JOTW 18-2008


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JOTW 18-2008

5 May 2008

The sage does not accumulate for himself.

The more he uses for others, the more he has himself.

The more he gives to others, the more he possesses of his own.

The Way of Heaven is to benefit others and not to injure.

The Way of the sage is to act but not to compete.

– Lao-Tzu

(Tao-te Ching, Ch. 81)

This issue of JOTW is being sent to you from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Today April 27, 2000, Ethiopia’s Independence Day in the year of the millennium (note, Ethiopia has a 13-month year, with 12 30-day months and a five-day month. It is the millennium by their calendar.)

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In this issue:

*** One Paragraph Pitch

1.) Senior Associate, PreK-12 Education Team, Widmeyer Communications, Washington, DC

2.) Public Relations Associate, Devaney & Associates, Towson, MD

3.) Director of Communications, SCA, Charlestown, New Hampshire

4.) Media professionals, Academy for Educational Development, Kosovo, Serbia

5.) Manager of Talent Management, Discovery Communications, Silver Spring, MD

6.) External Relations Manager, International Partnership for Microbicides, Silver Spring, Maryland

7.) Strategic Communications Partner – US Lead, National Grid, Waltham, MA

8.) Manager, Health and Research Communications, Special Olympics International, Washington, DC

9.) Women Peacemaking Program Information Officer, IFOR, Alkmaar, The Netherlands

10.) Director-Communications/Marketing, Gill Foundation, Denver, Colorado

11.) Press Secretary, Office of Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, Chicago, IL

12.) President, Compass Film Academy, Grand Rapids, Michigan

13.) Proposal Manager, Centennial Contractors, Vienna, VA

14.) Vice President, Corporate Communications, Mizuho Corporate Bank Ltd , New York, NY


16.) Corporate Communications Manager, Eastern Bank, Lynn, MA

17.) PR Professional. NAPEO, Alexandria, VA

18.) Advocacy, Campaigns and Communications Coordinator, Oxfam GB, Manila, Philippines

19.) COMMUNITY RELATIONS MGR – (Corporate Social Responsibility) – 0004224, EMBARQ, OVERLAND PARK, Kansas

20.) Communication Officer, International Labour Organization, Beirut, Lebanon

21.) Marketing Communications Associate, Gorman Health Group, Washington, D.C.

22.) Communications Coordinators, Response Network, New Delhi, India

23.) Accounting Manager, IABC, San Francisco, California

24.) Accounts Receivable Specialist, IABC, San Francisco, California

25.) Reporter/Assistant Editor, Latin America Advisor newsletters, Inter-American Dialogue, Washington, DC

26.) Account Supervisor, Hill and Knowlton, San Francisco, CA

27.) Information and Communication Co-ordinator, Kenya Breast Health Programme, Nairobi, Kenya

28.) Corporate Communications Coordinator, ABC, Burbank, CA

29.) Corporate Communications Specialist, Faith Casler Associates, Natick, MA

30.) Assistant News Director, WOIO/WUAB TV, Cleveland, OH

31.) Communication Assistant, Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, OH

32.) Public Relations Coordinator, Cleveland Orchestra, Cleveland, Ohio

33.) External Relations Officer – Volunteer, Africa Humanitarian Action, Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

34.) Communications Coordinator, Media Outreach, Rainforest Alliance, New York, NY

35.) Chief of Public Information (D-1), UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations, Democratic Republic of the Congo

36.) Director of Marketing and Communications, Beringea, Farmington Hills, Michigan

37.) Information Management Systems and communications Advisor, Uniterra,

Gaborone, Botswana

38.) PR Account DIRECTOR, JS² Communications, Los Angeles, CA

39.) COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR, City of Falls Church, Falls Church, VA

40.) Communications Assistant, Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health, New York, New York

41.) Marketing, communications, and public relations, professionals, McKinley Marketing Partners, Alexandria, VA

42.) Editor/Writer, Vera Institute of Justice, New York, New York

43.) Senior Consultant – HR Communications, Washington DC

44.) Communications Consultant, DST Output, a subsidiary of DST Systems Inc., El Dorado Hills, CA, Kansas City, MO, or South Windsor, CT

45.) Director of Development and Communications, Tennessee Clean Water Network, Knoxville, Tennessee

46.) Manager of Marketing & Communications, Electronic Systems Professional Alliance – ESPA, Arlington, Virginia

47.) Director of Education, Electronic Systems Professional Alliance – ESPA, Arlington, Virginia

48.) Executive Assistant, Electronic Systems Professional Alliance – ESPA, Arlington, Virginia

*** Weekly Piracy Report

.and more! Scroll down and see them all!

*** One Paragraph Pitch:

Ned: Here's my one paragraph blurb/pitch. Thanks for the opportunity…. Steve

Steve Wilcox here, a marketing and communications leader with experience in advertising, public relations, sales promotion and web applications. I’m a program builder, manager and collaborator, and a strong mentor who enjoys working with young professionals as a player/coach. I’ve won several industry awards, including a Publicity Club of Chicago Golden Trumpet for program development and implementation; and an IABC Silver Quill for marketing communications programming. I create messages that deliver results. My goal is to secure a leadership position in marketing/communications; my industry experience spans technology to automotive to professional beauty. I'm Chicago based (and I love it here, weather notwithstanding), but open to relocation. You can reach me at 630.365.3592 or, or you can view my video introduction at (just type “communications leader” in the search bar).

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*** IABC is pleased to support the efforts of the Job of the Week network

and Population Media Center to build a communication library in Addis

Ababa, Ethiopia by inviting members to order designated Knowledge Centre

resources to be forwarded to the PMC.

Just call IABC at 1-800-776-4222 and let them know what titles you'd

like to order for donation and pay by Visa, MasterCard, American Express

or check. As a thank you, IABC will give you a gift certificate for 25%

off your next Knowledge Centre order.

Here’s a list of the books and manuals you can buy and donate:

*** Join 1,600 communication professionals for IABC’s 2008 International Conference on 22-25 June in New York City. Explore global trends and the latest communication strategies in social media, sustainability, branding and more. The preliminary program is online at

*** Looking to make that next step in your communications career? is a job website dedicated to you the communicator with a focus on internal communications, across the world. Your next move is just a click away.

*** From Donna Childress:

Hi, Ned.

Would you please run this item in the next JOTW? Of course, you may already have it queued up already. Thanks so much!

IABC/Washington 2008 Pinnacle Award

Join us as we honor Gloria Rodriguez, Founder, President, and CEO, comunicad

IABC/Washington’s Pinnacle Award recognizes a senior-level business communicator in the Greater Washington region who has a consistent record of achieving exceptional results and exemplifies the highest standards of professional excellence and ethics.

Gloria Rodriguez was selected by a distinguished panel of judges in recognition of her career accomplishments as a communicator and businesswoman, and for her commitment to serving diverse communities. Comunicad is a multicultural marketing and communications firm that specializes in public relations, advertising, segment research, and brand promotions, with a particular expertise in the Hispanic marketplace. For more than two decades, Ms. Rodriguez has developed and executed communications campaigns, philanthropic and corporate social responsibility plans for clients in the private, non-profit, and federal sectors, among them Ford Motor Company, Verizon, AARP, Freddie Mac, and Coors Brewing Company.

The May 7 event will include a presentation by Ms. Rodriguez on “Embracing Change: A Multicultural Paradigm.” Her remarks will include comments on communicating to diverse audiences and how professional communicators can incorporate multicultural audiences in their strategic plans.

IABC/Washington gratefully acknowledge the support of Paul & Partners, Booz Allen Hamilton, xpedx and Pursuant, Inc.

