Ned and M ike continue their intellectual dialog about the 2008 IABC International Conference

Mike: Ned, are you enjoyng the conference so far?

Ned: Very much so. I would ask you that question because you are just

hanging around at the hospitality table and the after-hours parties, and

crashing in New jersey.

Mike: Is this better than the 1985 conference in Kansas City?

Ned: How would I know? I didn't join IABC until 1994.

Mike: What is the one thing you will take back from this conference?

Ned: My wallet, I hope.

Mike: New York is “The City That Never Sleeps.” Did you take that slogan to heart

while you were here?

Ned: I just woke up.

Mike: Is being Accredited kind of like being a member of Scientology?

Ned: Mike, if you want to be indoctrinated into the mysteries of the sacred relm

of ABCs, I can arrange for the ritual introduction, but it requires pledges

of obedience and something else, I forget, oh yes, always remembering the

obedience thingy.

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