Ned and Mike sort of wrap things up

Ned: Mike, you know why I know it's time to go home?

I'm out of clean clothes.

Mike: That works for me, too—every fifth day, I change clothes. When I’m out of clean clothes, I burn them and buy new ones.

Ned: Mike, the final speaker today was Seth Godin. He has some remarkable

insights about, well, being remarkable. What do you have to say about that?

Mike: I love Seth Godin. “Knocked Up” was hilarious. I also liked “The 40-Year-Old Virgin.”

Ned: That's Seth Rogan.

Mike: Oh, right. This guy did “Waiting for Godin.”

Ned: Mike, Seth has written a number of books, including one about a purple

cow. The premise is if you've seen one cow you've pretty much seen them

all. The idea is that if you see one, then “holy cow,” that would be

remarkable. What do you have to say about that? Pretty remarkable,

wouldn't you say?

Mike: I've never seen a purple cow. I never hope to see one. But I can tell you anyhow: I'd rather see than be one.

Ned: He also wrote a book about meatballs with whipped creme. They idea I

think is that people like meatballs and they like whipped cream, and one

might think putting them together would be remarkable. However, the truth

of the matter is that meatballs with whipped cream are about as corn flakes

with Worcestershire Sauce. But you like that, don't you?

Mike: I would not like meatballs with whipped cream, as I am lactose-intolerant. And as for cornflakes and Worcestershire sauce…sounds intriguing.

Ned: What's the strangest food combination you've ever tried?

Mike: I once was walking with a chocolate bar and bumped into my cousin Larry, who was holding a jar of peanut butter. I got chocolate on his peanut butter; he got peanut butter on my chocolate. I thought this might be a good combination, but in reality, it would never be marketable. People simply aren't going to mix chocolate and peanut butter. Nope–not going to happen.

Ned: Any other strange combinations?

Mike: I'm still trying to grasp the “Boston Red Sox” and “World Series Champions.”

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