Your Very Next Step newsletter for January 2009

Your Very Next Step newsletter for January 2009

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*** In this issue:

*** Travel News

*** Thinking of visiting the Nation's capital for the Inauguration?

*** World premiere of “Journey to Mecca”

*** YVNS recipe of the month: Malay Bagadils

*** Ice Queen Gwen Saunders and those Ice Festivals

*** Sarah Armstrong reports from Sierra Leone

*** YVNS “Sport You Must Try” for January: Winter surfing in New England

*** Best Job in the World

*** Historic Hagerstown?

*** Travel/Outdoors and Adventure jobs (a dozen of them at least)

1.) Professional Ski Patroller, Heavenly Mountain Resort, Vail Resorts Management Company, South Lake Tahoe, CA

2.) TV 8 Intern / Production Assistant, Vail Mountain, Vail, CO

3.) Aircraft Electrical Design Engineer, GoGo, Aircell, Itasca, IL

4.) Director of Public Relations, Terranea Resort, Destination Hotels & Resorts, Lowe Hospitality Group, Rancho Palos Verdes, California

5.) Park Guide, Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, National Park Service, Department Of The Interior, Organ Pipe National Monument, AZ

6.) International Tourism Consultant, United Nations Development Programme, Novi Pazar, Serbia

7.) RETAIL STORE HOURLY JOBS, Recreational Equipment, Inc., (REI), Nationwide

8.) Travel Photographer, Frommer's Travel Guides, Hoboken, NJ

9.) Recreation Spec. (Outdoor/Community Activities), United States Coast Guard, Department Of Homeland Security, U.S. Coast Guard, Training Center –

Yorktown, Comptroller and Personnel Support Division, Comptroller

Branch, MWR Section, Yorktown, VA

10.) Waiters/Waitresses, Seabourn Cruise Lines, Various

11.) Coordinator, Martu Ranger Program (southern zone), Western Desert Lands

Aboriginal Corporation, Jigalong, Western Australia


…and that aforementioned best job in the world…

…and much more…and it’s all FREE!!!

*** Here’s the YVNS Travel News for January:


***How does your airline board the aircraft? Back to front? From the window seats to the aisles? Check this sit out and see what system your airline uses:

*** From ATW Daily News:

McCain seeks to abolish “perimeter rules” for Washington National and New York LaGuardia.

US Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and John Ensign (R-Nev.) this week introduced legislation to abolish the “perimeter rules” that restrict flights to/from Washington National and New York LaGuardia. Federal statute prohibits flights between DCA and airports beyond 1,250 mi., though several notable exceptions have been made. A similar 1,500 mi. restriction is imposed on LGA with an exception made for service to Denver. McCain, who returned to the Senate this week following his failed presidential campaign, long has been a proponent of eliminating the perimeters and was involved actively in the passage of an exception to allow flights between DCA and Phoenix, his home city. Exceptions also have been granted for limited flights between DCA and DEN, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City and Seattle.


*** Thinking of visiting the Nation’s capital for the Inauguration?

Beginning at 2 a.m. Tuesday, January 20, personal vehicles (cars, SUVs, pickups, vans, etc.) will not be allowed to enter Washington from Virginia. Those driving are encouraged to seek out public transportation to access the District on Inauguration Day. (See Public Transit Resources for more information). Personal vehicles will only be able to enter Washington by driving in from designated Maryland routes.

Inauguration Traffic/Event Resources

Visitors are encouraged to stay informed of traffic and weather conditions by checking the following Web sites before traveling:

• District of Columbia’s Inaugural Web site

Official Inaugural Web site

• Washington Post

WTOP Radio

• National Weather Service:

For Virginia-specific information log onto the Virginia State Police Web site at

*** From Hwee Suan Ong:

World premiere of “Journey to Mecca”

“Journey to Mecca” is a film about Ibn Battuta’s journey to perform the haj; the fifth pillar of Islam, and an obligation that must be carried out at least once in the lifetime of every able-bodied Muslim who can afford to do so.

A 21-year old scholar, Ibn Battuta set off from his home in Tangier, and travelled some 3,000 miles to Mecca. Along the way, he met with a fellow brother, who became his protector, guide and friend. The film is a visual feast of breathtaking desert landscapes, and an unprecedented access to Mecca, the holy city that non-Muslims are not allowed to visit. “Journey to Mecca” presents real scenes of millions of pilgrims performing their annual haj. The sight is mesmerizing. And it is most dramatic to see millions of people from all corners of the world and all walks of life come together, and become equal, and one in the name of Allah.

