The JOTW Pimp My Job Dream Team!

Tomorrow the Dream Team and I will be taking JOTW and “Pimp My Job” on the road, at IABC/Washington's Senior Communicators Council event, where we'll discuss networking in today's economic environment (

Even if you can't make it, here's a unique way for you to participate, especially if you have questions on Nedworking, job hunting, and using social media to do so … but only if you're on Twitter:

1) If you're not already doing so, sign up to follow Shonali Burke, ABC, one of the Dream Teamers, at

2) if you'd like to send questions in advance, send Shonali an @ or DM on Twitter TODAY. This MUST be accompanied by the #jotw hashtag. (We'd love @'s, but if you want your identity protected, send her a DM and she won't even tell me who it came from).

3) During the meeting, which will take place from 8 – 9:30 a.m. ET tomorrow, follow live updates which will all be hashtagged #jotw. We'll try to get to your questions during this time as well; if there are any we can't get to, they'll appear in a forthcoming edition of JOTW.

And if you're not on Twitter – you can stop scratching your head and ignore everything you just read.


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