WHEN: Wednesday, May 7, 2008 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM

WHERE: Willard Intercontinental Hotel (Crystal Room)

1401 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20004

Metro Red, Blue, and Orange Lines – Metro Center

Valet parking in the Willard's garage is available for $18.00.

ATTIRE: Business Casual

FEE: $40 for members and students

$45 for guests accompanying members

$55 for nonmembers

$350 for corporate table

Includes breakfast and program

NOTE: Rates apply to registrations made online by Midnight on Monday, May 5.

Add $20 to registrations made online Tuesday May 6.

RSVP: By Tuesday, May 6, 2008


QUESTIONS? Call 703-267-2322

Donna Childress

Writing & Web Strategy

703-979-0771 (office)

703-862-0313 (cell)

*** As I left Bahrain very early this morning, I saw two very interesting things. The first was a woman who sat very still, as if summoning all of her inner strength. She sat near a man who rally wasn’t paying attention to her, and was busy talking to the airport security and the gate agent. She was with him, but not with him, if I can explain it that way. I’ll come back to her in a minute.

I sat at the end of the passenger lounge. There was a door behind me, but it was locked. A woman came down and tried to open the door. She was persistent. She turned to me and said “Help me open the door,” in halting English. “It’s locked,” I said. “You can’t go there. Where are you trying to go?” “Nepal,” she said.

There were no flights going to Nepal, but she was probably on a flight to India. There were several leaving that night. She walk away, then over to the door to the jetway for our plane to Addis Ababa which was not yet ready for boarding. This excited the gate security people who told her she couldn’t go there. She circled around and went back to that door. And again was told she couldn’t go there. “Where are you going?” “Nepal.”

There was another unfruitful discussion with her. She came back to me and tried the door behind me. “Open the door,” she said to me. “Where are you going? What airport?” She took out her well-used passport and pointed to a stamp inside. “Do you have a ticket?” “Friend have ticket. Plane go. Now.” Then she looked deep into me and said, “NOW.”

She ended up heading back to our gate again, then the gate agent pointed in another direction and she walked off, then broke into a run.

Finally I see someone walking up the jetway and open the door. There was a large group of young Ethiopian women talking animatedly. The gate agent says out loud, “Addis Ababa?” and all of the girls say in unison, “Yes!”

Now the man I was talking about before turns to the woman who was wearing the black robe and scarf something to the effect that it was time to go. She refused to get up. H e argued, in a one-way sort of fashion. She said nothing. He pulled her to her feet and propelled her to the gate. I did not see him again. When we arrived about 3:30 later, she didn’t want to get up. Then she didn’t want to get out of the plane. I helped her with her bag. She resisted getting on the bus, and then getting off the bus. The other women on the plane were trying to help her. One of them told me she was Bahraini, and was afraid because she had no family here, and didn’t know if she would not like the madame. She didn’t want to get on the escalator, and she was the last one through customs. Actually, I was the last, as I needed a transit visa and they insisted for some unknown reason that I was going to Saana, Yemen. I never saw her after that.

So that is my story for you of two women and their despair. They are stories that I can not begin to understand.

*** From Bob Schechter:


Thanks to the generosity of the JOTW network and others, the youth group I chaperoned on a humanitarian mission to Nicaragua exceeded our goals in goods in kind donations.

During our trip we visited the only employee owed sewing cooperative in a fair trade zone in the world. The owners are almost all women

Might you pass this on to the network as source for organic, fair trade produced Tshirts and other sewn items.

If anyone needs quantities of over 300 T shirts made for an event or group please consider this organization as it will have an important and direct benefit to people whose alternative employment pays $2 per day. Contact

I visited the factory and perceived that the factory was well run, with regard for decent working conditions. I have visited many factories during 30 years in business and have developed a pretty good, even if amateur eye, and would consider what we saw to be the usual and not dressed up for our visit. There was good ventilation, good spacing between workstations, inventory was stored away from manufacturing areas. There were enough workstations to reasonably produce the 800 to 1,000 items they say they could make in a day.

Thank you.


Bob Schechter

Equity Communications

Financial Communications and Public Relations

551 Fifth Ave. #3010

NYC, NY 10176

*** KISSS (Kommunicators in Search of a Special Someone):

Any and all of you singles can submit a personal ad in JOTW for free. Send your KISSS submission to I’ll only run one at a time. There is no waiting list.

*** I am writing this in Bahrain, having just returned from a very eventful to the North Arabian Gulf, and expect to send it to you when I get to Addis Ababa.

May 2 – I am writing this from the Commodore's cabin on the Khawr Abd Amaya Oil Terminal, (KAAOT) about five miles from the Al Basra Oil Terminal (ABOT) which I visited yesterday. Although sandstorms grounded aviation on Thursday (Bahrain International Airport was closed) we were able to fly on Friday and we took the Desert Hawk – one of the HSC-26 SH-60 Seahawks – to the North Arabia Gulf and landed on the Royal Australian Navy frigate HMAS Stuart, transferring to one of Stuart's RHIBS (a RHIB is a ridged hull inflatable boat) for a wet and wild ride to KAAOT to drop our gear, have lunch and then transfer to another of Stuart's RHIBS to visit ABOT. ABOT is newer, larger, and in deeper water, able to handle three tankers (there are berths for four but pressure enough to serve three). KAAOT is closer to Iraq, and Iran, and has been attacked during the Iran-Iraq war and the first Gulf War. Al Qaeda tried to blow it up, in 2004, in the incident where two USS Firebolt sailors were killed. About 90% of Iraq’s GNP pass through those pipes, a serious thought to ponder, and the UN Security Council, as well as at the invitation of Iraq, have resulted in a very robust maritime defense of this region in general, and these platforms specifically.. After a look around, we returned to KAAOT on one of HMS Chatham's high-speed RHIBs, able to reach speeds of 45 knots, more like a theme park ride. The Brits don't dispatch any boats without an escort. They are now very trained and disciplined to make sure the IRG can't grab them again.

One of the missions here is to prepare the Iraqi Navy and Marine Corps to take over this mission. And there are Iraqi patrol boats protecting this platform and Iraqi Marines provided security here.

Today (Saturday) we will travel to USS Firebolt, one several U.S. Navy coastal patrol boats (PCs) s out here. USCGC Maui is on station as well but I don't think time will permit us to go there.

After the Firebolt visit we took Firebolt’s RHIB to Stuart – the sea was smooth as glass today – and had a look about before the Desert Hawk came to return us to Bahrain.

Back in Bahrain I took a stroll down one of the market areas and had some shwarma.

I was unsuccessful in getting my internet connection to work at the Gulf Hotel in Bahrain. After much discussion and my complaining, and housekeeping bringing me different cords, I eventually had an IT expert and two electricians come in a rewire my room on Saturday evening.

Today (Sunday) I will visit commands in Bahrain, and tomorrow morning very early (3:30) I will fly to Addis Ababa.

*** From Laura Hamra:

Hi Ned,

Can you please post the attached job description to your newsletter? This job is located in our DC office.



Laura Hamra

Human Resources Director

202.667.0901 x120

1.) Senior Associate, PreK-12 Education Team, Widmeyer Communications, Washington, DC

Widmeyer Communications seeks a senior associate with 6-8 years of communications or related experience for its PreK-12 Education Team. You will have an opportunity to work with a variety of nonprofit, association, government and corporate clients, all working to improve education at the PreK-12 level.

Senior Associates are responsible for managing and directing several accounts at once. You will have the opportunity to not only advise your clients on sound communications strategies, but to also plan media events, Capitol Hill briefings, and the launch of national public education campaigns. You will also be expected to build and retain relationships with education reporters at top tier media outlets.

