The 2010 JOTW Survey

The next iteration of the JOTW Survey is in the planning stages now. The previous two surveys yielded very valuable information about who belongs to the JOTW network and about our profession as business

communicators. To make the survey fun, and to encourage participation, we have offered some really great prizes that were awarded at random to those who completed the survey.

So, with that in mind, I am inviting those who want to contribute a prize or a service for the 2010 JOTW Survey to let me know before the end of 2009. When you provide an incentive prize, you will be given the name of the winner of that prize (drawn at random for the survey participants) and you will deliver the prize or service directly to that person. Do not send prizes to me here at the JOTW World Operations Center.

Send your item and description to Ned at

When you offer to give prize, you get a paragraph to describe the prize,

and yourself if you want, so you can write it off to promotional considerations. The list of prizes will be maintained at, posted in JOTW and in the JOTW Monday Morning Chasers, and at the JOTW Facebook and LinkedIn group pages.

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