Your Very Next Step newsletter for February 2010

Your Very Next Step newsletter for February 2010

“When you examine the lives of the most influential people who have ever

walked among us, you discover one thread that winds through them all.

They have been aligned first with their spiritual nature and only then

with their physical selves.”

– Albert Einstein

“Accordingly, since nothing prevents the earth from moving, I suggest

that we should now consider also whether several motions suit it, so

that it can be regarded as one of the planets. For, it is not the center

of all the revolutions.”

– Nicolaus Copernicus

The next adventure begins with your very next step.

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*** In this issue:

*** Ned visits the “Land of the Morning calm”

*** Travel News

*** OpSki and Sno!!!Jam

*** 2010 Freshwater Fishing in Virginia Book

*** Rental Car conundrum:

*** Trail volunteer opportunities – Superior Hiking Trail Association

*** ADOPT-A-MILE – Tahoe Rim Trail

*** YVNS “Sport Ned Has Never Heard Of”

– Chuckwagon Racing

*** Travel, Outdoor and Adventure Jobs and Volunteer Opportunities

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*** There were massive air travel delays over the holidays, from

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*** Ned's recent adventure:

I flew from San Diego to LAX on American Eagle. There was a three-hour

layover for my connection. In San Diego, we had to board a passenger in

a wheel chair, then get her off the plane and into the shuttle bus. On

my flight from LAX to ICN I watched the KAL flight to Narita boarding.

After many “last call” announcements, the lady in the wheel chair at the

commuter terminal arrived for Flt 2 just after the flight closed. I

don't know where she was hanging out, but she hopped out of that chair

and was steaming mad. She had to make other arrangements.

Incheon International Airport claims to be the best airport in the

world. I couldn't find a reason to doubt that claim. It's big,

spacious, clean, bright and functional. It's about an hour's drive from

Seoul. You can take a train, but I took a shuttle from the Dragon Hill

Lodge at Yongson.

I passed through immigration and customs without fanfare and arrived in

the arrivals hall to find Pam waiting with a sign with my name on it. I

would have picked her out, anyway, because she was the only blonde, and

I recognized her from her Facebook page.

I spent Tuesday at the Joint Security Area at the DMZ with a USO tour.

I stood briefly in North Korea, and was at tinme surrounded by heavily

mined areas. At one point, our escort said “If it's mowed, it's not

mined.” I got to go down into one of the four known tunnels the North

Koreans have built, presumably to infiltrate forces into the South. The

North said the tunnel must have been some old coal mine. If we've found

four, I'll bet there are 40.

We took the KTX train to Miryang where we changed to a local for Chinhae

(or Jinhae as it is now called).

On Wednesday I visited the South Korean Naval Academy; ROKS Sejong the

Great (DDG 991); the U.S. Naval Facility at Chinhae; and the ROK Naval

Headquarters in Busan, all before returning by KTX to Seoul. I visited

Commander Naval Forces Korea in Seoul on Thursday, as well as the PAO

shop at USFK. Thursday night was a Surface Navy Association Join-Up at

the Black Angus Yongsan. On Friday I met up with Cochrane shipmate

Roger Pacheco and his wife Miok for lunch and some shopping in the

Itaewan district, then a visit to the Korean War Museum


This museum recognized all of Korea's wars. There was a huge play area

on the first level for children, which can be seen and heard almost

everywhere in the museum. To me it seemed like a reminder that the

future is our children, but that they must know and understand the

terrible past.

Later that evening Phillip Raskin and I met up for dinner. We had

kal-bi at a newly opened Korean restaurant, then repaired to the 3 Alley

Pub ( for a night cap, and where Phillip met up

with his ex-pat pals before I returned to the Dragon Hill Lodge.

I took the shuttle to the airport in time to see the lights of Seoul

then the sun rising. The ride to Incheon is about an hour, and it is

mostly built up the entire way.

My flight was delayed by six hours, so I bought an adapter plug and

found an outlet and sat on the floor. Incheon International Airport has

free wi-fi throughout. It is a big, spacious and sensible airport.

Once you figure out the map, you can find anything. My flight was

delayed, so I explored the whole thing. We did depart at the

rescheduled time after another bag check and pat down search just before

the jetway. My patter-downer was cute, so I didn't object.

Because delays were anticipated, I think many passengers may have

changed their flights because the 777 was not even half full. I had

three seats to myself so I was able to stretch out for a nap after

watching “9” and having dinner. I also watched “On the Waterfront” with

Marlon Brando. Food was okay. They put squid in everything. About

four hours before arrival at Dulles we were diverted to Chicago O'Hare

because IAD was closed for snow. Can't say I was surprised. We cleared

customs at O'Hare and KAL was very thorough in getting people onto

shuttle buses and off to the hotel, the Radisson at Schaumberg, Ill.

The hotel is owned by a Korean, and they had Korean-speaking staff.

