18 Steps to Socialize Your B2B Marketing

18 Steps to Socialize Your B2B Marketing

Thursday, August 12, 2010 from 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM (CT)

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B2B marketers are no different than everyone else: companies throughout the world are struggling to figure out what to do with Social Media Marketing. Can you leverage the power of social networks to sell widgets? Is it possible to use video to create more engagement with your clients? Should you start thinking about using location-based networks?

And what about the Sales Team, the CMO, the CEO? Do they need to get Social?

Time to learn from the team at Area 224 – veteran webinar host and Social Media Marketer Dave Van de Walle will lead you through the questions all companies are asking, and give you 18 steps, including…

•What happens when you get the right “sponsor” internally for your social time

•Why “strategy” needs to come after the more important questions

•How to laser-focus your social media time

•The one trick that can help you navigate through the “Social Media Policy” question

•What part of the organization is best-equipped to “own” social – and what happens when you make the wrong decision

•Why Twitter is NOT all about the numbers – and what to do about it

•How to avoid making a perilous decision with location-based networks

And a ton, ton more — including a complete “18 Steps” guide as the “leave-behind” for your webinar attendance.

Get ready to feel the satisfaction of knowing where this all fits — and how to help make Social Media Marketing work for your company.

This is a virtual event – all you need is a computer that has audio capabilities.

Hosted By Area 224

Area 224 is a strategic communications advisory firm that works with emerging brands — startups, not-for-profits, products within big companies, higher ed clients, and anyone looking to laser-focus their communications to sell more stuff.

See you there!


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