The JOTW Virtual Potluck update for 30 August

The JOTW Virtual Potluck update for 30 August

The big Virtual Feast is spread out and we’re all enjoying it, hosted by Jack Duggan in southern Oregon’s “hidebound hills, home of Forest Creek Studios, snugly tucked between Timber Mountain and Mount Isabelle.” You are welcome, of course. Hope you can bring something to share to our “Stone Soup” sort of event, which is a metaphor for what JOTW is all about, everybody bringing a little something to share for the betterment of all.

Don’t forget to check out the other offerings posted on Aug. 25, 27, and 29, at

*** From Marti:

Ned: Does Beth's Sour Cream Pound Cake come with defrib paddles? While all this sounds great, I can't imaging someone eating “just one” serving. Yum.


Best Regards,


*** From Jessi Franko:


Jessi Franko


Yes! I love the idea of the virtual potluck! It's brilliant!

*** From Amanda Richards:

What fun! A picnic just isn't complete without watermelon, so I'll bring several. As an added bonus, daring souls can have a seed-spitting contest afterwards!

(How far can you do it? Do you spit like a girl?)

I have never attempted such a feat, so I really can't say. I leave such things to the experts. 🙂

*** From Chris Walker:

My sister, Amy Halm, sent me this fun email. I have copied all the recipes! I live in Michigan and would like to let Kathy McHale know that the best sweet cornbread comes from Uhlianuk's farm in North Branch, MI. I bought some this morning at the Farmers Market and plan to make her peach trifle this week. Hope you all have fun with your potluck!!

Chris Walker

*** Kathy replies:


Hope you enjoy it! Ned, we should put out a 2008 Potluck Cookbook…


*** From Laura Perry:

Ned — all of the great wonderful cooks and recipes made me think that I'll just keep it simple.

With summer coming to an end, I will share the bountiful harvest of heirloom tomatoes and green beans directly from the Sunday Hollywood Farmer's Market (where celeb spotting is fun among the produce).

I think I'll keep the tomatoes simple — they have so much flavor on their own. Two large plates — one sliced for addition to those fabulous burgers (turkey, meat or veggie) and one with a sprinkling of good olive oil and some fresh basil.

The green beans will be tossed with balsamic vinegar and roasted hazelnuts.

Ann – I can borrow a few deviled egg trays from my mom so no need to purchase extra.

Laura Perry

*** From Kim A. Hanson, ABC:


I think you may have an IABC cookbook in the making….

Happy Labor Day


Kim A. Hanson, ABC

*** From Barbara Puffer, ABC:

Well, I already sent along my mexi-mush dip early on with the photo fresh from the oven. But now, my husband Tom wants to come along. He's the shellfish warden and harbormaster here …after an early retirement from a company that's now part of AT&T. Anyway, we took our boat to one of the better recreational grounds here (there are many) — along with our nephew and two friends (9, 12, and 14) — to do some clamming and got 100 or so of all sizes. Obviously those big quohogs are the chowda ones here in the northeast — yes, even in Connecticut. The rest are used in other recipes and eaten raw.

Now, with my seafood allergy I don't eat a one of these but I'm a great potato cutter. So, his huge pot of natural Rhode Island style (no cream or tomato) is done and simmering on the stove. We've bought some disposable soup cups and spoons and some oyster crackers. Who'd like a cup?

Here's the photo of Tom and the kids clamming.

Barbara Puffer, MA, Accredited Business Communicator

Puffer Public Relations Strategies

Guilford, CT

(Check out Tom’s clam rake at

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2 Comments to "The JOTW Virtual Potluck update for 30 August"

  1. Anonymous's Gravatar Anonymous
    August 31, 2008 - 11:14 am | Permalink

    Hope I'm not too late to contribute my Quaker Oats “Everything Cookies.”
    Love picnics, adore food!
    I discovered my true inner baker during my last tour of duty in the USN. As Capt. Ned may attest, it was probably a good thing for the Navy that I hadn’t discovered my kitchen earlier – but that’s another story.
    After you bake a while, you end up with bits of this and half bags of that and not enough to make anything. Post-retirement, while making a batch of the great Quaker oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookies – as per the recipe on the big tub – I got a brain cell. Instead of dropping in the whole bag of chips, I dropped in half and added the remnants of white chocolate chips, mini M&Ms, Craisins, peanut butter chips, coconut and pecan pieces – there may have been others.
    It was a daring attempt that resulted in diverse reactions at the newspaper: Advertising reps wanted to send them out to a lab and news writers wanted exact details on the inspiration and ingredients. The sports guys just wanted to eat them. I went home with two empty cookie cans.
    Add anything you have or want; I’ve been known to buy the extras on purpose. Make sure you have enough base to keep everything together but the Quaker makes a perfect start. And I advise use of a mixer rather than by hand – it gets a bit sturdy at the end. These travel well, make great picnic food and are not for the timid.
    I am filing all the recipes, especially the peach upside down cake and cornbread trifle.
    And Skipper – if there’s a holiday bash, I’ll bring my BRCT (Big Round Chocolate Thing) if you’ll make sure there’s coffee!
    Gwyneth J. (Schultz) Saunders
    Freelance reporter/writer

  2. Anonymous's Gravatar Anonymous
    August 31, 2008 - 11:17 am | Permalink

    What, no cheesecake?

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