“Journey to Mecca” held its premiere on the grounds of the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi on 7 Jan 2009. Ibn Battuta is regarded as the Arab world's greatest traveler who had traveled three times more than Marco Polo. After Mecca, he continued to travel, pursue knowledge and made friends from people throughout Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. I hope this film travels far and wide too.

(This conversation led to another conversation, about food…)

*** From Hwee Suan Ong, originally from Singapore and now living and working in Abu Dhabi:

My fave Malay food is bagadils. I ALWAYS eat them whenever I go to a Malay foodstall.

Bagadils (Malay potato patty with beef)


4 large potatoes – skin peeled, diced, boiled and mashed

1 large onion – diced

2 sticks celery – diced (optional)

2 garlic – diced

1 spring onion chopped

1 egg (beaten)

Minced beef



Oil for deep frying


Heat oil. Fry onions, garlic, celery.

Add beef to mixture. Fry.

Add celery. Fry.

Add spring onions.

Mix all into mashed potatoes. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Shape mixture into balls (size of golf balls). Flatten them lightly.

Heat oil.

Coat patty with egg.

Drop into hot oil, fry till lightly brown.

Serve with salad.

*** Suan sends this along, too:

Australia offers 'best job in world' on paradise island

SYDNEY (AFP) – An Australian state is offering internationally what it calls “the best job in the world” — earning a top salary for lazing around a beautiful tropical island for six months.

The job pays 150,000 Australian dollars (105,000 US dollars) and includes free airfares from the winner's home country to Hamilton Island on the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland's state government announced on Tuesday.

In return, the “island caretaker” will be expected to stroll the white sands, snorkel the reef, take care of “a few minor tasks” — and report to a global audience via weekly blogs, photo diaries and video updates.

The successful applicant, who will stay rent-free in a three-bedroom beach home complete with plunge pool and golf buggy, must be a good swimmer, excellent communicator and be able to speak and write English.

“They'll also have to talk to media from time to time about what they're doing so they can't be too shy and they'll have to love the sea, the sun, the outdoors,” said acting state Premier Paul Lucas.

“The fact that they will be paid to explore the islands of the Great Barrier Reef, swim, snorkel and generally live the Queensland lifestyle makes this undoubtedly the best job in the world.”

Lucas said the campaign was part of a drive to protect the state's 18 billion Australian dollar a year tourism industry during the tough economic climate caused by the global financial meltdown.

“Traditional tourism advertising just doesn't cut it sometimes and we are thinking outside the box by launching this campaign.”

Queensland Tourism Minister Desley Boyle said some people might question whether it was risky to let an unknown person become an unofficial tourism spokesperson for the state.

“I think the biggest risk will be that the successful candidate won't want to go home at the end of the six months,” she said.

“This is a legitimate job which is open to anyone and everyone.”

Applications are open until February 22. Eleven shortlisted candidates will be flown to Hamilton Island in early May for the final selection process and the six month contract will commence on July 1.

Job-seekers can apply on

*** Where Does the Dollar Do Best?

Frommer's Global Price Index for January 2009

*** Gwen Saunders, about those Ice Festivals:

You list four U.S. ice festivals. You should go international and include

the Sapporo Snow & Ice Festival (Sapporo Yuri Matsui) that takes place on

the Japanese island of Hokkaido. (According to the Web, it's Feb. 5-11,

2009.) I went to it in 1980 when I was stationed in Japan. It's fabulous:

Roast chestnuts or roast ears of corn in the husks fresh off grills from

vendors, street lights illuminating gigantic ice and snow sculptures of

warriors, castles, mythic creatures, the Seven Lucky Gods – anything the

sculptor could imagine. And the skiing wasn't bad, either.


(As you can see I am pretty lazy. I use what's already written. I'm just

not very original.)

I should be so lazy! I thought of it when I saw your promised listings

yesterday. Oddly enough, I remember the specific food at the festival rather

than specific statues. I look back and relate every place to what I ate. Why

I'm not as big as a house instead of just a small cabin is a source of daily


But your airport listings … It's been a while since I've flown

extensively, but I always loved Logan, and Philly was home base. I take

umbrage at it's top-of-the-list position as most stressful, especially

beating out JFK and Newark – I spent a week in Newark one night waiting on a

delayed departure due to weather and who can love JFK? Since moving here,

though, I have to say that my favorite airports are Savannah – very

friendly, Dallas-Ft. Worth – love the concourse and I prefer BWI of the

three D.C.-area terminals.

Love to travel, love to eat. Maybe I should investigate travel writing to

great food destinations …!