(But I learned that many of the passengers were traveling from China,

Vietnam and the Philippines, and had connected at Seoul.) We had a

voucher for dinner. We would be leaving the hotel before breakfast, but

the next morning I discovered they opened the restaurant early to

accommodate us. Again KAL was great in getting us checked in. Security

was pretty quick, but I found that there is no place to get a cup of

coffee after security in the O'Hare International Terminal. By the time

we were boarding it had started snowing and we had to be deiced. We

took off on time, and were served a snack (you would never get that on a

Chicago-Washington flight on a U.S. airline these days). We landed at

about 11:30 ET. The landing was great, but the runway was solid white.

Our gate wasn't available, and we waited for almost 90 minutes to get up

to the terminal. I did find a cab (my biggest concern). The roads were

awful (there were snow plows that had run off the road), and I tipped my

driver $20!

*** From Larry Bearfield, proprietor of Fern's Country Store in

Carlisle, Mass, and creator of the OpSki program for the military

community (excerpted from Fern's Pickle Barrel E-News):

Last weekend, Robin and I took time to attend a Military ski event out

in the Berkshires. Called Sno!!!Jam, it's a weekend for Military

personnel that we were involved with in a past life when we invented a

program called Operation Ski & Snowboard (OpSki). essentially we worked

with ski resorts worldwide to develop lift ticket and lodging discounts

for qualified military personnel – a small market of about 11 million.

Weekend on-mountain fun, family events at resorts like Copper Mountain,

Squaw, Steamboat, Attitash, Berkshire East were part of the offerings.

It was a phenomenal program. All privately run – which astounded The

Pentagon when we were called to Washington to help them understand how

we could develop a program with no government help. Then the dot-com

bust hit before we were able to finally ink the big deal. Timing's

everything in life.

Meanwhile, because of the exposure, ski resorts worldwide continue to

offer the Military Discounts we helped establish. That's fulfilling. And

on-mountain events like Sno!!!Jam here and the USAF Academy's SnoFest at

Keystone continue.

We went to the event out in the Berkshires because of the many lasting

friendships we made. It's not about the skiing. Primarily a US Navy

event, other services have attended, including the Air National Guard

Unit that were part of the rescue in The Perfect Storm as well as Army,

Marine and Coast Guard personnel. “Locals” like USS Constitution crew

members attend as well as folks who flew in from as far away as San

Diego! What was especially fun was that we had several Fernites From

Afah Chapter Presidents in attendance. We collected on the beers they

owed us for their appointments.

But here's the point of all of this. Regardless of your political

persuasion, when you spend time with these men & women you can't help

but be inspired by their zest for life, positive can-do attitude, their

unwavering commitment to what they do and the intense loyalty they hold

in their hearts for their friends. We all wish that we didn't have a

need for a military force but that's a fantasy. And when we need them –

these are the professionals that I want on my side. We all have our

daily grind – but you have to admire what they volunteer to do.

(Fern's is the official country store of the JOTW network. Stop in and

tell them you heard about Fern's from JOTW and get a free cup of coffee!

Larry, I'm going to post this in the newsletter.)

Hey Ned,

I'd be happy to share the editorial from our recent Ferns Country Store

Pickle Barrel E-News with your loyal readers! However, YOUR readers

should know that when we developed OpSki you were active duty at the

time and you were instrumental in helping us launch the program. It was

pretty 'out-of-the-box' for most of the military folks we were trying to

work with. Probably due to the fact that it was one of the first times

all branches were brought together in a cooperative effort. But you

helped penetrate some of the key naysayers which paved the way for us.

And when you were CO of the Naval Media Center your intro of us to the

Navy Marine Corps News staff resulted in the first and only on-mountian,

slope side production of the weekly news. Operation Ski & Snowboard was,

without question, a tremendous success with thousands of military

personnel and their families were able to enjoy the benefits of our

OpSki program – – without costing the taxpayers one dime! Ultimately,

when the dot-com bust hit, we were no longer able to sustain the

program. And unfortunately, no one was willing to pick it up to continue


By the way, your readers are also welcome to subscribe for our free

Pickle Barrel e-news:



*** Here's the YVNS Travel News for February:

No laughing matter:

*** One-On-One With U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood: DOT

Targets Tarmac Tribulations

The U.S. Department of Transportation on April 20 will enact rules that

require U.S. airlines to allow passengers to deplane if a tarmac delay

reaches three hours. U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood spoke

with BTN senior editor Jay Boehmer to discuss their implementation and

the Obama administration's travel priorities. From Business Travel


*** The Top Ten Gross Things People Do On Airplanes

This list is tame. You got anything grosser that you have seen?

*** Twitter Joke Led to Terror Act Arrest and Airport Life Ban

Link to article in The Independent:

*** Following the release of Up in the Air, the Telegraph picks 10 of

the most memorable movies about air travel.

*** From Famous Kitchens to the Skies:

How Singapore Airlines Develops Their Menus

*** An Air New Zealand contest for cougars is drawing objections coming

from New Zealand's Rape Prevention Education, which insists that the ad

for the contest-not the contest-is degrading to women and insulting to

male rape survivors. And we have not yet heard from animal rights

activists, being as the ad shows “meat hungry cougars” on the prowl.

