Mike is the bouncer at the Iguana Club

Ned: So Mike, how was the Dine-Around today?

Mike: it was fun, Ned. As the day wore on and the slots filled up, we had fewer and fewer restaurants from which to choose. By 1:30 p.m., all we had left was a Taco Bell and a hot dog stand outside Madison Square Garden.

Ned: And they were grateful for that.

Mike: Absolutely. Procrastinators can't be picky.

Ned: And you were the greeter at the Heritage Region reception last night?

Mike: I was an extremely popular guy there.

Ned: Why was that?

Mike: I was passing out the drink tickets.

(NOTE: the following conversation took place verbatim at the Heritage Region reception)

Mike: How did your presentation go today?

Ned: I thought it went pretty well. I have another one tomorrow.

Mike: What's it about?

Ned: I can't remember. I have to check the program.

Mike: Well, I guess that cuts down on your prep time.

(END actual dialogue. The blog now continues.)

Ned: What will you be doing Tuesday at the conference?

Mike: I will be on my way back to Virginia.

Ned: you're not staying?

Mike: I need to go back.

Ned: But you'll continue to blog, right?

Mike: Of course. I'm not going to let 250 miles prevent me from reporting on what's happening.

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