JOTW Rock n' Roll Trivia Quiz for 17 November 2008

Boston's WBCN-FM was a pioneer in alternative “Underground Radio” music format, going all the way back to 1969. Charles Laquidara was a WBCN personality with his morning show, The Big Mattress, on the air in the Boston market from 1969–1995. Laquidara was hired at WBCN to replace a DJ who left the station to join an up-and-coming band in the Boston music scene that achieved considerable success. Who was the DJ and what band was he the frontman for? (Bonus: The DJ/singer had a hot wife. Who was she?)

Charles Laquidara replaced Peter Wolf as a disc jockey on transformational WBCN-FM in Boston when commercially successful stereo Rock radio was coming into its own. Wolf joined the J. Geils Blues Band as front man. The band later dropped the “blues” from their name. He left the band in 1983. Wolf was married to the certifiably-hot Faye Dunaway from 1974 to 1979.

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    I fondly remember listening to Charles Laquidara from 1982 to 1990 when I lived and worked in the metro Boston area. He taught me the value of using the Yiddish word mishegas in my everyday vocabulary.

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