*** AeroTrain is Open to Passengers at Dulles International Airport:

*** In the lick of time:

In the “Did they really do that” category comes this bit of not so

subtle word play from Spirit Airlines. Furthering its middle school boy

locker room sense of humor, the airline follows its MILF-themed “Many

Islands, Low Fare” witticism with “Many Unbelievably Fantastic Fares”

*** From George Hobica:

“I was on a plane recently, first class, on American, where the guy

sitting next to me shook his glass as the flight attendant was passing

by and said “More ice”–the FA said, “What's the magic word” and the guy

said, “Oh, you mean I'm supposed to say please? I just want more ice”

… and she said, “You want more ice, it's up in the galley. Go get it


*** Free Airport Wi-Fi Takes Off

Link to column in USA Today:

*** Florida Airport Changes Name, Increases Business

Link to story on WFTV-TV:

*** 2010 Freshwater Fishing in Virginia Book is Now Available!

The new 2010 Freshwater Fishing in Virginia (Fishing Regulations) book

has been published, and a copy can be obtained at the upcoming fishing

and hunting shows, all license agents and Department offices. VDGIF

Fisheries Division Director, Gary Martel, notes, “This publication not

only contains the fishing regulations, but an extensive 'Let's Go

Fishing' section, with information about major sport fish, public

fishing lakes, major fishing rivers, and the trout stocking program.

Also, you can find information about fish citations, state records,

angling education programs, exotic species, and more.” The Freshwater

Fishing Regulations section, including the complete Trout Fishing Guide,

on our website have also been updated for 2010.

*** Rental Car conundrum:

Got any tricks for saving money or getting better deals on rental cars.

One suggestion is to go to off-airport operations, or less known brands.

I disagree on both.

Is it best to book your car when you book your flight? Or shop around?

What do you think? Send rental car comments to Ned at for inclusion in the February issue of “Your Very

Next Step.”

*** From Cindy Starks:

Hi Ned —

I went back to CT last July to visit my Mom, and I got prices for rental

cars from Hertz, Avis and Enterprise. To rent a car for a week from

both Hertz and Avis was going to be more than $600. From Enterprise, a

little more than $200. I had a great car and a great experience. I

plan to use Enterprise again when I visit CT in March.

Cindy Starks

*** From Mark Marymee:

Ned: I just took a trip to California last Monday (Jan. 25) for a job

interview. Needed to rent a car for one day. Wanted to find the least

expensive “economy” rental I could find. Went to, saw Avis

and Hertz both at approx. $120 per day; but Alamo was $21. With an

additional $24 in local taxes, fees, etc., my one day rental came out to

$45. And Alamo is on-site at the Auto Rental Center at San Francisco



Mark Marymee

West Bloomfield, MI

*** What do you think about taking your dog on a long hike or

backpacking trek in the back country?

*** Trail volunteer opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities – Superior Hiking Trail Association

We need Trail Volunteers for group hikes… These are our SUPERIOR

HIKEVENTS, Saturday mornings through the hiking season.

Hike leader… simply help organize & administer the logistics of

parking, shuttling, etc.

Be a 'sweep' (hiking last to be sure no one is left behind)… do it

alone or as a couple or a family.

Lead or help lead a group backpacking trek

We need Trail Volunteers for maintenance

Come to Saturday work hikes… pitch in with a small group… do tasks

of your ability.

Special group opportunities… projects for scouts, students or other

special groups you work with.

*** Castle Rock Hike with Phil Stoffer

Saturday, March 06, 2010

10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Join Bay Nature and geologist Phil Stoffer for an exploration of Castle

Rock State Park in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Phil Stoffer, on staff at the U.S. Geological Survey, knows the Santa

Cruz Mountains about as well as anybody. And Castle Rock, with it's

large sandstone exposures, is a great place to take a walk with a

geologist! We'll see Castle Rock itself, Goat Rock, a waterfall, tafoni

formations, and (we hope, rain depending) lots of wildflowers along the

way. If the cliffs are dry, we'll also likely see rock climbers in


Bring water, lunch, a hat, and be sure to dress in layers. RSVP

information is below. This hike is limited to 25 people. We'll send an

email confirmation with directions to the meeting place to everyone who

signs up.

Cost: $8 per car parking fee


37.232417,-122.099197 (Castle Rock State Park)

Google Map (always check directions with organizer)

Event Contact:

Bay Nature Hikes


*** ADOPT-A-MILE – Tahoe Rim Trail:

For more than 20 years volunteers have been planning and building the

Tahoe Rim Trail. Even though most of the work has been done by

volunteers there have been many other costs associated with the

completion of the trail.

Individuals, families and organizations can help to ensure the

continuing legacy of the Tahoe Rim Trail by adopting your own mile! As

an Adopt-A-Miler, you have the opportunity to support the trail, and

give back to something you love – the environment!