As for original – you're a big picture original. Who else would link

employment opportunities with piracy reports?


*** I’ve never stayed there, but this looks like a cool hotel:

The Four Seasons Bali at Sayan Ubud

*** Take a dip in the coolest hotel pools in the world:

The coolest hotel suites in the world:

*** From Sarah Armstrong:

Report from A Brighter Tomorrow for Africa Foundation (BTA) December 2008

This was my sixth trip to Sierra Leone, West Africa, the country in which I have been working with community-based organizations for over three years. I have been fortunate on all of my trips to see a great deal of the country including all four provinces and many of the districts and towns. This year, I spent time in the Upper Banta Chiefdom in the Moyamba District, parts of the Bonthe District, the town of Makeni, the Bombali District, and Koidu Town in the Kono District, where the diamonds are mined.

I also spent considerable time in the capital, Freetown, a city that was built for 250,000 people but, because of the war, now has over 1 million people looking for work and trying to establish their lives.

BTA has an office in Freetown with a wonderful Programme Assistant, Abu Bakarr Kamara. He ensures that the funding we send from the States goes directly to those in need. He also provides regular reports on the work we are doing with the organizations BTA is supporting. I met with the directors of each of these organizations to review the latest status of their programs. A summary follows:

National Accountability Group: On December 9, we celebrated International Anti-Corruption Day with a gathering of hundreds of students from the areas in and around Freetown. We hosted a parade and a celebration and then conducted a meeting with Abdul Tejan Cole, The Anti-Corruption Commissioner of Sierra Leone. The Human Rights Commissioner of Sierra Leone and the Director of National Accountability Group, Lavina Banduah, were also part of the meeting. I talked about how our supporters in the US want to help reduce, and eventually eliminate, corruption in Sierra Leone. Others in the meeting, all important stakeholders in the fight against corruption in their country, underscored the importance of this objective. Additionally, students in the BTA-funded Sewing Seeds of Integrity Program performed skits that demonstrated how to respond to corruption in the families, schools, workplace and communities. This program features an education module that spreads the anti-corruption message throughout primary and secondary schools. It aims to teach children to be “corrupt free” at an early age and share this message with all those with whom they connect.

Children of the Nations:

School Feeding Program: We’re currently feeding over 400 children a day at a primary school where we provide milk in the morning and a full lunch later in the day. It’s the only nutritious meal these kids get. We’ve seen very good results – not only in weight gain but in academic improvement among all of the students. In fact, this past year, all of those who took the national exams from our school passed! The problem is there are many more children who want to join the program. We’ve met with both teachers and students to understand how much this program needs to expand its coverage.

Malnourished Preschoolers: We funded a program for malnourished children up until this past summer when it seemed that we had addressed the needs of all of the tiny ones in the area. The children were cared for near our school for one month and then the mothers were taught how to take care of these children and were given seeds and other items to continue the feeding program once they returned to their villages. These children had been from nearby villages but now we’ve seen that mothers from 8 and 10 miles away want and need to be in the program as well.

FreeTong Players: These are a group of performing artists who want to educate kids about their country and national history through song, dance and plays. The head of the organization, Charlie Haffner, has a wonderful, sustainable idea of renovating a series of school buildings located just outside of Freetown and turning them into a teaching and secondary school level “college.” The first step is to bring teachers into the college for three months to train them in using performing arts as a mechanism to enhance the education of students ages 10 – 18.

They then return to their schools throughout Sierra Leone to incorporate what they learned into the student curricula. We would also use the school as a camp for children to provide educational skill building through performing arts. For this project, we are asking for funding to renovate the buildings and supply the school with materials. Once that is completed, Charlie and his community will teach throughout the year.

Children’s Learning Services: To counter the effects of a bloody, 10-year war, we are helping to spread the message of peace as well as teaching the tools to handle conflict in non-violent ways. We are establishing “Peace Clubs” in the North and hope to expand this program to reach as many teachers and students as possible. This program will be self-sustaining in that eventually the students will teach other students and the skill building will spread throughout the country. On this trip, we went to Makeni and surrounding villages to meet with students and elders of the communities and chiefdom authorities. All share in the conviction that peace-building activities are essential to the future of their country.

Market Women’s Association: The illiteracy rate among women in Sierra Leone is 85%. The program we launched this year is aimed at substantially reducing that number while empowering as many women as possible. We began by training a cadre of 50 women. Then, starting in Freetown, this group is teaching women how to read and write as well as showing them how to make and sell things in the local market. This trip, we met with many of the new trainers who are clearly very enthusiastic about the training and transferring their knowledge to others as the program moves forward to others in the area.

