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JOTW 36-2008

8 September 2008

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In this issue (Remember, to see the job descriptions and how to follow up, scroll down):

*** One Paragraph Pitch

1.) Media Relations Manager – Health, AARP, Washington, D.C.

2.) Account Executive, Susan Davis International, Washington DC

3.) Communications Manager, USO of Metropolitan Washington, Fort Myer, Virginia

4.) Web Writer, Institute of Medicine, Washington, DC

5.) Communications Manager, International Council of Ophthalmology, San Francisco, California (Work From Home)

6.) Production editor, American Public Power Association, Washington, DC

7.) Head of Internal Communication, Leading Healthcare Company, London, UK

8.) Marketing Program Manager, intel Corporation , Phoenix, Arizona

9.) Director of Communications & Development, Craft Emergency Relief Fund, Montpelier, Vermont

10.) Public Relations Manager, AOPA, Frederick, MD

11.) Director of Communications, Online Marketing Manager, Vice President & Controller, United Way of New York City, New York, New York

12.) Editor – Farming Ahead, Kondinin Group, Perth, WA, Australia

13.) Consultant to Copy Edit the Global Fund's Country Programs Operations Manual, Global Fund, Geneva, Switzerland

14.) Strategic Information Specialist , Management Sciences for Health, Dar es

Salaam, Tanzania

15.) Program Director/Air Talent, WMC-FM Memphis / FM100-Memphis, Memphis, TN

16.) Senior Director, Recognition Svcs & Special Events, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL

17.) Global Employee Communicator, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., Waltham, MA

18.) Communications Officer, Hudson Institute, Washington, DC

18.) Rédacteur/Éditeur WEB (femme ou homme), ICRC, Switzerland

19.) Manager, Nonprofit Community Communications Initiative, Independent Sector, Washington, DC

20.) Public Relations and Media Manager (Europe and Central Asia), Habitat for Humanity International, Bratislava, Slovakia

21.) COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER, Koret Foundation, San Francisco, CA

22.) VIDEO EDITOR, McArthur Communications, Richmond, VA

23.) Vice President of Communications, Bloodsource, Rancho Cordova, California

24.) Communications Officer-Video Conferencing Coordinator, UN Office for Project Services, Brindisi, Italy

25.) Communications Associate, NASDAQ, Rockville, MD

26.) Stagiaire Presse, Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development, Paris, France 27.) Communications Manager – ITT Corporation, Commercial, White Plains, New York

28.) Director of Outreach, Development and Communication, Avocats Sans Frontières, Brussels, Belgium

29.) Brand Manager, Sullivan Higdon and Sink, McLean, VA

30.) Intern in the Public Information Unit of the UNHCR Office, UN High

31.) ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE – FOOD & BEVERAGE, JS² Communications, Los Angeles, CA

32.) Communication Officer, UN Development Programme, New Delhi, India

33.) Public Relations Officer, Communication and Marketing Department, University of Cape Town, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

34.) Strategic Information Officer, Malaria Consortium, Aweil, Northern

Bahr el Ghaza, Sudan

35.) Vice President, Communications & Public Affairs, Center for Naval Analyses, Alexandria, VA

36.) Communications Sr Professional, Computer Sciences Corporation, Arlington, VA

37.) Director, Online Marketing and New Media, Estee Lauder, New York, NY

38.) Communications Officer for Future Agricultures Consortium, Institute of Development Studies (IDS), Brighton, United Kingdom

39.) Manager , Media Centre, Association Of Media Development in South Sudan, Juba, Sudan

40.) Multimedia Art Director, Campbell-Ewald, Southfield, MI

41.) Communication Specialist, P-4, UN Children's Fund, Abuja, Nigeria

42.) Media Advisor, Gladstone Ports Corporation, Gladstone, Queensland, Australia

43.) Public Affairs Specialist, U.S. Marshals Service, Arlington, Va

44.) Senior Marketing Communications Associate, Enterprise Community Investment, Columbia, MD

45.) Manager Italy, Discovery Networks – Intl Division, Milan, IT

46.) Communications Officer – Website Coordinator, National Childcare

Accreditation Council Inc., Sydney, NSW, Australia

47.) Director of Communications, National Association of Attorneys General, Washington, DC

48.) Graphic Designer / Marketing Assistant, Cormack Anest Iwata Pty, Ltd., Sydney, NSW, Australia

49.) Media & Public Outreach Specialist, Federal Communications Commission, Washington, DC


51.) Graphic Designer/Art Director, Rooftop Communications, Baltimore, Maryland

52.) Director of Communications, OWN, Los Angeles, CA

53.) Media specialist (Technology and Biotechnology), Buchan Consulting Melbourne, VIC, Australia

54.) Managing Associate, CLS, Washington, DC

55.) Marketing Assistant, NASPAA/APPAM/ASPA Job Board, Washington, DC

56.) Communications Director – Corporate Finance, Lockheed Martin, Bethesda, MD

57.) Manager of Corporate Communications, Jostens, Minneapolis, Minnesota

58.) Media Buyer, Ocean Media, Huntington Beach, California

59.) Advertising Account Executive, Juniper Content Corporation, New York and Texas

60.) Sr. Associate Producer, Fox Sports International, Fox Networks Group, Los Angeles, CA

61.) Account Executive, DailyCandy, Detroit, MI

62.) Account Executive, The Knot, NY, NY

63.) SEWER REHAB TECHNICIAN, City of Lafayette, Lafayette, IN

64.) Flag Football Referee, Lionville Community YMCA, Berwyn, PA

*** Weekly Piracy Report

…and more! Scroll down and see them all!

*** One Paragraph Pitch:

Hi Ned,


Greg Rosenberg creates and executes marketing and communications strategies and tactics that drive sales, employee engagement and customer retention. He combines a proven record of assimilating extremely technical subject matter in numerous industries with vast experience in all forms of communication for both internal and external audiences. He has worked in private companies, public corporations, not-for-profits and government and has started and currently runs his own marketing agency. He is seeking a leadership role in corporate communications, marketing or employee communications with an organization that is growing, knows where it is going and needs to better communicate its brand and value.

I would consider relocation, but not to California until they get the fires out, or to the New York area ever.

Please send me your phone number so we can chat.


Greg Rosenberg

Business Communication Solutions, Inc.

Corporate Communications/Marketing

(440) 498-1134 (o)

(440) 263-7649 (c)

(Note: The OPP queue is very short right now. If you have been thinking about plugging yourself to the JOTW community with a One Paragraph Pitch, now’s the time to send it to Ned at

*** Many of you know Jim Mitchell:

His ouster at the Office of the U.S. Special Counsel is making news:

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*** Tip toeing around the subject:

Ned has a foot festish? Who would have guessed~!

tom carney

Texada Island

*** Not yet:


This is a really cool idea! Have the images already started to flow in? How

long will you run this project?



Jaclyn Bailey

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*** JOTW Potluckers:

First, let me thank all of you for being such gracious and congenial guests. And generous!; I don't think I'll need to eat for a week!

I apologize about the parking confusion. With extreme fire danger we just can't have people parking in the dry fields, even though the grass has been cut. Extra special thanks to Ned for providing the limousine for shuttle service.

Song Li left a bottle of saki behind, so I'll be toasting the success of the Virtual Potluck for a while. It doesn't go too well with all the cakes and cookies, but it's great with the tomatoes.

Again, my deep appreciation to all of you for your generous participation. If you find yourself in the cultural backwaters of southern Oregon (excepting Ashland and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival), give me a shout. I'm in the book.

Walk in Peace – Jack

(Somebody left their boots. See photo at There’s a final report posted today at

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*** I apologize for the Monday morning JOTW 35-2008 coming out late on Tuesday. I was told by Topica yesterday that the problem was fixed immediately so no worries. I then said that two full working days was not “immediately” and that all my queries on Monday and Tuesday were not answered until now. I was told if I could find a better free service to go for it.

*** Robin Mayhall, APR, survived the storm:

Hey, Ned,

I personally came through pretty well. I stayed in BR during the

storm, as did most of my relatives. It was a little scary in the

height of the wind, but my home was not damaged other than one piece

of a metal louvered panel that was pulled off the edge of my roof.

My dad has two large trees through his roof, and my aunt, although

her house itself is undamaged, lost every tree in her yard and all

the fencing around it.

We're all physically OK, though. My family and I all prepared well

and stocked up on all we needed. I was only without electricity for

36 hours, which was incredibly lucky. In the aftermath there were

250,000 people in the greater BR area without electricity. I think

they've already got about 80,000 houses back on, which is amazing

considering the amount of damage citywide. There are trees and large

branches down *everywhere* — some trees ripped out by the roofs —

fences torn apart, shingles pulled off roofs, chimneys toppled, etc.

