A special offer from Area 224 to JOTW subscribers

Not-for-Profit Communicators — have you heard about Twitter? Do you

understand it? Can you use Twitter for raising awareness, promoting your

cause, getting donations, and more? Is the boss asking about it?

Area 224 — strategic communications advisors to emerging brands — has

been right in the thick of Twitter and presents a webinar entitled

“Twitter Strategies for Not-For-Profits.” On Tuesday, April 7, at 1 pm

Eastern, 12 Noon Central, Area 224 Managing Principal Dave Van de Walle

will show you just how to dive in to Twitter, and give you the tips to

build your own Twitter strategy — and show the boss why this is one of

the best media out there for building real engagement with those who are

behind your cause.

Seats are just $45 — to sign up you can click here:


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