Additional Activities During this Trip

• Rotary Club of Sierra Leone: I met with the club’s president and was invited to their holiday party in Freetown. Since I am a member of Rotary in McLean, VA, we are hoping to team with this club for helping Sierra Leone.

• Girl Scouts: At the request of The National Capital Area Girl Scouts, I met with the Girl Scouts (called Guides) in Freetown. I had a wonderful meeting with them and hope to arrange a joint project between the Freetown and the National Capital Area girls.

• Side Trips: In an effort to get to know as much as possible about the country, I also took trips to Bonthe Island and Kono. Bonthe is an island founded by the British and it was one of the places where slaves were traded in the 1800s. It was also where the British brought the queen during the Second World War to protect her. Kono is the largest diamond mining area in Sierra Leone and where much of the story took place in the film Blood Diamond. We were able to tour two of the mines while we were there are well as see the city. Kono was totally destroyed by the rebels during the war and 90% of the youth are still unemployed as jobs have yet to be recreated after the impact of conflict.

For Much Appreciated Donations, you can visit our website at where we accept credit through PayPal or checks can be sent to: 6886 McLean Province Circle, Falls Church, VA 22043. Thank You!

Sarah Armstrong, Director, BTA.

*** A good old boat, from a email newsletter received by Debra Caplick:

Hi Ned,

This is a little beyond the reach of the JOTW, but I thought perhaps you might have some sailing contacts on the East Coast that would be interested in this boat?


Debra Bethard-Caplick, MS, MBA, APR

Strategic Communications

Dear Good Old Boat Subscriber,

Something just came up that you (or someone you know) may want to know.

Holly Siegel sent this message:

“I have a 1962 Seafarer Polaris, 26 feet, designed by William Tripp. My

husband was restoring her until he became ill and passed away. I have

been trying to sell her for a year with no luck. At this time my

landlords are threatening to destroy her if I don't have her out of

here by January 1. I just heard of your website. Maybe you'd have an


Since that message — with an impossible deadline — arrived, we have

had several email conversations with Holly. Knowing that there is hope

for the boat, her landlords have postponed the deadline until January

31. Her Seafarer Polaris is located in Delmar, Delaware, and is being

offered free to a good home.

Holly attached a photo of the boat. We have posted it for you onn this

page: .

Holly's email address is:, or you can call her

cell phone: 302-258-4919.

This is the sort of project boat that might get a new good old boater

started or it might be just right for you or another reader like you.

Happy New Year from Karen, Jerry, and the Good Old Boat crew!

*** The YVNS sport of the month that Ned has never heard of:

Winter surfing in New England

“No surfing in Dorchester Bay,” lamented the lyric of a punk-era chestnut by the Gremmies. The idea of hanging 10 here seems even more incongruous in winter months, but it turns out that, while our seacoast is still no Waikiki, winter is prime time for surfing here. The waves are bigger, the crowds smaller, the vibe laid back. Still, even devotees will tell you that a surfer must be crazy – and covered in thick neoprene from head to toe – to consider braving the chill.

“I like surfing when the waves are bigger, cleaner, and more consistent,” says former Gremmie Ralph Fatello, who works at Cinnamon Rainbows surf shop in Hampton, N.H., runs, and produces surfing documentaries. “Unfortunately, that's mostly in the fall, when it's cold, and the winter, when it's really cold. It's not for the faint of heart.”

Where to do it Don't expect regulars to point out their surfing sweet spots. “Preserve some of the spirit of adventure and discovery,” Fatello says. “Go and find it on your own, like I did.” Poke around Boston's North Shore; Ogunquit, York, or Kittery Point in Maine; Hampton Beach in New Hampshire; or the outer edges of Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island.

*** L Street Brownies Shake Off Cold For Polar Plunge

The L Street Brownies braved the cold once again and kicked off the New Year with their traditional plunge into Boston Harbor Tuesday.

Dozens of men, women, and children took the quick dash along the beach into the chilly water in South Boston just after 9 a.m. – when the water temperature was about 41 degrees.

The polar plunge has been held for more than 100 years. The Brownies say they are the oldest polar bear swimming club in America.

Several swimmers used the event to raise money for charity.

*** L Street Brownies

L Street, South Boston

These are a bunch of mainly 50-something guys who run into Dorchester Bay every New Year's Day clad only in tiny bathing suits. You can find them at the L Street Bathhouse, built by the immortal James Michael Curley.