And 90 percent of traffic lights still out as of yesterday!

I go back to work “for real” on Monday, but I went in for a few hours

on Wed., Thurs. and Friday of last week to do crisis communications.

We learned a lot of lessons from Katrina and Rita three years ago, so

things went pretty smoothly there, too.

It will be another two or three weeks before things are really “back

to normal” here, but I am definitely one of the lucky ones! Thank you

for asking. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


*** From Gerard Braud:

Crisis communications expert Gerard Braud (Jared Bro) has once

again successfully implemented his “crisis communications in the

dark ages” strategy as he evacuated New Orleans last Friday in

advance of Hurricane Gustav. Braud temporarily set up shop in

Florida and is heading back home as soon as electrical power is


He has some great thoughts on crisis communications and media

relations as it relates to Hurricane Gustav. You can read them on

his blog at:

If you would like to know more of his strategic tips for surviving

when there is no electricity, I suggest you purchase his 2-DVD set

called “Katrina Lessons.” The segment on crisis communications in

the dark ages is especially interesting. You can purchase them at:

And finally, if you would like a great free crisis communications

template for use in the early stages of a crisis, you can download

a free copy at:

Gerard Braud

*** From Molly Walker:

Ned, Carl Nolte wrote about The Bertholf. Thought you might like to see

it. – Molly

*** From Bernie Wagenblast:

How much would you pay to have a big, flashy airport terminal named for your company? What if that airport was Detroit?

Detroit Metro Airport Takes Bids for Terminal Naming Rights

Link to story in the Detroit Free Press:

*** We love these Republic of Singapore Navy recruiting commercials:



*** From Uma Thangaraj:

Brian Dennis, a downtown St. Paul resident, brought a notebook to record

a list of all the signs and slogans he saw in the RNC convention protest march. When it was over he had filled seven pages. One sign left him and others scratching

their heads: “Stop bird porn.”

*** Want to know about additional job openings ? Check out the listings on the Affirmative Action Register’s website, The Affirmative Action Register features job openings with companies committed to hiring diverse professionals, regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, age, sexual preference or disability. Sign up for their e-newsletter at and you’ll be the first to know when new jobs are posted. It’s another great way we, at Ned’s Job of the Week, are helping you find out about great employment opportunities.” Is this too long? Let me know.

*** From Buddha:


I had a 'brush with greatness' this week. I was walking down the hallway at work looking for the the Employee Communications Maven (I think that's what her title is), she was taking someone on a tour. After I completed my business, I turned to her guest to apologize. Lo and behold, it is a local TV personality (Tuesdays in September airs from 9 to 10 a.m. on WTVR Channel 6, Comcast Channel 9) and JOTW Charter member Robert Holland.

Very small world!!!

Ed <— known in some localities as Buddha</p>

*** From Robert Holland, ABC:

I saw Buddha today. I'm doing some work for Dominion's HR Communications

dept., looked up and there he was.

(You sort of really can't miss him, Roberto.)

I was going to say the same thing.

*** This was posted as a high-priority “Can’t Wait” listing:

1.) Media Relations Manager – Health, AARP, Washington, D.C.

AARP is over 39 million members strong – with more joining us everyday – and we're the “most powerful grassroots organization” around according to Fortune magazine.

We are seeking a professional who will develop and implement innovative international, national and state media strategies and campaigns that contribute to a well-defined media presence on AARP’s strategic priorities.


• Generate positive media coverage in new and creative ways, effectively curtailing negative press; and coordinate overall reputation/image among strategically designated audiences.

• Build and maintain collaborative working relationships between the state offices and Headquarters to ensure the Association’s strategic priorities around all communications activities are implemented in a very strategic manner in all state offices.

• Coordinate in a timely manner with Message and Content Management Group to develop accurate, concise strategic messages and statements that can be used by all levels of headquarters/Field staff and volunteers in a variety of external media and forums.

• Build relationships with media targets to ensure promotion of AARP’s strategic priorities.

• Responsible for media management for Executive and Board communications, crisis communication planning and management, strategic media planning and implementation for assigned issues areas (litigation, policy and legislative).


• Bachelor’s degree in Communications, Journalism, Public Relations or a related discipline.

• 5-7 years of experience as a media relations professional.

• Strong entrepreneurial skills, having been responsible for crafting and executing their own strategic plans for driving impact.

For more information and to apply, visit: (see Integrated Communications). We are an Equal Opportunity Employer that values workplace diversity.

*** This was posted as a JOTW “Can’t Wait” opportunity by Bashon Mann::

2.) Account Executive, Susan Davis International, Washington DC

Washington based communications firm with a broad and diverse clientele is looking for an account executive who is familiar with social marketing and health communications, has a strong communications skill set and good project management skills.

What we need:

We are seeking someone who understands the importance of public education about health matters and has experience conveying health information and messaging through multiple communications channels. We are looking for a person who understands how to research and target audiences, and create communication efforts that will bring about behavioral change.

Here's what you do:

Participate in research and analysis to develop communication strategies Collaborate in developing creative recommendations for clients.

Stay up-to-date on and advise clients of the latest trends in social marketing/health communication.

Share knowledge with other members of the communications team

Write and edit associated outreach materials

EDUCATION: Bachelor's degree in Communications, Psychology, Social Studies, Marketing.

EXPERIENCE (and other qualifications):

Social marketing and/or health communication experience Previous experience working on public relations accounts Familiarity with existing (print and electronic) media and emerging media channels (mobile, podcasting, social media/community, etc.) Excellent writing and oral communication skills.

Salary commensurate with experience. Top notch growth opportunity. If this is the job for you, Email resume/salary history to

*** From Carole A. Chandler:

Hi Ned,

Here is a new Communications opportunity at USO Metro, short version is attached.

Thank you for listing this on your website and for supporting our troops!

Carole A. Chandler

Human Capital Advisors LLC

3.) Communications Manager, USO of Metropolitan Washington, Fort Myer, Virginia

USO Metro, a military service organization headquartered in Arlington, Virginia seeks a Communications Manager reporting to the Vice President – Communications & Development (VPCD). Over the course of many years, this prestigious, private, nonprofit organization, has established an American tradition of providing a touch of home to our men and women in uniform by providing a wide range of services, programs and special events to those who serve…and their families

Overall Responsibilities:

• Develops and implements consistent communications and marketing strategies that strengthen the organization’s brand and generate high visibility for its mission. Serves as a liaison with a number of pro bono PR and marketing agencies.

• Develops and implements effective internal communications strategies and vehicles for the staff and volunteers of the organization to promote open communication, learning and collaboration.

• Works with the VPCD on concept development, and execution of community relations, media relations and special events activities support.

• Provides concept and story development, writing, editing and production supervision of organizational collaterals, including annual report, print and electronic newsletters, website content, press releases, presentations, briefs, direct marketing and fund development materials, talking points and speeches for organizational personnel.

• Serves as a spokesperson for the organization.

 Develops and implements the organizational presence on the world wide web and serves as the key staff member responsible for keeping website current.

Areas of Competency:

 Polished communication skills—excellent writing skills— with ability to interact well with the public, board and staff.

 Knowledge of Washington and Baltimore media as well as military publications.

 Web savvy


 Bachelor’s degree with a background in journalism, public relations or related field that included significant writing for public consumption.

 Prefer three years work experience in a non-profit or military setting.

For confidential inquiries, please contact:

*** From Lauren Tobias:

Dear Ned,

I hope you will include the following job announcement in the next JOTW newsletter.



4.) Web Writer, Institute of Medicine, Washington, DC

The Institute of Medicine seeks a dynamic, energetic web writer who can play a key role as we prepare to roll out a new, more robust website ( The Web Content Assistant is a new position within the Communications team, and we are looking for a team player who is smart, fun to work with, and willing to jump in with both feet.

The Web Content Assistant will be responsible for updating and maintaining web content, including drafting, reviewing and editing copy and managing web features. He or she will generate ideas and write columns and articles for online media, both internal and external. This is a marketing and communications position. A successful candidate will be one with a minimum of two years of experience, who understands the web as a communications and marketing tool and is interested in tackling both challenges head on.

For more information, please see the job description here: Interested folks should apply online.

About the Institute of Medicine (IOM)

The IOM is a preeminent nonprofit organization that serves as adviser to the nation on health. We provide authoritative, evidence-based information and advice concerning health and science policy to policymakers, professionals, media, and the public at large.

5.) Communications Manager, International Council of Ophthalmology, San Francisco, California (Work From Home)

*** From Deborah A. White:


I would like to post the following job with JOTW.

Deborah A. White

Director of Human Resources

American Public Power Association.

