Your Very Next Step newsletter for January 2010

Your Very Next Step newsletter for January 2010

“Finally we shall place the Sun himself at the center of the Universe.

All this is suggested by the system of procession of events and the

harmony of the whole Universe, if only we face the facts, as they say,

“with eyes wide open.”

– Nicholas Copernicus

The next adventure begins with your very next step.

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*** In this issue:

*** Your Travel New Year's Resolution

*** Guided Tour or “On your own?”

*** Off season faves

*** Up Helly Aa

*** Travel News

*** Fifth Freedom

*** Trekking poles

*** YVNS “Sport Ned Has Never Heard Of”

– Land diving in Vanuatu

*** Travel, Outdoor and Adventure Jobs and Volunteer Opportunities

1.) Naturalist, Allen Marine Tours, Sitka, Alaska

2.) Instructor, Pok-O-MacCready Outdoor Education Center, Willsboro,

New York

3.) Grant Writer, Montana Outdoor Science School, location negotiable

4.) Ecologist – Natural Resource Damage Assessments – NEPA, Sequence

Systems, Denver, Colorado

5.) Guide/Driver, Sockeye Cycle Co., Skagway, Alaska

6.) Full time Assistant Innkeeper, Stonewall Jackson Inn~B&B,

Harrisonburg, Virginia 7.) Front Desk Supervisor, Jasper Mountain Park

Lodges, Jasper, Alberta, Canada

9.) Public Affairs Specialist, Natural Resources Conservation Service,

Department Of Agriculture, Albuquerque, NM

11.) Spa Therapist, The Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa, Emirates Hotels &

Resorts, Wolgan Valley, Australia

12.) Senior Program/Water Park Director, YMCA of Columbia South

Carolina-Metro, Columbia, SC

.and much more.and it's all FREE!!!

*** Do you have a travel adventure to share?

Send me your stories and I'll post in the “Your Very Next Step” and on

the YVNS website (

*** Travel, Outdoors and Adventure New Year's Resolutions!

What's your travel and adventure New Year's Resolution? Got something

you want to do? Someplace you want to go to? A mountain you need to


*** From Mark Sofman:

Don't know if 2010 is the year for it, but I surely want to go fishing

in Yellowstone National Park.

*** From Lisa A. Kilday :

Hi Ned,

My New Year's resolution is to do a self-supported multi-day bike ride.

Even if it means camping!

Would you mind including a link to my column at the Examiner? I write a

lot of stories on travel (mostly budget) and endurance sports. I am

always looking for tips.

Thanks and Happy New Year,

Lisa A. Kilday

(703) 622-3664

*** Non-New Year's Resolution:

Ned –

I quit making New Year's resolutions some years back. Seemed an

artificial requisite for approaching life deliberately. I keep lists of

projects that span days, weeks, months and years and am satisfied if I

“move the ball forward” on life's playing field.

Which brings me to the real reason for this missive. Though I'm no

longer active in media/information/public relations, I enjoy reading The

Very Next Step and keeping up with the industry. (Truth be told, I put

ripples in the pond of social order here in southern Oregon with local

articles, political maneuvering and appearances at public meetings.)

What is most useful to me, however, is the concept of the Very Next

Step. Whether it is the slow recovery of my home (we became empty

nesters in September) or the continued conversion of the old cabin to a

shop, considering the Very Next Step in a deliberate way makes progress

inevitable. Sometimes the Very Next Step is to sit down and look the

situation over. Sometimes it's wandering around with a tape measure, an

exercise I call “measured thinking.” Sometimes it's thinking like a

mechanic, realizing that one part of the problem must be dealt with

before the next. Applied to everyday life, the concept of the Very Next

Step is both calming and rewarding, and I thank you for that.

As for travels and adventure, my wife and I plan to travel the great

State of Oregon this year and see the Wonders of the Northwest. I've

been all over the state, while my wife had traveled Washington state

extensively before we married and took me many interesting places while

we were courting. My turn.

I'll keep working on making our home here in the hidebound hills more

comfortable, and enjoy some armchair travels with the cast of Very Next

Step. And I'll try to whittle that project list down to something less

than 400.

Walk in Peace – Jack

*** When visiting a new place, do you sign up for the guided tour, or

strike out on your own?

Send your advice to Ned at for the next issue of

Your Very Next Step. Subscribe for free by sending a blank email to Read the newsletter at

*** Have you noticed how many roadside rest areas are closed to save


*** Off season.From Bruce Blake:

Hi Ned –

Thanks for including me below.