In addition to opportunities with our clients, you will also have opportunities to assist the firm in growing our PreK-12 education practice. Your creative advice and ideas will be sought for new business proposals, which you will also have the opportunity to write and, at times, present to potential new clients.

Qualified candidates will be project-focused, highly motivated, highly organized, have outstanding client relations skills and have a proactive attitude. In addition, the successful candidate will also possess:

• A solid understanding of media relations;

• Solid writing and media relations skills;

• Keen attention to detail;

• Outstanding interpersonal skills;

• The ability to juggle numerous and diverse interests and projects.

Competitive salary commensurate with experience, plus excellent benefits package. Please forward resume with cover letter and salary requirements to:

Widmeyer Communications

Attn: Human Resources

Job Reference – SA

*** From Gary Budd:


A member of the Maryland chapter of PRSA alerted me to your blog. This is fantastic! I can’t wait to receive the email each week. With that said, my agency in Towson, MD is looking to fill a position – I have attached a job description for your review and consideration. It would be great if we could have this posted in Monday’s note.

If you need any additional information, please feel free to contact me.

All best,

Gary Budd

Public Relations Director


606 Providence Road

Towson, MD 21286


2.) Public Relations Associate, Devaney & Associates, Towson, MD

Devaney & Associates, an award-winning advertising, marketing and public relations firm located in Towson, Md. seeks a creative, entrepreneurial, media-savvy public relations professional to join its staff. Our firm works with a wide range of clients in various sectors including consumer, financial, healthcare, technology, education and public awareness.


The ideal person for this position must have a minimum BA or BS degree in public relations, communications, journalism, or related discipline. Minimum 3-5 years in public relations, communications or relevant experience. Strong experience is required in B-to-B media relations, strategic plan development, client relations and budgeting. Previous business-to-business, financial, healthcare, technology or professional services experience is preferred. This position requires someone with excellent written and oral communication skills, organizational skills and meticulous attention to detail.


Salary commensurate with experience.

How to Apply:

Interested persons should forward a cover letter, resume and salary requirements to For more information on Devaney & Associates, visit our website at

An Equal Opportunity Employer

3.) Director of Communications, SCA, Charlestown, New Hampshire

4.) Media professionals, Academy for Educational Development, Kosovo, Serbia

*** From Cydni B. Thebert:

Here is the position:

Cydni B. Thebert

Human Resources Coordinator

HR Organization and Talent Management

Discovery Communications, LLC

One Discovery Place, HG02-05D

Silver Spring, MD 20910

Ph.: 240.662.2041

Fx.: 240.662.1917

5.) Manager of Talent Management, Discovery Communications, Silver Spring, MD

Discovery Communications, LLC is the number-one nonfiction media company reaching more than 1.5 billion cumulative subscribers in over 170 countries. Through TV and digital media, We are the home of: Discovery Channel • TLC • Animal Planet • The Science Channel • Planet Green • Discovery Health • Military Channel • HD Theater • Discovery Times • Discovery Kids • Discovery Home Channel • Fit TV • • • We are seeking candidates for the position of Manager – Talent Management in our Silver Spring, Maryland headquarters.

Position Summary:

The Manager of Talent Management serves as a primary liaison between Discovery Networks, Discovery Communications’ (“DC”) business units (sales, promotion, production, business affairs, licensing, distribution, content – globally and in US), and talent/representatives to evaluate, integrate, prioritize and execute competing business interests for talent across DC globally to support content, events, commerce and initiatives that drive ratings and revenue within the parameters of formal contracts and informal relationships.


1. Develops, cultivates and nurtures strong, positive relationships with Discovery Networks talent/talent representatives on behalf of DC’s business needs.

2. Manages the business and contractual relationships between talent/representatives, Discovery Networks/DC business units, and its clients/partners after the deal is negotiated and finalized.

3. Understands Discovery Networks/DC business units’ talent-related strategy, priorities and needs in order to leverage and maximize talent schedules, business relationships and activities.

4. Resolves, and as necessary, escalates competing business interests, personality-driven concerns, and contractual situations to protect relationships with talent/representatives, and Discovery Networks/DC business units’ interests.

5. Manages Discovery Networks’ talent-related expectations, ongoing communications and business conversations between the talent/representatives and Discovery Networks/DC business units to guarantee contractual compliance and successful execution of plans.

6. Evaluates, prioritizes, integrates and manages review of all non-production requests for talent to leverage for cross-company business needs; assess opportunities and conflicts to support major advertisers, clients and partners; manage talents’ schedules comprehensively across Discovery Networks/DC business units to ensure production deliverables and key business needs are achieved; maximize exposure, brand building and resources; and facilitate presentation of approved requests to talent/representatives.

7. Secures talent buy-in for Discovery Networks’/DC business units’ promotional and client events, initiates creative briefing, and advises on all travel and on-site logistics for promotional shoots, appearances, set visits, sweepstakes, industry events, etc

8. Advises clients on, and at times executes, advance work and -at times-staffs talent at live and recorded promotional events to ensure contract compliance, relationship management, and achieve results.

9. Communicates regularly, proactively and strategically about potential business opportunities and conflicts with DC/Discovery Networks and talent/representatives.

10. Develops talent strategies with Discovery Networks/DC business units that leverage talent schedules and contracts

11. Recommends proactively talent strategies to match business interests’, maximize talent contracts, and execute priorities.

12. Advises Discovery Networks/DC business units on approach to talent for new projects or changes to existing understandings.


* 5+ years of experience in talent management or talent relations. Agency/Management experience preferred.

* Must contribute to and thrive in high energy, high profile, positive, proactive, deadline driven, results oriented, and attention to detail environment.

* Must have the legal right to work in the United States.

* This position will require 25-35% travel.

To be considered for this position, please visit our website at:

Discovery Communications, LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer

6.) External Relations Manager, International Partnership for Microbicides, Silver Spring, Maryland


Hi Ned,

Could you send this along with your other opportunities with JOTW?



36 Milford Street | Boston, MA 02118

p: 617.451.5170 | f: 617-451-8160 |

Communications, PR & Marketing Recruitment

7.) Strategic Communications Partner – US Lead, National Grid, Waltham, MA

Director-level, strategic internal communications partner

National Grid (LSE: NG.; NYSE:NGG) is an international electricity and gas company and one of the largest investor-owned energy companies in the world. They play a vital role in delivering gas and electricity to many millions of people across Great Britain and northeastern US in an efficient, reliable and safe manner. The company is committed to safeguarding the global environment for future generations, and providing all of their customers with the highest standards of service through investment in their networks and through their talented, diverse workforce. Please visit for more information.

Reporting to the head of Global Internal Communications in the UK and dotted-line to the head of Electricity Distribution & Generation (ED&G), the Strategic Communications Partner – Electricity Distribution & Generation and US Lead will be based in Waltham, MA, and will be responsible for internal communications strategy and direction for the ED&G business. He or she will be accountable for internal communications planning across ED&G and briefing the head of Global Internal Communications. This role also takes oversight of all internal communications within the US, working closely with their in-country partners. This person will share resources as appropriate to ensure that appropriate air-time is given to critical messaging.