6.) Production editor, American Public Power Association, Washington, DC

Electric energy trade association seeks production editor to take lead responsibility for page layout and design of daily and weekly newsletters and handle copyediting, fact-checking and layout preparation for four-color magazine. Work with art director to develop and obtain artwork to accompany magazine articles. Manage classified advertising program for print and online placements.

Applicants should have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in journalism and two years of related job experience, excellent verbal and written communication skills, exceptional customer service skills, the ability to perform a variety of tasks simultaneously without close supervision, and a positive attitude. Requires proficiency with InDesign and familiarity with Photoshop. Requires understanding of publication page layout principles and strong command of English language, including spelling, grammar, punctuation and Associated Press style. We offer excellent benefits, and salary is commensurate with qualifications. Equal Opportunity Employer; no relocation expense reimbursement.

To Apply

Mail, e-mail, or fax cover letter and resume and salary requirements to HR-Production Editor Position

APPA, 1875 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 1200, Washington, DC 20009

Fax to: 202-467-2910

*** From Alex Berger:

Hello Ned,

This week’s winner is (via the VMA):

Have a great weekend,


7.) Head of Internal Communication, Leading Healthcare Company, London, UK

Location: United Kingdom, City of London – London

Ref: CB0808-64

Rate: £ 100,000 to £ 110,000 (full-time) N/A

Job Brief:

My client is one of the world's leading Healthcare companies. Following a period of growth acquisitions they are now looking for an impressive Head of Internal Communication to build and develop current IC practices within the global business.

This is a Group level role, with significant CEO exposure in a fast-paced multinational environment. The successful candidate will have built and developed global internal communication teams and implemented best-practice IC strategies.

A charismatic approach and a nose for business is essential in this senior-level role, as is experience of working in a FTSE 50 organisation.

Responsibilities will include writing and implementing IC strategy, completing a channel audit, setting up a global network of IC advocates and re-shaping the entire Internal Communication approach.

This is an exciting opportunity to join a leading global organisation with an appetite for powerful internal communication.

*** From Heather Murphy:


Cheers and best wishes on your recent journeys. Too bad you missed the SNA gathering in Boston. A little bird told me it was awesome!

For the position referenced below, JOTWers ought to note that the closing date is September 11, 2008.

8.) Marketing Program Manager, intel Corporation , Phoenix, Arizona

9.) Director of Communications & Development, Craft Emergency Relief Fund, Montpelier, Vermont

*** From Bridget Serchak, who got it from Greg Romano:

10.) Public Relations Manager, AOPA, Frederick, MD

Working closely with the Vice President of Public Relations and other members of the Media & Public Relations department, this position oversees and implements various components of the department's programs to promote AOPA, AOPA Air Safety Foundation, and AOPA Foundation positions, products and services to external constituents. The position will also assist the department with managing internal communications programs.

Principal Responsibilities:

1.Develop and implement internal/external public relations initiatives on behalf of key AOPA stakeholders, programs and initiatives. These would include but are not limited to AOPA's programs to engage more people in learning to fly, improving the perception of general aviation in the U.S., and educational outreach programs; roll-out and ongoing promotion of AOPA Foundation initiatives and programs; and promotion of select products and services for AOPA's Air Safety Foundation. Work with outside agencies as appropriate.

2.Promote positive images for AOPA, the AOPA Foundation, AOPA's Air Safety Foundation and the general aviation industry; general positive media coverage. Create editorial products for external media to support AOPA's image and programs.

3.Assist in maintaining relationships with outside media through proactive and reactive means ensuring that AOPA's position is accurately portrayed. Serve as a spokesperson for AOPA and AOPA's Air Safety Foundation as appropriate.

4.Oversee AOPA's community relations programs that promote goodwill toward the association and its related constituencies; Manage and implement ongoing advertorial program and product development.

5.Collect and analyze relevant media stories for use by internal AOPA audiences in formulating strategic and tactical plans, and maintaining awareness of the current state of general aviation, as well as perceptions of AOPA in the media. Assist the VP, Public Relations with internal communications program development and implementation.


Education: Degree in Communications, Journalism, Public Relations, Public Affairs/Public Policy or similar field with emphasis on management and communication.

Experience: 3-6 years of communications/public or media relations work. Strong written and verbal communications skills are essential.

Skills: Strong verbal and written communications, with the ability to use many electronic formats for varied audiences. Knowledge of media and communication skills including print, electronic, and online media. Excellent project management and consulting skills. Ability to align organization objectives to internal and external messaging.

Aviation: Aviation-savvy individual with knowledge and understanding of airport and general aviation issues preferred. Sport Pilot, Private Pilot certificate or higher a plus.

Send your resume to

Or mail to:


Human Resources

421 Aviation Way

Frederick, MD 21701

11.) Director of Communications, Online Marketing Manager, Vice President & Controller, United Way of New York City, New York, New York

12.) Editor – Farming Ahead, Kondinin Group, Perth, WA, Australia

Kondinin Group is seeking a qualified editor with a passion for

agriculture to take the helm of its flagship agricultural title, Farming


The Farming Ahead team prides itself on the provision of unequalled,

independent information for producers across Australia. Our team is one

of integrity with a focus on providing information that allows

Australian producers to manage the challenging global agricultural


As Editor of this publication, you will be a highly creative individual,

able to communicate ideas quickly and effectively. You will work closely

with the research team to develop content from a range of sources

(Kondinin Group members, industry experts and associations, conferences,

hard news). The role also includes briefing in-house and freelance

writers, feature story development and editorial management.

You will be at ease liaising with the best in the agricultural science

and farming industries and will work with the General Manager Membership

Services and Publishing Services Manager to develop the title's

strategic direction, providing an ongoing review of the business model.

This exciting, hands-on role is suited to a self-motivated and highly

driven individual. A commitment to quality journalism is essential, as

is experience with broad editorial responsibilities including writing,

subediting and commissioning articles.

As a self-starter, you must be well organised and prepared to work

flexibly within a team environment, while meeting daily deadlines and

strict budgets. You will be able to work under pressure, meet deadlines

and multi task.

The successful applicant will have a minimum of four years editorial

experience. A sound knowledge of agricultural production systems,

professional and technical knowledge would be of a distinct advantage.

In return for your dedication and professionalism, you will be rewarded

with a dynamic work environment.

To be successful in this role you will have:

* Excellent time management skills, managing various projects at once

and using initiative

* Excellent presentation and communication skills, both written and


* News gathering and reporting skills

* The discipline to work effectively and accurately with minimum


* The drive and ambition to constantly seek improvement of existing

practices and processes

* A commitment to teamwork and sharing of information and experience

Salary: $55,000 to $70,000, commensurate with experience

Applicants must address the above criteria and provide three

professional referees. For a full position brief please contact: Amanda

Di Cino, Office manager, Kondinin Group, phone: 08-9478-8313, fax:

08-9478-3353 or email

Applications close Friday, 19 September, 2008.

*** From Beatrice Bernescut:


Hope you're keeping well. Here is a description of work for an upcoming project at the Global Fund for the newsletter.

Many thanks!


13.) Consultant to Copy Edit the Global Fund's Country Programs Operations Manual, Global Fund, Geneva, Switzerland



The Global Fund's Country Programs Operations Manual ('Manual') was first issued in 2005 and re-issued in 2007. The objective of the Manual is to: (i) explain corporate understanding of approaches and policies to grant management, (ii) provide details of grant management for day-to-day operational support; (iii) orient new staff members with a comprehensive overview of the Global Fund grant management process; and (iv) clarify roles, responsibilities and decision-making authorities.

During the past two years, eleven Global Fund specialist teams have updated sections of the Manual. These teams have also written new sections to include policies approved by the Board and policy or process gaps that have been identified by the Secretariat's in-house senior policy advisory group (Operational Policy Committee). This has created a manual that has different writing styles and different levels of detail for each policy or step in the grant management cycle.

To create a coherent and user-friendly Manual, the Office of the Director of Country Programs aims to re-issue the Manual (both printed and online versions). This version of the Manual will serve as the basis to write a similar Manual for implementers of Global Fund grants.


The Consultant will substantively edit, and in some cases, re-write, sections of the Manual by shortening, and streamlining in “Plain English” style. Special care should be taken not to lose substantive policy guidelines during the editing process.

The Consultant will work under the overall guidance of the Office of the Director of Country Programs [1]. Close interactions with subject matter experts will be required to ensure accuracy and to clarify policy questions.

The Manual currently comprises six parts. A total of 50 separate documents make up the Manual, totaling approximately 350 pages.


• Familiarize oneself with the previous versions of the Manual, Operational Policy Notes, and supporting documents.