An Adopt-A-Mile is also a wonderful way to recognize a family member

For a $5,000 contribution, you will have recognition at the two

trailheads that access the mile, a lifetime membership and a beautiful

16″ x 20″ framed photograph taken from your adopted mile. The major

financial support for the past 20 years has come from our


Over the next few years, our goals are to develop more access to trails

and day hikes, move all of the road portions of the trail to

single-track trail, and to establish a permanent maintenance program.

Your tax deductible donation to Adopt-A-Mile will help us achieve those


*** Upgrade:

I am contacting you with a matter which is very troubling to me.

I registered up for the “Earn Premier Executive Status” promotion

(MPS269). My MileagePlus # is 00085535323.

I then flew two roundtrips on United. Both flights were from Dulles,

even though there were more convenient and lower priced options from

Reagan nation, which is a much better airport for me.

Both flights were booked as roundtrips through my company's corporate

travel agent.

Three of those flights showed up on my mileage summary as H class, which

qualifies. The round trip to Boston, however, shows H class to BOS and

W class on the return.

I never had any indication that this final flight was somehow booked on

another class. So my expectation was that I qualified for the

promotion. It wasn't until I checked to see if my status had changed

that I noticed that the return flight on the IAD-BOS-IAD trip was

showing a different fare.

I feel I lived up to the requirement of the promotion, and would like to

have my Premier membership upgraded to Premier Executive.

(Here's the response I got from United)

Hello Mr. Lundquist,

Thank you for being a loyal Premier member.

I apologize, but the terms and conditions of the Fast Track offer,

MPS269 are very clear in that all segments must be flown in H class or

above to qualify for the promotion. As a result, I am unable to honor

your request to be elevated to Premier Executive status.

I hope you understand and will continue to use United for your future

travel needs. Your business is important to us.

Andy Jewitt

(I then contacted United Media Relations, and asked them how many

Mileage Plus Premier members registered for the upgrade promotion, took

the flights, and qualified for the upgrade, and how many (like me)

attempted to qualify but failed.)

Hello Ned –

I am not able to answer the questions at the detailed level that you

have asked because that is something our competitors would love to know.

That said, I can tell you that it is a very successful program, meaning

many of our members have participated and taken advantage of it, as they

have with similar programs in past years.

The purpose of it is to give our customers who are just shy of their

desired status an opportunity to achieve it, as we know many folks may

not have traveled as much as they historically have during the


The travel agent sees the fare class that he/she books you in and the

promotion does say H class or above, so I am not sure what we did wrong

here. Nonetheless, I am more than happy to give you Premier Executive

status again should your travel plans change and you choose to give us

your business.


Robin Urbanski

United Press Office and Subscriber to JOTW

*** The “Iron Silk Road”


In order to reduce air resistance, the head part of front and back of

the high-speed railroad is designed after streamlined shape of a shark,

plus the characteristic of Korean culture which is the soft curve.

Bottom of the vehicle where lots of air resistance exist, all devices

are covered with coverlets. Even the crevices between cars and small

sills of windows and surface of the cars are minimized as possible.

*** The February YVNS sport Ned has never heard of:

Some people call chuckwagon racing a sport, for us it's a way of life.

A half mile of hell…

Want to work in this business? Read on:

Here is some information about the job.

The job is typically a young person's job because of the physical

aspect. The room is shared accommodations with other ranch hands. At

the ranch we have a trailer similar to a mobile home with a few separate

rooms along with washroom facilities and a kitchen area. The

accommodations on the road consist of a holiday trailer shared with the

other ranch hands and two semi trucks with sleepers on them. The trailer

has a stove, fridge and microwave.

For breakfast the guys fix their own, although we buy cereal, coffee and

stuff for them. Lunch is usually left-overs from the night before and

supper is a good meal we usually provide in the house.

Between February and May we will be training around the Okotoks-Calgary

area. My ranch is there. In June we will be moving everything to

Grande Prairie and we will be there for the first competition. Once the

season starts we move to a different town every week.

One person will be staying at my ranch to look after the horses left

there. We try to alternate this person so everyone travels. We will be

hiring until we fill six positions.

The work is seven days a week and the hours are as follows.

One person will get up early and feed at 6:00 AM. We take turns doing

this. Everyone is in the barn ready for work at 8:00 am. We train about

half of the horses in the morning. Some of the guys will help with this

“truck training”. We exercise the horses four at a time at a slow pace

using the trucks and cutom made training rack attachment. When the

horses are out of their stalls some of the guys will have to clean the

stalls, refill the water pails and feed grain/hay. This usually takes

until 11:00 am. Once that group of horses is complete, we restock the

grain bins or haul a bale of straw. Usually there are many little things

to do. We put the horses in for lunch first and then we eat. After lunch

we start on the other half of horses. The same routine is in place. The

only difference is that we need all of the guys to help because we train

this group on the chuckwagon. Check out the website below for some

photos of that if you are not familiar. This takes all afternoon and

around 5:00 pm we start cleaning the stalls, feeding and getting

everything ready. We finish this at around 7:00 and we put the horses

away for the night and we go eat. Either before or after supper

(depending on when we finish) we brush the horses and tend to them with

any medicine. The night usually ends around 9:30 and the crew is off.