Key Accountabilities:

• Responsible for delivering communications plan and process for the ED&G line of business, and line of business channels (e.g., speeches, executive presentations, monthly cascade material, publication and local campaigns)

• Working very closely with the other Strategic Comms Partners to ensure the balance between local tailoring and consistency of message is achieved across the organization

• Identifying and adopting best practices from across the organization and also networking among external peers

• Specific line-of-business reporting

• Liaising with others in Corporate Affairs to provide ED&G with the complete picture of Corporate Affairs activities affecting ED&G, both internally and externally

• Manage two communications professionals


• Works with the line of business executive and his teams to deliver internal communications strategic support

• Understands the ED&G business and its people at all levels

• Responsible for connecting ED&G employees to the bigger National Grid message, and the ED&G message to the whole of National Grid

• Develops critical relationship with the line of business Executive Assistant and has a dotted line responsibility for any communications people embedded within the line of business

• Represents the Corporate Affairs team at the ED&G leadership meeting

• Maintains country-wide overview of internal communications and ensures appropriate prioritization of messaging

Qualifications/Experience Required:

• Strong strategic communications skills

• Excellent writing skills

• Expertise in current internal communications vehicles, including how and when to implement them

• Industry knowledge a plus; experience from a customer service-centric company a bonus

• Strategic thinker, facilitator, collaborative style, influencer, trust builder, respected and credible, strong written and oral skills, capable of working at multiple levels, planning and presentation skills, good negotiating skills, firm but fair – challenging

This is a national search. National Grid will relocate a star candidate.

Qualified and interested candidates should send their resume to Scott White ( or Tom Lutzy (

*** From Jessica Beauchemin:

Hi Ned,

Please find information below about a position with Special Olympics International in the Washington, DC headquarters. ONLY candidates who submit a cover letter, résumé and salary history to will be considered.

8.) Manager, Health and Research Communications, Special Olympics International, Washington, DC

Organization Overview

The mission of Special Olympics is to provide year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, giving them continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy and participate in a sharing of gifts, skills and friendship with their families, other Special Olympics athletes and the community.

Position Summary:

This position is responsible for all communications pertaining to the Healthy Athletes and Research departments, which includes identifying and assessing functional departmental needs and overseeing and managing all internal and external communications opportunities. This position reports formally to the head of the Healthy Athletes and Research Departments (Senior Vice President for Constituent Services and Support), but has a vital role in collaborating with the Special Olympics Communications department. This position is funded through a Cooperative Agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


• Manage all constituent communications efforts; constituents include Healthy Athletes volunteers, health professionals, universities, governments, sponsors and supporters, partners, and other organizations.

• Create, or manage creation of, internal and external communications materials for the Healthy Athletes and Research departments, including brochures, videos, fact sheets, training manuals, signage, press kits, conference proceedings, web content, and newsletters, including the quarterly Healthy Athletes Update newsletter. Serve as liaison between staff, designers, contractors, vendors, and consultants, and manage budgets and financial and legal agreements throughout the process.

• Develop and implement communications tools for disseminating research and health data to key constituents, including analyzing and translating research findings for application by Special Olympics Programs around the world.

• Collect and provide data, stories, and information from the Research and Healthy Athletes departments to support overall Special Olympics marketing and communications efforts.

• Identify and manage Healthy Athletes and Research press announcements, news opportunities, and special events (including press conferences). Work with Regional Offices around the world to create localized and targeted pitches.

• Manage Healthy Athletes and Research spokespersons; create talking points, speeches, and facilitate media training.

• Keep Healthy Athletes and Research staff abreast of current news and research.

• Serve as editor/proofreader on key internal and external documents, including reports to funding organizations and symposia proceedings.

• Participate in annual strategic planning and budget process to ensure that communications efforts support departmental goals and are planned and budgeted for.

• Submit Healthy Athletes and Research materials, programs, and leaders for awards, and maintain an award archive.

• Support expansion of Special Olympics Provider Directory through postings in newsletters, trade publications, and Websites.


• BA or BS degree required, Master’s preferred, in public health, journalism, English, communications, public relations, or a related area

• 7-10 years of experience desired, with an emphasis on health or research communications.

• Some research or research communications experience strongly desired.

• Understanding of, and experience with medical professionals

• Proficiency in media pitching across a variety of media outlets

• Strong analytical skills

• Demonstrated leadership and team building skills

• Excellent interpersonal and diplomatic skills

• Strong proficiency in written and oral communication

• Strong computer skills, including MS Office Suite (strong PowerPoint skills required)

• Ability to work with and motivate diverse cultures

• Experience managing budgets and juggling multiple timelines simultaneously

• Interest in sports and/or intellectual disabilities

• Willingness and ability to travel independently

• Strong editing/proofreading skills and attention to detail

• Language skills considered a plus

To Apply: ONLY candidates who submit a cover letter, résumé and salary history will be considered. E-mail .

9.) Women Peacemaking Program Information Officer, IFOR, Alkmaar, The Netherlands

Closing Date – 09 May 2008

10.) Director-Communications/Marketing, Gill Foundation, Denver, Colorado

*** From Kelly Jakubek:

Hi Ned,

I hope all is well. We posted a job announcement on your website a few months back and now we'd like to post another job to your site. Please find the job description attached for the Press Secretary position.

Thanks! Have a great weekend.


Kelly Jakubek

Press Office

Office of Governor Blagojevich

James R.Thompson Center

100 W. Randolph, Ste.16-100

Chicago, IL 60601

11.) Press Secretary, Office of Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, Chicago, IL

Position Summary:

The Press Secretary plays an integral part in creating the administration's message and disseminating it to the media. The successful candidate will have strong oral and written communication skills; strong record in media relations and crisis communications; and ability to thrive in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment.

Position Responsibilities:

* Build and maintain relationships with members of the press

* Act as a spokesperson, proactively pitching stories and developing/delivering reaction to reporters’ inquiries

* Collaborate with Governor’s press staff and agency press officers to generate ideas and develop media strategies

* Assist in organizing press conferences and other media-related events

* Draft and edit press releases and other materials for distribution


* Bachelor's degree in journalism, communications or relevant field

* Five or more years of experience in media relations and/or public relations

* Demonstrated record of success in pitching and placing stories in major media outlets

* Ability to work under tight deadlines

* Ability to implement long-term media strategies, as well as react to rapid-response needs from internal and external sources on a daily basis

* Desire to work in a team-based, cooperative environment

* Experience in government or political settings a plus

How To Apply:

Interested candidates should submit their resumes via email to Kelly Jakubek,

12.) President, Compass Film Academy, Grand Rapids, Michigan

*** From David Carrithers:

13.) Proposal Manager, Centennial Contractors, Vienna, VA

Seasoned business and proposal savvy individual to serve as Proposal Manager for successful and growing construction management company. Individual will develop unique proposal responses for Federal Government, municipalities, schools, universities, and commercial opportunities. Exciting opportunity to be creative, innovative, and work in a team-oriented environment to help build upon the firm's successful track record.


• Take end-to-end ownership and command of the proposal process, Including oral presentations, Best and Final Offers (BAFOs), Clarifications, etc.

• Write proposal/marketing narrative

• Leverage and re-use existing proposal boilerplate information

• Develop targeted questions and interview technical and project staff to extract from them the critical information necessary to include in a proposal

• Lead storyboarding, kickoff and review meetings. Be proactive in the development of strategic win themes and discriminators

• Provide detailed guidance to proposal contributors and subcontractors

• Communicate proposal-related requirements and status with senior management, as appropriate

• Define and manage the proposal/response schedule

• Remain current on all amendments and modifications to the solicitation

• Participate proactively in proposal knowledge management processes

• The Proposal Manager must be knowledgeable of the federal proposal process, and be extremely hands-on in the development of proposal text and graphics concepts. Critical attributes include exceptional teamwork flexibility, organization, and a “do-whatever-it-takes” attitude.

Position Qualifications

• Professional-level experience

• Bachelor's degree in English, Journalism, Marketing, Communications or related major from an accredited college/university and five years of related experience or an equivalent combination of education and experience

• 4+ years of progressive experience in a fast-paced, high-volume proposal environment

• Hands-on knowledge of desktop publishing and graphics software

Reporting Relationship: Individual reports to the Corporate Vice President, Business Development.