Here's more:

What's your favorite “off season” destination?

I really enjoy going to Europe “off-peak”.

There are no crowds, the prices are much better, flights are plentiful,

and you won't have to worry about staying somewhere where there's no AC

as you might during the madness of high summer in the more heavily

touristed spots.

Walking to various sites is more fun when the weather is crisp. Sitting

by the fireplace in a cozy pub to warm up for a bit with your favorite

beverage, map and guide book can also add a bit of old world charm to an

otherwise uneventful location or occasion.

Besides, you probably aren't going to London or Paris for the beaches,

right…? But do check opening hours if there's a museum or other

attraction you MUST see, as these are often open with limited hours from

late fall to late spring.

*** There were massive air travel delays over the holidays, from

weather to airport lockdowns. Did you experience this? Can you share

your story with YVNS?

*** Up Helly Aa:

The abiding influence of the Vikings, who arrived in Shetland just over

1000 years ago, is celebrated on the last Tuesday of January every year,

by the largest fire festival in Europe – “Up Helly Aa”.

Actual participants must have been a resident in Shetland for five years

before they can take part in a squad and the procession.

Up Helly Aa is a tradition that originated in the 1880s. Since then the

festival has been an annual occurrence in the Shetland calendar. The

festival is cancelled by exception, the following dates record when and


1901 Death of Queen Victoria

1914 to 1919 First World War

1940 to 1948 Second World War

Their have also been postponements as listed below:

1900 2 weeks due to influenza

1936 2 weeks due to death of George V

1965 1 week due to the death of Winston Churchill

After a torch-light procession of up to a thousand “guizers” through the

streets of Lerwick a full-size replica Viking longship is ceremonially

burned. The “guizers” and onlookers then repair to local halls for a

night of revelry, dancing and partying.

Summer visitors can get a flavour of this mid-winter extravaganza at the

Up Helly Aa exhibition in Lerwick where the regalia, props, costumes

and a replica longship are on display.

The villagers spend four months building the ship, or galley as it is

called, and as it goes up in flames in the winter night the crowd sings

'The Norseman's Home'.

For safety reasons, spectators must refrain from distracting guizers

when they are carrying burning torches. Who doesn't like parades,

Vikings, bag pipes and fire??

*** Ned is offering free 468×60 pixel .jpg banner ads at the YVNS

website for conservation organizations (Ned will decline this offer to

organizations that conduct or promote illegal activities). Contact Ned

at for details. Well, actually, those are the

details. 468×60 pixel .jpg. or gif. With your url. And it's free.

*** Here's the YVNS Travel News for December:

U.S. imposes 3-hour limit on tarmac strandings

Washington Post

New rules also require airlines to provide adequate food and water for

passengers within two hours of the delay.

Airport Kiosks do Nearly Everything but Check Luggage

Link to article in the Los Angeles Times:,0,3607899.story

The Transportation Communications Newsletter is published electronically

Monday through Friday.

To subscribe send an e-mail to:

AOL Also Likely to Eye Sale of MapQuest — Is Microsoft a Possible


Link to article on All Things Digital:

*** Web Application Gives Air Travelers Chance to Rate Airport Security


Link to article on NextGov:

Link to news release from On the Spot Systems:

*** Mark Sofman says:

Remember that ultimate gig in Australia?

Check this out:

*** Nuvigil from Cephalon, could become the first medicine specifically

approved by the Food and Drug Administration to combat jet lag.

You Can Watch Live as Boeing's 787 finally takes flight

Link to article in The Herald:

Link to site:

*** Dulles Chaplin Walks Miles Helping Travelers, Airport Workers on

Christmas Eve

Link to column in The Washington Post:

Link to Washington Dulles International Airport Chapel:

*** Highway Signs Stir Up a Snicker

No Amish here, folks point out.

Link to article in the Columbia Daily Tribune:

*** U.S. fliers sample “exotic” service on fifth-freedom routes

(Via SmartBrief:


Among major foreign airlines' “fifth-freedom” routes:

. Philippines Air: Las Vegas-Vancouver

. Korean Air: Los Angeles-Sao Paulo; Los Angeles-Tokyo

. Air New Zealand: Los Angeles-London Heathrow

. Kuwait Airways: New York JFK-London Heathrow

. South African Airways: Washington Dulles-Dakar, Senegal

. LAN: Toronto-New York JFK

. Air India: Newark Liberty-Frankfurt; Chicago O'Hare-Frankfurt

. Air Tahiti Nui: Los Angeles-Paris Charles De Gaulle

. Jet Airways: Newark Liberty-Brussels

The term “fifth freedom” stems from the nine air-rights “freedoms” that

countries typically negotiate in their bilateral aviation agreements.