*** And this…from 2009:

*** Boston is not alone:

*** New Yorkers, of course, say they were first:

*** Some swims raise money:

*** From Connie Mayse:

Dear Ned,

Some people in the Cleveland area (this writer is not among them) like to take a brisk, envigorating dip into Lake Erie on News Year's Day – here's the story:

Instead, here's how we celebrated the New Year: Mike and I checked into the Glidden House, a really nice independent hotel in the European bed-and-breakfast style. Went to the lounge for a drink and found a New Year's Eve wedding celebration winding down – the bride wore a red and black gown, the groom a white dinner jacket. Headed to Severance Hall for a really nice prix fixe dinner, then to the concert hall for an evening with the Cleveland Pops Orchestra. Audience members were issued party horns, which we used to “sit in” with the orchestra on two numbers, directed by maestro Carl Topilow. Guest artists, The 3 Redneck Tenors, took the stage. Hilarity ensued, followed by dancing to our choice of two live bands. Watched the ball drop back at the Glidden House and shook our heads at Dick Clark's efforts to host his “rockin' New Year's Eve” party. In the morning, we enjoyed a well-stocked communal breakfast buffet before heading out to fuel the local economy by checking out furniture sales (bought a sofa and a bed).

Here's hoping 2009 is fun and prosperous for you and yours! cj

Connie J. Mayse

*** Historic Hagerstown?

I was driving past Hagerstown on my way up and back to New England for the New Year’s holiday (it saves a lot of aggravation going I81 and I84 instead of I95). I later looked up Hagerstown’s airport because there are some massive hangars there. Turns out this is where Fairchild Aircraft built their famous C-119 Flying Box Cars – more than a thousand of them in the 1950s and 1960s. The company was based here until 1984. The By the looks of it, this JATO-assisted aircraft has seen some hard firefighting duty of late, but looks to be in superb shape.

The Fairchild Hiller FH-227, C-26 Metroliner, and Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II were also built here.

Hagerstown used to be the home of Henson Aviation, now based at Salisbury. MD, under the name of Piedmont Aviation. The field is named in Richard Henson’s honor. It’s sort of close to some big airports, but not so close. So it is seeking some “Essential Air Service” providers. One of the bidders is a company that runs limos, and has never run an airline before. How hard can it be?

Of interest to travelers, Hagerstown is now served by Allegiant Airlines, which specializes in flying from underserved airports to destinations such as Orlando. I don’t know anyone who has flown this airline, but it seems like a good business plan to avoid the competition and offer low fares to people who would otherwise have to travel to Baltimore, Harrisburg or Washington.

*** Travel/Outdoors and Adventure jobs:

1.) Professional Ski Patroller, Heavenly Mountain Resort, Vail Resorts Management Company, South Lake Tahoe, CA

Heavenly Professional Patrol is hiring experienced ski patrollers for the 2008-2009 season. Heavenly is a fast paced Class “A” avalanche destination resort on the south shore of Lake Tahoe . We are seeking hard working and dedicated professionals to join our team for the upcoming season and beyond. Applicants must possess EMT or OEC and CPR certifications and be a strong skier. The season goes from late November to late April. Wages DOE.

Heavenly offers competitive benefits including health insurance.

Contact Heavenly Human Resources at (530) 542-5180 or visit for online application.

2.) TV 8 Intern / Production Assistant, Vail Mountain, Vail, CO

The intern will gain a general overview of the television productions industry. Will be exposed to a broad spectrum of positions within the department, including but not limited to: production, camera operation, and audio. Will complete work as assigned to various positions working with the daily live show production. Other tasks and responsibilities as assigned.


Must be a high school or college student.

Must be willing to commit at least 6 weeks to the position.

No background in television is required, but must demonstrate an interest in learning more about the television business.

Must adhere to early morning call-time of 6:30am.

Strong communication skills are required.

A professional demeanor and appearance are required.

3.) Aircraft Electrical Design Engineer, GoGo, Aircell, Itasca, IL

Aircell is the world's leading provider of airborne communications. Gogo, powered by Aircell, turns a commercial airplane into a Wi-Fi hotspot with true inflight Internet access. We are hiring talented professionals who share our vision for providing premiere communication services to the aviation markets and making broadband on airplanes a reality. COME ABOARD A WINNING TEAM!

Aircell offers an excellent compensation and benefits package. Aircell employees receive comprehensive group insurance programs including health, dental, and vision coverage. In addition, employees receive life insurance coverage, plus short- and long-term disability insurance. Employees can elect to participate in a 125 pre-tax benefit program for health or dependent-care expenses, as well as a generous 401(k) investment plan. Employees also receive paid vacation and 8 paid holidays per year.