Excellent compensations/benefits package. The position is located in our corporate headquarters at 8500 Leesburg Pike, Suite 500, Vienna, VA 22182.

For consideration, please email your resume to

Centennial is an industry leader within our market, with more than 470 employees located at offices across the United States. Find out more about Centennial by visiting our website at Centennial Contractors is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

14.) Vice President, Corporate Communications, Mizuho Corporate Bank Ltd , New York, NY


16.) Corporate Communications Manager, Eastern Bank, Lynn, MA

*** From Sara Hermann:

Hi Ned:

Can you please include the following job in your next issue?


17.) PR Professional. NAPEO, Alexandria, VA

Join a dynamic PR team to put a new industry above the fold. National trade association seeks creative PR pro to raise industry awareness and the association's name recognition. NAPEO seeks mid-level professional with experience in message development and public education campaigns. Looking for someone with a proven talent for pitching ideas and articles to national, regional and trade media. Candidate must have exceptional writing ability. Experience writing editorial and using media database services helpful. Enjoy great benefits in a super work environment in Old Towne Alexandria. Send your personal pitch to Check us out at

18.) Advocacy, Campaigns and Communications Coordinator, Oxfam GB, Manila, Philippines

Closing Date – 10 May 2008

19.) COMMUNITY RELATIONS MGR – (Corporate Social Responsibility) – 0004224, EMBARQ, OVERLAND PARK, Kansas

EMBARQ is recognized as the first choice to serve the total telecommunications needs of our communities by providing a suite of communications services, consisting of local and long distance voice and data services, including high-speed Internet access. We are a dynamic, innovative yet solid company, with a proven track record, excellent product know how and visionary leadership. Take command of your future and become part of an exhilarating and revolutionary company — EMBARQ.

Consulting-level professional, recognized both internally by the company and externally by the business community as having broad expertise or unique knowledge. Influences the company's strategic direction and contributes to development of company objectives and principles. Eight (8) or more years of experience in the relevant field. May require a college degree or 12 years of relevant experience without a degree. This level is appropriate for a PhD with 2 years of experience, a Masters degree with 5 years of experience or a Bachelors degree with 8 years of experience.

Incumbent will be responsible for both Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Community Relations (CR) functions as follows

20.) Communication Officer, International Labour Organization, Beirut, Lebanon

*** From Carol Sardinha:

Hi Ned:

We have a need for someone to support our marketing communications area, preferably someone who just completed their undergraduate or graduate or who already has 1-2 years experience. This is a great opportunity to join a small, entrepreneurial consulting firm that operates in the Medicare/managed care healthcare arena. We would be looking to hire someone to start this summer. Gorman Health Group is based in Washington, DC. Let me know if you need more info. Thanks.

Carol Sardinha

Director of Corporate Communications

Gorman Health Group, LLC

21.) Marketing Communications Associate, Gorman Health Group, Washington, D.C.

Job Summary: The Marketing Communications Associate provides editorial, strategic, and implementation support to ensure the timely and accurate delivery and maintenance of GHG’s marketing and communications deliverables for both internal and external audiences, with the ultimate goal of supporting GHG’s sales initiatives. Works collaboratively with Knowledge Management and IT to leverage available technology and tracking tools to maximize effectiveness and reach of company’s marketing and communications initiatives to drive new business leads. Provides media relations support. Helps coordinate the GHG speaker’s bureau, train and supervise interns and administrative staff, and work with outside vendors to enhance department’s ability to support sales in generating potential new business opportunities.

Summary of Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

• Assists Director in writing and editing press releases, promotional e-mail copy, website copy, brochures, sales decks and other communications designed to drive new business leads. Interviews GHG consultants and subject matter experts to support content development for white papers, articles, and other marketing communications.

• Serves as backup to the Director for fielding press/media calls and triaging these to the appropriate internal subject matter experts, maintains media contact lists, and tracks and maintains archive of articles where GHG has been quoted.

• Assists Director in coordinating schedules and confirming availability of specific subject matter experts for speaking slots at industry conferences, maintains speaking engagement calendar, maintains archive of speaking engagement presentations, assists in coordinating joint promotional activities with conference organizers, and tracks results of speaking engagements so department can determine which events generate the most promising new business opportunities.

• Assists Director with website maintenance and scheduling/uploading of rotating website promotions to drive new business leads in tandem with the GHG sales cycle and CMS calendar.

• Working with Knowledge Management and IT, assists Director with research and implementation of emerging email, new media, and on-line/web-based technologies to broaden array of marketing tactics the company utilizes to maximize the reach of our messages to the right niche audiences and further enhance our visibility and brand image, with the ultimate goal of generating new business leads.

• Assists Director in implementing a strategic marketing plan, including recommending tactics and developing and maintaining a marketing activities calendar, to drive new business leads.

• Assists in researching, selecting, and overseeing outside vendors (designers, audio conference/podcast producers, etc.) to determine whether they can support and enhance GHG’s marketing effectiveness.

• Assists in maintaining database in CRM of competing companies and performing general competitive intelligence gathering and entry to assist marketing and sales in effectively positioning and pricing our products and services in a rapidly changing marketplace.

• Assists in entering and tracking results of specific marketing campaigns (including speaking engagements) using CRM and Constant Contact to help determine where we can most effectively spend our marketing efforts and dollars.

• Performs other miscellaneous research and data entry and maintenance duties as assigned.

Minimum Requirements and Abilities:

Undergraduate degree in communications, journalism, marketing, or a liberal arts degree plus evidence of ability to write and communicate in a journalistic and/or marketing style. Excellent oral and written communications skills, critical thinking ability, proficiency in Microsoft applications, and general internet savvy are essential. Ideal candidate should be quick thinking, able to juggle multiple priorities and deadlines, and able to work independently and collaboratively in a fast-paced environment. Graduate degree and/or 1-3 years previous experience in a marketing and/or communications position a plus, as is previous experience or familiarity with the consulting industry and/or the health care industry, especially managed care and/or Medicare.

To apply:

Send resume and cover letter to


The above statements are intended to describe the general nature of level of work being performed by people assigned to this classification. They are not to be construed as an exhaustive list of responsibilities, duties, and skills required of personnel so classified. All personnel may be required to perform duties outside of their normal responsibilities from time to time, as needed.

Carol Sardinha

Director of Corporate Communications

Gorman Health Group, LLC

22.) Communications Coordinators, Response Network, New Delhi, India

23.) Accounting Manager, IABC, San Francisco, California

24.) Accounts Receivable Specialist, IABC, San Francisco, California

*** From Katherine Anderson:

Attached and below is a job posting for your weekly free service. Please or email me with any questions. Many thanks.

Katherine Anderson

Vice President, Finance & Administration

Inter-American Dialogue

1211 Connecticut Ave., NW Suite 510

Washington, DC 20036

Fax: (202) 822-9553

25.) Reporter/Assistant Editor, Latin America Advisor newsletters, Inter-American Dialogue, Washington, DC

RESPONSIBILITIES: The Reporter/Assistant Editor writes for the Inter-American Dialogue’s family of Latin America Advisor newsletter titles, and is responsible for assisting in the editorial output and production of these electronic publications. Focusing on the Western Hemisphere’s most pressing economic, political and corporate issues, the publications are targeted to informed CEOs and leaders with significant business interests in Latin America. Specific responsibilities include:

• Interview senior-level business leaders, economists, policy analysts and government officials in on-the-record as well as not-for-attribution conversations for the Advisor’s daily featured Q&A and other assignments.

• Write brief stories on breaking news as required by daily deadlines.