Some of the so-called freedoms are more straight-forward than others.

The first freedom, for instance, simply grants the right for a nation's

airlines to fly across the airspace of another. For example, the U.S.

aviation pact with Canada gives U.S. carriers the first-freedom right to

fly across Canada on their way to Europe or Asia.

The fifth freedom, which allows the unusual U.S. flights coveted by

airline enthusiasts, is somewhat more complicated. But, in simple terms,

it allows the a carrier of one country to sell tickets on a flight

between two other countries as long at least one leg of the journey

begins or ends in the carrier's home country.

For example, Kuwait Airways has fifth freedom to carry passengers from

New York to London because its part of a Kuwait Airways service that

continues on to its home nation of Kuwait after the stop in London.

But because some nations' flight agreements are more restrictive than

others, fifth-freedom flights are not allowed between just any set of

countries. Because the complexity of overlapping aviation pacts often

restricts options for fifth-freedom routes, they tend to be fairly


*** What do you think about taking your dog on a long hike or

backpacking trek in the back country?

*** Trail volunteer opportunities

Enjoy the beauty of the Hank Aaron State Trail and make a real

difference by volunteering with the Friends of Hank Aaron State Trail.

Through the Friends, many volunteer opportunities are available for any

schedule to help maintain and improve the Trail.

The Trail is ideal for bicyclists, walkers, runners, and skaters, and

currently provides a 7-mile continuous connection via dedicated trails

and marked streets between the lakefront and Milwaukee's west end. The

Trail starts at Lakeshore State Park near the Henry W. Maier Festival

Grounds, winds its way through the Historic Third Ward and Menomonee

River Valley, past Miller Park, and ends in Doyne Park. Both ends of the

Trail link to Milwaukee County's 96-mile Oak Leaf Trail, making it

possible to bike from Lake Michigan, along several trails across the

state, and eventually link to the Ice Age National Scenic Trail and

Military Ridge State Trail.

*** Trekking poles:

I've threatened to get these many times. Some of my friends swear by


What do you think? Gimmick or essential gear?

*** From Jim Stewart:

Ned asked for my thoughts on the need for trek poles. A well-balanced

and robust person like Ned likely would not know the difference with or

without poles. Not being the same as Ned, I have knees that tend to

swell after downhill trails and I make occasional slips on rough trails,

I have found trek poles to be an indispensable aid to hiking. The

makers can quote what their research has shown on overall decrease in

knee stress; I can just say they help me – a lot. A bonus off the trail

has been their use to prop up my backpack or use to hold up a trail tarp

shelter. Bottom line for me is that trek poles are essential gear, for

Ned, they could be a gimmick.

Jim Stewart

(All true. Jim has even used his poles to safely remove a 13-rattle

rattler from the rocky trail in front of our Scouts.)

*** Plan ahead:

Hi Ned,

This email is timely since I'm current at 38,000 feet returning to

Toronto from a Nevada (work) & California (play) excursion.

I definitely like to plan ahead, and seek out the less travelled path.

The great thing about travelling is to meet the locals and eat and drink

like they do. One tip that I'm going to start implementing is if the internet

is available, why not spend a couple extra hours on the plane scouting

out new options before you land.

Cyrus Mavalwala, ABC

*** The January YVNS sport Ned has never heard of:

Land Diving in Vanuatu

Combining risk with religion is all the rage on Pentecost Island in the

South Pacific nation of Vanuatu. Land diving is a springtime ritual:

males tie their feet up to liana vines (when they're at their most

elastic), then swan-dive 35 meters. The goal: to have their shoulders

touch the ground (and not die)-doing so, they say, ensures the earth's

fertility. If it sounds like bungee jumping, it was the inspiration:

Land diving footage captured by David Attenborough and the BBC in the

1950s led to the bungee's popularization.

*** Travel/Adventure/Outdoors employment opportunities:

1.) Naturalist, Allen Marine Tours, Sitka, Alaska

Requires public speaking ability and experience using PA systems.

Develop tour narrative and conduct natural history presentations for

groups of up to 100 passengers. Assist passengers boarding &

disembarking; provide safety and emergency orientation; and work as a

team member to distribute snacks and maintain impeccably clean vessel at

all times. Biology and natural history background helpful.

