Mike is busted


I had a brief conversation with Mike this morning after seeing your blog and his claim that he sent a woman who asked for directions to the nearest Sephora to the Bronx! That woman was myself and I didn't travel quite that far.

Here's how my conversation went with Mike :

Kim: Mike, I was the Sephora lady yesterday – don't worry, I knew better than to go to the Bronx. I thought it was great that you tried though. I used to work in Manhattan so I knew there was a Sephora really closeby just not exactly where it was – it's on 49th and 5th by the way in case anyone else asks….

Mike: (looking somewhat abashed) well, they must not update their website too much, cause I sure didnt' see that one.

Kim: that's okay – we know you really didn't mean to send me to the Bronx, right Marie? (Marie Raperto is standing next to Mike at this point)

Mike: (seeing a way out) thats why we have Marie here now – we needed a New York native !

Kim: okay, Mike, you're busted, but I still think it was really nice that you tried.

And so it goes here at IABC International Conference – everyone trying to help each other out – sometimes with mixed results, but always with good spirit (or spirits – whatever works!)

Kim Hanson, ABC

South County Communications


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