• Take assignments to cover a wide range of corporate, economic and political issues.

• Work one-on-one with the editor to plan coverage and editorial content.

• Cover events in Washington–and on occasion other locations–pertaining to Latin America and write related articles if appropriate.

• Develop ideas for features and in-depth analysis articles on issues of interest to readers.

• Copyedit and proofread written material.

• Assist in layout of HTML edition of the Latin America Advisor newsletters.

• Create original tables, charts and graphs, and take occasional photos for publication.

• Receive and respond to substantive subscriber queries, which form the basis of the publication’s prominent Q&A feature.

• Build and maintain a contact database of sources.

• Assist in newsletter distribution.

• Help manage pages dedicated to the Advisor on the Inter-American Dialogue’s web site.

QUALIFICATIONS: This is an entry-level position for an individual with an interest in journalism and in business, economic and political issues, specifically relating to Latin America. Must be effective in interviewing senior executives and government officials in person and over the phone; possess strong news judgment; and have strong research and writing skills, with native fluency in English. Fluency in Spanish and/or proficiency with desktop and HTML publishing (QuarkXpress Publishing System, Macromedia Contribute 3) would be a plus. Candidate must be independent-minded and have ability to work autonomously with minimal direct supervision. Other requirements include a Bachelor’s degree, experience copyediting and proofreading, and familiarity with PCs, e-mail, Internet research, and Microsoft products.

The Inter-American Dialogue is Washington’s leading forum for exchange among opinion leaders of the Western Hemisphere and an independent, nonpartisan center for policy analysis on economic and political relations in the Americas. Its 100 members from the United States, Canada and Latin America include former heads of state, prominent political, business, labor, academic, media, military and religious leaders. The Dialogue’s publications are circulated throughout the hemisphere.

The Latin America Advisor is the Inter-American Dialogue's daily flagship publication. It serves a membership of informed CEOs and government officials invested in Latin America's development and future. The Latin America Advisor provides subscribing companies with value-added reporting and unique analysis and viewpoints, and features a Q&A section that addresses a new subscriber question each business day.

For consideration, please submit your resume, a cover letter and two brief writing samples in English to If you prefer you may send the materials by fax or mail to Human Resources, Inter-American Dialogue, 1211 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 510, Washington, DC 20036. Fax: (202) 822-9553. No phone calls, please.

26.) Account Supervisor, Hill and Knowlton, San Francisco, CA

27.) Information and Communication Co-ordinator, Kenya Breast Health Programme, Nairobi, Kenya

28.) Corporate Communications Coordinator, ABC, Burbank, CA

29.) Corporate Communications Specialist, Faith Casler Associates, Natick, MA

*** From Beth King, APR:

30.) Assistant News Director, WOIO/WUAB TV, Cleveland, OH

WOIO-TV, Cleveland's CBS affiliate, is seeking an Assistant News Director. Successful

candidate will function as chief deputy to News Director with supervisory responsibility for all news broadcasts. Oversee story assignment process & allocation of resources on daily basis. Work closely with executive producers on implementing direction and focus of operation. Insure the integrity of broadcasts consistent with professional journalist standards and news department goals. Setup and maintain employee schedules and insure adequate resources are on hand to cover employee absences. Assist News Director in the on-going evaluation of personnel and broadcast standards. Other duties as assigned by News Director. A minimum five (5) years experience of television news department management is needed. Candidates must also have the ability to function under deadline pressure, ability to nurture the creativity and capacity to offer constructive criticism to subordinates. Knowledge of market preferred. Send resume to WOIOTV,

1717 E. 12th Street, Cleveland, OH 44114. Contact: Dan Salamone. No phone calls please.

31.) Communication Assistant, Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, OH

We are seeking a Communication Assistant to support the marketing/communications team in the development of online and print materials. Primary responsibilities include Web site posting and editing in conjunction with the Web Development Manager; researching stories, conducting interviews and preparing copy for publications. Responsibilities also include monitoring project schedules and adherence to timelines; drafting press releases and media advisories; preparation and distribution of e-mail blasts; distribution of press releases to media and maintenance of media list. This position requires strong creative writing and verbal communication skills. Experience writing press releases is a must. Successful candidates will be flexible, energetic, enthusiastic, and detail-oriented with sound project management skills. Such knowledge and skills are normally acquired through an undergraduate degree in marketing/communications. Please send resume with cover letter by Friday, April 18, 2008 to: Human Resources, Cleveland Institute of Art, 11141 East Boulevard, Cleveland, OH 44106-1710. Job Code CA Fax: (216) 421-7333 For more information, go to No phone calls please.

32.) Public Relations Coordinator, Cleveland Orchestra, Cleveland, Ohio

The Cleveland Orchestra has an exciting opportunity to join our team as the public relations coordinator. Reporting to the Director of Public Relations, this person will assist with public and media relations activities for The Cleveland Orchestra, the Blossom Music Festival, and Severance Hall, including communication with journalists, coordinating interviews for artists and staff, maintaining the department's collection of media coverage, coordinating selected photo and video shoots, collecting publicity materials, and representing the Public Relations department at organizational and external meetings. Requirements include a bachelor's degree in public relations or related field with previous similar experience in a public relations office in a performing arts organization; knowledge of classical music, strong administrative, organizational and prioritization skills; excellent interpersonal, written and oral communication skills; strong attention to detail and ability to achieve deadlines; demonstrated proficiency in computer software programs, especially the Microsoft Office Suite, and the internet. We offer an excellent salary and benefit package, in addition to the opportunity to work with a world-renowned Orchestra. Please submit your resume and salary requirements to address below (EOE). Human Resources, THE CLEVELAND ORCHESTRA, Severance Hall, 11001, Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44106. FAX: (216) 791-4166

33.) External Relations Officer – Volunteer, Africa Humanitarian Action, Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

Closing Date – 10 May 2008

*** From Bridget Serchak:

34.) Communications Coordinator, Media Outreach, Rainforest Alliance, New York, NY

The Rainforest Alliance (RA) is an international nonprofit organization that works to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods by transforming land-use practices, business practices and consumer behavior. Based in New York City, with offices throughout the United States and worldwide, the Rainforest Alliance works with people whose livelihoods depend on the land, helping them transform the way they grow food, harvest wood and host travelers.

Position Summary:

The Communications Coordinator will be responsible for media outreach in the United States and Canada related to RA events and newsworthy achievements. S/he will field media inquiries, write and distribute press releases, follow up with reporters and organize and support media events.


• Spearhead media outreach related to RA news, achievements and special events, ensuring that other communications staff and media consultants have the information needed for effective media outreach;

• Coordinate with division, program and partner staff in order to gather needed data, quotes and photos, and follow-up with targeted reporters;

• Craft pitches, media advisories and letters to the editor;

• Write, edit and proofread press releases;

• Respond to and field media inquires and handle appropriate follow-up, including arranging interviews with colleagues and the Executive Director; and

• Other duties as assigned.


• Bachelor’s degree required, preferably in Communications, English or related field;

• Minimum 3-5 years experience in journalism or public information and media outreach, including at least 2 years working directly with journalists;

• Excellent written and verbal communication skills;

• Strong written and spoken Spanish skills a plus;

• Strong interest and some experience in biodiversity conservation issues;

• Must be a go-getter, energetically pursing media leads;

• Strong computer skills (Microsoft Office and Internet) and comfort working with database programs; and

• Ability to work within a team structure as well as independently, be creative, take initiative, be attentive to detail and possess excellent interpersonal communication skills.


Commensurate with experience. Competitive benefits package provided.