The Aircraft Electrical Design Engineer is responsible for Electrical design, drawings and assemblies of system components/equipment on all airplane models.

Key Responsibilities:

* Responsible for Electrical design, drawings and assemblies of system components/equipment on all models of airplanes.

* Design product variations for compatibility with complex integration of hardware and software.

* Ability to use AutoCAD Lt 2007.

* Coordinate between airplane customers and suppliers to ensure the functioning and compliance of all systems and equipment.

* Apply knowledge of Electrical engineering and scientific principles to develop, design, analyze, test and validate solutions for complex systems and sub-systems.

* Design cabin systems (electrical engineering aspects) to satisfy customer, FAA and internal requirements.

* Assist with trouble shooting system anomalies and propose solutions

* Support integrated supply chain with manufacturability and obsolescence issues, product transitions to new suppliers and cost savings initiatives.

* Generate and perform system test procedures and reports

* Familiar and competent in relevant FAA regulations.


* 5+ years experience in aviation or related industry designing components and systems. Experience with Wiring Harness Assembly drawings, Wire Routing and clipping in transport category aircraft (REQUIRED).

* Bachelor*s degree in Electrical Engineering or related technical field or equivalent.

* Proficient with CAD software.

* Extensive experience with avionics systems

* Strong problem-solving and troubleshooting skills.

* Excellent communication skills with the ability to interface with customers, vendors, and other AirCell departments.

Aircell LLC is an equal opportunity employer and works in compliance with both federal and state laws. We are committed to the concept regarding Equal Employment opportunity. Qualified candidates will be considered for employment regardless of race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, marital status, medical condition or disability.


Prior to submitting your response, we encourage you to review our company web site, to learn more about us and the GoGo Inflight Internet service.

We request that you send us your response via e-mail only. In your subject line please include the position title. Your resume & cover in plain text, MS Word or RTF is welcomed at Please no agencies, phone calls, third parties.

4.) Director of Public Relations, Terranea Resort, Destination Hotels & Resorts, Lowe Hospitality Group, Rancho Palos Verdes, California


The embodiment of the classic southern California lifestyle will be

coming alive June 2009 when Terranea Resort opens along 102-acres of

irreplaceable Los Angeles shoreline. Terranea is an Earth-friendly,

picturesque Mediterranean-style hotel and real estate community,

sensitively inlaid on the breathtaking site where Hollywood favorites

like Pirates of the Caribbean have been filmed. Terranea will offer

guests and owners spectacular oceanfront views from a world-class

spa, 2 miles of on-property hiking trails and a family friendly

nine-hole golf course with short game practice facilities.


The design and development of Terranea Resort (“Terranea”) can be

attributed to the talents of the Lowe Destination Development under

the Lowe Hospitality Group, a division of Lowe Enterprises. For more

than 35years, Lowe Enterprises, (a privately held, Los Angeles-based

entity) has planned, developed and operated luxury resorts and

residential communities across the United States, such as the Resort

at Squaw Creek, The Reserve, and SunRiver Resort. For more

information about Lowe Destination Development (“LDD”), visit ; .

As part of the Lowe Hospitality Group, Destination Hotels & Resorts

will manage the operations of Terranea Resort as well as the Ocean

Villas, Ocean Casitas and Ocean Bungalows at Terranea. Widely

recognized as one of the most accomplished resort management

companies in America, Destination Hotels & Resorts currently operates

30 independent, luxury and upscale hotels, resorts and golf clubs

across the nation. For more information about Destination Hotels &

Resorts, visit their website at

; .


Destination Hotels & Resorts (“DH&R”) fosters a creative,

entrepreneurial and energetic work environment. We value passionate

people who love to be challenged and desire the freedom to contribute

to the overall success of the organization. Your role will be

integral to the success of our company. We strive to create a work

place Culture that values family, work life balance and community. We

help develop our associates and provide support for them to grow

their careers with DH&R. Our associates are proud to work here!

The Opportunity

To generate revenue for Terranea Resort and sustain the integrity of

the resort brand by working with the Vice President of Sales and

Marketing to develop and oversee the implementation of the annual

marketing, pr, e-marketing, direct mail and collateral plans. Oversee

all aspects of creation, development, implementation and management

of all branding, positioning, advertising, public relations,

collateral development and promotional programs for the resort

through internal efforts and direction of external agencies and

vendors. Providing direction and being the key contact for the

Resorts agencies and vendor relationships. Develop and implement an

on-going community relations program to support and enhance the

resorts efforts in the community. Work with VPS&M to ensure costs fit

within budget and review and report results on ROI for all programs.

ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: Includes the following: (Other duties may be

assigned) 1. Maintain complete knowledge and documentation of all

resort history/services/features/programs/hours of operation 2. Stay

abreast of trends in the industry and provide direction for the

marketing team to take advantage of those trends 3. Promote positive

relations with guests, owners, employees and community 4. Write press

releases and maintain and distribute media kits 5. Monitor Reputation

Management Tool as well as travel review web sites daily and report

reviews and responses 6. Audit resort website and partner websites

such as ALHI or Starcite for content, photography and test form

fields 7. Monthly tracking and ordering of collateral throughout the

resort 8. Attend designated trade and media trips 9. Join local

charities and organizations as appropriate 10. Attend social,

industry and community events as appropriate 11. Maintain databases

of media, community, owner and client information.

12. Entertain media clients at hotel as necessary 13. Plan and

implement media visits and media tours 14. Work in conjunction with

other departments to determine and promote newsworthy packages,

promotions and events.

15. Develop relationships with other industry professionals to create

awareness of hotel in community/region.

16. Responsible for development of hotel PR crisis plan.

17. Maintain clippings and e-marketing reports regarding hotel

18 Direct response to donation requests, maintain donation database

and arrange for displays at appropriate charitable events 19. Arrange

and direct photo/video shoots as necessary and responsible for image

library 20. Maintain relationship with real estate marketing to

ensure program and cost synergies 21. Responsible for the “look and

feel” of every resort activity regardless of department planning

events 22.Perform special projects or assignments assigned by Resort

Executive Committee


To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to

perform each essential duty satisfactorily.

The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge,

skill and/or the ability required.

1. Independent thinker with developed problem solving skills 2.

Ability to manage high volume, diverse workload and able to

prioritize and organize work assignments 3. Ability to promote

positive relationships with community, owners, clients guests and

staff 4. Ability to ensure confidentiality of guest, owner and hotel

data 5. Ability to work within a cohesive team or perform job

functions independently with minimal supervision 6. Ability to be a

clear thinker, analyze and resolve problems while exercising good

judgment 7. Creative and innovative 8. Focus attention to detail.

Proofing/re-writing other department's communications as needed 9.

Demonstrates consistent high level of professionalism 10. Must

possess excellent written and verbal communication skills 11. Ability

to remain calm and courteous with demanding/difficult situations 12.

Ability to balance time and work well with deadlines Skills and

Education Requirements 1. 3+ years upscale resort managerial

experience required, preferably 2 years in sales or marketing related

positions and/or advertising/public relations agency experience.

2. 4-year degree in business, marketing, advertising, public

relations, communications or management.

3. Excellent writing, communication and proof reading skills 4.

Computer skills to include word, excel, PowerPoint, photo shop, adobe

and database management

5.) Park Guide, Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, National Park Service, Department Of The Interior, Organ Pipe National Monument, AZ

6.) International Tourism Consultant, United Nations Development Programme, Novi Pazar, Serbia

7.) RETAIL STORE HOURLY JOBS, Recreational Equipment, Inc., (REI), Nationwide


Our store is not only a great place to shop, it's an inspiring place to work! Join our team of employees who share a love of the outdoors and a passion for providing great service.

APPLY IN PERSON AT A STORE NEAR YOU. Although we are not always actively hiring, we accept applications at all times, and encourage you to apply today! To find a store near you, use our Store Locator (see the link under “Maps” on the sidebar).

Typical full- and part-time positions include:

– Sales Specialists

– Cashier/Customer Service Specialists

– Shipping and Receiving Specialists

– Ski/Bike Shop Technicians

For all positions, we look for employees who can provide excellent service to our customers, demonstrate support and respect for their team members and have an interest in the outdoors. In addition, you must have the ability to work flexible hours, including some evenings and weekends. Previous retail sales and customer service experience is preferred.

We offer sales training to all new employees, and we support your growth via a wealth of career-building resources.

Apply today!

REI is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer.

8.) Travel Photographer, Frommer's Travel Guides, Hoboken, NJ

We are interested in working with published travel photographers. Please include any URLs where your images can be reviewed, tear sheets and stock lists of locations that you've shot in depth. We tend to select images that capture a slice of life that reflects a particular place. For a better idea of the types of images we prefer, simply take a look at any Frommer's Travel Guide.

If you are a photographer, submit your cover letter to:

Frommer's Travel Guides

ATTN: Photo Editor

Wiley Publishing, Inc.

