A special “Can't Wait” offer from eCoach larry Light

From Larry Light, who runs the successful coaching practice, eJobCoach Unlimited.

If you’ve reached an impasse in your job search, I offer a different “take” on why most resumes aren’t really effective.

‘“Killer” Resumes That Get Jobs’ is a 26-page guide that presents actual resumes from people I coached that resulted in decent-paying jobs ($75K – $150K). I have also collected proven materials to create my guide ‘Cover Letters That Got Interviews’. And last, because some people I've worked with have told me before coaching that they’d been selected for interviews but ultimately weren’t chosen for the job, I've written a guide called ‘How To Interview To Get The Job’.

To preview this, go to an article published in the Orange County Register at http://economy.freedomblogging.com/2009/03/31/another-dirty-little-secret-of-job-interviews/ for an idea of my coaching style over the last twelve years.

On my website I have these Guides, separately, at $18.50 each. For your readers, Ned, I’d be glad to offer all three bundled together for $32.50. For those who need something more, I can offer the three Guides supported by three hours’ of coaching, which could focus on:

 Turning your existing resume into a “Killer” Resume;

 Interview prep and follow-up;

 Guiding you into networking to find the “hidden jobs”;

 Handling problem spots (e.g., returning to work after a gap);

 Whatever is critical for you.

All for a one-time fee of $150.

Anyone with special needs, call me at (949) 716-3581 or e-mail me larry.light@cox.net and I’ll call you back to see if coaching would be useful. No obligation. For JOTW readers, I’ll offer a substantial discount from my usual fee; I’d be glad to discuss this during the call.

A phone call or e-mail will also get you any of the materials above.

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