To apply:

Send resume, cover letter and salary history to Human Resources, Rainforest Alliance,

665 Broadway, Suite 500, New York, NY 10012; Fax: 212-677-2187; E-mail:

The Rainforest Alliance is an equal opportunity employer.

35.) Chief of Public Information (D-1), UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations, Democratic Republic of the Congo

*** From Bridget Serchak, who got it from Kelly O’Donnell:

36.) Director of Marketing and Communications, Beringea, Farmington Hills, Michigan


Provide strategic planning, management and execution of marketing and communications initiatives for global venture capital and investment banking firm. Dotted line oversight of UK Marketing Manager.

Essential Functions

External Marketing

Establish firm branding, messaging and budget for all external communications

Maintain Beringea website–current content, messaging and look and feel—through CMS and outside vendors as necessary

Provide ongoing marketing support to portfolio companies as needed in consultative role

Design and maintain current marketing materials, including organizing printing & distribution

Develop and maintain pitch presentations, private placement memoranda and other materials as needed

Identify and secure outside speaking engagements, sponsorships, etc. to promote Beringea brand

Produce recurring e-newsletter and maintain firm-wide mailing lists for Investment Banking and Private Equity practices

Find and submit awards nominations

Update/maintain corporate profiles for various outside organizations (NVCA, MVCA and others)

Public Relations

Write and distribute press releases, quotes and portfolio company news items as required

Generate media interest in Beringea stories and news, or leverage off portfolio company news for placements

Develop and grow media relationships through events, meetings and communication

Track and audit press coverage; maintain press database

Meeting & Event Planning

Assist Director of Operations, Administrative Assistant and Partners with the coordination of all aspects of meetings, firm outings and special events

Internal Marketing

Facilitate communications throughout the organization through various channels (video conference, Beringea Bridge corporate intranet, email, etc.)


General support/projects for the Marketing Partner as required

Occasional travel to London or California required

Other duties as assigned

Requisite Knowledge and Skills

Four year college degree in marketing or business, Masters degree in marketing or communications a plus

At least three years experience in marketing/communication capacity, professional/financial services sector experience a plus

Excellent organizational, interpersonal relations, written and oral communications skills required

Comfort with website maintenance using content management system

Excellent political/diplomatic skills; skilled at developing and maintaining personal, social, and business relationships representing Beringea in professional manner

Position Salary: $65,000

Full Time Benefits, including medical insurance

Send resume to, subject line “Director of Marketing MEDILL/JOTW”

37.) Information Management Systems and communications Advisor, Uniterra,

Gaborone, Botswana

*** From Lovette DePina:

Hello Ned:

I was given your name by our General Manager/VP, Chris Bess. We would like to place an ad for a vacancy that we would like to fill.

I have attached the job description with all the particulars. If there is any additional information that you need from me, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for your help.


Lovette DePina

Lovette DePina | Office Manager

JS² Communications

661 N. Harper Avenue, Suite 208

Los Angeles, CA 90048

F: 323.866.0882

38.) PR Account DIRECTOR, JS² Communications, Los Angeles, CA

JS² Communications, an award-winning boutique public relations agency based in California, with offices in Los Angeles and New York is seeking an Account Director to successfully implement client programs, including day-to-day activities, overall account administration and budget management. This position reports directly to the agency’s principals and works out of the Los Angeles office.

The ideal candidate will have 6-8 years of solid experience in agency or corporate communications environment; strong public relations skills/knowledge on what makes news; ability to manage client relationships effectively; strong knowledge of all forms of media and their roles in the marketing mix, including new forms such as the internet; and the ability to manage and mentor junior staff effectively.

The candidate should know how to make good use of relevant JS² resources while identifying and cultivating client development leads. The candidate must possess excellent verbal, written and presentation skills, with the ability to communicate initiatives that support the clients’ vision, purpose and business objectives, leading to the overall profitability of the client’s account. The candidate must have the ability to interface effectively with the staff and other service groups, offices and partner companies; have the ability to work with little supervision, and work well under pressure while on multiple tasks and deadlines, maintaining professionalism, confidentiality and diplomacy.

College degree required. Salary commensurate with experience.

Send resume and cover letter to or via fax at 323-866-0881, attention JS2 Jobs.

For more information, please visit

*** From Mike Andrews:

Ned, you have probably already gotten this one, but if you haven't, here 'tis. My compliments to you on continued good work with the Job of the Week. all the best, Mike

J. Michael Andrews

Public Safety Information Officer

Fairfax County Health Department

(o) 703-246-8635

(m) 571-722-5832

39.) COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR, City of Falls Church, Falls Church, VA

The City of Falls Church is recruiting for a full-time Communications Director. The individual selected for this position will report directly to the City Manager.


• Manage the development and production of numerous internal and external print and online publications (i.e., annual reports, newsletters, an annual calendar, etc.).

• Manage public outreach campaigns to educate key audiences on various priorities.

• Write and edit media releases, reports, speeches, and collateral.

• Manage content development and design of City Web site.

• Serve as primary media spokesperson.

• Develop government-sponsored programming for the local public access cable station.

• Attend biweekly City Council meetings.

• Serve as emergency personnel; key City liaison to regional snow and inclement weather calls.

• Serve on regional communications boards.

• Develop and implement strategic plans for the Office of Communications.

• Manage Communications budget and staff.

• Other duties as required.

Qualifications: BA/BS degree in public relations, communications, journalism, or related field; master’s preferred. Minimum five years experience in public relations, preferably in the public sector or with a local government. Strong written and oral communications skills. Must be organized, able to manage multiple projects, and proficient in writing and editing in various styles (specifically the AP Style). Must be Web-savvy and skilled in the use of HTML and Microsoft Office. Familiarity with Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop; experience working with print vendors. Knowledge of television production is helpful, but not required.

Hours: This is a full-time position, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Salary & Benefits: $76,820 – $115,230, depending on qualifications. Includes comprehensive benefits package including health insurance, dental insurance, pension plan, deferred compensation plan, flexible spending account, college savings plan, life and long-term disability insurance, paid holidays, vacation and sick leave, free parking, credit union membership, and more. See for additional information.

To Apply: Submit a resume or application and three writing samples to the City of Falls Church, Human Resources Division, 300 Park Avenue, Falls Church, VA 22046, or via e-mail at

Reasonable Accommodation: During the selection process, applicants with disabilities may request reasonable accommodation. Requests should be directed to the Human Resources Division. The City of Falls Church does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, or disability.

40.) Communications Assistant, Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health, New York, New York

*** From Brooke Forman:

I would like to put the following job posting in next week’s edition. Please let me know if you need anything else from me at

Brooke Forman

Recruiting and Placement Intern

McKinley Marketing Partners, Inc.

Experienced Marketing Resources®

111 Franklin Street

Alexandria, VA 22314

703.836.4554 Fax

41.) Marketing, communications, and public relations, professionals, McKinley Marketing Partners, Alexandria, VA

McKinley Marketing Partners ( specializes in placing experienced professionals in marketing, communications, and public relations, on an interim as well as a permanent basis.

Our marketers join McKinley’s clients’ teams on an interim basis when additional resources are needed to supplement staff with targeted skills, help manage specific projects, or fill in for colleagues on leave. They are also called upon to fill open permanent positions in marketing and communications within our clients’ organizations.

We seek mid- to senior- level marketing professionals from corporate and/or agency backgrounds with seven or more years of marketing experience. We offer a wide variety of opportunities which change on a daily basis.