111 River Street, 5th Floor

Hoboken, NJ 07030

9.) Recreation Spec. (Outdoor/Community Activities), United States Coast Guard, Department Of Homeland Security, U.S. Coast Guard, Training Center –

Yorktown, Comptroller and Personnel Support Division, Comptroller

Branch, MWR Section, Yorktown, VA

10.) Waiters/Waitresses, Seabourn Cruise Lines, Various

We seek committed, experienced and enthusiastic people for these challenging and rewarding roles.


To provide and maintain high service and customer care standards to our guests onboard. As a member of the ships crew you will also be required to hold a position of responsibility within the ships emergency plan. (Training for your emergency duty will be given).


Minimum age 20

Must hold a diploma from a recognized apprenticeship program, or equivalent.

Have at least two years full-time restaurant service experience in a five star establishment catering to an international clientele.

Must have good command of the English language both written and spoken.

Have a pleasant, positive and outgoing personality combined with a desire to succeed.

11.) Coordinator, Martu Ranger Program (southern zone), Western Desert Lands

Aboriginal Corporation, Jigalong, Western Australia

We are establishing an Indigenous ranger program based out of the

Western Desert communities to provide environmental services to

government using a mixture of traditional knowledge and contemporary


We need an innovative and reliable person who can work with Martu people

to develop and implement this exciting initiative.

The position will be based out of Jigalong Community and will involve

regular and significant amounts of time working in country with a team

of Martu rangers.

A commitment to training and development is essential. Environmental

science and a familiarity with Western Desert culture are highly


A generous package including housing is available. Start Feb-March 2009.

For full job description and conditions, please contact:

Applications close on Friday, 16 January 2009.


Reclamation is a contemporary water management agency striving to

assist in meeting the increasing water demands of the West while

protecting the environment. Reclamation is best known for

construction of dams, power plants and canals, including Hoover Dam

on the Colorado River, Grand Coulee Dam on the Columbia River and

Folsom Dam on the American River. Today we are the largest

wholesaler of water in the country and the second largest producer

of hydroelectric power in the western United States generating nearly

a billion dollars in power revenues. For more about the Bureau

of Reclamation, visit our website at:

A relocation/recruitment incentive may be authorized.

Embark on an exciting future! Reclamation is seeking a mid-career

professional looking for an opportunity to capitalize on their

expertise as a Supervisory Outdoor Recreation Planner. This position

serves as the technical expert and program coordinator for Recreation

Management, Concession Management, Title 28, Public Conduct rules on

Reclamation lands, and related programs.

Excellent benefit package including paid vacations, sick days,

holidays, health and life insurance, an excellent retirement package

and other work-life programs.

Under Executive Order 11935, only United States citizens and

nationals (residents of American Samoa and Swains Island) may

compete for civil service jobs.

NOTE: This Merit Promotion vacancy announcement for this position

is being advertised concurrently with Delegated Examining

Announcement (DEU) BR-DEGP-MT-08-61 (open to the public).

Applicants who are NOT current permanent or former permanent

competitive service Federal employees eligible for reinstatement, or

who are NOT eligible under special appointing authorities, should

apply under DEU vacancy announcement BR-DEGP-MT-08-61 to be

considered. Applicants who are current or former permanent

competitive service Federal employees eligible for reinstatement,

VEOA-eligible veterans, or eligible for special non-competitive

appointing authorities may apply to either announcement or both but

must submit separate applications for each announcement they wish to

be considered.

NOTE: This position is also being advertised as a Supervisory

Natural Resources Specialist, GS-0401, Announcement #'s BR-GP-MT-08-

78 and BR-DEGP-MT-08-62. Only one position may be filled from these

four announcements, depending upon the qualifications of the selected


VEOA-eligible Veterans Information: Applications will also be

accepted from Veteran Employment Opportunities Act (VEOA) eligibles –

Veterans who are preference eligibles or who have been separated

from the armed forces under honorable conditions after substantially

completing 3 or more years of continuous active service. For

additional information on Veterans visit:


Great Plains Region

Montana Area Office

Marias/Milk Rivers Division

Chester Field Office

Chester, MT

Living Conditions:

CHESTER FIELD OFFICE is in Chester, MT about 21 miles NE of Tiber

Dam. Chester (pop. 750) has shopping facilities average for a town

of that size. There are good schools through high school, several

churches, one hospital, two doctors, & one dentist in Chester. Full

facilities are available in other towns in the area (ie. Shelby or

Havre, MT). No Government housing. MT has a State income tax,

but no sales tax.

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