The spring part is a very tough schedule because it never usually


From June on, we are on the road. We travel every week to a new rodeo,

sometimes all the way across the province. Travel days are long because

when we get to the new town we have to set up our barns, build the new

corals, get the horses in and feed them. On race days we follow the same

feeding, barn cleaning and grooming schedule but we don't usually train.

The races typically start in the evening and we finish with the horses

very late. Usually you will have a few hours during the afternoon to

yourself to catch up on sleep, shop or what ever. We race 57 days

between June and September. A non race day is about the same but we

train the horses in the morning. We hook the horses to the wagons and

run them on the track. This is not every day but we usually do train a

couple days a week.

We travel to 12 different cities and the workers are expected to drive

one of the vehicles. We travel in a group so when we arrive we can all

set up the portable barns we use to house the animals. Travel days are

usually long. It is always the case that the horses come first. We make

sure they are comfortable and fed before the crew goes to bed.

We do let the guys have time off and we encourage it but we like the

days scheduled so we are not short handed. The guys are on their own for

those days. Once we are on the road it is a lot more fun. The job is fun

but it is a bunch of work and the wage is not high for the hours we

work. It is simply something you will love or not.

Keep in contact if you are interested. Check out our posting on the job

bank at

*** Hypothermia Lurks in Dangerous Combination of Warm Air and Cold


Hypothermia is a medical emergency that occurs when your body loses heat

faster than it can produce heat, causing a dangerously low body

temperature. Normal body temperature is around 98.6 F (37 C).

Hypothermia (hi-po-THUR-me-uh) occurs as your body temperature passes

below 95 F (35 C).

When your body temperature drops, your heart, nervous system and other

organs cannot work correctly. Left untreated, hypothermia eventually

leads to complete failure of your heart and respiratory system and to


Hypothermia is most often caused by exposure to cold weather, or

immersion in a cold body of water. Primary treatments are methods to

warm the body back to a normal temperature. Signs and symptoms of

hypothermia include:

. Shivering

. Clumsiness or lack of coordination

. Slurred speech or mumbling

. Stumbling

. Confusion or difficulty thinking

. Poor decision making, such as trying to remove warm clothes

. Drowsiness or very low energy

. Apathy, or lack of concern about one's condition

. Progressive loss of consciousness

. Weak pulse

. Shallow breathing

A person with hypothermia usually isn't aware of his or her condition,

because the symptoms often begin gradually and because the confused

thinking associated with hypothermia prevents self-awareness.

First-aid care:

. Be gentle. When you are helping a person with hypothermia, handle him

or her gently. Limit movements to only those that are necessary. Don't

massage or rub the person. Excessive, vigorous or jarring movements may

trigger cardiac arrest.

. Move the person out of the cold. Move the person to a warm, dry

location if possible. If you're unable to move the person out of the

cold, shield him or her from the cold and wind as much as possible.

. Remove wet clothing. If the person is wearing wet clothing, remove it.

Cut away clothing if necessary to avoid excessive movement

. Cover the person with blankets. Use layers of dry blankets or coats to

warm the person. Cover the person's head, leaving only the face exposed.

. Insulate the person's body from the cold ground. If you're outside,

lay the person on his or her back on a blanket or other warm surface.

. Monitor breathing. A person with severe hypothermia may appear

unconscious, with no apparent signs of a pulse or breathing. If the

person's breathing has stopped or appears dangerously low or shallow,

begin cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) immediately if you're trained.

. Share body heat. To warm the person's body, remove your clothing and

lie next to the person, making skin-to-skin contact. Then cover both of

your bodies with blankets.

. Provide warm beverages. If the affected person is alert and able to

swallow, provide a warm, nonalcoholic, non-caffeinated beverage to help

warm the body.

. Use warm, dry compresses. Use a first-aid warm compress (a plastic

fluid-filled bag that warms up when squeezed), or a makeshift compress

of warm water in a plastic bottle or a dryer-warmed towel. Apply a

compress only to the neck, chest wall or groin. Don't apply a warm

compress to the arms or legs. Heat applied to the arms and legs forces

cold blood back toward the heart, lungs and brain, causing the core body

temperature to drop. This can be fatal.

. Don't apply direct heat. Don't use hot water, a heating pad or a

heating lamp to warm the person. The extreme heat can damage the skin or

induce cardiac arrest

*** Travel/Adventure/Outdoors employment opportunities:

Camp Cascade – Counselor, Vail Cascade Resort & Spa, Vail, CO


Sharing passion, building relationships, and creating lasting

memories…The Ultimate Vail Experience!


Vail Cascade Resort & Spa is Vail's premier full-service resort and

conference destination, providing unsurpassed hospitality experiences

for our discerning group and leisure travelers.


Have fun, enjoy what you do and celebrate our successes

Be 100% responsible and keep all commitments

Act with integrity and treat all people with dignity, empathy and


Encourage open and candid communication

Respect individual efforts to achieve a balanced life

Promote continuous learning, self-development and champion diversity

Associates are empowered in the relentless pursuit of outstanding guest

service, quality and innovation commitment to profitability


Destination Hotels & Resorts fosters a creative, entrepreneurial and

energetic work environment where people come to work and have fun.