We continuously recruit talent with expertise in the following marketing disciplines:



Brand Development

Public Relations

Direct Response Marketing

On-line Marketing and Website Development

Project Management

Database Marketing

Acquisition/Retention/WinBack and Partner Program Development/Management


Product Development/Marketing/Management

Product Design and Description

Requirements Definition


Product Launch

Channel Development


Business Process Management

Competitive Analysis and Pricing

Market Research & Analysis

Business Plan and Marketing Plan Development

Strategic Planning & Analysis

The optimum candidate is someone who is available to work full-time (35-40 hours per week), on-site in client locations in and around Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC.

For IMMEDIATE consideration, please submit your resume directly at:

You must apply through our website in order for us to contact you. Thanks for your interest in McKinley Marketing Partners!

42.) Editor/Writer, Vera Institute of Justice, New York, New York

*** From Marisa O’Neill:


I have a new job posting for next week:

Thanks so much

Marisa O’Neill

43.) Senior Consultant – HR Communications, Washington DC

One of the world's largest and most prestigious HR and Financial Consulting firms has an opening in the Washington DC area for a Senior Consultant. This company is committed to helping its corporate clients (mainly major Fortune 500 corporations) to understand how to engage their employees and encourage them to do their best work. Work with a team of other highly motivated and intelligent consultants that are passionate about helping their clients with strategic solutions to communications problems and delivering excellent quality service. Excellent salary and bonus potential. Willing to relocate. Please send resume with SC Washington Area in the subject line to

Thanks so much

Marisa O’Neill

*** From Aimee Rieck:

44.) Communications Consultant, DST Output, a subsidiary of DST Systems Inc., El Dorado Hills, CA, Kansas City, MO, or South Windsor, CT

DST Output, a subsidiary of DST Systems Inc., prints, mails, and electronically delivers a variety of transactional documents including bills, account statements, policy statements, explanations of benefits (EOBs), dunning letters, and direct marketing materials. With more than 35 years of experience, we provide integrated print and electronic statement and billing output solutions to many of the country’s largest financial services, communications, insurance, healthcare, and utilities companies. In 2007, DST Output and its affiliates produced more than 2.6 billion customer communications, delivered throughout the United States, Canada and the U.K. using postal, express and Internet delivery. We are the largest third-party First-ClassTM mailer in the United States and the world’s largest inkjet systems printer.

DST Output is seeking a Communications Consultant to plan, develop, and implement communications and event programs in support of the goals and objectives of the internal clients. They coordinate with market consultants, Company VP's, product managers, and other assigned internal clients. Communications Consultants:

• carry out marketing department goals in planning and crafting strategies, tactics, activities, and materials that reflect company positioning and convey the most convincing and positive marketing message to target audiences.

• support communications projects in the areas of advertising and promotion programs, public relations and trade shows, and collateral development as well as print and electronic presentations.

• evaluate and recommend the media best suited to reach target audiences and lead the development of concepts and copy to deliver the message.

• plan and execute marketing events, such as trade shows, customer seminars, user conferences, and special events.

• develop objectives and strategies for the overall effectiveness and execution of marketing events. Where appropriate, they provide on-site event support.

Strong written and verbal communication skills are required. 5 to 8 years experience in a related industry is preferred. An advanced degree in Business Administration, Marketing Communications, or Journalism is preferred. EOE

To express your interest, please submit a resume at One position is available, but it may be located in El Dorado Hills, CA, Kansas City, MO, or South Windsor, CT.

45.) Director of Development and Communications, Tennessee Clean Water Network, Knoxville, Tennessee

*** From Grant Mydland:


I've been focusing on relocating the ESPA operation and developing our new strategic plan. I was recently given approval by my board to hire three staff members. I'd like to try this straight forward simple approach with your free service. I'm not sure of your deadline, but I hope this can be included in your email tomorrow morning.



The Electronic Systems Professional Alliance – ESPA ( was created by three leading tech industry associations (CEA, CEDIA, and NSCA). We are relocating the operation to Arlington, Virginia and looking to hire three talented individuals who must share our passion for building the best entry-level training and education program for the global technology industry. We are hiring the following key individuals for the team:

46.) Manager of Marketing & Communications, Electronic Systems Professional Alliance – ESPA, Arlington, Virginia

Implement communications goals, organizational branding, and industry positioning. Communicates ESPA's vision and excitement via marketing programs, press, Internet, networking, and other media. This individual must be a marketer first with excellent PR skills as they will be responsible for developing a key industry branding program, creating an innovative web presence, and managing outside resources including a PR firm.

If you are a talented, creative, and hard working professional with a positive attitude I want to talk with you about building the Fourth Trade workforce. Please send your resume and a cover note to

47.) Director of Education, Electronic Systems Professional Alliance – ESPA, Arlington, Virginia

Plans, develops, and oversees all education activities (deployment – first in North America and then internationally – of an entry-level training and certification program that will be integrated into many key industry education verticals). Manages all certification activities, exam & curriculum updates, SME cultivation, and represents ESPA in academic communities.

If you are a talented, creative, and hard working professional with a positive attitude I want to talk with you about building the Fourth Trade workforce. Please send your resume and a cover note to

48.) Executive Assistant, Electronic Systems Professional Alliance – ESPA, Arlington, Virginia

Strong organizational skills, ability to multi-task, and previous office manager type experience a plus.

If you are a talented, creative, and hard working professional with a positive attitude I want to talk with you about building the Fourth Trade workforce. Please send your resume and a cover note to


Grant Mydland

Executive Director

ESPA – Electronic Systems Professional Alliance

The Foundation of a Career-Ready Technology Workforce

*** Weekly Piracy Report:

17.04.2008: 0455 LT: Apapa / Tin Can Island, Nigeria.

Ten robbers in two speedboats boarded a vessel berthed. They broke open the paint store and stole ship’s stores. Alarm raised and ship’s crew locked themselves inside the accommodation for own safety. Another group of robbers on motorcycles arrived near the vessel and the stolen ship’s stores were lowered. The two shore watchmen employed for security duties were missing during the incident and appeared once the robbers had gone. Authorities informed but no action taken.

22.04.2008: 1715 – 1855 LT: 06:41.00S-039:42.00E: 30 nm Off Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Eight robbers armed with long knives boarded an anchored container ship. They stole ship’s stores, broke open two containers and stole their contents. Robbers escaped once the alarm was raised. Local authorities informed.

22.04.2008: 0430 LT: Mumbai anchorage, India.

Four robbers in a motor boat attempted to board a research vessel at anchor. Attempt failed due to strict anti piracy watch.

22.04.2008: 0315 LT: Anchorage no. 1, Dar es Salaam anchorage, Tanzania.

Eight robbers armed with knives boarded a container ship at anchor. Before the watch keepers could contact and warn the bridge the robbers tied them up. The alarm was raised only when the chief officer could not contact the watch keepers. By then the robbers had stole contents from several containers. The robbers escaped when the alarm was raised. Port authorities informed.

21.04.2008: 2030 UTC: Vung Tau Song Go Gia STS anchorage, Vietnam.

Robbers boarded a tanker from the forecastle. They broke open the forward storeroom and stole ship’s stores. Duty crew spotted the robbers and raised the alarm. Foghorn sounded. Robbers escaped immediately. Later, a police patrol boarded for investigation. Anti piracy watch doubled up. No injuries to crew

21.04.2008: 11 miles off Bosaco, Somalia.

Pirates armed with guns opened fire on a general cargo ship underway. They hijacked the vessel and took the 16 crewmembers hostage. Local security forces raided the vessel and rescued the 16 crewmembers and ship. All crew safe. Some pirates were injured and captured

19.04.2008: 1452 UTC: 00:06.24S – 049:08.56E: Somalia.

Pirates armed with guns and grenade launchers attacked a fishing vessel and hijacked it to an unknown location. Pirates have taken 26 crewmembers hostage and are demanding a ransom for their safe release

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