A DEFCON 1 “Can't Wait” posting from MCR

A DEFCON 1 “Can't Wait” posting from MCR

Senior Research Scientist, supporting the Office of Naval Research, MCR, Arlington, VA

A Doctoral degree preferably in Physics, Electrical Engineering, or Mathematics from an accredited university with at least fifteen (15) years of experience in Navy sensor applications including: electronics materials, component, and circuit research and development, solid state physics of semiconductor and superconductor materials, the physics of surfaces and interfaces, electro-optics, nanoelectronics and microelectronics, electron devices (both solid state and vacuum), ionospheric physics, and versatile, simultaneously multifunctional electromagnetic aperture concepts.

The Senior Research Scientist must be a subject matter expert in: electronic warfare, communications exploitation, space surveillance, computer architecture, signal and information processing, electromagnetic propagation, including laser radar, laser velocimetry, laser-illuminated imagery, laser communications, and various innovative techniques of performing remote sensing. Specific proven research credentials and experience may be substituted for educational Doctorate. A SECRET

clearance is required.

Please mention Ned Lundquist and DEFCON 1 when responding.

MCR contact is:

Paul L. Cole

MCR Federal LLC: Director ONR Division

571-227-6960 (Office)

540-273-6562 (Cell)


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