We value passionate people who love to be challenged and desire the

freedom to contribute to the overall success of the organization.

Your role will be integral to the success of our company.

We strive to create a work place culture that values family, work life

balance and community.

We help develop our associates and provide support for them to grow

their careers with DH&R.

Our associates are proud to work here!

Responsibilities for this Position

Vail Cascade Resort & Spa is a Rocky Mountain landmark and has been a

symbol of comfort, adventure, elegance and impeccable service in Vail,

Colorado for over 20 years.

Nestled riverside on Gore Creek, at the base of Vail Mountain, the

Cascade offers 292 inviting guestrooms, 65 condominiums and 11 private

residences, all including the amenities of a world-class resort.


To promote and deliver courteous, efficient, and memorable Guest Service

to all members and guests.

To supervise all children's programs and have full knowledge of child

care functions as they pertain to our members and guests.

To promote club memberships, activities, and amenities within our



Ensure appropriate supervision of children according to state, legal and

safety guidelines

Must be able to supervise children for at least 12 hours

Ensure that all projects support the vision and direction of our child

care program as outlined by direct report

Take the initiative and responsibility to provide weekly status update

to direct report on all projects

Able to work a flexible work schedule

Report to work within 30 minutes when on-call

Receive authorization from direct report before working off premises

Ensure that all brochures, schedules, activities information, and

related collateral regarding child care is maintained daily

Cleanliness and tidiness of child care facility

Clear and direct communication with all other departments and assistance

in other areas when needed

Greet all members and guests

Direct all members and guests to the appropriate location in the


Answering all inquiries about our child care programs, the facility and


Full knowledge of spa and club functions and activities

Cover breaks for other Club and Spa areas and assist when needed

Answer overflow of telephone calls in support of front desk and spa

reception areas when needed

Must have accuracy in reporting

Commitment to providing excellent child care and customer service

Ability to demonstrate sound judgement in the area of child care and day

to day operations of the Club & Spa

Job Requirements

Must be a citizen of this country or possess a valid work permit.




1.High School graduate

2.Child care certification

3.Minimum of six months experience in child care


1.Working knowledge of computer programs: Microsoft Windows, Word, and


2.1 year experience in child care and customer service role

3.College graduate




1. Must be able to handle pressure situations including life threatening

situations with confidence and composure

2. Must be detail oriented with good organizational skills

3. Must have good guest and associate relations skills

4. Must be able to speak, hear, and understand the English language

5. Must be able to read and write the English language

6. Must be able to stand for at least 6-8 hours

7. Must be able to lift a minimum of 50 pounds

8. Must be able to handle multiple tasks in a fast paced environment


1.Strong leadership abilities

2.Competent in written and verbal communication

3.Competent in problem solving in all guest/memberships

Technical Requirements:

Must live in the local area or within commuting distance.

Compensation: Wage $11.00 per hour

*** Executive Director, Tahoe Rim Trail, Lake Tahoe

*** Group Tour and Administrative Assistant, Eastern State Penitentiary

Historic Site, Philadelphia, PA

Eastern State Penitentiary was once the most famous and expensive prison

in the world, but stands today in ruin, a haunting world of crumbling

cellblocks and empty guard towers. Known for its grand architecture and

strict discipline, this was the world's first true “penitentiary,” a

prison designed to inspire penitence, or true regret, in the hearts of

convicts. Its vaulted, sky-lit cells once held many of America's most

notorious criminals, including bank robber “Slick Willie” Sutton and Al

Capone. Tours today include the cellblocks, solitary punishment cells,

Al Capone's Cell, and Death Row. A critically acclaimed series of

artists' installations is free with admission. Eastern State

Penitentiary Historic Site is located at 22nd Street and Fairmount

Avenue, just five blocks from the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It is open

every day, year round (guided tours only from December 1 to March 14).

Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site is a small organization (eleven

full-time employees) but is growing quickly. The organization prides

itself on innovative approach and excellence in programming, ambitious

outreach, and an upbeat and respectful office culture. Find more

information about Eastern State Penitentiary at


The Group Tour and Administrative Assistant reports to the Assistant

Program Director for Operations and Special Events.


The Group Tour and Administrative Assistant will:

Be the main contact for all groups planning visits to the site including

daytime tours and tours to the organization's Halloween event Terror

Behind the Walls. This will include scheduling tours via phone and

email, mailing written confirmations and maintaining the group tour


Schedule all site rentals of 15 or fewer people. This includes

wedding/engagement photography, still photography, film shoots and

paranormal investigations.

Have primary responsibility for greeting and giving direction to office

visitors in addition to responding to general inquiries via mail, email,

or telephone.

Manage supplies for the administrative staff and help maintain the

appearance and organization of shared work and storage spaces.

Maintain a calendar shared by the organization. Weekly staff meetings

will inform the Group Tour and Administrative Assistant of activities

happening throughout the organization.

