Ribbons down to their…

Ned: Is New York famous for anything?

Mike: Other than that it was the city where my great-great-great grandfather, James Sorohan, arrived in 1848 from Ireland, not really. Oh wait–I take that back. It was the place where “Welcome Back Kotter” was based. It was also the location for that movie in which Al Pacino yells a lot.

Ned: Mike, Al Pacino yells a lot in all of his movies.

Mike: You know, somebody should put together a YouTube compilation called “Pacino Screams,” showing clips of every scene in his movies in which he's yelling or ranting.

Ned: That would be a very long clip.

Mike: Yes, you would have to be selective.

Ned: Are you going to the Heritage Region party?

Mike: Did you say “party?” You don't have to ask me twice. Besides, I know the person who controls the drink tickets.

Ned: Do you have any tips for first-time conference attendees?

Mike: Do not be intimidated by the people wearing ribbons on their badges that go down to their knees. They're communicators just like you and I–oh wait, they ARE you and I.

Ned: What's the best ribbon you ever had?

Mike: I liked the one that said, “Has-Been.” What about you?

Ned: Mike, you're actually feeding me a straight line?

Mike: That's right, Dean Martin.

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