In Sitka, we conduct a variety of tour programs, including: the Sea

Otter & Wildlife Quest (3 hour cruise), the Jet-Cat Wildlife Quest &

Beach Exploration (3 hour cruise & wilderness hike), and the Bear Cove

Cruise & Salmon Hatchery Tour (2 hour cruise & walking tour). Our tours

are designed to explore, observe and learn about the natural history and

wildlife of coastal Southeast Alaska, and to provide insight into the

history and cultures of the people who live here.

We presently operate eight vessels based in Sitka. They are high-speed,

waterjet-powered vessels (built in our own Sitka shipyard) that have

been specially designed to enhance our guest's comfort and tour

experience. Depending on size and passenger capacity, each vessel

operates with a 2-5 person crew. Crew hired prior to the start of our

regular season participate in our comprehensive, paid-training program.

Many of our crew and support staff return to work with us season after

season. Some work in similar “outdoor adventure” jobs, in other parts of

the world, during the winter months.

2.) Instructor, Pok-O-MacCready Outdoor Education Center, Willsboro,

New York

High Adventure, Team Building, Living History, and Earth Science on 300+

acres of pristine wilderness. Live, work, and play in Adirondack Park!

Now hiring creative instructors and interns for the Spring of 2010. Long

term positions available.

3.) Grant Writer, Montana Outdoor Science School, location negotiable

4.) Ecologist – Natural Resource Damage Assessments – NEPA, Sequence

Systems, Denver, Colorado

5.) Guide/Driver, Sockeye Cycle Co., Skagway, Alaska

*** From Mark Sofman:

6.) Full time Assistant Innkeeper, Stonewall Jackson Inn~B&B,

Harrisonburg, Virginia

I am looking for a mature full time person or couple assist in the

operation and management of this thriving 10 room Inn. While I am

looking for an experienced assistant(s) Innkeeper, a mature

inexperienced person(s) with good allied experience to train would be

considered, however, they must have the aptitudes and personal qualities

that match the profile of successful B&B Inn Keepers. A two week

volunteered work sample/probationary period is required as part of the

post interview successful application process. This will insure that the

applicant and the Inn will have an informed basis for any employment

contract and compensation package that is negotiated.

On-site lodging is required and is provided as part of the compensation

package in a new apartment on the first floor of the Inn. Free Lodging

will be provided to all applicants who are doing their voluntary work

sample during the probationary period. If hired, monetary compensation

will be in the form of a salary at the management level for assistant

Innkeepers, or at a training level for inexperienced innkeepers. Salary

levels will be negotiated depending on your interview and work sample

qualifications and will be competitive with the going rate for B&B

cottage industry.

Initial work sample duties involve mastery of housekeeping procedures,

taking telephone and on-line reservations, serving breakfast on our

outdoor patio/deck, checking guests in and out, interacting with and

assisting the guests, helping with luggage, giving directions and/or

making reservations at one of the local restaurants, concerts, or

University functions. Working smoothly with our Inn keeping Interns, my

Administrative Assistant, and myself as the Owner/Innkeeper as a

Hospitality Team Member is critical. In general, you will be presented

with typical Inn keeping task performance situations with all the

different team members,

As you can see from our website ( , as the

owner I am the only on-site Experienced Innkeeper and Manager of this

beautiful Inn located in the Gateway to downtown Harrisonburg. If you

have dreamed about working in upscale surroundings with other

well-trained and easy going staff, this may be a dream-come-true for

you. But as the entire hospitality team interacts with the Guests, we

want only smiling faces that project “I love this job!” & I want to make

you happy!

So, the initial qualities you need are;…to be well-groomed, neat,

clean, good health, agile, energetic, and eager to work; be able to lift

40lbs, negotiate 3 flights of stairs easily, clean with attention to

detail, have a “green thumb”, make windows shine, and feel at home doing

all the tasks of a well run Inn and be a responsible team player. If you

wish to apply, please send me your portfolio which would consist of: an

appropriate resume, a helpful narrative personal history and description

of your situation, why you think you would like living and working at

this B&B,. A picture would be helpful, but is not necessary. I will

respond to all such applications with a telephone interview. Remember,

you must be willing to volunteer a non-paid, “try-out” two week

work-sample at the Inn at your convenience, working with our great

Hospitality Team . Then, if selected you will be offered and employment


We have a beautiful place and have a winning Hospitality team. If you

are mature, like responsibility and have the “Right Stuff”, we would be

happy to have you as an Inn Keeping team member. We enjoy what we do.