• Edit and/or rewrite the current version of the Manual by simplifying the language and making it reader-friendly, and significantly reducing (by at least 50%) the number of pages.

• Circulate rewritten or edited drafts to relevant teams to ensure accuracy of contents

• Work closely with the Communications Team to develop a sound approach to the copy editing process

• Identify and recommend sections that need diagrams and flow charts


A staggered approach to the issuance of the Manual is envisaged. An indicative timeline for deliverables will be determined with the selected candidate.

• Detailed work plan and schedule of deliverables 3 days after start of assignment

• Final draft to be published online and print version by end of December 2008.


• Proven ability to write in “Plain English”

• Experience in editing and rewriting documents of similar scale and scope

• Ability to manage and prioritize complex workload

• Experience in journalism and web development advantageous

Please submit your proposal to Julie Jensen at (No phone calls please)

(thanks, Beatrice. I also note that the Global Fund has an RFP out for International Public Relations Services at

14.) Strategic Information Specialist , Management Sciences for Health, Dar es

Salaam, Tanzania

15.) Program Director/Air Talent, WMC-FM Memphis / FM100-Memphis, Memphis, TN

Entercom seeks a proven leader to develop and direct talent, and apply research to create and execute strategic initiatives and marketing plans. The successful candidate will integrate on-air programming with digital platforms, and demonstrate effective interpersonal talents with our team, listeners and advertisers.

This is a high profile, top fifty market position for a focused, driven PD and air talent.

E-mail your package to today.

*** From Angela Jacobs:

From Angela Jacobs, Recruiter

16.) Senior Director, Recognition Svcs & Special Events, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL

General Summary:

Support the long-term development and alumni relations goals of the University to foster lifelong relationships between the institution and its key constituencies by developing and implementing a comprehensive plan for donor stewardship, recognition and special event programs at the University of Chicago. Create sophisticated marketing-communications-based events and programs to achieve the University's strategic engagement and fundraising goals and develop metrics to measure success.


Bachelor's degree or higher required; a minimum of seven years of development, communications, and marketing experience, including senior management experience required; event planning and higher education donor recognition experience preferred; proven leadership and strategic planning capabilities required; strong written, oral, and listening skills required; strong organizational skills and attentiveness to details required; ability to work collegially and collaboratively in a team setting, and an enthusiasm for, and ability to make a positive contribution to the institution as a whole required.

Requisition 080346.

For more information and to apply:

To be considered, all job seekers must meet the requirements and apply online.

The University of Chicago is an Affirmative Action / Equal Opportunity Employer.


Hi Ned,

Could you include this job description in your next update?




17.) Global Employee Communicator, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., Waltham, MA

Chaloner Associates is partnering with Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. in Waltham, MA, on a search for a Global Employee Communicator. Thermo Fisher Scientific (NYSE: TMO) is the world leader in serving science, enabling their customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. With annual sales of more than $10 billion, the company employs more than 30,000 people and serves over 350,000 customers within pharmaceutical and biotech companies, hospitals and clinical diagnostic labs, universities, research institutions and government agencies, as well as environmental and industrial process control settings. To learn more, please visit

Reporting to the Director of Employee Communications, the Global Employee Communicator will work closely with employees at all levels of the company around the world to identify stories that showcase how their customers are applying their products for the betterment of people globally. We are looking for candidates who have a journalist’s drive and intuition with a track record of having worked within a complex, matrixed, and global corporation. This is a multi-faceted role perfect for an experienced self-starter.

Position Summary:

• Research and write news stories for the company intranet.

• Keep abreast of best practices for employee communications and how they might be implemented at the company.

• Manage writing, editing, design and production of quarterly employee magazine.

• Ensure consistency and alignment with corporate messaging.

• Communicate process improvement team success stories.

• Audit employee communication activities within the divisions.

• Proofread and copy-edit documents for communications department and other corporate departments as well as organizational announcements, newsletters, etc. from divisions and groups.

• Assist with rollout of HR and other corporate initiatives aimed at employees.

• Organize distribution of company publications. Keep distribution lists up to date.

• Assist with other projects as required (e.g. annual leadership meeting, tradeshow communications, employee volunteerism events).

• Manage process around welcome letter to new employees from CEO.

Requirements and Qualifications:

• At least seven years of experience as an employee/internal communicator in a corporate environment, preferably in their industry sector.

• BA/BS, preferably with courses in communications, journalism or business.

• Broad general knowledge of their business sector (life sciences, analytical instruments, laboratories).

• Strong writing and editorial skills. Ability to bring stories to life for a diverse global employee population (from manufacturing floor to senior management, from scientists to financial experts).

• Flexible, creative, innovative, pro-active thinker and doer.

• Passion for the job and for learning new skills.

• Ability to work in a fast-paced environment with minimum supervision.

• Creativity in expanding the ways to help employees understand the role they play in the business’s success.

• Familiarity with intranet design and web editing; basic HTML skills. Knowledge of MS Office programs (Word, PowerPoint and Excel), as well as Acrobat Writer. Some knowledge of Adobe PhotoShop and digital video filming is a plus. Knowledge of SharePoint and Web 2.0 is a bonus.

Interested and qualified candidates should send their resumes to Scott White ( or Tom Lutzy (

18.) Communications Officer, Hudson Institute, Washington, DC

18.) Rédacteur/Éditeur WEB (femme ou homme), ICRC, Switzerland

Closing Date – 15 Sep 2008

*** From Brenda Siler:

19.) Manager, Nonprofit Community Communications Initiative, Independent Sector, Washington, DC

Independent Sector (IS) seeks a collaborative communications strategist to lead its Nonprofit Community Communications Initiative. The manager of the initiative should have extensive project management and research experience with a focus on communications planning and implementation, a background in working with coalitions and partnerships, and a strong understanding of the media and policy issues facing the nonprofit community. The manager will also have a deep understanding of the challenges in nonprofit and foundation communications and the enthusiasm to mobilize leaders from a wide variety of organizations.

This is an excellent opportunity for an energetic professional to contribute to a dynamic national nonprofit leadership organization and build support for the nonprofit community’s remarkable work.


• Compile and design materials that help charities and foundations incorporate research-tested message themes into their communications, including translating research findings into recommendations for nonprofit organizations, demonstrating how messages can be delivered through existing communications tools, and creating new communication opportunities.

• Identify a select group of partners to test the initiative, work with those pilot organizations to incorporate the initiative’s messages into their communications, and gather feedback to strengthen the project.

• Identify situations that demonstrate the value of the nonprofit community and translate those examples into effective communications with stakeholders such as policymakers, media, and nonprofit organizations through speeches, reports, emails, websites, and in-person meetings.

• Work with the Independent Sector Communications and Marketing Advisory Task Force and other IS members to gather advice and expand outreach.

• Based on results of pilot projects, develop materials to enable a diverse group of charities and foundations to participate in the Initiative.

• Plan regular outreach activities, including conference calls, briefings, and presentations at relevant nonprofit conferences. Prepare programs, as appropriate, for the prestigious annual IS conference.

• Assist IS departments in integrating the initiative into their activities, including coordinating with the Public Policy and Government Relations Department, to create materials to support outreach to policymakers. Work with other IS departments to keep them informed regarding initiative developments and activities.

• Develop mechanisms for evaluating the initiative.

• Prepare updates as needed for reports to funders. Assist in securing additional resources to support the project.

• Collaborate with other coalitions and organizations engaged in sub-sector or related communications efforts.

• Assist in development of annual budget for the initiative and make recommended changes to improve the program.

• Other responsibilities, as assigned.


• Six to eight years experience with in project management incorporating public opinion research, communications planning, message development, and analyzing and incorporating feedback into planning.

• Exceptional written and verbal communication skills.

• Experience mobilizing and maintaining coalitions and persuading people to take action.

• Four to six years relevant experience working in nonprofit, association, or related settings.

• Bachelor’s degree in journalism, English, marketing, communications, or other relevant field. Master’s degree strongly preferred.

• Demonstrated leadership capabilities.

• Collaborative team player, capable of juggling multiple projects, meeting deadlines, and thriving in a rapidly changing environment.

Salary is competitive with excellent benefits including a generous vacation and retirement plan.

To apply:

Submit letter, resume, samples of work, and salary history to:

Human Resources (Manager, Nonprofit Community Communications Initiatives Position)

Independent Sector

1200 Eighteenth street, NW, Suite 200

Washington, DC 20036

Fax 202-467-6101

Please visit for more details about Independent Sector.

Independent Sector is an equal opportunity employer and we are committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace.

