Mike has the answers

Mike: Hey Ned, you know what’s great about being in New York for the IABC Conference?

Ned: Yes. I can wear my Red Sox cap and ruin the day for hundreds of Yankee fans.

Mike: Well, yes, that. But that’s not what I was thinking of.

Ned: That’s because you’re a Cleveland Indians fan.

Mike. Since birth.

Ned: So Mike, what is great about being in New York for the IABC Conference?

Mike: Thanks for asking. I’m staffing the Dine-Around booth in front of the Registration table, and people are coming up to Tom Roux of Yankee IABC and me asking for advice about things to do in New York—and they think we’re New Yorkers!

Ned: Are you telling them you’re not from New York?

Mike: Well, Tom is. But Tom takes the IABC Code of Ethics pretty seriously.

Ned: I’m glad somebody does.

Mike: I agree—it takes a LOT of pressure off of me.

Ned: So what happens when they ask you a question?

Mike: I give them an answer.

Ned: Is it the right answer?

Mike: I sure hope so.

Ned: This sounds a bit unsettling.

Mike: No, actually it’s fun. For example, a woman came up and asked what night the Broadway theaters were dark, and I said “Mondays.” And it turns out, I’m right. And another lady asked where the nearest Sephora store was, and I Googled it and sent her to the South Bronx.

Ned: The South Bronx?

Mike: Yeah. It sounds like a cool area.

Ned: Have you ever been to the South Bronx?

Mike: No. Why?

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