Aid the administrative staff of the historic site as needed. These tasks

may include, but are not limited to, assisting with mass mailings,

collating, filing, scheduling meetings and special event preparation.

Gain a broad understanding of Eastern State Penitentiary's history,

although s/he will not lead historic tours.


Candidates must be energetic, friendly, highly organized, able to work

independently and collaboratively and have a firm understanding of

Microsoft Office programs and the Internet. Although creativity and

initiative will be important, attention to detail and careful planning,

multitasking and time management skills are the most critical strengths.

Excellent written and verbal communication skills as well as the ability

to communicate pleasantly and effectively with supervisor, other staff,

and the general public are imperative. Maintain full confidentiality of

any and all conversations, data records, files and other information

where access is limited. Other computer skills and familiarity with

Eastern State are preferred. Bachelor's degree or four years equivalent

experience required.

Salary and Benefits

Salary is in the mid to high 20's, plus fully subsidized highly

competitive healthcare package and guaranteed retirement benefit

contribution following a six-month trial period.

To Apply

Interested parties should email cover letter & resume to Brett

Bertolino, Assistant Program Director for Operations & Special Events at, with the subject line reading: Group Tour and

Administrative Assistant. No phone calls please.

Go to for more information on Eastern State


*** Staff, Matagamon High Adventure Base, Katahdin Area Council, Boy

Scouts of America, located at the northeast corner of Baxter State Park

on Grand Lake Matagamon, 27 miles northwest of Patten, Maine

Opportunities to serve the Boy Scouts of America by being employed as a


member for Maine High Adventure are available to qualified and motivated


Each position is challenging and involves considerable responsibility.

The experience

can provide opportunities for personal growth and rewarding human


* The minimum age for MHA employment is 18 for most positions.*

* Each staff member must be registered with the BSA or agree to become


* Each staff member is expected to practice the principles of the Scout

Oath and Law while employed

with MHA.

* Each staff member is expected to set an example of excellence in

Scouting which includes the wearing

of the MHA/BSA uniform.

* Summer employment is offered from approximately June 1 until August


* Salary is based on position responsibility and applicant


* References are important! Have a member of your local council

professional staff write a letter of

recommendation on your behalf, or use the MHA reference form.

* Review the brief job descriptions below.

* Mail your applications early!

* Contact MHA via phone or email for application packet, or download


* Keep MHA informed of address or circumstance changes during the

application and employment process.

* Mail your completed application to the address below.

* There may be openings for one or two staff members 16-17 years old.



* Base Director*: Has total responsibility for successful base operation

including providing leadership

to staff of 25 to 30.

* Base Operations Manager*: Supervises base staff and program support

operations: staff feeding,

commissary, trading post, transportation, and maintenance.

* Chief Guide* (Trail Staff Supervisor): Supervises trail staff and

program related logistics. Responsible

for training, evaluation, and directing trail staff, and planning

trip itineraries.

* Outfitter: Manages trail equipment and trail food aspect of program.

Oversees issue, return, and repair

of trail equipment. Also manages trading post (store).

* Cook: Responsible for staff feeding and kitchen related aspect of

program. Manages menu, budget,

and health/sanitation requirements.

* Guide (Trail staff): Accompanies crews on trail. Responsible for crew

orientation, skill instruction, and

environmental/historical interpretation. Lead safety person on treks.

* Driver: Transports crews and staff by power boat and 15 passenger van

with canoe trailer. Also responsible

for vehicle, equipment, and facility maintenance.

* Assistant Outfitter: Assists and serves as back up for Commissary


* Assistant Cook: Assists and serves as back up to Cook.

* Operations Specialist: Rotates jobs to back up other positions around


*These positions are usually filed by returning staff members






Compensation varies with position responsibility. In addition to a

competitive weekly salary, employees

receive room and board, various staff uniform items, and one day off

per week.


*** Public Affairs Specialist, National Park Service, Department Of The

Interior, Grand Teton National Park, WY

*** Costumed Guest Engagement Facilitator/Interpreter(1st Person),

Conner Prairie Interactive History Park, Fishers, IN

*** Business Development Officer, Wild Mob, Brisbane, Australia

Wild Mob is a not-for-profit, non-political business launched in 2008

that organizes volunteers for wilderness conservation projects in some

of Australia's most iconic destinations.

See more about us at:

We are currently seeking a highly motivated and hands-on Business

Development Officer to be responsible for recruiting volunteers to take

part in our projects.

You will liaise directly with Universities, schools and other potential

prospects including international volunteers with the aim of selling

conservation holidays.

Ideally, you will have previous experience in both sales and marketing,

and hold a minimum manual open driver's license. Environmental and/or

conservation qualifications will also be highly regarded as will

excellent organization and communication skills.

If you are self-motivated, possess initiative and have a passion for

selling with a true sense of adventure then this is a great opportunity

to join a vibrant, young, volunteering business.