20.) Public Relations and Media Manager (Europe and Central Asia), Habitat for Humanity International, Bratislava, Slovakia

21.) COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER, Koret Foundation, San Francisco, CA

*** From Suzanne Feigley:

Hal McArthur has requested that I forward to you this job that we would like to have posted on your We would greatly appreciate it.

Suzanne Feigley

Production Coordinator

22.) VIDEO EDITOR, McArthur Communications, Richmond, VA

Growing video production company in Richmond, VA has an immediate opening for a full-time, experienced VIDEO EDITOR with heavy emphasis on graphics, Final Cut, PhotoShop, and After Effects. Send resume and demo to Suzanne Feigley, McArthur Communications, Inc., 1212 Westover Hills Blvd., Richmond, VA 23225 or NO phone calls.

23.) Vice President of Communications, Bloodsource, Rancho Cordova, California

24.) Communications Officer-Video Conferencing Coordinator, UN Office for Project Services, Brindisi, Italy

Closing Date – 17 Sep 2008

*** From Lindsey Peters:

Hi Ned,

I am submitting the job vacancy below for the weekly newsletter. It is

for a Communications Associate at NASDAQ OMX in Rockville, MD. Please

let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks so much!

Lindsey Peters


Direct: +1 301.978.2547

25.) Communications Associate, NASDAQ, Rockville, MD

The NASDAQ OMX Group, Inc. is the world's largest exchange company. It

delivers trading, exchange technology and public company services across

six continents, and with over 3,900 companies, it is number one in

worldwide listings among major markets. For more information about

NASDAQ OMX, visit and

We are currently looking to fill a Communications Associate position for

the Worldwide Marketing Department in our Rockville, MD office.

The Communications Associate will have primary responsibility for our

time-critical email alerts. These alerts represent NASDAQ's most

frequently used channel for communicating trading, regulatory, system

and related information to such customers as traders, technical

personnel at trading firms and market data vendors. Responsibilities


* Organization, writing, editing of alerts for all NASDAQ OMX markets

* Trafficking of alerts for review and approvals among business contacts

and legal department.

* Working closely with product managers/subject matter experts

internally to gather and distill required information

Additionally, the Communications Associate will support Worldwide

Marketing efforts by updating fact sheets and sales support collateral

and assist team members in other marketing efforts. Specifically, the

individual in this role will:

* Work with graphic designers to create facts sheets and other


* Work closely with web liaisons to post content and keep trader website


* Write, update and maintain content for the NASDAQ OMX corporate


* Assist in preparation for trade shows and industry events, including

responsibility for drafting conference descriptions, sponsorship ads and


Candidates must have a Bachelor's degree with superior writing and

editing skills. Strong verbal and interpersonal skills also required.

Ability to handle multiple time-sensitive projects simultaneously.

Attention to detail a must. One to three years experience preferred,

ideally with demonstrated communications skills. Agency experience or

financial industry background a plus. Microsoft Office suite of

applications preferred.

Please submit resumes to: In the subject line,

please indicate “Communications Associate”.

The NASDAQ OMX Group Inc., is an equal opportunity employer. Applicants

and employees are treated without regard to race, color, religion,

creed, gender, national origin, age, disability, marital or veteran

status, sexual orientation or any other legally protected status.

26.) Stagiaire Presse, Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development, Paris, France

*** From Theresa M. Fernandes

27.) Communications Manager – ITT Corporation, Commercial, White Plains, New York

ITT Corporation, a global technology leader with $11 billion in annual revenues, is seeking a Manager of Communications to provide marketing communications, public relations, employee communications support for the corporation’s commercial businesses. This position will be located in White Plains, New York (20 miles north of Manhattan). S/he will report to the Director of Communications, and will partner in all aspects of developing and executing communications plans that help the corporation’s two commercial business groups meet their objectives. Ability to manage multiple priorities and experience counseling senior management are essential. Experience in leading teams in a matrix environment across cultures and in a wide range of disciplines—including trade shows, special events, public relations, issues management, electronic media and employee communications—is also critical to meet the demands of this multi-faceted role. Requirements include a Bachelor’s degree in a communications, journalism or a related field, and a minimum of 8 years of public relations/marketing experience and an ability to travel (domestic and international) up to 30 percent of the time.

ITT is an Equal Opportunity Employer; women and minorities are encouraged to apply.


Theresa M. Fernandes

Executive Assistant

Motion and Flow Control

1133 Westchester Avenue

White Plains, NY 10604

(914) 304-1733

28.) Director of Outreach, Development and Communication, Avocats Sans Frontières, Brussels, Belgium

Closing Date – 15 Sep 2008

*** From Adam Konowe:

Ned, thanks in advance for running the following listing:


Adam Konowe | Director-Brand Reputation

“Let it snow.”

Sullivan Higdon & Sink

29.) Brand Manager, Sullivan Higdon and Sink, McLean, VA

Looking for a career in advertising and public relations? Sullivan Higdon & Sink ( has an opening in its McLean, Virginia office for a bright, self-motivated person with bags of personality and enthusiasm, someone who's ready to become part of the fast-moving marketing communications and public relations industry. This is a hands-on role in which you will gain valuable insight into world of aerospace and defense: the industry that moves the world.

You will be part of a lively, intimate team of account handlers with varied and interesting assignments. You will need the ability to juggle multiple tasks at once as you strive to keep on top of a constantly changing workload. Acting as the linchpin, you will manage creative projects, execute public relations tactics, prepare client and agency presentations, as well as liaise with clients and journalists across the nation and around the world. Occasional travel may be required.

For this very special role we are looking for a seasoned communicator with three to five years of relevant experience, ideally in the agency/media industry.

Effective communication is a fundamental requirement; you will need to be articulate and have excellent writing and phone skills. You should possess a self-confident but flexible personality, be outgoing and able to get along with people at different levels in any organization. Fantastic organizational skills are a must and you should be comfortable juggling a busy workload.

For consideration, please submit a cover letter stating why you are interested in aerospace and defense advertising/PR, plus a resume and salary requirements to

Please consider the environment before printing this email.

30.) Intern in the Public Information Unit of the UNHCR Office, UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Vienna, Austria

*** From Lovette DePina:

31.) ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE – FOOD & BEVERAGE, JS² Communications, Los Angeles, CA

JS² Communications, an award-winning boutique public relations agency based in California, with offices in Los Angeles and New York is seeking a sharp, highly motivated and articulate Account Executive for the Food & Beverage division, in our Los Angeles office, to assist in conceiving and successfully generating content for our client programs through media relations, pitches, writing, coordination of special events, and prospecting relationships pertaining to the firm’s accounts. The Account Executive may manage specific aspects of a client program on his or her own, or, on larger accounts, may work in conjunction with other team members in order to garner top media exposure for our client roster.

The ideal candidate will have 3-5 years agency experience specifically focusing on fine dining restaurant and F&B accounts. Candidates must have good relationships with local, regional and national consumer/trade media.

Our clients represent the best in the consumer/luxury lifestyle, entertainment and F&B industries. Candidates must have the ability to think outside the box and stay ahead of the curve, anticipating client and agency needs before they are necessarily requested. The candidate must play an active role in coordinating brainstorm sessions on behalf of a client or new business prospect, ensuring that participants have relevant briefing information. The candidate must be proactive and take charge of situations to deliver results. Candidates must track media placements and perform constant follow up; prepare media recaps and monthly status reports for both internal and external use for client review.

College degree required. Salary commensurate with experience.

No phone calls. Your resume must include a well-written, convincing cover letter, which will be reviewed as a writing sample. Send resume and cover letter to or via fax at 323-866-0881, attention JS2 Jobs.

For more information, please visit

32.) Communication Officer, UN Development Programme, New Delhi, India

Closing Date – 14 Sep 2008

33.) Public Relations Officer, Communication and Marketing Department, University of Cape Town, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

We invite applicants for this position in the Public Relations Section of the Communication and Marketing Department. We seek to appoint a confident, self-motivated individual with very strong interpersonal, communication, time management, planning and organising skills, and who is able to work well under pressure – both as part of a team and independently.

Responsibilities include:

• planning, co-ordinating, managing, consulting and advising on all visits to UCT

• managing a rolling list for all visits to UCT

• liaising with Faculties and Support Units to obtain information on all forthcoming events and visits to UCT

• co-ordinating itineraries for visitors as directed via the Office of the Vice-Chancellor and the Communication and Marketing Department

• providing support to all public relations and externally facing events organised by the Communication and Marketing Department

• responding to all queries directed to the Unit for public relations regarding information about UCT

• hosting tours of the University for visitors to UCT.

Requirements include:

• at least four years' public relations experience, preferably in the Higher Education environment

• a Public Relations/Communications or Marketing diploma or at least four years' proven and relevant experience

• previous work and protocol experience in hosting international and national visitors

• excellent writing and communication skills

• strong working knowledge of MS Word, Excel and Access.

