What Dines-Around, comes around

The Dine-Around restaurant was great. Our host Peter, took us by way of the Subway so we would only have to walk 40 blocks. Michelle felt a strage sensation of deja vu when we approached her old boyfriends apartment building, and we all stopped for pictures there. Bill, or was it Steve, kept us guessing at what his name was (I think it was Mike, or maybe, no, not Mark). As for me, my chair broke in the restaurant, Entoeca Barbone, where we sat outside in the courtyard.. I was neraly killed. Rhonda thought it was pretty funny, laughing at my expense. I notified Illeana and Vittoria, our waitresses. They told me to throw the chair over the fence. The other Mark was my dine-around companion two years ago in Vancouver, and there are stories about that night, too. Thankfully, Michelle figured all the bills which was no small feat because the restaurant did little to help us with the accounting. I had the breaded lamb chops which were very good.

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