For further information please apply directly to:

Corporate Communications Coordinator, Sabre Holdings, Fort Worth, TX +2


Sabre Holdings connects people with the world's greatest travel

possibilities by retailing travel products and providing distribution

and technology solutions for the travel industry through our three

companies: Travelocity, Sabre Travel Network and Sabre Airline

Solutions. Headquartered in Southlake, Texas, Sabre Holdings has

approximately 9,000 employees in more than 55 countries. Our teams

around the world work together to support travelers, travel agents,

corporations, government agencies and travel suppliers. Our team members

are people who take initiative, are resourceful and innovative, and are

passionate about what they do. In return for their hard work and

dedication, Sabre Holdings provides our employees with countless

learning and growth opportunities, a healthy work-life balance and a

fun, yet productive, work environment.

The Corporate Communications Coordinator will support employee

communications activities as described in the description below. This

person should have experience developing written material for a variety

of audiences – and various communication vehicles including email,

presentations, intranet articles, etc.

However, the focus of this position will be on delivering visually

creative solutions for internal use including email, the intranet, video

and other channels. Ideally the candidate will have graphic and web

design skills and preferably desktop video editing. They should also

have experience using the corporate intranet as an interactive

communications tool, and have experience with Microsoft SharePoint.

EDUCATION: Requires a bachelor's degree, preferably in communications or

design-related field.

EXPERIENCE: Minimum 3 years of related experience

*** From Mark Sofman:

Public Relations Manager, Stowe Mountain Lodge, Stowe, VT

Nordic/Staff Instructor, X-Country Center, Sundance, UT

Head Coach Alpine Skiing, Osseo Area Schools, Maple Grove, MN

Ski Check, The Canyons, Park City, UT

PURPOSE/OBJECTIVE – Service guests with their ski and snow board storage

along with providing information about The Resort and surrounding areas.


* Provide superior service to our customers (internal and external)

at all times. Follow The Resort's etiquette guidelines.

* Check skis and boards in and out for complimentary overnight


* Provide guests with information about services available at The

Canyons ad the surrounding area.

* Assist with general clean up.

* Take and assess guest complaints, comments or special requests and

direct them to the appropriate person or department for resolution.

* Perform other tasks as assigned.

WORKING RELATIONSHIP – This position reports directly to the Guest

Services Manager and Guest Services Coordinator.


* Exposure to inclement weather conditions.

* Repetitive lifting of skis and snowboards is required.


* Positive enthusiastic attitude.

* Ability to converse clearly and comfortably with a variety of


* Strong organizational skills.

* Repetitive lifting of skis and snowboards is required.

* Ability to work in all weather conditions.

Ski Instructor (2010-2011 season) Sugarbush Resort, Warren, VT

Manager, Tourism Business, Singapore Tourism Board,, Ministry of Trade

and Industry (Singapore), NY, NY

The Singapore Tourism Board, a statutory board under the Ministry of

Trade and Industry (Singapore) is tasked with the mission to promote

Singapore as a compelling travel destination and hub for business in the

international markets of USA, Canada, Mexico and Central America

(Americas). We are currently seeking interested candidate to apply for

the position of:

The suitable candidate will be responsible for the following:

Strategic Responsibilities

-Be part of team to develop branding and communications strategy

to position Singapore as top-of-mind leisure and business destination

-Keep abreast of market research and media trends to develop new

business/communication strategies.

-Lead short-term and long-term market development efforts to

increase visitorship to Singapore from US and Canada.

Brand Development & PR responsibilities

-Lead the branding and communications efforts and initiatives to

maximize media coverage of Singapore through different medium (e.g.

Print, Broadcast and Online)

-Lead and conceptualize creative marketing & communication

initiatives, particularly in the digital space

-Develop key messages for overall positioning of Singapore as

top-of-mind leisure and business destination

Business Development & Marketing Responsibilities

-Collaborate with key partners such as airlines, tour

operators/travel agents (TOs/TAs), media, government, hoteliers, event

organizers, etc., for initiatives in promoting and marketing Singapore

as a tourist destination.

-Develop and launch tactical programmes generating maximum ROIs


The candidate should possess:

-3-5 years relevant working experience, preferably in tourism

marketing and branding business

-Prior PR / marcoms experience would be an added advantage

-Strong knowledge of Asia not a pre-requisite but would be an

added advantage

-USA work visa

-College /University Degree

-Strong analytical skills and the ability to think and communicate


-Good written and spoken communication and comfortable with public


-Proficiency in Microsoft word, excel and especially powerpoint

For more information on Singapore Tourism Board: and

Send cover letter and resume to:

Windsurfing Instructors, TJM Travel Ltd., France & Spain

Teach windsurfing abroad this Summer! As a Windsurfing Instructor you

will be responsible for teaching watersports activities to groups in

Spain & France between May – July.

Working to RYA/TJM guidelines, maintaining safety standards. Equipment

maintenance. Following Health & Safety procedures. Ensuring

accommodation (toilets/showers) are clean & tidy. Assist in the

promotion of the company by maintaining a good appearance & good

customer relations.


Must be RYA qualified windsurfing instructor & have min RYA level 2

powerboat & First Aid Certificate.

“Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give

yourself to it.”

– Buddha

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