The annual remuneration package, including benefits, is negotiable between R216 612 and R267 031.

Please send:

• a letter of motivation

• a maximum four-page CV (no certificates)

• a one-page summary of your CV

• the names, e-mail and telephone details of two contactable referees to: Ms Tracy Moore (Ref: 1773-BC), Staff Recruitment and Selection, University of Cape Town, Private Bag X3, Rondebosch 7701, by 10 September 2008 • tel. 021 650 2192 • e-mail:

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

UCT is committed to the pursuit of excellence, diversity and redress. Our Employment Equity Policy is available at For this post we seek particularly to attract Black (Coloured, Indian and African) South African candidates.

Reference #Ref:1773-B


Tracy Moore

University of Cape Town

021 650 2192

34.) Strategic Information Officer, Malaria Consortium, Aweil, Northern

Bahr el Ghaza, Sudan

Closing Date – 15 Sep 2008

*** From Ray Atkinson:

35.) Vice President, Communications & Public Affairs, Center for Naval Analyses, Alexandria, VA

Compensation $140,000 – $160,000 plus bonus potential and generous benefits package

Location N. VA

Education Bachelors degree in communications, public relations, journalism or related field required; Masters preferred

Overview CNA is a premier not-for-profit research and consulting organization, with more than a half-century of experience researching and analyzing the complex scientific, operational, and policy challenges that face the public sector and public decision makers in such areas as National Security, Homeland Security, Healthcare and Education.

Today's CNA, with revenue of $110,000,000 and more than 325 researchers at its headquarters plus 45 analysts in the field, is the descendent of a small number of MIT scientists the Navy turned to in the early 1940s for help with the German U-boat threat. Pioneers in the field of operations research, these scientists insisted on deploying with Navy forces in order to directly observe operational challenges and to collect the data needed for meaningful analyses. Their groundbreaking work resulted in anti-submarine warfare barrier equations that set the standard for future operations research methods.

Requirements At least 12 years of demonstrated experience in the field's concepts, practices, and procedures at the corporate level or in government public relations. Work experience in a not-for-profit or government contractor environment highly desirable. Experience managing public information in a research organization/environment desirable.

Skills: Must have sophisticated oral and written communications skills; thorough knowledge of public relations; ability to rely on extensive experience to plan and accomplish goals; significant number of media contacts; ability to lead and direct the work of others; possess a wide degree of creativity, be a consensus builder; have a high level of tact; and the ability to multi-task.

Responsibilities Responsible for developing, planning and directing CNA's overall strategic communications and outreach, including internal and external communications activities, public relations, and branding. Oversee corporate marketing, publishing and advertising initiatives. Establish institutional policies and practices to develop and maintain the desired image of the organization. Act as principle advisor to the Executive Vice President on CNA's communications and outreach efforts to articulate the Corporation's mission and accomplishments. Increase CNA's visibility and build corporate and staff reputations with target audiences.


– Manage and monitor the One CNA Initiative and matters related to it.

– Establish corporate communications standards of quality and ensure their maintenance.

– Serve as a member of the President & CEO's Independent Research Council.

– Develop and implement a communications outreach program to reach target audiences.

– Partner with research division directors to enhance the value and dissemination of CNA's research publications and analysis results to target audiences with appropriate assistance from employees and/or domain experts.

– Oversee CNA's internet presence including the development and maintenance of the corporate website.

– Oversee and monitor relevant staff members in the production of all outreach materials.

– Manage all communications with the media, including professional journals and advertising initiatives and create and maintain efficient processes for outreach such as, mailings, press release distribution, press kits, etc.

– Act as chief spokesperson and/or coordinator in matters involving the press, government and community relations.

– Manage daily office functions to include Office of Communications & Public Affairs (OCPA) budget, ability to assess and build a team as necessary.

– Assist CNA research staff develop the skills necessary to speak and write to enhance CNA's image.

36.) Communications Sr Professional, Computer Sciences Corporation, Arlington, VA

37.) Director, Online Marketing and New Media, Estee Lauder, New York, NY

38.) Communications Officer for Future Agricultures Consortium, Institute of Development Studies (IDS), Brighton, United Kingdom

39.) Manager , Media Centre, Association Of Media Development in South Sudan, Juba, Sudan

Closing Date – 12 Sep 2008

40.) Multimedia Art Director, Campbell-Ewald, Southfield, MI

Campbell-Ewald is looking for a Multi-Media Art Director to join their Digital team. We’re looking for candidates with at least 2 years of experience with a strong design background and award winning online media experience. This individual must be strong conceptually and artistically. Knowledge of: Flash, Illustrator, Photoshop, HTML, JavaScript and Imageready is a plus.

You will be juggling multiple projects so you must be self motivated and have a positive attitude. You must be passionate about interactive, advertising and creative. You’ll need to work hard, have fun and most of all have the desire to be doing the best work in the world. This is a fabulous opportunity for individuals who want to fine-tune their knowledge of the Digital medium and work on stellar accounts. We need someone who’s extremely talented that has work that shows off that talent!

Campbell-Ewald strives to be the multicultural employer of choice in our industry and strongly supports equal employment opportunity.

41.) Communication Specialist, P-4, UN Children's Fund, Abuja, Nigeria

Closing Date – 23 Sep 2008

42.) Media Advisor, Gladstone Ports Corporation, Gladstone, Queensland, Australia

* Significant International Port

* Queensland Coastal Location

Gladstone Ports Corporation (GPC) is a government owned corporation

responsible for the management of the Gladstone and Rockhampton ports.

The Corporation facilitates the import and export of raw materials and

finished products from major Central Queensland industries. The GPC is a

significant international port making it a convenient point for the

worldwide distribution of the wealth of Queensland.

The Media Advisor provides GPC with internal and external communications

advice and oversees and implements communications planning and media

strategies to promote GPC's public image.

Key accountabilities include:

* speech writing

* managing corporate media relationships and communicating key issues to

stakeholder groups.

Applicants should hold tertiary qualifications in a Communications or

Journalism stream and have proven experience in media operations.

Advanced skills in writing and editing, an operational and analytical

focus and well developed organisational and planning skills are


A positive and effective communication and negotiation ability, a

proactive and confident approach and a high level of initiative and

independence are critical for success in the role.

An overview of Gladstone and links to information about Gladstone Ports

Corporation are available via the website

A copy of the role description and additional employee information is

available from Downing Teal Pty Ltd Gladstone.

Applications may be submitted via the website by entering 110596.

Confidential enquiries can be made to Leonie Hills 07-4970-0800.

Applications close 15 September 2008.

*** From Jeff Carter:


Please include this opening in the next JOTW listing.



Jeff Carter

Chief of Public Affairs

U.S. Marshals

43.) Public Affairs Specialist, U.S. Marshals Service, Arlington, Va

The U.S. Marshals Service is looking for a Public Affairs Specialist, GS-1035-12/13 ($69,794.00 – $107,854.00 per year) based out of its headquarters in Arlington, Va. This position is heavily focused on imagery collection and management.

Accepting applications until Monday, Sept. 15, 2008

Major duties:

• Serve as a Public Affairs Specialist responsible for planning, designing, and executing campaigns and strategies to convey information concerning the United States Marshals Service (USMS) to both internal and external audiences.

• Perform multimedia photo journalism duties and serves as a USMS official staff photographer. Document USMS operations and events in a variety of multimedia photo and video formats; assure appropriate equipment is available to achieve high quality results; update and maintain the imagery archive with relevant cut-line information; and process imagery for internal and external release. The incumbent will be required to travel, including occasional short-notice travel to meet organizational imagery requirements.

• Contribute to the development and production of written materials used by the Office of Public Affairs in its information program. Develop information products in order to communicate the Marshals Service's programs, policies, and activities to diverse audiences. Analyze the targeted audience and determine the style of publication and content matter best suited for the recipients.

• Establish and maintain working relationships with the news and entertainment media, other Federal law enforcement public affairs staff, law enforcement groups or organizations, and public interest groups. Develop strategies and initiatives to educate and inform these audiences about USMS programs, activities, and missions.

• Respond to inquiries from the print, broadcast, and Internet media. Answer difficult, sometimes complex questions in extemporaneous situations, and find answers to such questions if they are not immediately known. Prepare news releases, fact sheets, press statements, or other material on major activities or situations that have interest to national or regional media organizations or the general public. Represent USMS at exhibits, conferences, etc.

• Prepare and write brochures and pamphlets to support the public information goals and mission of USMS.