You won't get rich, but you will have a good job and lots of fun! Be

advised that, being an Inn Keeper is a position and professional career,

not just a job. If you have the dream and the “Right Stuff” The

Stonewall Jackson Inn can make things happen for you!

7.) Front Desk Supervisor, Jasper Mountain Park Lodges, Jasper,

Alberta, Canada

9.) Public Affairs Specialist, Natural Resources Conservation Service,

Department Of Agriculture, Albuquerque, NM

11.) Spa Therapist, The Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa, Emirates Hotels &

Resorts, Wolgan Valley, Australia

Emirates Hotels & Resorts is the premium hospitality division of the

Emirates Group, our vision is to offer the kind of experience that

exceeds the expectations of even the most seasoned world traveller. To

do this, we focus on three key ingredients: service, luxury and


We believe that our levels of service must be second to none, we believe

that luxury means more than material things and we believe that

locations are as important as the resort themselves.

The Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa, our first Australian Resort, due to open

October 2009,is set in the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area

with unbeatable views of the mystical Blue Mountains and promises guests

a once-in-a-lifetime wilderness experience.

Spread out at the foot of towering sandstone cliffs, this luxurious

homestead-style resort is set amongst 4,000 acres of protected

conservation reserve area. Up to 90 guests are catered for in 40

free-standing suites each with private swimming pool and a main

homestead with luxury facilities and stand-alone Timeless Spa.

One of the world's few resorts neighbouring a World Heritage Site, the

Wolgan Valley project is the living embodiment of Emirates' dedication

to conservation, aimed to ensure the protection of endangered Australian


The Position:

To provide a full range of personalised and professional relaxation and

treatment services to guests. As the primary contact within the spa, the

job holder will be required to carry out health, beauty and spa

treatments in consultation and agreement with individual guests. Assess,

advise and provide comprehensive consultation and home recommendations

on treatments and a wide range of health and beauty products to


Job Outline:

.Carry out consultations and provide the full range of services offered

by the spa, and ensure that a creative, flexible, and proactive approach

is taken in the provision of the “wellness” services and treatments.

Actively promote the spa services, and sales of product ranges which are

retailed within the hotel/resort with integrity, honesty, and skill.

.To represent the image of Emirates Hotels & Resort services, its

ideals, and its policies by maintaining a groomed and professional

appearance in dealing with all visitors. At all times assist in the

promotion of the hotel/resort through guest contact and to ensure a

friendly, informal and polite relationship between guests and other

staff. The job holder should be up to date with all standards and

procedures maintained by the resort.

.Ensure that waste levels of products and materials are minimal thereby

keeping in line with the units overall expense budget.

.Be aware of the impact of treatments and services on the health, well

being, appearance, and medical conditions of guests. This aspect of the

individual services will need to be provided by maintaining the history

of any guests for any repeat visits by guests.

.A Proactive approach to ensure the guests experience is memorable by

participating in guest activities, as required, within the scope of


Salary & Benefits: We offer our employees competitive remuneration

packages, as well as access to fully furnished accommodation. In

addition to this you will have free use of all staff facilities

including staff meals, gymnasium, swimming pool, outdoor BBQ area,

tennis court and basketball court. Within the Emirates Group you will

have career development supported by multi-million dollar training

facilities in Dubai, and e-Learning program's for those seeking a

long-term future in the Company

Experience and Qualifications: Degree in Health, Beauty or Fitness from

a recognised institute with a minimum of 4 years work experience as a

qualified therapist. In depth knowledge of the practices relating to the

physiology of treatments, health and beauty treatments, and all aspects

of health and safety. Additional written and spoken languages will be

preferred but not essential. The job holder should be organised and have

a structured approach to guest services. A thorough knowledge of

advanced First Aid is essential.

Must have the legal right to work and live in Australia. The Company

will not provide or assist with obtaining a work permit.

To Apply: To express your interest in the current vacancy or future

career opportunities please apply on-line by clicking below, and

complete our application form. We will then consider your application

and contact you should we wish to shortlist you for interviews. Should

you not receive an invitation for an interview within 5 weeks please

assume that on this occasion you have been unsuccessful. We will retain

your details for 12 months unless advised otherwise and re-consider you

for future opportunities as they arise.

12.) Senior Program/Water Park Director, YMCA of Columbia South

Carolina-Metro, Columbia, SC

“The universe is like a safe to which there is a combination, but the

combination is locked up in the safe.”

– Peter de Vries

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