care of. Your development is our development so training material will be sourced to enable your growth.

If you feel you're a fit and we're a fit please email your CV and reel (no more than 5Mb) to &


Ability to meet deadlines

Literacy in design programmes – Freehand, Photoshop, etc.

Literacy in animation programmes – After Effects, Digital Fusion, Combustion, 3D Studio Max etc. (please list and rate yourself out of 10)

Personal Skills/Attributes

Work as part of a team or independently equally well

Self motivated

Driven by creativity – preferably with a design qualification


Rudy Sennett

Orijin New Media

*** Weekly Piracy Report

28.03.2008: 0200 LT: Posn 22:47.18N – 070:04.63E, Kandla outer anchorage, India.

Three robbers boarded a tanker at anchor via the main deck. Crewmembers were maintaining anti piracy watches forward and aft. Alarm was raised as soon as the robbers were spotted. On hearing the alarm, the robbers escaped in their waiting boat. Investigation revealed ship’s stores stolen. Port authorities were informed.

24.03.2008: 0230 LT: Chittagong TSP jetty, Bangladesh.

Four robbers armed with long knives boarded a bulk carrier during discharging operations. Fearing injuries, crew on anti piracy watch retreated into accommodation. Within ten minutes, crew mustered and went forward to investigate. By then, robbers had escaped in waiting boat after stealing ship stores

*** Ball cap of the week: LCS

*** Coffee Mug of the Day: Anteon

*** T-shirt of the day: Aloha Airlines (which sadly ceased operations after 61 years)

*** Today's musical accompaniment: Raveonettes

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