• Write articles or prepares other copy for the Service's internal newsletter and distribute to USMS employees, Federal judges, United States Attorneys, USMS retirees, other law enforcement organizations, and other special interest groups. Prepare articles through research, interviews, attendance at events, or through other means, as appropriate.

• Develop and maintain USMS information materials for the USMS Internet home page in order to educate the widest possible audience about the missions, duties, responsibilities, and activities of USMS.

• The incumbent may be required to develop audio-visual presentations by preparing scripts and support visuals tailored to specific or diverse audiences, and work with contractors in the production of same.

• Perform other duties as assigned.

Applications for this position must be submitted through USAJOBS:

All United States Citizens —

Status Candidates / Merit Promotion Eligibles —

*** From Duana Jones:

Good Afternoon Ned –

I'd like to post the attached position on your site and in your virtual newsletter.

Thank you,

Duana Jones

44.) Senior Marketing Communications Associate, Enterprise Community Investment, Columbia, MD

Enterprise Community Investment, Inc. is a national leader in the affordable housing finance and community development industry. We have an exciting opportunity available for a marketing communications professional who wants to make a difference by doing good as a Senior Marketing Communications Associate. Responsibilities include developing, writing and producing internal and external marketing collateral, including advertising copy, newsletter articles, brochures, fact sheets, Intranet and Internet copy and other materials as needed. A B.S. in Marketing, Journalism or Communications and 3-5+ years of marketing/communications and business writing experience are required. Training and/or practical experience as copywriter is desirable. Must have thorough knowledge of MS Word and Excel; basic desktop publishing abilities (using Quark and InDesign, PC or Mac format) and Power Point is a plus. Please visit our careers website to apply on-line: We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

45.) Manager Italy, Discovery Networks – Intl Division, Milan, IT

46.) Communications Officer – Website Coordinator, National Childcare

Accreditation Council Inc., Sydney, NSW, Australia

The Communications Officer – Website Coordinator is responsible for the

development and implementation of NCAC's Online Action Plan. This role

will involve implementing and coordinating website projects within the

framework of the NCAC Communication Strategy, to meet the needs of all

NCAC stakeholders.

To be considered for any position at NCAC you must:

– complete a NCAC Application Form

– address each of the Selection Criteria

– include a current resume

Application Forms and the Selection Criteria are available from our


Please read the position description and selection criteria carefully.

Applications close: Friday 12 September 2008.

Communication Specialist, International Service, Sevare, Mali

*** From Christine L. Campbell:

Dear Sir,

I would like to submit the following ad for posting on your website. Please let me know if you need any additional information. Thank you.

Christine L. Campbell

National Association of Attorneys General

47.) Director of Communications, National Association of Attorneys General, Washington, DC

National Association of Attorneys General seeks Director to facilitate internal communications for the membership, including research, writing, editing, and producing publications, reports, newsletters and news releases, speech writing and website based information. Responsibilities includes responding to information requests from the media and the public; facilitating needs of 56 state/territory public information officers; coordinating media during Association meetings/press events; and overseeing content of website based membership services. At least 5 years relevant experience, with demonstrated success in working in pressurized field, meeting deadlines, and responding to many constituents. Hill writing experience and ability to respond quickly a plus. Requirements: Excellent writing skills, excellent judgment in bipartisan political environment, Internet savvy, capable of juggling many tasks and assignments, and strong interpersonal skills. Salary $85K – $95K. Submit resume with cover letter and salary history/requirements to Christine Campbell, NAAG, 2030 M Street, NW, 8th Floor, Washington, DC 20036, fax to 202 331-1427, Further information and a complete job description can be found at No phone calls. EOE

48.) Graphic Designer / Marketing Assistant, Cormack Anest Iwata Pty, Ltd., Sydney, NSW, Australia

We are a national supplier of spray painting equipment, based in Seven

Hills, and we are looking for a graphic designer / marketing assistant.

The successful applicant will have the opportunity to exercise their

creative flair and copy writing skills in the design and maintenance of

our website, advertising and promotional material and brochures, whilst

also utilizing their marketing, clerical, and event organising skills in

this role.

Duties will include assistance in the development of an e-commerce site,

preparation and analysis of marketing reports, liaising with printers

and other marketing service suppliers, dealing with customer enquiries,

taking orders over the phone when necessary and all clerical duties

relating to marketing.

Experience with Adobe, Illustrator, Photoshop, In Design and Microsoft

office essential and great internet skills would be an asset. Ideally

the successful candidate will have marketing qualifications or several

years experience in a marketing environment.

Contact Lyn on 02-9853-2022 or email a letter of application and your

resume to

49.) Media & Public Outreach Specialist, Federal Communications Commission, Washington, DC

Announcement Number: DEU-PSHS-2008-0022


Salary Range: $82,961.00 TO $107,854.00

Open Period: 08/25/2008 – 09/08/2008


51.) Graphic Designer/Art Director, Rooftop Communications, Baltimore, Maryland

52.) Director of Communications, OWN, Los Angeles, CA

Currently staffing a full public relations team for OWN, a new multi-platform venture designed to empower, entertain and uplift. OWN staff and operations will be based in Los Angeles.

The Director, Communications develops and implements strategic publicity initiatives to increase awareness and drive demand for this fast paced emerging cable channel. Previous management experience is preferred.


1.Manage communication by developing and implementing classic and innovative strategies to secure positive coverage of assigned programming via the press.

2.Create newsworthy press releases, biographies, items and pitches in a timely manner.

3.Cultivate relationships with trade and consumer press, as well as online bloggers to pitch unique angles in a competitive media climate.

4.Prepare executives with key messages and talking points for each interview.

5.Work closely and in partnership with network counterparts to craft the image and positively promote the channel’s initiatives to generate press coverage. Identify key opportunities to create a bigger story.

6.Prepare weekly department status reports outlining current pitch angles and confirmed press coverage. Maintain positive press quote database on assigned programming.

7.Maintain strong contact with creative and production executives for each assigned show to gather information and elements needed to promote assigned projects.


* Minimum 5-7 years publicity related experience in entertainment

* Strategic thinker able to conceive and manage key messaging in not only how programming is positioned and promoted, but in also identifying opportunities for exploitation and buzz generation.

* Must be computer literate and able to work with Microsoft word and excel

* Sound work ethic, desire and commitment to accept increasingly greater challenges and responsibilities

* Knowledge of online, television programming and cable television industry.

* Superior interpersonal and written communications skills

* Ability to manage messaging in a crisis

* Key contacts with the electronic, print and online press as well as digital community including bloggers and social networks.

* Team player who can execute independently in the fast-paced media environment

* A Bachelor’s Degree

* Must have the legal right to work in the United States

As a Discovery employee, if you accept a position with OWN you will no longer be eligible for any Discovery benefits. Your employment will end with Discovery and your length of service with Discovery will not be credited towards your new position with OWN for purposes of determining benefits eligibility.***

53.) Media specialist (Technology and Biotechnology), Buchan Consulting Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Buchan Consulting has a challenging and exciting role in our technology

team as a media specialist and writer in our Melbourne office. Buchan

has a strong track record providing advice and Public Relations services

to the biotechnology and ICT (Information Communication Technology)

industries in Australasia.

We are looking for a candidate with strong media and writing skills

broadly covering the following activities:

* Research and analysis

* Interviewing

* Development of media releases, media backgrounders, fact sheets, and


* Development of media programs

* Media placement and pitching

* Active media engagement and relationship building

* Editing, technology translation, and refinement of documents

* Client servicing /interaction

Ideally you will have 5+ years experience in journalism or PR, and will

have a relevant undergraduate degree in science, media or IT. You may be

working in communications in a university or research institution.

Our clients include research organisatons, biotechnology companies,

pharmaceutical companies, government, Internet telephony, and web-based

IT companies. For further information:

Competitive salary commensurate with experience.

Please send your resume to Rebecca Wilson, Principal

and Kyahn Timms, Account Director

*** From Laura Dossa:

54.) Managing Associate, CLS, Washington, DC

Chlopak, Leonard, Schechter & Associates (CLS), a leading strategic communications firm specializing in public affairs, corporate, crisis and international public relations, is seeking multiple candidates for a managing associate position. CLS deals in high-stakes arenas and is looking for smart, motivated people to join our team of consultants.

Our clients range from Fortune 100 corporations to high-profile individuals, from foreign governments and international organizations to trade associations and non-profits. Clients view us as trusted consultants, integral to their team. CLS' size limits bureaucracy and enhances interaction between the firm's junior associates and mid- and senior level management.

Strategic-minded, energetic professionals with superior writing skills and a passion for communications are encouraged to apply. CLS offers a competitive salary, bonus/profit sharing and health and retirement benefits.

Ideal candidates for the managing associate position should have 4+ years experience in public affairs, public relations, and corporate/crisis communications. Experience on Capitol Hill or in the media, a PR agency, a non-profit group or a trade association is desirable.

Please email your resume and cover letter to Please write “MA” in the subject line. For more information about CLS, please visit our website at

*** From Scott R. Talan, MPA:

Ned-Here is our job listing.



Scott R. Talan, MPA

Director of Marketing & Public Affairs


Main MPA/MPP Website:

Job & Career:

You Tube:


55.) Marketing Assistant, NASPAA/APPAM/ASPA Job Board, Washington, DC

Marketing Assistant for NASPAA/APPAM/ASPA Job Board, 15 hrs/week, flexible schedule is the premier job board for graduates of schools of public affairs, public policy, and public administration to find jobs in their field, and for employers in professional public service fields to find the best qualified people. It is a partnership of three leading organizations in this field: NASPAAA/APPAM/ASPA*, and since 2006 has featured dozens of paid ads each month. (See These organizations seek to increase the visibility, use, and ad placements on the board, and we seek a motivated, high energy and resourceful graduate student (or exceptional undergraduate) with a keen interest in marketing, business (especially as it pertains to non profits and web commerce), and promoting public service.

15 hours/week @ $12-14 /hr, depending on education and experience


1/3 of time on sales: calling past and potential advertisers on the job board, and working to increase interest, awareness, and advertising on the board.

1/3 of time conducting research and analysis of trends and opportunities regarding job board, to identify what has worked and what has not.

1/3 of time developing and implementing marketing strategies for a job board for professional jobs in public service and public affairs education. This could include designing marketing materials (with assistance of other staff), doing direct mailing and direct emailing, discount and promotion campaigns, making presentations to meetings or groups, etc.

You will report to NASPAA Executive Director, who will administer the position, and work closely with the APPAM Executive Director in completing a weekly work plan.

The hours are flexible, subject to consultation with NASPAA, but should be proposed in blocks of at least 4 hours per day, and up to 8. The position does not pay benefits, and can be configured as a part-time position on a quarterly basis, with possible renewal. NASPAA is an equal opportunity employer, and is located at 1029 Vermont Avenue, Washington DC, one block from the McPherson Square metro station.

For more information about the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration, the American Society for Public Administration, and the Association of Public Policy Analysis and Management, ASPA, and APPAM, see;, and

Application Process:

Interested individuals should submit a brief application letter and resume via email to No phone calls, please. The application letter should show that the applicant understands the purpose of the job board, the mission of the organizations involved, as well as the relationship of the applicant’s experience, skills, and abilities to NASPAA’s position requirements.

The position is available to start by mid-September, though there is some flexibility as to start date. Review of applications will begin September 10, 2008 but will continue until the position is filled.

An applicant may submit names of references and writing samples with the application letter and resume; however, these supplemental materials will not be reviewed in the initial stage. A limited number of applicants will be selected for interviews; names of references will be requested from finalists following initial interviews

56.) Communications Director – Corporate Finance, Lockheed Martin, Bethesda, MD

57.) Manager of Corporate Communications, Jostens, Minneapolis, Minnesota

58.) Media Buyer, Ocean Media, Huntington Beach, California

59.) Advertising Account Executive, Juniper Content Corporation, New York and Texas

60.) Sr. Associate Producer, Fox Sports International, Fox Networks Group, Los Angeles, CA

61.) Account Executive, DailyCandy, Detroit, MI

62.) Account Executive, The Knot, NY, NY

*** JOTW Alternative Selection, submitted by Mark Sofman:

For anyone who wishes for a “roll up the sleeves and get down in the muck” job situation

63.) SEWER REHAB TECHNICIAN, City of Lafayette, Lafayette, IN

DUTIES: ability to understand general sewer line and manhole construction, maintenance, and repair. Ability to determine and correct problems pertaining to sewer complaint calls. Ability to communicate to the public for sewer complaint calls. Ability to operate a variety of equipment including pick-up truck, dump truck, sewer rodding and cleaning equipment, mower, front end loader, jet trucks, boom truck, bobcat and other equipment.

REQUIREMENTS: High school diploma or GED or equivalent combination of training and/or work experience in a related field. Must posses a valid CDL Class B driver's license with air brake and tanker endorsement and demonstrated safe driving

record. Shift 8:00a.m. – 4:00p.m. Monday – Friday


$16.88 – $19.45/hour.

Applications are available in the Human Resources Department located at City Hall, 20 N. 6th Street, Lafayette, IN 47901. The application Deadline is 4:30 pm September 11, 2008. The City of

Lafayette is an Equal

Opportunity Employer.

(Manhole repair…I love fixing manholes.)

*** Or this alternate alternative selection:

For anyone interested in something kinder and gentler than the NFL:

64.) Flag Football Referee, Lionville Community YMCA, Berwyn , PA

Description: Do you want more out of the football season than watching the Eagles on TV? Be a flag football referee at the Lionville Community YMCA. Officiate the games in our Men's League Saturday afternoons, 12:00 to 5:00.

For more information, or to apply now, you must go to the website below. Please do not email your resume to us as we only accept applications through our website.

YMCA of the Upper Main Line

1416 Berwyn-Paoli Road

Berwyn PA 19312 US

*** Weekly Piracy Report:

30.08.2008: 2330 LT: Posn: 05:13N – 004:02E: Port Abidjan Anchorage, Ivory Coast

Duty crew onboard a tanker spotted a robber at poop deck. Bridge was informed and alarm raised. The robber jumped overboard escaping with ship’s stores.

25.08.2008: 0030 LT: Posn: 06:10.7N-003:23.8E, Lagos anchorage, Nigeria.

Robbers armed with long knives boarded an anchored chemical tanker. They stole ship’s stores. Duty crew spotted them and informed duty officer who raised alarm and alerted crewmembers. Robbers escaped.

24.08.2008: 2340 LT: Posn: 41:30.30N – 009:16.0E, Golfe de Porto Novo, Corsica.

Four armed robbers boarded an anchored yacht and stole valuables and personal property of crew and passengers. Local police are investigating the incident.

30.08.2008: 0001 LT: Posn: 06:47.4S – 039:40.2E, Dar es Salaam Roads, Tanzania.

Three pirates armed with knives boarded a container ship drifting. Another three pirates were noticed climbing up using a knotted line. However, when the pirates were noticed, ship raised alarm and started engine. The pirates fled empty handed.

30.08.2008: 04:30 LT: Posn: 00:04.8S – 117:34.3E, Santan Port, Indonesia.

Several robbers boarded a LPG tanker at anchor at the forward mooring station. Ship raised alarm and the intruders escaped in a waiting boat. Due to heavy rain, Master unable to confirm the number of robbers and the weapons. Ship’s stores were stolen.

29.08.2008: 1350 UTC: Posn: 13:12N – 046:37E, Gulf Of Aden.

Armed pirates in speedboats attacked and hijacked a chemical tanker underway. The vessel is reportedly headed towards Somali Waters. No further information is currently available.

29.08.2008: 2005 LT: Posn: 06:46.95S – 039:21.68E, Dar es Salaam Anchorage, Tanzania.

Robbers boarded a container ship at anchor. Duty crew noticed one robber on the stbd side armed with a knife. The robber threw a lashing bar towards the duty crew who escaped and informed the bridge. Alarm raised, crew mustered and rushed to forecastle. The robbers escaped upon hearing the alarm. Crew found one container opened and ship's stores stolen. Port Control informed. Ship weighed anchor and proceeded further out to sea for drifting.

*** Diversity Military Job Fair — National Harbor, MD * October 3

Looking for your next employment opportunity? Then attend the Diversity Military Job Fair at the Gaylord National Hotel on Friday, October 3 at the Gaylord Hotel in National Harbor, Maryland. Job fair hours are 10 am to 3 pm. Especially for diverse transitioning and former military personnel with varied backgrounds but open to all!

Don't miss this opportunity to meet face-to-face with over 70 diversity-friendly employers looking to hire talented and motivated individuals. Free to all job seekers. Pre-registration for both job seekers and employers can be done through (select the link — Diversity Military Friendly Job Fair).

Questions? Send e-mail to

*** Corporate Gray Job Fair — Springfield, VA * September 19

The next Corporate Gray Job Fair for the Military Community will be held on Friday, September 19 at the Waterford, located at 6715 Commerce Street in Springfield, Virginia. Job fair hours are 10 am to 2 pm with two excellent employment-related seminars starting at 8 am and 9 am. This job fair is free to all job seekers and especially for transitioning and former military personnel. Civilian job seekers are also welcome and encouraged to attend! Over 90 companies and government agencies will be participating. For more information and to pre-register, visit

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